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10 Best Speed Bag Platforms Adjustable Home Mount

Best speed bag platform adjustable mount for home are perfect even if boxing isn’t your sport. Are you a beginner or seasoned boxer looking for some equipment for your home gym that will boost your skills? You can incorporate the sparring training into your regimen for an extra dose of cardio as well as a major improvement to your hand-eye coordination.

For over a century, this one tool has been helping boxers prepare for the ring in several ways including hand-eye coordination, helping with muscle memory and keeping your hands up, helping you remember not to blink, and helping you physically with cardio, balance, endurance, and coordination.

Best Speed Bag Platforms Adjustable Home Mount Reviews

If you do not have the correct platform. Most platforms do not come with a speed bag, you need to purchase those separately based on your needs; however, what is more, important is your platform. You want a high quality, that will support different bags. If you are looking only for a high quality speedbag our team published a new guide about the best speed bags to pick a high quality brand.

Here are the best Speed bag platforms reviewed to help you pick the perfect choice to gear up for sport. And increase your punch strength and boost your endurance & reactions speed:

1.Cleto Reyes Cobra Best Speed Bag Platform in Review

Cleto Reyes Cobra Best Speed Bag Platform in Review
Cleto Reyes Cobra Best Speed Bag Platform in Review
Speed Bag
The included ball and swivel aren’t intended for beginners, so if that’s you then you may consider looking into another variety more suited for your needs. Other than that, one drawback is how difficult it is to install. It’s super heavy so you’ll need at least one other set of hands. And the instructions are notoriously unclear, leaving you to muck your way through installation mostly on your own.

For ease of use and improved performance, the Cleto Reyes speed bag platform is a solid choice. Designed to help your training, the features on this product are high quality and helpful. It hits the marks of a good SPD and them some. While it’s not a perfect product, the elements that you might not like are totally customizable, like the ball and the swivel.

Barring those issues, this is a good platform for boxers of any level. With steel pipe tubing and heavy-duty mounting brackets, it’s going to deliver on durability and stability. And the frame comes with cement anchors to ensure it’ll stay put. Don’t worry about vibration being a problem. The drum is made from wood board reinforced and designed to transfer striking energy into the ball.

Another key feature is the height vertical adjustment. Making this even more appealing is that it uses a worm drive and wheel crank, so setting it to any height is painless and easy. Just loosen the platform and turn the crank; it’ll slide along the metal tubes to the desired position and you can just tighten it back up. Versatility is definitely a strong suit here.

The ball and swivel included may not be the right ones for you, but they’re easy enough to replace. And even though installation will be a pain because of the overall heft of this particular speed bag platform, it’s a small price to pay for sturdy, reliable and high-quality equipment. You’ll appreciate some of the features on this product that set it apart from its competitors. It’s a solid choice for any boxer.

Thick steel pipe
Heavy duty
Wood board
Wall mounting
No vibration
Adjustable height

Restock takes awhile
Not for professional use

2.Maxx MMA Speed Bag Platform Mount

Maxx MMA Speed Bag Platform Mount
Maxx MMA Speed Bag Platform Mount

Here’s another sleek and simplistic design. The MaxxMMA speed bag platform is touted for being professional grade. And it seems to deliver on that promise, though it might be overall better suited for home gyms. Heavy duty materials, customizable height to suit all users, and a ball and swivel included. It’s top of line and easy to install, as well. And with its slight profile, it’ll work in just about any home gym or workout space.

The downside to this model is a surmountable one. The speed ball that it comes with is low quality and tends to deflate quickly. The manufacturer does include a hand pump and needle to inflate it. However, you might just be better off upgrading to another brand of bag. This one is liable to tear open, and even with the pump included it won’t stand up to any serious rounds. But other than that, Maxx MMA is a solid option.

It doesn’t come with mounting hardware, like the wooden boards and screws for installing it. But the metal brackets are sturdy, despite their slimmer design. You’ll just need the boards and screws to mount in on your wall, and then you’ll be on your way to improved performance. Installation is pretty easy, especially considering that this equipment weighs far less some of the other heftier models out there. It’s easily a one-person job.

