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10 Best Sailing Gloves

Sailing gloves can make a big difference in your performance, depending on the conditions and the task you are completing. If you handle any lines on the boat, whether it be the main sheet, jib sheets, or spinnaker lines, you will need a set of sailing gloves to prevent any rope burns or blistering. As you pull in the line by working on the winch, you can avoid serious damage from pinching, by wearing a set of sailing gloves. In the heat of the moment, quick action is often required in this sport, and it is easy to forget about protecting your hands.

Many of these sailing gloves are built for other sports as well, from kayaking to biking. Select the sailing gloves that are good for your situation from hot sunny days to days when frost is in the air. You may need a couple of pairs that are designed differently for both of these weather conditions.

Best Sailing Gloves Brands Reviewed

Here are a list of the best sailing gloves reviewed for a good good grip support &  strength to protect your hands and boost your performance on budget:


Whether you are a fair-weather sailor or avid racer, you will love the attributes of the Ronstan Sticky sailing gloves. Believe it or not, sailing is somewhat of an explosive sport. For long periods of time, you remain on watch, waiting for the skipper to shout “tack.” Then in a fury, you rush to your post, ready to manage the gib sheet to maximize the advantage in making the turn. For those few seconds, you need the best gloves possible to pay out or pull in the line.

One negative factor about the Ronstan Stickys is that they are not all-weather gloves. They do not cover your full finger for cold weather sailing. Having exposed fingers is great in warmer weather, but for colder climates, keeping your hands warm is key for dexterity. It would also be a plus if the gloves were waterproof for those rainy day events. The open mesh backs are great for breathability, but they will let water seep through.

The Ronstan Stickys are known as a racing glove with cut fingers for dexterity. They have a synthetic double layer leather, sticky palm for durability. Their stickiness aids every sailor in managing lines or securely adjusting equipment. The back of the hand has ultra-violet protection mesh for flexibility, stretch, and UV protection. These gloves are quick-drying, so they are ready for use on your next shift on deck. The wrist strap can be pulled tight for a secure fit. The design of the glove reduces fatigue that can set in after hours of demanding sailing.

They are made for racing applications but are very suitable for every sailor from the most experienced to the novice. In fact, many beginners benefit significantly from wearing gloves as they are likely to pinch their fingers in the winch or suffer from rope burn. These gloves will save your hands from these injuries. And if it is chilly outside, they will keep them warm, too.

If you are looking for sailing gloves that give superior performance in warm, dry weather, It is hard to beat the Ronstan Sticky. Their durability means that they will be on hand throughout the entire season and perhaps more, depending on how often you sail.

Good price
Sticky palm for rope handling
Open fingers for dexterity
Breathable backs, yet with UV protection
Synthetic leather with double thickness for durability
Secure wristband reduces fatigue
Double Aramid stitching for longevity

Not for cold weather sailing
Not waterproof

2.Gill Pro

Just one look the Gill Pros tells you that these gloves are built for competitive sailing. Their many features provide durability, warmth, and comfort. If you are a serious sailor or want to fully protect your hands while out on the lake, you will not be disappointed with the Gill Pros.

The Gill Pros are somewhat more expensive than other brands of sailing gloves. They have full finger protection, which can mean sweaty hot hands in warm weather, casual sailing. Some people find that they fit tight, so take care when measuring your hand for ordering a pair.

If you are a competitor, you will love these sailing gloves for so many reasons. The full fingers protect all of your hand for tense moments. They are designed to reduce hand fatigue for repetitive actions when handling the lines. The fingers give you great agility due to the notched fingers and flex zones. Since the seams on the fingers are offset, you will find the gloves more comfortable for wearing for long periods of time. The back of the hand has a 2 way stretch for agility and is made of UV protective material. They are also water repellent and will keep your hands dry when you are washed with spray.

But if you are out for a casual cruise on your personal sailboat, these gloves are very suitable for cooler or inclement weather. If it is a heavy wind day, you will appreciate the durable palms, as you release the line to loosen or tighten the sail. They will help you grip the winch handle so you can pull in the sail quickly.

Whether you are a fierce competitor or recreational captain, these Gill Pro sailing gloves will protect your hands while giving you grip for all of the equipment you need to handle on a day out on the ocean. Wear them for comfort in bad weather or wear them every day for support.

