10 Best Waterproof Work Gloves

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    All of these best waterproof work gloves brands are appropriate, but also cover every circumstance. Depending on when and how you use the gloves, you will be able to satisfy all of your needs with a pair or two. All are at least water-resistant. Some are waterproof.

    I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: ” There is nothing worse than cold, wet hands when you are trying to get anything done. “ With this in mind, many glove manufacturers are making work wear that is suitable for many job environments and weather conditions.

    Top 10 Best Waterproof Work Gloves Reviews

    We’ve compiled a list of the best waterproof work gloves reviewed to help you survive the winter cold weather and keep your hands warm & toasty:

    1.Snow Deer Waterproof Work Gloves

    They are suitable for most winter weather but not for the most extreme. You could pair them with an outer mitt covering for added warmth. Since the gloves do have some insulation, they can keep hands warm white at work outdoors. You can hold on to a hammer, and picking up a nail is easy with the tight grip leather outer layer. While the palms have some protection, they do stand up in abrasive situations. There is also touchscreen capability.

    Are you looking for an alternative to leather waterproof work gloves? The Snow Deer gloves are 100% polyester and sheep leather. They do not need any conditioner to maintain their waterproof quality as do leather gloves. Yet these items are very serviceable at work and when you want to enjoy relief from the bad weather. With their moderate pricing, you can afford a change from your usual leather work gloves.

    Since the Snow Deer are moderately priced, you will be encouraged to give them a try when you are looking for waterproof work gloves. The shell, palm, and the lining are 100% polyester and sheep leather. And there is a waterproof insert built into the glove. The FastDry lining wicks away any sweat to keep your hands dry and warm.

    There is a reinforced polyurethane palm to combat abrasion. When it comes time to take off one glove or both of them, you can use the handy clip to store them in a convenient place. The gathered cuff helps to keep wind, snow, and rain away from your hands.

    Do you work in an environment in which you are in cold but not icy weather? Do you handle materials that require your grip, but they are not that abrasive? If yes, then the Snow Deer have been designed for your purposes?

    Moderate pricing
    100 % polyester shell, palm and lining
    Pull on closure
    Wicks away sweat, waterproof technology
    Reinforced polyurethane palm
    Warm lining
    Adjustable wrist
    Single color selection

    2.Ironclad Tundra G3

    Are you involved in challenging work or sports situations? Are you looking for waterproof abrasive handling, protective work gloves? Are you outside for most of the day? The Ironclad Tundra G3 could be your “go-to” set of waterproof work gloves.

    They Tundra G3s are guaranteed to be waterproof and windproof, but some people find that they are just water-resistant. While the gloves have many ways to protect your hands, they do seem a little bulky, cutting down on dexterity. The Ironclad Tundra G3s do seem to be a small fit. You may have to order a size larger than you usually wear, especially if you want to insert your own inners. Unfortunately, Ironclad Tundra G3s are expensive, but you typically get what you pay for.

    With one glance, you can tell that these work gloves are built for tough circumstances. The Duraclad palm stands up under abrasive conditions while the Thermoplastic knuckles provide you with protection from any knocks. The Kevlar-reinforced saddle and pointer finger keep your hands safe while working with dangerous equipment. The hook and loop closure along with the gathered wrist keeps the gloves in place and the elements away from your tender skin. The long cuff will keep you warm while protecting your wrist area. This item is rated down to -40F.

    So, if you work out on the range fixing fences, in the oil field, or construction, you need all of the features of the Ironclad Tundra G3. Similarly, if you ride motorcycles, hike challenging trails or use a snowblower for your home lane, you will appreciate them as well.

    The Ironclad Tundra G3s are built for most circumstances with your protection in mind, whether that be workplace hazards or weather conditions. They may be expensive, but if they make you more comfortable all day long, they are worth it. Ironclad is well known to be behind the best work gloves in markets since years.

