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I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: “Finding a good pair of Raynauds gloves or mittens is hard enough as it is, but it is even harder if you suffer from Raynaud’s disease syndrome.”

Do you suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome disease? It can be a very painful and frustrating condition, especially during the cold winter months. If you are tired of blowing on your hands to keep them warm and cold, numb fingers, don’t fret

Best Raynauds Gloves To Keep Your Hands Warm

We’ve compiled a list of the best warmest Raynauds gloves and mittens reviewed to help you beat cold hands and keep your fingers warm and toasty from Raynaud’s disease syndrome.

1.Integrity Designs

Suffering from cold hands is a documented health condition called Raynaud’s syndrome disease. It has many causes, but despite the initiating health problem, the condition results in considerable pain when your hands get cold. If only you could find some of Raynauds gloves to alleviate this problem. Try the Integrity Designs to relieve this condition.

Unfortunately, these Raynauds gloves or mittens are made of 100% wool. While this natural fabric holds your body heat well, some individuals have an allergy to wool. They could wear a liner underneath to avoid this problem. While the mittens are very warm, they are not windproof or waterproof. If you wear these gloves outside, it will be possible to get chilled due to the fact that they are not wind and waterproof. It will be necessary to wear an outside covering for superior protection. The Integrity Designs Raynauds gloves are feminine in pattern. Many men would not want to wear them. They come in only 2 color choices and may not coordinate with your wardrobe.

Despite these negatives, the Integrity Designs Raynauds gloves will keep your hands warm in many conditions as they are made from 100% wool. Some people can enjoy the comfort from them by wearing them in the house during winter. The long cuff provides extra coverage for your lower arm. If you venture out in nasty weather, it would be prudent to pair them with an outer covering that is wind and water-proof.

While they are machine washable for your convenience, it is best to spread them out for drying. This product is made in the USA with ecofriendly wool and that’s makes the one of the best wool gloves available for a reasonable cost.

If you suffer from Raynaud’s disease syndrome, these Raynauds gloves could save you considerable pain as they will keep your hands warm. They are a very suitable design for women. When paired with an outer windproof and rainproof covering, you could extend the usefulness right through the entire winter. An added feature is that the wool has a very soft feel.

Moderate price
100% wool
Made in the USA
Machine washable
Long cuff for warmth at the wrist
Soft feel

Not wind and waterproof
Feminine design
Only 2 colors
May have allergy to wool, need to wear a liner

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*Quick Note*
People with illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and lupus are more likely to get secondary Reynaud’s.  So if you are suffering from Arthritis this  Guide will help you to learn about simple measures in your daily life & diet you must fix for a fast recovery & boost your immune system against future arthritis attacks.

2.Freyja Canada

Freyja Canada Inc. is a Canadian maker of wool clothing. The garments are made of Icelandic wool of 100% high quality. Freyja Canada Inc. has been in the Icelandic and Eastern European markets for over 20 years as part of an international alliance. They work closely with wool producers in Iceland to ensure that the Canadian market is supplied with high quality and a wide range of products. The managers select new seasonal collections to meet the tastes and preferences of customers every year. Freyja Canada Inc. attends major international events on a regular basis.

With the slightest drawbacks, the Freyja Canada has successfully expanded its line-up, which aims to offer you the best and the warmest mitts. At the downside, the only two problems you might come across with these mittens are about cost and variability. The product is not available in many different designs. You might think limited when it comes to designs as it is available in a single one. Other than this, the price tag of this product is pricey, as well. You cannot expect everyone to pay this much for a single pair of mitts.

When we take a look at the advantages, there is a long list of benefits these Raynauds gloves offer. As mentioned before, these lack in providing you the choice of different designs. However, the design is mesmerizing enough to catch your attention. You will love the themes these that mitts represent. The 100% Icelandic wool also creates an impressive image. This wool offers you the ultimate warmth and comfort. The full fleece lining adds more to the warmth this product provides.

The material is highly breathable. So, you don’t have to worry about sweaty hands. In addition to all these amazing features, these Raynauds gloves are also machine washable. Other than this, the fabric is entirely waterproof. In this way, you get free from the worry of rain. The lightweight nature makes these Raynauds gloves even more comfortable.

Concluding all the facts and figures, we have to say that this pair of warm mitts is one of the top choices offered in the market. Although the price is high, the amazing qualities it possesses make justifies the expensive nature.

100% Icelandic wool
Supports machine wash
Fully fleece lined

Not available in various designs

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3.Volt Fleece

Do you suffer from cold hands? Are you dreading the winter season? Stop worrying about his problem, as the Volt Fleece gloves will solve it. The Raynauds gloves are not only sturdily constructed, and well insulated, but they include a heater to keep your hands warm. Wear them to complete your job outside, take them for hikes in the morning with your dog, or pack them to keep your hands warm when you go off to ski or snowmobile trip. Although they may seem somewhat expensive, your hands are worth this extra care.

The Volt Fleece are moderately priced, compared to other comparable heated gloves. Since they are so well insulated, they do not give you the dexterity of much thinner gloves. So, you will have difficulty taking a credit card from your wallet, for example. However, if you want warm hands, they are hard to beat.