Ergonomically shaped gloves to reduce hand fatigue
Notched finger construction and flex zones for flexibility
Off set finger seams and wraparound palm for a comfortable fit
Proton-Ultra XD palm for durability and grip
2 way stretch across the back of the hand, UV protection
Water repellent
Wrist pull for secure fit

More expensive
Fits a little tight
Warm during the summer sailing season

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3.Harken Reflex

When you are standing out on the foredeck of a racing sailboat waiting for action, you need to be confident that you have the best equipment to perform your job quickly without any fumbling of the spinnaker sheets. With the Harken sailing gloves, you know that you can excel at your task as they are built to give you a good grip, keep your hands protected and keep your hands warm and ready for action on a cool, windy day.

Unfortunately, the Harken Reflex sailing gloves are not built for very cold weather as they do not cover your full fingers. Nor are they waterproof for sailing in the rain or in situations where you know you will get wet. Some people found that they fit tight, so take care when ordering. You may have to order a size larger than you usually wear.

These sailing gloves are made from 3 materials: 50% Black Magic, 30% nylon, and 20% rubber. The Black Magic is a leather-like material that is abrasion-resistant and durable. It also provides a good grip for any lines or equipment in slippery conditions. The nylon gives the gloves great stretch for the flexibility you need. The molded rubber guards on the back protect your hands in rough circumstances. The mesh vents at the wrist provide breathability. The Velcro strap on the wrist means that you have a secure fit.

Wear these gloves for competitive situations, knowing that you are prepared for any circumstance. Enjoy these sailing gloves in less stressful situations when you are out for a sail with friends. Also, keep these on hand for any visitors who might like to help you with managing your boat. They will be well protected from rope burns or pinched fingers.

If you are looking for a moderately priced set of gloves for warm weather sailing, the Harken Reflex will meet your every need.

Good price
Longer cuff for sun protection on your wrists
Made of 50% Black Magic, 30% nylon and 20% rubber
Black Magic is abrasion resistant, durable
Machine washable
Molded-rubber guard strips on the back
Mesh vents for breathability
Velcro strap pull at the wrist for a secure fit

Tight fitting
Not for cold weather
Not waterproof

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The Mustos are made from all synthetic materials to protect your hands, whether you are out sailing or are in a rowing dinghy. They almost completely cover your hands while leaving your thumb and two fingers open to perform dexterous movements such as manipulating equipment or using your technology to find out where you are or to check the weather.

Unfortunately, these sailing gloves are water-resistant but not waterproof. It is advisable to hand wash them instead of using a washing machine. The Mustos are available at a moderate price.

The Mustos are made of 70% Nylon, 20% PU, 6% Neoprene, and 4% Spandex. These materials ensure protection for your hand with a durable yet flexible glove. Your hands will not sweat in these gloves as they are breathable. The materials also make them lightweight for your comfort. The internal elastic cuff will retain heat in your hand and give you a secure fit. The pull-on strap means that you can put them and take them off quickly, even if they are wet.

These are a modern solution to an ancient problem – how to keep your hands safe when engaging in activities on the water. These gloves are made with synthetic material so they will not shrink or get hard after drying them, as might leather gloves do. Your hands will appreciate the support from their snug-fit design to alleviate fatigue. The color combination of red with black signals a professional approach.

If you are looking for a lightweight way to protect your hands, the Mustos will fit the bill. Their more extended cuff and snug fit will help you retain heat in your hands in case the weather turns colder or rainy. Pack them with your rowing gear for a day out on the water or leave them on your boat so that they will always be ready when you need them.

Made of 70% Nylon, 20% PU, 6% Neoprene, 4% Spandex – all synthetic materials
Protects your hands from abrasion, cuts and scrapes
4 way stretch for flexibility
Mesh for breathability
Oversized Velcro wrist closure for secure fit
Pull on strap

Moderate price
Hand wash only
Water repellent, not water-proof

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5.Navis Marine

The Navis Marine sailing gloves are made for many water sports, including sailing, rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and even fishing. If you want protection out on the water, think Navis Marine. They have many features to enhance your day of sports activity. Their well thought-out design and materials make for a glove that will last a long time.

Since the Navis Marines have most of your hand covered, they can get warm on a hot day. But they are not warm enough in the extreme cold. They are water-resistant but not waterproof. If you were on a rowing team, for example, you might require more color choice to coordinate with your team uniform.

However, the Navis Marines have many positive qualities. First and foremost is their great price. You can afford to keep several pairs with your gear for a variety of your water sports, from canoeing to sailing. The material on the palm has been selected for its grip, so you will never feel awkward handling lines or your paddle. The back is made for flexibility, water resistance, and UV 50+ protection. The seamless wraparound palm is abrasion-resistant, making for durability and longevity of the glove.

