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10 Best Motocross & Dirt Biking Gloves

Motorcycle lovers have this adventurous passion within them for motocross racing and any other related activity. You will be prone to elements such as cold, hands fatigue, sweat, injuries, blisters, dirt, accidents and slipper equipment. So how do you ensure that your experience is boosted?

Well, you need to possess a pair of motocross gloves that will guarantee an improved outdoor adventure. Ideally, possessing a pair or two of the mitts assures a great encounter.

Best Motocross & Dirt Biking Gloves Reviewed

We’ve gathered a list of the best motocross & dirt biking gloves for a better grip to keep your hands full protected and improve your performance & balance:

1.Indie Ridge

Lessened waterproof resistance is one drawback fond with this product. This facilitates to absorb and retain moisture where such can interfere with your gripping. Durability is another limiting factor associated with this accessory. The materials used in the construction are not strong enough to provide firmness of the item if subjected to greater pressures. Also, the pair is prone to ripping off if not properly handled. Far overlooking these demerits, all the other features portrayed are quite appealing.

Are you obsessed with summer motocross riding adventures? Well, if so you need to ensure that you are fully armed with the appropriate equipment to keep your riding spirit on for extended periods. In that case, possessing a pair of Klim Mojave Pro motocross gloves is an optimal mandate. The design of this product has been enabled with all the important features appropriate to fulfill your needs.

The superior ventilation is one major merit portrayed by this item. This has been harnessed by the pleather mesh design which improves its breathability. This positivity allows your hands to stay cool and less prone to sweat during summer riding. Consecutively, the palm padding grants flexibility and comfort to your hands while ok the outdoor adventure. Klim makes warm gloves for extreme cold weather

On another pro, the wrists straps and cuffs have been reinforced with adjustability so that you can tighten up the pair to your desires. Conversely, the snug fit of the product is incredible such that your palms and fingers properly fit for ease of gripping equipment. The leather material used in the construction ascertains excellent workmanship and provides great feedback. Conversely, the leather synthetic padding accounts for the product’s longevity.

In conclusion, this product is essential for every professional summer rider who yearns for an improved performance. The construction of the device attests to its incredibility making it a vital equipment for motocross racing. Well, in spite of the few flaws, the features of this equipment making it a worthwhile accessory. You should try Klim Mojave Pro mitts to enjoy the fruitful aspects.

Maximum dexterity
Great feedback
Superior ventilation
Adjustable wrist straps and cuffs
Proper fitment
Reduced hands fatigue

Not so durable
Not moisture resistant

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2.Alpinestars SMX

Hot weather riding? Well, your palms and fingers will be vulnerable to sweat, blisters and your gripping of equipment will be reduced. Luckily, a pair of Alpinestars SMX motocross gloves is the ideal solution that you need. The construction of these mitts has been enhanced with superior ventilation so that your palms and fingers can stay cool for extended periods.

Proper fitment and touch screen compatibility are the primary aspects we tend to look out for when purchasing this pair of motocross gloves. However, looking on the downside of it, the fitting is quite tightened hence you will be forced to order a pair very large contrary to your normal sizing. Conversely, the fingertips end have not been enhanced with enough touch screen capability. Also, the device is not water resistant, this facilitates moisture absorbent and retaining. Apart from these flaws, all the other features are stunningly amazing.

Ventilated hands are one loveable positivity about this accessory. This had been attributed by the perforated leather and heavy-duty mesh construction so as to enable the mitts to breath well during hot days. Additionally, the side impact areas and palms have been reinforced with a synthetic suede in order to provide abrasion resistance and reduce wearing and tearing abilities. Alpinestars is the best motorcycle gloves manufacturing that is well known for high quality leather & durability

The ergonomic stretch incorporated between palms and fingers attests to the product’s comfort and flexibility. The new design of cuff closures and padded fingers contributes to the limberness of performing tasks without the bulky feeling of Alpinestars SMX.On another positive factor, the feedback of this dirt biking and motocross gloves is impressive. You can operate on your touchscreen gadget using the fingertip which has been constructed with a cellphone friendly aspect. The pair also has been boosted by a longevity attribute due to the utilization of leather material in the palm padding.

Our final thoughts on the item are that it is an essential accessory for every motorcyclist. Alpinestars SMX has proved vitality for the motocross racing adventure. Despite the few negativities, all the other features of the device are far outstanding making it worth the purchase. Order your pair now to enjoy the worthwhile benefits.

