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10 Best Toddler Mittens & Gloves

All parents know how difficult it is to keep toddlers mittens and gloves on their child. But when winter comes along, all parents try their best. It is helpful to have several sets of toddler mittens and gloves so that you can exchange a pair for better ones.

Don’t get discouraged; there are so many different types that you will be able to find the perfect pair of toddler mittens for your child. If you live in the very frigid areas of the country, you need to search for clothing that is windproof and water-proof for the biting, wintery weather.

Best Toddler Mittens & Gloves Reviewed

We’ve compiled a list of the best toddler mittens & gloves reviewed for winter cold weather to keep your baby hands warn & toasty:

1.N’Ice Caps

Do you always coordinate your toddler mittens and gloves with their outfit? With the N’Ice Caps, you have many designs and colors to select from. There are 35 choices, each with 2 pairs in a package from lack to bright green. Have fun ordering these toddlers mitten and gloves to keep your child’s hands warm. Now that you have many friends with babies this age too, you can order sets for your friends.

Unfortunately, these garments do not come with clips to keep them secure when the baby throws the mitts off. It is easy to add a clip to the cuff of your child’s snowsuit. The Velcro strap is there to secure the mitt, but it would be more useful if it were a little longer. The mitts are water-resistant, not water-proof. They are made in China.

N’Ice Caps are warm due to the double layer with a soft, fleecy interior. The elastic wrist section lets you pull the mitts on easily. They are thumbless, so it is easy to put these on without any fuss. As your child grows older, they will be able to pull them on independently as well. They are great for the daycare environment, where children are encouraged to do things for themselves. Their success encourages your child to continue to be more independent. Your child will look forward to wearing them, especially if they have a favorite symbol on them, such as a cute kitty with delightful ears to play with or a tractor. In each package, you get 2 sets of mitts, so you always have an extra set on hand.

The sizes cover such a range – 6-18 months, 2-3 years, 3-5 years, and 4-6 years. And to top it off, they are machine washable. When it is time to store these cute items, they have a clasp to hold them together.

Your child will love the color and designs of these beautifully warm mittens. They will be a hit with older children as they are easy to tug on and off. Can you imagine that there are 2 in a pack for this price?

Great price
2 sets of mittens
Elastic wrists to hold mittens on
Double layered with fleece lining
Machine washable
Many colors and designs

Water resistant, not water-proof
Made in China
Tightening strap needs to be longer
More useful if they came with clips

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Are you wondering about how to keep your baby’s hands warm this winter? Do you want some toddler mittens and gloves that are easy to put on and take off? Is it essential for you to have several pairs ready for action? The Alepo mittens are just what you need. Their warmth and beauty will impress you. They come in 8 different packages with several color choices. Each package contains 2 or 3 pairs.

While the Alepo is water-resistant, they are not waterproof. But with several pairs, it is easy to swap out the mittens when they get wet. They tend to run small in size, so consider this when ordering. There are 8 categories to select from. Some are in a package of 2 pairs, but others come in 3 pairs. Unfortunately, there are no designs on the Alepo. Since these mitts have a thumb, you may find them frustrating to fit on your child. Some parents just skip the thumb fitting until the child is ready to help with the task.

The Alepo is double layered warm mittens made of soft acrylic and lined with thermal fleece. You can also order matching or contrasting hats and scarves made of the same material. The mitts are easy to fit, as they are very stretchy.
Two sizes span a vast range of ages. Colors extend from black to white to pinks, purples, and blues. It should be easy to match the mitts with your favorite snowsuits and jackets.

Since there is a money-back guaranty, you have no worries about the quality of the product. They are so charming you will want to order some for gifts for your child’s cousins and friends. Or keep extra on hand for anyone who comes to visit.

Reasonable price
Backed with a 100% money-back guaranty
Double layer with warm fleecy interior
2 to 3 per package depending on offering
Can be lengthened by unfolding the cuff
Can order coordinating hat and scarves
Stretchy design for growth and easy to put on and take off

Not waterproof but water-resistant
Sizing runs small
Thumb may be difficult to fit
Plain colors, no designs

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Is your daughter in love with the pups, Marshall, Skye, and Everest from Nickelodeon? Then she will be thrilled to wear this set of hats and mittens that are decorated with these characters and available in so many pleasing colors. It is a 3 piece set of one hat and 2 mittens. The extra pair of mittens act as a back-up in case one set gets wet. You will be pleased to realize that this set is warm, as well as charming.

