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10 Best Muay Thai Gloves

Are you a Muay Thai boxer? Well, if that is the case, it means that you are prone to brutalities which may tend to deprive your performance. It is a combat discipline which utilizes the eight-point striking technique that entails full clinching. Since the hands are the most utilized in this combat art, then they are vulnerable to shortcomings which may limit your ordeal. Hand setbacks such as fatigue, bruises, lessened grip, bones breaking and slipperiness, may tend to make your sporting detrimental. So how do you ensure that you achieve a peak performance? Simple, you just need to get hold of a pair of these gloves.

It is a handy tool which has been amply constructed to facilitate limber fist clenching and ensure that dampening conditions don’t limit your achievement.

Best Muay Thai Gloves Reviewed

Our team of experts compiled a list of the best Muay Thai Gloves reviewed for a guaranteed wrist support & better grip to boost your boxing performance:

1.Fairtex BGV1

Fairtex BGV1 have been engineered with the best design in order to ensure that you attain a peak performance. The construction adapted during the make of these accessories attribute to the invaluable experience posed by the gloves. Considering a purchase of these devices will guarantee you an improved adventure.

Premium breathability is one feature we invariably pay attention to when purchasing handy devices. However, looking on the negativity of this asset, you will be dismayed with the poor ventilation system which tends to make your palms prone to slipperiness. Tears and rips are other flaws you will find this product prone to, hence, attributing for a shortened durability period. Sequentially, these mitts deploy bulkiness which makes them not conversant when it comes to hands movement. Apart from these downsides, all the other features far guarantee a stunning ordeal.

Valuable comfort is an aspect depicted by these mitts; this has been facilitated by the incredible construction of the gloves. The wraparound hook and look wristband have been designed in a manner that you will not find it a daunting task to utilize the equipment. Conversely, the hook and loop design attests for a better snug fitment and superior control.

Looking on another upside of this commodity, you will be pleased with the evenly distribution of palms padding that protects your entire hand. The adequate leather construction also ensures that a compact system has been established. The thickness aspect of these gloves guarantees for an impeccable hard punching without breaking the bones. The leather design also anticipates for a boosted longevity aspect.

Our final thoughts regarding Fairtex BGV1 is one of the best boxing gloves that are are vital and incredible choice for every Muay Thai boxer. The features upheld with these accessories attribute for an outstanding ordeal. Far overlooking the few drawbacks associated with these devices, you will be comfortably delighted with the rest of the upsides. You should consider trying out this equipment.

Boosted punching power
Enhanced hands movement
Premium comfort
Ample snug fitment
Superior control
Adequate padding
Boosted compaction

Poor ventilation system
Prone to tears and rips

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2.Hayabusa T3

It can be a daunting experience if you are not adequately armed with the right handy devices during boxing. Your hands will be prone to blisters, fatigues and wrist breaking. To ensure that you are not vulnerable to elements that will deprive your ordeal, choose a pair of Hayabusa T3 today.

Looking on the setbacks of this asset, you will be disappointed by the ripping proneness of the mitts. Sequentially, the gloves run a size smaller which makes them not ideal for individuals with very huge hands. Superior ventilation is another feature we tend to pay attention to when purchasing mitts, however, with this equipment you will be dismayed with the poor breathability aspect. Cumbersome wrist straps are another overwhelming aspect of this commodity. Without contemplating on these limitations, you will definitely be pleased with the incredible upsides.

Designed with sufficient ergonomics, the Hayabusa T3 possess a limber and secure fit which provide proficient feedback. Additionally, these tools have been oriented with adjustable dual straps which protect your wrists from dampening conditions and keeping them aligned with every punch. The multilayer foam knuckle protection ensures that your entire hands are safeguarded from elements that will deprive your performance.

Anatomical grip and ample snug fitting are other upsides you will find impeccable with this device. The incredible fit ensures that you can easily wear and take off the hand coverings with less hassles. The engineered leather fabric design of this item attributes for an ample padding and durability. The high-grade soft lining assists you to flexibly perform your tasks. Conversely, these gloves have been designed with splint wrist support system so that your wrists are held in place while punching.

Final views regarding this equipment are that it is an essential tool for every boxer, irrespective if you are a beginner or a professional. These handy products have been engineered to provide the best ring outcomes. Despite the few negativities associated with this tool, all the other features far deploy an impeccable ordeal. Purchase your pieces now to invariably merit from the amazing results.

