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10 Best Wool Gloves 100% Waterproof Merino

When you go to the market to buy best wool gloves 100% waterproof merino. It is good if you also take into account your personal style, the protection and the function.

Wool has been used for the production of clothing for longer than you can imagine. People have been spinning yarn for as long as 3,400 years. It’s amazing how so much of what we once were, still survives to this day.

Top 10 Reviews of Merino Best Wool Gloves

Here are our recommendations about the best 100% wool gloves reviewed for a guaranteed warmth & dexterity:

1.Simari Merino Best Wool Gloves

best wool gloves

Simari Best Wool Gloves
Simari Best Wool Gloves
I did not like that they are not the warmest option for harsher climates and the color variety could be a bit more substantial as they solely come in three options, Conifer, Dry Earth and Hunters Orange. A black pair or even a gray pair would be a more valuable option for the sake of blending with neutral colors or camouflage gear for blending purposes. They sport a fingerless design that may not remain the warmest option for harsher climates.

Made to satisfy protection for the palms, with the freedom for your fingers, these First Lite Simari Merino wool gloves make any outdoor adventure a very great hands on experience. They take the fuss out of having to constantly decide if they need to stay on while trying to lift and load, or take them off when you need to create friction with your hands.

On the other hand, their tactile ability is excellent for being able to use touchscreen devices like cell phones and electronic gear. They are made of ultra fine merino wool, a softer wool that feels great against the skin. The gloves are best cared for by washing by hand and laying out to dry to keep the integrity of the materials and seamless knit construction.

Another significant feature is their lightweight construction. They can easily be layered to cover your fingers with other options if you required a bit more warmth. They easily fit into any compartment which makes packing and searching easy and convenient. The also very stretchy gloves provide proper flexibility to ensure dexterity and grip.

I would recommend these gloves for your next outdoor adventure. You have the benefit of keeping your palms nice and warm while still being able to grip items that require a bit more skin contact and friction. The quality is great, and you will not need purchasing another pair for a very long time.

Quality materials
Lightweight construction
Tactile ability for touchscreens

Not suitable for below zero temperature
Sizing may be small for bigger hands
May end up buying different colored pairs

2.Outdoor Research Warmest Touchscreen Wool Gloves

Outdoor Research Warmest Touchscreen Wool Gloves
Outdoor Research Warmest Touchscreen Wool Gloves
best wool gloves

Designed by a former scientist and adventurer in the 1980s, the founder used their own experience to provide better quality apparel in the outdoor pursuits. Since then, they have prided themselves on making endurance accessories, especially gloves.

These are fingerless and noticeably, the stitching at the fingers is incomplete. These leads to the gloves fraying and unraveling, making them useless. Bad manufacturing quality and an expensive mistake. Not only do they fray, but the gloves also pill easily, which ruins the gloves and loses heat. And despite washing the gloves carefully by hand, these gloves shrink. After a couple of washes, they are ill-fitting and then cannot be worn.

These gloves are made with 100% Merino Wool which uses breathable wicking so the hands remain dry through use. The wool is naturally anti-odor and quick drying and makes them easy to wear.

The wool is incredibly soft and non-irritant so it is a great option for people with very sensitive skin. They are very lightweight and can be worn under outer gloves to provide extra warmth in very cold weather. Not badly priced and has to get versatile use; looking after them carefully will ensure long shelf life and value for money.

Soft and Comfortable
Good fit
Easy to wear

Shrinks when washed
Material pills easily
Fray at fingers

3.Icewear Fanney Warmest Wool Gloves

With three glorious colours to choose from, these Angora-blend gloves brighten up even the dullest of winter days. Made by an Icelandic company, this product is especially suited for its sometimes-harsh outdoors. Set against a background of either white, grey or red, the classic Nordic design stands out to complement whatever outfit you happen to have on.

This is a basic product, just that it is made with a wool-Angora blend. The only choice you can make is between the three colours on offer, as there are no other additional features added to make these different. As most wool gloves now come with touch screen compatibility, be aware that these are not.

