10 Best Racing Gloves

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pro racing gloves for cart f1 driving

Car and motorcycle contesting have become popular sports nowadays. With the fact that the car steering may be slippery and vibrating at times, you need to have an ordeal of tight grip, protection against hand fatigue, limberness and comfort. Racing gloves are vital in protecting against fire and improving your riding adventure. So how do you ensure that your sport riding is super-duper? It is simple- you just need to possess one or two of racing gloves that tend to boost your riding experience.

These are comfy hand covering manufactured with fine leather that is made to harness driver’s control of the steering, clutch and gear by providing an enhanced grip.

Best Racing Gloves Reviewed

Our team compiled a list of the best racing gloves reviewed for full protection to boost your performance while riding motorcycle or gaming in steering wheel:

1.Alpinestars GP Plus

Sweaty palms that hamper your driving? You do not have to worry anymore since you can get yourself a pair of Alpinestars GP Plus which are very ideal when it comes to offering a tight grip of the steering wheel. They are constructed to make your hands feel cooler with the localized perforations and the harnessed ventilation therein.

Snug fit is one ideal merit we all look out for. However, looking on the negative aspect of this item, the index fingers are a little bit tighter. This will force you to purchase a bigger size than normal and that is without doubt a daunting experience. Apart from this drawback, all the other features of this product are overwhelmingly stunning.

Looking on the positive aspects of Alpinestars GP Plus, you will definitely fall in love with the fourchettes ventilation that has been equipped to keep your hands cool on hot days. Also, the localized perforations on the backhand and the palm are enhanced to ensure that your hands remain cool and do not sweat during hot periods.

Another merit of Alpinestars GP Plus, is that the construction of the gloves is excellent in that it affords a comfortable, secure, flexible and precise fit. The constructed pre-curved finger is harnessed to reduce rider hands and fingers fatigue. The patented leather fingers tend to prevent contortions and improve separation of fingers. The leather accordions are made stretchable on the fingers and the thumb that promote a supreme snug fit and limberness. Keep in mind that Alpinestars is one of the best motorcycle gloves brands for high performance and dexterity.

Consecutively, the leather material promises long lasting aspect and you will not have to think about buying another one for an extended period. The ergonomic stretch is another blessing you will find favorite. The stretching ability on the palm increases the fitting of the gloves which makes them windproof.

In a nutshell, every competing driver should invariably possess a pair of Alpinestars GP Plus for an enhanced grip, safety, comfort and flexibility merits. Despite the few shortcomings, all the other features are far excellent and outstanding. You should consider placing your order now.

Long lasting
Ergonomic stretch
Superior ventilation
Enhanced grip
Reduced hand fatigue

Tightened index fingers
Lessened snug fit
Not washable

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2.Sparco Land RG

You are probably tired of putting on bulky racing gloves which tend to make your hands develop fatigue and sweating. Fortunately, there is an impressive deal of a pair of Sparco Land RG that you will find favorable to your ideal concept. The pair has exponential features that are stunning and suitable for every racer.

The one flaw of the Sparco product is the tightness that tend to make it a difficult plight when it comes to pulling them off. You will consume a lot of time when taking them off due to the ergonomic stretch which is practically not loose at all. However, other than this drawback, you will find all the other features extremely fantastic and worthy.

The merits are far amazing and something to smile about, especially the new suede anti-slip fingertip and palm. This aspect has been reinforced to provide an enhanced grip and boost the rider experience and performance. The ergonomic palm design stitching does conform to the hand’s position so as to afford proper fitment.

On another positive aspect of the product, you will be impressed with the elastic wrist and the diverse range of sizes that promise right and proper fittings. The Sparco Land RG are reinforced with protection against brutal conditions such as wind and snow. The boosted grip on the wrist makes it windproof oriented.

The technology used in the construction of this item attributes to the incredibly outstanding features when it comes to sprinting. This innovation has contributed to the product being lightweight yet coldproof. This is marked credible for entry-level completion of competing. The technology aspect has improved the long-lasting effect of the pair. Also, the construction and other stunning features have made them gain the approval of the SFI and FIA.

Our final thoughts on the product are that they are essential for every racer who wants to have an improved riding experience. Far overlooking the demerit of the product, the pros make it an ideal and outstanding pair. You should consider making a purchase of the product.

Anti-slip fingertips and palms
Ergonomic stretch
Elastic wrist

Too tight which makes it hard to pull off
Not warm enough
Hard to wash

Check It Out On Amazon

3.Dainese Mig C2

You must have searched for the best motorcycle racing gloves that offer you an incredible ordeal when riding. Your hunt has come to a climax since you can get yourself a pair of the Dainese Mig C2 that are essentially constructed to improve the performance of a competing motorcyclist.

