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Venom Steel Gloves Nitrile and Latex on Amazon


Industrial Nitrile and Latex Venom Steel Gloves Splash Protection are 200 percent thicker than the standard medical and disposable glove. For your heavy-duty work, like car maintenance, painting, household cleaning and hospital clinic work. These premium gloves are ideal and same price that you buy at Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, AutoZone and Ace Hardware.

Disposable Nitrile Latex Venom Steel Gloves for Heavy Duty from Amazon

Nitrile Venom Steel Gloves
Nitrile Venom Steel Gloves

Nitrile rubber from Venom Steel gloves have 2 layers of protection for exceptional snap, tear, puncture and chemical resistance. Latex-free high duty disposable gloves consist of 2 layers of black and white nitrile rubber to better distinguish breakthroughs. The thickness of 6 mil is 70% thicker than common disposable inspection gloves, rendering them excellent mechanical gloves or cleaning gloves.

Latex Venom Steel Gloves
Latex Venom Steel Gloves

Black nitrile rubber gloves from Venom Steel help protect your hands against grease, grime, dirt, oil, fuel, nicks, scrapes and more. These nitrile gloves are latex free, unlike latex gloves. Venom Steel disposable gloves are also powder-free and completely textured for better grip than regular medical gloves.

Customer Reviews

Greg Satterfield – verified purchase

I work in Security in a Hospital and I have to purchase my own supplies. On a daily basis I have to physically restrain people with a variety of contagious infections and search through bags with the risk of needles, etc. These gloves were perfect. Unfortunately the public cannot access these anymore, putting me and many others at risk.

This company should NOT ban me from purchasing these gloves. I need them just as much as other Healthcare Professionals. We are not provided with PPE, as we are contracted Security. I should be able to purchase them to protect myself. I am disappointed in this company for that reason.”

Justin M. James – verified purchase

“I use these when detailing my car… they are the strongest rubber gloves I have ever used not counting those giant yellow dish gloves. They are really comfortable and even on hot days my hands don’t get sweaty and nasty. Only rubber gloves I ever bought that I will take off to do something without them on, then put back on again. I noticed that a lot of tattoo artists use these gloves… now I see why.”

Disposable Nitrile Latex Venom Steel Gloves for Heavy Duty from Amazon
Disposable Nitrile Latex Venom Steel Gloves for Heavy Duty from Amazon

Features of Venom Steel

The best selling nitrile gloves and latex gloves by Venom Steel is the top pick by most household and work professionals. The price is good for its quality. A premium brand made of high quality materials.

Highest safety standard

The Venom Splash Safety Glove is the thickest Venom glove in the line, at 13 mils thick, and is designed to withstand the hardest, dirtiest work.

Extra long Cuff for Defense Extended

The 12 inch beaded cuff offers protection from the splash and spray of messier jobs down the forearm.

For Rough Grip, Textured Fingers

Textured fingers allow you, through wet and messy tasks, to maintain a firm grip on tools.

Comparing Latex vs Vinyl vs Nitrile Gloves

In every hospital environment, disposable gloves are an indispensable commodity. They not only protect healthcare providers and patients from exposure to potentially harmful bacteria, but also help set an industry-wide precedent for hygiene and treatment. Although this should not come as a surprise, what you might not have known is that not all disposable gloves are equal.

Different design choices and materials make these items more appropriate for different medical environments. And you can end up wasting time and the the risk of punctures, rips, and tears if you order the incorrect type of glove for your practice.

Generally speaking, disposable gloves are made of one of three materials: nitrile, latex, or vinyl. In this blog, we will discuss what differs these gloves from each other, and provide guidance on the environments are better suited for each form.

What are Latex Gloves?

Latex has been the rockstar in the field of medical disposable gloves for decades. But as their popularity grew, cases of allergic reactions increased as well. This led to more demand for disposable glove alternatives that are latex-free, such as nitrile and vinyl. Latex gloves are convenient, reasonably cost-effective, and provide a high degree of contact sensitivity for those who are not allergic.

What are Vinyl Gloves?

Vinyl gloves are built from PVC, a film produced from petroleum. The key advantage of vinyl disposable gloves is that the manufacturing of them is inexpensive. They are less durable and have limited protection against chemical or biomedical contamination than latex and nitrile. Vinyl gloves are widely used in non-hazardous and anti-infection settings due to their low cost and low safety levels.

What are Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves emerged as a leading alternative to latex in the 1990s. Although they are not as elastic or flexible as their equivalents in latex, disposable nitrile gloves are more robust and resistant to chemicals in particular. The ideal solution for someone to work with potentially toxic chemicals that are corrosive. They are highly puncture resistant and eliminate the possibility of reactions to latex allergies.

Why choose Venom Steel Gloves Nitrile and Latex?

Nitrile Latex rubber material from Venom Steel gloves have double layers of protection for exceptional snap, tear, puncture and chemical resistance.
High duty disposable glove consist of dual layers of black and white nitrile rubber for better grip and handling.

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