To clean the Nickelodeon, you need to hand wash and lie the garments flat to dry. Since these items are so cute, you will not mind the extra care they take. The hat could use a tie to keep it secure in blustery winds. There is only a choice of 3 colors. More choice would be appreciated. Only two sizes are needed as the material is very stretchy to accommodate the various sizes from ages 2 to 7.

The Nickelodeon is such a great price for these three matching winter wear. You may decide to order several sets, as the sizes will fit for a few years. The hat and mitts are decorated with the loveable pups, Marshall, Skye, and Everest, a favorite of many children.

The durable acrylic knit exterior and a soft micro-fleece are thick enough to keep your child warm on most wintery days. The hat extends down the neck for extra protection, and the mitts have a way to pull them tight so that they stay on.

Bring a smile to your child’s face with this adorable set of three items, including 4 mitts and a hat. They are so affordable when compared with other toddlers, mittens, and gloves. The set of 2 mitts gives mom the opportunity for a back-up. But when getting dressed for the weather, your child can choose which mitts to wear today, encouraging making choices to build independence.

Great price
Decorated with the loveable pups, Marshall, Skye and Everest, a favorite of many children
Made of durable acrylic knit exterior and a soft micro-fleece
Available in sizes from 2 to 7 years old
Wrist band keeps mitts on
Ear flaps for warmth

Hand wash, lie flat to dry
Hat could use a pull tie to keep it on in blustery winds
Choice of 3 colors and 2 sizes, more color choices would be appreciated

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When the coldest of wintery winds blow, you need in-depth protection in toddler mittens for your child. Stonz mittens have so many features you will like for warmth and assurances that the mittens will stay put. Most come in dark colors, but there is a pretty pink, too.

Whiles these mittens are expensive, they do stay on to battle the worst weather. More colors are needed to coordinate with all winter wear. You may want to purchase clips to keep the Stonz secure to the snowsuit when you stop for a hot chocolate on the way.

The Stonz mittens are made of material you can depend on for being cozy and warm. They are constructed of 100% waterproof, breathable lining and wind-resistant, water-resistant nylon shell. Inside, you will find 150g of 3M Thinsulate. They have a pull tie close to the wrist and then one also one on the cuff to secure the mitts. For bitter days you can put the mitts on first and then the snowsuit to make sure they stay on for that sleigh ride through the snow or the search for a Christmas tree at the “do it yourself” farm.

These mitts are so durable that they are perfect for hand me downs or to donate to the local daycare or school. Although many of the colors are somber, there is also a bright pink to co-ordinate with the seasonal gear. The Stonz can be worn in warmer weather as they are breathable, so there will be no moist insides. And they are straightforward to care for. Just pop them into the washing machine and drier as they are made of washable fabrics.

There are so many reasons why the Stonz is a suitable choice to protect your precious children. You may want to order 2 pairs, so you always have a dry mitt to slip on for extended outdoor play.

Made with 150g of 3M Thinsulate
100% waterproof, breathable lining and wind-resistant, water-resistant nylon shell
Pull toggles to keep them on
Clips together for storage
Lightweight and durable
Long lasting for hand me downs
2 sizes (0-12 Months, and 12-24 Months)

More colors are needed
May want to purchase snowsuit clips

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5.Max Nova

Let these joyful faces entertain your young child all winter long. The Max Nova not only will keep his or her hands warm, but the bears do act as a puppet for many hours of fun.

While the Max Nova are not wind or water-proof, they are warm enough for most weather conditions. Some people find the thumb hole a little small for pulling on the mitts, but with practice, they get more comfortable to put on. The long string may seem cumbersome at first as you need to string them through the sleeves of the snowsuit, but they do keep the mitts close at hand. But if you find it is not necessary, you can always snip them off.

The Max Nova are made of cotton with thick fleece-lining for warmth. In the extreme cold weather, you can use them as liners inside the wind and water-proof outer mitt. They come in 4 selections of style and colors, 3 of which include a face, and one style is an attractive knit motif. Fold over the cuff for extra warmth at the wrists or stretch them out to cover the arm under the snowsuit to block the wind.