The bulky aspect of this product is the only drawback you will find annoyingly boring, but it ensures a strengthened grip of the motorcycle steering. Other than this shortcoming, all the other features are breathtaking and extremely outstanding. Bulkiness can make you feel uncomfortable while you start your journey till the end.

Competing on a hot sunny day can be a daunting ordeal for you in that your palms will be vulnerable to sweating and slipperiness. For this proneness, looking on the merit of Dainese Mig C2 is that it is constructed with ventilated fabrics to ensure that your hands stay cool when racing. Another positive aspect of this item is the adjustable cuff strap that you can adjust to your desired wrist grip.

Also, the elasticated fabric inserts ensure comfort, safety and flexibility when you are riding the motorcycle. This is an impressive factor since an enhanced grip is boosted. The super comfort wrist promises the rider reduced fatigue on the hands, wrist and fingers. Looking on another positive aspect of the Dainese Mig C2 is the cowhide and fabric mesh used in the construction, which makes the pair summer resistant. Dainese is well known to produce high quality driving gloves  that offers high performance & durability.

Your hands will stay warm and dry all through the riding adventure. Such tends to feature excellent performance and an enjoyable ride. Also, the materials used in the making of Dainese Mig C2 boosts its longevity characteristic. You will be surprised to find out that they lasted for a longer period than you had imagined.

In conclusion, the Dainese Mig C2 are ideally epitome to every motorcyclist contesting such that safety, improved grip, coolness and a comfortable wrist are promised aspects. In contempt of the drawback, the other features are overwhelmingly stunning. Purchase your pair now to enjoy maximized benefits while sprinting.

Enhanced grip
Comfortable wrist
Long lasting
Adjustable cuff straps
Summer resistant
Cold proof

Short wrists
Not washable

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4.K1 RS1

Kart contesting is such a stunning sport. For this activity, you should be fully equipped with the right necessities for an improved experience and a guaranteed performance. The right racing gloves with proper fitments and elasticated features are among the right equipment you should possess for an improved grip, safety, flexibility and comfort. The K1 RS1 are the appropriate hand coverings that are ideal for kart sprinting.

Anti-slip aspect is what every karter is looking out for when making a purchase of this item. However, looking on the downside of this product is that the leatherette pads are not constructed with enough anti-slippery material, hence you will find the pair uncomfortable when it comes to gripping the steering. Apart from this flaw, all the other upsides of the product are impressive and pacify an excellent performance.

Vented fingers is one stunning upside you will experience when you have put the K1 RS1 on. The ventilation harnesses your palms and fingers breathability feature such that your hands stay cool and dry during kart riding. Additionally, the reverse stitching ensures you of maxima comfort feel and helps you maintain your race line. The rolled fingertip design affords great performance and an improved grip on the steering wheel.

Consecutively, you will find the leathery palm a favorable merit which assures you of a tightened grip and boosted comfort when riding. In addition, the abrasion resistant mesh fabric tends to reduce fatigue of your hands and fingers. The leather and mesh fabric used in the construction of the product boosts its longevity aspect. You can utilize the K1 RS1 in diverse kart competing sports without losing their efficiency.

To sum up, if you are a kart racer, you should ensure that you possess at least a pair of the K1 RS1. These are vitally superb for safety, enhanced grip and an improved performance while kart racing. Despite the negative aspect of the K1 RS1, the features are far outstanding. Order your pair now! It is available in both adult and junior sizes.

Long lasting
Enhanced grip
Reversed stitch for maximized comfort
Abrasion resist grip

Less anti slippery effect
Not warm enough
Very light
Not machine washable

Check It Out On Amazon

5.G-Force G5

The G-Forc are an essential pair for the racer who has been searching for waterproof racing gloves that possess the race grip feel. The materials used in the construction of this product boost its efficiency and performance during competing. You will definitely fall in love with the outstanding features of this product that make it an impressive deal.

The drawback of the G-Force G5 is that the pair lacks the exponential exclusive grip of the steering wheel and the gear. Consecutively, the measurements are quite limited such that you will be forced to do adjustments for your ideal fitting. The product lacks ventilation which can make your hands to be hot and sweaty during summer times. Despite these few drawbacks, all the other features of the product are stunning, and performance based.

