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10 Best Oven Mitts for Cooking and Baking

Unsure of where to start looking for the best oven mitts that will provide superior heat protection as well as delivering ultimate comfort and grip? We can help.

For anyone who spends any time in the kitchen cooking, the proper hand protection is needed against heat, steam, and slippage. The perfect oven mitt will be one that you keep for years because of its quality and durability.

List of Best Oven Mitts Reviews

We have researched the best oven mitts reviewed to help you make your cooking experience funny & safe:

1.Kitchen Genie Best Oven Mitts

Kitchen Genie Best Oven Mitts

Protect your hands in the kitchen with these stylish black polka dot, silicone, heat resistant oven mitts. They are perfect protection from splattering oil and heated kitchen products. Kitchen Genie’s product has been FDA approved and is BPA free while providing superior non-slip quality with the entire exterior of glove covered with heat resistant silicone good for temperatures up to 425′ degrees. They have a soft quilted interior lining and are long enough to protect past wearer’s wrist. The raised pattern of silicone provides a solid perfect grip while you are working with heated trays, pans, and sheets in the kitchen. What a perfect gift for yourself or any other person who wants superior style and performance in the kitchen.

Consumers have spoken and these mitts really deliver what is advertised. Whether you are in the kitchen or on a family camping trip, these average sized silicone mitts will protect your hands and wrist from all heat-related product. Extra large hands will fit snugly inside.

Heralded as one of the best kitchen aids, these adorable and functional mitts may be the last pair of oven mitts you ever purchase with their superior heat resistant and non-slip quality, along with a super soft interior. We know you will love this product; they are the most comfortable kitchen mitt and aid just for you or as a perfect, unique gift.

You will use these great mitts every time you are in the kitchen cooking, grilling, and baking. These perfect, heat resistant silicone raised outer shell provides heat protection from steam and handling pots and pans. The non-slip characteristic will ensure a greasy pan never slips out of your hands. Black and white polka-dotted pattern and soft quilted lining make these super stylish while delivering ultimate protection and comfort.

Strong and durable silicone outer cover
Soft and comfortable quilted interior lining
Heat resistant up to 425 degrees
Slip-proof with raised silicone
BPA free
Great gift for a good price

It’s hard to complain about a high-quality product

2.LDTEA Oven Mittens

LDTEA Oven Mittens

Rachel Ray brings you your choice of brightly colored, gourmet, practical silicone kitchen/oven mitt with a soft, quilted cotton liner and insulation. These kitchen hand protectors are a full hand mitt with heat resistance up to 500’ F for your full protection from all heated surfaces. It also provides excellent non-slip functions with its textured and raised design. The insulation pocket is located on the inside of the mitt offering a soft, 100% cotton line with 100% polyester filling which will ensure your safety. They are washable when hand washed in cold water. Enjoy for yourself or as a great gift.

The one size fits most mitt runs a little large in hand area, so consumers with smaller hand might not get the support they are searching for; consumers will want to try them on and practice maneuvering with them on. Also, this purchase is for one mitt only, not a pair.

People love the color selection, the protection, and the reliability of the Rachel Ray mitts. You will be pleased that they deliver as promised and have a perfect selection either for yourself or your family members.

The Rachael Ray Silicone Oven Mitt is ideal for all of your cooking, baking, grilling and kitchen/oven needs and is a necessity for any person who loves to cook. These silicone grip oven mitts are also heat resistant; they are designed to withstand temperatures up to 500° F. They have been created with superior quality materials and FDA food safe silicone. They will give the wearer the extra needed protection for hands from steam and heat-related burns. They are flexible, heat-resistant, slip-proof, with a cushioned 100% cotton liner. Each mitt is 14″ long and provides comfort and protection past one’s wrist area and full hand. A choice of fun, bright colors are available.