You can adjust the height, though it’s unclear just how much. The board is 1.5 inches thick and 24 inches in diameter, so it’ll work with any bag. And the swivel is replaceable if you want to upgrade that. Most users report that they’re pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product, which rivals that of far costlier versions.

You aren’t shopping for the speed bag, but rather the speed bag platform. So don’t worry about the poor quality of the ball that’s included. The platform more than delivers on stability, ease of use, and durability. The components that are easy and affordable to replace aren’t what should motivate you to purchase this kind of equipment or not. You can have confidence that this will be a good investment in your home gym.

Easy to install
Lightweight, but very durable
24” drum
No vibration
Ball included

Poor quality ball
No mounting hardware included

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3.Ring to Cage Platform Mount

Ring to Cage Platform Mount
Ring to Cage Platform Mount

The Ring to Cage stands apart from the others on the list with a very different design. Instead of traditional brackets to mount and sliders to adjust the height, this has a simple mount and a centered steel rod that the drum travels up and down to change height. It’s certainly different in function and appearance than the traditional design, and it’ll really depend on personal preference.

The primary complaints about it are troubles installing and issues with the drum vibrating. A vibrating drum will diminish the training experience, so it’s one of the more important qualities in a speed bag platform. Arguably, it’s more important than adjustability. And the installation issues are related, because the mount doesn’t stay in place leading to vibration on the board. This seems to be a result of the design having only one point of anchor in the mount.

The steel pipe in the center of the board meets the wall mount in an L-shape. A cranking mechanism then spins the board up or down along the pipe to adjust the height. This doesn’t seem to work consistently or easily for most users. It tends to be slow and stiff. After lots of use, such a mechanism is liable to wear down and become stiff or get stuck in one spot once the threads on the pipe wear down.

The board is an important feature on any platform, and here there’s a quality component. 2 inches thick and made with dense hardwood, it’s durable. And it would be stable if not for issues with the mount. It’s 23 inches in diameter, so keep that in mind in regards to bag sizes. One perk of this model is that the mounting equipment is actually included so you won’t need to deal with that.

It’s not a premium product, but it has highlights to be sure. If you manage to get it installed securely, then the drum will provide vibration free training. And though adjusting it will have its challenges, it’s something you can find ways to work around. We think it’s a good beginner, budget friendly option that’ll generally improve your home gym gear collection.

Mounting hardware included
23” hardwood drum
Thick steel pipe mounting
Adjustable within 16 inches

Hard to install

4.Balazs PRO Mount Speed Bag Platform

Balazs PRO Mount Speed Bag Platform
Balazs PRO Mount Speed Bag Platform

Balazs is a well-established manufacturer of professional boxing equipment known for premium prices and premium quality gear. Their i-Box SPD is no different. You’ll be happy to leave behind your free-standing platform in favor of this impressive upgrade. Designed with sturdy, high-quality materials, it’ll definitely boost your performance. Easy to install and built to last, it’s a superior boxing accoutrement, to be sure.

There’s not much drawback to Balazs SPD aside from being on the pricier side. However, one feature that might be a bit of a hassle for some users is that while it is adjustable, it doesn’t come with a crank for moving it up and down. Rather, there are knobs that you’ll need to slide and lock into place on each arm of the brackets to adjust its height. It can be a bit of a pain to do this every time you need to adjust it. If it’ll mostly be sitting at one height, though, then you won’t need to worry.

Setting aside the inconvenience of the process, the adjustability is one of this product’s strengths. You get 12 inches of vertical adjustability, perfect for those who will be sharing it with different members of the household. The drum is crafted from 1-1/4 inch wood, and the v-frame that supports the drum as well as the mounting brackets are made with 11-guage steel tubing. Needless to say, it’ll definitely hold up to a high endurance workout.

The swivel included is a sturdy, stainless steel u-bolt variety, and the 24 inch drum can accommodate any size of bag. It’s versatile and great for athletes of all skill levels. Of course, the speed bag isn’t included, but that’s pretty standard. One other key consideration is that it’s very easy to install. Just be sure that you mount it into studs, or it’ll likely rip out of the wall because it’s so heavy. That being said, it’s well known for its stability and it won’t vibrate.