Boosted wrists alignment
Enhanced anatomical grip
Premium comfort
Hands protection from dampening conditions
Optimal flexibility
Ample padding

Prone to ripping
Poor ventilation
Cumbersome wrist straps

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3.Twins Special BGVL3

Muay Thai boxing is such an exemplary sport only if you have all it takes to reinforce your performance. For you to excel in the ring, and when training as well, you should ensure that you possess a pair of Twins Special BGVL3. These devices have been engineered with the best fabrics so that you attain the peak experience you yearn for.

An expensive gear can be such a turn off especially when it comes to gloves. Such is the case with these accessories which have a higher price that may not seem as cost-effective. The small sizing is another downside featured by the asset such that individuals with huge hands will not find the item amply fitting. Sequentially, these mitts are quite tight, and may not offer the snug fitment required to punch. Other than these limitations, you will be delighted with the rest of the upsides.

Designed with a durable Velcro wrist strap to ensure maximum security, Twins Special BGVL3 ensure that your wrists are held in place when punching. Consecutively, the items have been enhanced with optimal maneuverability so that you will not encounter a difficult time when wearing and taking off the gloves. Conversely, you will also find the extra weight- bulky aspect- of the product quite impeccable for a better workout. Geared with extra hand padding, the gloves are quite effective when punching heavy bags, or when exercising with a sparring partner.

Durability is one merit we tend to consider when purchasing handy tools. Henceforth, looking on another upside of this equipment, you will certainly love the leather construction which facilitates for valuable lastingness of the commodity. Premium comfort, flexibility and proficiency are other exceptional outcomes deployed by the auxiliary, which ensure that you have achieved a peak performance.

In a nutshell, Twins Special BGVL3 has portrayed incredible effectiveness for every Muay Thai boxer. The features upheld with the equipment attribute to the stunning excellence of this commodity. Without considering the few demerits associated with this device, you will definitely find the rest of the properties far appealing. You need to consider purchasing this product so that you can merit from the valuable outcomes.

Long lasting
Enhanced maneuverability
Extra hand padding for increased comfort
Possesses adequate weight

Quite tightened

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4.Top King Super Air

Premium leather products tend to be effective especially when performing heavy tasks. Top King Super Air are the best handy tools which have been designed with premium leather. These accessories are quite ideal if you want to achieve an explicit performance of Muay Thai boxing. Ascertain that you possess a pair of these devices before your next training.

Looking on the downside of this commodity, you will be disappointed by the stiffness of it which tends to limit hands movement. Another dismaying drawback posed by the mitts is the bulkiness factor which limits a quick hands movement. Consecutively, the thumb stitching of these gloves is prone to ripping after quite a number of punches. Lessened durability is another setback conveyed by this product. Despite these flaws, the rest of the upsides are far appealing.

Comfort is one alluring merit we tend to consider when buying gloves. You will be delighted with the premium leather design of the equipment which ensures that your hands stay comfortable and flexible. The Velcro straps have been built to be strong enough so as to provide optimal support of the wrists while training. The inner padding ensures that your hands amply rest, and not prone to blisters and fatigue.

The standard design Top King Super Air ensures that your experience is improved. You will find the snug fitness an invaluable aspect such that the mitts will not be prone to slipping when punching. The extra weight design conveyed by these accessories’ attests for an optimal strength such that you will limberly punch the heavy bags when training.

Our final thoughts regarding this asset are that it as a valuable and vital tool for every individual interested in Muay Thai boxing. The construction adapted during the make of these mitts attest to the stunning experience posed by the items. Far contemplating on the few setbacks associated with these tools, you will be amazed by the outstanding features which portray an incredible ordeal. Purchase your own tools now so as to merit from the best outcomes.

Enhanced anti-slip design
Ample snug fitment
Improved punching abilities
Reduced hands fatigue
Comfy and proficient

Lessened durability
Thumb stitching is prone to ripping

Check It Out On Amazon

5.Yokkao Matrix

Engineered with sufficient fabric in order to reinforce the boxing performance, Yokkao Matrix are the incredible handy devices you should not lack when training. These tools have been amply constructed in order meet the purported boxing needs you may be questing for. This equipment has features which guarantee an impeccable ordeal.

Looking on the downside of this product you will be dismayed with the weak stitching of the thumb which tends to limit the longevity aspect. Since these devices have been constructed with a thick padding, this makes the product quite bulky, hence, not effective for quick punches. Consecutively, these gloves are quite stiff which tends to lessen your hands movement. Far overlooking these limitations, you will find all the other features far stunning.