Reliable company
14” in length
Heat resistant
Quilted and insulted interior lining
Slip-proof with textured silicone covering
Multiple color choices

Runs large
Only one per order med-expensive for one

3.Kitchen Elements Heat Resistant Mittens

This candy apple pair of silicone cooking mitts are lightly padded and lined and withstands temperatures of up to 425’ degrees F. Made in the USA, Kitchen Elements provides a raised and textured anti-slip silicone surface. The interior provides a soft 100% cotton liner that is padded enough for flexibility and mobility but not so thick as too cumbersome. They are FDA certified and are easily hand washable or even dishwasher safe. This bright color will add a splash of safety to your kitchen. Suitably covers both hands and wrists.

When you look at consumer reviews and pair them with the dates of review, it is clear Kitchen elements has made some improvements from earlier models. This seems to be a new and improved model that has people pleased and raving.

You will be pleased with this products capability at a great value. People are pleased with their level of heat resistance and slip-proof silicone characteristics.

This bright pair of cotton-padded, silicone oven mitts makes an excellent addition to any kitchen and is perfect for every cook. The anti-slip silicone across the exterior protect your hands and wrists for heat temperatures up to 425′ degrees F. The 100% soft cotton lining along the interior helps keep your hands comfortable when using this great product. Raised silicone ridges and grooves help prevent slippage and adds great gripping ability. Set of two silicone cotton padded kitchen oven mitts with padded inner liner make up this comfortable, handy oven glove. Finally, each glove has an attached hanging loop for easy display or drying.

Bright Red, stands out never lose
Withstands heat up to 425’ degree F
Ridges silicone prevents slipping
Soft lightly padded 100% cotton lining
Attached hook for hanging
Good price value

So cheap to be a quality one
Take care of sizing chart

Check It Out On Amazon

4.MOAMI Best Oven Mitts

MOAMI Best Oven Mitts

This is an extremely attractive cotton oven mitt that has a raised flower pattern of silicone on top to protect one’s hands for high heats in the kitchen while looking stylish. The extra long piece is a heat resistant gloves up to 464’ F, cold proof and waterproof. The raised floral pattern is also slip-proof with extra grip control. It is filled with 100% cotton and lined with terry cotton fabric, making it wonderfully comfortable and also machine washable. This pair of mitts has riveted holes for convenient hanging. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is also an added bonus.

While pictures and description show a gloved whole hand covering, consumers need to know that the interior is running small so this design might be better suited for female and smaller handed individuals.

Consumers will agree that these mitts provide everything a cooking enthusiast needs to protect their hands from heat, cold and water in the kitchen. They are perfect for both sexes and the modern look will be a welcomed addition in any kitchen.

Every pair of Deta oven mitts go through a & step quality control inspection to ensure complete customer satisfaction and is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer a handsomely designed medium gray, extra-long, pair of kitchen mitt; both sides have a silicone covering in a floral design over 100 % cotton and cotton lining. The company is favored among kitchen enthusiasts as they offer attractive selections for necessary items. Each glove is designed to accommodate either Left or Right hand. Add this natural addition to your modern kitchen today.

Heatproof up to 464’F
Waterproof & washable
Raised silicone floral power provides fantastic grip support and added heat protection
Medium-filled with 100% cotton with an interior of terry cotton
FDA regulated, Inspected, guaranteed
Priced very reasonable

Runs small on the interior

5.Grevy Oven Mittens

This is a cat lover’s dream in the body of 2 matching handy oven mitts. Two-toned colors of black and white with the picture of cat and sides of glove imprinted with, “Time spent with a cat is never wasted. These are perfect for most sized hands and cover the entire hand. Made from 100% cotton, they include a thick, padded body and smooth and soft quilted liner. Included for your convenience is a loop on the side of each mitt so you can hang them. Completely washable. They will make a perfect, reasonably priced gift for yourself or the cat lover in your life.

If silicone isn’t your choice, these twill cotton mitts still protect from high temperatures while adding a splash of style to your kitchen. The only downside is that they will get dirtier quicker and need to be cleaned more often.

