10 Best Shooting Gloves in the Field

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In the world of marksmanship, precision is a highly valued skill. Whatever it takes to increase your ability to perform at your best consistently is worth investigating. The right shooting gloves can make that difference.

Best Shooting Gloves Reviewed

Perhaps you are dissatisfied with your current gloves due to the lack of dexterity, a need for more a more sensitive touch or the ability to use your cell phone. These superior tactical gloves  will overcome all of these aggravations. Here is the best shooting gloves that all meet an excellent standard:

1.Mechanix Wear Warm Shooting Gloves

Mechanix Wear Warm Shooting Gloves
Mechanix Wear Warm Shooting Gloves
Since the velcro fastener is on the inside of the wrist, it seems to catch on everything. It is unfortunate that the designers did not place the fastener on the outside of your hand where it would be safely tucked out of the way of clothing and the equipment you are using. The second issue for many people would be the lack of ability to use electronic devices. It is in convenient to have to pull off your gloves to record information or make contact with friends.

There are many circumstances in which people use these gloves including riding motorcycles, lifting heavy objects, working with wood or construction materials and driving cars. However, these all duty gloves are also suitable for shooting. They are flexible enough to manipulate the controls of firearms with ease. The plain palm is free from stitching that might interfere with accuracy while shooting.

One significant advantage of the glove is the insulating quality of the material so that you can handle hot items such as barrels and gas blocks. This same insulating quality also keeps your hands warm in cold weather.

Mechanix Wear are breathable, so your hands do not sweat when you are exerting yourself. And best of all, the price of the gloves is so reasonable you can afford to keep several pairs in convenient locations so that they are readily available for you to use.

These inexpensive gloves have many redeeming qualities in that they are flexible enough to use for shooting are comfortable in cold weather and have enough insulation to allow you to handle hot items. If only the gloves were designed so that you did not have to remove them to use your cell phone, they would be a perfect selection at a great cost.

Able to handle hot items such as barrels, gas blocks
Plain palm with no stitching to catch on anything
Flexible enough to maneuver firearm controls such as from safety to fire
Breathable & warm in cold weather
Long lasting & machine washable

The velcro fastener is inside the wrist, in this position it gets caught easily
No touch sensitive patches to use a cell phone or other device


The PIG Dexterity Tactical Alpha  are recommended for competition as well as for tactical circumstances as they have been worn in combat by US Special Operations soldiers as well as in law enforcement. The layer of material on the palm and trigger finger is light enough to give that barehand shooting feel. The padding for the knuckles is thin enough so that you can easily access items in your pockets. It is also possible for you to operate your phone or any other device due to the Touch Screen Conductive material on the thumb and trigger finger.

While the durability of the material of PIG FDT is long lasting, there have been issues with the stitching. If you plan to order these gloves, make your measurements carefully as the gloves are a tight fit.

If your environment demands dexterity while shooting as well as flexibility to use a cell phone or to use your gloved hands to manipulate other pieces of equipment such as a radio, these gloves adapt easily for all circumstances. Also, the brief wristband allows you to view your wristwatch quickly.

Many expert marksmen rely on the PIG Dexterity Tactical Alpha  for the best feel for shooting, long-lasting use , ability to access electronic screens and for the convenience of handling other objects while still wearing the gloves. All of these qualities make PIG FDT stand out in the marketplace as one of the best tactical gloves.

Bare hand shooting feel
Used in competition, for law enforcement, and for special services
Touch sensitive trigger finger and thumb for cell phone and other devices
Venting for a dry feeling
Seams that do not hinder performance
Women’s version

Stitching issues
Careful measurement required for good fit

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3.Crusea Padded Leather Shooting Gloves Waterproof for Men Women

Crusea Padded Leather Shooting Gloves Waterproof for Men Women
Crusea Padded Leather Shooting Gloves Waterproof for Men Women

There are several features of Crusea Padded Leather Shooting Gloves Waterproof for Men Women that enhance the shooting experience. The suede palms make the handling of firearms easy and the narrow sensitive forefinger improve the accuracy of your shots. The gloves are lightweight and well constructed. They are warm enough to be used in the chilly weather.

However, the gloves are not built for handling hot objects such as may be required for changing gun barrels.

