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10 Best Softball Gloves Infield for Pitch in 2022

You have been through the joys of little league and junior play. Now you are ready to join the ranks of more serious players, but first, you need a new Best Softball Gloves in 2022 Infield for Slow or Fast Pitch for the upcoming season. How do you know which one to pick for your favorite sports?

First of all, know that there are different types of gloves for various positions on the field. But some softball gloves are more like a jack of all trades and are suitable for both the inner and outer field, while a catcher’s mitt is very specific. Do you like a tight-fitting or looser glove for your play? Sometimes you can get advice about what may work for you from a more experienced player or your coach. With this information, you can then go on a search for the best glove that will improve your skill level.

Best Softball Gloves Infield for Slow or Fast Pitch in 2022 Reviews

Here are the best softball gloves & mitts in 2022 reviewed for a guaranteed dexterity & flexibility to boost your performance and enjoy play Fastpitch and Slowpitch:

1.Wilson Sporting Goods 2022 Slow Pitch Fastpitch Glove Series

Wilson Sporting Goods 2022 Slow Pitch Fastpitch Glove Series
Wilson Sporting Goods 2022 Slow Pitch Fastpitch Glove Series

When you are ready for more serious play, you will appreciate the finer points of the Wilson A2000 because it has had design input from several famous ballplayers. You can expect that once this glove is broken in, you will have superior ball handling that will make a difference whether you are trapping a catch from the third base or catching a pop-up fly ball.

The Wilson A2000 fastpitch softball glove is somewhat expensive, but many players agree that it has improved their skill level. The fit is quite tight and often is too restrictive for women with long fingers or bigger hands.

One feature that makes the glove more manageable for younger players is its light-weight. The Wilson A2000 uses white SuperSkin, which is twice as strong as regular leather but half the weight. The new drawstring closure allows players to customize the fit for their exact dimensions. The Pro Stock leather ensures a long-lasting glove with a great break-in time. Note that there is dual welting for a very durable pocket. And the padding is Honeycomb cell. The Wilson A2000 is created with the Custom Fit System to guaranty a superior fit, even if your preference is for a tight fit.

The glove is attractive, as well. It is mostly white but has appealing trim features in black with some gold accents. Most of the time, a great appearance only bolsters self-confidence which positively affects performance. You can know the differences Wilson A2000 Fastpitch gloves VS A2000 baseball glove explained by Aso from Wilson Sporting Goods.

If you are a serious player with fairly small hands, you will not be disappointed with the performance of the Wilson A2000. Experienced players and coaches often recommend it. Are you ready to step up your game?

Premium leather
Excellent design quality
Pocket holds the ball
Super skin is lighter than leather
Adjustable strap for suitable fit
Padding is well placed

May need to be broken in before game play
Fit is small

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2.Franklin Sports Softball Gloves Left Right Handed Adult Youth

Franklin Sports Softball Gloves Left Right Handed Adult Youth
Franklin Sports Softball Gloves Left Right Handed Adult Youth

There is a reason why serious players enjoy classic equipment. This Nokona Classic Walnut has been proven by time. This 13 inches, closed web design has been a winner, over and over. You do select this piece of equipment because you have personal knowledge of the quality of the brand, or you are ready to experience its stellar reputation.

The glove is by no means the least expensive, but it is moderately priced for its quality. Many players find that it takes some time to break in the glove. Oiling and manipulating it are recommended. Due to its all-leather construction, this classic is somewhat heavier than the gloves made with new lighter materials.

Just as you would suspect from its name, Nokona Classic Walnut is a 13-inch, fastback with a closed web design in a classic walnut color and finish. The dual wrist strap ensures a good fit. The all-leather construction adds to its durability. So, it will be there with you at every game for years. And once you take the time to break it in, you will enjoy it’s soft and supple feel. It is as if this process molds it to your hand. The large pocket capacity makes for excellent ball control.

To top it off, Nokona is pure american pride because it’s the only manufacturing of softball and baseball gloves still based in USA, Texas since 1943 and there is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
If you are looking for a trustworthy, leather glove with classic lines, it is hard to beat Nokona Classic Walnut. It not only looks competent but with age, it feels just right.

Moderately priced
Fastback, closed web, closed back
Dual strap for perfect fit
Leather with Walnut design
Soft and supple
Maximum ball control, due to large pocket
1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Moderate Pricing
Needs oiling and breaking in
On the heavy side
Very plain looking

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3.Rawlings Best Softball Gloves Infield for Slow or Fast Pitch

Rawlings Best Softball Gloves Infield for Slow or Fast Pitch
Rawlings Best Softball Gloves Infield for Slow or Fast Pitch

Female ballplayers, this softball catcher’s mitt is designed especially for you! No longer do you need to settle with gloves designed for men. With your more delicate bone structure and smaller size of hands, you still need this quality design to promote your best playing performance.

