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10 Best Snowboard Gloves for Winter in 2022

Snowboarding is one of the most excellent recreational activities for the winter season. Inspired by Skateboarding, it has transformed itself into a Winter Olympic and Paralympic sport. Speaking of proper snowboarding gear, having best snowboard gloves in 2022 with wrist strap is integral.

What is the best quality we want in a Snowboard Glove? Without a doubt, the glove can keep hands warm in the harshest of climate. Snowboard gloves are a necessity in winter as they keep your hands warm and save you from many risks like frostbite and joint aches.

Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Strap for Winter Reviews in 2022

Our team gathered a list of the best snowboard gloves & mittens in 2022 reviewed to pick the right brand that will protect your wrist and keep your hands warm:

1.Hestra Fall Line

All snowboards know the characteristics of excellent snowboard gloves. They must be warm, wind and waterproof but also very durable as snowboarding can be a demanding sport on gloves. Having a trendy look or colors is secondary to these basics. But the Hestra Fall Line delivers on both counts.

It clearly states that these gloves are for fall conditions, so the insulating factors are much less than winter snowboard gloves. The gloves tend to absorb water if the snow is heavy. They can be treated with a conditioner to make them more waterproof. But they do not have a waterproof lining as do some other snowboard gloves. Neither are they touchscreen capable, so you will need to remove the gloves to use your devices. This may not be a problem in fall snowboard conditions. Also, they are quite expensive.

But the Hestra Fall Line of snowboard gloves has many positive qualities. They are made with supple cowhide leather and pleated backs of the fingers for flexibility. The leather also adds more extended durability to the covering. Unlike mitts, these are dexterous due to 5 finger design. With treatment, the leather is wind and water-resistant. The neoprene cuffs are weather resistant and have incredible thermal insulation, keeping your sensitive inner wrist warm. The elastic strap with Velcro closure can be pulled tight for extra support.

The branding is apparent but not glaring. With 9 choices of colors, you will be able to coordinate your gloves with your other snowboarding gear. The ring on the side will help you keep track of both gloves if you stop at the top of the hill to text a friend or have a snack.

Select the Hestra Fall Line of snowboard gloves, knowing full well that they are built for warmer conditions. But pair them with an outer layer that is wind and waterproof to extend their life right through the entire season. You will appreciate the 9 color choices from flaming red to white through to black.

Designed for the fall season
Made with supple cowhide leather
Neoprene cuffs are weather resistant and have incredible thermal insulation
Dexterity due to 5 finger design
Elastic strap with Velcro closure for support
Gathered wrist to keep out any cold wind or rain or snow
Pleated finger backs for flexibility
9 color choices

Not touch screen compatible
Absorbs water if the snow is heavy, no waterproof lining on the inside

Check It Out On Amazon

2.Tough Outdoors Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Strap for Winter

Tough Outdoors Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Strap for Winter

If you are looking for a snowboard mittens  that would be a perfect fit for your hands, the Outdoor Research Alti is for you. They are designed with ToughTek LT tabs, which prevents slippages, providing more control to your hands. It is very good for outdoor activities.

The Outdoor Research Alti was manufactured, keeping in mind their priority to keep hands warm under harsh weather. Anyhow, they have received mixed feedback, With a few customers complaining about numb fingers and frozen hands even after putting the Gloves on for outdoor activity. It is made of Kevlar, which absorbs moisture and is sensitive.

When it comes to environmental factors. The Outdoor Research Alti is a very good option for a snowboarding glove. The reason is that it is made from Gore-Tex. This gives the Mitts a huge advantage over other gloves. First of all, they work fantastic in winter rains as Gore-Tex is waterproof. It even keeps sleet and snow at bay, keeping hands dry in very tough terrain.

Another great quality of these Mitts is their exquisite hand protection. With Kevlar stitching, they are very useful in the protection of hands during winters. They fit tight, courtesy of the extra thick insulation. OR Alti is one of the best mittens in the world and trusted by thousands of outdoors enthusiasts and survivals.

If you are looking for a tight Snowboard mittens that provides ultimate protection against snow and water, then The Outdoor Research Men’s Alti Mitts is the best option for you. It is a tried and tested glove that remains one of the best choices for snowboarding gloves.

ToughTek LT prevents slippages and helps gain control.
Extra thick insulation helps the gloves fit well.
Made from Gore-Tex, which is waterproof.
Has a Kevlar stitching that is waterproof and snow proof as well.

