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10 Best Opera Gloves Leather Arm Length for Evening

Getting ready for that special occasion can be daunting – you’ve got your outfit sorted, your blings selected, but yet – how to get noticed and make a statement? You asked – and we have the answer, best opera gloves leather arm length for evening!

Nothing is more attractive than a poised, composed woman who is confident in a pair of these. With the dizzying array of styles and makes out there – we have selected the best evening gloves and compared them for you!

Best Opera Gloves Leather Arm Length for Evening Reviews

Here are our picks for thebest opera gloves leather arm length for evening reviewed to look confident and attractive at your next evening party:

1.SATINIOR 6 Pack Long Satin 1920s Opera Gloves for Wedding Halloween Prom

SATINIOR 6 Pack Long Satin 1920s Opera Gloves for Wedding Halloween Prom
SATINIOR 6 Pack Long Satin 1920s Opera Gloves for Wedding Halloween Prom

Italian designed and manufactured, the Fratelli Orsini boasts the exceptional quality of well-sewn lambskin. It is supple, soft and velvety, providing the wearer a luxurious feel with extreme hand and finger dexterity as well as movement.

While these are supposed to be of traditional design, it lacks buttons on the wrist – the whole thing has to come off if you need to access your fingers. No elastics are also placed in the wrist area to make it easier to take them off. As these are unlined, it may not be warm enough for use when the temperature drops.

True to tradition, this classic Fratelli Orsini product comes in 16-button length (about 23 inches), extending nearly up to the shoulders. It is unlined on the inside and comes in a selection of 6 sizes. The material it is constructed from ensures that it would fit superbly and that it is also designed to be true to size.

The thickness of it is just about right, enough to ensure durability but also comes with the appropriate daintiness, allowing a wide range of gestures. There is a shiny finish to the leather – but not in a tacky, gaudy way, but more of a quality shine.

Also great is that these come well packaged and unfolded, with the bonus of a long velvet storage bag with the maker’s name and logo.The epitome of old world glamour, these fits like second skin. The lambskin leather makes all the difference in the finish, and the classic 16-button length ensures that you get proper traditional opera gloves with these.

Lambskin leather – good quality
Fits true to size
Good hand and finger flexibility
Classic 16-button length
Ships unfolded
Comes in box and storage bag

Does not come with buttons/elastic at wrist, hard to take off/put on

2.BABEYOND Best Opera Gloves Leather Arm Length for Evening

BABEYOND Best Opera Gloves Leather Arm Length for Evening
BABEYOND Best Opera Gloves Leather Arm Length for Evening

If your aim is to make a statement at your formal affair – the Solo Classe is there for you. These are “old fashioned” women’s gloves, made in kidskin leather and exquisitely lined with 100% silk. It is hand-sewn, ensuring the utmost comfort and quality. It also comes in a gift box.

It is to be noted that these do not stay true to the vintage style of being designed with the “mousquetaire” or buttons at the wrist. You will not be able to unbutton and slide your hand out while it is still on, as with traditional pairs. The leather unfortunately also comes with a stronger than usual smell that may put you off. Lined with silk, these may not offer much warmth if you are to wear them in winter.

These come in a variety of colours – black, white, and dark brown. You might be wary of the white but rest assured that it is not the stark shade of cheaper types but a fine version that exudes elegance. Definitely a step up from satin debutante/prom pairs!

The sizing is good and true to size, and with it being hand-sewn, the quality is incomparable. Kidskin has always been the material of choice for traditional opera leather gloves, and for good reason. It allows the hands free movement, as well as good feel in touch or picking up your champagne glass on your night out.

If you are tired of debutante satin opera gloves – these are for you. The creamy soft leather, hand-crafted to fit superbly, the Solo Classe is in a class of its own, what more coupled with the pure silk lining. The gift box is also a nice touch.