Although the listing doesn’t specify that this glove has been sized for female players, men should not be fooled and order this by mistake. It is not large enough for most adult male players.

The Rawlings Liberty is a perfectly-balanced glove that has been designed specifically for female ballplayers for an improved level of control and comfort. There are hand opening and finger back adjustments for fine-tuning the fit. The pull strap closure is an effective way to provide you with a secure fit with the right amount of snugness. The new pattern technology of the Rawlings Liberty should advance the fastpitch game in alignment with improved skill levels. As a catcher’s mitt, it has excellent protection, is durable, and comfortably encases your hand as you wait behind the plate for a strike or fly ball.

The appearance is striking, as well. The black and white treatment emphasizes the functionality of the various components giving the glove a down to business air. Yet the look of the glove is distinctive enough to draw attention, especially with the flash of red as brand identification.

Rawlings Liberty is one of the best softball mitts that you can wear with confidence in your abilities, pride in your appearance, and comfort radiating throughout your hand.

Made for female players
Great price
Full grain leather
Pull strap closures

Too small for most men

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4.Mizuno MVP Prime

Mizuno MVP Prime
Mizuno MVP Prime

You will be amazed at the quality of the Mizuno MVP Prime for such a reasonable price. Whether you play in the outfield or the infield, this glove can make a big difference in your skill level. By purchasing the Mizuno MVP Prime, you will have a jack of all trades glove with some premium benefits.

As with all leather gloves, the covering will need conditioning from time to time. Some people would appreciate more substantial padding to lessen the sting of a hot hit or throw. There is a non-adjustable closure that will affect people with large or small hands more than the average size.

The Mizuno MVP Prime is constructed with bio throwback leather for durability and flexibility. The leather is so pliable that the glove comes ready for use from the first time you put it on. The palm liner is so soft that it gives you a better feel for making that ball stick under duress. Since the laces are professional standard, they will last a long time. The H-web makes fly balls easy to see, while it does not impact the smooth fielding of grounders in any way.

The appearance of the Mizuno softball gloves is very professional since the outlines, stitching, and the logo is embroidered in a stunning gold color contrasted against black or cherry.

For such a reasonable price, you can boost your confidence and skill levels with the Mizuno MVP Prime. It is made of quality materials, is flexible in its usage, and looks great on the field. You will not be disappointed when you purchase it.

Very cost effective
Bio throwback leather
Soft palm liner, excellent feel
Professional level lace
Stunning embroidered logo

Leather requires care
Could use more palm padding to reduce sting
Non-adjustable closure

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5.EASTON Pitch Best Softball Glove 2022 Cowhide Leather

EASTON Pitch Best Softball Glove 2022 Cowhide Leather
EASTON Pitch Best Softball Glove 2022 Cowhide Leather

How many positions do you play in a season? Do you play infield, outfield, second base, shortstop, and third base? You need a glove to cover all of these circumstances. The Easton EL Jefe is just the answer for you. It is a versatile, well-made glove at a reasonable price. You may be just starting out or playing in a league that is recreational and meets once a week. But you need a quality glove to make your skills shine while protecting your hands well. Try out the all-new Easton EL Jefe.

This is a moderately priced softball gloves. Although it has many great features, it does not include a cinch at the wrist for tightening. Take care when ordering to get a size just right for you. It is made of leather and will require some attention for break-in and upkeep.

The Easton EL Jefe is constructed of Diamond Pro Steer leather palm and shell. The palm is classic cowhide with a softball specific designed pocket. It is broad and deep, with two poles for strength. The open spaces are wide enough for you to track the ball as it comes to your glove easily. The fingers are also lined with padding. Since the laces are professional-grade, they should last season after season, providing you with an excellent pocket.

The Easton EL Jefe is a classic brown leather with white piping and black detailing. Easton is prominent on the back of the glove for all to see that you are a dedicated player. With your skills and this item, you will have the confidence to dig down deep to make those catches.

Do you prefer a classic looking glove with many of the modern features at a reasonable cost? Then select the Easton EL Jefe.

Good Price
Versatile, suitable for many positions
Game ready
Cow hide palm and finger lining
Professional grade laces
Specific design for softball

Leather will require care
No special closure

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6.Miken Pro

The Miken Pro softball gloves features an authentic professional slow-pitch pattern in supple full-grain leather. While you are in the outfield while waiting for some action, you will feel comfortable and confident that you are outfitted with the best equipment to catch that fly ball or field the grounder.