It is expensive
Not the best thumb warmer, although fingers stay warm

3.Loowoko Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Strap for Winter

Loowoko Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Strap for Winter

The FRDM has made a name for itself in designing quality gloves. Having excelled in manufacturing the best outdoor gear for adventures, it is not clandestine why it is one of the most popular choices as a snowboarding glove.

It can be argued if the FRDM is the best snowboard mittens or not. However, this excellent glove seems to be pretty much flawless. It has got everything one can want in a Wind stopper glove.

Would not it be amazing if we could lay our hands on the perfect snow mitts? The this awesome extreme weather mittens made by FRDM is a contender when we talk about the best snowboarding glove. It has a waterproof shell, keeping hands dry and warm for as long as one wants.
It has a hand zipper ability at the back, giving us the ability to free our hands easily without taking them off. To top it all off, it is one of the most reasonably priced snowboard gloves. With a high-quality design that focuses on comfortability. FRDM is ranked between the best winter gloves since being lunched on the markets and gain a high reputation rate quickly.

Suffice it to say that this snowboard mitt is unisex that comes in a variety of Sizes. It adjusts very well, and that nose zipper is a real winner. This snow glove is worth every penny spent on it!

It comes in a variety of sizes.
The waterproof shell keeps hands dry.
It comes with a relaxing Hipora insert.
The hand zipper gives quick access to finers in case of an emergency.


4.Black Diamond Mercury

The Mercury is made by Black Diamond and is one of the finest designs produced by the company. They have made a very big name for itself in the glove market. They design and manufacture almost every type of glove, including snow gloves, Mercury, climbing gloves, guide gloves, and whatnot!

Though the Black Diamond Mercury is a fine Windstopper glove, still, it requires some maintenance. Though the goat leather it is made up of is water resilient, the best way to wipe off the water is a damp and soft cloth, rather than leaving the Mitts to dry naturally, which can affect its performance.

It is made up of resilient fibers, including Nylon, which makes the Black Diamond Mercury durable. Courtesy of the goat-leather, it inherits waterproof qualities as well. It is very light in weight and provides a good amount of comfort to your hands.

It has a polyester lining which lasts longer than cashmere as well as wool. What is amazing is the price tag of the Black Diamond Mercury, which is not that hefty at all. At a very affordable price, you could be the owner of these awesome gloves.

Long story short, the Black Diamond Mercury made by Black Diamond is a perfect mix of comfort and warmth. Anyone purchasing them for this winter will never get the short end of the stick.

Very comfortable.
Affordable price.
It is made of Nylon, a strong fiber.
It is waterproof.

it needs high maintenance.

Check It Out On Amazon

5.Burton AK

A coherent team of professional riders, Burton is a well-established brand providing top-notch snowboarding products. One of their gloves specifically has attained acclaim for the amazing job it does in the coldest of climates. No matter how low the temperatures drop, your fingers will not feel a thing if you wear the Burton AK.

The Burton AK is made of other fibers, which can be a bit uncomfortable to Wear. The heat and moisture absorbed in the glove from the inside will press the fibers, causing it to feel.

Possessing the Screen Grab Gnar leather, it is waterproof and breathable. Its extended length storm cuff gives you a variety between the Dryride Thermex fleece mitten liner and the Screenrab Liner.

The Burton AK is made from Gore-Tex. This material can make even the coldest places of the earth a walk in the park. The glove repels wind, rain as well as snow. The fact that it is made up of extra insulation material speaks volumes of the protection it can provide to fingers against cold.

To sum it up, the Burton AK is a good choice for a Windstopper. It is made up of a material that has proven its mettle. To top it all off, it comes in a variety of great colors, as well.

It is Washable by a machine.
Double protection through the Screen Grab Gnar Guard.
Super warm.

A bit uncomfortable.
Heat and moisture from the inside get absorbed in the altre fibers, which causes it to felt.

Check It Out On Amazon

6.Gordini Storm Trooper

Gordini is a brand that is known for its perfect designs. The latest snowboard gloves they designed, Gordini has once again proven its worth and the fact that it is the “go-to” option if the warmth of the glove appeals to you.

Though The Gordini Storm Trooper is a very decent choice. Anyhow, it is not the most agile snow gloves. It lacks deftness. Another issue is with the fitting of the glove as users have found it to be tight around the knuckle-area.