Solid materials and thoughtful design make this an excellent choice for boxers of any skill level. It’ll be a seriously superior addition to your home gym and it’s easy to install. It’ll surely blow any free-standing speed bag platforms out of the water. If you will be adjusting it regularly, you may consider an option that has a crank method. Otherwise, you won’t regret ordering one of these.

12” adjustability
Stainless steel swivel included
Easy to mount
24” drum good for any size ball
Sturdy and durable
No vibration
Made in the USA

Pricey but quality speaks for itself

5.Title Dura Boxing Speed Bag

Title Dura Boxing Speed Bag
Title Dura Boxing Speed Bag

Perfect for home gyms or industrial boxing gyms, the Title Boxing adjustable speed bag platform is a versatile product great for boxers of any skill level. Improved return, low to moderate vibration, adjustable height, and a thick, dense wooden drum are just a few of the benefits. It includes a swivel, but not a ball, however you may end up replacing the swivel. Another bonus of this brand is the solid customer service they deliver as well.

One drawback to this is lack of ease in adjusting the height. The clamps that you must loosen and tighten aren’t quick to deal with, so it isn’t great for pro gyms moving between clients quickly. It does use a wheel crank so once you’ve got the clamps loosened you can make quick work of sliding it to the right height. But it can be tough to get the clamps loosened and with four of them to take care of, it’s not built for rapid adjustments. That’s just something to keep in mind for those using this in a gym setting or with shared practice sessions at home.

Otherwise, it’s a sturdy product. The 24-inch drum is good for small to medium bags, though a bag isn’t included here. Made with laminated walnut, the 2’1/4” thick drum is high density for improving speed. However, it does tend to vibrate a bit, so you might need to throw some more weight on top, like a sandbag or two. The swivel that it comes with it is a u-bolt and it’s easy enough to replace if you want to upgrade.

The adjustable worm drive allows for 14 inches of vertical adjustment, so the brand boasts being ideal for both kids and adult boxers. It’s rated for being easy to assemble, though heavy. So be sure get some help for that part. It does have the hardware to assemble, but weighing about 70 pounds, it’ll need to be drilled into studs.

Title Boxing SPD is a great mid- to high-range SPD. We’d recommend it for home gyms more than pro gyms due to the lag that comes with adjusting it. But it would be great for families that need to accommodate a wide range of heights and skill levels. Overall, we think this is a solid choice and hits most of the key requirements for this kind of gear.

24” high density wood drum
Worm drive and wheel crank
14” vertical adjustment
Easy to install
Swivel included
Bag not included
Not easy to adjust height

6.XMark XM-4441 Platform Mount

Another well made speed bag platform, XMark marries simplicity and durability here. Some of the key features include a sturdy material for the platform, heavy duty steel brackets, and it’s super easy to adjust, unlike some other models. If you’re a newer boxer and feeling a bit intimidated by the more complicated versions you’ll see, this sleek design might be more appealing to you. It’s able to do what a SPD is meant to do without being overly heavy and complicated to install.

The one and only true drawback to this product is the included swivel. But this is one of those components that are easy and affordable to replace with your own preferred brand and style. The highlights of XMark XM-4441 significantly outweigh the issues with the swivel. Don’t let that be the thing that holds you back from getting this high-quality product.

What the frame lacks in heft, the drum more than makes up for. This thick, heavy drum is ideal for high intensity speed rounds. It’s meant to last, so you can give it your all. 1-1/2 inch thick and with 360 degree rotation, it’s the start of the show. It’s a standard 24 inches in diameter so it’ll accommodate various bag sizes. The included swivel is a professional grade ball bearing type, but of course this can be replaced if you want to upgrade.

Of course, the adjustability feature is a requirement for all users, and this one can be accommodated up to 15 inches. It’s simple to adjust; loosen the clamps and slide it up or down to the desired height. The v-shaped frame that attaches to the platform and the brackets for mounting are made from heavy duty steel. It won’t vibrate or shake so don’t have to hold back.

Simple, discreet, and heavy duty, this is hands down some high-quality equipment. Whatever your skill level, XMark XM-4441 will do what you need it to. The quality construction of the drum means you won’t need to replace it any time soon. Just replace the swivel to suit your needs and you’ll be ready to truly improve your speed skills.