Since it is leather, you will need to break in the glove. It is estimated that you will need to complete about 30% of the break-in. Leather also requires regular oiling to keep the glove pliable and ready for ball handling. Take care when ordering as there does seem some confusion in whether you need a right or left-hand glove.

The leather does ensure better shape retention and durability. One very positive aspect is that the glove arrives with 70% of the break-in work completed. This is done at the factory. So, you can improve your gameplay very quickly. The palm and finger pads are designed to reduce the impact of the ball, while the leather strap makes for a better fit. The Pro H pattern makes for great ball-handling as you can track the ball as it flies high and right into your glove.

For variety and customization, the Miken Pro comes in 4 different color combinations, but it is basically a white glove with varying levels of trim in red and blue.

Good price
4 color combinations
Full grain leather
Adjustable pull strap
Break in: factory 70%, player 30%
Pro H web

Confusion over left or right hand throw
Care for leather

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7.Vinci Limited

When you are standing in the outfield, observing the nuances of the play, you will have the confidence you need to make those fantastic catches when you are using the light-weight, agile Vinci Limited.

Since the Vinci Limited softball gloves are made of leather, it will require ongoing oiling from time to time. The leather and sturdy construction come at a price. But often you get what you pay for. Some people have had some difficulty with keeping the laces in good shape. If you like to make sure you have a tight fit on your hand, you should note that there is not a method to cinch the glove tight around your wrist.

This outfielder’s mitt is made of 6-ounce kip leather. The finger linings and the palm are reinforced to protect you where you will need it the most when handling that speeding ball. The leather is pretreated to reduce the break-in time. However, with all of these features, the Vinci Limited is super light-weight. The thumb and pinky loops, the stays in the fingers and thumbs give the glove some rigidity for years to come. There is a 1-year warranty on the glove.

While some people may think the look of this all-black glove is understated, others will admire its simplicity with contrasting white stitching and classy gold badge lettering.

So, if you have been playing ball for some time and want to step up your game, it is hard to beat the Vinci Limited.

Reinforced in palm and fingers for protection
Designed to remain rigid for years
Conditioner comes with the glove
1-year limited warranty

Leather needs conditioning
No tightening cinch

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8.Louisville Slugger TPS

Do you play a variety of softball positions on the infield and outfield but want one glove to do it all? Consider the 14 inch Louisville Slugger TPS. It comes ready for action as it requires no break-in. The size is large, but considering that the softball is so big, there is little risk of losing the ball on a catch with this large a glove.

Since the glove is made of leather, it will require conditioning from time to time. Some people find that the glove is a little stiff at first and needs time on your hand to feel more comfortable. Steaming can help with the stiffness. Also, people find that the ball pocket is not that deep.

All players demand maximum performance, and that is what Louisville Slugger TPS softball gloves delivers. Did you know that more pitchers in Major League Baseball wear Louisville Slugger gloves than any other brand? The quality top-shelf leather is ready for action from the first day you try it on. No break-in period is required. The high-quality leather laces produce better shape and pocket retention. Interestingly, it has a single post web. So, tracking a ball should prove to be no problem.

One unique feature is on the back of the glove. It is a dual cinch strap for a customized secure fit. The Louisville Slugger TPS is a massive 14-inch size, has a single post web with a conventional open back, giving you a very classic look. It works well in the outfield but is also effective infield too.
There is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is hard to turn down the appeal of the Louisville Slugger TPS, especially at such a great price. With all of the contrasting stitching and leather straps, it looks fantastic too!

Great price
Single post web
Top shelf leather
New high-end glove
Dual cinch strap
1-year Manufacturer’s guaranty

Leather needs care
Not a deep pocket
Can be stiff, requires break-in
Steaming can help with break-in

Check It Out On Amazon

9.Worth XT Extreme

The Worth XT Extreme is a very professional looking glove with two base colors and red trim lacing. The combination of blue and black with red trim is very distinctive. It seems to fit people with large hands well. If you are an infielder, you may find that this is just the ticket for catching those seemingly out of reach balls.

Check out the pricing carefully as the range is quite extensive. As with all leather gloves, this item will require some maintenance throughout the season. Some people find the glove a bit stiff at first. Some break-in is needed.

The XT Extreme describes the quality of leather. It is super soft over the leather palm and finger back linings. The palm and finger sports a high density cushioning. There is a minimal break-in period. The pocket seems just right out of the shipping box. You will like the snug fit when you tighten down the easy-adjust, quick release pull trap system.

This softball gloves comes with all of the tricks while looking the part of competency. It is designed specifically for softball play. Step up your gameplay, when you stretch to reach that impossible catch, scoop up the grounder or bring in that fast pass. If you take it to the outfield or need to catch a high flying ball, you will have proper tracking. The open weave H design is made for such a purpose.

