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10 Best Running Gloves

Now that you have packed away the flip flops, shorts, and T-shirts, it is time to get serious about enjoying your activities in colder weather. One essential area that you need to consider is your hands. Having the right running gloves will make every event more comfortable. But with the wrong ones, your hands will not only get cold, but they may spoil your day by aching.

Since most of us like to connect with friends or use our technology for information, we need the capability to use our smart phones without taking our hand coverings off. Take a look at these offerings to find the perfect glove for you.

Best Running Gloves Reviewed

We have compiled a list of the best running gloves & mittens reviewed for winter cold weather to keep your hands, fingers and thumb’s warm & toasty:

1.Trail Heads

If you love the outdoors in cooler weather and are a woman, you will love these Trail Head gloves. Not only are they beautifully decorated but oh so very practical as well. The Trail Heads will keep you warm as they have an outer layer that is wind resistant. The soft inner layer wicks moisture away from your hands, maximizing their thermal qualities. And when the weather dips into single digits, just layer them with an outer glove for continued protection.

The Trail Heads running gloves are not warm enough for cold temperatures without layering them with other products, such as a ski glove, or windproof outer mitt. Their biggest drawback is that some people do not find them warm enough when the temperature dips.

While you spend time outdoors in athletic activities, you do not need to worry about keeping in touch with your Facebook friends or checking on the weather. These Trail Heads are touch screen compatible on the tips of the thumb and forefinger. The silicone grip palm lets you hold your phone without the worry of dropping it into puddles or the snow.

The four-way stretch provides a comfortable feeling while the brushed inner lining rests softly against your skin. They are made of Polartec power stretch fabric. Since they are black, they will, therefore, coordinate with all of your athletic gear. There is an ornate reflective pattern on the back of the glove that is decorative and adds to your safety should you be out at night.

If you are attentive to fashion, select these hand coverings to keep your hands warm on cooler days. But in the deep of winter be prepared to pair them with more clothing or leave them behind for a more substantial pair. During the winter months they could quickly become your backup pair in the car or could be driving gloves should you need a quick solution to braving the cold weather.

Thermal properties work well for cooler weather
Very attractive and will co-ordinate with many colors of workout gear
Have touch-sensitive capabilities
Soft inner lining is comfortable

Not warm enough by themselves for all seasons
Need more color options

2.Under Armour

These black, men’s running gloves are comfortable and warm, yet they are small enough to stuff into your jacket pocket for use, anytime. They are stretchy and can be pulled on easily. Since they are breathable, the Threadbornes wick off any moisture to keep your hands dry and comfortable. The outer layer is made of UA Storm finish which repels water and snow well.

One negative aspect is that the inner lining has a tendency to slip around into uncomfortable positions. At times it is necessary to pull them off and readjust them. They are made for cool days but offer little protection in freezing weather, without adding more layers. Some people found the fit tight for their hands.

These Threadbornes look attractive in their black color, with the UA logo prominently displayed and the decorative design that is reflective for greater visibility at night. There is an extra soft swipe conveniently located on the back of the thumb and index finger for those embarrassing moments. The tech touch area on the thumb and fingers make using your phone easy to use. Even while you are out on the trail, you can keep in touch, look for the approaching storm or call to say when you will arrive home.

Since the gloves are 85% polyester and 15% silicon, they can be machine washed. So, they are a no-fuss product. The longer cuff provides extra warmth on colder days, and the inner palm material is conducive to a strong grip. Your phone and water bottles are safe and secure.

The Threadbornes running gloves are the right solution for any outdoor activities in the fall or early spring. When winter comes, they make a comfortable liner for ski and snowboard mitts. Since they are machine washable, they will look great and last for a long time.

Machine washable
Fold up into a small amount for pockets
Long cuff
Rain resistant
Great for cool weather

Liner tends to bunch up
Some people prefer not to have a logo on clothing


The Zensah reflective, touch screen ,running gloves are a welcome addition to any female’s wardrobe. But they are loved by men as well. They have many fantastic features while being very attractive. The color selection, neon pink, orange, and neon yellow, will complement much athletic gear. The clip together clasp will help you keep track of both of them, especially if you tend to put these hand coverings down to have a drink or snack while running on the trail.