They fit babies from 6 months old to children up to 4 years old. Your imaginative child will have many hours of dramatic fun with these puppet-like toddlers mittens and gloves. They are so adorable that they make a great gift for friends and family members. There is a reindeer pattern that is great for stocking stuffers at Christmas time

Since there is a 30-day free exchange and return policy, there is no worry about correct sizing or color coordination. You can join your toddler in the dramatic fun as these mitts come in multiple offerings.

Cotton with thick fleece-lined
2 or 3 pairs in a package
4 selections of style and colors
String keeps them on
Fits 6 months to 4 years old
30 days free exchange and return

Not wind and water-proof
Small thumb hole

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6.Galexia Zero

When your toddler starts growing up, you will need to transition them into gloves that allow for more exposure to the cold as well as more dexterity. The Galexia Zero toddler gloves fits the bill well as they are built for the ski hill but are also suitable at school or for making snowmen with the family. Your biggest problem will be deciding among the 13 different color combinations.

While these gloves are a near-perfect choice for protecting your child against cold winter blasts, there may be some sizing issues. Measure carefully when ordering. The Galexia Zeros are not touchscreen sensitive, so when your son or daughter texts you about lunch, she or he will have to remove the glove to do so.

The Galexia Zeros toddler gloves are made for the ski hill, but they are suitable for most outside activities. Their warmth comes from the windproof and water-proof exterior along with the fleecy Thinsulate interior. Their design also makes them weather-proof. The Velcro closure keeps the gloves in place. The long cuff resists the wind and provides a barrier from the cold to the lower arm. When it comes time to remove the gloves, they can be clipped together to keep them organized.

There are so many color combinations from which to choose, so co-ordinating with any other gear will be a snap. There are 13 choices, from black to fluorescent camo colors. And with their inexpensive price, you might want to order a couple of pairs. The palm is slip-resistant, which is perfect for holding onto ski pools or a hockey stick ready for a game of shinny. Galexia Zero is the one of the best ski gloves for toddlers and kids available on a reasonable budget.

Although these garments are not sized as toddler gloves, they are a suitable crossover glove for the 4-year-old, right through to 12 years old. If your child is active in the winter, these will be your “go-to” hand covering for their warmth, style, and flexibility of movement.

Windproof and water-proof
Soft fleece lining for warmth, Thinsulate for cold protection
Elastic wristband to keep gloves on and resist the wind, windproof cuff
Anti-slip palm for good grip
Velcro strap for secure fit
Keeper clips
13 different color combinations
Sizes from 4 to 6 to 10 to 12 years old

Some sizing issues, measure carefully
Not touchscreen sensitive

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When it comes time to take your baby out into the cold of winter, you want to be sure that your child is well protected. One sensitive area you need to be concerned about is their hands. With the Orvinner’s mittens, you do not need to be concerned about warmth or losing these toddler mittens when you travel.

Unfortunately, the Orvinner’s baby mittens are not windproof or water-proof. The sizing is limited to 3 years old. While there are several choices, a more extensive range of colors is needed to coordinate with colorful snowsuits.

Since the Orvinners are made of 55% cotton and 45% of acrylic fibers, they are lightweight but also flexible and durable. They are double layered with Sherpa like lining for warmth. You can unroll the cuff to protect your baby’s sensitive forearm under the snowsuit.

One helpful feature is the string to keep the mitts with the snowsuit. There are 3 pairs in each package, providing you with an extra pair as a back-up if the mitts get wet or dirty. One of the selections includes a reindeer motif that is very suitable for the Christmas season.

These toddler mittens  are so inexpensive; you will want to purchase some for your friends and family as birthday or Christmas presents. The money-back-guarantee or return gives you confidence in the product. When the winter season rushes down on you, be prepared right down to the last detail. Then when it is time to go for that joyful walk in the woods, pack up the baby to look for a Christmas tree, or spend an afternoon on the veranda at the ski hill, you will not be worried about the cold.