    Long cuff for protection
    Sizes from small to XX large
    Guaranteed windproof and waterproof
    Thermoplastic knuckle protection
    Duraclad palm
    Kevlar reinforced saddle and pointer finger
    Rated for – 40 F

    Bulky, loss of dexterity
    Water-resistant, not waterproof
    Fit is small, take care when ordering

    Check It Out On Amazon

    3.Wells Lamont HydraHyde

    On the Wells Lamont HydraHyde is a label that says it all – waterproof and breathable. This is a very suitable set of gloves. So, if you are struggling with cold, wet hands out on the range, driving a tow truck, on the ski hill, or shoveling snow at your home, you need to consider solving this irritating and perhaps dangerous situation. The Wells Lamonts are designed for your comfort and include many features that you will come to appreciate.

    The Wells Lamonts are fairly pricey, but they have so many features you will want to consider them for your cold-weather wear. While some people found that their hand sweat, others felt that they would like to have more insulation to keep warm. They are somewhat flexible, but some people found difficulty in holding a pen or picking up small objects. The Wells Lamonts work best in environments where you do not handle abrasive materials. They could use a longer cuff to handle cold winter situations to keep the sensitive wrist and inner arm warmer.

    The Wells Lamonts are constructed of heavy-duty synthetic leather on the palm for durability, and specially treated for sealing out moisture. On the back is spandex for flexibility. The insulation is 40-gram Thinsulate for cold weather situations. They are breathable as well. The adjustable wrist strap makes them easier to put on and closes tight to keep out the elements. On top of all these qualities, they are touch screen capable, too.

    The Wells Lamonts look the part as a set of waterproof work gloves, ready to take on most weather. They have a strong, no-nonsense presence.

    So, if you are a landscaper, a delivery person, or in any position in which you meet the public, the impression you will send with this set is that you are a professional who is prepared to get the work done.

    Excellent insulation for cold weather, 40 gram Thinsulate
    Waterproof, breathable
    Heavy duty synthetic leather on the palm for durability, specially treated for sealing out moisture
    Adjustable wrist closure
    Spandex on the back for flexibility
    Touchscreen capable

    Somewhat expensive
    Some people’s hand sweat inside the glove
    Needs more insulation for warmth
    Not for rough or abrasive situations
    Fairly short wrist section for cold weather

    Check It Out On Amazon

    4.Kinco 1927KW Best Waterproof Work Gloves

    You may be asking yourself, “ Are these waterproof?” Indeed, the pigskin areas might be, but they do have a cloth back. The answer is that they can be waterproof if appropriately treated. The gloves come with a waterproofing liquid to provide this quality. So, with some effort on your part, they can be waterproof.

    These work gloves are well insulated, but if your hands do get cold, you can add a liner for extra warmth. There seem to be some issues with sizing, so take care when you order the garment to make sure that you measure accurately. And if you are planning on adding a liner, take that into account as well. If the gloves do get saturated with water, it may take some time to dry them out. Some people found that the yellow dye transfers to their hands if the gloves become soaked. There is no touch screen capability.

    The Kincos are well-constructed with durable pigskin on the palms and finger-tips with a wrap-around forefinger for durability. The back of the hand is lightweight trademarked Otto striped cotton-blend canvas that is breathable. The gathered wrist area keeps the heat in and the cold out but also gives you more room when putting on the glove. There is a pull strap in the knitted wrist to provide strength for the force, when pulling. The flexible wing thumb eliminates seams that might irritate your hand. The finger welts provide comfort when gripping items for a long time. On the back of the hand is a protective knuckle strap made of pigskin.

    The Kincos are suitable for many work situations, but you will see them outside of work as well at the ski hill, along the trails, and at home in workshops ready for action.

