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10 Best Mechanic Gloves


Every single day there is a motorcycle that drives in the garage for repair or car service. Your duty as a mechanic is to work on it to the brim. The owner of the vehicle deserves quality assurance that the motorcycle is worth to hit the road again. However, as a mechanic for you to meet the standards you yearn for, you will be prone to dirt, hand irritations, grease and roughness of the particular automotive you are handling. For this reason, you need to be in possession of the right mechanic gloves in order to run your duty smoothly.

A mechanic glove is a hand covering designed specially to meet the needs of a professional mechanic while working on the automotive.

Best Mechanic Gloves Reviewed

Here are our recommendations for the best mechanic gloves to keep your hands clean & soft and full protected against nasty chemicals:


It has always been said that the toughest job on the planet is that of a soldier; who works tirelessly to ensure maximized security to the citizens. But come to think of it, this should be among the list of the ten toughest tasks. Mechanic work also tops in the list since working on automotive parts is quite a daunting task. As a mechanic, apart from human force you also expect your equipment to stand strong until the completion of the work. For a stunning experience, you need a pair of Ammex GLOVEWORKS HD which go all the way to ease your work.

The flaw associated with the Ammex GLOVEWORKS HD gloves is the ripping off easily and lessened latex feeling. Although this drawback is invariably brought about by exertion of too much pressure, you are recommended to practice vigilance while putting the pair on. Consecutively, these gloves will cost you a dime since they are not washable rather disposable.

Other than these demerits, you will find all the features outstanding and worth to commend. The nitrile synthetic rubber used in the construction of the gloves guarantees durability and dexterity. The rubber has a resistance factor to chemicals, punctures, tears, latex sensitivity and rips. Proper fitment is one aspect we all look out for while purchasing any pair of gloves.

You will find the Ammex GLOVEWORKS HD a sure deal when it comes to the fitting. The pair is green in color, maybe not of your likelihood, but to boost its visibility in dark environs which is a safety aspect. Additionally, the gripping guaranteed by the pair is invaluable. All credit is given to the diamond texture which has been adapted in the constructing of the pair.

Also, the diamond helps in channeling away liquids such that even if the coverings are wet your grip will remain firm. The gloves are also chlorinated and thick enough to provide chemical resistance for longer periods. When you wear these mitts, you shouldn’t worry about the slipperiness in hands while working with liquids.

In a nutshell, the item is a vital equipment to every professional mechanic. Despite the few negativities, all remaining features are outstanding which makes the pair an impeccable deal. Consider a purchase of them sooner.

Long lasting
Diamond grip
Chemical, tear and puncture resistance
High visible green color as a safety factor

Lessened thickness
Lessened latex sensitivity
Not washable

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2.Ansell Microflex

Mechanic work is certainly not for the quitter due to the brutal conditions encountered as one conducts automotive tasks. You will be vulnerable to punctures, grease, chemicals, roughness and snugs when you work on that particular automotive. However, there is an ample solution for you which is a pair of the Ansell Microflex mechanic gloves.

On the negative aspect of the item is the fragility; they easily tear if used to perform very heavy duty. You will be fearful of its tearing when you are performing your duty. On another note, if worn for very long periods you will be prone to a residue on your palms. Apart from these shortcomings, its rest of the features are a positive deal.

A boosted grip is what every mechanic yearns for while working with tools in the garage. With the Ansell Microflex the diamond grip assures you firmness while handling any equipment you are working with. This diamond design provides protection against slippery machinery and oily tools. Consecutively, the soft latex material used in the construction of the gloves makes them a comfortable pair even after long hoarse of having put them on.

You probably want to multitask while performing your automotive work, for instance, handling foods. Luckily, the Ansell Microflex comply with the FDA food handling rules, hence trusted by healthcare providers in ensuring no cross contamination takes place. Dexterity is one positive factor you will promptly look out for in any gloves.

The Microflex mechanic gloves have been enhanced with a superior dexterity and stunning grip while handling automotive equipment. In addition, the gloves have been designed with a chemical, puncture, rip and tear resistances. The boosted finger thickness and textured fingertips have been designed to offer extra protection and a more confident grip respectively.

The technology adapted to the construction of these gloves has provided a lot of ease while working on the garage equipment. Also, the interior coating which is polymerized provides easy donning and casual wear enables a valuable comfort when you work on automotive. This is a great feature anyone looks for.

Our final thoughts on the item are that it is an essential tool for every professional mechanic. Far overlooking the few drawbacks of the item, all the other features make it a worth equipment. You should consider making the purchase of Ansell Microflex gloves soon.