Very durable, heavy drum
Easy to install
Easy to adjust, up to 15 inches
No vibration
360 rotation
Heavy gauge steel frame

Low quality swivel
Ball not included

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7.Ring Side Speed Bag

This is a speed bag platform for anyone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of other models. Unlike the adjustable designs that might not fit your budget, this one is a no-nonsense solution that any boxer can invest in. If you don’t yet have one of these in your home gym, this is the perfect version to start with. With the Ringside you can just purely focus on improving your skills.

The obvious downside of course is that this is not an adjustable SPD. You’ll install it at the height you need it and that’s that. If there are others in your household who plan to use it, this might not be the best product. But if it’s just you, there’s no real need to invest in a fancier, adjustable platform when this will do the job.

Though it doesn’t come with the hardware to mount and install it, it’s still easier to do so that some of the adjustable ones. Be sure to use the right hardware though. Concrete walls will require concrete anchors. Wood studs need lag screws. But we don’t think that the lack of hardware is a drawback, because this is meant to be a mid-range, affordable option for the budget conscious boxer. You’ll save money buying your own hardware, and you’ll be able to ensure it works for your home gym.

As far as the typical specs go, it’s quite standard. The drum is 24 inches and great for all sizes of bags. It’s made of a 2-inch-thick melamine board, which is solid and reliable. However, you may need to add weight on top of the board to get the strike bounce you want. Otherwise, it’s a thick and durable material that’ll withstand high-intensity workouts for years to come.

This is a straightforward SPD that doesn’t try to do more than is expected of it. Though not adjustable, it’s a perfect mid-range product for a solo boxer’s home gym. It’ll be a reliable piece of equipment in your arsenal that you can customize to work for you. You’ll be glad you went with the Ringside model instead of some of the lower quality models in this range.

24” melamine board
Easy to install
Budget friendly
Long lasting

Not adjustable
No mounting hardware

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8.Everlast Elite Speed Bag

Everlast is a household name when it comes to boxing and MMA gear and equipment. With over 100 years designing and manufacturing fight sports products, they’ve certainly perfected the art. But their gear is priced for accessibility. Their speed bag platform exemplifies this. It’s affordable and premium quality, built to last and great for all skill levels.

Installation will be a big obstacle for you if you’re not handy. The mounting hardware isn’t included, and the directions from the manufacturer are obscure and mostly useless. The good news is, there are a lot of fans of this product out there who figured out the best way to mount this particular SPD and have shared their expertise with the world. So if you’re going to go ahead and get one of these, just be sure to do some quick research on how to install it once you get it.

The drum is only 1 inch thick, so if you’ll be using bigger bags you may need to throw some weight on top to avoid vibrations. But the rebound is spot on. It’s 24-inches in diameter so it’s meant to work with any size of speed bag. This one is adjustable, of course. It uses a spring pin function to lock it in place. It’s relatively easy to adjust, especially compared to some models.

The swivel and brace boards are included, just not the hardware for mounting it. Nor is a bag included. One bonus of going with such an established brand like Everlast is the customer service you’ll be guaranteed. Moreover, they’ve covered this model with a 120-day warranty. Should anything go wrong during installation or during initial use, you’ll be able to get it replaced.

All in all, the Everlast Elite is a premium value. Though it’s ideal for beginners, its versatility makes it great for boxers and fight sports athletes of any age and skill level. It would be a perfect addition to a home gym where every member of the family would be able to utilize it. And once you’ve got it installed, it’s easy to use and will last you for ages.

Long lasting, durable
24” drum
Adjustable to any height
120-day warranty

Hard to install
Mounting hardware not included

Check It Out On Amazon

9.Titan Power Platform Mount

Titan Fitness is another well-known brand in the world of combat sports gear. Their speed bag platform uses a different style of mount than the traditional styles. This one is built to attached to a home gym rack setup. It easily bolts into your power rack if you’ve already got one, so that’s definitely a unique function compared to how most of them attach. It’s really quite innovative and demonstrates the value that the Titan brand brings to home gym equipment.

One downside is of course that if you don’t have a power rack, this isn’t quite so easy to install. It’s specifically designed along a vertical rack in order to easily secure to a free space on your power rack. However, not all hope is lost if you are one of the many people who don’t have one of those in your home gym. It can be mounted to the wall. You’ll just need to pick up the proper hardware and be sure to drill into a stud.