The closure is thoughtfully on your inner wrist so that you will not accidentally interfere with any timer you may have set on your watch in a competitive situation. There is padding in appropriate places to protect your hands when rowing. Although most of your hand is covered, your thumb and forefinger are out in the open for any delicate adjustments to equipment or checking your touchscreen for location, timing, or using the phone. Navis Marines is a great fingerless fishing gloves option because he has a great grip and offers a good protection against sun UVs.

If you are involved in several water sports, the Navis Marines are suitable for many different situations. Go for a serene paddle down a lazy river, join your team for a sailing race, or protect your hands when wakeboarding behind a powerboat. The Navis Marines are very adaptable to all of these situations. They can get wet and still retain their shape and effectiveness.

Great price
Inner wrist closure, no chance of activating the timer on your watch
Fabric on the palm for grip
Stretch back for flexibility, water resistance as well
Seamless wraparound for abrasion resistance
UV 50+ for protection
Padding in the right places for rowing
Thumb and forefinger available for delicate work

Needs more color choice to coordinate with team shirts
Not waterproof
Not for extreme cold weather
Can be warm on a hot day

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6.Helly Hansen

These Helly Hansens come with a lifetime warranty: they will be repaired for free for any manufacturer’s defect. So confident is the company that you will be pleased with their products. It is hard to resist that promise, even for such a small article of clothing. For many situations in sailing, it is essential to have sailing gloves on hand. They can make the difference in being comfortable with any task. Without them, you may damage your hands or get cold quickly.

The Helly Hansens are moderately priced. The short fingers make them not suitable for cold weather sailing. You need full protection that covers all of your hand when the temperature dips close to freezing when you are on the sea. Some people would appreciate more color choices to coordinate with their other sailing gear.

These sailing gloves look very traditional, but they are made of 100% polyester. So, you can throw them in the washing machine, unlike many gloves with leather sections. They have great grip on the palm, extra padding that is well placed, a Velcro pull closure, and are made of breathable material. The covering is durable, so you can expect to have them for many sailing seasons. The style is unisex, and they fit true to their measuring chart. They are an excellent solution for warm weather sailing.

If you invite crew onboard your boat, you will want a pair or two of the Helly Hansens to offer to them to protect their hands against rope burns or pinching. And when they take control of the boat by holding onto your steering wheel, their hand will be kept comfortably warm though the wheel may be as cold as the air temperature.

If you are looking for a moderately priced set of sailing gloves that look traditional but have all of the advantages of the more modern material, these Helly Hansens are perfect for your situation.

Durable, flexible
100% polyester
Machine washable
True to size
Limited lifetime warranty, repair free for manufacturer’s defect

Moderate price
Need more color choices
Not suitable for cold weather sailing

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The WindRiders are more than a set of sailing gloves. They are multi-purpose for many sports, including kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, kite flying, wakeboarding, fishing, or rowing. You are multi-talented, why shouldn’t your gloves follow you through all of your water sports.

Unfortunately, some people find that the WindRiders inside seams may rub and blister your hand with continued vigorous use. The open finger design may not be enough coverage for a demanding competitive situation as you could develop blisters on the exposed parts of your fingers. Since the WindRiders are breathable, they are water-resistant, not waterproof. Some people found issues with sizing, so when ordering, measure your hand carefully. You may need to order 1 size up. To clean, they need to be rinsed out by hand.

Despite these facts, there are many positive qualities of the WindRiders. First and foremost, they come at a very good price and are made to be highly adaptable to many different sports on and off the water. They are breathable and fast-drying, so they are convenient for competitive situations where you need these gloves day after day. They will dry overnight, ready for use in the morning.

Their backs are very flexible, but the palm of Amara leather palm is built for grip and durability. The company has placed extra padding under the palm for your protection. Your fingers are free to adjust equipment, use touchscreen devices, or to take a snack when you get hungry. The sizing ranges from men’s to women’s to youth.

So, pack your equipment bag or backpack with the WindRiders, the next time you head out to enjoy your chosen sport. You can start the day with a warm-up bicycle ride, then progress to rowing and end the day with an evening sail. The WindRiders will see you through all the 3 situations. There is no need to pack different gloves for these different sports.