Even if you aren’t the cat person in your family, everyone knows one. These are so cute and functional that they make the perfect gift for anyone who loves cats, style, comfort, and heat protection from their kitchen mitts.

Heavy twill cotton covers extra padding of these adorable fashion cat oven mitts. Look stylish with your black and white cat mitts while delivering hot items to the table. Big enough to support most hands with a good length of added protection. When finished handling heated items, you can wash them and hang them up to dry or decorate your kitchen with the added hook for hanging purposes.

Fantastic cat-lover design and saying
Stylish black and ivory colors
Sturdy 100% cotton
Padded and quilted protection
Nice length
Good price for two

Not silicone if looking for that kind of protection.

Check It Out On Amazon

6.Homwe Heat Oven Mittens

This pair of silicone oven mitts have a slenderer look compared to similar products. Double sides of premium silicone cover a quilted, cotton lining. They are fashioned with a lengthened gauntlet style sleeve that can be folded for a two-tone look or worn long to protect more of your arm. They come in 7 different color selections to match any kitchen’s design and color combination. Slip-proof and heatproof up to 450′ degrees F, they are also FDA-approved, use anti- BPA silicone and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The value is great for the high standard mitts being received.

This particular pair runs large so they may not be ideal for smaller hands. Some people prefer a more padded quilted lining; even though the company advertises a thick layer of insulation, it is a thin, but adequate layer.

HOMWE is a consumer favorite with several thousand pleased kitchen mitt owners. People love the sleek and slender design compared to extra quilted mitts. A slender lining is all that is needed to give the support and protection beneath the thick layer of silicone.

The HOMWE silicone oven mitts give people superior protection from high temperatures of 450’ degrees, meeting all your kitchen hands and forearm protection needs. They are extra long at 14.7″ inches and include a thin layer of quilted, cotton and polyester lining. FDA Approved, and food grade acceptable, these mitts which come multiple two-tone colors come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. A great value for the larger hand kitchen cooks.

Extra Long
Thinner lining if preferred
Superior grade FDA approved silicone
Cotton and polyester blend stuffing and lining
Hand wash and hang dry

Run large, limited quilting if

Check It Out On Amazon

7.Honla Best Oven Mitts

Kitchen enthusiasts will be pleased with these jewel-toned, imported cotton and silicone oven mitts. The silicone is FDA approved, BPA safe and is of commercial grade, able to resist heat temperatures up to 500′ degrees. They are 13 “x 7” and are large enough to protect most hands beyond the wrist and up the forearm. The raised silicone pattern found on both sides of the mitt makes them ideal slip-proof and heat resistant tools perfect for any kitchen. Moreover, they have a soft cotton twill lining and gauntlet cuff with terry cloth lining. They are machine washable and easily hung by a cloth loop.

Some consumers would prefer total silicone coverage as the cloth gauntlet style sleeve has the potential of getting dirtier than the rest of mitt. It seems like one batch also had an odd plastic odor that washing took out.

These are the perfect gift for oneself or any friend who enjoys cooking. The value of these jewel-toned mitts makes them perfect protection and comfort at a perfect point value. Roomy enough to fit large hands, but not too large for the more feminine hand. Each mitt is designed to fit either hand.

The unique silicone pattern textured across both sides of palmed hand has slip-proof and high heat resistant properties. The extra length provides further protection and the terry-cotton lining and stuffing are super soft and flexible. All hand sizes will be pleased with the pair of mitts at just the right price. Machine wash as needed and then hang them up with their convenient hook to dry. They are the perfect gift for anyone who cooks and wants professional grade protection and comfort.