FDA legalized to handle foods
Diamond grip
Reduced hand fatigue

Ripping easily
Proneness to residue on palms after wearing for extended periods

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3.Mechanix Wear FastFit

The automotive job is one challenging task which a professional mechanic has to perform every day. As a mechanic, you really want your work to stand out and for this reason you also need high quality equipment to perform your purported task. Mechanix Wear FastFit mitts are the sure deal you need.

Durability is one factor we tend to consider when buying hand coverings. However, with this item long lasting is far from the aspect we admirably look out for due to the lack of enough palm padding. The lightweight aspect possessed by the pair makes them vulnerable to wear out easily. Apart from these negativities, all the other features of the Mechanix Wear FastFit make it worthy.

Looking on the positive side of this product is the flexible rubber that protects your wrist against brutal conditions. Also, the thermoplastic rubber offers a comfortable fit while you are going on with your duty. Consecutively, the breathable TrekDry conformed on the back of your hands helps the palm and fingers to stay cool and feel comfy as you work.

The synthetic leather used in the construction of the Mechanix Wear FastFit provides an optimal dexterity so that you can conduct your tasks with ease. On top, proper fitment of the mechanic gloves is guaranteed by the stretchy elastic wrist which also allows you to remove the gloves in between tasks. Alike, the item has been designed with a touch screen compatibility which allows you to use your phone or computer without removing the pair.

The anatomic palm design offers a brilliant grip of tools. It is easy to hold on to a working material without it skidding off your hands. Also, the snug fitment which has been enabled by the stretch panels between your fingers will undoubtedly boost your experience. They are quite comfortable to wear.

In conclusion, Mechanix Wear FastFit is ideal for every skilled mechanic who wants to have boosted and comfortable experience while performing automotive working. Without considering the few limitations, the features of the product are far outstanding which makes it and essential equipment. Order your pair now for a boosted experience.

Enhanced grip
Touchscreen compatible

Not very durable
Lessened palm padding

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4.Venom Steel

A tough job requires tough equipment, and this is where the Venom Steel gloves come in to save the professional mechanic with his duties. The design of this product has been enhanced to meet the needs of skillful mechanics who yearn for an improved experience when working on some automotive.

The one flaw of this product is the easy ripping which happens mostly when exerting a massive pressure in the push and pull. The ripping vulnerability has been boosted by the lightweight design on them. However, you are advised to take it easy while wearing or taking the pair off. Other than these demerits, the other features of the item are of positivity.

Looking on the merit of this product, the two nitrile layers which have been enhanced during the construction of the Venom Steel boost toughness and offer more protection. The inner while layer helps to indicate chemical breaches. Also, the two-layer aspect ascertains of the product’s durability. The rubber layers also guarantee an incredible resistance to puncture, chemicals, tears, and rips.

The liquid proof protection is another brilliant positivity of the item. These mechanic gloves ensure that your hands are protected from grease, oil, fuel and other fluids while performing the automotive work. Additionally, the item is heavy duty which makes it liable with any work in the garage. The touchscreen compatibleness also helps you to operate on your gadgets easily without taking them off.

Dexterity and sturdiness are other aspects you will find eye-catching about the product. They provide a proper fitment to the particular hand size and ensure that these mitts do not come off while you are on duty. Talk less of the boosted grip which has been enabled by the latex free and a standardized texture. Enjoy great grip when you put it on.

Our final thoughts are that it is a vitally important equipment to every professional mechanic. Just like the tough job you do; you need tools that have been enhanced with toughness for a stunning ordeal in with the automotive duty. Far overlooking the drawbacks, the features of the Venom Steel mechanic gloves makes the covering ideally stunning. You should give a try to this high end Nitrile gloves.

Boosted grip
Touchscreen compatible

Prone to ripping
Not washable

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Rough hands while doing your automotive work? Well, you do not have to worry since a solution is readily available for you! The Maxiflex mechanic gloves are the right fit for the mechanic who is prone to blisters, coarse palms and hands fatigue. The design of these mitts has been constructed specially to meet professional automotive needs.

Water resistance and sturdiness are the great factors we all consider before deciding on purchasing the technician mitts. However, looking on the downsides, you will realize that the back of it is not waterproof and you may be vulnerable to fluids getting in. Also, the item is not strong enough to withstand too much stress being exerted on. Otherwise, if you utilize the mitts for the purported purpose without administering an exaggerated pressure, you will certainly get the best out of them.