Good quality kidskin leather
100% silk lined
Variety of colours
Comes in gift box
True to size

Strong smell
Not of classic design – no wrist buttons
Not warm

3.Lansian Women’s Long Flapper Satin Red Lace Elbow Length Opera Gloves Costume Bridal

Lansian Women's Long Flapper Satin Red Lace Elbow Length Opera Gloves Costume Bridal
Lansian Women’s Long Flapper Satin Red Lace Elbow Length Opera Gloves Costume Bridal

To look stylish even in the cold winter months is no longer a problem with an Ambesi pair of opera gloves. Fleece-lined and constructed of soft, smooth lambskin leather, a pair of these on your hands goes extremely well with a sleeveless or strapless dress. You will definitely be the belle of the ball!

You may lack the variety in these, as the only colour available is black. It is additionally not compatible with touchscreens. Further, it is unfortunate that the strong smell of the leather it is constructed from is off-putting, at least for the first few uses. For plus-sized women, there is a chance that you may not be able to zip the top of your pair entirely, as it is designed for those more of a petite stature. The Ambesi somewhat strays from the tradition of opera gloves, where it only comes up to slightly above the elbow as opposed to the mid-bicep of authentically, classically designed ones.

Lambskin leather has been the unanimous choice of quality makers of such products and it is also the case for these. Providing a good fit, which is also true to size, these envelop your hands in a soft and plush way, without the stiffness of lesser-endowed products. The very fine machine stitches make the seams almost invisible, thus the smooth appearance and finish. Additionally, the easy zip up feature is a plus point, as it enables much easier putting on and taking off.

If you want comfort and warmth, and are not worried about sticking to traditions, these are perfect for you. Fleece on the inside ensures comfort in cold weather, and you will still be the centre of attention with gloves that exudes quality such as these.

Easy zip up design
True to size
High quality
Warm – fleece lined
Fine stitching – almost invisible seams

Zip design not suited for those of plus size
Only up to slightly above elbow
No variety – only black
Pungent odour

4.DooWay Best Opera Gloves Leather Arm Length for Evening

DooWay Best Opera Gloves Leather Arm Length for Evening
DooWay Best Opera Gloves Leather Arm Length for Evening

Designed with some ruches in the top arm area, the Finiluo are definitely statement-making opera gloves. You will be the centre of attention, without a doubt. Fashioned of genuine sheepskin, these measure up to 31.5 inches (80 centimetres), extending to almost the armpits.

These are designed to fit smallish hands, and therefore may not be suitable for those with larger palms and arms. It only comes in black and if you want other colours, you will need to look elsewhere. Expect slightly unpleasant odour, which will last for a few days, as leather normally exude a certain smell, which may bother some people. These are long gloves, but do not come with buttons at the wrist nor elastics. It is therefore rather cumbersome to put the Finiluo on, or take to it off.

These come in 4 sizes and as with other products made of sheepskin, may seem tight at first but will definitely stretch after some use. Once it does, you will be rewarded with a quality product that is of supple and pliable finish, with the shiny black sheen of authentic leather. The polythene interior adds to comfort, and you will have the flexibility of handling delicate items with ease.

The simplicity in design is rather refreshing for these. It lets its beautiful finish and excellent craftsmanship speak for itself.

For straight forward, simply designed pair that does not detract attention from your glorious self – get the FIniluo. Black, smooth and supple these are bold but remain classy and understated.

Genuine sheepskin
Simple design
Extend right up to almost armpit area

Unpleasant smell
Small fit
Very long but without features to assist on/off
One colour

5.SAVITA Long Elbow Satin Set Opera Gloves Evening Party Dance for Women

SAVITA Long Elbow Satin Set Opera Gloves Evening Party Dance for Women
SAVITA Long Elbow Satin Set Opera Gloves Evening Party Dance for Women

These gloves are the explicit evidence of how old traditions can be intertwined with the new. Of vintage design with 22 inches in arm length, the Warmen are designed to be compatible with your touchscreen devices. You therefore will no longer struggle to get that selfie up online!

These are not lined with neither fur nor wool, but with a satin-like material. You should not expect that these would keep your hands warm in colder temperatures. As they fit rather loosely from the wrist upward, it may not complement a formal, evening wear, but rather, these gloves are for outer, more external use. Ironically, the topmost area on the upper arm has been designed snug. Someone with an athletic figure, or a little on the heavier side may find fitting their arm through the opening a bit of a challenge. The colour choice is also limited to just black.