The Volt Fleece heated gloves have many features to keep your hands warm. The 7V lithium battery pack warms every inch of your fingers, palms, and back of your hands. They are well insulated with a soft fleece inside to hold the heat against your skin. They have a long cuff that can be stuffed under your coat sleeve or pulled over the jacket sleeve. The garment has a cinch at the wrist to block any cold airflow from infiltrating.

There are leather patches placed in wear areas in the palm and on the fingertips to provide durability. The nylon back can take substantial wear and tear. While the battery warmth will last at least 2 to 3 hours, you can purchase more battery packs from Volt to extend the heating time. So, if you work outside for 8 hours, you can plan to keep the heat the entire working day.

The Volt Fleece is the best heated gloves for Raynaud’s syndrome disease to keep your hands warm & improve blood circulation in your fingers. They are a well-insulated, fleece garment with the latest heating technology. Volt offers a money-back guarantee. It doesn’t get much better than that.

More batteries can be purchased from Volt
Can be treated with waterproofing agent
Inner liner is breathable and waterproof
Money back guarantee
Designed, developed and shipped from the USA
Leather patches for wear and grip

Thick layer, not dexterous
Moderately priced

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Heated Raynauds gloves are the best choice for Raynaud’s disease syndrome sufferers for guaranteed warm hands. If you live in snowfall areas like “Alaska, Colorado, North Dakota, Vancouver …” or want to practice winter sports. Try to invest in high quality heated gloves. Absolutely that will cost you more money but will ensure more warm & dexterity.

Our Top Picks: Best Heated Gloves & Reviews

4.Terramar Liner

Terramar pride themselves on being innovative when it comes to designing clothing for all outdoor pursuits. A US Based company, that specialises in providing high-quality base layers from a lightweight and quick-drying fabric. They create liners using a smart and innovative fabric that adjusts its temperature to the users own body temperature.

Whilst the fabric is designed to provide heat, it has been noted that these Raynauds gloves tend to lose heat quickly. The fabric also has poor durability with the stitches coming undone and the fabric beginning to snag after prolonged use. The sizes of these Raynauds gloves tend to come up small too, so ought not fit larger hands as well as they to. The fingers themselves are short and may be uncomfortable for the wearer. As these Raynauds gloves are not waterproof or provide any aid against windy conditions, they are much better suited for use as a glove liner only. That being said, some have found comfort for using them indoors only.

The fabric used in these Raynauds gloves is 100% silk, using interlocking filaments to ensure they are fast drying. The fabric has also been brushed so that it does not each: a great option for people with sensitive skin. Terrarmar boasts a specialist Ec2 Quick-Dri Thermoregulation Comfort Technology which makes them fast drying and comfortable throughout wear. They also have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of over 50, which means harmful sun rays won’t get to the skin. The fabric has a great stretch which allows for a snug fit to maintain heat throughout the day.

There are five sizes to choose from, with a sizing chart to help the customer decide what size is best for them. A great option for people who are looking for Raynauds gloves to use indoors for everyday tasks or as a base layer under larger gloves during cold days. A great range of movement when used alone, so are great for typing or other indoor activities.

UPF Rating 50+
Non-itch microfiber
Fast drying
Adjusts to body temperature
Stretched fabric for a snug fit
5 Sizes to choose from

Sizes come up small
Poor durability
Lose heat quickly
Finger length comes up short
Work better as a glove liner than a standalone product

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5.Alti Mitts

Here is an excellent pair of mittens to have on hand when going on an arctic expedition or when going on an adventure to a peak above 8,000m. The mitten, which is made of 100% nylon, have been integrated with waterproof Gore-TEX inserts – these help to ensure comfortability and impacts some degree of versatility. Again, its liners and shells are bolstered with PrimaLoft insulation thus enabling it to resist water and keep the hand insulated even when it (the mitten) becomes damp.

A lot of persons have had positive experiences using the Alti Mitts. Notwithstanding, there have been a couple of users who complained about the mittens being too large for their liking while some have had to suggest that a locking slider be added to its back of the mitten in order to make fit securely. While in some other instances, the complaints have been about it being a bit expensive, and also how it failed when one is in subzero temperatures for a relatively long time.

Despite the minor hitches, this particular Raynauds mitten has got loads of features that make it worth having. In addition to the features stated earlier; it has adjustable gauntlet closures which help to seal out cold air; hook and loop tabs to prevent it slipping out of the hand and this (secure fit) is further made sure of by the wrist cords present on the mitten. The Kevlar stitching use in holding it together also imposes a good degree of toughness; preventing the mitten from ripping off easily.

The Alti Mitts from Outdoor Research is really versatile and will do its work to a commendable extent. And one more thing is that OR Alti rated as one of the best mittens in the markets that has good dexterity; this is probably down to its inbuilt 3-panel thumb design and pre-curved construction that make it blend seamlessly with the shape of one’s hand. The Pittards leather palm and high-loft Moonlite Pile fleece palm lining will make it easy for you to grip stuffs while wearing a pair (of the mitten).