With a Gore-tex insert that keeps fingers warm for hours, it has Mega loft insulation which gives It the durability to keep fingers warm for a while. It has a genuine goatskin trim shell and wraps caps that provide extra protection.

For its price, it may just be the best bargain you can make on a snowboarding glove. It has got everything you need in a good quality snowboard gloves. From warmth to comfort, it has indeed done a remarkable job.

If a warm and economically priced glove is what you are in the market for, it is recommended you give them a try. The fact that this model can fit any one’s budget justify it being widely used for winters.

It is economically priced.

Less comfortable and tight in the knuckle-area.
Not the most agile glove

Check It Out On Amazon

7.Kinco 901T

Kinco designs the 901T. Though their specialty is work gloves, they have brought an amazing innovation in the winter glove sector, as well. For a minimal amount of price, you could lay your hands on these wonderful Windstopper gloves.

Though the price is incredibly low, these gloves are not the best hand warmers out there. The gloves are also not water-resistant, so keeping hands dry will be out of the question. It does not have a lot of features compared to other snowboard gloves brands as well.

It does not have a lot of sizes to offer, as well. The Kinco 901T mitts are made up of pigskin leather, something which is responsible for their durability. It has a 5-finger thermal lining, which is sophisticated protection against cold weather. The best thing about these gloves is their killer price tag.

One thing is for sure that the Kinco 901T leather mitts may not be the best snowboarding gloves, but they are the cheapest. Keeping this in mind, one can surely compromise on some of the features that are missing in this budget-friendly glove.

Buying the Kinco 901T mitts is the choice of the customer. Although if the hefty price tags of the snowboarding gloves give you stress; it could prove as a very good alternative. After all, even if not the best, one cannot just count out this marvelous Kinco glove.

Very budget-friendly.
It provides sophisticated protection from cold weather.

Missing prominent features that are a “must include” in a winter glove.
Not that warm.
Lack of variety of sizes.

Check It Out On Amazon


The MCTI snowboarding glove is a very sleek and intelligent design by MCTI. They have made excellent snowmobile gloves over the years. Once again, they did not fail to disappoint everyone with this amazing design.

Even though the design is flawless, the MCTI lacks touchscreen functionality. It tries to clear the deficit through other great features it owns.

First of all, the MCTI has a 3mm foam padding palm, which reduces hand fatigue to some scores. It even brings down the shock impact to a minimum. A world-class design, it comes with an anti-lost connection buckle. It has gauntlet cuffs that cover sleeves as well. It is washable by hands.

A perfect glove for motorcycling as well as snowboarding, the MCTI is a popular choice for users in the winter season. Another great feature is the Fan-Tex TPU membrane that assists in keeping moisture out. Due to this, hands stay dry and warm.

MCTI is a tried and tested brand. Those who purchase the MCTI seldom feel the need for any other snowboarding gloves. It is lightweight, durable as well as comfortable. It is a great Windstopper on higher altitudes.

Has an anti-lost connect buckle.
Long gauntlet cuffs that cover up sleeves.
It comes with a padding palm that makes the glove comfortable.
Washable by hands.

Lacks touchscreen ability.

Check It Out On Amazon


The touchscreen ability of a glove has been taken to a whole new level by Andorra. Women could now get a great women’s snowboard gloves in the shape of Women’s Touchscreen Mitten made by Andorra.

This women’s touchscreen mitten is a very good option for all the ladies. Still, it should be kept in mind that it is not the warmest  ski gloves. At best, its warmness is mediocre and does not fare well on higher altitudes. The glove stitching in this glove is not considered to be of the highest quality.

Andorra has a non-slip material from fingertips to palm. This gives you a great grip while wearing these gloves. It comes with a Thinsulate lining that absorbs heat for a good amount of time. Add to that the heavy-duty straps and ladies have got themselves with a perfect choice for a snow gloves kit. It has zippered pockets to hold valuables.

Another plus point of Andorra is its extreme comfortability. It is water resilient and very tough. With the non-slip grip of this glove, you would never have to worry about handiness inside the glove.

Andorra is a unique design that has gained the respect of the customers. They are a fine choice for women as a skiing and snowboarding glove. Lastly, the variety of colors of this glove is exceptional, as well.

Has a non-slip grip.
Zippered pockets for valuables.
Tough material.
Waterproof exterior.

Mediocre glove stitching.
Mediocre warmth.

