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5 Best Wrist Brace Of 2020


People use wrist braces for various reasons: arthritis, tendonitis (tendon inflammation), carpal tunnel syndrome, or accidental injury. With so many brands popping up in this market, it’s hard to pick what to commit to and buy. Have no fear: we looked into five different brands to find out which holds the top spot for the best wrist brace.

What Does a Wrist Brace Help with?

Wrist braces are medical equipment that look similar to a glove, and they can help with several conditions. Those who use this garment may often have carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or tendonitis or are recovering from an injury. Braces can also provide support during workouts and sports activities as part of wrist care.

This equipment stabilizes the wrist and immobilizes the joint. By limiting the range of motion, it keeps the wrist from experiencing unnecessary pressure due to movement. Stress on the joints and muscles can aggravate pain or inflammation and hinder an injury from healing.

How Long Should You Keep a Wrist Brace on?

The suggested length of wearing time for the best wrist brace depends on its purpose. If you’re wearing it for support during physical activities, it’s safe to wear it during your whole workout or while playing sports. For those with medical conditions such as tendonitis, you can wear it as you sleep at night.

The best wrist brace is also safe for you to wear throughout the workday. Some wear it to alleviate pressure and soreness while typing at the office.

It’s best for those with injuries to follow the medical advice of the doctor who prescribed the wrist brace.

Can a Wrist Brace Get Wet?

Yes, it’s safe for wrist braces to get wet. Water will wear it down only to the same degree as it does other garments and pieces of clothing. Even the best wrist brace requires regular washing. As it collects sweat and dirt, washing is needed for basic hygiene and to avoid infections and irritations.

Should You Wear a Wrist Brace to Bed?

Doctors recommend wearing a wrist brace when sleeping when a person is injured. For other conditions, it’s also safe to wear it overnight. When sleeping, we have little to no control over how much we move in bed. Those with injuries may move their wrists or put pressure on it unintentionally. A wrist brace can protect the area and keep it secure, limiting the movement.

The Best Wrist Brace We’ve Tried

Over the past weeks, we tried out several brands of wrist braces to determine what we think are the top picks. We looked into each product’s comfort, prices, availability, and effectiveness in alleviating pain. We also considered other customer reviews.

After going through dozens, we came up with our top five. Take a look at our findings as well as the pros and cons for easy reference.

1. Vive Wrist Brace

Out of all the brands we tested recently, we find that it’s a worthy competitor for the best wrist brace title. As soon as we slipped it on, we noticed how lightweight it was. It isn’t something that would weigh you down if you decide to work while wearing it. You can also wear it while participating in sports and other physical activities. The brace is adjustable: the Velcro helps you tighten or loosen the garment.

We saw that it could fit even older kids and teens who have smaller wrists. The removable splint was also a nice bonus. We’re sure it’ll come in handy for those who use it to recover from injuries. It’s also helpful for those in sports, especially volleyball. As for the downsides, we found the fabric around the thumb to be somewhat broad. If you have small hands, the area tends to rub against the skin and can cause chafing.

If you plan on shopping for the best wrist brace, see if you can try it on first. Be careful when buying online because it has a short return policy. We also noticed another issue after testing out its durability. Although the Velcro is great for giving you a secure and exact fit, it seems to pull on the fabric. After several uses, the area that the Velcro clings to is worn out and thinning. If you’re looking for something you won’t be using too roughly, this may be the best wrist brace for you.

Lightweight fabric
Comfortable fit
Fits even teens and older kids
Comes with a removable splint
Short return policy
The fabric around the thumb is uncomfortable.
Not very durable after washing

2. BraceUP Adjustable Wrist Brace

This option is the brand’s best wrist brace. It provides moderate support through two splints: one at the back of the hand and another resting on the palm. It’s especially helpful for those with injuries while their wrist is healing. Looking at the sleeve design of this brace, it seemed comfortable to wear. When you’re injured, in pain, or uncomfortable, it can be challenging to slip something on using both hands.

We could seamlessly put on the BraceUP adjustable brace one-handed without much discomfort. We also liked that the model comes in left- and right-hand options. It comes in two sizing choices. The adjustable straps allow us to switch between the small and medium or large and extra-large. If you sit somewhere between sizes, this contender for the best wrist brace may be ideal for you. It’s also affordable for its value. It’s the cheapest of our choices on this list. The biggest problem we did encounter, however, is the Velcro strap. It starts out too adhesive, sticking to other things such as hair, sweaters, and other fabrics.