Constructed in a blend of 20% Angora and 70% wool, these gloves are soft, with thin fibres that add the unmistakable fluffiness associated with Angora. Silkier than pure wool products, the Icewear is much lighter, almost to a floating feel which makes you forget you have gloves on. It is also warmer, without the cumbersome heft of lesser quality products. The wool used in this product in particular, deserves special mention as it comes from Iceland sheep, all natural and with water repellent qualities.

The addition of some nylon in its making makes this stretchy, and fits much closer to the palm and fingers. You will have excellent feel when touching objects and full dexterity in whatever you do. The wrist area is knitted about an inch higher than the wrist, with a slight grip and this makes sure that no snow or wind gets in.

Angora blended with wool is a classic combination that works in providing soft, fuzzy comfort when the mercury drops. Straight to the point, wear these outdoors as its Icelandic manufacturer suggests and you will go about merrily toasty and snug as a bug.

Light and fluffy
Water repellent
Maximum comfort & good fit
Maintains dexterity
Snug at wrist – prevents snow from getting in
Three colours to choose from

No added features
Regular gloves

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4.Merino Mink Wool Gloves

The company offers Merino wool clothing with the best quality – cardigans, jumpers, gloves, jackets, and coats. 100% Merino wool or Merino wool blended with natural fibers is what makes their clothing line-up super famous and mesmerizing. The quality is up to the mark. You can have high expectations for this luxurious brand.

The inexpensive gloves by Merinomink do justice to the demands of the public. With a simple yet appealing design and wide range of color choices, the gloves can fit anyone’s taste. The company has set a benchmark with the release of this product. The luxurious merino wool with its soft feel will make a comfortable and ever-lasting impression on you. The 100% natural fibers will efficiently provide you warmth and durability. These durable gloves are high on demand. The public seems to love them due to their complete and up to the mark features.

The brushtail possum fibers work perfectly. They hold the potential to initiate an extraordinary insulation system as all the fibers are hollow. You can feel the warmth at the level best with these Merinomink woolen gloves. If you are not a fan of the bulky feel that generally such apparel possesses, this product will do great for you. Why so? Well, the featherweight softness of these gloves gives a smarter look and neat finish. You will be moved to feel the softness that gives ultimate pleasure to your skin.

With all the sharp features, these gloves will make you a fan of them and the company. You will undoubtedly love the quality and material of this product. It will leave a lasting impression. The fact that this one has nothing to say at the downside paves its way forward.

100% natural fibers
Featherweight softness
Highly insulated

Not durable
Bad customer support
Not stylish

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5.Fox River Ragg Merino Wool Gloves

A product entirely made in the United States of America, the FoxRiver manufacturer confidently offers product replacement should you find anything amiss with your pair within the period of a year. Put together with wool, nylon and deer leather, not only that these promises warmth, but also durability for everyday use.

Brown tweed is the only colour and design these come in. Rather unattractive, and with it being of this light a shade, dirt and grime will easily be apparent. The material used is also of the rough ragg variety, and may not be as smooth to touch as other similar products. These are unlined, and should you have an allergy, it will itch!

The combination of 85% wool, and 15% nylon in the outer shell makes for a good, snug pair of gloves. It comes designed separately to fit the anatomy of the left and right hand, therefore the each side conforms and attune better. Moreover, the deerskin addition to the palm and finger areas is a bonus feature. Deerskin is knowingly incomparable to other types of hide in terms of toughness and will no doubt give your hands secure and robust protection against abrasion, as well as immovable grip when handling objects and machinery in the cold.

Being made to be used outdoors, these can be machine washed (turn it inside out first), which is a useful feature to maintain cleanliness.
Manly and rugged in construction, this classic pair is useful in the cold, while at the same time, tough enough to provide grip and abrasion protection. It is worth every penny as you get warmth and good use out of them in frigid conditions. Just be wary of the scratchy wool especially if your skin is intolerant to it.