On the upside of this commodity, you will definitely fall in love with the premium leather construction which facilitates a long-lasting foam. Additionally, these assets have been engineered with adequate padding which provides excellent cushioning, and wrist support for hard hitting and sparring. The hook and loop closure construction offer ease of adjusting the wrist fit. Comfort, proficiency and limberness are other incredible merits deployed with these accessories.

The interior soft lining is another satisfactory upside portrayed with Yokkao Matrix. The softness feel ensures that you achieve maximized dexterity and flexibility without compromising the punching power. Conversely, the double stitched seams convey an extra reinforcement. The long-lasting shock absorbing foam design anticipates for an incredible impact resistance. Lastingness is another pro of this accessory which has been attributed by the high-quality cowhide leather design.

Our final views concerning Yokkao Matrix are that the handy tools are vital and valuable devices for any boxing task. The properties deployed with these products ensure that you have achieved a peak performance. Despite the few drawbacks associated with these devices, you will find the rest of the features quite appealing. You should consider buying your own pair for an explicit experience.

Boosted punching power
Excellent cushioning
Enhanced wrist support
Optimal dexterity
Maximized shock absorption

Weak thumb stitching

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6.Venum Challenger 2.0

Do you love light boxing when training? Well in that case ensure that you are armed with a pair of Venum Challenger 2.0. These mitts have been engineered to be lightweight so as to achieve light and quick punches when training for Muay Thai boxing. The construction of these tools anticipates for an excellent performance.

Proneness to seams ripping off is just one dismaying downside with this equipment that will deprive your performance. The stitching on the thumb is also vulnerable to tearing after a few punches, hence, lessening the durability period of the gloves. Consecutively, the Velcro straps are quite weakened, thereof, limiting quick hands movement. Poor vented system is another unsatisfactory aspect associated with this device. Despite these setbacks, you will find all the other upsides far appealing.

Looking on the upside of this commodity, you will definitely love the lightweight design which makes it easy for you to comfortably achieve an improved punching power. Sequentially, the premium PU leather construction enhances breathability, and delivers an incredible durability. The curved anatomical shape facilitates for a reinforced palm padding which anticipates for a safer striking. You will also find the elastic secure Velcro closure a stunning upside, which attests for an invaluable secure fit and adequate support when training intensively.

Additionally, the triple density foam attributes for an excellent shock absorption, and a top hand protection. The wrist straps are quite stretchy which attributes for an easier adjustment of the gloves to your preferred setting. The interior lining attributes for a premium comfort, limberness and proficiency, which guarantees zero hands fatigue while performing your purported tasks.

Our final thoughts regarding this gloves are that it is an essential and proficient tool for every boxer. The properties contained by the mitts attribute for an incredible ordeal so that you can attain a peak performance. Far overlooking the few drawbacks deployed with this equipment, you will be delighted with the rest of the features which approve for an alluring feedback. Order your own pair of the Venum Challenger 2.0 gloves to merit exponentially.

Safer striking
Improved punching power
Excellent shock absorption
Adequate wrist support
Elastic Velcro wrist straps
Limber and proficient

Seams are prone to tearing
Weak Velcro straps
Poor vented design

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Whether you are Muay Thai boxing beginner or a professional, it is quite essential to ensure that you are adequately armed with the right handy tools- RDX. These accessories ensure that you have achieved the peak performance you yearn for. The construction adapted during the make of this equipment anticipates for an improved ordeal.

Looking on the flaws on this asset, you will be dismayed with the shortened durability and small sizing. These accessories also do not provide enough snug fitment for persons with large hands. Stiff padding around the knuckles tends to deprive the hands movement for a punching power. Consecutively, the lessened cushioning may make your performance detrimental. Apart from these limitations, all the other upsides are explicit.

Impact absorption is one upside you will find wonderful regarding this asset. This feature has been oriented by the DenZo-Tron sheet layer which not only provides impact resistance but also added lastingness during intense sparring. The limber composition of this device ensures that the mitts are not prone to ripping and tears. Consecutively, the extra thick Supremo shock foam provides additional padding that guards your hands in hooks and jabs. The Quadro dome design harnesses hands protection and sturdiness. Premium comfort, proficiency and limberness are other upsides deployed with these tools.

