10 Best Mountain Bike Gloves

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    Mountain bikers are hardcore people who are fans of thrill and excitement. If you are one too, you’ll be aware of all that excitement and risks a mountain biker faces. Such extreme sports come with huge risks of injuries. So, how to protect yourself?

    If you are finding an excellent way to prevent and secure yourself from injuries during bike riding, mountain bike gloves are here to rescue you. Such gloves keep your hands steady, dry, and free from injuries. You can grip your bike better and save your hands from any unwanted damages.

    Best Mountain Bike Gloves Reviewed

    We’ve compiled a list of the best mountain bike gloves reviewed for comfort and avoid injuries to enjoy a safe MTB journey:


    Fox Head Inc. is an American extreme sports company established in 1974. Fox is a private company run by Geoff and Peter Fox and is operated by Altamont Capital Partners, a private equity firm. The Fox Dirtpaw are among the best mountain bike gloves in the industry right now. They are elegant, classy, and are built-to-last.

    However, since these are mesh gloves, they are not suitable for windy or cold weather. Some users tried the Fox Dirtpaw during the winter season, and the gloves didn’t protect them against the cold weather. So, if you want the type of MTB gloves that allow your hands to breathe, these are for you. But if you desire to get the ultimate protection with wind blockage as well, then these are not suitable for you to have.

    The Fox Dirtpaw gloves come with a robust Padded Neoprene Knuckle coverage. This coverage protects the knuckles during any forceful impact. In this way, you get protection from suffering through any significant hand injuries. The Silicone print at fingertips provides a powerful and robust lever and handlebar grip. The importance of grip is evident to all bikers.

    Moreover, Fox Dirtpaw come with a robust and enticing Clarino padding on the top. The closure method is a neoprene cuff with a hook-and-loop. This offers stability during the ride. If you want to buy perfect MTB gloves for cross-country or trail adventures, these are built for you. The stretch polyester material allows them to expand and contract with the movement of hands. This offers flexibility and durability at the same time.

    To conclude, Fox Dirtpaw mountain bike gloves are perfect for the summer season, cross-country, and trail experiences. However, if you want to ride in a cold place, these are not for you. Moreover, they are flexible, gorgeous, and offer a sturdy grip on the handlebar. Considering all the pros of this product, we can say that it will be worth giving a try.

    Stretch Polyester
    Clarino padding
    Smart design
    Available in a variety of colors
    1-year warranty

    Not Built for Cold Seasons


    The team has ultimate trust in the strength of design and technology at Troy Lee Designs. The group is committed to providing customers with services that can withstand professional competition. Smart technologies offer the athletes to perform at their level best. Troy Lee Designs is very proud of its products, which replace conventional ideas with out-of-the-box thoughts. The company will bring creativity to everyone by adapting to the demands of experienced racers.

    The brand-new Troy lee Air gloves come with a spandex body and a palm made out of sturdy and robust Clarino synthetic leather. This is the perfect combination that pushes it to the top. Beautiful, gorgeous, and flexible; these MTB pairs are not only visually appealing but are comfortable around the wrist too.

    Troy Lee Air received massive appreciation from the community, but since these are summer riding, you cannot wear these in the cold weather. The material will not hold well under freezing temperatures and will provide an uneasy feeling around the palms of your hands. You would never want to ride the bike with frozen hands, right? So, as the product lacks in providing warmth to your hands, you won’t be able to use them in lower temperatures. The relatively high cost of this product also makes it difficult for everyone to afford it.

    Additionally, Troy Lee Air are recommended for summer riding adventures, such as cross-country, downhill, Enduro, and other training experiences. These are built to fit comfortably around any shape and are flexible enough to readjust themselves during the ride. You won’t be facing issues regarding the mobility of hands with this product.

    If you want a minimalist feel around your palms and want to opt for an airy light feel of durable MTB gloves, the Troy Lee Air are perfect for you. They are lightweight but are strong enough to protect your hands and skin in case of a fall or impact. With a spandex upper that breathes with ease combined with a synthetic leather palm for gripping the bars, these brand offer maximum support with minimal weight.

    To sum up, Troy Lee Air gloves offer optimum ventilation, perfect grip, and durability. All these factors are everything that a mountain bike rider can ever dream of. They are come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 1 year. The gloves are light-weight and feel like air around the palms. In short, they are a perfect partner for modern mountain bike riders.