It’s easy to adjust in increments of 2 inches, with more than 14 inches to play with there. Equipped with a handle and easy to use spring pin, sliding it to the desired height is cake. Though the swivel is included, a speed bag is not. One thing to note regarding installation is that some users did have to drill holes into their power racks to match the alignment on the bolt back. Something to keep in mind if you’re not comfortable drilling into your rack.

The drum is a thin, compressed wood material that is definitely going to vibrate. You’ll need to add sandbags on top to get a more stable training experience. That said, it’ll give you solid rebound and an overall quality workout. Get a bag and swivel that suits your needs, then throw the sandbags on top to enhance the performance. For what you’ll spend on this brand it more than delivers.

There are more premium models that bolt into your power racks, but they aren’t going to be kind to your budget. Titan Power aims to meet a need without banking the bank. It’s easier to install than most platforms, at least if you’ve got the power rack to accommodate it. And at the end of the day, whatever drawbacks it does have are easy enough to fix. Add on and customize it to be the perfect piece of equipment for your specific training regimen.

Mounts onto power racks
Adjustable height
Easy to adjust
Swivel included
Good starter platform

Not designed with wall mounting in mind, but it can be done
Bag not included

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10.Century Best Speed Bag Platforms

Century Best Speed Bag Platforms
Century Adjustable Wall Mount Platform
Speed Bag

The Century  is a good mid-range option that comes with everything you need expect for the speed bag. It’s a basic mount design that’s easy to install and easy to use. What makes it a cut above the rest is the fold away feature. It folds flush against the wall to save space, so it’s great for small home gyms and workout areas where you need to conserve space as much as possible. It would be perfect in your garage, for example, so you could pull it out for your training and easily push it out of the way after you’re done.

While the space saving function is handy, where this SPD is lacking is a critical characteristic of a quality product: stability. Vibrations and shaking are a detriment to your training, so that definitely needs to be addressed before you can get the most out of this platform. Some users found that adding boards between the mount and the wall can help keep it stable and reduce vibrations.

Barring that issue, it’s a solid mid-range option. It’ll give you the rebound you’re looking for once you’ve stabilized it. It’s adjustable as well, with 6 different height settings to choose from. This model suffers from a common issue with adjustable platforms though, in that it isn’t super easy to adjust. The knobs are tight and can be difficult to manage simultaneously without a helping hand. But this would only be a major issue if you were sharing the equipment with others regularly.

The drum is not super thick, so that’s something to consider if a really sturdy, two-inch board is a priority for you. This one is made from a compressed wood and measures about ¾ inch thick. This is a fold away style of speed bag platform, though, so a thick board may not be conducive to that feature. One more thing to note is that the included swivel is a solid quality, so you shouldn’t need to replace it right away.

Slim and discreet, it’s a perfect choice for any home gym that’s multipurpose or short on space. And though not the most high-end version on the market, it’s certainly far from the worst. It’s easy to install, adjustable, and durable. Any of the shortcomings with this product could be easily rectified with a little ingenuity and elbow grease. But if you want a platform that’s ready to go out of the box, this may not be the one for you.

Folds away to save space
Easy to install
Swivel and hardware included
Long lasting

Lacks stability

Check It Out On Amazon

Speed Bag Platform Buyer’s Guide: Knowledge is Power for your Muscles

If your going to be serious about boxing, serious about improving hand-eye coordination, helping with muscle memory and keeping your hands up, helping you remember not to blink, and helping you physically with cardio, balance, endurance, and coordination then the best bag in the world will mean nothing if you do not invest in a platform that will enable your bag to do its job. It has to be able to recoil lightning fast and prepare you for all your boxing needs. Improve your speed and rythm using your gloves suited for those quick jabs.

How big is a speed bag platform?

By average, speed bag platform could range from as small as 12 inches wide and the biggest having a 30 inches width. The height for adjustable mount ranges from 5 to 6 feet.