Looking on the positive aspect of the G-Force is the lightweight flame-retardant fabric that ensures no moisture is retained on your palms and fingers while contesting. Additionally, the fabric material used in the construction tends to provide an enhanced race grip to the driver.
On longevity factors, the premium nomex knitting and leather used in constructing the G-Force G5 offer a durability factor.

Also, the high-quality fabric assures you of hands protection for long periods without failing on its efficiency part. The product is also made with a comforting aspect in order to boost the performance of the racer. The leathery material is quite subtle for protection against brutal conditions such as wind, snow and cold. In addition, when it comes to warmth, the pair is made to keep your hands warm during winter races.

In conclusion, the G-Force are an ideal and essential pair of racing gloves for every racer. Considering the flexibility, safety, and moisture resistant features, it is far conveying that the product is an epitome equipment for competing. Despite the few shortcomings, the outstanding aspects are far appealing and afford a boosted performance. You should consider making a purchase of them soon.

Cold proof
Enhanced grip
Flame retardant
Light weight
Moisture resistant

Size limitation
Slightly slipper
Not breathable

Check It Out On Amazon

6.Joe Rocket Goldwing

Motorcycle sprinting is such a trendy sport around the globe, especially in the western nations. For every race, there are proper tools that you should always ensure are in your possession and racing gloves are among the vital equipment. You should ascertain that you have a pair of the Joe Rocket Goldwing which are gel palm enhanced for a great performance.

You probably want to use your smartphone with Joe Rocket Goldwing on. However, looking on the downside of the item is that it is has not been enhanced with a smartphone touch sensitive aspect. Consecutively, its sizing does not favor individuals with very big hands. Other than these drawbacks, you will find all the other features overwhelmingly outstanding and you will end up falling in love with the product.

Considering the upsides of the Joe Rocket Goldwing, the pair has been boosted with an enhanced grip of the steering wheel and gear. Additionally, the pair has been made cold proof hence favorable during winter and cold days. You will experience an extreme warmth to your palm and fingers when you are participating in outdoor sports.

The fitment is supreme such that it is windproof and improves the gripping of the gear and steering wheel. The materials used in the construction have a longevity aspect such that you can utilize the racing gloves for years without their effectiveness fading. Also, you will find the pair very comfortable throughout your competing adventure. The safety of your hands is a guaranteed merit that you will also benefit from.

In a nutshell, the product is the epitome for every motorcyclist who is hunting for favorably comfortable and performance booster racing gloves. Without taking the few negative aspects into consideration, the other properties of the Joe Rocket Goldwing are far appealing and stunning. You need to consider its purchase.

Improved grip
Warmth stimulator
Gel palm
Fitting is properly fixed
Boosted protection of your hands

Not smartphone sensitive
Not ideal for big hands

Check It Out On Amazon


Are you looking forward for racing gloves that provide you with a soft and supple feel to the brim? Well, your search is quenched with the amazing pair of the RaceQuip. The outstanding features of this pair are an ideal fit and suitable for every racer. They should be an ideal possession for every racer who wants to experience a tactile feedback.

When we buy gloves, the one aspect we incessantly look out for is the ability to keep the hands warm even under very brutal conditions such as snow and winter. However, such is not the case with the RaceQuip. The pair is not thick enough to protect against temperatures below 5 degrees. Consecutively this product has not been enhanced with ventilated fourchette, therefore breathability is far from the benefit. Far overlooking these drawbacks, all the other features of the product are stunningly impeccable.

Looking on the positive aspects of this product, limberness and comfort are among the features you will find stunning. Flexibility is promoted by the knuckle pads and the reinforcements on the palm. The limber standard-length gauntlet has an adjustable hook and loop closure on the back which ascertains proper fitment. The latter makes the product windproof.

The nomex and premium leather materials used in the construction of these coverings provide a maximized grip and suppleness. The suede leathery material tends to ensure that your hands are kept warm throughout your sporting activity, and also protected from brutal conditions. The lightweight construction of the pair makes them less bulky which improves the gripping of the steering wheel.

Additionally, they are made to be flame retardant. Hence, make it burn proof as well. Durability is one impressive trait you will find appealing. With the fact that the RaceQuip are made with a strong fabric, the longevity feature is harnessed. Also, sweaty palms is something you will not experience with this pair.

To sum up, the RaceQuip are an essential equipment to every racer. Despite the few negativities, all the other characteristics of the product are far appealing and impeccable. You should consider making the purchase of this item.