Made from the very supple, durable nappa and suede leather the external bit of these feels soft and of distinctly good quality. It comes in 4 sizes, and has the right length to fit the time-honoured opera trend, and at the same time offers the versatility of ruching it at the wrists for a completely different look. The seams are sewn to make it as delightful as your own skin, forgetting that it is even there. The satin lining adds more cosiness to your hands.

A pair that offers two looks for one price – these are definitely worth the splurge. Wear the arms shorter, wear it full length, you will be chic either way. Added with the unmistakable Warmen quality, you will not be disappointed.

Quality leather
Soft and supple
Touch screen compatible
Vintage opera design
Two versatile looks – can be ruched

Small arm opening at the top
Singular colour
Not for cold temperatures
Loose fitting


Guaranteed to stand out over others, the Fioretto incorporates imported Turkish snake leather together with Italian Nappa in its design. This has created a subtle yet fashionable contrast in it composition, aimed to enable you to steal all the attention when you have them on.

Unfortunately if you are a stickler for rules or if your formal event imposes a strict dress code, these does not make the mark. It is not designed in accordance to the traditional length of the opera type gloves and only reaches up to slightly below the elbow, as opposed to classical ones, which dictates that it should at least reach the mid-arm. It is also thinly lined in viscose and thus may not be enough to keep the cold out.

Other than that, you will enjoy these immensely – starting from the two available colours to choose from namely, black or blue, as well as the zipper on the back of the gloves which not only eases putting these on and taking them off, but also adds to its style and allure.

It is lined with viscose on the inside and this provides a slim fit. The Nappa leather envelops your hands and allows full movement, as it is comfortable and stretchy. These make a great present too, as it comes in a well-designed black box.

Unique in design, with added details such as snake leather fingers and zippers on the back, the Fioretto offers luxury and style to the wearer. Its arm length is slightly shorter than other traditional pairs in this category of gloves, but if this rocks your boat, by all means go for it. You will not regret choosing these and it may be the most comfortable pair you will own!

Unique design – with snake leather
Zipper feature for easy on/off
Many colours to choose from
Comfortable and allows movement
Packed in presentable box

Shorter arm length
Thin lining – may not be warm enough

Check It Out On Amazon


An homage to tradition, the Grandoe opera gloves have the makings and trimmings of a luxurious and classy product. It is all that you can ask for. Made to truly resemble vintage pairs worn by ladies of yesteryears, it comes with the appropriate arm length of up to 16 inches. You will not go wrong by selecting these, especially if it is a formal event you are attending.

It is a shame that these only comes in black or brown. Also, that these two shades can barely be told apart, there really is not much variety for you to choose from. Designed without any openings – neither buttons, elastics nor zippers at the wrists, you may find wearing these and taking them off again rather unwieldy. The lining is meagre and insufficient to protect from the worst of what the weather can throw at you.

Sheepskin is the only material used in the construction of these, which guarantees the utmost comfort for your hands. The suppleness of the leather offers limitless dexterity and feel throughout the palm and finger area. You can no doubt handle delicate objects with ease while wearing them. It is also lined with breathable silk; therefore you will not get sweaty palms while having them on.

You may forget you have donned a pair on, so comfortable they are with the 100% silk and 100% leather combination in its construction. Classic in make and form, Grandoe offers you all you are looking for, especially in classic style and esteem.

Good dexterity
Excellent craftsmanship
Proper arm length for opera style
Silk lined – breathable

Lack of colour to choose from
Thin – will not be warm enough for the cold
No wrist opening to ease putting on/taking off

Check It Out On Amazon


If you are someone who cannot bear to part with your smartphone during an evening out, then the Yiseven gloves are for you. It is touchscreen compatible; therefore you have no problem staying in touch with your friends and family most importantly, while also maintaining and updating your social media pages!