The touch sensitive forefinger and thumb allow you to make cell phone calls or use other devices. One helpful feature is the terry cloth backed thumb area that is convenient for wiping off fogging on gun sights or glasses. Crusea Padded Leather Shooting Gloves Waterproof for Men Women are versatile enough to be used for other purposes than just shooting. Security guards favor this make as well as ambulance drivers. The appearance of these gloves makes them useful for private security situations as the branding is subdued. They look great, are serviceable and allow the wearer flexibility to perform many different tasks such as taking a photo or making a recording.

The Crusea Padded Leather Shooting Gloves Waterproof for Men Women may be the best value for the many features included in these gloves. Not only are they are lightweight, snug-fitting, breathable and include all of the aspects of more expensive gloves but they look fantastic!

Very durable & comfortable
Good sensitivity for shooting
Touchscreen compatibility
Terry cloth backed thumb area

Not good for heat

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4.Caldwell Ultimate

Are you planning to go out for shooting with your friends? You must be thinking to give the best shot and show your dexterity? Well, you have the right to prove yourself but what if the weather is cold or the gun is too hot? In that case, you need to think smartly and try Caldwell Ultimate shooting gloves. They will protect your hands and give you the proper gripping.

Looking on the downsides of Caldwell Ultimate you will realize that the size is not easily adjustable for everyone. It will not allow you to give the best shot. Another demerit of this item is that the stitching came out after using certain times. One more issue is the tips of the gloves begin to fall apart as well. You will also be frustrated by the thin padding and lack of proper fitting. Apart from these drawbacks, the rest of the features are awesome.

If we look at the positivity of this product then you will be amazed that the material used in the gloves is breathable. It doesn’t stick to your hands and give you nice comfort. In addition, the palms of the gloves are designed in a perfect way. Whether the weapon gets hot or the weather is cold, you need not worry about and give your best shot.

Another quality of shooting glove is that they give you the perfect protection to your hands. Especially to your fingers as mostly the shooters feel pinching in their fingers while firing or pulling the triggers. The item has been designed in a way that it gives you the premium comfort. The perfect gripping without making your hands over-heated.

Our final thoughts about Caldwell Ultimate gloves are that they are essential and necessary for your best shooting experience. The design incorporated when making this accessory attribute to its beautiful aspects which give your shooting experience a lot more fun. Apart from a few drawbacks, all the features are far stunning. So, try this accessory and enjoy the shooting experience.

Breathable material
Compatible in any weather
Perfect protection
Premium comfort

Not adjustable
Improper stitching
Thin padding
Lack of proper fitting

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5.Bob Allen

These genuine leather palm gloves provide an excellent feel for the gun and are flexible enough for all tasks associated with the sport of shooting. The thumb, palm, and fingers have been reinforced with leather for a perfect grip. The wrist closure is designed with a large ventilation port on the back of the hand to keep your hands cool even in hot weather.

There is no capability to use a cell phone or other electronic device without removing the gloves. In some circumstances, this can be an issue depending on how frequently the wearer needs access to the devices.

The stylish appearance of Bob Allen may lend themselves to a more formal setting as may be needed for upscale security details. Yet the price of the gloves is very reasonable.

If your circumstances dictate a more upscale look, Bob Allen appear to resemble golf or driving gloves instead of leather shooting gloves. They are constructed of leather and synthetic leather for durability. And the cost is well within every budget.

The leather palm is durable but thin enough material for flexibility
Good grip
Large ventilation port on the back of the hand
Knuckle vents and air holes enhance breathability
Lightweight & stylish look, as opposed to sporty
Price is reasonable

Touch screen compatibility notincluded

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6.Browning Mesh Thin Insulated Shooting Gloves

Browning Mesh Thin Insulated Shooting Gloves
Browning Mesh Thin Insulated Shooting Gloves

The appearance of Browning Mesh Thin Insulated Shooting Gloves leaves no doubt about their purpose. Their design, dark colored patches of strategically placed synthetic leather and branding enthusiastically shout the sport of shooting. Any marksman would be proud to wear these gloves during target practice at the gun club or in the field in pursuit of game.

Care needs to be taken when ordering the correct size. The large may be more suitable for an average hand span. Since they are 100 percent guaranteed, if you make a mistake with the size, the vendor will exchange the gloves for a more suitable pair.