Flame retardant
Light weight
Long lasting
Boosted grip
Warm hands

Lacks ventilation
Not thick enough to withstand cunning weather conditions
Not warm
Water resistant

Check It Out On Amazon

8.Fox Dirtpaw

You probably have been looking for very comfortable racing gloves that have toughness instilled for freeriding without feeling like you have put on boxing gloves. The Fox Dirtpaw are the right choice that you can go for. The construction and other features of this pair are breathtaking in that your riding experience will be boosted.

Looking on the negativity of these racing mitts, the Velcro strap is not strong enough on the wrist. This drawback affects its stretchy ability such that if you exert too much pressure on the mitts, they start ripping off on the seams. They are not ideal for gripping and lifting extremely heavy objects since they can easily wear off. Other than these limitations, you will fall in love with all the other features that guarantee an improved performance and warmth.

On the merits of the Fox Dirtpaw, clarino synthetic leather palms has been enhanced to ensure a tight grip of the steering wheel. In addition, the leathery pads tend to reduce hand, fingers and wrist fatigue, hence pacifying warm hands. The lightweight aspect of the material used in the construction of the mitts make them less bulky and easy to put on. Dexterity is also a guaranteed blessing of this item, which has been boosted by the neoprene knuckles and silicone fingertips while maneuvering through tight trail sections.

The hook and loop closure ascertain you of adjustments which you will be prone to while racing. The closure is secure enough to provide the racer with a tightened grip. The direct-inject rubber which has been reinforced on the backs and cuffs assure the racer maxima protection against crashes. This product has a longevity aspect such that you can utilize them for extended periods with proper maintenance. Fox Dirtpaw is one of the best mountain bike gloves in the market that worth every penny.

In a nutshell, cross-country and trails racers should at least possess a pair of these. In spite of the few drawbacks, the other features of the Fox Dirtpaw are far excellent making it an appealing equipment for racing. You should think about buying one of them for you.

Light weight
Reduced fatigue
Enhanced grip

Not ideal for extremely brutal conditions
Weak Velcro strap
Loosened seams on exertion of extreme pressure

Check It Out On Amazon

9.O’Neal Jump

The O’Neal jump racing gloves are ideal for the racer who yearns for properly fitting gloves that are not too bulky. The super lightweight design reinforced on this product makes it easy for maneuvering purposes and a desired grip of the steering. The outstanding features of this pair will invariably make you consider them your favorite.

Looking on the downside of this product is that it is not thick enough to ensure warm hands and fingers. Also, the lessened thickness makes the pair not secure enough in protecting against brutal conditions. Apart from these drawbacks, all the other features pacify an impressive ordeal when racing.

On the positive aspects of the O’Neal jump mitts, flexibility and comfort are the major aspects you will merit from. The fabric used in the making assures limberness of the product when you have put the pair on. The synthetic leather material provides dexterity of the O’Neal jump. The double layer thumb reinforced ensures that your thumb has a proper fitment. Additionally, the leathery material ascertains of a long-lasting effect such that you can use the mitts for extended periods- years actually.

The bold non-fade graphics seamless rollover fingertips design guarantees a tightened grip of the gear and steering wheel. This feature has reinforced the anti-slip aspect for ease of gripping slippery objects. The hook and loop adjustable wrist closure make it easy for you to adjust the tightness of the mitts on the wrist. Consecutively, the pair has been constructed with ventilation that provide a breathable factor hence cool hands during hot days.

Our final thoughts on the product are that, the O’Neal jump are ideal for racers and motorists who love doing off-road trips. The construction of the product is impeccable that it affords ro meet the needs of racers. In contempt of the few drawbacks, all the other features make the pair an exceptional and appealing product. You should consider making the purchase of O’Neal jump soon.

Light weight
Long lasting
Adjustable wrist closure

Does not guarantee maxima protection against brutal conditions
Lacks supple thickness
Does not guarantee maxima protection against brutal conditions
Very light
Not warm enough

Check It Out On Amazon

10.Mechanix Specialty

When you are out in the fields, you will be prone to extremely hot conditions which tend to make your hands vulnerable to sweating. Sweaty hands can make you to lose an impeccable control and valuable capability when shooting or riding. For this reason, you will need a pair of Mechanix Specialty which have been designed with a cooling ventilation to boost your performance.

Longevity is one aspect we all consider before purchasing any pair of these mitts. However, looking on the drawback of this item; the seams may start to come out after a few months of use. This is due to the too much pressure exerted on them since they are lightweight. Other than this limitation, all the other features of the Mechanix Specialty are far appealing and convey a hearty utilization.