    Optimum Ventilation
    Hook-and-loop closure
    Fit Comfortably around the hands
    One-year manufacturer warranty
    Many available colors

    Not Suitable for Winter or Cold Seasons
    Relatively pricey


    If you are looking for elegant, visually pleasing, well-ventilated mountain bike gloves with a perfect grip, then POC  is your answer. These gloves are made from a durable, classy fabric that is flexible enough to be readjusted during the ride and can protect your hands against any harm during the journey.

    The company has used silicon thumb for ideal smartphone use, but the customers have complained that the fabric is not smartphone friendly. This creates an unpleasing impression of the brand upon the public. Moreover, the Velcro also wears out almost immediately, and they keep falling off. Without an efficient Velcro strip, your glove remains of no use. Another complaint regarding this product is the small sizing. So, be careful when you order one for yourself. With such a high price tag, you can’t expect such drawbacks. It creates an unpleasing impression.

    POC have silicon print on the brake fingers for extra grip and feel, and the thumb is created for with touch screen compatibility in mind. However, the touch-screen compatible feature fails to work the way it was designed to. Other than this, the gloves also come with a terry cloth nose wipe on the thumb for a gentle touch.

    Highly breathable and robust fabrics come together to give you a comfortable feeling around your wrist while protecting you from all sorts of dangers during mountain biking adventures. Moreover, POC are engineered for optimized ride fit and feel to let you ride all day long without feeling burdened or in pain.

    In a nutshell, POC are a mixture of some qualities and drawbacks. They are created from powerful and flexible fabric. They are well-ventilated and offer supple palm and moisture-wicking fabric on the back of the hand. These are perfect for any season, and you can easily use a smartphone while wearing gloves.

    Touch screen compatible
    Extra grip with silicon printing
    Terry cloth nose wipe
    Moisture Wicking Fabric
    Available in four different colors

    Velcro Wears off
    Size runs small
    Inconsistent touch-screen compatibility

    4.Mechanix Wear M-Pact

    Created from Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), these gloves can prevent you from injuries by protecting your hands against any powerful impact. This makes them suitable for extreme adventurers. Moreover, the dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement provides added sustainability for offering you the best experience of your life.

    When it comes to the downside of this brand, durability is an issue. The product lacks providing you the utmost durability. Some users have complained the rubber starts wearing off after a few weeks, and the gloves become useless against impact. You might also feel that the gloves are too sturdy at the wrists, that they even affect your mobility. The last-lasting nature of these gloves pushes us back from them.

    Mechanix Wear M-Pact also feature D3O palm padding, which immediately absorbs and dissipates high-impact energy through the palm. This keeps the riders safe and protects them from hurting their hands. However, the filling is not successful in lasting long. Additionally, the gloves come with a Nylon web loop that provides convenient storage for the riders.

    Moreover, they are machine washable, so the rider doesn’t have to worry about drying them even if you don’t have a custom boot and gloves dryer. This can cut down a lot of inconveniences. Mechanix Wear M-Pact also offer an adhesive padding mechanism to provide support against any impact or fall during the ride. So, wear these and ride freely without fear.

    To sum up, this brand are incredibly durable, flexible, and can protect your hands against any impact during the ride. They are “machine washable,” and the dual-layer protection reinforcement is the perfect companion for mountain bike riders.

    Thermoplastic Rubber Padding
    Dual-Layer Internal Fingertip Reinforcement
    Machine washable
    Palm Padding for impacts

    Padding wears off after a while
    Feel hard around the wrists
    Palm Padding makes them feel rigid

    Check It Out On Amazon

    5.100% iTrack

    This is one gorgeous, enticing, and visually aesthetic pair of gloves made for mountain bike riders. The backing is created from a robust polyester mesh, and the palm is fabricated from a powerful single-layer Clarino. The padding is also a 3mm thumb overlay pad only, which makes it perfect against any injuries or impacts during the ride.

    Some users complained that they were not as light and minimal as other products from the company. This is because of the extra padding to protect the hands during the ride. The mesh backing is more substantial than the other products, and it is also more protective. The price of these gloves is too high. You cannot expect everyone to pay this much for a single pair of mountain bike gloves.

    100% iTrack are touch screen compatible, so you can easily use your cellphones during the ride without having to take off them at any point. The gloves feature 100 % Tech Thread in the thumb and index fingertips. The product \ also come with a pull-type cuff and tab, and also feature a 3mm-thick thumb overlay pad to protect this oft-overlooked area of your hand.