Deerskin provides good grip and abrasion protection
Warm & durable
Good fit for hands
Made in the USA
One-year manufacturing defect guarantee

Rough texture
Unlined – scratchy for those allergic to wool
Light coloured – easily dirty

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6.SmartWool Touchscreen Wool Gloves

Once SmartWool started making socks in 1994, its creators wanted to be able to ski longer without getting cold feet. This was when they realized the advantages of Merino wool as quality material. It’s a group of people who felt that outside time is essential, restorative, and necessary to everyone. The key features of the original products worked so well that almost every SmartWool item now possesses them.

The SmartWool gloves have incredibly amazing specs. However, a significant drawback this product possesses pushes us away from it. The company does not offer different sizes for these gloves. They come in a single universal size. Due to this, it is not always the case that the gloves fit you perfectly. When buying, woolen gloves, size is a much-focused characteristic. These gloves, however, fail to provide a snug fit.

Being inexpensive, these gloves would never put pressure on your pockets. A terrific loop interior design includes in the Smartwool Unisex Cozy Glove, which helps you to go outdoors with ease and extra comfort. This design provides extra warmth and cushioning. The product is available in a variety of colors.

SmartWool is a high quality touchscreen gloves that’s will help you using tactile devices without take off your gloves. The wool gloves come fitted with index and thumb pads that allow you to text, chat, or scan without removing your gloves. Whether you are on a skiing trip, you would need insulated gloves because of the cold winter day; you’ll be hot all season long in SmartWool cozy gloves.

The gloves are fantastic and offer you great warmth. The only problem is with the size of these gloves. However, as far as the insulation and heat are concerned, they are brilliant in delivering it.

Variety of colors
High insulation
Touch Screen compatible

Not warm for cold weather
Available in a single universal size
Not a pure 100% wool

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7.Pendleton Holiday Wool Gloves

Pendleton Best Wool Gloves
Pendleton Merino Wool Gloves
best wool gloves

You can see and feel the passion of Pendleton for quality products. See it in Native American designs and legends inspired in the intricate patterns of blankets. You can experience it in the softness of the comfortable, lightweight, 100% pure virgin wool clothing they make. For 150 years, they have been a family-owned business, and in the Northwest Mills, they have been weaving world-class woolens for 104 of those years.

Having a look at the downside of these gloves, we found some issues. The size of this product generally runs small. You are likely to face fitting issues with these gloves. Many complaints regarding this ensemble bye Pendleton reported such problems as well. Another slightly uncomfortable thing is that these gloves do not support machine wash. Instead, you would have to get them dry cleaned for cleaning.

As far as the advantages are concerned that this product offers, there are multiple benefits that are capable of serving you in a good way. These advantages can even cover up the flaws of these Pendleton gloves. First of all, they feature 100% merino wool. What can be better than that? Merino wool is one of the softest and warmest wools used in manufacturing such products.

As we know that wool is waterproof, so is this product. Wearing these, you don’t have to worry about the rain or snow. You can stay confident that even after getting wet, the gloves will provide you warmth. Another amazing thing about this product is that it is touch-screen compatible. You don’t have to take your garment off again and again for using your phone. The stretchable cuffs provide you a snug fit without hindering the blood flow, as well.

All in all, the product is a combination of some flaws and some benefits as well. Considering the warmth, they totally deserve a try. At such an affordable price range, these gloves can serve you in a great manner.

100% Merino Wool
Touch-screen compatible
Stretchable cuffs

Fitting Issues
Dry Clean Only

8.RefrigiWear Warming Wool Gloves

RefrigiWear, Inc. is the manufactures and distributes industrial outerwear that is insulated. The company provides jackets and coats, pants and covers, gloves, accessories, footwear, headwear, and insulated covers, as well as embroidery, repair, and customization services. RefrigiWear is quite popular in the U.S. The brand urges to provide an ultimate quality experience.