Whether you’re new to boxing or it’s old hat and you just want to upgrade your home gym setup, choosing the right brand isn’t easy. There are so many to choose from and they’ve all got unique designs along with their own benefits and drawbacks. You don’t want to set out to buy one without knowing what you’re getting into first. You’ll need to figure out how you’ll be using it, where you’ll install it, and understand what each feature does. Then you can prioritize the features that are essential instead of being bogged down by details that won’t ultimately matter. That’s why we developed this helpful buyer’s guide to give you the tips and knowledge to do just that. Follow our guidelines to make sure you get the right speed bag platform for you.

Fixed or Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Mount

First you should decide if you want to go with a speed bag platform that’ll be fixed or rather one that is adjustable. There are benefits and drawbacks to both that will ultimately rely on matching the purpose and the features of the gloves. So, you have to choose carefully and consider what you need.

Fixed platforms will obviously lack flexibility. You won’t be able to easily share the equipment with others in your household. If that’s not a concern, then a fixed SPD shouldn’t be a problem. However, you’ll want to be sure you get it mounted at the correct height the first time so you can avoid the hassle of having to pull it out and do it again.

Adjustable versions tend to be more popular because versatility is always a benefit to any product. And with speed bag training, the flexibility to move it as needed to suit your training is a huge plus. They are often less affordable, and they can be trickier to install, so that’s another thing to keep in mind.

How Does it Adjust

If you do choose to go with an adjustable option, you’ll find that there are a lot of different designs. There are worm drive and wheel crank styles, spring pin lock styles, and more. When deciding on which method is the right one for you, you’ll want to consider ease of use and stability. On one hand, it’s important to have an adjustable platform that is responsive and quick to move. But on the other, you want to be sure it’s not going to wiggle or vibrate during your training. Striking a balance between these two needs can be tough.

It might help to consider how frequently you’ll be adjusting the height. If you practice with another household member who will be setting in and out with you, being able to quickly change it back and forth is important. But if you’ll only be adjusting it every now and then, it’s not as vital that you get a mechanism that’s going to adjust on the fly.

How Does it Mount

The next component to think about is how the structure will be mounted and where. Some of these speed bag platforms are incredibly heavy, more than 80 pounds in some cases. You’ll need to be sure that there are studs where you plan to install it. Sturdy ones. And if you’ll be drilling it not concrete, make sure you’ve got the right hardware for that.

The style of brackets and mounts will vary from brand to brand. And some are far more effective than others. The last thing you want is a loose set up. Even the smallest amount of wiggle room can detract from your training. Stability is key, so choosing a mount most likely to achieve that is key.


After you’ve narrowed down your options by choosing fixed or adjustable, and figured out what kind of mount you’d prefer, you’ll want to think about materials. The materials in the brackets are important; the sturdier the better. So steel and other thick metals are best. And the material of the drum is critical. You want a drum that will absorb the impact of speed training and transfer the energy back into the rebound. Flimsy, thin, and cheap materials like compressed woods are not going to do this as well as more premium materials. Hard wood and high-density board is better. It’ll impact the overall quality of your training.

Drum size and thickness

Speaking of the drum, also called the board or platform, how thick and wide it is will play a role as well. Width, for starters, is going to determine what size bag you can use. The smaller the board the smaller your bag has to be. For home training, a medium or large bag is recommended. The standard diameter to shoot for in a drum is about 24 inches. Too much smaller and you won’t be able to utilize it for the same training.

When it comes to thickness, it’ll generally be dictated by personal preference. But one thing that you can count on is that a thinner board won’t last as long as its thicker counterparts. Less than 1 inch is going to wear down pretty quickly. If you’re aiming for durability, try to find a board that’s at least 1.5 inches. From there, you can just try to get a feel for what you prefer.


Like mentioned above, the thickness of the board will determine how durable it is. But other factors affect the lifespan of the SPDs too. The material in the brackets should be sturdy to withstand constant adjusting (if you go with an adjustable option). One thing you might also want to keep in mind is the swivel attachment. With some poorly made boards you’ll see the swivel becoming detached and ripping out of the wood. Once that happens, it’ll be tough to get another one properly affixed there.


One last thing to thing about when choosing a speed bag platform is the swivel. The swivel is what the speed bag hooks on to. It’s screwed into the bottom of the drum, and pretty much all platforms come with included. However, these aren’t always very high quality. They are easy enough to replace, though. So don’t let the swivel make or break your opinion of a SPD. If it’s one you like, that’s a bonus. If not, you can install one that you’d prefer with ease.