The downside to these is that it comes with that unmistakable leather odour that lasts for a few days. Best to wait before using them on your special occasion, so that the smell wears off. It is meant to be tight on your hands, therefore take note that its design runs a bit small. These are lined gloves, but its lining does not stay in place, which means that some parts of the gloves bunch up inside.

Comes in black and wine red, the Yiseven is made with top-notch lambskin leather, characterised by its smooth and soft feel when worn. The closeness of fit enables you to move your fingers and get good feedback from whatever it is you are touching. Being smartphone compatible makes it easy for you too, as you’re no longer plagued with the trouble of having to remove an entire glove just to touch a button. The seams are also carefully placed, and these can be ruched down should you want to wear it in a shorter version. Together with the lining, the ruching also makes these warm enough for wintry conditions.

These nicely and conveniently come in a box, making it easy and presentable as a luxurious gift.

The touch screen compatibility and versatility to wear these in more than one style, namely short or long arm length is unbeatable. Furthermore, these are warm enough to keep your hands cosy even in the coldest of winter days.

Made for touch screen compatibility
Lined – warm
Versatile to be worn ruched and shorter
Available in two colours
Nice packaging

Runs a bit small
Odour for at least the first few days
Lining moves inside

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Designed for those of discerning taste, you cannot find fault in the quality and make of this product. The Casf is constructed from genuine lambskin leather and is designed with every seam in place, to deliver style and comfort at the same time.

Regrettably, these are not very durable – more so as it is manufactured to be of a tight fit. This characteristic makes it rigid and restricts movement in the palm and finger area. It might be best to measure your hands as per the manufacturer’s instructions and size up if you are in doubt with sizing. This is as it can tear pretty easily if stretched beyond its limits, as any soft leather would do. It also only comes in black – you have to look elsewhere if you want more variety. These also only come up to slightly above the elbows, which lacks the feature of classic opera gloves that tends to reach mid upper arm.

Should you be looking for shiny black material, the Casf is indeed the right choice for you. These come with a distinguished, unmissable sheen, exuding confidence of the wearer. As it is lined, it provides enough warmth for cold days and nights out. The satiny material used in the interior adds to this, as well as a luxurious feel without increasing bulk. Your finger silhouette remains slight and streamlined, enhancing femininity.

This would appeal to you if you are looking for gloves than accentuates your feminine side, while allowing your strength and confidence to burst through. The leather is of impeccable quality, delivering shine while maintaining comfort.

Warm, lined
Streamlined for feminine look
Sheen on leather

Only one colour – black
Not long enough – just slightly above elbow (should be mid-bicep for proper opera gloves)
Need to size up, as it is tight

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Out for that evening dinner date? Well, possessing a pair of KIMOBAA evening gloves will guarantee an excellent experience. These hand coverings have been made to be supple and ensure that your hands are protected from some elements. The design adapted during the make of this item attributes to the worthy outcomes portrayed by the accessory. You should consider purchasing this opera gloves.

Looking on the downside of this product, you will be disappointed with the lack of breathability feature. The pair tends to make your palms and fingers prone to sweating when worn for an extended period of time. The lengthy design may cause some uncomfortableness around the elbow area. The product is relatively pricey which may be a setback to your wallet. Other than these shortcomings, all the other features are far stunning.

On the merits of the item, these hand coverings are long enough to ensure an ample fitment. The real sheep leather material used in the construction of the mitts attests to the product’s flexibility, proficiency, comfort and durability. The fleece lining anticipates for the cold proof nature portrayed by the item. The long elbow design guarantees you a premium comfort aspect. The ample fitment is another awesome upside fond with the asset.

Looking on another upside of the product, you will be delighted with the soft and well-fitting fingers design. This ensures that your hands stay in position for an extended amount of time. Conversely, the product has been enhanced with an anti-slip gripping ability so that your gripping performance is excellent. The design of the asset ascertains protection against brutal elements. This commodity is windproof so as to ensure that it does not come off while performing outdoor activities.

In conclusion, KIMOBAA evening gloves have by far proven an ultimate vitality to every individual who wants to take part in an outdoor evening adventure. The construction of the mitts attest to the product’s impeccability. Far overlooking the few drawbacks associated with the accessory, all the other features guarantee an improved performance. Order your own pair of KIMOBAA hand mittens to enjoy the premium aspects.

