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10 Best Welding Gloves

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: Your safety and protection are paramount when welding and the proper pair of welding gloves can make all the difference. The type of welding you do determines the best glove for your needs.

Welding can almost be considered an art form by tradesman of all levels. Whether you are new to welding or a high-temperature metal artist, you need the proper equipment.

Your gloves should always be welding gloves and not a substitution and be designed for a specific type of welding; for example, TIG Welding, MIG Welding, Stick Welding etc.

Best Welding Gloves Reviewed

We have created a list of best welding gloves tested & reviewed with features that make them worth the investment:


The Miller Arc Armor product is specifically created for MIG and Stick welding functions. Fabricated using superior cowhide split leather and tough pig skin which covers the entire product including the gauntlet style wrists. Extra protection can be found by the intentionally positioned patches of extra strategically sewn material found on the palm and the back of the hand. This provides a double layer of insulation on the palm which will offer extended protection and durability. The fingers are pre-curved, so you experience a perfect ergonomic comfort and flexibility. They offer a Wing thumb application and design for total dexterity. Additionally, they are lined with flame resistant, 100% wool and sewn together with 100% flame-resilient Kevlar thread that provides the highest level of dexterity and seam strength. Extended Manufacturer warranties are available.

This product does get a bit warm, but they are perfect for plasma cutting and other kinds of torch work in addition to providing quality MIG and Stick welding work. The extra padding of the palm area takes some time to get used to when getting a proper grip on heated guns.

The majority of the welders found excellent quality, fit and design. Most agree these are a superior quality MIG welding mitt that has been designed specifically for heavy-duty work. They are well-insulated, and the 13 inches of length provides superior protection. They are surprisingly cool considering their thickness.Miller Arc Armor is rated as one of the best work gloves for welders.

Far superior to the photos that do not do justice to the distinguished quality and value of the Miller Arc hand protection mitt. The insulation and materials make them the perfect year-round glove designed to draw away heat in addition to providing extra warmth in colder, wetter conditions. Even work to the highest standard when wet, consumers will be impressed with the quality of product, value, and extended warranties available. Some might say the ideal fitted glove for all your welding or metal-yielding activities.

All 100% leather and wool fabrics
Palm has additional padding in specifically sewn locations
Past the wrist demi-gauntlet style
Pre-curved fingers
Superior materials, fit, heat resistant Stick and MIG welding
Medium expense but not for the investment and warranty

A minority of consumers had extreme wear after few months.


A small number of welders were not satisfied with the product as an overhead glove; it seems better suited strictly for Stick and Plasma welding. The thick insulation and overall bulkiness of glove might make are difficult when working with projects that require fine detail or exact movements. The fleece lining also makes the glove warm to wear. As a one-size fits most glove, welders may want a more fitted product.

An overwhelming number of welders thoroughly enjoy the comfort and design of the Caiman and have found multiple uses such as the strength and thickness against parrot and snake bites. This product does come in two lengths, 21 and 23 inches making them the longest glove available. They have found them to be extremely multi-functional and very durable.

Caiman  is the welding industry’s first premium designed Stick and Plasma 21 inch welding glove. Kontour delivers a secure fitting 3-dimensional creation of comfort, protection, flexibility, and fit. The product is constructed to conform and match the natural form and model of the human hand while also providing expert finger alignment in one-size fits all design. They attain exceptional dexterity and comfort. Most gloves are cut with the seam crease across the palm; however, the Kontour follows the major crease line of the hand. They also offer a creation of several patches of leather adjoined by 100% flame-resistant Kevlar thread and match the anatomical creases of the palm and the hand. Another outstanding feature is the leather pulse patch which protects the sensitive wrist, and reinforced palms for long-term use.

Longest welding glove available
Adjustable strap at the flared end provides one-size protection and fit
Withstands extreme heat conditions
Natural formation of hand is matched with padded leather patches
Durable & flexible
Length allows you to put weight on heated surfaces
Fire-resistant material and Kevlar thread

Extreme heat seeps through black parts

3.Tillman 875L

The Tillman 875L delivers one of the best Stick and Vertical welding gloves available. Made from 100% Elk skin, which is the only material to resist heat shrinkage and provide hours of heat resistance that will stay durable, secure, and protective. The dexterity provided by the thinner material also makes these a worthy investment by providing immense flexibility at the highest welding temperatures. The product is composed of a straight thumb with additional reinforcement, an unlined palm which provides extra dexterity, and a cotton/foam lined backing that adds profound heat resistance and protection. Sewn together with Kevlar thread, this is a warranted top-quality product created for the long-hour devoted welder.