    The company also creates Celiums, which are quite popular among the fans for being extremely lightweight. However, 100% iTrack are not thin. These do offer the maximum level of protection, and the extra padding makes them more substantial than the other brands.

    To sum up, 100% iTrack are a perfect companion for you to have on your next ride. They have the ideal amount of padding to protect you, but they are also flexible and comfortable to wear. You can use your cellphones and still ride with a fantastic grip on the handlebar.

    3mm Thumb Overlay Pad
    Touch Screen Compatible
    1-year warranty
    New pull-type cuff and tab
    100% Tech Thread in Thumb and Index Finger
    Many available colors

    Heavier than other gloves
    The Single-layer Clarino is not well-ventilated
    Relatively expensive

    Check It Out On Amazon


    INBIKE strives to deliver you high-quality products. The ultimate goal is to leave an impactful impression n the public. The company aims to be your first choice whenever you think about mountain bike gloves. If you are looking for sturdy and aesthetically pleasing MTB gloves, you have found your answer. Created from ultra-thermal and windproof material, the INBIKE pairs are durable, robust against impacts, and warm.

    However, some users have complained that even though the INBIKEs are lined with ultra-thermal material, they only lock the warmth inside the gloves and are unable to keep hands warm during the entire commute. Sometimes, when the temperature drops down to 10-15, the gloves give up, and your hands feel cold.

    Moreover, INBIKE MTB gloves offer fleeced lining and come with a robust and lengthened wrist hook and loop fastener. This keeps them wrapped comfortably around your wrist. They are also lined with gel, which absorbs the shocks during impact. The reflective ribbon on the back improves visibility during winter night riding. They are also 100% touch screen compatible.

    INBIKE offer three pieces of pad protection; Gel and EVA pad for anti-shock. The general wrist tie design improves the temperature, keep performance high, and locks the warmth inside the gloves. This makes them perfect for cold temperatures and winter nighttime riding adventures, as well. As the INBIKEs are windproof, you do not have to worry about riding in the cold season. You can also use your smart appliances with ease as they also include touch-screen compatible features in them.

    In short, INBIKE MTB gloves have it all. Warmth, touch screen compatibility, reflective padding, shock-absorbing gel, and much more. The anti-slip silicone padding also offers the perfect grip around the handlebar. INBIKEs are perfect for outdoor activities in winter, such as winter cycling, running, bike motorcycle driving, and other outdoor activities.

    Shock Absorbing Gels
    Reflective Ribbon Padding
    Warm during the Winter
    Touch Screen Compatible
    Anti-slip silicone padding

    Can get cold when the temperature gets too low

    Check It Out On Amazon


    The multifunctional breathable gloves from Firelion are perfect for Road Cycling, Mountain Bike, BMX, and exercising. These gloves offer the perfect amount of breathability so that your hands remain dry and well-ventilated even during hot days and summer riding.

    Many wearers have complained that the gel is an obstacle for them. The shock absorption gel doesn’t allow them to have a perfect grip on the handlebar, and they ended up removing it from the gloves. Without the gel, the shock and impact can hurt the hand and put a rider in danger. So, where the gel can serve as a great protector, you can also see it as a significant flaw these gloves possess.

    Firelion offer touch recognition, which means that you can easily use your smartphone without having to take off them. The MTB gloves also have protective gel, which can absorb the shock and reduce the harm during the ride. The adjustable straps offer optimum comfort and support around the wrist. Moreover, the absorbent microfiber also helps in keeping your hands dry even during the hottest temperatures.

    The modern technology relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve, which reduces hand numbness and allows the riders to enjoy long riding adventures without worrying about hand pain. The additional gel foam padding soothes the nerves around the thumbs and fingers and offers comfort during long rides.

    To sum it all up, Firelion have got everything covered. If you don’t like them, you can also return them within the first 30 days and get your money back. They are highly absorbent and multifunctional. You can use these as a cycling gloves or for riding and exercising. These are perfect for all activities.

    Absorbent Material
    Shock Absorption Gel
    Anti-slip and anti-shock protection
    Touch Screen Compatibility
    Reinforced Micromatrix synthetic leather palm

    The gel may become a hindrance

    Check It Out On Amazon

    8.Giro DND

    Jim Gentes, a person with an obsession with architecture and unmet needs, had created Giro. It was founded more than 30 years ago. His passion led him to make his own goods and finally led to a business dedicated to the service you quality-oriented sports gear. Over the past three decades, our world has changed dramatically, but Giro remains committed to serving enthusiastic riders.

