10 Best Weightlifting Gloves

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    First let me start this informative with some serious questions:

    Are you tired of seeing blisters on your hands after a workout? Do you feel like your gear should work as hard as you do to provide peak performance? Have you had enough of bruised skin and hand calluses after putting down a pair of dumbbells? Then weight lifting gloves may be just the product for you.

    Professional athletes and trainers the world over use, recommend and trust specialist weight lifting gloves to improve their grip, increase their pull force and reach their workout goals. These high-performance accessories may look extreme, but are essential to ensuring that you get the most out of a hard-fought session at the gym.

    Best Weight Lifting Gloves Reviewed

    Our team of experts recommended the best weightlifting workout gloves reviewed for a guaranteed wrist & thumb support, improve your grip and prevent calluses:

    1.JerkFit WODies

    JerkFit WODies weight-lifting gloves, designed by athletes, for athletes to reduce hand tearing and add vital hand-support during all those killer training sessions. The idea behind the making of WODies gloves was by an ex-gymnast that focused on reducing the negative impact of hand and wrist injuries on athletes.

    When it comes to weight-lifting, what do you expect the most from your glove? Grip, right? While looking at the downside of this brand, we observe that the grip is a bit slippery. There were many complaints regarding the product that mentioned this issue as well. Due to this problem, these are not perfect for pull-ups.

    However, the product still manages to become a great choice with the extraordinary features it offers. Rather than the more common leather material, the one used in their manufacturing is hypo-allergenic, latex-free woven neoprene material. They are durable and made in the USA. They offer an additional barrier, which absorbs friction while remaining thin enough to avoid bunching, so it is a natural glide on the bar.

    The tiny grooves in the grips can hold a lot of chalk, which gives you an even more significant benefit. Many athletes appreciate the minimal feeling, offering complete protection and high flexibility. You can use the 3 -inch wristbands for heavy lifting while readily and rapidly adjusting the tension with the hook and loop closure. The fingers are fully exposed to grip while the fabric absorbs sweat to make you even safer.

    Our final thoughts on the product are quite positive. It is a perfect choice for you as it is long-lasting and a quality-oriented product. The fabulous feature it holds makes it even more appealing.

    Natural Glide
    Washer and dryer safe
    Multi patented
    Full wrist support
    Hypo-allergenic material
    Latex-free material
    Available in different colors

    Slippery grip
    Make attention to the sizing chart

    Check It Out On Amazon

    2.Bear Komplex

    To support you in dominating your WOD, Bear KompleX created the best CrossFit gloves. The excellent experience lies in the product’s design: with the best quality leather that shapes according to the bar and the most convenient wrist strap that prevents the buckle from digging into your wrist. Undoubtedly, the firm has nailed its job with excellence.

    If you want to wash your lifting equipment, you can’t do it with this one. The product is not washer safe which is a huge flaw. Other than this primary problem, wrist support is also medium. If you want high wrist-support, go for another option. Most importantly, the gloves fail to protect your fingers from blisters or tears.

    The KompleX gloves are innovative, authentic 2-hole, 3-finger leather products to protect your wrists with their equipment and design while preserving high quality. Triple stitching provides complete support and stability while also providing lasting grip to ensure durability for constant workouts.

    You’re sure that you’re going to discover something according to your taste as the product comes in different colors with the slogan “Get Better” printed on each couple. The leather handles continue to form into the shape of the bar, and the wristbands are comfortable but offer medium support.

    All in all, the product does not fail to impress the public. The design is decent and neat; it’ll catch your attention at an instance. The durability and anti-slip nature of the material add more to the overall impression of these gloves. However, weak protection may push you back from the use of these.