Looking on other merits of this product, you will be delighted by the quick EZ hook and loop design which provides adequate wrist support. Conversely, this design harbors a comfortable and impeccable wrist sustenance. The secure ergonomic fitment guarantees that the mitts will stay in place without slipping. Sequentially, these gloves have been constructed with an elite ventilation technology which assimilate the palms for air ventilation and breathability.

In a nutshell, RDX Muay Thai gloves have portrayed adequate effectiveness when it comes to boxing. The properties deployed by these commodities tend to ensure that you have attained the performance you invariably quest for. Less considering the few shortcomings associated with this device, you will find the rest of the features quite appealing. You should consider purchasing a pair of this equipment to merit exponentially.

Enhanced impact absorption
Ample protection
Premium comfort
Optimal breathability
Secure ergonomic fitment
Adequate wrist support

Stiff padding
Lessened cushioning

Check It Out On Amazon

8.Anthem Athletics Stormbringer

The simple but invaluable construction of the Anthem Athletics Stormbringer is quite excellent than you can imagine. These mitts have been engineered to offer an exemplary boxing performance while you are training. Consecutively, these gloves have been tagged less expensive so that you can easily afford them.

One flaw attached to this product is the small sizing which tends to limit the snug fitment. Conversely, these mitts are quite tightened and may tend to deprive the breathability aspect. Shortened lastingness is another dismaying downside of this asset. Proneness to ripping is another upsetting drawback associated with this tool, hence, making the auxiliary not convenient for heavy punches. Apart from these demerits, you will definitely fall in love with the rest of the upsides.

Looking on the upside of Anthem Athletics Stormbringer, you will be amazed by the premium buffalo leather fabric construction which gears a superior performance and optimal strength. The synthetic leather design also anticipates for a boosted durability, if properly managed. These mitts have been modified with adequate padding for an improved sparring and training. Conversely, the moisture wicking lining design anticipates for a well-ventilated system so that you can have an enhanced gripping ability.

The triple density high performance PU foam is another loveable merit of this device, which facilitates for optimal protection and maximum impact absorption. Additionally, these gloves feature an extra padding so as to provide maximized wrists protection and a secure anatomical fit. Sequentially, this device has been oriented with an ample contouring when improves an ample punching. The gloves have been engineered with premium comfort, limberness and proficiency.

Our concluding thoughts concerning this accessory are that it is an essential and incredible tool for every Muay Thai boxer. The aspects deployed by these accessories attribute for an alluring and improved experience. Far overlooking the few drawbacks associated with this equipment, you will be delighted with the rest of the features which are quite appealing. Order your own cost-effective commodity for better outcomes.

Optimal strength
Enhanced anti-slip gripping ability
Premium comfort
Adequate padding
Optimal impact absorption
Improved protection

Vulnerable to rips and tears
Runs a bit tightened
Lessened snug fitment

Check It Out On Amazon

9.Sanabul Battle Forged

Are you interested to take part in Muay Thai sports? Well, in that case you need to ensure that you possess the right handy tools so as to achieve a quality performance. For this reason, possessing a pair of Sanabul Battle Forged is the right thing you need to do. These mitts have been engineered with adequate strength so that your ordeal is impeccable.

Looking on the downside of this commodity, you will be disappointed with the lessened padding which tends to deprive your performance. Consecutively, the stitching is quite vulnerable to open after a few times of using the product, hence, shortened durability period. Improper sizing is another unsatisfactory aspect of these tools such that you will be forced to order a pair contrary to your usual wearables. Sweaty palms is another dismaying drawback posed by this asset. Other than these shortcomings, the rest of the features are quite stunning.

The SBL engineered leather design of this accessory is a valuable upside which attests for maximized dexterity, and comfort so that you can conveniently do your tasks. The three-layer foam construction of this commodity ensures that it lasts as expected. The inner lining has been oriented to be well ventilated so that your hands can stay cool throughout. The technological design of these mitts insinuates for a peak performance.

Looking on other upsides of this product, you will be delighted with the secure Velcro closure system. The hook and loop closures attribute for a secure and anatomical fit while training. Boosted hands movement is another satisfactory merit deployed with the mitts that guarantee an invaluable performance. The ample snug fitment is another unparalleled upside that enhances a boosted performance.

In conclusion, these mitts have proven a stunning deal for every Muay Thai boxer. The properties conveyed by the tools ensure that you achieve the best outcomes. Without contemplating on the few drawbacks associated with this device, you will find all the other features far appealing. Purchase your own pair soon for an incredible experience.