Enhanced breathability
Maximum dexterity
Reduced palms, wrist and fingers fatigue
Ergonomic stretch

Not waterproof
Tightened snug fit
Lessened touchscreen capability of some fingertips

Check It Out On Amazon

3.Scorpion SG3 MKII

Hands fatigue while riding the motorcycle? Well, there is an ideal solution to such a shortcoming which is possessing a pair of the Fox Dirtpaw motocross gloves. The design of these mitts has been enabled to meet all the purported needs the rider raises alarm about. You should consider this item for an incredible riding experience.

Looking on one flaw of this item is the weak Velcro wrist strap which is prone to ripping off if subjected to great pressures. Consecutively, the snug fit is quite tightened such that you will be forced to go for a sizing contrary to your normal one. Also, when it comes to durability, this pair is quite a disappointment if overused or a massive pressure has been exerted while wearing. Other than these demerits, all the features of the product are far worthy.

The one superior merit is the boosted breathability which allows your hands to stay cool during hot weather. On top of that, the maximum dexterity and comfort featured by this motocross pair guarantee an outstanding riding ordeal. The neoprene knuckles and silicon fingertips attributes to the product’s dexterity while maneuvering through some trail sections. Keep in mind that Fox Dirtpaw is one of the greatest mountain bike gloves for comfort & breathability.

Additionally, Clarino synthetic leather padding adapted in the construction of this product, helps in reducing fingers, palms and wrists fatigue. The lightweight nature of the item tends to also facilitate the reduction of hands fatigue. When it comes to proper fitment, this accessory is very accommodating to the hands so that distracting fitting issues won’t be reported during the adventure.
The rubber padding reinforced on the backhands and cuffs guarantees safety against scratches and accidents. Leathery palms also provide protection against rock encrusted dirt and other brutal conditions.

In a nutshell, Fox Dirtpaw has proved its epitome to the world of motocross adventure. Without contemplating on the few drawbacks associated, all the other features portrayed make the device a worthwhile. You need to give a try to this accessory to enjoy to the maximum benefits thereof.

Maximum dexterity
Ergonomic stretch
Enhanced breathability
Improved grip
Reduced fatigue of the hands, wrists and palms
Boosted flexibility and comfort

Prone to easily ripping off due to weak Velcro wrists
Not very long lasting
The snug fit is quite tightened forcing you to go for bigger sizing

Check It Out On Amazon

4.100% Brisker

Winter rider? Well, you do not have to worry on how to beat off freezing hands since there is an ample solution for you. The 100% Brisker motocross gloves is the ideal answer you should possess. As the name suggests, this is one hundred percent capable to ensure a smooth winter ride. This accessory serves as the perfect insulator during harsh weather conditions.

When you race, you will be prone to brutalities such as rain, cold and injuries. However, looking on the downside, you will realize that the waterproof abilities are limited. The pair absorbs water during rainy season such that this hampers its effectiveness. Also, the shortened wrists may not be counted upon in keeping your hands fully warmed up all through. In spite of these downsides, the upsides accounted by the features are far appealing.

Looking on the upside of this product, it has been oriented with an insulator to ensure that your hands are warmed up. The moisture wicking microfiber interior provides an optimal level of insulation. On top of that, the single layer Clarion palm boosts the riding performance and provides premium comfort as well as flexibility. Consecutively, the neoprene cuffs attributes to the product’s longevity factor.

During damp conditions, the silicone palm graphics improves the gripping of parts. Additionally, the integrated tech thread keeps you connected to your devices. The touchscreen compatibility design helps you operate on your phone with a lot of ease. Another loveable factor of this product is the adjustable TPR wrist closure backed with a hook and loop which assures a proper fitment. The reflective graphics on the top of hand offer a clean look and improve visibility.

Now that you have realized the vitality of 100% Brisker motocross gloves, giving a try won’t hurt. Despite the few flaws associated with this item, all the other features are far promising and impeccable. Are you prompting for a motocross racing next? Then ensure that you grab a pair or more of this accessory for the best results.

Enhanced gripping
Excellent insulation
Optimal durability
Premium comfort
Maxima flexibility
Reduced hands and wrists fatigue

Not water resistant
Short wrists
Quite expensive

Check It Out On Amazon

5.Troy Lee Air

Looking for the best motocross gloves for dirt bikes, motocross and mountain biking? Here is the perfect item for you- the Troy Lee Air motocross mitts. The effectiveness of this accessory has been highly contributed by the materials used during construction. It has been designed to meet the rider’s needs to the brim. Primarily, the item portrays a great feedback and you will sure love it!