If you are the kind of person who may be somewhat impatient and can’t wait for a break-in period, the Worth XT Extreme is made for you. Unpack it, work it in one night and then play your best game the next day.

Reasonable price
Game ready
Pull strap system
Great padding
Quality leather
Professional styling

Leather requires ongoing care
Seems stiff at first
Range of prices

Check It Out On Amazon

10.Akadema ProSoft

Are you a catcher? You will love all of the features of the Akadema ProSoft. These details ensure that you will snag that catch, keep it in the glove and make very fast glove to hand transfers for that incredible quick pass to first base when needed. The Akadema ProSoft has been designed with you in mind.

Some people have some difficulty in adjusting to the added padding wedge between the thumb and index finger. The purpose is more protection, but for some, the feel is a little awkward. The leather material will require oiling throughout the season to keep it soft and pliable. Some people have found that Akadema softball gloves fits small.

It is hard to believe that this glove is offered at such a great price. This large 33.5-inch circumference pattern opens wide to swallow the ball. The spiral lock web, open back, and deep pocket will make you look like a pro player. The new Stress Wedge technology between the index finger and your thumb gives a superior level of shock-absorbing to this Praying Mantis design. You will not suffer as many stings or injuries as with another glove. The two additional finger hammocks provide a firm stance giving you a more secure feeling. The double-sided, slim padding increases the pocket size to hold fast onto the ball. And when it comes time to transfer the ball to your throwing hand, the design makes the move lightning fast.

It is somewhat tricky to get a clear picture of what the glove looks like with photos as it is mostly black in color. But in real life, this item is attractive, professional, and looks competent.


Many of the softball gloves are made exclusively of leather. A few are constructed from synthetic, super skin that is tougher than leather, yet half the weight. Having a light-weight glove can be a great advantage, especially for younger players or individuals with smaller hands.

Good View:

Do you play a position where you make quick catches that are not flying high up into the air? Then you will not be so concerned with tracking the ball through your glove. But if you are a fielder, this access to direct sight of the ball can make a world of difference. Check out the glove by holding it high to consider trying to catch the ball that looks like it is heading out of the park.


Some gloves have a significant method for tightening the glove to your hand while others are missing this feature altogether. If you like to wear your glove tight, then cinching capabilities could be a deal-breaker for you.

Professional Grade Laces:

While at first, this may seem a minor consideration, with all of the beatings that the laces take over the season, this small detail may impact your play significantly.

The Appearance:

Many players rate function much higher than appearance. Some are immune to the difference that colors and materials make. Many swear by the more traditional styles, while others are searching for the most up to date features. Appearance seems to be more of personal preference. But you know that when you look good, you also feel good. Building your confidence can be vital to your game-play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few details to consider when looking to buy a new softball gloves that’s will help you made an informed and well research choice.

Are softball gloves different from baseball gloves?

Softball gloves are larger than regular baseball gloves. This larger size helps in catching and trapping the larger softball. However, you can play softball with a regular glove, too.

What are softball gloves made of?

Softball gloves can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, synthetic leather, and other synthetic materials. Sometimes each company has a specific name for the synthetic material. They can also include a combination of real leather with synthetic: leather patches on a synthetic glove.

How long do softball gloves last?

The life of the glove will depend on how the glove is used. Some people have 1 practice and 1 game each week. Others have many practices and a game each week. In some positions, contact with the ground is minimized, while in others, it is a regular occurrence. On average most gloves will last several seasons with proper care.

How do you know if your softball glove fits?

You can determine the size of the glove you need by measuring your hand. Start measuring at the top of your index finger to the start of your wrist. Use a ruler that measures in inches or convert the number to inches. This measurement is the glove size you need. If your glove feels snug but does not bind in any area, you have the right size.

Does steaming a glove hurt it?

Many people want to shorten the time it takes to break in a softball glove, and at the time, steaming seems like the right choice. But the heat and water can reduce the life span of any leather glove. It is better to work the glove with your hand while off the field to reduce the stiffness of a new glove.

Conclusion on Best Softball Gloves in 2022 Infield for Slow or Fast Pitch

Whether you are just getting into the game or have decided to retire that old friend you have enjoyed for so many years, you deserve the softball gloves brand that best suits your circumstances. When it is time to acquire a new one, take the time to do some research. Ask around. Look at what makes your teammates happy.

Get advice from an experienced player or your coach. Consider several options before making the final decision for the Best Softball Gloves in 2022 Infield for Slow or Fast Pitch. Some sellers have a “Love your Glove” policy, where you can return the item you thought was perfect for another. Your confidence will soar as long as you, “Love your Glove.”

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