    Custom wrist strap for extra comfort
    Two-hole and three-finger options
    Anti-slip leather
    Triple Stitching
    Many colors available

    Not washer safe
    Medium wrist support
    Doesn’t protect fingers from blisters or tears

    Check It Out On Amazon

    3.Harbinger BioForm

    Harbinger, founded by fitness enthusiast and businessman David McCran in 1988, quickly became the world’s favorite brand for weight lifters and strength trainers. Over time, Harbinger has extended to include wraps, straps, and speed ropes in its line-up of weight lifting accessories. Harbinger continues to supply fresh, innovative goods with innovational technology and sophisticated design.

    If we first look at the downside of this product, there is a lot to say. Apart from the fact that they are no available in different colors for you to choose, they also lack good quality. The gloves are not durable. Many complaints mentioned that the stitching of these gloves is inferior. When you use such equipment for heavy weight lifting exercises, you usually go hard on them. That is the point where this product fails to deliver.

    However, the list of amazing qualities is still long enough to catch your attention. The use of tackified leather in these gloves provide extra grip and comfort. Tackified leather serves you to the best in both wet and dry conditions. The need for ultimate grip is high in such sports, so using this product you will surely enjoy this aspect.

    The product also features an adjustable fit lock tension tab for providing you the best possible fit. Patent-pending BioFlex ensures to serve you with the utmost flexibility. The pre-curved extended finger length offers a cover for your finger and results in preventing blisters on them. Buying this product, you will feel comfortable and strengthened till it lasts.

    No doubt the product offers a whole long list of exceptional features. But the main issue lies when it comes to the durability of these gloves. Less lasting equipment can bother you, as no one would ever want to get engaged in the whole risky process of buying again.

    Tackified Leather
    Ultimate grip control and power
    Adjustable fit lock tension tab
    Pre-curved extended finger length
    Patent-pending BioFlex

    Available only in one color
    Poor design

    Check It Out On Amazon

    4.Cobra Grips PRO

    At Cobra Grips, they not just manufacture a product. They want to see your efficiency in the gym boost without causing pain or harm to your body. Cobra Grips successfully replaces the lifting straps, gloves, hooks, and wrist supports. Unlike lifting straps that press your wrists, Cobra Grips aid you to lift the weight on your hand base – not on your wrist.

    Taking a look at the drawbacks of this product, there is not much to say. The only flaw these grips hold is the low quality of the Velcro strip. The strip does not last long. Once the Velcro strip stops working, the grips fail to deliver up to their fullest potential.

    Cobra Grips’ straps are thicker, more flexible and offer maximum stability to your wrists with an extra-wide 2-inch Velcro strap. Traditional straps can harm the nerves, carpal tunnel problems, and vestibular damage. On the other side, you can do every pushing or pulling exercise with full control with the ultimate Cobra Grips.

    Cobra Grips offers you the additional padding required for palm protection and tightening of your grip, with an ergonomically designed and simplified no-slip design. Cobra Grips feature high-class materials which provide significant gym advantages.

    With a list full of extraordinary features, the Cobra Grips can deliver you in the best possible way. The only drawback is the poor quality of Velcro strips in this product. You can choose the ones which suit best to your taste as they are available in multiple color choices.

    Adjustable wrist straps
    Ample padding
    Enhances the grip
    Great support for the wrist

    Poor Velcro strip
    Smelling bad
    Some sizing issues

    Check It Out On Amazon

    5.Mava Sports

    The Mava Sports Company reflects the enthusiasm of the owner for sport, training, and an active general lifestyle. The company aims to achieve up to one’s full potential. When you get flawless results during each workout without any accidents, that is when you successfully finish a perfect workout session.

    The fact that these gloves do not last long will make you stay away from buying them. The Velcro, the stitching, and the grips, none of them are sure to last long. Many complaints state that these gloves do not fit the standard of quality and durability.

    The Mava Sports weight lifting gloves have a comparatively small design, which provides a weight-lifting and cross-workout experience with great convenience, help, and handling. Further support for the wrist and additional padding of these sports gloves are vital characteristics.