Check It Out On Amazon

10.Dakine Scout

The Dakine Scout is a very decent design. It feels very comfortable inside them. It comes with a touchscreen compatible liner, which makes it so multi-purpose. It is both windproof and waterproof. It has 100% polyester insulation, which keeps warm air next to the skin.

Though a wonderful make by Dakine, the Dakine Scout is not that robust. Strength is something they lack. Adding to that, the dexterity is not good as well, making adeptness with hands a very tough task.

Winters can bring a runny nose sometimes. Need not to worry as the Dakine Scout also have nose wipers. This glove is the best value you could get for your money. It is highly water-resistant. They can be used at higher altitudes. They provide a comforting level of warmth to your hands in the freezing adventures of your life.

Last but surely not the least, for this can be argued if the Dakine scout glove is the best on this list or not. Dakine has done a commendable job designing a glove that is budget-friendly and rivals the warmth provided by some expensive snowboard gloves.

It is worth every cent buying the Dakine Scout. The amazing features of this brand at such a low price has left many users without words. It is recommended you go for it if you want the best features in the least amount of price.

Reasonably priced.
Very warm.
Very comfortable.
Nose wiper for runny nose.

Not tough.

Check It Out On Amazon

Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Strap for Wintero Buyer’s Guide

When out on a winter escapade, your fingers are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that require extra care. A good snowboard glove must have certain qualities in it to provide hands the ultimate protection they need in harsh weather conditions. The combination of a few good features in a snow boarding glove ought to be perfect for critical times.


Insulation is an integral feature of a good snowboard gloves. The assistance provided by thick insulation will help feel you more relaxed under cold weather. Even the synthetic insulation, which is tightly woven to save space, can work wonders.

Down insulation is very useful for dry areas. Down insulation helps on adventures involving a drier climate. They do not fare well under wet conditions and relinquish their insulating property.


Perhaps one of the most important features is fitting. If a glove is not fitting comfortably, it will not be able to provide the level of comfort you are looking for. Many companies give a variety of sizes so you could select a fit size for you.

Fitting will give you the amount of breathability you want. It will help save room for fingers, minimizing the causes of hand stress.

Waterproof Ability

Down insulation is good but only for drier climates. What about those adventures which involve heavy rain or snowfall? You would need a waterproof glove to rectify this problem. You also require breathability for the flow of air and safe discharge of moisture inside the glove.

A snowboard gloves must be cold repellent. Alongside waterproofing abilities, it should also be capable of preventing heavy winds and snow. Many reputable glove-making companies are now manufacturing designs that are completely “environmental proof” and green products.


Another factor that determines the quality of a snowboarding mitts is its comfortability. If a glove is not comfortable, it will not provide the best protection. You will remain constantly annoyed with the discomfort. There are many advantages to a comfortable glove. It is very useful for lengthy outdoor activities.

The best thing about a comfortable glove is the dexterity it provides. A comfortable glove is generally agile and allows your hands to work in a better way, as well. Many other features are a plus point for comfortability. Few gloves have back zip liners to have instant access to fingers in a critical situation, as well. Thus a comfortable glove would make you feel relaxed not only physically but mentally as well.


The most important feature of a snowboard that it is supposed to be used on higher altitudes. Without a good amount of warmth, your gloves will cease to fulfill its original requirement, thus will be used for only mediocre level activities.

A softshell snowboarding glove is very good for warmth. It provides a great level of comfort to the hands. Not only that, it is a very effective Windstopper. It also prevents rain and snow. Lastly, they are very light in weight and ideal for cold climates.


Without a doubt, any recreational activity involving gloves must include a glove liner as well. If the moist and sweat of your hand catches the inside of your snowboarding gloves, it will start to feel. A good quality glove liner is very important to make sure the glove does not absorb the moisture from your hands.

Glove lining makes sure that the gloves remain in perfect condition. Glove lining keeps warmth balanced inside the gloves, making sure we feel dry inside them. Some top quality gloves have made lining a mere formality, owing to their vastly superior structures for warmth.

Conclusion on Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Strap for Winter in 2022

Even the Best Snowboard Gloves in 2022 with Wrist Strap for Wintero and mittens come with their own set of pros and cons. While some gloves are amazing Windstopper, others take the lead in durability. Some are made of tough material that keeps them long-lasting, while some prove to be the most budget-friendly of them all. It is better to glance at the features of snowboarding gloves so we could make a better choice according to our own needs.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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