The materials in these gloves are well chosen. The synthetic suede palms provide a secure grip on your guns, yet the feel is sensitive. The mesh ensures that the gloves are cool in hot weather. Both materials are lightweight so you can concentrate on whats important. Since these gloves are washable, they will maintain their new look despite the light tan color.

The Browning Mesh shooting gloves will definitely appeal significantly to the sports enthusiast with their sporty look, light weight, flexibility, breathability, and durability.

Lightweight & comfortable
Synthetic suede palms and mesh tops
Breathable & flexible
Cool in hot weather

Tend to be a small size

7.Titan OPS

These Titan OPS will serve well in cold weather and under heavy duty conditions. Your knuckles are well protected, yet the design allows for great flexibility. The padding ensures that your hands will be warm in the coolest of conditions. If you are outdoors for an extended time in wintery conditions, these are the gloves for you.

Although the gloves are breathable, they keep your hands too warm in hot weather. They are indeed made for cooler weather.

The design of Titan OPS shooting gloves indicates attention to detail that benefits the marksman in many different ways. The reinforced palm aids in reducing the effects of recoil on even the most severe of guns. The two system closures provide a customized fit. And the areas of stress are double stitched for longevity. Despite the padding and leather reinforcement areas, the gloves are flexible enough to load and unload your guns easily. They are machine washable and dry quickly.

If you plan to be out in cold weather, Titan OPS will give you excellent protection as well as being serviceable. They are suitable for shooting but also can be used for riding motorcycles or working with equipment where your hands require significant protection.

Flexible enough for easy loading and unloading of guns
Adjustable wrist strap for a perfect fit
well constructed
Double stitched in areas of stress
Pre-closer below the wrist assures a comfortable fit
Machine washable & dries fast

Too warm for hot weather

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8.Hatch NS430

The Hatch NS430 have been designed with the competitor in mind. Not only are they great for straight shooting but they are very dextrous in competitions that demand you draw the gun several times. The second skin feeling provides confidence that you can reliably perform all maneuvers in safety.

Although they are a full glove, they will not keep your hands warm in the coldest of conditions.

The materials in the gloves promote breathability, flexibility, and comfort. The wrist closure aids in providing support. The fantastic grip continues even in the rain. Also, you can perform many other tasks without removing these gloves – type on a keyboard, use touchscreens and even turn pages in a notebook.

So if you value the barehanded experience but require full protection, these are the gloves for you. Besides, if your work environment demands tasks such as the use of devices, or keyboards, using a pen for notes or removing items from your pocket, you will appreciate that all of these tasks can be accomplished without removing them.

The Synsi-feel synthetic leather is excellent for accuracy in shooting
The neoprene material promotes breathability, flexibility, and comfort
The wrist closure is firm providing support
Can perform many everyday tasks without removing the gloves

Not suitable for cold wintery conditions

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Do you want to show off your skills in motorcycle riding, driving or in military purposes? Then it is necessary that you must be well equipped. So that you would not miss a chance of proving your dexterity. The first thing you must focus on is that you should keep yourself well-protected. In that case use SCOYCO as they will provide you with the great protection. As the outer part is incredibly hardwearing so it gives you great protection against physical threats.

Looking on the negative side of this item, you will be disappointed by the Velcro which is too tight and you may find it difficult to adjust it properly. You will be frustrated that the inner part doesn’t fit in the hands, as the outer side is so hard so it slips through the hands. Another demerit of this product is that the knuckle armour is quite bulky. It is not easy to use the touch screens. Apart from these demerits, the rest of the features are beyond excellence.

On the upside of SCOYCO, the gloves are designed to give you an excellent amount of protection to your hands. They are actually made with a hard rubber shell. You will feel that they will fit your hands properly and you can wrap them around your hands. You can also you’re your wrists in a comfortable way. Additionally, the product is anti-slippery and light in weight. It offers you a better experience even though you use them for longer hours.

Another merit of the item is that the knuckles are fully padded from inside. If you hit someone hardly or scrap up your hands while motorcycling, you will be fully protected. You will also feel comfortable that the wrist area is neither stiff nor bulky. This will actually allow the easy movement of your hands. In addition, the palms of the gloves are made of thick fabric which is breathable, and it wouldn’t give you an itchy feeling.