The nitrile used in the manufacturing helps in providing an outstanding grip and abrasion resistance. Also, you will not be vulnerable to dirt, punctures, grime and tears since the material used is strong enough to withstand these flaws. Additionally, the coating assures of a tight hold of the slippery garage equipment.

Phobia of debris entering the gloves. Fortunately, such is unlike the case with the Maxiflex since the wrist has been strongly knitted to prevent such brutality. Alongside, it has been enabled with a snug fit both at the wrist and fingers which lessens hand fatigue while boosting comfort at the same time.

Sweaty hands can be a limiting factor to an expert in the automotive industry. For this flaw, the Maxiflex mitts have been designed with a complete breathability of micro foam coating which makes the pairs to stay cool all day long. Your hands will not experience an overwhelming fatigue while going on with your tasks.

In conclusion, the Maxiflex is worth an equipment for every mechanic who yearns for a boosted experience while on duty. Despite the few flaws, all the other features make it a stunning deal. You certainly need to give the item a try.

Abrasion, puncture and chemical resistance
Excellent grip
Phone compatibility

Prone to ripping
Lessened sturdiness
Not waterproof

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6.CLC Custom

Have you been searching for quality technician mitts which are comfortable, durable, and multi-functional? The good news is your search has come to an end, since the CLC Custom mitts are the mitts you have been specifically pondering about. The blend of style of this product has been configured to meet the utmost needs of an automotive expert.

Texture, longevity and padded palms are among the topmost aspects usually considered when buying mechanic gloves. However, looking on the downsides, you will realize that the palm is not padded enough. Consecutively, the texture is far disappointing and do not even last. Far overlooking these demerits, you will certainly be overjoyed by the amazing features possessed by this product.

Looking on the upside, dexterity is an enhanced factor which ensures that your hands do not suffer from fatigue. On that note too, the fitment is proper and guarantees fingers maneuverability. The fingertips have been reinforced with touch screen abilities which makes the it phones friendly.

The dynamic construction of this product has tagged it multi-functional such that it can be utilized in diverse sites. The leather material used in constructing the item generates a boosted abrasion and puncture resistance. Also, the spandex back and thumb padding boost limberness and a luxurious ordeal.

The woven elastic cuffs with hoop and hook close make it easy for you to adjust the size of the pair to your desired tightness. Alike, you will realize that the tab has been textured for ease of donning. Warmth is another benefitting aspect you will merit from these mitts. CLC Custom is one of the best work gloves available for a reasonable cost and keep in mind that the pair had been reinforced with cold proof insulation in order to keep your hands warm on duty in cold winter days.

To sum up, the Maxiflex has proven an invaluable help when it comes to mechanic work. In contempt of the few negativities, the other features make it worth the purchase. You should consider giving this item a try.

Elastic wrist
Mobile device friendly
Enhanced grip
Cold proof
Abrasion and puncture resistance

Decreased texture
Lessened padding on the palms
Not durable

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7.SAS Safety 66519

In any automotive workplace, you will be prone to hands fatigue, chemical reactions on the hands, abrasions and cuts. So how do you elope all this? Simple, you need to get yourself SAS Safety 66519 technician mitts. The engineering used in the construction of this product makes it to have stunning capabilities and advantages.

Sweaty hands is one flaw you will experience while utilizing it. This will hamper your gripping such that your equipment may skid off while conducting your automotive work. Conversely, the item is thin which makes it liable to easy ripping and tear if too much stress is exerted. Other than these drawbacks, rest of the features are impeccable.

If you need a pair that has been enhanced with a tight grip, the SAS Safety 66519 have proven worth the grip. The construction of this product boosts the performance rating if it. The mitts are made soft on the inside and tough on the outside. In addition to this, the resistance aspect for abrasion, chemical and puncture has been enhanced of which this enables the item’s longevity.
It is not quite a hassle to put on or take off the mitts because of the beaded cuffs at the wrist.

The mitts do not have the latex feeling which makes them limber while performing your tasks. On another note, the nitrile synthetic material used in its making improves dexterity and comfort while working on the automotive. You will find this vitality a multipurpose which is an outstanding merit. You can use it in whatever way you would love other than the automotive industry. The proprietary materials used in the construction of these gloves far improve your performance and gripping excellence. Conversely, it is ambidextrous which means that both the mitts can be worn in accordingly or vice versa.