3 pairs
Made of 55% cotton and 45% of acrylic fibers
Double layered with Sherpa like lining for warmth
String to keep the mitts with the snowsuit
Long cuff when unrolled
Super stretchy knit will last for several years
Sizing from 3 months to 3 years
Money-back guarantee or return

Not windproof or water-proof
Needs more color choices
Suitable for up to 3 year old, only

Check It Out On Amazon

8.North Face Osilito

North Face needs no introduction for winter gear. And now, what has been so successful with the adult winter enthusiasts is also available for the younger set. North Face toddler mittens are built to take on the winter, even in extreme conditions.

Unfortunately, the North Face Osilito mitts are not windproof and water-proof. You will need an outer covering to achieve this level of protection. There are no strings to keep the mitts with the jacket or snowsuit. Since the sizing is small, it will be necessary to measure carefully before ordering a set. The North Face Osilito comes in a limited range of colors. Also, there are no cute faces or decorations on these mitts, but a young baby doesn’t always need distractions. The cost of a set are somewhat expensive, but, indeed, you often get what you pay for. For care, it is recommended that you spot clean them only.

The North Face Osilitos are made of 100% polyester high loft fleece for warmth, flexibility, and durability. They are thin enough that your toddler will be able to grasp things easily. Some children can put them on and take them off all by themselves. The long cuff serves several purposes. It holds the mittens on and provides warmth to the sensitive forearm. When doubled over, it gives more warmth to the wrist area.

They are also light enough to be worn under a heavier mitt for extra insulation. The thumb is an ample size, and that makes them easy to get on and off. The outside layer of these mitts is very appealing to some children. It is so soft they like the feel of the mitts on their cheeks.

With the brand name and lifetime warranty, you should have no hesitation in ordering these toddler mittens and gloves. If you like bright colors, you can pair them with a coordinating hat and scarf.

Lined with fleece for warmth
Extra-long cuff keeps the mittens on
Lifetime warranty

No strings
Not windproof or water-proof
Needs more colors
Sizing is small, measure and order carefully

Check It Out On Amazon

9.Zelda Matilda

These toddler mittens are designed by a frustrated mother who keep noticing that her children’s hands were cold within a short time of playing outside. She was determined to develop a better mitten. In her quest, she tore apart hundreds of mittens to examine their materials and the way they were designed. Then she set to work to make the very best winter wear possible.

When ordering, these mitts seem to fit large so measure carefully.

On the outside, you will find the material is Taslon as it is windproof and water-proof. On the inside is fleece and a protective inner membrane that lets moisture from sweat out but holds tight against the outside environment. The hook and loop strap makes a tight sealed fit. This glove stays put while sealing out the cold wind. There is also an extra-long cuff to keep your child’s forearm warm and protected from any snow that may want to sneak in. The thumb has been specially designed for easy entry, so no more struggling when putting on these mitts.

There is a clip to keep the mitts together when they are being stored. Or if there is a loop on the jacket, they can be tethered to the coat for safekeeping. On the inside of the mitt and along the thumb is a grip surface for holding poles, hockey sticks, or shovels steady. The mitts have been extensively tested to make sure that they will stand up to the wear and tear of child’s play in addition to keeping your child’s hands warm in all different conditions.

Select among the 13 beautiful colors, confident that you are choosing the warmest mitts possible. They have been constructed out of the best materials and designed to keep your child’s hands warm in all types of weather conditions. Their durability makes them a great hand me downs.

Reasonable price
Water-proof and windproof
Warm, durable and flexible
Hoop and loop closure for secure fit
13 colors
Flex thumb design for easy entry

Seem to fit large

Check It Out On Amazon


Kids love snow adventures. However, they are quite vulnerable to brutal elements such as wind, cold, scarring and blisters. You know children’s hands suffer the most from these brutalities. These drawbacks tend to make them more prone to Raynaud’s. To hamper these shortcomings from affecting the toddler, it is your mandate to ensure that the young one is properly armed with the right winter clothing. Flammi gloves are among the essential accessories the toddler should possess.

Looking on the downsides of this accessory, you will be dismayed by the lessened durability period possessed by the item. The inner liner is prone to ripping after some time. Consecutively, these mittens are quite bulky which may limit the gripping ability for the toddler. This item facilitates water entry which is quite daunting. Also, the snug fit has not been tightened as supposed to be therefore they are prone to falling off in the snow. Despite these drawbacks, the rest of the aspects depict an excellent performance.