Excellent insulation
Good grip
Secure fit

Size may not correspond with standard sizing

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MUK LUKS is a brand you can count on. With the quality-oriented approach, this brand urges you to give you the best and the warmest experience of your life. The products of this brand speak for themselves. With the amazing quality and affordable pricing, the company is leading the industry by storm. Undoubtedly, you will love the feel and quality of its manufactured products.

On the downside, there is actually not much that we have to say about these Raynauds gloves. There is only a single point which only a few people may find as an issue. As the product features polyester as the main material, it is possible that the people who are allergic to such fabrics may suffer. One thing to remember is that polyester is warm in nature and only affects those who are already infected by certain allergies.

As the product does not possess any problems, the list of advantages that it provides is long. Why do we buy Raynauds gloves? To stay warm, right? These mitts by MUK LUKS are very efficient in keeping you warm. You will get hooked to the cozy feeling that these provide. There are multiple designs available in this product. So, if you want to up your style game, it can prove as the best option for you.

The pull-on closure, coupled with the support that these mitts offer to machine washing, provides a sense of ease and comfort to the users. They were warm and stylish will accompany you for a longer period as they are highly durable. The flexible fit of these mitts will allow you to have a snug yet comfortable fit.

In a nutshell, these gloves offer you lovely benefits in combination with versatility and comfort. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the soft feel they provide. If you are in search of a pair of mitts that have the potential to offer you everything, these are certainly made for you.

Multiple designs available
Pull-On closure
Machine Wash
Warm and stylish
Flexible fit

Polyester mixing (May cause allergy to some people)

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7.The North Face Apex

North Face is a brand that is synonymous with quality and we believe it has not failed to bring that to the fore in this product – the Apex Etip Men’s Glove. It is made from 86% polyester and 14% elastane, and it has been designed in such a way that allows the hand to be in a natural [and relaxed] position hence comfort is assured when wearing the glove. The fabric is 1005 windproof and has got tricot lining.

The bulkiness of the North Face Apex Etip has however been a cause of concern among a couple of users. On the other hand, the sizing of the glove has often brought criticisms as some persons feel it is too tight while some others say it is too large. Again, some persons have had to show dissatisfaction over how this glove falls short in providing good protection in extremely cold weather.

The Heatseeker insulation technology integrated into the glove [coupled with its 5-dimensional fit] will go a long way in enhancing its usability. Plus the soft shell at the back of the glove will keep wind and moisture at bay thus leaving the hand warm and dry. Additionally, the silicone gripping feature present on the palm + the 5-finger Touchscreen compatibility should make it possible for you to work with your hands [and/or operate your Smartphone] while wearing the glove.

The North Face Apex Etip is worth recommending and that is primarily because of the quality it reflects. A versatile gear such as this will not give one any trouble when being worn, and the pull tab fixed to the cuff will help make sure that you do not have any difficulty when putting or putting off the piece. So, if you’re looking out for a good pair of Raynauds gloves you can wear while hiking, camping or mountaineering…you name it; this is one for you

Comfortable fit
Great insulation
Good dexterity
Superior grip

Size runs too small

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8.Heat Holders

This thermal winter product has been pleasing customers for almost a decade with it’s “Heat Weaver Lining”. This companies own design has created a thermal, plush, soft lining that has earned a 2.3 Tog rating for warmth. When most thermal material rates at .89 Tog, you now realize how warm your hand will be in this garment. It also comes with an extra long protective cuff which is ribbed for security and can be worn long or folded down for that extra snug comfort and warmth.

If you are going to be out in the cold for a long period of time in temperatures under 30 degrees, these beautifully woven mitts are not designed well enough to keep your hand warm that long.

Several people with Reynauds Syndrome actually commented on how well these particular “Heat Holders” kept their hands warms and provided comfort to their hands and relieved their pain.

It seems this beautiful garment which comes in 7 colors and 2 sizes seems to be a hit or miss product. People either rave about the incredible warmth and protection provided by the Heatweaver lining and high performing insulation of these thermal beauties or they deny any protection at all. It makes me question if some people are getting faulty products with such a vast spread in difference of opinion.

Heat weaver lining
High performing insulation
Elastic long ribbed cuff
Satin linning

Vast differences of opinions wide spectrum,

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9.Ope Cking

Compression gloves have been on the market for some time, especially for those who suffer from arthritic pain and stiffness. Compression across the joints and hands can help reduce inflammation by stimulating better blood flow. This allows for better oxygen delivery and eases the stiffness or pain in the hands. These Raynauds gloves by OpeCking combine cotton and spandex to ensure the gloves are breathable whilst keeping a snug fit for optimum compression.

What has been reported from using these gloves in the lack of durability when used. Over prolonged use have found these gloves pulling at the seams and the fabric begins to sag. The stitching of the gloves is also on the inside and the seams have been found to irritate and cause pain when worn. A design flaw, perhaps, when the gloves are created to compress against the hand.

Whilst these gloves are advertised towards those with certain health conditions, one of the biggest drawbacks of these is they are not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and therefore not clinically approved to provide treatment for these conditions. This is something to consider when a consumer is choosing between different Raynauds gloves for symptomatic relief.