FDA and BPA approved high-quality commercial-grade silicone
Silicone raised pattern on both sides of the mitt
Terry cloth cotton lining, and extra length gauntlet style sleeve
One size fits most

Not durable
Low budget option

Check It Out On Amazon

8.Deik Anti Heat Oven Mittens

Deik delivers both cute and stylish fashion paired with heat resistant protection and comfort with its pair of two-toned, black, and black and white polka-dot mitts. The lower hand part is solid black and made with super heat resistant silicone designed to withstand temperatures up to 572′ F. It is also completely waterproof to prevent steam and water burns and they are easily cleanable by hand, the machine even dishwasher. The polka dot lower wrist and forearm section is a 100% polyester/cotton blend of soft, padded, comfortable cloth and lining. Simply hang to dry by lengthy cloth loop at the base of the mitt. They also come with a lifetime service warranty so you can buy with confidence knowing you will receive this stylish kitchen accessory that has been certified as FDA approved and BPA free. Perfect for that polka-dot fashionista chef.

The pair of mitts runs large, so if you have petite hands, you may find the pair oversized and cumbersome to manipulate. Fortunately, any issues can be resolved with DEIK’s superior customer service which offers a two-year customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty.

Pleased consumers rave about the quality, comfort, design, and protection from these super cute and fashionable oven mitts. They deliver as advertised and will make a perfect addition to your home or making the perfect gift for your cooking friends and family. So reasonable, you can buy one securely for anyone who loves to accentuate with Polka dots.

You or your favorite kitchen guru will be thoroughly pleased with this oven mitt set from DEIK. Deik delivers premium quality heat protection to 572’F designed with an elegant and delicate pattern of polka-dot and solid black two-tone matching. The gauntlet sleeve is extra soft and wide and provides plenty of soft poly/Cotton comfort. You will be pleased with the super grip, flexible, and warrantied purchase of the FDA approved kitchen aid.

Quality, approved and certified silicone and poly/cotton blend materials
Fashionable pattern
Resists heat up to 572’F & waterproof
Extra length protects hands, wrists and forearms
Easily maintained, and Customer satisfaction 2-year warranty
Reasonably priced

Not adequate for smallish and petite hands, mitts run large.

Check It Out On Amazon

9.Elbee Home Best Oven Mitts

This set of Elbee kitchen aids include two premium and professional silicone mitts and matching silicone heat pad trivet. This set is perfect for all your cooking, baking, and barbequing needs as they will protect your hands from industrial heats up to 450′ F. They have a quality, thin cotton padding for extra protection, support, and comfort. The silicone has been FDA approved and is BPA free which is easy to clean and store. Enjoy the complete three-piece set at a terrific value.

It seems a shame not to have extended the sleeve on this superior set. The silicone and lining deliver as advertised, but several other versions selectins extend past the wearer’s wrist. This mitt pair is 11.5” x 7”.

Consumers have been pleased with the delivered, as advertised, results of the Elbee Home silicone mitt set. They are plenty flexible and comfortable while not losing any of the needed heat protection and soft comfortable lining. While they look thin, the padding is perfect, and these mitts are extremely flexible and durable. Makes the perfect gift.

The Elbee kitchen mitts are made with ultra-flexible, premium and industrial grade silicone with quilted cotton and polyester lining. They are extremely soft and breathable; they are designed to fit most hands. They will protect both sides of silicone from heat and moisture. The textured pattern on the mitt surface allows a superior grip without the fear of greasy pans slipping out of your hands. The set is waterproof and can be easily cleaned by wiping them down with a damp cloth.

Comes with extra item: heating trivet
Made with professional grade silicone
Heat resistant up to 450’F & cotton and polyester filling and lining
FDA approved & BPA free
One size fits most: even larger hands have plenty of flexibility
Waterproof and easily cleaned

Would be improved if the extended past wrist

Check It Out On Amazon

10.Arcliber Oven Grip Mittens

Do you love baking? In that case, you need to ensure that you are properly equipped with the right accessories to reinforce your performance. You should consider possessing a pair of Arcliber for an improved kitchen operation. These have been designed to meet the needs of every professional baker.