If we take a look at the downside of this brand, there are multiple things to say. The design of these gloves is rather boring. If you are conscious about your fashion statement, then these gloves are not meant for you. The quality of them is also inconsistent; you cannot expect it to last for a greater period. Many of the complaints about these RefrigiWear gloves were stating this issue.

Coming to the qualities, the Thinsulate insulation is the highlight of this product. Because of this feature, it is capable of delivering you a high level of warmth during the cold time of the year. The soft fleece lining adds to the warmth and the overall comfort these gloves provide. If they last longer, they can serve as one of the top choices for the winter season.

In addition to all these points, this specific product possesses a 100% rag wool outer shell. With this specific quality, it becomes warmer and waterproof, as well. The extended wrist design offers higher coverage, and the double-layer knit cuff results in offering you the utmost warmth and convenience.

RefrigiWear holds some commendable qualities that we simply cannot ignore. However, if quality and durability are your preferences, then these are just not the right option for you to have.

Thinsulate insulation
Soft fleece lining
100% rag wool outer shell
Double-layer knit cuff
Extended wrist design
Waterproof outer shell

Boring design
Inconsistent quality

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9.Minus33 Outdoor Wool Gloves

Textile engineers built Minus33 back in 2002. Whatever the event, they want everyone to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe outdoors. They believe in quality, yet affordable products that anyone who gets outdoors, regardless of skill level or experience, can be well-worn and enjoy from season to season. No one in the outdoor community should feel uncomfortable or unprepared, so having reliable equipment is one of the first steps towards a lifetime of comfort for whatever the activity is. They believe in providing a product of superior quality at a price that people can afford.

First, let’s have a look at the downside of these Minus 33 gloves. There are two facts to mention in this part. Firstly, they are not long-lasting. Buying a product, we often think about its durability. When it comes to this specific product, it lacks a durable nature. Other than this, there is one more problem. The cuffs of this pair of gloves are very tight. They are too tight that you might even feel your blood circulation is hindered.

As far as the advantages of the gloves are concerned, the list is quite long. The main material that has been used behind the manufacturing of these gloves is the merino wool. They possess 90% of the merino wool. This fabric makes it perfectly warm for making your winters cozy and comfortable. So, with the great warmth they offer, they seem like a good choice.

These gloves being waterproof do not limit your activities. You can still remove the snow from your car, knowing that they are waterproof, and your actions won’t affect their warmth. The breathable nature Minus33 makes them even more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about sweaty hands.

All in all, the gloves feature fabulous qualities. We are sure that these can give the utmost warm experience. However, some drawbacks may push you a bit from buying these. So, know your preferences and choose to purchase accordingly.

90% Merino wool
Supports machine wash

Cuffs are too tight
Fingerless gloves

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10.Hot Shot Warming Wool Gloves

Hot Shot wool gloves are the perfect handwear accessories to stay warm during an outdoor winter activity. This product ensures that your hands are not prone to the brutal coldness and other elements that may hamper your experience. The design adapted during the construction of these mittens ascertain an excellent performance.

The one flaw of this product is the bigger sizing which reduces the ability to amply fit. The snug fit lessens after consecutive times of washing the product. Conversely, this product has short wrists hence limited warmth around the wrist area. You will be disappointed by how wet your hands become since the asset is not waterproof. Also, this product is not very quick drying once its wet. Apart from these drawbacks, all the other properties far portray an impeccable experience.

Looking on the upsides of this accessory, you will be delighted with the wool and acrylic materials which have been used in the product’s construction. These materials anticipate for the best outcomes of the item. Wool ensures that your hands stay warm for extended periods of time. This feature facilitates for the Thinsulate insulation which assures that your palms and fingers are heated up. The acrylic material provides great flexibility and comfort when you have worn the product. Additionally, this item has been designed to be lightweight, therefore you will not be prone to bulky hands. The lightweight aspect guarantees and amazing anti-slip gripping ability.

These hand coverings tend to keep your hands mobile to the brim. The silicone dotted palms facilitate for an incredible ability to grip equipment. The design of the pair also guarantees for its windproof strength and protection against damping conditions. The tricot lining of the commodity attributes to the comfy aspect of the item.