    The gloves have a strengthened neoprene design with an additional silicone padding for premium performance. The unique built-in straps are great for supporting the wrist in all sorts of workouts. They are also improved with an extra silicone layer and Velcro locks that ensure safe and straightforward fittings.

    Compromising on quality is not easy at all. If you are a fan of premium-quality equipment, these are not the right option for you. The design also does not do much because of the low standard quality of this product.

    Extra leather and silicon padding
    Integrated wrist straps
    Strong grip
    Decent design
    Additional wrist support


    Check It Out On Amazon

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    6.Crown Gear

    The look and feel, inspired by the military, provide for your movement without restricting your heavy-duty protection thanks to the premium four-way stretching fabric.

    Made up of extremely dense fabric, these gloves feature double-stitching to last long term. They have five unisex sizes, 1/2 finger length, and a 3D mold design. The three-dimensional model, however, may cause fitting uses and we know you would never want that.

    They have mesh panels (in clever spots) to keep your hands dry to ensure extra breathability, which in turn will pave the way for better grip and power. At points on the palm and fingers, gel prints are present for extra grip, but the rough, dense texture of the gloves itself would provide additional grip.

    The product features a Velcro wrist wrap, which has an industry standard to guarantee superior wrist support and maximum reliability through heavy lifts. They appear to be a popular choice for massive elevators.

    With a list full of incredible features, we believe that manufacturers of  Crown Gear gloves undoubtedly know how to hook someone to their product. Buying these, we are sure you won’t regret your choice.

    Durability – built to last!
    Superior hand protection
    Great support for wrist
    The 3D design may cause fitting issues in some cases

    Check It Out On Amazon

    7.Fit Four

    The Fit Four aims to provide you with the best-made product through their ultimate hard work and dedication. The main focus in quality. The company has successfully extended as a tough competitor in the market.

    The idea of this product may look new and unique, but it has many problems. The gloves do not cover your hand. Hence, it fails to prevent your palm from blisters. There is no idea of a wrist ban in this product, so it also lacks to provide wrist support. The use of synthetic leather makes it less durable too.

    Fit Four Gripper – Callus Guard fitness glove aims to provide a design that maximizes your grip and dexterity on and off the bar. A silicone anti-slip is used to optimize the grip of the gripper’s palm. The silicone on the palm is in a wave design to make sure it bends providing you maximum mobility.

    The gloves reduce the slipperiness, which ultimately serves to provide you a safer workout session. The quality is impressive and not compromise. When it comes to quality, the product speaks for itself.

    These gloves offer exceptional grip and mobility. We consider them worth giving a try. However, if you want full hand coverage, you have to look elsewhere.

    Maximize grip
    Enhanced mobility
    Silicon palm
    Reduced slipping

    Synthetic leather
    Does not provide hand protection
    No wrist support

    Check It Out On Amazon


    Material, design, and quality are the critical features upon which the company pays special attention. The brand aims to deliver its best to the customers for a life-lasting experience. The products of the brand depict the team’s commitment towards the goal.

    You enjoy SEEU gloves when searching for the gloves that provide the most delicate amount of padding. For example, the palm is fitted with gel pads. These are put at essential places to guarantee the protection of regions on your palm, which is particularly susceptible to blisters and callous.

    The SEEU gloves also features a ventilated mesh. This material also ensures a correct airflow in addition to flexibility. The product provides you with powerful wrist support as well. The exceptional fit and breathability are two crucial features of this product.

    In such an affordable range, it is typically challenging to find a product that delivers all the essential features. The design is also quite decent. They will certainly catch your attention at an instance.

    Callouses and blisters guard
    No Palm & Stitching Rip
    Great grip

    No enough wrist support

    Check It Out On Amazon

    9.Godzilla Grip

    The company is known for its manufacturing of world-class equipment. The basic idea lies in providing quality-oriented products for an ever-lasting experience. The company cares about your requirements and deliver up to its best potential.