Even better than the advertising pictures show, welders are overwhelmed and impressed by the overall quality, comfort, and protection. These are not designed for overhead welding though, and the interior cotton padding eventually wears out and comes off after multiple heated uses.

The feedbacks are in and consumers across the board are immensely pleased with the product they receive; they deliver as promised. Welders will be able to work for hours without any discomfort and these offer a longer life-span than most. They provide a comfortable fit with quality protection against heat; they offer a decent range of dexterity and has a fair amount of reinforcement against all welding issues.

Elkskin material covering the entirety of the Tillman 85 provides the necessary heat shrinking resistance. Welders will be provided with a more durable, comfortable and better-performing hand, wrist, and above performance. They are also provided with a soft cuff and an unlined palm that provides the highest quality of flexibility and dexterity. A light-weight cotton foam provides extra strength along with heat resisting Kevlar threading. Welders will be thrilled with the unbelievable performance and value of the top-shelf hand, finger, and wrist protected Tillman 85. Ideal for TIG welding because of thinness.

Made with Elkskin that provides longer, softer heat protection
Kevlar thread & unlined palm
Cotton/foam lining
Superior flexibility and strength
Undeniable heat defense and fortification
TIG weldingVery affordable, and Warranty by the manufacturer

Available only in one color

Check It Out On Amazon


The Hobart premium welding gloves present a form-fitting hand matching manufacturing which offers advanced dexterity and comfort. They come equipped with additional shielding patches on the backside of each knuckle, a soothing, lightly padded palm and the important heat resistant Kevlar thread stitching. They are composed of a natural grain leather all-over and an additionally branded pigskin along the back of hand and cuff. They are unlined which offers full-range mobility. An unbelievable value for standard welding gloves and a manufacturer warranty is included. The manufacturer, Hobart, offers a 12-month warranty.

Slightly on the thick side, but not cumbersome or preventative of the impairment of detail work and MIG and Stick welding. They tend to run small even for form-fitting gloves, so when possible ordering one size larger is recommended. They provide excellent material, stitching, and negative insulation while maintaining dexterity and full-range flexibility.

Experienced welders agree that these are superior MIG and Stick welding gloves. They are pleased with one’s ability to touch hot piping and not flinch. The protective patches along the back of the knuckles and the padded palm add more protection than many form-fitting welding gloves.

Even though this product is imported, the Hobart Premium 770440 offers a form-fitting welding glove that has a special cut which is designed to promote dexterity and comfort. In addition, they offer specific protection with the padded palm, and padded protection patches along the backside of knuckles. This replaces an interior lining that can be cumbersome. The Kevlar stitching along with split-cow, natural grain leather, the design offers superior heat and flame-resistant combination.

Comfortable & flexible
Multi-purpose welding
Heat patches on the exterior of knuckles
Extra padding across the palm
Kevlar stitching and other flame-resistant materials
Natural tan color

Can run small and feel snug, order larger when available.

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5.Lincoln Electric

Lincoln has created an all-purpose, general welding glove, well suited for the different types of welding including Stick, MIG, and Flux-Core, as well as other high-temperature welding and heat applications. Made from split cow-hide, they are excellent at resisting heat and flames. They are designed for durability and long-lasting use. Flexibility is not sacrificed as the Kevlar and welted stitched seams are used for an extended range of movement. They also include a sock-type lining and added thumb pad. It’s additional 5 inches at the cuff provides all-over coverage, strength, and comfort. These gloves are labeled one-size fits most.

While fitting perfectly on welders with medium and large hands, this one size fits all glove is not adequately sufficient for those with smaller hands as too much room can lay cause for error. The interior lining is not stitched, and you might find it coming out sooner than later. Finer work may be hindered by all of the fingers measuring the same size of glove.

Welders with larger hands will find a comfortable product made of strong and long-lasting materials. They provide optimum levels of flame and heat resistance and are reasonably priced. People in this occupation might also enjoy the red-flame pattern that makes this glove stylish as well as functional.