On the downside of this product, the weak Velcro cuffs attests to the shortened durability. Also, this item is thin hence lightweight in nature in which this affects the overall effectiveness of the product. Consecutively, this dirt biking gloves are prone to seams ripping if subjected to difficult plights such as forcefully wearing or taking them off. Without contemplating these downsides, all the other features of the product are far stunning.

The materials used in the construction of this accessory contribute to the great upsides of it. Synthetic leather facilitates comfort and limberness to the palms and fingers when racing. Polyester, PVC, polyamide and Elastane materials fairly attest to the maximum durability and gripping of equipment. The ergonomic spandex stretch guarantees an adjustable tightening to your ample fitment. Conversely, the Velcro wrist closure ensures that the mitts properly fit.

The double layer pricked Clarino artificial leather palms ensures that your hands do not suffer from fatigue during mountain biking. Consecutively, on top of hands and fingers, the Sonic-fused TPR graphics projects reflection and improves visibility. The leather padding also protects against rock encrusted dirt, injuries, scarring and blisters. Additionally, the leather construction contributes to the longevity factor of this accessory.

Our final thoughts on the product are that it is an essential equipment for every professional motorcyclist. The great feedback provided by the item attributes to its worthiness. Despite the few flaws associated with the product, all the other properties portrayed are far appealing. You should consider purchasing a pair or more of Troy Lee Air dirt biking gloves.

Maximum comfort
Excellent dexterity
Enhanced grip
Ergonomic stretch
Reduced palms, fingers and wrists fatigue

Weak Velcro cuffs
Seams are prone to ripping if subjected to a massive pressure

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Yearning for an exceptional gripping and ample contouring while handling dirt bike, conducting mountain biking and participating in motocross? If so, then you need to ensure that you are armed with the right equipment for protection against brutalities, enhances excellent grip and assures maximum dexterity. Ozero is the best accessory for such purposes. The item has been optimally constructed with premium materials for an outstanding riding adventure.

Durability is one factor we tend to look out for when opting as motocross gloves for racing. However, looking on the shortcoming of this product, you will be disappointed by the lightweight nature which lessens its longevity aspect. The leather material used in the construction of this item is quite thin hence reduced effectiveness for an extended period of time. Also, the item is not waterproof so cannot be ideal during rainy days. Apart from these downsides, all the other properties of this accessory are far impeccable.

Abrasion resistance is one supreme upside you will definitely love about this product. The thermoplastic rubber and silicone inner cushion construction harnesses resistance against abrasion, wear and tear. Conversely, the deerskin leather padding on palms provide an excellent grip of equipment. Another loveable aspect of this product is the touchscreen compatibility which allows you to operate on your handy device without taking the pair off.

The deerskin and PVC leather materials feature an excellent grip for holding on to an equipment. On top of that, pleather facilitates maximized comfort and flexibility when wearing a pair of Ozero motocross gloves. Consecutively, the breathable material on the backhand attributes to the superior ventilation of these mitts such that your palms stay cool during hot days.

Consecutively, this item has been constructed with soft knuckles padding and thermoplastic rubber so as to boost maneuverability. In addition, the Velcro design allows ease of putting the pair on and off. The snug fit on the wrist is also stunning which enables you to adjust to the right tightening as you opt.

Concluding, this product has proved to be essential for an outdoor biking adventure. Despite the few drawbacks associated with the product, the rest of the features are far appealing. Possessing a pair or two of Ozero motocross gloves is enough to meet all your purported needs. You should consider purchasing this gloves for dirt biking.

Abrasion, wear and tear resistance
Touchscreen compatible
Excellent grip
Boosted dexterity
Lessened hands fatigue

Lessened durability
Not waterproof

Check It Out On Amazon


Motocross has become a trendy sport among many individuals these days. As a bike rider you will be prone to some brutalities when projecting downhill, going up the mountain or on plain field. Therefore, it should be your priority as a motorcyclist to ensure that you are guaranteed safety to the brim. The hands are the core parts which are highly vulnerable to elements such as cold, blisters, fatigue, cuts and other issues. In that case, you need to possess Seibertron motocross gloves for an improved performance.

The one flaw about this dirt biking gloves is the lightweight nature which attributes to a lessened thickness. If you subject the product to a massive pressure, the seams will rip off. Conversely, if the leather material is exposed to a brutal element, then it will peel off. Also, the sizing is not quite overwhelming. Apart from these demerits, all the other features Seibertron dirt biking gloves are excellent.