    If we first take a look at the downside of these gloves, there is nothing much to say. Only a slight drawback is present that too, for some people only. As the gloves provide thick padding for extra protection, some of the customers do not go well with the idea. For them, the padding is too thick.

    Coming to the incredible features this product offers, we consider it will make every user a fan of it. The gloves are super comfortable, and despite the extra padding, they are still amazingly breathable. They provide full coverage to your hands. So, you should not worry about the occurrence of any blisters at all.

    The plush padding adds more safety to the overall glove. You won’t face any difficulties during your workout sessions. The company also gives you a money-back guarantee. Amazing? The product is made to last longer than your expectations. The amazing wrist support and protection makes it pain and hurdle free for you to test your limits in the gym.

    At such a reasonable price, this product is truly a complete package of perfection. You won’t regret your decision to buy this one for sure. Loaded with fabulous qualities, these gloves are undoubtedly one of a kind.

    Plush Padding
    Wrist support and protection
    Money-back guarantee

    Padding is too thick (for some people)
    Cheap materials & poor quality

    Check It Out On Amazon

    10.Steel Sweat

    Steel Sweat is a company owned by a family. They are keen to produce premium products that their customers can feel good with, incorporating environmentally friendly material wherever possible. They strive to be different, to offer their customers the best in class, not just in the products, but in their customer service as well.

    The quality does not match the standard set by the brand. You will be disappointed to read this, but these gloves lack good-quality. The stitching can come off, and the product does not last long. Maybe the quality is because of the low price of this product.

    Steel Sweat gloves take the shape of your hand with a comfortable fit. These weight-lifting gloves give much more than just the optimum handling and increased grip capacities. Available in a sharp and stylish black and white design., their resilient construction only matches the superior comfort standards they provide and makes them appropriate for amateurs as well as professional weightlifters.

    These gloves feature extensive palm padding which gives additional convenience during workouts. The palms also have griping patterns that maximize their handling, while the design of the finger length promotes dexterity.

    A low-quality tag is enough to push you away from any product. No doubt the specifications are amazing, but still, we know that everyone would love to buy the one that focuses more on quality.

    Real leather

    Low quality
    Thin material
    Thick padding

    Check It Out On Amazon

    Weight Lifting Gloves:  The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Choose The Best Pair

    Who does not want to maintain a happy and healthy life? Weightlifting is one of the best-known ways to enhance your quality of life. We are all aware of the fact that exercise holds significant benefits for us. This routine can make reduce weight, be happy, feel fresh, strengthen muscles, and much more. But it also comes with risks of bruises and injuries. If you want to carry on with your workout routine without facing any injuries, you should use a high quality workout gloves.

    While weight-lifting gloves are simple and straightforward, they still differ a little. Here, we have created a user-friendly, detailed purchase guide to ensure that you select the best pair for you and your workout needs.
    Consider the following points before buying:


    Are you entirely hard and rough while using your workout gloves? You’re likely to be. Genuine leather will be CrossFit gloves ‘ most durable material, but not everyone likes the higher cost mark.
    Leather is good because it is highly comfortable. It even forms in the bar form, which simplifies the grip.
    Some neoprene gloves can, however, also be very durable if they feature proper structured and quality stitching. But generally, this is not the case.


    Leather is a great material to be used in making such apparel. Yes, synthetic materials, such as mesh and spandex, can be difficult, but still, the best choice is leather. The drawback to leather is the fact that it is not very breathable. Ideally, you can look for workout gloves made of leather with some form of mesh aid or ventilation trough.


    Usually, you will do all sorts of exercises in CrossFit workouts. You will regularly lift weights, jump rope, pull-ups, row, and much more.
    Such exercises need a sturdy, solid grip that will not slip away. Holding bars, jumping ropes, lifting weights, etc., requires you to hold onto something with exceptional grip. So, you need gloves that offer sufficient grip to prevent injury, skin rips, and callous.