Our final thoughts on this product are that it is an amazing and proficient accessory to every individual who yearns to take part in winter activities. The construction of these gloves attribute to the premium aspects depicted by the product. Despite the few limitations associated with the item, all the other features of Hot Shot wool gloves guarantee an outstanding experience. Order your own pair now in order to merit from the impeccable feedback.

Enhanced grip
Maximum dexterity
Cold proof
Premium comfort
Limber and proficient

Short wrists
Lessened snug fit
Not waterproof

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For more advises & tips to choose the right pair continue reading our post

Best Wool Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Winter is the same each year and the condition is the same. This is why there is a need to get wool gloves. It is good if you choose the right type of the suits that you will need. Regardless of how the temperature may be freezing, with the right gloves, you will not have to worry. If you need guaranteed warmth we advice to use wool mittens more than gloves . When the temperature reaches zero, then you will have to look for the right mittens so that you may keep the hands snug and also comfortable. If you like to work outside for some time, then having the right gloves is necessary.

What features to consider

There are people who spend time during the cold when they drive to go to their work and to go back. If this is your case, you should look for flexible gloves.   However, others want to get warm ones. Those who work with the ski or shovel the snow, they will also need protection in order to reduce wear effects.  The cuffs are important for some people since they prevent the wind from going into the sleeves and to cause a chill. Women may choose to coordinate the gloves to the outfit they wear and in this case, the color and the styles will be of more importance.If you suffer from cold just at your wrist we suggest to try read our article about the best wrist warmers .

The budget

The cost of the gloves will play a big role in the gloves you buy but keeping warm hands is always important. The fine wool ones can cost at least twice of the gloves that are constructed using the synthetic fibers.   People decide to pay more for the  best brand since it lasts longer.  If it is about trendy gloves that you may discard after the season, you may have to consider the less expensive item in order to avoid the frustration if the gloves are no longer in fashion.

Sizing Chart

While ordering online, you have to be careful about the size. Measure the hands in a careful manner and read the sizing chart if you want to make the decision. Take time and read the reviews of the customer to see if the size fit well or you have to make some adjustment.  When the size is not right, the companies can make the exchange.

While buying the gloves, make sure that you are buying the closest fit that will not strain the material used.  When they are too loose, then they will slide back or forth and they cannot keep the warmth.  You need to have the gloves that can cover the wrist well and it has to be large enough so that the coat sleeve can be cut inside.

Storage and care

Wool is the staple fiber and it is found in winter or fall gloves.  It is often used to produce many things including the suits, socks, sweaters,capes, shawls and coats.  It is durable and beautiful with the ability to keep warm if the temperatures fall.  However, even with all the benefits, it can offer, it still poses a problem when it comes to storage, care, and comfort.

Storage: wool gloves may be stained easily during the day and they tend to absorb odors from smoke, cooking or long-term storage. In order to protect them against the damage, you should avoid wearing it against bare skin and clean the stains as soon as possible. The gloves should be kept in the area which is well ventilated in order to prevent any damage. To avoid the moths against eating the wool sweaters, you can use the mothballs and cedar drawer liners in order to repel such insects. However, you should know that the wool garment may absorb the scent from mothballs and cedar.

Comfort: some type of gloves may be too itchy and sensitive to the skin. Low-quality items can be made using coarser and shorter fibers with ends that stick out and they do cause the irritation.  To be comfortable, you should get the gloves that are crafted with the softer wool.

Pairing Best Wool Gloves 100% Waterproof Merino

There is no limitation on the number of the gloves you can buy. Everything will depend on what you need.   You can own a winter pair which hold up in every weather and can fit overcoats and suits. The wool gloves will keep your hands warm even during low temperature. However,  they are important to the health of many people who may be suffering the frostbite or Raynaud’s syndrome.

If you have any questions or comments about the best wool gloves 100% waterproof merino or seeking help to make the right investment please use the field below and I’l be sure to respond ASAP.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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