    Good pricing
    Pigskin on the palm for durability
    Lightweight, breathable back
    Pigskin over knuckles for protection
    Gathered wrist area blocks wing and rain
    Flexible wing thumb for comfort
    Heatkeep thermal insulation, laminated with a soft inner lining, for warmth
    Comes with waterproofing liquid /td>

    More water-resistant, than waterproof
    Good for cold but not freezing weather, can add liner
    Take care when ordering, some sizing issues
    May color hands after the glove gets wet
    Takes time to dry the glove when wet

    Check It Out On Amazon

    5.Showa 282 Waterproof Work Gloves

    Do you handle oil or other liquids, or are you outside in all kinds of weather? Are you out on the range or a boat handling nets and sea creatures? Do you need a waterproof work glove? Are you also looking for warmth? Look no further than the Showas. For many work circumstances, they are the glove of preference. They are not only waterproof but oil-resistant as well.

    Unfortunately, these gloves are not as warm as other gloves with more insulation. While they are flexible, you may have some difficulty in working with small parts.Also, they are not touch screen capable. They do not have a gathered wrist or a hook and loop closure to cinch out the elements.

    But the Showas are very waterproof, and they are also oil-resistant too. So, if you think you will be exposed to wet situations or you are in a position where you are exposed to oil or any other liquid chemicals, these will be the work gloves for you. Indeed, they are windproof too. Yet the Showas are breathable, wicking away any sweat. Your hands will be comfortable in many different circumstances.

    The textured surface provides a good grip, as well. The acrylic insulation is usually warm enough to keep your hands comfortable, but in the extreme cold, you can add liners to boost the effect. The ergonomic design supports your hand while reducing fatigue. The seamless knit eliminates any irritation inside the glove.

    You will see these gloves in many different work circumstances, but you will also view them elsewhere. Bike enthusiasts like them for rainy days, as do delivery men or anyone working outside at home. Their excellent waterproof quality has established their reputation as the “go-to” garment for wet conditions.

    Moderate price
    100% waterproof due to TEMRES technology
    Ergonomic design, flexible, comfortable
    Breathable to reduce sweat
    Oil resistant coating
    Good grip due to rough texture
    Acrylic insulation for warmth

    Not as warm as more insulated gloves
    No touch screen sensitivity
    Dextrous, but not for small items

    Check It Out On Amazon

    6.G & F 3100L Work Gloves

    These gloves are perfect for construction, gardening, and many home tasks. But the G & F 3100Ls are not suitable for all circumstances. They are not waterproof. Their price point will allow you to keep several on hand for when you need them. Keep them in your vehicle, in your toolbox, in your garage or workshop for convenience.

    No, the G & F 3100Ls are not waterproof, but they are work gloves. They are constructed for mild weather. They can be made warmer by inserting a liner. They are not touch-sensitive either. Nor will they protect the back of your hands from hard knocks.

    When the weather cools somewhat, or you need protection for your palms, these gloves will perform well. They can handle abrasive situations, will protect you from splinters, and give you great grip to move materials such as bricks or blocks or pipes. Their non-bulky, dexterous nature will allow you the flexibility to pick up smaller objects. They are ergonomically designed to support your hands from fatigue. The latex palms also are somewhat vibration-absorbing for handling tools.

    There is no mistaking the fact that the G & F 3100Ls are made for work situations. They are down to work looking gloves. Wear them for the right circumstances, and then when the weather turns to rain, change them up to put on a waterproof covering so you can keep going.

    The G & F 3100Ls is one of the best latex gloves and are so economically priced, you will be able to purchase several pairs to keep on hand for those abrasive tasks that are part of your daily life.

    Made of cotton with double dipped latex coating in palm
    Ergonomic design
    Abrasive resistant
    Cut, puncture, and tear resistant palms
    EN388 standard Certified

    Not waterproof
    Will not protect the back of your hand
    Not touch screen sensitive

    Check It Out On Amazon

    7.Celsius Warm Waterproof Work Gloves

    If you are looking for a cheap waterproof work gloves, it is hard to beat neoprene. The Celsius work well for both work and play. Wear them on your rural mail route, landscaping, and shoveling snow but also use them for fishing, kayaking, and mountain biking.

