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10 Best 100% Wool Mittens

Women and men both spend money all year long for the perfect manicure, beautiful real and fashion jewelry, then all the sudden a cool breeze sets in and we are forced to cover our expensively donned fingers with something to keep that horrible chill out.

Have no fear! The wonderful world of pure 100%  Wool from every country in the world has spent hours designing colorful, fashionable, durable, and warm, covering for delicate hands that are designed to go with any piece of wardrobe and to be shown off.  Whether you are a businessman, a diva, a teen, a mom, an outdoors man, whatever your outdoor need, the numerous lines of finger and hand covering goes on for miles, and I guarantee anyone can find a high quality wool mittens of their choice for a price they can afford.

Best Wool Mittens Reviewed

Our team have gathered the best warmest 100% wool mittens reviewed for a guaranteed warmth & comfort


One of a kind colorful 100% Icelandic wool is woven over a beautiful polyester liner to ensure comfortability, warmth, and durability every day of the year. Get ready to play in the snow or just stay warm, either way, your hands will stay toasty and dry in these unbelievably warm and fashionable hand protectors.

Whenever I review an article of clothing, I’m bound to get complain about sizes. It’s a fact of life. XLs in this item does seem to come in XL. Again, I implore customers to measure their hands when they are not swollen, when they are at a normal range, and try the merchandise on in the same manner.

The rest of the world is not wrong. If everyone is overjoyed, and for the most part, so are you, then 2 choices lay before you. 1. Your hands shrank. (good on ya) or 2. (and most likely) you ordered the wrong size. Either way, return them and get the right size. They will do that for you, and then you can be dancing around like the rest of the Icewear wearers.

Dakine mittens are available in 3 colors: orange striped, black, and soft black. You will always be in fashion when you are wearing Dakine. The fact they are 100% waterproof and should help us keep our hand super warm. We hope you enjoy.

100% Icelandic Wool
3 Colors
Perfect for everyday wear

X-large could be too big


Toasty warm hands are every individual’s ideal merit during winter periods. In that case you should ensure that you are fully armed with the right tools to ensure that you do not suffer from the extreme coldness. For this reason, make sure that you do not miss a pair of Alepo wool mittens. These hand coverings have been oriented with the best abilities to ensure that your palms and fingers are protected from the brutal cold during winter.

Looking on downside of this item, you will be dismayed with the lengthy thumb fitting which lacks a warm lining fleece in it. This tends to make your thumbs prone to elements. The snug fitment is quite contrary to the expectations. The pair runs a size small which may impact the wearable factor. Consecutively, the sewing of the seams of this product are not as perfect as ought to be. This subjects the accessory to a lessened durability due to the proneness to ripping. Apart from these drawbacks, the rest of the features far convey an outstanding performance.

On the merits of this item, you will find the warm and comfy nature a thing to be proud of. The construction of this pair attests to the impeccable features of the product. The thick fleece wool design guarantee your palms ultimate warmth and premium comfort while out on the winter outdoor activity. Touchscreen compatibility is another loveable upside of this equipment.

The design of the shell which is wooly and acrylic attributes to the product’s flexibility, softness and a premium elasticity. The faux suede design on the palms facilitates the anti-slip ability of the pair. This upside ensures that your gripping of equipment is so firm. These hand coverings have been designed with a breathability feature in order to ensure that your palms and fingers stay dry all day wrong.

In a nutshell, this product has proved a vitality when it comes to conducting winter activities. Despite the few negativities associated with the product, all the other features are far outstanding. For a boosted performance, ensure that you do not lack a pair of Alepo wool mittens. Purchase your own product now in order to experience the best results.

Ultimate warmth
Excellent feedback
Premium comfort
Touchscreen compatible
Flexible and comfortable

Lessened snug fitting
Not long lasting
Cold thumbs

Check It Out On Amazon

3.Dachstein Alpine Wool Mittens Preformed Extreme Warm

Dachstein Alpine Wool Mittens Preformed Extreme Warm
Dachstein Alpine Wool Mittens Preformed Extreme Warm

What an absolutely fun hand garment! Made in the USA with 100% wool, these colorfully displayed hand coverings are each Exquisitely Embroidered with White Snowflake Folk Art Motif. Additionally, they are fleece lined for an extra layer of warmth and cuff embellished with zinc metal alloy, to creatively set of their designer color combinations.

Moreover, they are eco-friendly, durable, soft, thick, and warm, perfect for any outdoor activity. They have been professionally handcrafted in Minnesota, USA. They display a timeless look of a cozy sweater knit that’s always in style. They are super Versatile and Machine Washable with care.