Long lasting
Proficient and comfortable
Cold proof
Enhanced non-slip grip
Proper fitment

Lessened breathability nature
Uncomfortable in the elbows area

Check It Out On Amazon

For all you fashionistas and vintage lovers out there, we hope this review has helped you choose the best for your special occasion outfits. We definitely want you to remain chic, and at the same time stay warm and cosy in your gloves.

We know that a composed woman in opera gloves and a tailored gown stands out like no other, therefore do not fret about anything else other than choosing the right pair and letting the gloves do all the work for you.

Opera Gloves Buyer’s Guide

For that one special occasion – what can you do to add more vintage, old Hollywood glamour (think Marilyn Monroe!) to your outfit? The answer is opera gloves. A historic and beautiful heritage, it is no wonder that a pair will elevate your look and set you a class apart from others, even in this day and age.

Now you may ask – what is it actually? And how do you choose a pair that is not only fashionable and appropriate for formal events, but also not get in the way of your comfort?

We start here with the basics – from commonly used terminologies, design and a rough guide to determining a suitable length and colours, as well as the extra useful etiquette tips for when you have your pair on!

What is it?

Considered mandatory for women (and men!) back in the 18-19th century, these are also termed as evening or formal wear, where its top should reach beyond your elbow, or at least to the mid-bicep. These could also cover the full length of the arm.

The traditional unit of measurement for these is “buttons”. This is fully French, defining a unit of measure that extends a wee bit longer than an inch (note that this is used regardless of whether or not there is physical buttons on it). 16-buttons or 22-23 inches long are the traditional measurement for such a pair. The measurement is taken from thumb seam (i.e. just below the wrist).

You would also encounter the term “mousquetaire”, which is an evening gloves style with buttons at the wrist. This is for you to unbutton and slide your hand out while it is still on. You then can fold it neatly, and tuck the hand area back into the wrist, similar to what you would with a handkerchief. Usually ladies do this for when eating dinner, or if you are the bride – in order to accept your wedding ring.

Rough guide to suitable length

The right length is at least reaching mid bicep or higher. If you consider yourself petite in built, you may find 16 or 17 inches adequate for this. If you are taller, perhaps it will take 22-inches to reach your mid-bicep.

One of the basics to select the right length would be to check the sleeves of your evening wear – for short sleeves, select longer pairs. This style is therefore most suited to strapless and spaghetti strapped outfits.


Sticking to tradition, it is best to go with whites or its variety of shades, namely off-white, magnolia, beige, cream and the likes. This lighter colour suits most occasions. Bear in mind that dark coloured pairs are to go with similarly dark or bright formal wear and is seldom worn with lighter colours. For colours other than black and white, coordination between the colour of the outfit and what you have on your hands should be done carefully.

Dos and Don’ts  – Some basics

Traditionally, opera gloves should not be put on in public. Wear it in the comfort of your home, before you out. Put it on by starting at the wrist, after which smoothen it up the arm. Best not to pull from the top. Do wear your trinkets such as rings or bracelets over your pair as this is entirely acceptable now.

You can keep it on when shaking hands in a reception line or when dancing. Similarly, it can remain worn when presenting your hand to be kissed or while drinking. In the olden days, a cigarette holder is always used when gloves are on, and you can of course do so in present times.

Conclusion on Best Opera Gloves Leather Arm Length for Evening

It is inopportune that the ritual of dressing up formally, complete with the classic pair of opera gloves has been relegated only to weddings and ceremonious events. It is a loss considering how a woman is so much sexier in a tailored gown and gloves such as these. Such great accessory – you definitely can add poise without doing much as it does all the work for you!

Feel free to include your comments in the section below. We welcome feedback and discussion on the latest trends involving opera gloves!

Do you agree that a pair of best opera gloves leather arm length for evening makes the difference? Do you feel more confident with one on? What was your experience wearing them? We would like to know! Tell us in the section below – we do love a good story.

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