Looking on the downsides of this accessory, you will be disappointed with the large sizing which reduces the ample fitment of the pair. Consecutively, these are too stiff which makes it hard to get a good grip of pans. These oven gloves have not been oriented with enough heat proof abilities, hence your hands will be prone to burns if you are handling substances of higher temperatures. Despite these limitations, the rest of the properties far grant an outstanding ordeal.

Their construction attributes to the product’s excellence both indoors and outdoors. The flame-retardant coating ensures that your hands are not prone to catching flames. The quilted cotton design guarantees a soft and flexible feel when conducting your particular task. The Terry cloth inner cotton lining facilitates the protection of your hands from burns and blisters. Additionally, these mitts are lengthy which ensures that your arms are protected from the intense heat of the oven.

Consecutively, you will find the comfy aspect a loveable feature of this accessory. The silicone fabric utilized in making this asset enhances an anti-slip gripping ability. You will be able to firmly grip slippery oven pans without a hassle. The materials used during the construction of this accessory attribute to the thickness aspect. This allows you to handle hot cookeries with a lot of ease for lasting period of time. In addition, you will find the ample fingers maneuverability an outstanding aspect.

Our final thoughts regarding this product are that it is an ideal and essential tool to utilize in the kitchen. The construction it upholds attest to the product’s excellence. Far overlooking the few setbacks associated with this item, all the other features are far appealing. In order to boost your kitchen performance, order your pair of Arcliber oven mitts now.

Improved hands movement
Guarantees arms protection against burns and blisters
Lengthy enough to protect your arms

Reduced heat resistance abilities

Check It Out On Amazon

Buyers Guide for Best Oven Mitts

How do you decide on the perfect oven mitt for their daily cooking needs? A lot of it does depend on personal preferences between styles, colors and other variances. However, when determining the best mitt, the following elements should be considered: material, style, protection, size, and overall value.

Our buyer’s guide has been created to alleviate some of your questions about purchasing your next pair of oven mitts.


The material of your cooking mitt should depend on the type of cooking you most likely take part in. Different materials are available to choose from; each with their own benefits. Consider the following materials when doing your research:

Traditional Cotton Mitt

Usually, these mitts consist solely of a heavy cotton or polyester/cotton blend. They are the traditional style padded and quilted fabric that has been used for decades. The benefits of pure cotton or blend material are that they are generally very heat resistant, are machine washable and are more cost effective. However, even the mitts with double insulation don’t provide a superior grip on heated pans and surfaces as well as other materials.

Silicone Kitchen Mitt

The silicone material has become a favorite among many chefs because of its superior gripping capability. Silicone is generally a high heat resistant material and is easy to hand wash or wipe clean. All of the benefits make silicone kitchen mitts a fast favorite. When purchasing silicone, you should ensure that it has been FDA approved and is BPA free, which means it has passed inspections pertaining to the handling of food.

Style and Design

Since there are literally hundreds of styles and designs from which to choose, a lot of the deciding factors depend on personal preference. Do you want a pattern, a picture, solid color, a particular print? You might be surprised at the quantity of what is available. However, you may want to opt for the mitts that provide extra length and protect not only your hand and wrist from heat, but the protection extends up the forearm in some gauntlet sleeve style mitts. Finding the perfect oven mitt that accurately depicts your own personal flair in the material and length you want should be easy and fun and shouldn’t cost a fortune.


The price between materials is that vast. Generally, you can expect to pay a little more for silicone mitts as compared to the traditional form. However, you can also pay for a particular theme or design that appeals especially to you. One thing you should determine when purchasing mitts are whether they are being sold as a pair or singularly. Then, determining the price point value will be more easily determined.

Oven Mitts FAQs Answered

Oven mitts have come a long way from the cotton varieties that your grandmother used. In today’s kitchens, you will see oven mitts made of silicon and oven mitts made of neoprene. One question you may ask yourself is “What type of gloves is best for me?”  Silicone oven mitts are heat resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, while neoprene oven mitts are heat resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The neoprene has a slight heat resistant advantage in the kitchen.