    Giro DND feature synthetic leather with moisture-wicking technology. The 4-way stretchable mesh surface makes them breathable and keeps your hand warm, ventilated, and safe during heat. The gloves feature a microfiber that is exceptionally absorbent and cleans the area with a simple slip-on model.

    As far as the downside is concerned, there is a significant issue. Giro DND are not as durable as the expectations. They can wear out after a small period of use only. Durability is the main factor upon which one can never compromise. Many complaints regarding this product also stated that the gloves lack long-lasting ability and wear out pretty soon.

    However, the design of these MTB gloves aim to protect your hands. The reinforced fingertips and flex zones at the knuckles play a vital role in providing you protection. You don’t have to worry about any impact as you are secure with these. The modern design is super comfortable. Giro DND feature exceptional three-panel design and AX Suede synthetic leather. This will keep you warm while also saving your skin from injuries.

    If you are looking for MTB gloves that are built just for ultimate riding experience, then Giro DND will serve as one of the best options for you. They are secure and offer more power and control during the riding. You will get the ultimate authority and stability with the enhanced grips the product possesses.

    All the perfect features are present in this brand. They make you able to use your smartphone with ease. The gloves come with a 2mm EVA crash pad, which can protect your sore thumbs during a crash and keep your hands safe. To sum up, these gloves are classy and modern. They are comfortable and can save you from injuries.

    Synthetic powerful Leather
    Silicone Thumb Print for Touch Screen Compatibility
    Reinforced fingertips and flex zones
    4-way stretch breathable mesh
    Three-panel design

    May shows signs for wear and tear in a few weeks

    Check It Out On Amazon


    MOREOK developed a pair of moist, comfortable, and effective MTB gloves to protect riders’ hands in an accident. Besides, they are lightweight and allow you to ride comfortably by eliminating all the injury risks. The material and fabric make this product ideal for winter riding.

    Although the company claims they are thin, some wearers complain that the gloves still feel too bulky on the way. The problem is that the bulkiness also hinders the handlebar grip and makes turning the wheels more difficult. So, you may have to look elsewhere if you want a much smarter model.

    MOREOK are also fitted with a touch screen compatible thumb and index fingers that allow you to make calls, send messages, and browse the internet on your smartphone without taking your gloves off. The reflective material on this brand serves to make them comfortable and secure for night riding.

    The thermal material coupled with plush backer liner makes them best for the winter usage as well. They will protect you from the cold by providing comfortable warmth. The reflective panels featured in this product ensure a safe ride in the dark. The product also features a hook and loop strap for the utmost comfort.

    The printed silicone grip palm construction provides an excellent grip on the bar. Moreover, the 5mm palm padding significantly enhances the bar grip and reduces bunching. The gloves come with modern Hook-and-loop Strap Closure that hugs wrists for a secure fit.

    Thermal Material to keep you warm during the cold
    Plush backer liner
    Reflective panels for safer riding experience during nighttime riding
    Touch Screen compatible
    Lightweight with silicone palm construction
    Perfect Hook and Loop strap for maximum comfort

    May feel bulky at times

    Check It Out On Amazon


    These gloves are visually pleasing as they feature fantastic color combinations to go along with any outfit of yours. There is a foam in the palm area. This padding reduces the friction between your palm and the material. Wearing these brilliant gloves, you will never face palm pain even after long riding. Moreover, they also offer you a comfortable snug fit.

    Generally, for this product, the sizes are too small and not up to standard. So, if you are thinking of buying these gloves, make sure to get one size bigger than your actual size. This will eliminate any chances of you having to fit your hands inside a small-sized pair of gloves. Other than this, at the downside, the gloves lack ultimate durability as well. Their lasting nature is inconsistent. You may notice them wearing out soon.

    Arltb mountain biking gloves are amazingly are soft and lightweight. Being light and soft, they won’t cause any pressure on your hands. The quality breathable microfiber material is absorbent and will absorb the sweat produced in the long riding. The gloves will always keep your hands dry and give you a relaxing riding experience to remember.

    The best thing about this brand is that even after a long ride, you will feel comfortable and the foam pad technology will reduce the discomfort in your hands. This will keep you on edge, and you will be able to experience mountain bike riding like never before.