These gloves differ from other compression gloves as they are full fingers instead of half. This allows them to retain heat whilst still keeping a good range of movement. The fabric choice of cotton and spandex ensures it’s breathable and allows the hands to remain dry and warm. This fabric allows moisture and excess heat to escape so the hands do not get uncomfortable.

The fabric also allows for the user to continue wearing them whilst using mobile devices. The fabric in the thumb and index fingers respond to touchscreens and therefore can be worn whilst using touchscreen devices. The wrist also provides compressions which allow additional relief and support. This makes them a great Raynauds gloves option for those with multiple conditions, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Quick and effective relief
Great option as a glove liner
Value for money
Comfortable to wear
Ideal for various ailments

Poor durability
Not FDA approved
Sizes come up very small
Inside seaming can cause pain

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Ozero is a Chinese company that has been established since the late 1980s, focusing exclusively on gloves since 2005. They specialise in outdoor clothing, including gloves, that are designed to be durable and provide warmth in the colder climates.

The gloves are made of fleece material and as they are worn they loosen over time. Whilst great at providing warmth, they do not have a long shelf life for this reason. Compared to others, they are relatively cheap and the quality of this marries with the price. There is no inner lining to them, so the stitches can irritate as well as the fleece.

The gloves are also not waterproof and doesn’t support touchscreen. Whilst the gloves come in four sizes, it has been reported that these Raynauds gloves do come up big. With the loosening over time too, it can be difficult to choose which size is the most suitable for the user. They also offer no heating elements or compression, so do not provide any exact relief for those with poor circulation or stiffness.

The company provides a measuring and sizing chart, with advice on choosing a smaller size if a hand size is between sizes. This should allow the user to have more uses out of them, even when the fleece begins to become baggy. The fleecing provides great heat in moderately cold weather with thermal cotton providing comfort and allowing freedom of movement.

They do maintain heat very well and they are a good value for money product. They have some versatility to them also, as they can be worn alone or underneath larger, outer gloves. The fabric is high quality and whilst it may sag, it does have good durability. A great option if a consumer cannot pay a fortune for Raynauds gloves.

Great option as an outer glove liner
Soft and comfortable fabric
Good value for money
Maintains heat well
High-quality fabric

Sizes come up big
Fleece fabric loosens over time
Not waterproof
Not waterproof
Lacks touchscreen e-tips

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If you still need help to make the right choice continue reading our mini buyer’s guide. No matter which ones you choose, your new Raynauds gloves or mittens will make winter much more enjoyable. Or  If you have any questions just post your comment below the article and I’l be sure to respond ASAP.

Raynauds Gloves Buyer’s Guide

An estimated 28 million people in the US suffer from Raynaud’s disease syndrome, and glove manufacturers have taken notice. There are now a wide variety of gloves and mittens available that are very helpful to people with circulation problems. So don’t worry, your wintertime suffering will soon be over. This guide will tell you what to look for in a pair of Raynaud’s gloves that will alleviate the symptoms of Raynaud’s and poor circulation symptoms.

1. What Raynauds Gloves Features Are Important to You?

Obviously, you want a Raynauds glove to help with your circulation but think about your other needs as well. If your primary concern is warmth, you may want to look into mittens. If you want to be able to go skiing or snowmobiling, make sure you get a pair that allows you enough freedom of movement. One of the most important factors in holding in body heat is insulation, so you may want to look for a glove or mitten that is heavily insulated. This can make a huge difference for people with Raynaud’s syndrome disease and other circulation problems.

The trapped body heat will keep your hands warmer, which will help the blood circulate. The increased circulation also helps warm your hands. With today’s technology, insulation can be quite compact and still retain body heat. If you want to keep your hands really warm, there are even battery-powered heated gloves available, so you have many different options. Just make sure you know what you want when you start shopping.
2. What is Your Budget?

You can spend anywhere from less than $10 to more than $100 on a pair of gloves, so it is important to decide how much you want to spend. Don’t fret, though, there are plenty of affordable options out there. If you have a budget in mind, it will help you make a decision.

However, don’t forget to consider construction and craftsmanship as well. Sometimes it is more economical to spend a little more on a better pair of gloves that will last longer. But, if one pair costs much more and you can’t tell a huge difference in quality, don’t be afraid to go with the less expensive ones.

3. Do You Know Your Size?

It is important to get the right size glove to ensure the most benefit to you. The best way to know for sure that you get the right size is to measure your dominant hand around the widest part of your palm. The circumference of your hand is your glove size. Some companies use letter sizes, like S for small. In that case, a size chart is usually provided to ensure the right fit.

Online stores sometimes have a customers feedback on sizing and fit as well. This can help you decide if you should order a size up or down. Proper sizing will ensure that the glove or mitten is comfortable and functional, so take your time and make sure to read the product description and a few reviews of each one you are considering.

4. Raynauds Gloves, Fashion or Function?

Depending on what type of setting you will be wearing them, you may want to consider a trendier pair of Raynauds gloves or mittens. For example, if you want them mostly for running into town, walking the dog, or commuting to work, there are lots of stylish choices available that will also reduce the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease syndrome. On the other hand, if you want a glove more suited to heavy duty work that will also help your circulation, there are a variety of options as well.

