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10 Best Racquetball Gloves

Are you a sports lover too, like other millions of people around the globe? Isn’t indulging in sporty activities a great way to fit? Undoubtedly, it is. Racquetball is one of the most widely played games all over the world. If you are a fan of racquetball and want to play it like a pro, then you certainly need to know the importance of all the equipment used in playing this game.

No one can deny the importance of a well-made racquet, but you won’t only need that. What else then? A brilliantly-made functional pair of racquetball gloves is also critical. These gloves offer you grip with flexibility and breathability so that you can efficiently apply your acquired skills to your game. Here are some of the best racquetball gloves available in the market.

Best Racquetball Gloves Reviewed

We’ve compiled a list of the best racquetball gloves reviewed to help you pick the right brand for better grip and boost your performance & power:

1.Gearbox Movement

Gearbox is one of the leading manufacturers of sports equipment in the industry. The brand is well-known due to its high-performance and fabulous products. The team at the gearbox strives to produce the best gloves for its customers. This company understands your needs and wants to give a boost to your skills with their helping apparel.

On the downside of this product, there are a couple of facts to mention. The fact that they run small might create a bit of a problem for you. With a small pair of gloves, you cannot play with full flexibility. Other than this, they lack in providing consistency regarding the durability. You cannot count on them for lasting long.

While on the upside, these gloves feature multiple beneficial characteristics as well. The leading material that they possess is Pittard leather. This premium quality leather palm makes it worth having. The classic black style of this pair won’t give you a monotonous feel. They are brilliantly padded for the utmost protection and safety of the players.

If we talk about the breathability, the gearbox movement will wick away all the moisture while you play with full effort and devotion. This garment is the best for providing you the ultimate grip. The extra length on the wrist will help in preventing binding so that you can play much more efficiently.

All in all, the Gearbox Movement offers a combination of fantastic features. As they typically run small, remember to order a size up while buying. The inconsistency in durability might push you back from buying them, but they’re still is a chance for you to turn out lucky and get your hands on the tough ones.

High-quality Pittard leather Pitted palm
Wicks away sweat
Classic black style
Extra length on the wrist
High protection

Runs small
Inconsistent durability

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Bionic has established as one of the most influential brands in the industry. The company is famous amongst the public as it serves customers with friendly customer service and professional apparel. Bionic has successfully expanded its equipment line-up by setting quality-oriented goals and a long history of experience. The expert team of employees works with a passion for serving the players.

If we take a look at the downside of these gloves, two problematic factors are there for us to face. The non-durable nature of these Bionic racquetball gloves may lead you to think twice before buying them. Other than this, they also come with a hefty price tag. Due to the high cost, it is not easy for everyone to get their hands on this pair of Bionic gloves.

Now, coming to the positive side of this product, it features many commendable specifications. The Bionic gloves will provide you superior moisture control and keep your hands dry during the game time. The grip that these gloves offer is fantastic and will definitely help you in performing better than ever before. The terry cloth ensures proper airflow, so the sweat does not come in your way. Moreover, you will also be able to move your hands and fingers with them freely.

Moreover, the primary material they feature is washable goatskin leather for maximum strength as they are washable, so you won’t have to face any difficulties regarding keeping them clean. The anatomical pad system will provide high protection of knuckles, fingers, palm, and wrist. With the pre-rotated finger design, these will enable you to get a comfortable grip around your racquet.

In a nutshell, the Bionic gloves offer you all the needed specs. From breathability to protection, everything this pair offers is appealing. However, the fact they won’t last long and still are expensive results in decreasing their image. But, if you are not restricted to set a budget and want high protection, then this pair is just the right choice for you to have.

Superior moisture control
Washable goatskin leather
Flexible padded design
Protects knuckles
Anatomical pad system
Terry cloth
Pre-rotated finger design
Form-fitting terry cloth wristband

High on price

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3.E-Force Chill

With the quality and durability as the set core values, E-Force delivers high-quality apparel to the market as one of the leading distributors. E-Force has maintained its actual image as a trustworthy brand. The main reason why people prefer the E-Force label is the long-life support that they offer.

For E-Force Chill racquetball gloves, there is a lot to mention when it comes to the downside. These ones feature many drawbacks. First of all, they are unable to provide you the optimal protection. Moreover, the low quality of this product makes it last lesser than many more options available in the market. If you are looking for quality and durability, these are not meant for you. Another thing to mention is the fact that they include spandex at the back, which can cause allergy to people who already have specific fabric allergies.

While on the brighter side, there still are some points that make way for this pair in the market. The sheepskin palm protectors provide an attractive appearance and function. One plus point they possess is the fact that they are very comfortable to wear. The no-slip gripping feature that the E-Force Chills offer will make you play efficiently without losing your grip from the racquet.