Again sizing seems to be being discussed, and that getting the size right seems to be a difficulty, so we have added this size chart helper for those of you wondering. To determine if these mittens are the right size for you, measure around your flat hand at knuckles, thumb excluded. The number of inches equals the mitten size. If your measurement is 7 to 7.5 inches, these mittens will fit your hands perfectly!

Others that received the right size raved about the warmth, the fun colors, how soft they were, and what great gifts they would make. If you can’t get me the other ones a few numbers up, I’ll settle for a few of these under my Christmas tree my year!

100% Wool
13 colored patterns
Eco friendly & durable
Dry & soft
Reasonable price

Get size right

4.Whiteleopard Women’s Winter Warm Lining Mittens Wool Knit

Whiteleopard Women's Winter Warm Lining Mittens Wool Knit
Whiteleopard Women’s Winter Warm Lining Mittens Wool Knit

Who could imagine that the traditional Nordic designs could be so different but also so beautiful? This is the classic design of the large snowflake, but the combination of the colors make the mitts different from each other. This is a mitt for women, but with the color choices, many men would like them as well.

The mitt is tightly knitted from soft wool. The Italian wool linings keep your hands warm in Autumn to just below freezing. The wool fleece is made of a mixture of polyester, acrylic, and wool. The mitt is warm, and it wears well.

The company started making leather gloves for lumberjacks in 1936 in Hestra Sweden. A new ski resort was built near the town in the early days, so the owner changed his focus to making mitts and gloves for the recreational world. Hesta kintted wool mittens were of such quality that both the Swedish and Norwegian ski team wear them. There are many different designs and of gloves and mittens for several sports. There are over 400 styles of gloves and mitts in 30 different colors. But the company specializes in leather mitts and gloves and well known to design high quality ski gloves since about 90 years.

Has sizes for women and children
Traditional Nordic design
Wears well

Good for autumn, not winter.

5.Freyja Canada

As soon as you see frost on the ground, you know it is time to prepare for the cold winter season. Wearing warm wool mittens is very necessary, and doubly important if your hands tend to be cold. While natural wool has been the answer to this problem for centuries, Iceland, in particular, is known for the superior quality of its wool. Freyja Canada makes these beautiful mittens but knits them with 100% Icelandic wool yarn.

The Freyja Canada wool mittens are moderately priced. You can indeed find a less expensive solution for your hands, but the other items will not measure up to the excellent quality of this brand. Although the mittens can be washed in a machine with cold water, they must be laid flat to dry. Unfortunately, the Freyja Canada garments are not 100% windproof. You will need to pair them with an outer layer to achieve this quality.

Icelandic wool is so unique because of its climate. Due to the fact that the sheep must endure contrasting weather patterns, their wool has some unique qualities. Iceland shores are washed with both the very cold Arctic Ocean and the warm Gulf stream resulting in a climate that is perpetually wet and windy. Icelandic sheep produce a lot of lanolin to prevent them from getting wet, and their wool has a fluffy light inner layer for warmth. As a consequence, the yarn is dense, light, and strong.

These wool mittens have so many beneficial qualities. The long cuff can be unfolded to protect your entire arm or doubled up to warm your sensitive wrist. These wool mittens are water repellent and lightweight. They are not itchy as they have an inner polyester fleece lining. Their attractiveness comes from the traditional Icelandic design and muted colors. And if you want to have a coordinated look, you can order a matching hat to make a complete winter’s outfit.

So, when it comes time to prepare for the inevitable, consider the Freyja Canada wool mittens for their warmth, exquisite traditional design, moderate price, and lightweight. Wear them daily to enjoy outdoor winter sports but also don them for special occasions.

Reasonable price
Tradition design
100 % Icelandic Sheep’s wool
Water repellent
Matching hat
Machine washable in cold water
Not itchy, inner lining is polyester fleece.
Long cuff

Not windproof, pair with an outer layer
Some care for cleaning, dry flay

Check It Out On Amazon

6.Stormy Kromer

These mittens will definitely keep you feeling hot because they are constructed of 100% wool. But they are tough also since the palm is made of goatskin. The goatskin is sturdy but soft making it easy to hold something or drive your snowmobile. If you are outside a lot in the winter and have things in your hands such as shovels, ski poles and a walking stick you will find Stormy Kromer a great solution to the cold weather and your active lifestyle.

Snowboarders like them too! They are fit for the frigid temperatures to below zero, and still, your hands will be warm. Inside they have sherpa lining for extra warmth. While the mitts look great, they are very suitable for day to day workplaces. Customers are advised to spot clean only.

The history of the company explains the name of the brand. The first piece of clothing was a cap for Stormy. Stormy, a locomotive engineer, needed a strong but warm cap. So his wife designed and stitched one for him. Sixteen years later in 1919, there were so many orders for hats that Stormy and his wife started a company in Wisconsin to produce them Now 30 employees of the company follow Stormy’s legacy, continuing to manufacture excellent quality hats and gloves. This is a true made in America story.