However, your color choices will be much more limited. Just think about what you will be using them for the most, and you can find a Raynauds gloves that will look good and perform well.

5. Are You Familiar With the Company?

Depending on how much you spend, you may want to familiarize yourself with the maker of your new Raynauds gloves. A general rule of thumb is if you are spending more than $40, make sure the company has an explicit return policy and a decent customer rating. Quality and customer service vary widely among companies, so if you are looking at a few different options at a similar price point, you may want to consider the reputation of the company.

Check out the reviews and see if there are any common compliments or complaints. If there is a major complaint in multiple reviews, you may want to look elsewhere. Some Raynauds gloves, especially the more expensive ones, will come with warranties, but these vary as well. As long as you put a little time into researching the company, you will be sure to make a good investment.

Conclusion for Raynaud’s syndrome disease

Raynaud’s disease syndrome can be a difficult condition to live with, but I hope this guide made it a little easier. Now that you know what to look for, you will find a great glove or mitten that meets your needs. Just remember to consider all your needs, come up with a reasonable budget, size your hand accurately, and if you are buying a more expensive glove, look into the company. Then you can finally get outside and enjoy yourself, or at least get some chores done. Check out also this good arthritis gloves buyer’s guide.

5 Tips for Staying Warm With Raynauds Gloves

Despite your best efforts, trying to keep your hands warm can be very frustrating when dealing with Raynaud’s disease syndrome. Try these ideas to help keep the cold at bay.

1. Use Layers

Wearing multiple layers, instead of just one thick layer is much more effective in keeping warm. Make sure the layer that is closest to your skin is moisture wicking. It is near impossible to keep warm if you have wet material against your skin. Since cotton takes a long time to dry once it is wet, it is not a good choice for a base layer. The middle layer should have some insulation, and the outer layer needs to be wind and water resistant. This method is used by skiers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Use Heat Packs

There are several different types of heat packs on the market, both disposable and reusable. They are available in small enough sizes that they can be placed inside of Raynauds gloves, which is great for Raynaud’s syndrome disease sufferers. The disposable type usually just need to be shaken up and they will stay warm for 5-8 hours. They are inexpensive, but they can only be used once. The reusable heat packs come in many different sizes and are usually heated up in the microwave. Although they are more expensive, they can be used over and over, and are still quite affordable. There is also rechargeable battery operated hand warmers, but they are more expensive. However, many users with Raynaud’s disease syndrome find that they are invaluable.

3. Keep Raynauds Gloves Handy

How many times have you left the house and discovered you left your gloves at home? While for most people this is just an annoyance, for someone with Raynaud’s syndrome disease it can lead to a very bad day. Make sure you have multiple pairs of gloves inconvenient places. Keep a pair in your car, your coat pocket, and near every door in your house. The cheap knit cotton gloves are ok for running out to the mailbox, but they are not ideal for an all-day glove. Make sure you have at least a few pairs of high-quality Raynauds gloves stashed where you can easily grab them on your way out the door. It is also a good idea to have a variety of gloves with different thicknesses. That way, you can use a thinner pair on a warmer day, or layer multiple pairs on a very cold day.

4. Avoid Constricting Blood Flow

Raynaud’s symptoms flare up when blood vessels become too restricted. These symptoms can be exacerbated by other factors that also reduce blood flow. Certain over-the-counter cold medicines and prescription blood pressure medications have beta-blockers, which constrict blood vessels. Smoking, besides its other detrimental health effects, constricts blood vessels as well. Caffeine has also been known to have this effect, so you may want to try switching to decaf. You should also ensure the cuffs on your shirt and coat are not too tight, as this will cut off your circulation.

5. Know How to Reduce Your Symptoms

You may still have flare-ups from time to time, but you do have some control over their length and severity. If you feel your hands becoming cold or numb, run them under warm water. Then, dry them well and apply lotion. This stops the cycle of Raynaud’s symptoms and promotes circulation. Also, decreasing your stress level can help reduce symptoms. Take time each day to relax, and practice deep breathing exercises when you start feeling stressed out.

Living with Raynaud’s disease syndrome can be difficult, but there are ways to greatly reduce your discomfort. Following these tips will help ease your symptoms and keep you fingers nice and warm.

Raynauds Gloves FAQ & Answers

Is Raynaud’s disease syndrome dangerous?

For the majority of people, Raynaud’s disease syndrome is not dangerous. In extreme cases, though, the loss of blood flow can cause ulcers, which may lead to tissue death.

Why do my hands feel colder in gloves?

There can be several reasons for your hands feeling colder with gloves on. Most likely, this will occur in certain conditions. If you wear Raynauds gloves that are not breathable, the gloves do not wick moisture away from your hands, and it is this moisture that makes your hands feel cold. Sometimes people keep their hand coverings in a cold place, such as the trunk of your car.

When you put these cold gloves on your hand, your body warmth is used to warm up the material of the Raynauds gloves. It is always best to put on gloves that have been kept somewhere warm, such as in an inner pocket of your coat. Another reason may be that the gloves are a tight fit. Gloves that are a looser fit allow a layer of air close to your skin for insulation. As your hands release heat, the layer of air traps it against your skin. With tight gloves, the heat is lost to the atmosphere.

