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10 Best Speed Bags

Boxing is quite an admirable sport nowadays. It poses a positive impact on your body since you will take part in invaluable body workouts. In that case, your punching speed must be excellent in order to achieve an improved performance.

However, you will be vulnerable to shortcomings such as losing the game due to a detrimental punching ordeal.  For that reason, you really need to work on the speed of your punches. You should get yourself a speed bag for bettered results. Conversely, Kung Fu and Karate though similar to boxing, are part of the ring sports that will require you to work on your punches as well.

Best Speed Bags Reviewed

Our team of experts compiled a list of the best speed bags reviewed to help you improve your performance and increase your speed to punch faster:

1.Cleto Reyes

best speed bag
best speed bag
best speed bag

A great boxer credits his achievement with the prior training. With the fact that boxing majorly depends on punches, you need to ensure that you have worked on your punching speed, proficiency and accuracy to the optimum. Cleto Reyes punching sack is the ideal training tool for excellent punches. The construction of this tool accounts for a brilliant performance.

Looking on the downside of this item, the leaky bladder is one drawback you will experience. This is caused by excessive pumping such that the seams find it hard to keep the tool in place when temperatures raise. Consecutively, the price of this commodity is quite overwhelming, but still worth it. Also, the tool does not come with a pumper. In that case, you will be forced to purchase a separate pump or utilize the bike’s pump to fill up the tool. Other than these limitations, the rest of the features provide brilliant results.

On the upside of this tool, the ability to hold up air for longer periods is a delightful aspect. This ensures that the speed bag is strong enough to withstand vigorous workouts. Consecutively, Cleto Reyes has been designed to offer an incredible and smooth feedback with each blow you summon on it. This ascertains of a better boxing performance since it has been oriented to meet all your purported needs. Cleto Reyes provides an excellent rebound and rapid recoiling. You can check our guide about the best speed bag platforms if you own a small home gym and want to upgrade your setup.

In addition, the leather material used in the construction of this accessory, boosts the long-lasting ability of the equipment. The asset is well balanced so that your punching skills such as hand-eye coordination, accuracy, and timing are achieved. When it comes to quick punches, this accessory is well worth it. On top of that, the item also comes with an extra bladder incase you need to replace the former.

In conclusion, this tool has sighted great incredibility to the boxing world. Despite the few demerits, all the other features of the Cleto Reyes guarantee an outstanding experience and that’s explain why Cleto Reyes & Winning are the best boxing gloves brands in the  market since several years. Purchase your own training tool now for exceptional results.

Great feedback
Fast recoiling
Well balanced
Has an extra bladder
Soft leather

Lacks a pump
Prone to leaking

Check It Out On Amazon

2.Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag

best speed bag
best speed bag
best speed bag
best speed bag

If you need better stamina, burn calories, improve hand and eye coordination, or want to do any cardiovascular exercises, this leather speedbag might be the ideal choice for you. The construction of the bag provides it with enough resistance to wear and tear. 

Moreover, the bag is in the shape of a pear, which makes it easier for the user to improve hand and eye coordination. The bladder is made with robust material, which prevents the bag from getting deflated even with frequent use. These features add to the functionality and longevity of the speed bag.

These speedbags are available in different sizes for the convenience of the user. Moreover, you get to have three seams of the bag that stabilize the bag’s direction no matter which direction it gets hit.

Three seams added for stabilizing direction of the bag
Robust construction that protects against deflation
Pear-shaped construction to improve hand to eye coordination
Recoil might be slow for commercial use at gyms

3.Venum Skintex

best speed bag
best speed bag
best speed bag

The Venum Skintex has been designed to meet all your speed bag needs and expectations to the brim. The make of this item assures excellent rebounds, hand-eye coordination, and an improved punching pace. The Skintex leather used in the construction of this item assures its durability. Do not let your workout room lack this item.

Looking on the demerit of this equipment, the inflation does not genuinely hold up for longer periods. This happens due to the massive workouts performed on the equipment. During extreme hot weather condition, the item expands vigorously, hence subjecting the seams to ripping. Expensive tag is another limiting factor about this accessory. Apart from these drawbacks, the rest of the features assure an outstanding performance.

On the merit of Venum Skintex, the premium Skintex leather used during the construction of this item guarantees optimal durability. Consecutively, the design of the bladders has been built to last longer providing successful rebounds and enhances fast recoiling. The shape and well-balanced design of this commodity ascertains rapid reflexes, improves hand-eye coordination and guarantees quick punches. This device also attributes to a superior response when punching it.