Rigid Frame

The frame is the most critical element on the SB posting. The frame ensures that the drum is tight which lets you get that spring rebound action. Any wobbling in the frame is going to cause unbalanced rebounds. If your rhythm is not correct, neither is your workout.


Even the strongest boxers have commented that they got their speed bag mounted, but they could have used help. Even though they look relatively medium sized, most are made of steel which equals heavy. Make sure you can install the weight alone or you have help, or the mounting will not be tight enough and your workout will be off.


Check out the materials, the construction, and the average life-span of all SPBs. This is a big investment; you want to choose one that is going to last for years, that offers you a professional environment and quality. Durability is another factor that can make or break your workout.

Quality Drum

The drum is an essential piece to your SPB; its what makes your ball snap back with its quality rebound. A cheap drum will affect your workout. When possible avoid plastic drum; look for ones made of wood.


Many times, the warranty you may get with your speed bag might offer a 12-month warranty or a part warranty. Before purchasing a professional speed bag platform check and see whether the company offers any kind of warranty. Something is better than nothing. Usually, the top brands offer some type of warranty.


SPBs and boxing gloves are pricey because you are investing in a piece of workout equipment that is meant to last years. The best quality ones are meant to last lifetimes and offer everything on the above-mentioned list.

Speed Bag Platform Mount FAQs

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before you invest in one. They are not a one-size-fits-all sort of product, so you need to understand your personal needs before you can buy the right one. With these helpful tips, choosing the best speed bag platform to suit your unique needs will be a pain-free and efficient process.

How big is a speed bag platform?

A standard, medium-sized bag is about 10 inches in diameter by 7 inches moreover if you advance to a smaller speed bag of measurements, 8 inches by 5 inches or less after you have perfected a medium speed bag instruction.

How do you install a speed bag platform at home?

Follow these simple steps to install the bag in your home:

  • Choose the place you want to hang your speed bag in your house.
  •  Hang the wall bracket of the speed bag.
  •  Use a power screwdriver to attach the plate and lock the four screws to the frame.
  •  Attach the bag to the hook hanging from the bracket core.
  •  Start your practicing session

How thick should a speed bag platform be?

The right structure for speed bags ought to be sturdy and durable, typically around 1 to 2 inches of thickness. If it is too slim, it may either be too fragile to support punches.

Does the speed bag platform worth investing in?

Deciding to purchase a speed bag platform can benefit you in multiple ways. You will be able to enhance your hand speed by practicing such bags. Other than this, having a speed bag platform is also worth investing in because you can also develop a better and more efficient hand-eye coordination. As it is an injury-free training practice, you are not vulnerable to any damages.

Essential best speed bag platforms adjustable home mount

The best speed bag platforms adjustable home mount will improve your hand-eye coordination, provide additional cardio exercise in your regimen, and help you develop your skills as a boxer or combat athlete. Regardless of your skill level or experience with this equipment. If you still have any questions or comments please use the field below and I’l be sure to respond ASAP.

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Venom Steel Gloves Nitrile and Latex on Amazon

Disposable Nitrile Latex Venom Steel Gloves for Heavy Duty from AmazonCustomer ReviewsFeatures of Venom SteelHighest safety standardExtra long Cuff for Defense ExtendedFor Rough Grip, Textured FingersComparing Latex vs Vinyl vs Nitrile GlovesWhat are Latex Gloves?What are Vinyl Gloves?What are Nitrile GlovesWhy choose Venom Steel Gloves …

hiking gloves for mountain climbing and camping
10 Best Hiking Gloves that are Waterproof

Waterproof Best Hiking Gloves and Mittens Reviews1.Mountain Made2.Black Diamond Mercury3.FRDM Waterproof Hiking Gloves4.Marmot Power5.Kinco 9016.Outdoor Research Alti7.OR Fairbanks8.EXski9.Carhartt Quilts10.First LiteWaterproof Best Hiking Gloves Buyers GuideTrailsBudgetYour HandsConclusion for best hiking gloves that are waterproof I’m sure you will agree with me that: “When you are walking …

best heated gloves for men and women review
2023 Best Heated Gloves for Men and Women Review