Boosted dexterity
Premium ventilation
Enhanced anatomical fit
Optimal maneuverability
Ample snug fitment

Lessened padding
Weak stitching
Sweaty palms
Improper sizing

Check It Out On Amazon

10.Everlast Pro

Want to hit hard? Well, you need to ensure that you possess the right mitts which will improve your performance without causing chronic negativities to your opponent. Everlast Pro are the handy assets you need, since they have been designed with adequate proficiency and wrists protection while participating in the combat art.

Longevity is one aspect we tend to consider when purchasing these handy devices. However, looking on the downside of this product you will be dismayed with the weak stitching that tends to shorten its durability. On another demerit of this commodity, you will be disappointed by the large sizing the mitts run, hence, not conversant with individuals who have small hands. Proneness to ripping after a few punches is another setback associated with this device, thereof only effective during light boxing. Apart from these flaws you will be pleased with the rest of the upsides.

Looking on the merit of this accessory, you will be delighted with the ample protection of the wrists against hyperflexion. Additionally, these mitts have been designed with premium comfort so that you can conveniently perform your duties. The lightweight design of these mitts contribute to the ease of hands maneuverability while performing your purported tasks.

Sequentially, the C4 foam technology anticipates for a boosted grip and increased punching power. The ProTex3 wrists stabilization system enhances for an adequate support without compromising the anatomical grip. This product has also been engineered with proficiency order to improve the cushioning. Sufficient padding is another satisfactory aspect deployed with this equipment that attests for an incredible feel and limberness.

In a nutshell, Everlast Pro mitts have proven to be essential and incredible tools for every Muay Thai fighter. The features upheld with these mitts surely convey an invaluable performance of the art. Despite the few flaws associated with this equipment, all the other properties far attribute to a significant excellence. You need to consider possessing a pair of these gloves soon. Order your own pieces now for better results.

Wrists protection against hyperflexion
Enhanced hands maneuverability
Premium comfort
Optimal punching power
Boosted anatomical grip
Increased cushioning

Not long lasting
Proneness to ripping and tearing

Check It Out On Amazon

Muay Thai Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Inasmuch as you want to participate in Muay Thai so bad, you certainly need to be properly armed. Failure to do so is one assured way that you will not achieve the peak performance that you yearn. Hence, your needs should be a priority. Possessing a pair of these gloves not only ensures that you do not suffer from brutalities, but also guarantees an incredible experience. Shortcomings such as hands fatigue, brutal punches which may break the bones, blisters and a slipping grip tend to pose negativities that may make you remorseful afterwards.

For your love of becoming a professional Muay Thai boxer, there are essentialities you need to fully consider before purchasing a pair of the sports mitts. These aspects will help you to realize the importance of the accessories in any ring game, and the worthiness of purchasing the pieces.

Here are aspects you should pay attention to before ordering a pair of the mitts:


Always look out on the features of the product you want to purchase. Features will arraign you on the proficiency and worthiness of the accessory you intend to possess. You should consider purchasing gloves which have been engineered with adequate punching power. Conversely, mitts which have been built with sufficient ventilation system are ideal during summer Muay Thai.

Your needs

You need should be the core factor of your intention to buy Muay Thai gloves. Choose an item that is best suitable to your desires. In so doing, you will find that you possess the right handy tool. Thoroughly, read through the product’s description in order to be aware if it meets all the requirements you require.

Consecutively, if you are planning to spend a precise budget on a particular product, then adhere by your standard. Go for a product which has a reasonable price that will not leave your wallet exhausted.

Hands size

There is always a size chart provided by every seller. The purpose of the chat is to help you through the right sizing of your mitts. Basically, if you have small hands go for an accessory which has been enhanced with an incredible snug fitment. Adherence to the size chart will make you get the right pair.


Invariably go for mitts which have been adequately padded so as to boost their longevity aspect. Gloves which are constructed with premium leather anticipate for a valuable durability.


Typically, ensure that you have read through the reviews of former customers regarding the asset you want to buy. Clientele testimonials will assist you to know more about the product since they have had a prior experience with the equipment.

The Seller

Before deciding on whether to purchase mitts sold by a particular seller, first visit their website. By doing so, you will learn more about the pieces you want to possess, warranty offered, services provided and prices. You can also ask for referrals from colleagues, relatives and gym instructors.

Bottom Line

Now that you have known what to consider in a pair of Muay Thai gloves, it is a guarantee that you will get the perfect product. Consider tools which have a reasonable price and tend to meet your needs to the brim.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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