Comfort is one outstanding positivity of this product. This has been attributed by the Lycra finger and silicone padding which feature maximum dexterity and comfort. Motocross gloves have been oriented with a phone friendly aspect so that you can operate on your phone without taking the mitts off. The TPR concept on all fingers also contributes to the product’s flexibility and comfort.

Consecutively, the design of this accessory is completely versatile which ascertains you of total safety against common brutalities.
On another upside, you will be delighted with the rubber knuckles and graphics which provide protection for the palms, backhand and fingers. These materials are designed to boost your overall racing performance. Additionally, the hook and loop wrist closure has been incorporated with a proper tightening where you can conveniently adjust the pair to your right fitting.

The Velcro design of Seibertron is strong enough to ensure that the pair does not slip off when gripping equipment. Conversely, the silicone padding on the palms and fingers ascertains of a firm gripping of tools and bike parts. This make contributes to the product’s longevity. You can enjoy it for long time.

Our final thoughts are that it is an epitome tool for the bike rider who yearns for the best adventure. Despite the few flaws associated with the item, all the other properties portrayed makes the accessory paramount. Considering a purchase or more of this dirt biking gloves is ideally amazing. Order your pair now.

Enhanced dexterity
Superior gripping
Lessened hands fatigue
Proper fitment

Ripping vulnerability
Reduced snug fit

Check It Out On Amazon


Bike riding is the most fun outdoor adventure. This is only if you are equipped with the right tools to improve your performance. As a rider, you will be vulnerable to elements such as cold, scorching sun, injuries, slippery equipment, and injuries. For these cases, you will need a pair of WOW motocross gloves which have been constructed to meet all your needs.

Lightweight is one demerit associated with this product. The thinness it possesses cannot be counted upon to offer maximum protection on very severe brutalities. Conversely, the accessory has not been oriented with full cold resistance to boost warmth. The fitment of this device is kind of tight, which will force you to go for a sizing contrary to your normal. Other than these drawbacks, all the other features are quite impeccable.

Looking on the merits of WOW dirt bike gloves, the reinforced fingers and knuckles provide protection against common elements. Additionally, the mesh design has been facilitated to provide flexibility, and excellent ventilation which accounts for the amazing breathability factor. Your palms and fingers will be not be prone to sweating when riding during summers.

Touchscreen compactness is an aspect we tend to look out for when going for riding mitts. Luckily, with this accessory it has been enabled with a touchscreen capability to allow you to operate on your phone hardly removing the motocross gloves. On top of that, the backhand has been constructed to provide maximum limberness for a smoothened performance.

On gripping, it has been enhanced by the double palm padding so that you can have a firm grip of equipment. Consecutively, the Velcro wrist straps of the dirt bike mitts are flexible such that you can adjust the motocross gloves to your desired tightening. The product features exceptional dexterity and premium comfort.

In a nutshell, this product has shown excellent capabilities that will boost your overall performance. The construction, features and details of this item have been incorporated for the best results. Despite the few negativities, all the other properties of the product are far outstanding. You should consider purchasing a pair of these mitts.

Maximum dexterity
Enhanced grip
Excellent gripping
Superior breathability
Touchscreen compatible

Lessened snug fit
Not so cold proof

Check It Out On Amazon


Every bike rider yearns for the best motocross performance. However, limiting factors such as shock, abrasion, cold, blisters and accidents can hamper the overall ordeal. Luckily, these limitations will no longer be a bother if you consider possessing a pair of X4 motocross gloves. The making of these motocross gloves has been incorporated in such a way that all your needs are met.

Looking on the flaws, you will realize that you cannot operate on your phone while having the item on. Consecutively, the lightweight aspect of the glove attributes to the thinness of the product hampering its purported use in case of extreme weather conditions. The weak Velcro wrists also attests to the development of fatigue on your wrists, palms and fingers. The weak links on this device contribute to a lessened grip of equipment. Apart from these downsides, all the other features are quite appealing.

Limberness, comfort and dexterity are the top aspects we consider while purchasing racing mitts. Fortunately, with X4 motocross gloves, all these blessings have been enhanced. The knuckles padding are the very best which guarantee maximum dexterity and flexibility. The nylon material utilized in the make of this product ascertains the rider comfort to the brim while enjoying the biking.
The well padding adapted during the make of this item at the back and palms, also tends to ensure that your hands are not prone to excessive coldness. The pair has a microfiber insulation for warmth.

Looking on another upside of this device, you will be amazed with the breathability feature which has been facilitated by the mesh design. An excellent ventilation ensures that your palms and fingers stay cool during hot days. Consecutively, the product is oriented with shock and abrasion resistance when handling equipment. You will not be prone to common elements that may hamper your performance.