One of the positive aspects of this pair is the breathability feature which has been reinforced with perforated palms. The ventilation of the mitts ensure that your palms and fingers stay cooler during humid conditions. Consecutively, the pair has been enhanced with a touch screen capability where it will be easier to operate on your phone without having to take them off.
Another merit is the ergonomic design which conforms to the natural hand curve that boosts a precise fitment. The proper fitting enhances tight grip of objects.

The lightweight design and elasticated stretch improve the trigger finger mobility for improved maneuverability. In addition, the suede provides a tactile feedback a shooting range. The fabric used in the construction of the Mechanix Specialty makes it easy to wash them. Also, the pair has been boosted with high dexterity to ensure that your palms are protected from brutal conditions.

The final thoughts on this product is that it is an essential equipment for every racer who takes part in a shooting range or the soldier on training. Despite the lack of long-lasting powers, all the other features of Mechanix Specialty product are far appealing and outstanding. You should consider buying this product.

Light weight
Boosted ventilation
Enhanced grip
Touchscreen oriented

Not durable
Very light
Limited cold proof aspect

Check It Out On Amazon

Racing Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Sports are an ideal adventure every human gets indulged in to either participate or spectate. Motorist racing, bike riding, and shooting range are among the favorite sports many people tend to be part of. Whatever contesting you decide to take part in, you will be vulnerable to brutal conditions such as slippery steering wheel, loss of valuable trigger control, poor gripping, sweaty hands, lack of dexterity and poor riding experience.

These drawbacks tend to impoverish your field performance. This is why you need to be equipped with the right equipment for protection, flexibility, enhanced grip, dexterity and anti-slip aspect such that your field activity will be a stunning ordeal. You should have a pair for boosted performance.

When it comes to purchasing mitts, you will find the task daunting. For this reason, you should consider the following aspects before prompting to make a particular purchase:

1.Essential Features

Your needs should be a priority. You should always go for racing gloves that meet your purported needs to avoid future regrets and inconveniences. For instance, if your palms are prone to sweating often when you are riding, thereof, you need to go for this item that been reinforced with ventilation and breathability aspects. If you have been diagnosed with Raynaud’s, then gloves that are warmth oriented should be your priority. Consider that have leather construction for your hands and fingers warm up.

Slipperiness of the steering wheel can hamper your sprinting activity. Therefore, you need to consider a pair that has been enhanced with anti-slip factor and an improved grip so you can have a great grasp while contesting.

Consecutively, compare the different colors of your considered pair. Go for a color that you find appealing and favorable. This will boost your user experience with the mitts.

2.Size of your hands

The size of your hands says a lot about which competing mitts are appropriate for you. Every piece is accompanied with a size chart such that you can compare and see which one provides a proper fitment for your hands. Some may appear medium sized on the website yet large when delivered.


Order what you can afford. Do not exhaust your wallet when you have other things awaiting on the table. However, it is not recommended to go for extremely cheap mitts since you may be disappointed with some of their features. Otherwise purchase mittens that are within your budget range.

4.The company selling

Before placing a particular order of the gloves, you should put careful considerations of the company issuing them. You need to read about the company’s policy, gloves prices and former customers reviews and ratings on their product. Learning more about distributing company will make you aware of the effectiveness of their product and how efficient their services are.

5.Clientele Testimonials

Always read about the former written reviews of other customers about your intended product. You can also check on their ratings as well. Considering the commendation of a former client will attest if the product is brilliant and worth the purchase or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do racing gloves make a difference?

Racing gloves are essential as they not only serve the purpose of cool looks but also offers several vital benefits. These benefits include:

  • Better control
  • Superior grip
  • Reduction in hand fatigue
  • Prevents your steering wheel from damages
  • Provides comfort against harsh weather conditions

Are leather gloves suitable for racing?

A leather glove’s tacky nature offers superior strength and rotor control. Moreover, leather gloves efficiently keep you warm and look pretty decent as well. The feel and comfort they provide are certainly unmatchable.

How tight should racing gloves be?

Racing gloves should fit you snug initially with fingertips reaching the edges and pressure of around one pound. Upon break-in, a high-quality leather race glove with carbon fiber and rubber safety elements should regain a few mm, and the length of fingers will become suitable.

How to wash racing gloves?

It is essential to follow the instruction provided with the product by the manufacturer. However, while washing your racing gloves, remember to be gentle and wash them with soap and water so that their colors don’t get fade. Afterward, let them dry by hanging them outside. Do not use a dryer or hot air to dry them.


Now that you are aware of what to consider before making the purchase of racing gloves, it is certain that you will definitely get the right fit for your intended purpose. Do a reasonable research in terms of former customer experience and features of the product of your interest.

Guy Shiffer

Sagi Shiffer

He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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