These Traditional Welding Gloves are made of flame and heat-resistant split leather created for all types of welding, heating, cutting and other tasks. The interior of the mitt has a liner made with durable, lightweight, and comfortable heat-resistant cotton which is also used for its absorption of moisture and added protection and comfort. Durability is increased by the use of Kevlar thread and stitched seams are reinforced with additional leather to prevent rips, tears, and holes in the fabric. This glove is used by professional welders in the industry and provide ideal strength, durability, and fit.

All-leather design and construction
Reinforced Kevlar thread seams
Reinforced welt prevents tears
Soft yet flame-resistant cotton lining
Absorption of sweat along twill interior lining
Reasonably priced

Liner is not stitched
Runs small

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The Steiner  is considered among the best, specifically designed MIG welding hand protectors with a 50-year reputation behind its industrial construction and unfailing protection. They are outfitted with all the characteristics suited for heavy-duty welding and heat-handling activities offering the wearer comfortability and safety. This is a long sleeve gauntlet style mitt created using shoulder split 100% cowhide leather with foam insulation along palm and back. The lock-style stitching is made using flame-resistant Kevlar thread, and the fingers and seams have been welted to stop wearer from receiving burnt stitches. Steiner’s  provides the highest amount of security while allowing for an increase in function at work or while pursuing a hot hobby.

Designed for larger hands, the fit will swallow, smaller thinner hands. Even larger hands might experience extra thickness which has the possibility of lessening the control of smaller, more detailed work. The quality of the stitching is also a bit poor even if it is Kevlar thread being used.

These gloves can be used for different types of MIG welding and metalworking. They offer a full-arm length of protection with ending extending past the wearer’s elbow allowing for extended resistance against flame, abrasion, and extreme temperatures. Both lightweight, flexible and soft, they will be comfortable and durable, exactly what professional welders expect from Steiner.

The Steiner  is created from first-rate, 100%, split, cowhide leather. It’s featured characteristics include palms and back of insulated foam, thorough interior lining of full cotton, reinforced and stabilized thumb straps, and completely welted Kevlar threaded seams. It offers an extended 23 inches of gauntlet style comfort, security, and protection for MIG welders and metalworking enthusiasts.

Designed with heavy-duty, heat-resistant materials
Elongated sleeves provide all over protection past wearer’s elbows
Flexible, and soft fit on the hand
Extra material reinforcement in high-use areas
Adequately priced

Made specifically for larger hands
Low medium quality of stitching.

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Tanox introduces their all-purpose, 100% split cowhide leather welding gloves and sleeves combination for maximum protection of your fingers up past your elbows. The set comes with a pair of 16″ gloves and a pair of 16″ arm sleeves, making them a perfect set for all welding and metalworking trades. Double reinforcement has been added to the hand’s palm and backside, fingers, and thumb which are sewn together with fire-resistant Kevlar threading. The interior of each offers a Gunn cut cotton material to provide maximum temperature control of hands and comfort. One size fit most with both glove and sleeve and can be used in all areas of welding including both TIG and MIG and other hear involving activities. The elastic banded, fire-resistant cotton sleeves that while resisting most heat and sharp objects, they are not impenetrable. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

At first use, the fingers might feel stiff and restrict movement, but with time and use, they loosen quickly. Perhaps the reinforced leather in this area causes the stiffness, but it is easily resolved with manipulation of the glove. The cotton, flame-retardant lining might also aid in this, but the high quality of sweat absorption and temperature control are worth it.

The gloves and sleeves offer a great value to some of the most comfortable welding mitts available. It has multiple uses beyond the welding fires and is protected from cuts, scrapes, flames, and other heavy-duty outdoor chores.

Tanox introduces it universal utility glove that is perfect protection for all of your heat and fire activities, as well as multi-purpose protection during gardening, cementing, grilling, glass, metal and ceramic casting, and every outdoor and welding use. This product includes 16-inch gloves and arm sleeves for entire arm protection. Double reinforcement, Kevlar stitching, and Gunn cotton lining make this set one of the most comfortable, safe, and protective gloves welders can buy.