In conclusion, this accessory has proved to be essential for every professional bike rider and mountaineer. In contempt of the few negativities posed by the product, the rest of the features are far stunning and ideally impeccable. Possessing a pair of X4 mitts will merit you with amazing adventures. You should consider buying this.

Shock and abrasion resistant
Amazing breathability
Boosted dexterity
Maximized comfort
Reduced hands fatigue

Weak Velcro straps
Not touchscreen compatible

Check It Out On Amazon


ILM is one of the top manufacturers of motocross gloves. The company offers quality apparel to suit your needs. With the successful line-up of one of the most elegant produced gloves, this brand is leading the industry by storm. You will be hooked to the qualities featured in its products. The team at ILM works with devotion and passion so that the customers can get the best equipment.

Let us first visit the downside of this ensemble by ILM. One major drawback that this product holds is the fact that it runs small in size. The majority of the buyers have reported the same complaint regarding these gloves. So, while purchasing, remember to order a size up to fit you perfectly.

Now, let’s talk about the positive side of these motocross gloves by ILM. The thermo-plastic-rubber material featured in the making of these gloves makes them one of a kind by providing optimal protection against damaging risks. These gloves are capable of absorbing the shocks and impact while preventing your hands from damage. They are incredibly light when it comes to weight so that you don’t have to deal with the annoying bulkiness.

The anti-skid function with foam in the palm offers you an ideal grip while riding the bike. The superior grip is essential in the controlling of your bike on the dangerous tracks. Moreover, these will also keep your hands warm if the weather conditions are cold. The ventilated nature of these gloves makes your hands free of all the unwanted moisture. For your ease, this product also supports machine wash.

In a nutshell, these biking glove by ILM is one of a kind as they offer all the desirable features in combination with superior quality. Do remember to order a size up as they run small in general. Other than this coverable flaw, there is nothing in which they lack.

Thermo-Plastic-Rubber material
High protection
Anti-skid function
Absorbs shock
Hook & loop closure
Machine Washable

Runs small in size

Check It Out On Amazon

Motocross & Dirt Bike Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Every motorcyclist needs to be highly equipped with the right equipment for an improved performance. With the fact that you will be prone to elements such as cold, slippery tools, dirt, blisters, and hands fatigue, you need to ensure that you possess the right handy accessory that will boost your outdoor adventure. Typically, the best device to ascertain a safe racing is a pair of motocross mitts.

Purchasing the right motocross gloves features a great experience. In that case, you are advised to consider few factors before deciding on which pair is right for you. The aspects will make you aware of the worthiness of the product, costs and other vitalities.
Here some important aspects that you need to put into consideration when buying dirt biking gloves.

Essential Features

Your needs should be a priority; therefore, you should consider motocross gloves that are have been fully enhanced to meet your purported needs. If you are vulnerable to brutalities such as hands fatigue, sweaty palms, freezing fingers and lessened grip of equipment, then purchasing a product that will fight all these shortcomings should be the mandate. Consecutively, if you love to operate on the phone while performing any relevant task, then you need to go for an item that is touch screen compatible.

Conversely, if you race on winters, you should buy mitts that have been oriented with enough thickness to guarantee warmth. In short, go for a pair which fulfills your particular needs and desires.

Size of your hands

The size of the hands matters a lot when you are deciding on which pair of dirt biking gloves to settle for. If you are not certain about the size of the mitts which will grant you a proper fitment, then you can opt to go with the sizes chart provided on seller’s website. However, with some products you will find that an ample fitment is quite large than your normal sizing. For this reason, you need to properly measure the size of the palms, wrist, fingers and thumb, then compare with the seller’s chart.

The Seller

When hunting for motocross hand coverings, it should be a primary obligation to take account about the manufacturing company. You can ask about the seller’s legitimacy from friends, relatives and colleagues who had a former encounter with them. Conversely, you can research on the internet about the company where you will be able to read through their blog, years of manufacturing, policies, products warranty, prices and other services.


Incessantly go for a product that is within your budgeted amount. Do not exhaust your wallet with a very expensive accessory that you had not contemplated for. Avoid incurring extra costs with an item that is not within your price range.

Clientele Testimonials

Read and hear what others have to say concerning the product of your interest. You can perform this by going through the ratings and reviews of former clientele. Considering other customer’s experiences and feedback’s about the product, contributes to the certainty of the item’s worthiness.


Now that you know what to look out for when purchasing motocross gloves, you will definitely land the right pair. Choose a brand that has a reasonable price, meets all your needs and properly fits your hands.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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