Great price
Many colors
Very warm & sturdy

Maybe a little small
Spot clean only & just 80% wool

Check It Out On Amazon

7.Agan Traders

Supporting third world artisans is a worthwhile endeavor, especially if your support results in a superior product. A women’s community in Nepal makes the Agan Traders wool mittens. Part of their charm is that they are mismatched and hand-knit for your comfort. Yes, you will receive a unique product that is warm and comfortable, but Agan Traders are also a product to support women who might not otherwise be able to add to their family’s sustenance.

Unfortunately, since each product is unique, you cannot see the exact colors of the mitts you will receive. Since the sizing is one size fits all, this may not be suitable for you if you have very small or large hands. While you can wash this item in a machine with cold water, you cannot dry them in a dryer. There is no flap in their design to reveal your fingers for when you require dexterity to adjust clothing or open your wallet. You must remove the mitts, exposing your hand to the cold air. These mittens are warm, but they are not windproof, unless you pair them with an outer covering.

The Agan Traders are made of 100% lambswool, yet they are not itchy as they have a polyester fleece lining. Their bunched up cuff supplies extra warmth for your delicate wrist area, when you slip it under your coat sleeve to block out the wind. They are roomy enough to wear a liner underneath for extra warmth.

The design is charming in its simplicity. You can also order a hat to complete your winter outfit. There are many colors in the mitts so, and they will undoubtedly coordinate with your other winter wear. There are 3 different multi handcrafted shades to select from very dark to bright hues.

When you order the Agan Traders, you will feel good since you are supporting families in areas of need. But wear these mitts with pride for their exquisite design and handknit qualities. They are moderately priced, too!

Mid-range price
100% lambswool
Soft warm fleece lining
Machine wash, line dry
Support fair trade policies

One size fits all
No drying in a machine
No flap to reveal the fingers for dexterity
Colors not exactly as shown
Not windproof

Check It Out On Amazon

8.Turtle Fur 

The Turtle Fur woolmitts are warm, but their value extends way beyond your comfort. They are hand-knit in Nepal. By working with the knitting cooperatives, Turtle Fur is supporting local economies that are populated primarily by disadvantaged artisans and herders. This hand-up approach allows the product to reach the global market so that the artisans can support their families.

One disadvantage of all wool products is that they need to be hand-washed instead of machine laundered.

And what is Turtle Fur mittens, you were wondering? No turtles have not grown fur recently. Turtle Fur is a 100% acrylic fleece known as Original Turtle Fur Fleece. This fleece is soft while managing moisture efficiently. The fleece lines the inside of this product. So, your hands will be insulated and kept dry. The lining also ensures that your hands do not itch. On the other hand, the exterior is made of 100% wool. You will benefit from the insulating qualities of this natural material. The cable knit exterior is very distinctive and stylish. Pair this product with a matching hat to make a sustainable fashion statement.

Turtle Fur  is a proud sponsor of Project Warmth which is a movement to provide warm hats to disadvantaged people in the third world. If you tag and share yourself wearing their product, they will reciprocate with one hat per share. By wearing this brand, you can support artisans in Nepal as well as being part of Project Warmth.

Very warm
Wind resistant, water-resistant
Teams with a matching hat
Hand up to artisans in Nepal

Must be hand-washed

Check It Out On Amazon

9.Fox River

There are times when you select your hand coverings for warmth and beauty, but there are also times when you need a pair of sturdy mitts to shovel the driveway, stack wood, clear the snow from the salt-covered car or clean-up the yard around the house. Save your expensive, decorative garments from the wear and tear of chores by using these Fox River wool mitts. They are built to handle the abuse.

The size of the entire mitt seems bulky and is not built for dexterity. Some people find that the wrists are tight and have difficulty in pulling the mitts on. The Fox River are wind resistant but not windproof. The large size is somewhat small. Specifically, the thumb seems to be tight. It is essential to consider this when ordering.

This extra heavy, double rag mitten looks like a traditionally knit garment. Their only decorative feature is a contrasting trim color on the cuff. They look sturdy and appear utilitarian but also very purposeful. They are offered by an American company but are made in Haiti. The price is very attractive.

The Fox River wool mittens are warm for several different reasons. They are made of 85% wool blended with 15% nylon by an old name company in the United States. Due to this blend, they retain their shape well and can be machine washed. They are also shrink-resistant and moisture-wicking.

Since the mitts are lined with material that is 67 %acrylic, 23% wool, and 10% nylon, they feel soft against your skin and are not itchy. The Fox River do keep your hands warm even when the garment is wet.

If you are looking for practical garments that will stand up to some abuse, these will not disappoint you. They are so reasonably priced that you can afford to replace them after you have completed some hard chores.