How do you keep your hands warm from Raynaud’s disease syndrome?

It is essential to recognize when your hands might get cold and prepare early for the situation. You may want to start by wearing gloves that have been in a warm environment before exposing yourself to wintery winds. It is also advisable to move your fingers and hand often to keep the blood flowing.

Wearing mitts instead of gloves is another way to keep your hands warmer. If the wind is bitter, put a windproof covering over your Raynauds gloves or mitts. It is also vital to think about your core and keep it as warm as possible. Adding an extra layer under your winter jacket will also help keep your hands warm. Certainly, wearing heated garments is also very effective.

What kind of Raynauds gloves keeps your hands the warmest?

Many factors contribute to Raynauds gloves that keep your hands warm. One useful technique is through adequate insulation that is breathable. You need to trap air against your skin to hold the warmth in. These types of Raynauds gloves may seem bulky, but they are effective. Raynauds gloves that are windproof and rainproof are also superior in keeping your hands warm. The covering keeps out the nasty winter elements. Extended cuffs with a cinch to block the cold wind add to a warming effect. By adding a heating element through battery power is very useful, as well. Wool still the best fabric for warmth.

Do compression gloves help Raynaud’s disease syndrome?

Gloves that have a light compression encourages blood flow which will help keep your hands warm and healthy.

What Is Raynaud’s disease syndrome, Symptoms & diagnosis

The infographic below will give you a good idea about Raynaud’s disease syndrome and how to live with them.

Raynaud's disease syndrome
Raynaud’s disease syndrome infographic
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    Hi, I’d love a glove I could sleep in that was soft and gave me some external source of heat. I have Raynaud’s and even though I have the heaters in the house going full blast, my fingers will be ice cold in the morning. I’m afraid of something that heats up too much as I won’t be able to tell if it gets too hot, or so hot to burn my skin. Something feminine and soft would be really nice as well. Any suggestions? I would mostly use them for sleeping.

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    I have been through chemo and radiation for Stage 4 breast cancer, and now appear to have Raynaud’s. WHOOPIE! = )
    I live in Colorado at 9200′ and ride horses, x-country ski, and ride a fat tire bike in crispy weather.
    Obviously, I refuse to slow down, but, cold hands are an issue. Have found that heat packs on the back of the hand do NOTHING for my fingers, and most gloves are too bulky. Of the following, which would, most likely, keep my fingers warm? Avalanche X, Venture Heat, Heat Holders, Volt Fleece, or possum Down.
    Size 7 in gloves which are true to size seem to fit best

    1. Avatar

      Thank Katie for your comment. If you like going with heated gloves we suggest Avalanche X and if you want a high quality wool mittes Freyja Canada is the best budget option. For size you must check the sizing chart of each brand because they are made in different countries USA, Canada and China

    2. Avatar

      I had to give up my horse because I couldn’t deal with the pain in my fingers & toes for hours after being outside feeding etc. I wasn’t “diagnosed” with Raynaud’s until last year (I thought it was just damage done from frostbite over the years). My fingers & toes turn blue, swell, my skin splits & peels off. I tried to deny the inevitable until my doctor impressed on me that if more damage was done I could lose my lower legs. I’m in my 50s now & didn’t always take proper precautions to keep my hands & feet warm & dry (the horses were hungry). I hope you find something that works for you, nothing is worse than being forced to slow down.

  3. Avatar

    I have been there and done that … bought this and bought that. But, the biggest problem Im having is the ability to have full function at home / remote consultant. The time it takes to type a email, I’m already looking for warmth to make the pain stop. The fingerless gloves seem to almost make it worse.. so, I’m at a dead end of try and fail endeavors. I haven’t found anything I can wear inside and still be able to type, text, have coffee near a window etc. Do you or anyone reading this have any ideas or solutions ??
    Thx~ Brooke

    1. Avatar

      I’m agreed with you that beat cold hands is not easy but all what we can offer is share some high quality gloves to help you keep your hands warm. There is no magic solution or a gloves designed only for Raynaud’s ” as many advertisers promises ” but if your purpose is typing we suggest to give wool liners a chance, because it’s made of high quality wool for warmth and also it’s touchscreen for typing & texting.

  4. Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks so much for this helpful article. I live in the UK and I have 1 hr commute to and from work. Can you recommend a glove that will keep my hands warm enough to stop / reduce the impact of a Raynaud’s attack but is also thin enough for me to still use my hands to unzip my handbag, take my rail card out of my pocket, carry shopping bags, use keys to open doors, hold on to the train poles etc? I have invested in a number of gloves that are nice but either too bulky and not very practical (like the Öjbro Vantfabrik mittens) which means I have to take off the gloves to be able to use my hands or the gloves are too thin and the cold seeps through – especially worse when I am holding on to the cold poles on the train.

    I have tried hand warmers too but again, they are not practical if you have other things you need to do with your hands.

    Would highly appreciate any advice you can give here.