Comes with bonus sleeves
Kevlar stitching & split cowhide leather
Gunn cut cotton lining
Double reinforcement on palm, the backside of hand and fingers
Winged Thumb affordable

Fingers start out stiff

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Revco’s  are premium 100% goatskin TIG, Stick and MIG welding gloves with added soft and strong drag patch. The palm is soft and pliable goatskin and the back of the hand is lined with a cowhide backing; both reduce hand fatigue and provides durable protection for the entire hand. The padded DragPatch is designed for singular hot zones with added coverage on a seamless index finger that has been added for superior welding and heat gun trigger control. Sewn together with Kevlar heat-resistant thread; this size small product protects and saves your hands from heat and flame associated with welding and metal shaping activities.

These gloves will endure some shrinkage when exposed to the hot parts of MIG welding. Make sure to order the right size or they will be too big for TIG welding; they should fit snuggly but still allow for air flow through the back of the hand.

Welders are pleased with the comfort and dexterity of the gloves being able to hold a trigger in one hand and the other glove as guiding protection. Excellent glove for smaller hands that are working with MIG welding, as they were designed for use in this manner.

If you want a high-quality multipurpose welding glove that is designed for TIG and Stick but fits well enough with enough heat resistance to also cover MIG welding. High-quality goatskin offers the maximum dexterity. They should fit snuggly but also offer breathing room. Elastic writs keep the product in place and prevent heat from welding applications, from entering the glove. A Black Stallion patented feature is the Drag Patch reinforcements that help your hand stay comfortable when resting against welding surfaces.

Good for all types of welding
Goatskin palm & split cowhide on the side and back
Reinforced and full lined palm
Side DragPatch reinforcement
Kevlar stitching, higher end price
Seamless index finger
Reasonably Priced

Shrinkage occurs in extreme heat.

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Welding gloves are built for your safety. There are some key components that the RAPICCA welding gloves have to keep you free from burns while helping you concentrate on the task you perform. Use these gloves for welding, but they are also suitable for any circumstance in which you want to protect your hands and arms from the heat seriously. You can work with hot BBQ instruments, manage a campfire, blow glass items, or use them in a bakery for handling hot pans.

Some individuals found that the gloves did not protect them from the heat, especially on the inside of the hand. Others felt that they were not dexterous enough for some welding applications. A few mentioned that there were stitching issues.

The RAPICCA welding gloves are offered at a fantastic price. They are constructed with 4 layers of materials. The outside layer is reinforced Kevlar with double leather padding. The 2nd layer is flame-retardant cotton. The 3rd layer is air-insulated aluminum foam. And the layer that is next to your skin is a comfortable insulated cotton lining. The double padding on fingers, palms, elbow, and backs on the gloves provides even more protection from the heat or adverse conditions. The heat protection extends up to temperatures of 932°F(500℃).

Some other positive aspects are their substantial thread stitching for advanced heat and cold resistance, sweat absorbency, breathability, and allergy-free materials. You will appreciate the extra-long sleeve of 7.5 inches to guard your full arm against any harm.

You can buy the RAPICCA welding gloves for welding, but they have so many other practical uses. Indeed, they can be used in high heat situations as well as general protection. Do not hesitate to use them to work on a hot engine, heating up parts for replacement, managing hot pans in a kitchen, or for stacking wood. The price point is a very compelling aspect of this brand of welding gloves.

Great price
Made of 4 layers – outside reinforced Kevlar with double leather padding, 2nd – flame retardant cotton, 3rd air insulated aluminum foam, next to your skin – comfortable insulated cotton lining
Double padding on fingers, palms, elbow& backs on the gloves
Substantial thread stitching for advanced heat and cold resistance, sweat absorbent, breathable, allergy free
Protection up to temperatures of 932°F(500℃)
Extra-long sleeve of 7.5 inches to guard your arm against any harm

Not dexterous for some welding applications
Some individuals found that the gloves did not protect them from the heat, especially on the inside of the hand
May be tight for some large sized hands
Some stitching issues

Check It Out On Amazon

10.US Forge 400

The US Forge 400 welding gloves are used in many different circumstances for their safety features and comfort. However, they are also suitable for any situation to protect your hands from rough work such as stacking wood, clearing brush, or stacking materials with a rough surface such as blocks or bricks or piping.

Some people found that these gloves fit tight, so take care when ordering. Others expected better heat protection from these gloves, especially in circumstances where they needed to hold a hot item for a length of time. They are somewhat bulky, making handling small objects awkward. They need a longer gauntlet for extended protection. These welding gloves are made in China.