Very affordable
Warm, even when wet
Not scratchy

Bulky and not dextrous
Hard to fit under a jacket sleeve
No grip palms
Not windproof
Tight cuffs

Check It Out On Amazon


The creators wanted to create something which can make you able to ski longer and not get cold. Afterward, the team got to know about the benefits of Merino wool as a material of value. It’s a group of people who felt the need of warm gear. The one which could make you comfortable and friendly so that you can perform up to your fullest. The main characteristics of the original products performed so well that almost all SmartWool products are now available with them.

The inconsistent quality and durability of these mittens, however, create a problem. You can never compromise on this part, right? Many complaints received regarding this product were about the poor quality they possess. Many people also reported that the mitts do not possess an exceptionally durable nature. They will not last long as you would expect them to. So, when it comes to reliability and durability, this product disappoints us a bit.

The terry loop on this mittens offers extra insulation and protection so that you stay comfortable all year round. The Cozy Mitten gives you a touch screen compatible feature. With this feature, the mittens allow you to call, text, and search with your thumb without removing the mitts or freezing your hands. The touch-screen feature is available on the thumb only. The mitts are highly insulated and inexpensive, as well.

The whole brand of SmartWool is built to make outdoor adventures enjoyable and comfortable. This product reflects the achievement of the aim of the brand. The mittens provide you a cozy and comfortable feel. The merino wool blend makes them warm enough to keep you away from feeling your hands cold. Additionally, they are decently designed and are available in different color choices. They also support the machine wash.

In a nutshell, the mitts feature incredible characteristics. But, the quality and durability are both inconsistent. However, their inexpensive nature makes them attractive. So, you can give them a try if you wish so.

Comfortable fit
Touch-screen compatible
Terry loop interior
Attractive look

Inconsistent durability and quality
Not a pure 100% wool
Poor quality

Check It Out On Amazon

Wool Mittens Buyer’s Guide

Wintertime brings the same conditions every year. And if there is a need for wool mitts, it is important to select the type that suits your needs best. How often are the temperatures below freezing? If it is only a few a lighter pair will be adequate. But if the temperature dips below zero for days on end, you need substantial mittens to keep your hands snug and comfortable. And if you work outside for long periods of time, it is essential you have a good pair of wool mitts to suit your purposes.

What Features Are Important to You?

Some people spend very little time in the cold, but they drive their car back and forth to work. They prefer a very flexible one. Others are looking for warmth. And those who shovel snow, or work in ski areas most likely need some protection in the palm to reduce the effects of wear. Cuffs are significant to many folks as this can prevent the wind from traveling up your sleeve and giving you a chill. Many women like to coordinate their mitts to their outfits. Then, style and color reign.If you suffer from cold just in you wrist we advice you to read our guide about the best wrist warmers .

Your Budget

The cost can be a deciding factor, but for other people, warm hands are the main consideration.


With over the internet ordering, size can be an issue. Measure your hands carefully. All companies have sizing charts to assist you in that decisions. Read the customer reviews to see if these mitts are extra large for made to the measures in the sizing chart. Most companies do make a swift exchange if the size is not suitable.

Company Reputation

For some people, it is important to deal with a company that has certain practices.

  • Is the company supporting the local economy?
  • Are the materials top quality?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • How unique are the products?
  • How authentic are the products?
  • Are the mitts produced by eco-friendly and green practices?

We suggest to our readers to watch this video merino sheep shearing from Australia!

You can determine most of your answers through a search of the internet.

Why It’s Important to Invest in 100% Wool

        Millions of years of evolution have created the perfect product. Merino wool is all natural, soft, comfortable, draws moisture away from the skin, dries super quickly, and is anti-bacterial, which means it will never put off some funky odor. It can be worn again and again before it will need its first cleaning.

Its so amazing, almost every country in the world is raising Merino sheep just to cultivate the wool, that’s how fantastic it is. Plus, when you shop for Merino Wool you will literally find thousands of patterns, styles, and designs to fit anything in your wardrobe. You will be able to find a pair that defines who you are, that lets the world know I AM _____ just by the beautiful pattern on your hands. Everyone wants that kind of empowerment, and a simple pair of hand protectors can offer that to you.

It is a little more expensive than cotton stuffing, but we are talking about the safety and priority and life of your HANDS. Plus, because Merino wool is so durable 90% of the companies that sell it offer a LIFETIME Guarantee. There is no reason not to invest in 100%


No matter what you desire, we have wool mittens for you. Take a look at our offerings, read through the descriptions to make your selection. There are some very fashionable mitts suitable for both men and women, and there are some very functional mittens as well.

If you have a feedback or questions about wool mittens please use the field below and I’l be sure to respond ASAP.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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