Additionally, on another upside of this accessory, the inner bladders help you to meet all your punching bag needs. From accurate and timely blows, to proficient punches, this commodity is a sure deal. The fabulous Skintex leather, reinforced seams and an outstanding lacing assures an optimal longevity of this asset. The handmade construction of this accessory has a stunning cultural aspect which is beautiful to the eye. On top of that the boxing performance becomes incredible due to the high quality construction of this product. Considerably, your punching skills will have shot up greatly.

In conclusion, this asset promises an outstanding performance to the boxer. Less considering the few negativities attached to accessory, the rest of the properties prove incredible aspects. You need to consider a purchase of this commodity.

Light reflexes
Long lasting
Great feedback
Speedy punches
Improved hand-eye coordination
Optimal rebounds

Prone to ripping
Gets deflated fast

Check It Out On Amazon


If your boxing performance has become detrimental, why don’t you adjust to optimally working out your punches. A great punch takes days to master, frequent misses and fatigued hands. Well, all in all you need to have the right training equipment to ensure that your punching ability is superior. In that case, you need to consider possessing RDX speed bag during your exercises.

Looking on the downside of this accessory, the loops are not as strong as purported to be when you are vigorously exercising. Consecutively, the swivel has a lessened functionality. All these are accounted by the extreme hard punches summoned on the bag. Conversely, the product is prone to deflation every now and then. If improperly managed, you will not be able to benefit from the excellent merits of this accessory. Other than these setbacks, the rest of the features are superbly fine.

On the upside of this asset, the riveted attachment provides an excellent durability such that you will utilize it for quite an extended amount of time. This RDX speed ball has been constructed with a high-quality swivel which guarantee proficient bearings. The inflatable bladder helps you to pump when it has flattened and ensures that air is incredibly held within. In addition, the tough construction of this accessory contributes to true rebounds, rapid recoiling and great feedback.

Another merit of this item is facilitated by the top-grade cow hide leather and poly cotton materials used during the construction. These materials contribute to the longevity and ability to withstand brutal punches. The lightweight design portrays worthy fast rebounds, hence guaranteeing quality. This item does not tolerate splitting due to the double lined straps reinforced on it.

Our final thoughts regarding this asset are that every professional boxer should at least have one. The incredible functionality and the durable construction of RDX speed bag account for its greatness. In contempt of the few drawbacks associated with the accessory, all the other features are far appealing. Consider purchasing the item soon for valuable results.

Improved durability
High graded swivel for quality bearings
True rebounds
Rapid recoiling
Superior response
Lessened splitting

Weak loops
Vulnerable to frequent deflations
Lessened swivel functionality

Check It Out On Amazon

5.Boxing Balanced Speed Medium

best speed bag
best speed bag
best speed bag

If you are typically conscious about getting maximum recoils and rebounds in minimum time, then you should be choosing a speed bag that comes with precision Gyro manufacturing technology. You can find this manufacturing in the Boxing Balanced Speed Medium Speed Bag. 

It is specifically designed for light training sessions or for people who are just beginning to use speed bags as a part of their workout routines or training for a sport. The rapid recoils make it easy for the user to achieve their goals in minimum time.

Moreover, the leather outlook provides it with the strength to withstand hardcore punches. With that said, if you are at a beginner or an intermediate level of a boxing user, this speed bag might be the one for you.

Uses specialized Gyro Manufacturing tech for added speed in recoils
Three seams for better functionality
Not ideal for players at the pro levels

6.AmazonBasics Speed Bag

best speed bag
best speed bag
best speed bag

This chic looking speed bag with black leather and yellow details comes with strong stitching among the seams that provide a better resistance to wear and tear. Also, the bag features a pear-shaped bladder precisely built for withstanding long hours of training.

If you want to up your upper workout game and get some extra strength in your arm and chest muscles, starting the training sessions with this speed bag can do you a good favor. 

The speed bag comes within an affordable range that makes it convenient for all beginners wanting to get multiple pieces of equipment for exercising at home. You can use this bag to improve your accuracy, strength, and timing during long training sessions. 