Moreover, if you do not want the moisture to get in the way while you are playing, these gloves will suit you the best. The moisture barrier system and Airflow spandex open-mesh back make sure that you don’t have to deal with any unwanted moisture. The set-in thumb system provides you a comfortable and flexible feel. These gloves are capable of efficiently retaining their shape.

The E-Force Chill gloves offer excellent breathability and grip for you to perform in the game efficiently. But, when it comes to quality control and lasting nature, this product fails to impress the public. So, if you are searching for a garment that will last ages with you, you would have to look elsewhere.

Sheepskin palm protectors
A non-slip moisture barrier system
Airflow spandex open-mesh back
Retains shape
Set-in thumb
Comfortable feel

Low protection
Spandex (might cause allergy to some people)
Poor quality
Not too durable

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4.Python Deluxe

Doug Smith founded Python Racquetball in 1990 and owned and operated it until the time when he sold the company to Racquetworld in May 2015. Racquetworld has always been Python’s biggest supporter. From 2015 onwards, till now, the new owners have been successfully giving their positive input to the brand and making it one of the favorites for many people.

For the downside, there are a couple of critical things to mention for Python Deluxe gloves. The color that they possess is not durable enough; it will start coming off due to sweat. The gloves might leave a stain of color on your hands. Other than this, they, as a product, will not last long enough as well. The use of spandex and nylon in these gloves can also create allergic for people who suffer through specific fabric allergies.

Now, if we take a look at the beneficial factors that these Python Deluxe gloves offer, there are many crucial and appealing points to mention. The tacktified palm that they possess make able to deliver the best and the most superior grip. With the high breathability and sweat-resistant feature advantage, they won’t allow your hands to be wet at all.

There is an added gripping strip around the palm for an even more firm and robust grip so that you can perform up to your fullest potentials. The high elastomeric back makes this product flexible and snug in fit. The nylon and spandex featuring the back of the glove are ideal for perfect airflow and high sweat absorption. With the thin dive pads, your hands remain secure from risky injuries and accidents throughout the game.

Concluding all the facts and figures, Python Deluxe, however, won’t last long, but they will serve you perfectly throughout their lifespan. If you want a pair of gloves that keep your hands dry whilst offering you the best grip, these gloves by Python Deluxe are the best option for you to choose.

Tackified Palm
Breathable & sweat resistant
Added grip strip across the palm
High Elastomeric back
Nylon/Spandex back
Thin Dive Pads

Can leave a stain on your hands
Will not last long enough
Nylon and spandex (might cause allergy to some people)

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5.ProKennex Ovation

The brand holds a stronger history when it is about the design and production of racketball appliances. ProKennex has remained true to its founding concept for more than five decades — they have successfully re-established the premium standard. The fame of this brand is the result of their innovative technology strategy and competence in problem-solving.

For the downside, there is nothing to mention for these ProKennex Ovation gloves. They have received much appreciation from the public and set a benchmark of quality and high-performance in the market. Let us have a look at what these gloves offer.

The premium leather is their specialty. With premium leather, they provide the customers with better quality and last longer than many other options available in the market. The super-thin cut featured in these gloves makes them even more functional by providing high dexterity and comfort to the players.

When it comes to fitting and sizing, this garment will provide you with the best and the snuggest fit so that you can boost up your performance by wearing them. The pre-curved design featured in these gloves will make you feel and ease and hold the racquet with the best grip. Moreover, to avoid your hand’s contact with unwanted moisture, they offer your exceptional airflow as well.

All in all, the ProKennex Ovation racquetball gloves are one of the best available options in the market. You will love the comfort and benefits that this product will provide you. Investing in these will never make you regret your decision.

Premium leather
Super thin cut
Perfect fitting
Pre-curved cut
Exceptional grip


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6.Ektelon MaxTack

Ektelon has been a driving force in the game’s development since 1964. Ektelon has designed racquetball equipment from beginnings to world-class competitiveness that consistently puts the athletes at the top of the game. Ektelon is known as the racquetball equipment leading producer today. They brought a revolution in equipment in four decades to boost strength and control.

Let us first visit the downside of these Ektelon MaxTack gloves. These gloves lack in a significant and significant aspect. They offer you relatively low durability. Because of the fact that the stitching of these gloves is not up to the mark, they are more likely to tear apart or fall apart after a short period of use.

Let us now visit the positive side of this garment. With the kangaroo skin, tacktified palm of these gloves will make you able to have the perfect grip while playing. One can simply not deny the importance of grip in this sport, right? So, with the ultimate grip, you can efficiently carry on with the game. The Velcro strap makes it easier for you to wear these gloves.

The neoprene dive padding that this product feature is the best for providing you the ultimate airflow so that your hands won’t lose the grip because of sweat. For increased efficiency and grip, these gloves feature an embossed digital palm pattern too. The four-way stretch aspect makes your hands move freely.