    The amount of finger holes is essential because it offers excellent mobility and liberty and is ideal for firm grip, convenience, and support. Two-finger holes usually increase pressure between your fingers, so we prefer those with three or more finger holes. You can choose whatever you feel is comfortable for you.


    Breathing capability is another element that you should take account of for any workout because you will most probably sweat and generate heat.
    Leather is not very breathable in general, but it depends on the style of glove you choose. Neoprene features higher breathability but is not as durable typically.


    Comfort is also an advantage of gloves. Because of the stress to hold bars continuously, heavy weight lifting can be very hard on the hands.
    Padding is all you need, especially on your palm, and indeed on the side of your hand, to assist in fighting that pain. Padding will not only hold you comfortable but will also help in reducing the risk of an accident and providing support.

    Depending on your choice of gloves, the thickness of the padding will vary. While you may want thicker padding, be aware that the added depth can make keeping a firm grip on the bar a little harder.


    The important component of any pair of gloves is its mobility. Sure, gloves must be relatively robust, but also elastic so that the full movement is preserved and your practice is not hampered. You need to have a good mix of both strength and flexibility for all such equipment.

    Wrist Support

    A weightlifting CrossFit glove needs to offer exceptional wrist support. Search for a glove with an appropriate quantity of padding around the neck that you can also readily adjust. Such a product should and preferably adapt to at least three positions to support the wrists.

    If the wristbands are a bit lengthy, they are preferable as they provide additional assistance. However, some may also prefer the feeling of a shorter wrist strap as well. It entirely depends upon how one feels comfortable.If you go for a high-quality Velcro strap, it will surely provide you the utmost comfort and ease.

    Weightlifting Gloves FAQs & Answers

    Let check and answer the most FAQs about weightlifting gloves:

    Are gloves good for weight lifting?

    Lifting weight is a tough sport. While testing your strengths, you would never want to hurt yourself. For your safety, weight lifting gloves are extremely crucial. They provide you protection against injuries and bruises with the help of padding and wrist support. For ensuring a better routine, weight lifting gloves are essential as they provide you with optimal grip in combination with high breathability.

    Do weight lifting gloves prevent calluses?

    Weight lifting gloves have several benefits. With the right amount of padding, some of the weight lifting gloves are exceptional in preventing your hands from bruises and calluses. So, if you want to get rid of calluses and bruises, select a functional pair of weight lifting gloves for use.

    How should weight lifting gloves fit?

    For the perfect sizing, carefully select your weight lifting gloves by following the size chart. The optimal fitting is vital as it enhances the functionality of your gloves. The gloves should not be too tight or too large. If too large, they can affect your grip. Gloves to lift should be snug, but not too tight If they’re too tight, you might not be able to close your hands around the bar efficiently.

    Can you wash weight lifting gloves?

    It is feasible to wash these gloves by hand. You only have to use a mild soap, such as hand soap or dish cleaner, and then wash entirely with cold water. Do not use the dryer for the drying purpose. Instead, put them on a washcloth and tap them down to get as much water as you can.

    How to get the smell out of workout gloves?

    While weight lifting, you discharge a lot of sweat. This sweat can make your gloves smelly. Who would want to have that? For getting rid of all the poor smells, there is a simple tip to follow. Lightly dust some cornstarch or baking soda on the inside, cover the opening of the hand, and shake the mixture to remove odors.

    The Bottom Line

    Weight lifting is a tough sport. You would never want to hurt yourself while testing your strengths. Choose the perfect weight lifting gloves for yourself by simply following our buyer’s guide. It is a tough choice to make. Be wise, and choose the pair that suits best to your priorities.

    We are hopeful that our take on the buyer’s guide has helped you in understanding what is important to look for in workout gloves before buying. Note all these points, and choose wisely. A good pair of gloves will definitely make you able to perform your exercise in the best way.

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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