    These MTB gloves are perfect for multiple sports and outdoor activities. They offer the right amount of ventilation and can provide an ideal grip. The padded palm protects your hands, making these gloves ideal cycling gear in outdoor activities.

    Padded for Protection
    Foam Padded Protection for Frictionless Experience
    Elastic full fingers will reduce the pain in long riding experiences

    Sizes may not fit everyone
    Can often wear out too soon

    Check It Out On Amazon

    Buyer’s Guide: How Do I Choose A Mountain Bike Gloves?

    You can’t just buy any gloves off the street and call them your mountain bike gloves. You have to take into account the crucial elements that make them perfect for all your adventures. You have to make sure that the gloves are well-ventilated, can absorb moisture, are touch screen compatible, durable, flexible, and can protect you against any impact. Check the following metric before purchase your next MTB gloves to make a guaranteed investment.

    Shock Absorption

    Almost all the mountain bike gloves nowadays come with shock absorption gel padding. This padding will reduce the vibration if you fall and will absorb the shock to protect your wrists and hands against the fall. This is a must-have in your next MTB gloves. You need to make sure that the gel padding doesn’t interfere with your handlebar grip and also provides sufficient energy and protection against any impact during the commute or your outdoor activity.

    Well-Ventilated and Warm

    The MTB gloves need to be well-ventilated to provide breathing room during the summer, but they also need to be warm so that you can ride with ease during the cold weather. Some gloves offer both. If you are buying gloves during the summer, make sure that it has a breathing room and offers mesh surface so that your hands stay dry and comfortable during hot temperatures. If you are buying MTB gloves during the winter, make sure that they will keep you warm and protected against low temperatures. The last thing you want is cold hands during the long ride. It can become uncomfortable and a hindrance.

    Touch Screen Compatibility

    Our days begin and end with our smartphones. It is of urgent importance that our MTB gloves are touch screen compatible, and we don’t have to take them off every few minutes to check in with the latest news or social media alerts. Almost all the mountain bike gloves of the modern era offer silicone wrap around the thumbs and the index finger to provide maximum touch screen capabilities. Look for the brands with good reviews about this feature.

    Flexibility and Durability

    The best mountain gloves are those who sit comfortably around your waist and are flexible during the ride. You want gloves that can change their shape and size during the ride to adjust to the new situations. Flexible material like polyester is the best way to go. Moreover, the MTB gloves need to be durable so that they can last longer and under duress.


    You don’t want to overspend on your gloves, but you don’t also want cheap knock offs. So, look for the MTB gloves that offer the best protection and riding features while staying inside your financial grasp. Look for affordable gloves with fantastic reviews.

    Mountain Bike Gloves FAQs

    Let’s answer the most asked questions about MTB gloves:

    What are the risks of mountain biking?

    There is some obvious danger to all physical activities. The injury rate to the body, particularly spine injury, is so high that it is almost pointless to wear a helmet. Impacts that occur from falling can cause trauma around the back and neck –damage that can often contribute to paralysis. Also, the fact that makes the whole thing even worse is in rugged, remote areas; mountain biking is often undertaken. It could be impossible to get treatment after such an accident in an isolated place.

    Is mountain biking or road biking safer?

    The dangers in road biking are often beyond the control while they are within your power in mountain biking. If you’re worried about the potential risk of death, so riding on the road is riskier. Cyclists strike vehicles, and as a result, severe injuries take place. There is a higher risk of fatal accidents in road biking.

    Do you need gloves for mountain biking?

    Gloves are the most important gear for grip and safety when it comes to mountain biking. Your hands tend to be more or less an expansion of your bike handles to maintain control when you’re biking paths and jumping down cliffs.

    How do you wash mountain bike gloves?

    You can use the washing machine for cleaning purposes regarding your bike gloves. But, remember to choose the gentle cycle and do not use much pressure. Put in some of the detergents and wash them gently. After washing, you can hang them up to let them dry. If it is mentioned on your product that it supports dryer, then you can use it. Otherwise, it is recommended to hang them and let the natural air do its work.

    The Bottom Line

    For such hardcore sports like mountain biking, it is crucial to select the right equipment for buying. You need to consider all the facts mentioned above seriously before investing in your new MTB gloves . All these facts are vital for you and your safety. So, think wisely and get going.

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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