However, there are some concerns about the Zensah. One disappointing feature is that they tend to be very thin and do not keep your hands as warm as expected. Another negative aspect is that there is a seam that tends to push against your nail, making the wearing of the gloves uncomfortable. While the touch tip does work, it could be more responsive. Since the recommendation is to handwash the item, many people would find this care to be too demanding.

Because the Zensah is made of a highly stretchable material, they hug your hands comfortably. The material is breathable, thereby ensuring that your hands do not feel damp and cold or get overheated while you are exercising heavily. The cuff conveniently stops the wind well.

The Zensah running gloves has many useful features. The thumb and forefinger have a material that allows you to use your phone to locate where you are or to text a friend or to take a photo of that beautiful sunset. The glove is striped with reflective strips for your safety while outdoors at night. The no-slip silicone grip helps you hold your electronics or water bottle safely. And the micro suede wipe on the back of the thumb is available if you have a runny nose.

The many features make this glove as a solid choice for fall weather. The attractive colors will appeal to many runners who want a coordinated look.

Variety of attractive colors
Lightweight, yet warm
Firm grip on the inner palm

Tech touch could be more sensitive
Uncomfortable finger areas
No clasp to attach both gloves

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The DEFEET E Touch, Dura Gloves are suitable for running, riding motorcycles and many more outdoor activities in the cooler weather. They are perfect for runners, walkers, hikers, and bicyclist as they will keep your hands warm in cooler weather. The cuffs are tight enough to prevent the wind from making your wrists cold. And when the weather becomes cold, these hand coverings are thin enough to be partnered with a mitt to keep out the frosty air.

But they tend to be sized large. It may be necessary to order a smaller pair than you usually do. Specifically, the fingers seem to be very long. They are comfortable but they are not waterproof. Wear them in the fall but be prepared to layer them for icy winter.

They are available in black and several neon colors with the attractive DEFEET logo in contrasting color down the side. They are made of a combination of polyester, nylon, and lycra, but are very soft against your skin. Their flexibility and the palm grip design give a positive feel for the handlebars of your bike, poles for cross country skiing or leash when walking the dog..

Several features are impressive. They have 6 touch screen friendly digits so you can make notes, connect with friends, or search maps to see which way to run next. The rubber palm and finger grips make sure that your electronics and water bottles can be held securely. The long cuff can be tucked over your shirt or under your jacket sleeve.

These running gloves are a great solution for people who are active in the fall, as they do not hinder any movements while providing a secure grip. They are warm enough for cool weather but not for most winter temperatures. But they are thin enough that they fit under a more substantial mitt for the freezing temperatures. Many athletes will appreciate the various bright color choices to coordinate with other gear.

Warm on cool days
Reflective design on the back for safety at night
Several choices of color
DEFEET logo is attractive

Sized large
Not waterproof
Not suitable for freezing weather


The Nike Therma running gloves are attractive and can be purchased in all black or with a vintage green flash on the outer portion of the hand. They sport the traditional Nike symbol along with some reflective stripes on two of the fingers.

These lightweight gloves are made for cool weather but are not warm enough for a harsh winter climate. The color you see on screen is not necessarily the color you will receive due to different dye lots. There may be issues with some of the stitching. In time, the reflective stripes do wear off.

The Nike Therma are sewn to mimic your natural hand position for comfort. They are lined with fleece for extra warmth so they will keep your hands cozy even in the rain. But they are sleek and do not have any extra bulk. If you do get them wet, they dry fast. And there is a fleece patch conveniently located for a nose wipe. The long cuff does add extra comfort whether you tuck in into your jacket or pull it over your jersey.

There are a conductive thumb and forefinger tips which gives you touch capability for your phone. The silicone grip on the inner surface is a safety feature to provide you with a positive grip, whether you carry electronics or a water bottle. Although they are labeled as a running glove, they would suit training purposes for most outdoor sports including soccer, motorcycle riding and a warm cross country ski day.