Great price
Adaptable for many sports
Dry fast
Breathable and fast drying
Amara leather palm for grip and durability
Padding under the palm
Nimble fingers
Unisex sizing for men, women and youth
Strong stitching

Not waterproof
Inside seams may rub and blister your hand
Not enough coverage for heavy rowing sport
Fits small, order 1 size up
Can be warm on a hot day of paddling
Rinse by hand in water to clean

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At first glance, you can see that these sailing gloves are constructed for the serious sailor. Several unique features make these gloves stand out. The Tourelos look the part too, with their lava red detailing against an all-black glove with white branding.

Unfortunately, some people found that the gloves were not stitched well to ensure proper construction of the fingers. Some found the sizing inconsistent, while others found the ends of the fingers too constricting. These gloves are suitable for warm weather sailing but not for freezing weather. They are water-resistant, not waterproof, but they do dry quickly. Some people would prefer more color choices.

The Tourelos are well-constructed, and if you are dissatisfied, the manufacturer stands by their product. The protection of your hand is their first concern. With the synthetic leather palm, they are abrasion resistant while maintaining a good grip. The wraparound design puts the protection where you need it to handle lines or winches. The secure fit and the high placed, sturdy Velcro wrist strap lessens hand fatigue. The glove fits so snugly that there are pull-on tabs at the wrist and pull-off tabs on one finger of each glove.

The reinforced stitching ensures that the glove will not tear under stress. The ends of the fingers are well reinforced by an extra layer of material to prevent the finger ends from coming apart. The glove is water-resistant and quick drying. Yet this set of sailing gloves is highly flexible for all of the tasks you need to perform in a competitive situation.

The Tourelos perform well in a competitive situation, but they are also suited for less demanding situations. They work well in warmer weather, are rain resistant and dry quickly. Many people find the aesthetics very pleasing too.

Maximum hand protection for open finger glove
Abrasion resistant, durable synthetic leather wraparound palm
Reinforced stitching
Water resistant
High placed, strong Velcro wrist strap
Tight fitting to reduce hand fatigue
Convenient pull tabs for putting on and taking off the gloves

Expensive, get what you pay for
Some quality control issues
Not for cold weather
Water resistant, not waterproof
Need more color choices

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9.Seavenger Abyss

While the Seavenger is first classified as a diving glove, its many quality aspects make it suitable for many purposes, including sailing. This cross over gear will solve some of the issues may sailors have. While enjoying their sport, they want to keep their hands warm and dry. Yes, they need to handle lines, but keeping warm and dry is paramount to many people. The Seavengers are not traditional looking gloves, but if they serve a purpose well, then they will be adopted by sailors. Bring on the rainy, colder weather!

Since the Seavengers are sized somewhat small, consider ordering a size larger. Some people found them a bit hard to pull on, but once in place, they had a snug feel. They are a full-fingered glove, so you can expect to lose some dexterity. They are not touchscreen capable and would be unsuitable for anyone at the helm who needs to manipulate the screen of the chart plotter to navigate. For the crew, though, these gloves would be most suitable.

The Seavengers have many features of standard sailing gloves with the added advantage of being full-fingered and waterproof. They have a reinforced palm and thumb for protection and durability. The palm is constructed of Amara leather palm for grip. The wrists can be snugged down for a secure fit. Best of all, they are made for thermal protection and are waterproof. You can wear these gloves every day you sail or save them for the inclement weather.

Their low price is very appealing, as well. Keep several pairs on board in different size ranges for your visiting crew. Sizes extend from XX small to XX-large. Their 5 colors will appeal to most people while helping differentiate which gloves belong to the captain and which are for the crew.

Consider these cross over divers’ gloves for those nasty, rainy days. Their pricing is so reasonable that you can afford to keep several pairs on hand for anyone who braves the elements by working on deck. If you are a dinghy sailor, you will love these gloves when you are out on the racecourse and most likely wet anyway due to spray.

Built for thermal protection
Reinforced palm and thumb
Amara leather palm for grip and durability
Adjustable wrists
Size range from XX small to XX large
5 color choices

Sized a little small, consider ordering a size larger
May be hard to pull on
Loss of dexterity due to full finger construction
No touch screen capabilities

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10.SHOWA Atlas

The SHOWAs are not categorized as sailing gloves, but they have some attributes that would make them applicable to the sport. If you have a pair already and are invited out on your friend’s sailboat, take them along to protect your hands.

Since the Showas are a full-fingered glove, you will lose some ability to manipulate small parts, or you will not be able to use the touchscreen on the chart plotter to navigate your way without removing the gloves. They are rain resistant but not waterproof, so your hands may get wet in a heavy downpour. The gloves are not tight-fitting and may tend to slide around.