    Take care when ordering as the Celsius seem to fit a little small. While these gloves are great for many situations, they do not last in highly abrasive work circumstances. Some people are bothered by the seams inside the gloves. In the very cold, you need to be aware that the gloves are not breathable. Once your hands start sweating, they may also get cold. Some people would prefer a longer cuff to protect their arm a little more. There may be some issues with the glue in the seams as sometimes the gloves come apart in these areas.

    The Celsius are constructed of neoprene and this material guarantees that they are waterproof work gloves. They work well in situations where you want to keep rain or water out. They are very popular with the fishing crowd. The hook and loop strap pulls tight to keep your hands dry in nasty conditions. On the palm are some ridges that provide you with grip. Inside, the fleece keeps your hand comfortable and warm.

    Many people enjoy wearing Celsius gloves for their stylish design and large logo on the back of the hand. but they are not designed for high abrasive works.

    If you need to dip your hands into the water for work or if you are exposed to rain or snow, you cannot go wrong with these. Keep in mind the best times to use these gloves. Avoid the icy weather and abrasive situations.

    Moderate cost
    Fleece insulation
    Adjustable hook and loop strap
    Good dexterity

    Fits a little small
    Not designed for high abrasive situation
    Ridges inside the glove from seams
    Problems with seam coming unglued
    Not breathable

    Check It Out On Amazon

    8.Yobenki Winter Waterproof Work Gloves

    Are the Yobenkis waterproof work gloves? The answer is that it depends on the type of work you do. They are not made for all kinds of situations, but they are excellent for specific conditions. If you are a bike courier, in the delivery service industry, a tour guide for the outdoors or a sales-person who is in and out of the car and client locations, these are perfect for you in almost every weather.

    Unfortunately, they are not rainproof but they are more water repellent. Also, they will not stand up in highly abrasive situations. While they are lined with fleece, they are not warm enough for the chill in the depth of winter, unless you pair them with an outer covering.

    The Yobenkis do have some very good qualities that serve people well in the right circumstances. They are windproof, with a tight-fitting cuff. The entire glove is very flexible and thin enough to provide you with great dexterity. The Yobenkis are touch screen sensitive, so they are very suitable for anyone who needs to use their technology for work to check on what is going on at the office, to record data, or to make calls to clients on the run. Their grippy palm will aid you in holding onto phones, packages, or papers.

    They also look professional. Their look is sleek and understated. They do not give the appearance of a work glove. In some cases, they could be used in more dressier occasions. Many sports enthusiasts would benefit from a pair of Yobenkis. If you love to hike, mountain bike, or cross country ski, these would be perfect for slipping into your pack for when the weather turns colder as you progress throughout your day.

    The Yobenkis are a very affordable solution to inclement weather that is not extreme. They do suit the work situation, but they are not for highly abrasive conditions. Wear them for work, sports or a night out on the town.

    Very good price
    Made of premium Dacron and thicken fleece material
    Touchscreen sensitivity on thumb and forefinger
    Anti-splash and windproof
    Breathable, sweat absorbent, roomy
    Elastic wrist cuff
    Anti-slip palm

    Not for abrasive situations
    Not waterproof
    Not for icy weather

    Check It Out On Amazon

    9.West Chester

    The West Chesters are a glove for all seasons. If you have to be outside for employment or enjoy the outdoors for fun, you need a pair of the West Chesters. People who use tools, make deliveries, shovel snow, work on landscaping, and manage farms like them. Sports enthusiasts such as cross country bikers, skiers, rock climbers, and snowmobilers swear by them. Homeowners find then useful whether they are gardening, cleaning the eaves trough, or stacking wood.

    While the West Chesters are rain resistant, they are not entirely waterproof in the most extreme conditions. Their insulation qualities make them bulky and unsuitable for writing clearly. They are insulated for many weather conditions but not the extreme cold. When you try to remove the gloves, sometimes the inners slip out as well. The West Chesters are so warm they sometimes make your hands sweat.

    The form-fitting spandex material on the back of your hand along with the hook and loop wrist strap makes the glove feel secure on your hand. The ergonomic design provides comfort and flexibility. Inside the West Chesters is a fleecy lining and a waterproof bladder, providing warmth and dryness for your hands. The reinforced finger-tips, synthetic leather palm, and leather patches help in abrasive work situations.