The US Forge 400s are made of quality leather on the exterior with a comfortable cotton liner. They are locked stitched for added durability and protection. The total glove length is 14 inches.

They will provide protection from molten metal as well as ultraviolet rays. But do not be reluctant to use them for many different applications. Some people use them to manage their wood stove, to move logs in a campfire, handle animals who might bite you, and moving coals around a smoker. In addition, some people use them in the kitchen instead of oven mitts.

These very affordable welding gloves will serve you well in your shop, but they are so versatile for many other jobs. Once you own a pair, you will wish you had ordered several sets to use in your home or when managing campfires on vacation. Keep an extra set in your truck in case you need a pair on the spot for tough jobs, such as pushing yourself out of the mudhole.

Great price
14 inch gloves
Quality leather welding gloves
Cotton lined for breathability and a comfortable feel
Locked stitched for added durability and protection
Protection from molten metal as well as ultraviolet rays

Tends to run small
Not as much heat protection for extended heat situations
Made in China
Somewhat bulky
Needs longer gauntlets

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Welding Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a beginning or professional welder, the right tools and gear are imperative for your safety and protection while dealing with heated elements. One of the most important products you can buy are your welding gloves, but not every welding gloves is the same. Depending on the type of welding you do helps dictate what type of glove you should invest in.

The key elements that you need to search for are gloves that provide heating and cutting protection, the right lining, the perfect amount of dexterity, made from the right materials and are high quality and durable. Our Buyers Guide will outline these essential qualities so that you are prepared for your welding glove investment.

Characteristics of Premium-Quality Gloves

To ensure the durability of your gloves that you are comparing, the first thing you want to check for is that the gloves you are purchasing are tough and long-lasting, providing protection for all areas of your arms, hands, and fingers. The materials that are used will help determine the quality of your glove.

A high-quality welding glove will be made of high-quality leather and some sort of lining. You will not want so much lining that you trap heat inside, but ones that provide adequate levels of breathability also. However, good insulation is needed, so check for Gunn cotton, other leathers, and non-flammable conditions.

The various types of leather used in welding are made from elk, cowhide, deer, pig, and goat. Each offers a different characteristic quality making it better for different welding types.

Finally, all welding gloves should use Kevlar thread and stitching; this material is flame and heat resistant and is the only material that should be used for such detailed work.

A Good Fit

Welding gloves need to fit comfortably and securely for optimum safety and performance. Ones that are too bulky or have to much room has the possibility of creating more of a problem than being the solution to others. Gloves should provide dexterity, and full-motion range and the type of thumb and forefinger that provides the most security and fit will be ones designed for your comfort and type of welding you are performing.

TIG Welding gloves

TIG welding gloves need to fit snugger than most and be designed for precision work. They need to offer the most in dexterity. Some will have forefinger and thumb differently than other gloves to allow you to work with the greatest amount of detail work. Keystone thumbs are a beneficial possibility too.

Gloves made of Goatskin are the best choice of leather to use when TIG welding. They deliver durability while also providing the necessary levels of dexterity needed. If you can’t pick up a coin while wearing the gloves, search for an alternative pair.

MIG Welding gloves

You are exposed to more heat and splattering when MIG welding, and you also require protection from flying sparks from the fire.
Gloves that are lined with goatskin and made from cow grain or cow split gloves that are a heavier weight provide the most protection. The sleeves or cuffs should be longer when performing this type of welding. MIG Gloves will be durable and protect from heat, sparks, and spatters.

Stick Welding gloves

Stick welding gloves need to be extremely heavy duty. With this sort of welding, the highest amount of protection is needed. High heat and spattering take place during stick welding, so protection over dexterity is more important. this type of welding, you’ll need the highest level of protection!

Gloves that have extended sleeves and protect more than just hands are required. Also, they should provide an excellent quality lining.
The best leather to use for stick welding is a cow split leather that is heavyweight.


The choice you make for the best brand depends on the type of welding that is being done. Your optimum fit, characteristics, and material may be different than someone else’s needs. Therefore, it is critical you know what type of welding you will be doing, so you know what level of protection, flexibility, and durability needs to be provided by your welding gloves.

Now It’s Your Turn

If you have any questions or suggest please post a comment using the field below and I’ll answer ASAP!

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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