On the upsides of this item, the cold proof ability is one loveable factor. The soft and warm polyester fleece lining construction enhances the invaluable warmth facilitated with the item. Additionally, this has been designed with an adjustable wrist hook and loop fastener straps to harbor an ample fitment. This setting will ensure that the kid’s hands are kept in place and cold air has been gotten rid of.

Looking on another upside of this mitts, comfort and proficiency are also featured merits. The extended knitted cuff design assures protection. This has been enhanced with a breathability and non-slip aspects. The soft PU leather material attributes to the well ventilation and also ensures maximum strength of these mittens.

In a nutshell, this has immensely proved of epitome aspect to the experience of the toddler. Far overlooking the few setbacks associated with this item, the rest of the features are far impeccable. Don’t let your toddler conduct the next snow activity without putting on a pair of this accessory. Order a pair for your girl or boy now for the best outcomes.

Provides protection against elements
Cold proof
Guaranteed maneuverability

Does not keep water entirely out
Lessened snug fit
Prone to ripping
Not durable

Check It Out On Amazon

Toddlers Mittens & Gloves Buyer’s Guide

While special winter clothing is designed to keep you warm in amny types of conditions, kids just seem to have different agendas — some fuss at every instance for dressing, while others can be coaxed with the right type of wear. Certainly, age plays a significant role in what kind of toddlers mittens or gloves get purchased. Here are some ideas to consider as you look through these 10 best sites.


Younger children and babies do not need thumbs or fingers in their toddlers mittens and gloves to be warm. In fact, they are warmer without them. So, when looking for young children’s hand warmers, you do not need fingers and thumbs. What is required is a reliable way to keep the mitts on. It can be a strap you pull tight or a cuff that reaches up the arm to hold them into place. By putting the mitts on under the sleeve of the jacket or snowsuit, you can be assured that they will stay on.

Older children like the dexterity and flexibility of the thumbs and fingers. They are striving to be just like the adults, and at some point, they grow into using their thumbs, and then later, they will need to add their fingers too as they progress to gloves. Remember that for the coldest weather, mittens do keep your fingers warmer than gloves.

Length of Cuff:

Without a doubt, longer cuffs do provide more security for keeping toddler mittens and gloves in place. Besides, they also cover the forearm, giving warmth. Shorter cuffs may make the process of dressing oneself easier. When it is time to give your child more independence, try shorter cuffs to ease the task of pulling on the mittens.


Windproof and water-proof exteriors are the best for frigid weather, primarily if the child is engaged in play or sport that puts them into contact with the snow. However, these gloves do tend to be thicker and somewhat more cumbersome. For the fall, you may want to opt for toddler mittens and gloves that are knitted. These provide more flexibility for fun activities such as throwing a ball for the family dog, holding a wiener on a stick close to the fire, or helping mom carry bags of groceries from the car.

Indeed, you will be searching for toddler mittens  that are double layered for warmth. Look for fleece on the inside as it captures air pockets that act as insulation against the cold. Moisture-wicking properties are ideal as well since sweaty hands are cold hands.


Every parent wants to see that their child is taking steps to independence. At some point, the dressing for warmth, transitions from a parent dominated exercise to involving the child in the process. One easy step is to have toddler mittens and gloves that make the process easy. Look for items that are easy to pull on and do not include the complication of slipping all of the fingers into slots. At this point in learning the steps for independent dressing, mitts have a significant advantage. Only too soon will your child be able to progress to gloves.


It is evident that babies and very young children are oblivious to design and style. But by the time children are toddlers, they have their favorite characters and colors. By providing your child with a choice in selecting their clothing, you are giving them buy-in to wearing these items. So, dinosaurs or cars, or puppet mittens can become a favorite garment. The struggle for wearing this clothing can be avoided by selecting just the right incentives. Listen to your child’s voice and let them guide you to their favorite items of clothing.

These are just a few simple suggestions you can consider when trying to outfit the younger set of your family. You want them to be warm. They have needs too. Being sensitive to the growing abilities and desires can pay off greatly in selecting warm, appropriate clothing.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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