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A2k VS Wilson a2000 Review on Baseball Glove


Whether you are a professional or an amateur baseball player, you have either used or even heard the satisfying smack that is made when the ball comes in contact with the Wilson A2000 Glove. Our review of the A2000 baseball glove examines its major features, cons, pros and if it is worth the price. Also a quick comparison overview vs A2K and Rawling HOH .

What is the difference between Wilson A2K vs A2000 Baseball Glove?

Wilson also produces another contender in the Professional industry. The A2K, model is considered the brands top of the line model. And many Pro’s choose this as the glove of their choice. Both of these models are known for their high quality, enjoyed by high level players. However, there are some similarities and differences between the two that make shopping and comparing these contenders against one another worth the while.

There are however some great positives that prove why A2000 option has been favorable amongst many users for many years. The difference between a2k and a2000 baseball gloves are in features. For one, A2000 is made of Pro stock Leather. This material made of American Steerhide, allows consistency in the grade and thickness of the hide. A2K is composed of longer and softer leather. A2000 is for non-professional league player, while A2K is for Pro players.

Similarities of Wilson A2000 vs A2K Gloves

First let’s discuss the similarities. Both gloves are made from the highest quality, Pro Stock leather. This is a proprietary material that makes Wilson a leader in the industry, since it is made solely for their products. The only difference between the two is the selection process. While the A2000 uses the American steerhide to guarantee quality.

The A2K uses a triple sorting selection process where the hides are put into piles, three consecutive times, eliminating the weaker hides in each sort and maintaining the hides with greater thickness and quality for manufacture. Both processes are equally effective to ensure a good product is made. Another shared advantage is the dual welting process carried out in the construction phase that ensure that the pockets hold their shape for a very long time and great structure in the fingers for excellent support.

Differences of Wilson A2K vs A2000 Gloves

Now let’s get to the differences. When trying on both gloves the A2000 stands out as the softer of the two when it comes to the Leather Exterior. However, when it comes to the interior lining the A2K has a softer feel and is more comfortable on the hands. The price of the two heralds the A2000 as the more affordable choice with a price difference of about $100. Another difference is the availability of the two, it is way easier to find a replacement for the A2000, in the event that one is needed.

One option that the A2K has over the A2000 is customization. The latter does have many different styles to choose from, but if you would like to make intricate changes and add some individuality to your glove you want to go with the A2K for this option.

Comparison Which to Buy Whether A2K vs A2000 Gloves

In conclusion I would have to go with the A2000, as there are enough reasons to deem this as the better glove choice. Besides the sizing options and customization being the only advantage that supports the A2K, it isn’t enough for me to choose it over the A2000. Affordability, usage and quality go a long way when it comes to selecting a great option and if I can get that with more savings, I will definitely have to choose the glove that dominates in most areas of consideration.

Baseball Glove Wilson A2000 Review on Amazon

The Iconic model was made in 1957 and is still going strong today as one of the more superior models in the industry. A2000 is a very popular choice with professional ballplayers like Tony Kemp of the Houston Astros and Martin Pardo of the Miami Marlins, who has used his for the last 8 years.

As much as it is iconic it is not the best option to introduce to aspiring minors with smaller hands. This is one of those investments that a youth has to grow into as it only comes in one size, 11.5” so this is a disadvantage toward younger players who want to experience the feel of this mitts. The other disadvantage of Wilson A2000 is a very slow break in process.

How to Soften Baseball Glove

Like some gloves that recommend using oil or even soaking it in water to loosen up the fibers. This item requires time and constant use as the best means of breaking it in. It does come from the factory at about 25% break in by way of machines that beat and pound the glove to get things going, however constant use is what usually gets this model in the best shape and condition for a good fit and feel.

Wilson A2000 Overview

I would recommend Wilson A2000 as the best baseball gloves on the bases of both quality and consistency. The time and effort made to create this quality product is what Wilson is known for and why it is the top brand chosen by Professional Players and even amateurs aspiring to be their best on the field.