    This Pro series has been specifically designed to handle tough situations, including various weather conditions or job demands. They handle a jack of all trades situations well but are not suitable for extreme conditions. On most days and in most circumstances, they will perform to 100% satisfaction. West Chester Protective Gear is one of the largest manufacturers of gloves in the Western hemisphere. It is known for a reputation that is committed to innovation, great customer service, and quality products.

    Keep the West Chesters handy in your toolbox, in your truck, in your garage, and at work. They are so versatile that you will find that you will be slipping them on whenever you need to get a job done.

    Moderate price
    Spandex on the back, snug fit
    Ergonomic design
    Fleece lining for warmth
    Waterproof bladder
    Synthetic leather palm
    Reinforced finger-tips

    Bulky, not for writing
    Water resistant, not waterproof
    Not breathable
    Inners come out with your hand
    Not for extreme cold

    Check It Out On Amazon

    10.CLC 125 Waterproof Gloves for Work

    While it may be impossible to have work gloves that you can use in every situation, it is great when you find an item that works well in most. The CLC 125 span a range of weather conditions, wear well, fit snugly, and have touch screen capabilities. Interestingly the manufacturer does not state that they are waterproof. Certainly, they are water-resistant. All of these qualities come at a great price, too!

    The CLC 125 is used by many professionals and at home do it yourself types, in most weather but not the very cold. Another issue is that they are not for use in highly abrasive situations such as for masonry work or landscaping. Nor do they have a superb grip for larger items. While they do have protective qualities, thorns or splinters can poke through the covering, especially on the back of the hand. Some individuals have had difficulty with the touchscreen capabilities.

    As an all-round set of gloves, the CLC 125s fit the bill. Thy have been designed to reduce fatigue while providing a level of protection for most circumstances. They have reinforced fingertips, a synthetic palm that is abrasion-resistant, and a spandex back with padded knuckles. On top of that, 3 fingertips are touch screen sensitive. The wing closing strap ensures that the gloves fit snuggly while giving your hand some support. They will not slip off when they become wet. The stitching is hidden inside the glove, so snagging is much reduced.

    These hand coverings are shrink-resistant as the covering is synthetic leather combined with stretchable spandex. Their built-in insulation will protect you against the cold. For your convenience, there is a pull-on tab built into the wrist area. The CLC 125s come with a 1-year warranty.

    The label designates the CLC 125 as a work glove, but sports enthusiasts love them too. Their affordable price means you can keep several pairs on hand in convenient spots such as the workshop, car, and garden shed.

    Great price
    Machine washable
    Synthetic leather and stretchable spandex
    Wing strap closing
    Inner stitching, no snags
    Small to XX large

    Not for heavy duty abrasive tasks
    Some issues with touchscreen capability
    Not for icy cold weather
    May not protect you against thorns or splinters
    Could have better grip

    Check It Out On Amazon

    Best Waterproof Work Gloves Buying Guide

    The terms waterproof and work are precise terms.

    When you look for waterproof gloves, you can get confused as some gloves can be immersed in water without the risk of getting your hands wet, while others are just water-resistant. Another aspect regarding moisture is whether the gloves are breathable because as you work, your hands can get sweaty and feel as if the gloves are not water-resistant. It doesn’t matter whether the moisture comes through the gloves or from within the gloves, wet hands are cold hands.

    Work gloves are successful if they are suitable for the tasks you do every day. You will find that some gloves that are very good for you, but they are not ideal for the next person who has a totally different job assignment.
    Take a look at the following characteristics to see which apply to your situation and then find the gloves that match your needs.


    It is tough to be more waterproof than gloves made entirely of neoprene. There are some gloves with waterproof palms, but the backs may be water-resistant. These gloves will not be suitable where you are exposed to heavy rain, or you need to immerse your hands in water, as does a scientist who is collecting water samples. Leather gloves can achieve a level of water resistance, but the leather needs to be treated with conditioner or sealing sprays that need to be refurbished time and time again. Similarly, cloth gloves can be made water-resistant as well. Waterproof feature is a must have in a high quality fishing gloves brand to keep your hands warm when wet.