An excellent choice for beginners who want affordable gym equipment
Durable material and PU leather for better handling
Might get affected in its shape after a certain period of use

7.Ringside Apex Speed Black Medium

best speed bag
best speed bag
best speed bag

This specific product comes with an excellent fusion of the past and future by combining innovative techniques to this ancient sport. The sleek shape in the form of a teardrop is made to provide minimum friction while in use. This makes sure that you get to have a balanced and fast rebound.

The construction uses shimmering leather synthetically designed that not only makes it look aesthetic but also provides optimum durability for the user. The latex bladder is light in weight and produces a good throw while in use.  

For added durability, the seams are stitched up to three times so to make the speed bag resistant to wear and tear. If you are an intermediate or a pro at boxing, this one is a very good option for you. 

Tear-shaped bladder for minimizing friction produced by the air
Seams stitched thrice to increase the durability of the product
Quality control issues could come up as holes and might appear in the bag

8.Contender Fight Sports Speed Small

best speed bag
best speed bag
best speed bag

People who want precise punches need to have a speed bag that comes with balanced rebounds and recoils. For that matter, this product is a good competitor for many speed bags in the market in terms of its performance. 

Using good stitching in the swivel loops and durable material for making the bags, the users can expect this speed bag to last for a long period of extensive use, all thanks to the bag manufacturers. If you want something that is handy and is good to fit at a beginner level in homes and gyms, the Contender Fight Sports Speed Bag is an excellent choice for many users. 

The durable construction makes it quite hard for the air to escape out even after long periods of use. Although there are no specific instructions for inflation, once filled with air, this bag is hard to beat by its other competitors made for beginners. 

Added durability with the use of PU leather
Well-maintained rebounds through teardrop design
The size deems unfit for pro trainers


Boxing requires both internal and external toughness. Frequent body workouts is something you will find yourself glued to. However, when it comes to your punches, you completely need a discreet exercise which will improve your punching abilities. In that case, you need to ensure that your gym does not lack the MaxxMMA. The bag is designed solely for developing your punch speed, timing and accuracy.

Looking on the negative side, you will be dismayed by the leaky bladder. This drawback hampers the product’s ability to hold in air for longer extended periods. Conversely, the seams of this accessory are not as tough as purported to be such that it does not withstand vigorous beatings. These setbacks contribute to the lessened durability aspect of the item. Apart from these demerits, the rest of the properties convey the item’s excellence.

The upside of this asset is in the incredible construction of the premium synthetic leather which provides great excellence. This leather material makes the item to be strong enough in order to endure blows summoned upon it. Conversely, the item is perfectly balanced in order to facilitate true rebounds and an outstanding speed. Also, you will be delighted by the rapid recoiling and great feedback provided by this device.

Additionally, the admirable punching skills are facilitated by this asset. It has been designed to meet your speed bag needs to the maxima. You will benefit from skills such as proper hand-eye coordination, timely response, proper rhythm and proficiency. Consecutively, this is assembled with a pump and needle for your inflating purposes.

Our final thoughts are that it is an outstanding accessory for the best boxer. The design and construction of this accessory feature its greatness and guarantees an outstanding performance. Far overlooking the demerits associated with MaxxMMA, all the other properties portrayed are delightful. You should consider a purchase of this device for impeccable results.

Great feedback
Well balanced
Facilitates accurate rebounds
Enhances rapid recoiling
Proficient rhythm
Comes with its own pump and needle

Leaky bladder
Prone to seams ripping off
Not durable

Check It Out On Amazon


Are you searching for an excellent leather speed bag for valuable speed training? Well, Everlast punching bag is exceptionally built for you. The alluring leather material used in the construction of this item greatly impacts on the toughness, proficiency and longevity of it. The design of the accessory is quite stunning so that your needs are met to the maxima.

The one flaw of this product is the proneness to seams splitting when subjected to an over inflation. Consecutively, the held air does not stay in place for an extended period of time as purported to be. Conversely, brutal beatings summoned on the training tool contributes to the product’s defectiveness. Far overlooking these setbacks, the rest of the features pose outstanding results.

On the upside of this item, this has been designed with great balance to provide great feedback and accurate hits. Conversely, the design of this accessory guarantees speedy and proficient punches. The leather construction of this accessory contributes to the durability aspect of the item. Consecutively, this genuine leather accounts for the product’s credibility.