To conclude, the SCOYCO are the best choice if you want to win a fight in a ring. Even if you are a biker and you want to give your best performance, you must use them. The product is beyond in excellence and it is suitable for military purposes and police security. In spite of a few drawbacks, the rest of the properties are spectacular. So, try this outclass product and enjoy your experience.

Excellent protection
Proper fitting
Anti-slippery material
Fully padded knuckles

Velcro too tight
Not easily adjustable
Not touch-screen friendly
Improper stitching

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10.First Tactical

Do you want to improve your performance in your field like in the military, law enforcement or in sports? Then why not take a little attention to the right clothing once again? Gloves are the most important piece of clothing to have if you work in certain outdoor activities. The First Tactical not only provides you with the protection to your hands from harmful materials. It will also give you the best way to prove your dexterity. The durable material of this product is being made that can hold up in almost all circumstances.

Looking at the downside of this product, the material used in it is not very durable and not much compatible in every climate. You will also be frustrated by the thick material as it is not comfortable. The size doesn’t fit easily to everyone. This item is not properly stitched as the loops begin to hang after certain uses. Apart from these drawbacks the rest of the qualities are awesome.

Looking at the merits of the product you will realize that the gloves are perfect for doing everyday outdoor work. The palm is made with proper gripping that you can hold the pistol perfectly. Additionally, you require reliability and mobility from your tactical gloves and this product provides you with the ample protection. Its unmatched performance you will realize the high comfort it provides to you.

Another quality of this product is that it is light-weighted, and the gloves won’t come in the way of performing your duties. In addition, the fabric is so flexible, and you can adjust them properly in your hands. The gloves are designed in a subtle light padding which doesn’t give an aggressive look.

In conclusion, First Tactical gloves are the best choice for every person who has to do the motor works or using them for military purposes. They are designed with the perfect sizing. You will feel better performance as they fully guard your hands. Despite a few drawbacks, the rest of the features are excellent. So, why not give yourself a treat and try these gloves to improve your overall performance.

Proper gripping
Highly comfortable
Flexible material

Not durable material
Improper sizing
Not touch-screen friendly
Thick fabric

Check It Out On Amazon

Shooting Gloves Buyer’s Guide: Making the Right Choice

Gloves for shooting are used in many different circumstances from range shooting, to hunting, tactical work and many other environments as well as many different weather conditions. What is best for the range may not be as suitable for other circumstances. Since there are so many kinds of gloves, it is likely you will find a pair or two that are perfect for you.

Quality of Construction:


The coverings range from all leather to strategically placed leather patches to mesh. Mesh covered gloves may keep your hands cooler, but they will not stand up to handling any hot items such as barrels. Some coverings are thicker than others. The bare-hand feel is sought after by many, while other individuals seek out a protective covering. Many people take great stock in the appearance. Some prefer apparent branding, others like a glove to be more inconspicuous.


Padding is significant for the shooter who spends a great deal of time shooting or owns guns with substantial recoil. For light use, padding is less significant. Shooters who need to draw their weapon in competition may prefer much less padding as the padding may interfere with their performance.


Most glove owners are looking for quality in stitching as secure stitching allows them to use the gloves for longer. Some prefer double stitching for durability while other marksmen are looking for stitching that is clearly away from any area that may catch while performing competitive tasks.

Tight Fit:

A comfortable tight fit is sought after. The tight fit usually guarantees less chance of any interference for quick movement. If you are shooting in frigid weather, you will most likely seek out gloves with more insulation and enough space so that your circulation is not inhibited.


In general, most pairs of shooting gloves are constructed with a closure on the top of the hand and not on the wrist. A wrist closure does tend to become caught on clothing inhibiting your best performance. Some gloves use the stretchy quality of the mesh material instead of a closure. A tight, comfortable closure can add support.


Ultimately the gloves you select will be a result of your personal needs. Although some marksmen prefer the bare hand, very often repeated exposure to handling guns stresses the skin, resulting in abrasions. Gloves are a perfect remedy for this condition. Usually, the weather dictates that you keep your hands warm enough to operate at peak capacity. Many marksmen find that their accuracy improves once they find the gloves that best suit them. Hopefully, you now have more knowledge about some unique brands of shooting gloves and can, therefore, decide to purchase more wisely.

If you have any questions or comments please use the field below and I’l be sure to respond ASAP.

Sagi Shiffer

Sagi Shiffer

He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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