However, having any gloves on your hands is better than not having anything for sailing. You want to avoid blisters or rope burns or cuts that can happen from the gear on a sailboat. These gloves will protect your hands against sunburn as well, especially if you are in an open dinghy. Their rubbery palm will give you plenty of grip to manipulate the lines on the boat. Since they are water-resistant, they will keep your hands dry if you happen to take a splash or two or if there is a short drizzle. If the SHOWAs get dirty, just toss them into the washing machine and hang them to dry.

The SHOWAs can be used for other water sports, as well. They will be useful for avoiding blisters while paddling your canoe or kayak. When you want to take out your kite for surfing, they will protect your hands from abrasion.

Even though the SHOWAs are not designed for a sporting environment, they have enough features to make them valuable in many different circumstances. Considering the price, though, if you wanted sailing gloves, there are many better options to fit this specific need.

Good grip on the palm
Full finger for warmth and protection
No irritating seams
Machine washable

Moderate price
Not designed as a sailing glove
Loss of dexterity due to full finger design
No touchscreen capabilities
Not waterproof

Check It Out On Amazon

Buyers Guide For Sailing Gloves

When you are out on the water looking for a day of fun in a competitive situation or just relaxing, you want to be prepared to enjoy the full experience. You do not want to hurt yourself or stop the activity early due to blisters or a badly pinched hand. You rely on your gloves to prevent any damage. The sailing gloves need to be comfortable, suited for the weather, and have adequate protection for the sport you have selected. Here are some criteria to help you choose the pair of sailing gloves that will be perfect for you. First, there some general characteristics to look for. Then they are characteristics for warm weather and of course for cold weather as well.

General Characteristics

Overall Fit:

Sailing gloves require a secure fit so that you can accomplish your tasks efficiently. They should have a tight wrist area to help with that fit, whether it be a strap you can tighten or a gathered wrist. If the gloves fit snugly, they will support your hand against fatigue.


Depending on what you are doing, padding will be more or less important. Handling ropes on a sailboat is one situation where you will need some padding, casually padding a canoe down a lazy river is a situation in which the padding is less important.

Durability & Grip:

In almost every situation in many sports, you need good grip to manage the oars, lines, or steering wheel. Along with good grip, it is essential to have durable material on the palm of the glove to give longevity to your set of sailing gloves.

Suited for the Purpose:

Sailing gloves come with full hand protection or with all or some of the fingers exposed. If you are out for a day of rowing and want to protect every bit of your hand from blisters, the full hand protection glove might be a wise choice. In other sporting situations, you need to handle small parts for adjustments, or you need to chart the course using a touchscreen chart plotter. In these circumstances, it will be convenient to select gloves that leave part of your fingers free for these necessary tasks.

Warm Weather

It is obvious that in warm weather, you want gloves that will keep your hands cool. Breathability is critical. Also, since you are out in the full sun for hours on end, you will require UV protection on the back of the glove. Partial fingers are very suitable for warmer weather as they do keep your hand cooler and allow you to do something as simples as eating lunch without removing your sailing gloves.

Cold Weather

In colder weather, you need full coverage of your hand & fingers to keep warm in the extreme conditions. If you need to use your touch screen for navigation, you can compromise by selecting gloves that leave your forefinger and thumbs open at the top. Look for gloves that have some insulating qualities and are at least water-resistant.

Sailing Gloves FAQs

Now it’s the time to answer the most asked questions:

Do sailing gloves make a difference?

Sailing gloves help protect the hands from abrasion and often recurring blisters while carrying lines. Specific gloves offer additional strength, lining, and safety at different scales. ⠀ Three-finger gloves will provide you with more excellent protection, and complete fingers are not slippery or do not move like fingerless gloves seem to do.

What is the best material for sailing gloves?

Sailing gloves are made from a fabric mix. Accessible materials include synthetic leathers such as Amara or sturdy Proton, as well as materials or coatings produced from polyester and sticky palms.

How do you clean sailing gloves?

There are two ways to wash your sailing gloves. With some amount of natural soap, you can hand wash them, clean them, and then let them dry in the air, or you can wash them with the help of a washing machine. However, you can verify the machine washing instructions for your particular garment, but we would prefer that you wash them on a gentle cycle within the absence of heat.

Why must a good sailing glove be waterproof?

While sailing, it is obvious that you will be fully surrounded by water. You would never want the salty seawater to get in contact with your skin and damage it, especially when it is wintertime. You wouldn’t want to feel cold by wetting your hands. So, having a pair of waterproof sailing gloves is crucial for protecting your hands

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He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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