Neoprene vs Silicon Oven Mitts

Silicone is waterproof and resistant to other hot liquids, but neoprene is resistant to more liquids including water, grease, acids, solvents, and caustic materials. Both types of oven mitts provide excellent grip on hot objects. You can wash silicone gloves in a washing machine, but for neoprene gloves, you put them on and then proceed to wash them off as if you are washing your hands.

Neoprene gloves are more flexible than silicone thus allowing you to pick up delicate objects more easily. Some people prefer to have an inner liner so that it is easy to slip on these type of gloves.  Silicone oven mittens are FDA approved. Both of these types of oven mitts are superior to the cloth types for heat resistance and cleanliness. So, if you want to select the best type of oven mitt for you, consider the differences between silicone and neoprene. There are some advantages to either type but both of these newest types are far superior to the old fashion cloth oven mitts.

Why should you wear oven gloves?

Did you know that burning yourself is one of the top 5 injuries in a kitchen? Wearing oven mitts around hot items is an effective way of protecting yourself. Did you know that a partial-thickness burn can take 10 to 14 days to heal? More severe burns take 3 to 4 weeks to heal and may leave a scar.  Unfortunately, it is also possible that you can injure yourself with a life threatening burn, especially if a pot of boiling oil spills all over you. All of these burns preventable.

Are oven mitts insulators?

All oven mitts are insulators. The quality of effectiveness depends on the material that makes up the oven mitts, the thickness of that material, and the amount of coverage.

Do silicone oven mitts work?

Yes, silicone oven mitts have many superior qualities. They protect you from temperatures of up to 230 degrees Celsius. They have good grip can be washed in the machine when they get dirty. Often silicone is used in combination with other materials for its excellent qualities to protect you. In some oven glove designs, your pan sits away from the full surface of the glove since it has strips of silicone, making a ribbing design. In this design, you have minimal contact with the hot pan. The air combined with the silicone is an excellent insulator for heat.

Do oven gloves wear out?

Certainly, cloth gloves wear out as the insulating material get matted down or compressed reducing its insulating qualities. On the other hand, Silicone gloves come with a 100% lifetime warranty and are FDA approved. If silicone or neoprene gloves are in good condition without any abrasion or tears or burns, they should last a very long time.

What are oven mitts made of?

They can be made of many different materials but the most common ones are cotton, silicone, neoprene and Kevlar. Certainly, the least effective is the all-cotton gloves. Many gloves are made of a combination of materials. The neoprene and silicone gloves can protect your hand for normal operating oven temperatures. They are easy to clean and some come with a life-time warranty. Neoprene resists heat transfer to 110 degrees Celsius. And silicone resists heat to 230 degrees Celsius.  Most people use their oven at 350 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or from 175 to 260 degrees Celsius. Neoprene has excellent abrasion resistance, while silicone has poor abrasion resistance. Both silicone and neoprene are far superior to cloth oven mitts. Often these two materials are part of the same glove. Kevlar oven mitts are made of the same material that racing car drivers use to protect themselves from a fire. Silicone is the best options for a sturdy and durable choice.

Besides the material what else does matter is the thickness of the material, along with some other aspects such as glove design, grip, and coverage. In some oven glove designs, you pan sits away from the full surface of the glove since it has strips of silicone, making a ribbing design. In this design, you have minimal contact with the hot pan. The air is an excellent insulator for heat.  If the gloves have superior grip quality, you do not need to grasp the hot item as tightly, and you will not feel the heat as prominently. Another characteristic of superior oven mitts is the amount of coverage for your hand or arm. Some gloves merely cover your fingers while others extend almost to your elbows.

Conclusion of Best Oven Mitts

While there is a vast assortment of quality and attractive best oven mitts. The kitchen is not the place to put decoration above safety. Always determine the heat resistance and materials while searching for the mitt that matches your personal style. Our reviews and buyers guide hopefully helped with some of the decision makings. Bon Appetit. If you still have questions just use the field below and I’ll answer you ASAP!

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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