    Many thanks,


    1. Avatar

      Thanks Dee for your comment. For keeping your hands warm Öjbro Vantfabrik has no competitor and I think you must try their new suede palm wool gloves that offer dexterity & lightweight better than mittens. Using hand warmers is not a good idea except if you have a gloves designed with a hand warmers pocket and that’s available only in ski ,snowboarding and hiking gloves that are bulky and not practical. I hope from other readers to share with us other better options

      1. Avatar

        Hi Alex,

        Thank you so much for the prompt reply! The Öjbro Vantfabrik wool glove looks good but I think it is still on the bulky side for my purposes. I know they are high quality but I think they are a little too pricy to just take a chance on – I already have a draw full of redundant gloves! Hopefully some of your other readers may have some recommendations but for now my search continues!



  5. Avatar
    Paige K Phillips

    HI Alex, I have Renauds and Neuropathy brought on by Chemo. I live in California, and it doesn’t matter what the temperature is , I can just get something out of the freezer & lately i’ve had 4 plus fingers go white. I shake them, soak them in warm water, massage them and it seems like forever for the blood to return, in the meantime my hands and the finger part closest to my hands become very dark blue. This has happened when in public too. Do you suggest a leather glove with an additional liner for wearing outside. But do you know of anything more I can do when this happens when I haven’t even been outside?

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Paige for joining us. Raynaud attacks can happen at any time outside or inside. Using a leather gloves with a warm wool liner will be a good option but what’s work for someone doesn’t mean will suit another

  6. Avatar

    Hi Alex I work in a poultry plant the room I work in is called the chiller room were the chickens come out of a chiller and the temperature is extremely cold on my fingers I have to wear thin rubber gloves over my inner gloves for safety reasons but I find they hold the cold in any suggestions.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Bonnie for your question. As an advice we suggest to use an electric heated liners or a high quality thin wool gloves as your inner gloves. Also you can use a gloves that has a pocket to put a hand warmer before wearing your rubber gloves.

  7. Avatar

    Hi Alex
    Wonder if you could help, I have a mild Raynaud’s meaning in winter need to keep my fingers warm, I need a pair of gloves not bulky, for driving also with touch screen capabilities, could you help please.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Hossein for your question. We suggest to use a high quality leather driving gloves if you want to keep your fingers and thumb’s warm & enjoy typing in your smartphone. We have already published a guides about best leather & driving gloves in our blog. Also Objro Vantfabrik wool suede palm gloves are very warm & touchscreen compatible and can help you enjoy driving in cold weather

  8. Avatar

    I have Raynaud’s pretty bad. Even going through things in my freezer set it off. I am looking for gloves that will work for me while grocery shopping. Ones that will keep my hands warm and be waterproof for grabbing cold wet veggies and going through the meat section. Any suggestions? I was looking at “Heat Holders” but they don’t appear to be waterproof.

    1. Avatar

      thanks Diane for your comment. Most of waterproof gloves are expensive and made for winter, ski & snow sports. In your case if you are looking just for gloves that will work for grocery shopping is better to get a gloves liners like Terramar or a similar brand.

  9. Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    I’m looking for a recommendation for winter mountain biking gloves please. Average temperature of between -3c to 13c. I have an added complication of Hyperhidrosis (ie: my hands sweat a lot).

    Any help would be so greatly appreciated 🙂

  10. Avatar

    Suffer very badly with Raynauds even during the warm Summer months. I can get very sick as a result of the severe pain. Can you recommend gloves that may suit my condition. Thanks in anticipation.
    John Twomey.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks John to join our discussion. We suggest to follow your doctor advices and also wear a high quality 100% wool gloves like Objro.

  11. Avatar

    Got any suggestions for golfers with this very annoying condition?
    I use the heat packs, great for the palm area. I find the back of my hands and fingers don’t benefit.

  12. Avatar

    I have severe Raynaud’s to the point of screaming in agony. However, call me crazy but I live winter sports. I have getting heated gloves and I wore them snowmobiling. Got stranded around midnight with a – 40 F temp with a wind chill. The batteries quit and I was miserable. My hands would not function. I am going to go this year again and I’m taking an 8 hour ice climbing class. I’m so scared of the pain but I’m a 70+ year old adrenaline junkie female. Suggestions please.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Cathy for your comment and we will try to help you. Heated mittens are warm better than gloves but you must choose gloves because you will doing Ice climbing that requires dexterity. Outdoor Research are the best choice that offers warmth & durability and no other brand can compete then on the market.

  13. Avatar

    Hi Alex, my husband is a Nordic skate skier with Raynaud’s. For the first 20 minutes his hands are painfully cold as he grips his poles and his body temperature heats up. Would love to find a flexible pair of heated gloves that will provide strong heat to the fingers and can then be turned off. Skate skiing is very aerobic, so agte4 a wile he will be very warm. What heated gloves or liners would you recommend. Many thanks!

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Linda for your comment. Outdoor research heated gloves are the best choice for you husband during skate skiing.