Additionally, the flat welting and double stitching enhanced on the item ensures long lasting, comfort, proficiency and rapid recoiling of it. The rubber bladder construction of Everlast ascertains speedy ad recoiled punches. Conversely, the bag helps in achieving an incredible hand-eye coordination and increase the upper body muscular endurance. This product also guarantees balanced, accurate and timely punches when training. Opting to training with this bag, ensures that your boxing performance improves. The product features toughness in order to withstand vigorous workouts every day.

In a nutshell, this device has proved worthwhile effectiveness to every professional boxer. The manufacturing of this asset attributes to the great performance posed by the product. Despite the few flaws attached with Everlast, all the other features of this accessory are far outstanding, thus promising an appealing impact. It is quite worthy to consider a purchase of this product or maybe even more.

Improved hand-eye coordination
Accurate and timely punches
Boosted punching speed
Great feedback

Prone to splitting
Prone to deflation

Check It Out On Amazon

Speed Bags Buyer’s Guide

Ring sports require the very best from you if you yearn for a boosted experience. With the fact that boxing contributes highly to the development of a person, the background performance has a lot to say concerning your win or lose. In that case, you will be prompted to subject yourself to strenuous body exercises so that the performance can improve. However, a good boxer knows that not only are overall body workouts mandatory, but also your punching speed, timing and accurate hits accounts for your achievement.

Typically, if you yearn to become a boxer or you are already one, you need to ensure that your gymnasium does not lack a punch bag or more. Commonly referred to as a speed bag, the punch bag favorably works to ensure that your punching skills such as true rebound, rhythm, timing, excellent speeds and hand-eye coordination are impeccable.

If you are interested in possessing a speed bag, you should consider some factors before settling for a purchase. These aspects will help you to comprehend the effectiveness of the accessory, how much you will spend, warranty provided and its worthiness. The factors to consider include:

Essential Features

Your needs should be your accustomed priority. Therefore, you should purchase a product that has been designed to meet your purported specifications. When you are considering to buy a speed bag, look out for the following features according to your needs:

Weight: Purchase a speedbag that has a compatible weight. Take an accessory you can punch with a lot of ease when it is filled up.
Construction: Check the materials used in building of this product. Learn about the filler compatibility of the product, and if it will make it strong enough to take in huge blows. Conversely, the make of the product of your choice has a lot to say on its longevity.

Sizing: Choose a product that has been grouped into different sizes such as small, medium and large, so that it is easy for you to pick a particular one.

Color: The product’s color does not really have an impact on your goals, but it will be stunning to the eye. Consider a product whose color seems eye-catching.

The Seller

When purchasing a speed sack ensure you go through the manufacturer’s website. You should read the seller’s blog in order to be aware about the company’s policy, services, products, warranty, and other customers experiences with the seller. Consider reading the feedback provided by former clients.

Clientele Testimonials

Ask about the brand reputation and its effectiveness from colleagues, friends and relatives who have an ordeal with the device of your choice. Consecutively, you can also get to know more about the accessory when you go through other clientele reviews and ratings regarding the product.


Purchase a product that is within your budgeted price. Do not exhaust your pockets by buying an accessory that will leave your wallet with a negative.

Speed Bags FAQs

How does speed bag help boxing?

Speed bags are fantastic practicing equipment that increases stamina, pace, and precision of your hit so that you can boost up your performance as a boxer. Speed bag drills are useful for aerobic and upper body power building endurance.

What does a speed bag do for you?

Speed bags are lightweight bags filled with air that are attached parallel to the ground at the peak of a rebound pad. Speed bags help a combatant learn how to keep his hands in the upper position, strengthen hand-eye collaboration, and understand how to move the weight when punching.

Does a speed bag make you faster?

You have to spend so much time finding the correct technique and increasing the rhythm of the hand. You’ve got to spend time learning the craft and creating your own methods. With an installed speed bag, you can practice enhancing your speed of punching efficiently.

Do you need gloves for a speed bag?

Gloves are not essential. If you’re sporting standard hand wraps under your boxing gloves, you can be all right without speed bag gloves. As speed bag provides you n injury-free training session, there is no compulsion of wearing the gloves.

Is a speed bag good cardio?

It takes focus, agility, and pace to hit a speed bag with momentum. It is also a productive cardiovascular activity, so it improves performance in your daily life. Training with a speed bag leads to the growth of muscles in the shoulder and arm, which will enhance reflexes.


Now that you are aware of what to look out for when purchasing speed bags, it is a sure guarantee that you will get the best product. Consider an item whose price is reasonable and meets all your needs.

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He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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