Comparison Wilsons A2000 Vs Rawlings HOH (Heart of the Hide)

We just compared two Products by the same manufacturer against one another, but let’s take a look at a comparison from a totally different maker, Rawlings HOH (Heart of the Hide). Both Gloves are considered to be the Highest quality of both brands. They stand neck to neck in many of the factors that matter when it comes to purchasing a good solid glove that will last and is of great quality. So, this big question now is, which one do I buy and why?

Differences of Wilsons A2000 Vs Rawlings HOH (Heart of the Hide)

Let’s start this time with the unique factors of the Rawlings HOH. The Rawlings HOH has a Thermoform Wrist wick on the back of the glove that keeps the wrist and hands cool while playing. This adds a value of comfort to the brand that many players find valuable, especially where sweating is concerned.

Another valuable and unique benefit of the glove is the padded thumb sleeve, this pad is super soft and gives an additional comfort factor towards the glove. Another cool feature is the customization options for the HOH, you may have to pay a bit more but if you want a more unique look, Rawlings offers that option.

Similarities of Wilsons A2000 Vs Rawlings HOH (Heart of the Hide)

When it comes to construction of the Glove, both use similarly comparable leathers that is considered top of the Line. Rawlings uses leather made from 5% of available steer hides. Although Wilsons leather is proprietary and is made specifically for that brand, Rawlings leather is deer tanned prior to construction to create a softer feel and when it comes to their lacing, they own a tannery in Tennessee where their rawhide laces are especially made and is unique to the brand.

Which to buy?

Both brands take an extra step in the factory to ensure that the break-in span of the gloves are aided by some factory work. The Rawlings HOH comes 30% broken in once it hits the shelves much like the A2000 that comes in at about 25%.

When it comes to Availability, the HOH makes up about 50% of the gloves that Rawlings produces, which makes this model easier to find on the market and to replace.

Overview between Wilsons A2000 Vs Rawlings HOH (Heart of the Hide)

So, when it comes to the better Choice, I would still have to go with the Wilson A2000 as your baseball or softball gloves the only other advantage that the Rawlings HOH has over the A2000 would be customization and at the end of that day it isn’t as much of an important factor to make that decision a tough one. Wilson strongly remains the leader in their field and in many fields across the world.

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove

The construction of the Wilson glove A2000 uses dual welting which creates a durable pocket and a long-lasting break in. Another process in the design that creates a quality product, is additionally using the dual welting process to add structure and strength to the fingers, allowing for a good grip and comfort.

The Wilson A2000  comes in over 40 different styles, which make the possibilities of matching your glove toward your favorite team or your uniform a great possibility. The price is very reasonable in comparison to similar baseball & softball gloves on the market. Because you are getting great quality when you purchase yours, it feels more like an investment because you know you will have it for years to come.

Wilson Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s provide some quick answers for the most questions about Wilson:

Where are Wilson Gloves Manufactured?

Wilson has factories located in Asia. At the current time they manufacture the A2000 in Japan, while the A2K is made in Vietnam.

What Leather is made to use Wilson Gloves?

Wilson uses a proprietary grade of leather called Pro Stock Leather. This variety comes from the top 5% hide varieties, using cows that are given a special diet and living conditions to ensure the integrity of the leather. The video below is filmed at Wilson Glove Lab in Japan.

How long does it take to make a custom pair of Wilson Gloves?

It takes about 15- 18 hours to make a custom pair of Wilson Gloves. Note that this feature can also increase the cost of your pair. Delivery of your custom pair of Wilson gloves can take between 10 and 14 weeks.

When did the Wilson a2000 come out?

In 1957, Wilson launched the A2000 glove version, and 60 years later, it is still considered the first reference glove.

Where is Wilson a2000 made?

A2000’s are developed in Japan; the gloves of the professionals are made in this same place. In Vietnam, the A2000’s are created.

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