  14. Avatar

    I am a woman who has severe Raynaud’s Syndrome, live in Minnesota, & have to remove snow from my driveway, which is a nasty combination. I have ordered several different brands of highly rated battery heated mittens with elements concentrating on tips of fingers & thumbs. Uni-sex, men’s mittens, or “one size fits all” absolutely do not work because they are too long. Most sizing information only involves measurement of palm circumference & not finger length. Men’s or unisex gloves or mittens are an inch or even longer than my fingertips, & therefore, the heating elements are virtually useless. It is currently impossible to find heated gloves or mittens in women’s sizes. The few that are on the market are out of stock. I have spent over $80 in shipping costs to return items this season. I now have been keeping these expensive items & giving them to male friends who have longer fingers. I’ve damaged my fingertips so badly this season even when wearing the best non-heated super insulated mittens I can find, so I’ll be screaming in pain when my fingers & thumbs heat back up after coming back inside. It feels similar to slamming one’s fingers in a car door. My point, & I do have one, is that more manufacturers should make these products in women’s sizes, provide sizing information for the length of fingers, & make enough so they are available during winter months.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Joan for you comment. Every heated mittens has a their sizing chart that you must check before any purchase. For cold weather or snowfall area is better to use Heated mittens or heated gloves

  15. Avatar

    Ugh, need help. I’m an active person with a dog. My winter outdoor activities are snowboarding and walking the dog. I’ve had Raynaud’s for a while but it really kicked in last winter. After 20 min walk with the dog in Chicago mild temps (34 degrees F, but feels like 19) I come back frozen with white fingers (like the photo on this page). I need a mitten to walk the dog in where I won’t freeze. Will also stand outside waiting for the train, etc. I use disposable warmers too. Also need a liner (for use with those warmers) and a light weight glove for more moderate temps ( driving, shopping, grocery store). I can’t afford the heated mitts/gloves. I’ve noticed that down keeps me a bit warmer, at least in the jacket arena. Gortex always a plus. I’ve tried Canada goose mitts but they don’t sell XL, now trying OR mitts with 700 fill down but those aren’t going to cut it either. Any guidance on these three items would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Alexa for your informative comment. After reading about your needs I want to remember you that If you are going snowboarding or skiing you must use heated mitts”OR and Hestra are great choices”. For other activities like driving and shopping, We suggest Burton or Black Diamond.

      1. Avatar

        Thank you, Alex. I am geared up for snowboarding. Have warm liners and gortex gloves with built-in wrist guards and I use disposable hand warmers. When I can afford the heated gloves, I will get them. I have been looking at the Hestra Army Patrol Mitt for my dog walking and regular endeavor activities. Its hard figuring out which ones. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time buying and returning mitts & gloves. (lol) The Burton oven mitt has an internal liner that separates the fingers so can’t use the disposable heaters with those (just in case). Any specific gloves in mind for Burton and BD? Again, thank you so much and further suggestions are greatly appreciated.
        All my best,

        1. Avatar

          Hi again Alexa. I want to remember you that we are spending hours searching and doing pulls with Raynaud’s sufferers before posting this guide. Our list is just a suggestions and you can choose the best mitts that meet your needs according to your previous experience. There a lot of people using other brands and are happy with them.
          I can’t help more because the choice is related to you.

          1. Avatar

            No worries. Thanks for all you do. Keep you posted on what I find, maybe it will help someone else. 🙂

  16. Avatar

    I have raynauds…I work outside in the cold weather with horses…what kind of glove would you recommend that won’t snag ?

    1. Avatar

      Thanks, Jeanna. I don’t know there are custom gloves for riding horses but your experience with the previous gloves will give you a better idea. As you work with horses, your best choice is using good warm leather gloves Like Diamond gloves on our list or try a good pair of heated gloves.

  17. Avatar

    Thanks Denise for sharing your issues with us. If you want to keep your thumbs warm while snow blow or skiing there is no better choice than use heated gloves or heated mitts. We suggest Outdoor Research because it’s well made.

  18. Avatar

    Hi Alex, I am glad to have found this awesome website! My problem with raynauds are my thumbs. I usually wear mittens (I have a good pair won’t mention names) and use the hand warming packs that skiers use. My problems are my thumbs. I live in Michigan and need a suggestion for something to help keep my thumbs warm while I snow blow.
    Thanks Denise

  19. Avatar

    My son and I are going skiing next February in Austria. We both suffer from raynaud’s in our hands. We also have an allergy with wool. Can you suggest what gloves we should wear please?

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Ems for your comment.In your case, you need extra heat. We think that the best option for skiing is to invest in heated mittens because you need active heating as the hands aren’t producing enough heat. Maybe a well made Gortex Gloves”اHestra, Dakine, Burton … “. One thing to remember if you want warm hands ” stay away of cheap ones “

  20. Avatar

    I have severe Raynauds, and find that gloves in mittens are a no-no! Your fingers need each other to help warm up. What I find difficult to find are good, tough leather mittens with a nice lining, not fleece, so that I can continue to work outside without losing dexterity as with leather mittens with heavy fleece lining. Nice dressy mittens are also difficult to find, but I have found some…

  21. Avatar
    Mary Jane Nelson

    Thanks for the glove info. Knew I couldn’t deal with Raynaud’s with the cheap gloves that I own. Unfortunately, I have to deal with extreme wet weather on the West Coast of British Columbia. Not easy being cold and soaking wet.

    Btw, love your name – it’s the same as my son.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Mary for your feedback and I hope you find enough informations and tips to help you choose the good raynaud’s glove.

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