After several uses, its grip started to loosen. Consequently, we couldn’t get the brace as tight as we wanted. It would come undone throughout the day and be a bother at times. Additionally, the thumb hole was somewhat uncomfortable. Others who tried this product out also said the sizing was a bit small. Despite the issues, the value convinced us that this is a good contender for the best wrist brace of the year.

Comes with two splints
Easy to put on
Available in two sizes and left/right models
Velcro loses grip after a while
The thumbhole may be uncomfortable.
Small fit

3. Wellgate for Women Perfect Fit Wrist Support

Those looking to try this Wellgate brace shouldn’t be fooled by what’s on the packaging. Men can very well wear this wrist support comfortably. It provides sufficient support for those who want to use it for sports or easing arthritis discomfort. The best wrist brace should fit any gender, and this one indeed does.

Although the brace contains natural rubber latex, it doesn’t seem to aggravate those with neoprene or latex allergies. The composition of the product is lightweight and breathable, which won’t cause unnecessary sweating. It’s also extremely durable. We’ve heard of stories where they’ve been using this for years, and it’s still holding up well. A problem may arise if you’re not careful.

The support inside is plastic instead of metal. It may break if you handle the brace carelessly or use it for rough sports. It can also be somewhat short in length, which is why Wellgate may have intended it for women. However, if you don’t have long hands or wrists, it should fit well. The brace’s light color may also compel you to wash it more frequently because the dirt is easily visible. Nonetheless, it’s still a candidate for the best wrist brace because of its performance and longevity.

Adequate support
Comfortable and breathable material
Safe for those with latex and neoprene allergies
Lightweight and not bulky
Lightweight and not bulky
Light color may require more frequent washing.
Somewhat short in length
The plastic braces inside may break easily.

4. Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace

The effectiveness of this product from Mueller puts it in our list of top picks for the best wrist brace. It provides adequate stability and support for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist arthritis. It effectively minimizes wrist movement while still allowing your fingers to move around if you need to work.

Other advantages include the double lining, making the brace comfortable. Despite the two layers, it’s still breathable and will not cause excessive sweating. After several washes, it seems to hold up pretty well and seems durable. As for the disadvantages, the size seemed to run small. For those of us who have medium-sized wrists, the large option fits better.

If you sit between sizes, opt for the larger one. We also found out that you couldn’t return the product or ask for a refund if there were issues. Lastly, the design requires you to loop the straps through. It can make it difficult to wear the brace one-handed, whereas having longer straps would have made the process easier.

Provides adequate support and stability
Still allows you to have a wide range of motion
Comfortable and breathable material
Size runs small
No return policy
Short straps

5. Copper Compression Wrist Brace

This product from Copper Compression makes use of nylon fibers with supposedly infused copper in it. We found that it provides sufficient wrist support for physically active people and those who need some relief from soreness. One of its pros is that the brace is easily adjustable through two nylon straps, and the material is somewhat stretchable.

Overall, the wrist brace isn’t cumbersome or bulky. It doesn’t seem to get in the way of movement when we’re working. As to the downsides, we encountered some problems with the design. Although the company markets it as a universal brace that fits both left and right hands, it best for the right. A left hand can still slip into it. However, the metal splint sits uncomfortably over the left thumb and doesn’t provide sufficient support.

The thumbhole can also be uncomfortable due to the material and shape. Despite boasting odor control through the copper-infused fibers, it can still be smelly after several uses. Regardless, it’s still a good pick for the best wrist brace if you need one for your right hand.

Adequate wrist support
Stretchable and adjustable
Better suited for the right hand
Uncomfortable thumb hole
Does not have odor control

#1 Best Wrist Brace of 2020: Wellgate for Women Perfect Fit Wrist Support

Although the Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace was a close second, Wellgate managed to snatch the top spot. We found that the pros of the product heavily outweigh its shortcomings.

It provides enough stability for an effective brace without breaking the bank. And if you don’t mind having to handle it gently, it’s worth it for something you’ll have for years.

The Wellgate for Women (and men!) is our the number one best wrist brace for the year for us.

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