10 Best Heated Gloves for Men and Women on Amazon1. Snow Deer SkyGenius Best Heated Gloves for Men and Women for Skiing2. Milwaukee AutoCastle Heated Gloves for Work3. Avalanche 12 Volt Heated Gloves for Arthritis and Raynaud’s4. Hestra USB Electric Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves5. Gerbing …

complete review raynauds gloves before buying
10 Best Heated Raynaud’s Gloves for Typing from Amazon

Review of Best Heated Raynaud’s Gloves on Amazon1.Simari Gloves for Raynaud’s Syndrome for Cycling2.Doctor Compression Fingerless Raynaud’s Gloves for Men and Women3.Nude Skin Tone Infrared Finger tips Raynaud’s Gloves4.NatraCure Flaxseed Warming Cold Hands Indoor Raynaud’s Mittens5.Silenflow Full Finger Hot Cold Therapy for Raynaud’s Disease6.Creatrill Microwavable …

Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Soccer Goalie our Top 10
Best Soccer Goalie Gloves for Goalkeeper in 2022

Top 10 Reviews of Best Soccer Goalie Gloves for Goalkeeper from Amazon1. Brace Master Best Soccer Goalie Gloves2. Nike Match Goalkeeper Soccer Gloves3. Adidas Goalkeeper Gloves4. Brine King Best Soccer Goalie Gloves5. Blok It Soccer Gloves for Youth Kids6. Storelli with Finger Protection Spines7. Goalkeeper …

thick wool gloves for work or hunting
10 Best Wool Gloves 100% Waterproof Merino

Top 10 Reviews of Merino Best Wool Gloves1.Simari Merino Best Wool Gloves2.Outdoor Research Warmest Touchscreen Wool Gloves3.Icewear Fanney Warmest Wool Gloves4.Merino Mink Wool Gloves5.Fox River Ragg Merino Wool Gloves6.SmartWool Touchscreen Wool Gloves7.Pendleton Holiday Wool Gloves8.RefrigiWear Warming Wool Gloves9.Minus33 Outdoor Wool Gloves10.Hot Shot Warming Wool GlovesBest …

heated mittens
10 Best Heated Mittens for Ski Outdoors (Electric Warm Mitts)

Top 10 Best Heated Mittens for Ski Outdoors (Electric Warm Mitts) Reviews1. Snow Deer Hestra Best Heated Mittens2.Lenz 4.0 Warm Heated Mittens3.Outdoor Research Heated Mittens4.Volt Winter Heated Gloves5.Ravean Cold Weather Heated Ski Gloves & Mittens Rechargeable Battery6.Day Wolf Skiing Heated Mittens for Outdoor Ski7.WILDYAK Warmest …

winter gloves
10 Warmest Winter Gloves Best for Extreme Cold

Reviews of Top 10 Warmest Winter Gloves To Beat Cold Weather1. Snow Deer SkyGenius Warmest Winter Gloves for Extreme Cold2. Milwaukee AutoCastle Heated Winter Gloves3. Avalanche 12 Volt Heated Gloves for Skiing and Hiking4. Black Diamond Ski Gloves Mercury5. Hestra Gloves Army Leather Fabric 6. North …

Thermoskin Arthritis Gloves with Compression
10 Thermoskin Arthritis Gloves with Compression

Review of Best Compression Gloves for Arthritis on Amazon1. ComfyBrace for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome2. Thermoskin Arthritis Gloves3. Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves4. Dr. Fredrick’s Compression Gloves for Arthritis5. Copper Fit Gloves with Compression6. Doctor Arthritis Warm Hand Compress7. Brace Master Compressing Gloves8. Vive Arthritis Compression Gloves9. …

tactical gloves for military and competition
10 Best Tactical Gloves for Shooting

Reviews of Best Tactical Gloves for Police and Military1.Mechanix Wear M-Pact2.PIG Full Dexterity3.HWI KTS1004.Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G5.Glove Station6.Helikon Tex 7.Magpul Core8.FREETOO 9.Reebow Tactical 10.StrongSuit 41500-L QTactical Gloves Buyer’s Guide To Choose The Right Pair1. Determining Your Budget2. Identify  Your Needs3.  Make Sure to Buy the Right Size4. Check the Construction5. …