These running gloves  are constructed for a comfortable fit, keeping you warm and allowing you to use your electronics without removing them. They are priced reasonably, but the colors on the screen may differ from the screen color of the product.

Very economical
Warm, resists rain,
Quickly dried
Form-fitting & lightweight
Touch screen sensitive

Color issues
Stripes may wear off
Stitching may come undone
Not for super cold weather


The SmartWool product is two gloves in one. Wear them for fall weather by themselves and during the winter use them as a liner with a more substantial pair of mitts. Put them in your car as a backup for those quick trips to the grocery store or for swiping off the snow after a storm. They can be ordered in a variety of colors from black, silver grey and Bordeaux heather (wine color). These choices provide a Unisex appeal.

The fit is on the large size, especially in the fingers. If you wear a large, you probably only need a medium in the SmartWool. If it is important to use your phone often during your activity, you will be disappointed with the performance of the touchscreen pads. They work for swiping by not reliably for touching.

Since they are constructed of acrylic and Merino wool, the SmartWool keeps your hands warm by locking in your body heat. The Mernio wool cradles your skin while the windproof outer layer resists the wind. The long, tight cuff is suitable for tucking under your jacket or riding over your sweater to provide a continuous barrier to the cold.

The SmartWool is keeping up with the times, as it has touchscreen capabilities woven into the thumbs and forefingers. If you are hiking, bicycle riding, skiing or running, you can check for messages, find the perfect lunch spot or make a reservation for the night, all without getting your hands cold. Some people use them indoors in cold environments because the gloves are so flexible, it is possible to type with them. So, if you work in a cold office building, around commercial freezers or in and out of different temperatures, this product might be the perfect solution to keeping your hands toasty. Since they have 45% Merino wool, care must be taken for washing. They can be washed in lukewarm water with detergent on a gentle cycle. Do not put them in the dryer. Or they can be dry cleaned.

The SmartWool  is versatile in that it can be used as a means of keeping your hands warm by themselves or as a liner for icy conditions. They are very flexible, soft, and are easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Warm and flexible
Touchscreen capabilities
Long cuff for comfort
Made to be used as a liner, too

Touchscreen area needs improvement
Sizing is large, so order carefully

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7.New Balance

The New Balance lightweight running gloves are very stylish and come in 2 different colors: black and heather with the New Balance logo attractively placed. But they have an interesting detail that will undoubtedly appeal to many running enthusiasts. If you order a Marathon pair, they come with the names of each of the 5 New York City Burroughs on the fingers: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island in attractive and different neon colors. How inviting is that!

While the gloves are warm, they are not waterproof. The sizing chart on the New Balance website gives a very accurate description for sizing. These hand coverings are warm but not suitable for the very cold. Some running enthusiasts prefer more options for color choice. While some athletes like displaying brand logos, others would prefer not to wear any advertising.

Their lightweight is due to the fact that they are made of 95% Polyester with 5% Spandex and fleece. One other benefit is that these fibers are microbial, thereby resisting any odors. The material is also breathable, so reducing any damp feeling. Some individuals find them comfortable enough to use them as sun protection too. The stitching is well placed and does not interfere with the snug fit of the glove.

The touchscreen capabilities are placed on the thumbs and forefingers. These pads work well with most electronic gear, allowing you to keep in touch with your friends, make arrangements for lunch, use the mapping apps to find new routes for running or to select your favorite tunes for kicking up your routine. The grip quality is substantial, allowing runners to carry a cellphone or water bottle securely.

The New Balance running gloves do appeal to marathon runners, if you order the unique Marathon option. They are comfortable and lightweight, yet warm. The touchscreen capabilities are effective yet unobtrusive, and the grip is solid.