The Ektelon MaxTack gloves will provide you the most superior grip and a solid feel while you play your heart out in the game. To stop the sweat from disturbing, this pair is highly breathable as well. But, if you are looking for a product that can serve you for a long time with durable material and stitching, you would have to carry on with the search.

Kangaroo skin Tackified palm
Ultimate grip
Neoprene dive padding
Embossed digital palm pattern
Four-way stretch Lycra
Wrist closure

Stitching will fall apart
Nylon and spandex (might cause allergy to some people)

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7.Wilson Sting

With a professional and successful history, the Wilson brand creates a trustful image on the users. The brand works with the utmost passion for promoting this sport and the players. The passion can be seen easily through their innovational products and expertise in the field. Wilson is one of the best-known companies for producing quality apparel.

First, have a look at the possible drawbacks that this product includes. The Wilson Sting racquetball gloves are no doubt breathable, but this feature will not protect your hands from moisture entirely. They are breathable only to some extent; if you play for a longer time, these gloves will trap the moisture and make it difficult for you to carry on with the game.

However, if you are one of those people whose hands do not get too sweaty, the breathability that these gloves offer is enough for you. With the sheepskin leather, they will provide you with the utmost long-lasting nature. The dive padding will provide you with ultimate protection against the wall and floor impacts. With the perfect grip that this garment offers, you will not have to worry about your performance.

With the no-stress thumb design, these gloves will allow you to boost your performance without putting weight or stress on your hands. The breathable nature that they incorporate will make you enjoy a sweat-free session. But, remember that they will keep you dry only in case of mild moisture. Moreover, the fitting of this ensemble by Wilson is also perfect.

All in all, this pair is useful and functional in boosting your performance and giving a gripping effect on your skills and technique. However, the fact that it traps moisture might create a problem for you in the summer season. Still, giving them a try will not prove as wastage at all.

Sheepskin leather
Dive padding
No-stress thumb design
Perfect fitting
Good grip

Traps moisture

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HEAD, a brand you can count on. The company has a vast portfolio of sport-related equipment. With the quality-oriented approach and expert team, the brand has successfully been delivery high-performance and top-notch equipment. The company claims to understand your needs as a player and strives to give you comfort and protection will you give your best to the game.

For HEAD gloves, the drawback’s list is long. There are multiple vital factors that we need to mention here. The most highlighted drawback of this ensemble by HEAD is the fact that it loses grip when your hands get sweaty. In this way, you won’t be able to give your best performance in the game. Other than this, the stitching of these gloves is not up to the mark as well. The inconsistent quality can also push people back from making the decision to buy this apparel.

On the upside of these HEAD gloves, the silicone webbing featured to enhance the grip of the gloves is the highlight. This feature will enable you to holds your racquetball equipment much more firmly. The ventilated spandex is there to allow the air to flow, making your hands free of unwanted moisture and preventing the loss of grip.

There is exceptional padding on the knuckles to protect your hands from all sorts of injuries and impacts. These gloves are lightweight as well. As they do not make you feel bulky, you can quickly deliver your best in the game. The synthetic leather features in them are easy to break-in and provide dynamic flexibility to your hands.

Concluding all the facts, these HEAD gloves are exceptional when it comes to the performance of the players. But, the fact that they lack lasting longer does not provide top-notch quality makes them less desired as compared to the other options available.

Silicone webbing
Ventilated spandex fabric
Padding on the knuckles
Synthetic leather
Dynamic flexibility

Loses grip when sweaty
Inconsistent quality
Poor stitching

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9.Unique Sports Tourna

Unique Sports has set a high benchmark in the industry with its top-notch products. The brand shares a deep connection with this sport and wants to offer the player the best conditions to boost their performance. You will be hooked to the high-performing products this brand provides. Let us have a look at what the brand offers us in this ensemble.

There is absolutely nothing to mention when it comes to the downside of these Unique Sports Tourna gloves. They are highly-functional and will serve you in the best possible way. The public has also appreciated this effort by the Unique Sports Company.

Let us have a look at what this ensemble offers us to benefit our game. The soft and extra thin leather features in these gloves will make it easy for them to break-in. The Velcro tab closure provides users with ease and makes the fit adjustable according to customer desire.

The terry back featured in these gloves will keep your hands dry as it enhances the ventilated nature of the gloves. They are very comfortable to wear and will undoubtedly deliver you high dexterity and freedom of movement. Moreover, as they are light in weight, you won’t have to deal with the bulkiness that can hinder your game.

All in all, these Unique Sports Tourna gloves are exceptional in each and every aspect. They will offer you high-performance in combination with excellent quality and high durability. Investing your cash in this item will make you feel proud upon this decision.