    Since the different conditions of various jobs can vary so much, you need to look at several different factors before purchasing your next pair.

    Abrasion: If you are handling rough materials such a cement blocks, piping with sharp cut edges, or rough cut wood, you will need palms and possibly the back of the glove to have a surface of something such as pigskin or split cowhide. Perhaps you will even require padding to prevent any hits or bangs that may happen accidentally.

    Dexterity: If you need to handle small tools or pick up nails or screws or even use a pen at work with your gloves on, you will require thinner and more flexible gloves to complete this task.

    Touch Sensitivity: Some jobs require interfacing with touchscreens. It is inconvenient to remove your gloves to complete this task so you need to look for touch-sensitive patches on the thumb and fingers of the gloves. But you will also want water-resistant gloves at the same time to keep your hands warm.

    Warmth: For other circumstances keeping your hands warm will be the most crucial criterion for selecting work gloves. In this instance, you will need good insulation, closures that are secure enough to keep out wind and rain, and a windproof covering. Perhaps you also need a longer cuff to keep your wrist and forearm warm too.

    Changeable Conditions: For other work situations, you are in and out of cold environments. For example, perhaps you stock freezers. For part of the day, you are in the cold, but then you need to remove your gloves to confirm the details of the order with the managers. So off go your gloves. You will want gloves that can be easily removed and perhaps clip together so you can keep track of them.

    Best Waterproof Work Gloves Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Are Gore Tex gloves waterproof?

    Dampening weather conditions tend to hamper your work performance. If you are working during winter or summer, then your hands are prone to moisture absorption. In that case, you should ensure that you possess a pair of water-resistant mitts. Gore Tex are essentially the best waterproof mitts you need to consider having. Mitts engineered with the Gore Tex design provide a durably windproof, water resistant and breathable aspects to the optimum. Conversely, Gore Tex mitts ensure that your hands stay warm and dry during winter, and cool and dry when performing tasks in summer.

    Can you wear leather gloves in the rain?

    Leather mitts have been engineered to provide incredible warmth to the hands and guarantee a non-slip gripping ability. Leather fabric does not really offer waterproof aspect, hence not ideal during the rains. However, if you are not considering the mitts to be waterproof but warmish, then leather gloves would surely do. Conversely, you can incorporate the waterproof factor on a pair of your leather mitts by applying water repellant wax coating on the accessories. The wax also provides an invaluable protection against other vigorous elements such as puncture and abrasion which tend to reduce the effectiveness of the gloves.

    Waterproof vs water-resistant gloves?

    Waterproof gloves have been incredibly engineered to hamper water entry into the mitts entirely, but water-resistant mitts only resist water entrance partially. If you yearn to take part in water activities and still keep your hands warm and dry, then waterproof gloves are what you should consider possessing. However, if you are considering a summer or winter night camping and you think your hands will be prone to moisture, then water-resistant mitts are ideally the best. Conversely, if you want to keep your skin dry and warm during light rains then you should opt for water-resistant gloves.

    What is the best waterproof material?

    Gore Tex materials have a great waterproof significance. Gloves designed with Gore Tex are more impermeable to water than those constructed with other fabrics. This is because the Gore Tex membrane hampers water entry to the optimum. Gloves constructed with this fabric are more comfy, warmish, well ventilated and also ensure that your hands stay dry even in a dampening snowy condition. Conversely, Gore Tex fabric anticipates for the gloves to be windproof and strong enough in that you can utilize them when bass fishing, snowboarding, diving or in any other relative winter task.

    Conclusion on the Best Waterproof Work Gloves

    There are many more variations in work environments, but these are a few main ones to consider. But be assured that with these high quality pairs brands, there are a set of best waterproof work gloves to suit your situation perfectly.

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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