Warm and lightweight
Good touchscreen capability
Great grip
Interesting detailing for marathon enthusiasts

Not waterproof
Take care with the sizing
Limited color choice

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The Manzella running gloves have many positive features that are attractive to athletes who spend time outdoors, running, biking, hiking, playing sports, cross country skiing, or dog walking. Not only are they attractive, but they are windproof and warm. They are especially suited for photographers who need the dexterity for camera controls. They are quick to put on and off while manipulating various equipment. Also, they are very lightweight so they can be stored in a pocket or backpack or the glove compartment of your car, conveniently for use at any time.

They are for cooler temperatures but need to be paired with an inner liner for cold winter days. They are too thin to be used for driving as you can feel the frozen steering wheel right through the material. In addition, the cuff could be longer for greater protection.

The Gore-tex material stops the wind but it breathable, letting the sweat out. When sized correctly, the hand coverings trap air around your hand, providing the much-needed insulation to keep you warm. They can be teamed with inner pairs for colder weather.

They are so thin that they allow for excellent dexterity when accomplishing tasks outside, The touchscreen pads on the thumbs and forefingers work effectively if the glove fits appropriately. If it is too loose, then the touchscreen area moves around too much.

For individuals who like to be outdoors in the cooler weather, the Manzilla are a good solution as they are conveniently stored in a small space, ready for use when needed. The windproof quality makes them useful for inclement weather, but they do not have much thermal capability. For colder weather, they need an inner liner for warmth.

Great dexterity
Touchscreen compatible
Scrunch small to store for convenience

Not for frigid weather, need an inner glove
Missing a clip to keep them together
No insulation, just outer shells
Cuff a little short
Requires more choice of colors

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The Vbiger liners can be used inside your winter gloves or in warmer temperature by themselves. They are made with waterproof and windproof material to keep your hands comfortable in rainy weather. The gloves are made of neoprene on the outside with the underside being lined with fleece material. They are available in black, only.

This running glove comes with a bright red stop side on the edge. Since some people do not like the red stop sign on the side of the product, they remove this badge. Also, there have been some issues with the stitching coming apart. It is essential to be careful with sizing as the hand coverings are a tight fit.

They are easy to put on and take off as the material is very stretchy. The elastic strap in the wristband is another feature that keeps out the wind and rain. The black color is accented with the tasteful logo and reflective strips for your safety when outside at night.

They are touch screen products with pads on the thumbs and forefingers. You can swipe, type, and tap efficiently. The inner palm has some grip strips that help you hold your phone securely and feels great on the steering wheel of your car. They come in useful when clearing snow off the windshield of your vehicle. The grip is helpful for outside games of football or throwing frisbees.

The Vbigers running liners are suitable for cooler wet and windy weather. For the coldest of weather, they need to be teamed with another glove or mitt. Their touch screen capability and inner grip are effective. They are lightweight and can be stored easily in pockets or the glove compartment of your car.

Attractive logo and reflective strip1
Very stretch for dexterity
Soft material inside against your skin
Elastic wrist strap to guard against wind

Not lined for cold weather
Some people do not want such a large logo or any logo at all
Many have removed the stop sign
Some stitching issues
Need more color choices

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The OZERO winter thermal running gloves have many great features for the cold seasons. Not only are they stylish, but they are practical too. Wear them for sports for their flexibility but use them with a nice jacket for social occasions. They are lightweight and flexible. Just the perfect combination for completing any dexterous movements such as for holding onto ski poles, a golf club or using them for work in cold environments. Their plain styling is a perfect fit with for any type of gear. And the placement and color of the logo makes an understatement.

They are warm enough to handle fall temperatures but are not suitable for the extreme cold. The water resistant material tends to reduce their breathability. Sweaty hands usually mean cold hands. Another issue is sizing as the product seems to fit tight. Take careful measurements to ensure a good fit for you.

These hand coverings are not only wind proof but they are water resistant as well. Note that the fingertips and seams are not waterproof. The snug cuff ensures that the wind does not invade your space and the fleece on the inside of the gloves increases their thermal qualities. The grip is great for holding electronics, grasping sports equipment or for use on the steering wheel of your vehicle.