Soft extra thin leather
Velcro tab closure
Adjustable fit
Terry back
Superior grip


Check It Out On Amazon

10.Optima Max

Optima is one of the leading manufacturers of racquetball apparel. The brand serves with the utmost passion and devotion to this game. The main goal they work hard for is to bring innovation with quality and durability in their products so that the players get the best conditions to boost up their game as well as skills.

On the downside, the Optima Max lacks in two major domains. These gloves possess poor quality. And this cheap quality then leads to less lasting nature of these gloves. You won’t be able to enjoy them for a more extended period. These two factors are the most important while buying anything, but sadly, the Optima Max fail in delivering both of them.

While on the upside, there are some factors that contribute to making way for these gloves to retain a position in the market. The naturally tacky nature of these gloves is suitable for you to have the ultimate grip. Being light in weight, these gloves provide you bulk-free feel so that you can comfortably play with passion. They are also very soft and comfortable to wear.

Moreover, the ultra-thin sheepskin soft leather makes it easy for these gloves to break-in quickly. The reinforced double layer palm provides a safe and secure feel against the injuries one might encounter while playing. With the breathable mesh backing, you will not have to face the undesired moisture at all. These gloves are extremely low in price as well, which makes them affordable for everyone.

All in all, the Optima Max racquetball gloves will give you fast break-in time and comfort. They won’t last much longer, but considering their price, it is not hard for anyone to give them a try.

Naturally tacky
Ultra-thin sheepskin stay-soft leather
Easy to break-in
Reinforced Double Layer Palm
Low in price
Breathable mesh backing

Poor quality

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Racquetball Gloves: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you are a sports lover, the chances are that you are probably aware of the fact that the sports equipment is as essential as the technique and skill you acquire for the game. Having the best pair of racquetball gloves will significantly influence your game. Here is our take on how to buy the best ones.


Durability is an essential factor that one considers before purchasing anything. You would definitely want your purchase to last longer. The whole buying process is not easy and takes a lot of time as well, so people tend to look for options that will accompany them in the long run.

For getting your hands on a durable-natured gloves pair, you would have to look at another factor. Material, sizing, design, and many other factors contribute to enhancing the product’s life. Below, we have explained each and every point for your clarity.


For healthy-play, gloves that possess an integrated finger or panel style are appropriate. These patterns enable one’s wrist and hands to move in a better and efficient way.

Look for a design that helps you play with increased dexterity. A player would never want the gloves to restrict or limited his motion and flexibility.


While playing, you would never want to hurt yourself. For your protection, hand equipment with appropriate padding is a must. You will find two types of glove paddings in the market.

          • Airprene Padding:

Airprene padding is the most efficient type. It will provide you maximum protection without the burden of extra weight and bulk. But, one main drawback that it holds is the fact that it restricts your breathability.

• Foam Padding:

Foam padding gives you maximum protection, especially when you have to dive during the game. Your hands and knuckles are protected with this type. While on the downside, this padding results in reducing the airflow and increasing the bulkiness of the glove pair.


Now, coming to this point, the content is also relevant to note while you purchase a pair of racquetball gloves. You will find many types of fabric and leather involved in the making of different gloves in the market.

Sheepskin leather is the strongest, but it is also the most expensive one to get. If you choose to buy the one made up of goatskin leather, they will cost you less and will break-in faster. But, on the downside, goatskin leather is not capable of lasting longer.

A pair made up of tacked leather offers you great functionality with the awesome sticky nature that it provides. In the case of synthetic leather, you will get a perfect grip, but it won’t last long as well.


Breathability is crucial as sweaty hands can restrict your technique and skills while you are playing your favorite sports. Such gloves come in different types of backings, which make them breathable in nature.

If you choose to have the types of gloves that include neoprene, spandex, or lycra, they will enable air to flow but not as efficiently as mesh backing. On the other hand, mesh backing offers maximum breathability, but it is not too durable.


The size of your glove should depend on the size of your hand. But it’s better to explore the smallest size that suits you as the gloves are going to increase with the use. Gloves with a snug fit are going to feel more comfortable and boost the activity. If you get a glove that is too large in size, it will affect your playing precision.


If you choose tacked leather, it offers optimum grip, so your hands won’t slip. But, flipping between the hold of forehand and backhand is often tricky with this type. Thus, synthetic leather can feel much better, although not as gripping. This helps you to swap from grips even better, and it still offers you a sufficient grip so that you can feel like you’re in charge of your sporty apparel.

The Conclusion

So, when you are about, you start your purchasing process regarding such sport-oriented gloves, make sure to follow all the points mentioned above as they all are crucial. From padding to grip, material, and sizing, every factor is vital in determining your functionality during the play. Choose wisely and play like a professional.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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