The tech touch thumbs and fingers mean that you can take a call, locate a lunch meeting place or find a room for the night, all without taking your gloves off. The tech touch capability is so effective that some people who use electronic in the field prefer them for making notes and entering data on their laptops and other devices.

The OZEROs are not only economical but they are designed to be stylish too. They work well on the trail or with many outdoor sports but are attractive looking in more formal situations. They keep your hands warm, dry and protected from the wind while being flexible enough to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Suitable for sports or a work environment
Warm enough for cooler temperature
Water resistant
Excellent tech touch capabilities
Adaptable too many situations

Take care with hand measurements, fits tightly
Not waterproof
Not very breathable

Check It Out On Amazon

Running Gloves Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick The Right One?

When running or being outside in the cold weather, different people have varied preferences for the hand coverings that they wear. Depending on your personal needs, some various options will suit you better than others. When selecting a new pair of glove think of the following criteria as you consider the many different brands and styles.


Every glove will be warmer than your bare hands. When running or exorcizing vigorously, breathability may be a key for wicking the dampness away from your skin to keep your hands warm. However, if you use the gloves to hold a steering wheel or a piece of equipment such as a camera, you will prefer thin, thermal layers to keep your hands warm.


For many people, they are concerned with using the product in many different circumstances and so the pair that they are looking for must be wind and water-proof. Yet the perfect pair will work as an outer glove in cool weather and an inner glove in colder weather.


For many people, the look of the glove is critical. Running enthusiasts may prefer a glove that announces their love for the sport as does the Marathon option, which places the 5 districts of New York prominently on each finger. Other individuals are concerned that the gloves match their other gear and are therefore attracted to specific colors or logos. Often for work, a plain black or solid color is preferred. The choice is yours as there are many styles to suit every taste.

Tech Touch Capability

Many of the hand coverings now include this capability with more or less efficiency. If you need to hear your inspiring tunes to rock your workout, then this feature will be at the top of your list when considering which pair to buy.

The Fit

Some people are on a quest for the perfect fit. They do not appreciate pairs that are too loose as they look sloppy or with the long fingers that limit their dexterity. And pairs that are too tight will interfere with blood flow, making their hands cold. Wrist straps and the length of cuffs are critical to them to keep their hand snug and comfortable.


Other folks are interested in items that will last for as many seasons as possible. Not only are these products economical, but they mean that wearer can depend on them for years to come. Once the decision has been carefully made, they are free to enjoy the benefits without needing to make the deliberations year after year. Environmentalists are interested in reducing their footprint on our earth in as many different ways as possible.For a perfect winter running experience follow the tips below in the video.


For many people, having the gloves available at all times is a deciding factor. The pair must be small enough to store easily in a pocket, with the workout gear, in a glove box in the car, in a drawer or in a cubby at work. Similarly, these types of people prefer products with clips to prevent the loss of one glove.

And so, to receive value from the running gloves brand you select, it is vital to determine what you value most and then go looking for those features you treasure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need running gloves?

Many athletes might need to wear a running glove through a race, whereas others may reach a point where they might take them off and place them in a pocket. Running gloves provide you the advantage of saving your hands from cold while running.

Do running gloves make a difference?

On a trail marathon, anything as little, light in weight, and straightforward as a couple of running gloves can make a huge difference. These barely-existing gloves have ample insulation for cool weather, and their moisture-transfer fabric is doing a good job as it wicks moisture.

What are the warmest fabrics for running gloves?

The merino wool is good for controlling the temperature— you’re not going to get too hot on warmer days while remaining toasted in a relatively thin polyester case. The glove is made for soft stretch elastic and a better fit than wool alone, including the smartphone compatible fingertip and thumb job.

What should you wear when running in winter?

At least, the standard running equipment will consist of:

  • Scarf, beanie, or headband for the cold weather.
  • Shirt on the bottom layer.
  • A jacket that is specially made for running.
  • Running-oriented mittens or gloves.
  • Running trousers or leggings.
  • Merino wool or advanced nylon running shoes.
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He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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