In a nutshell, the product is an epitome equipment for every technician who wants to experience an improved performance. Despite the few drawbacks, remaining features possessed by the SAS Safety 66519 make it a stunning deal. You need to purchase this soon.

Abrasion resistance
Cold proof
Boosted grip
Reduced hand fatigue

Quite thin
Not breathable
Not washable

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8.Grease Monkey

The Grease Monkey should be a favorite product to every mechanic because of the outstanding features it possesses. You will find it ideally effective to meet your particular goals. The nitrile is certainly the best so far to meet the expectations you desire.

Sturdiness and ability to withstand brutal conditions such as rips, and tears is what we all look out for before purchasing any mitts. However, when wearing this you will be disappointed with the lightweight nature which makes it less thick and prone to tearing easily. However, without considering these drawbacks, you will find remaining features far overwhelming of the product which pose positive attributes.

On the upside, it has a tightened grip and provides slip resistance while using slippery tools in the garage. Consecutively, you should not worry about your hands being dirty since it protects from grime, dirt and grease. Your hands will stay clean all along during the tasks. The lack of latex sensitivity and Talcum powder makes your hands not prone to an unbearable wetness.

Proper fitment is a merit you will benefit from. The gloves have been built with the right fitting for every type of hand size. Additionally, the right fit boost the item’s gripping abilities of both tough and slippery materials. Durability is another stunning upside you will find impeccable. The rubber materials compel longevity such that you can use the product for longer extended periods without faded effectiveness. For a maximized dexterity and guaranteed protection from grease, fuel, grime and dirt, then the Grease Monkey mechanic gloves are worth it. The nitrile rubber has been reinforced with a strong latex which is elastic, slip and chemical resistant. Conversely, the rubber aspect adapted in the construction boost its durability.

Our final thoughts is that it is worthy for every technician to have it. Overlooking the drawbacks, you will be joyed with its specs which makes it a superior equipment to have in the garage. Consider a purchase of this item.

Long lasting
Excellent grip
Grime, grease and puncture resistant
Reduced hand fatigue

Prone to rips and tears
Lessened heavy duty
Not washable

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9.Adenna CAT456

Lessened grip of garage equipment? Well, worry no more since the Adenna CAT456 is the certain deal to offering an impeccable grip. This has been enhanced with superior qualities in order to play a paramount role in ensuring a boosted technician experience. You will definitely enjoy all the features it entails.

Ability to endure tear and rips is one aspect we are all searching out for when purchasing mechanic gloves. However, with these mitts they are prone to tearing if subjected to too much stress. Also, they are not very thick, and some technician activities will be hampered. Apart from these setbacks, you will find rest of the attributes worthy to commend about.

The features which have been adapted in the construction of Adenna CAT456 contribute to the outstanding feedback delivered while performing your tasks. Heavy textured grip has been enhanced with the nitrile powder free aspect hence ensuring that your tools do no slip off. Also, the latex free factor eliminates possible allergic reactions of the latex protein which may tend to lead to hand irritations.
Consecutively, the fingers thickness provides a maximized extra protection against wearing out. In addition, the gloves have been enabled with a breathability feature so that your palms and fingers will stay cool all along. Sweaty hands hamper the tight gripping of equipment and with the Adenna CAT456 your hands will not be prone to this flaw. The vivid bright orange color, maybe not to your specifications, but for a boosted safety and an increased visibility while working under darker environments.

The thickness nature of this item highly contributes to its durability and dexterity. Conversely, this guarantees ease while working on rougher tasks by ensuring that your hands are protected against solvents, chemicals and harsh paints. The thickness nature also boosts comfort and longevity aspects.

Our final thoughts on the product are that the Adenna CAT456 is essentially an epitome equipment for every professional technician. Quite overlooking the few drawbacks of this item, rest features are far outstanding and make it an impeccable tool for a boosted experience while performing an automotive work.

Chemical resistance
Resistance to wears and tears
Excellent grip
Reduced hand fatigue

Not very strong
Not washable

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10.Tiger Grip

A daunting task sure requires tough equipment for the ease of work and a boosted experience. Technician work is certainly a difficult task but with the right equipment the automotive processes are smoothened. You need to consider Tiger Grip mechanic gloves which guarantee an incredible and high-quality performance.

Looking on the downside of this product, is that it is prone to ripping and tearing out easily when subjected to an overwhelming pressure while wearing or pulling them out. Consecutively, the snug fit may not be liable hence you are advised to go for a pair quite larger than your normal sizing. Otherwise, remaining features of the product are worthy the purchase.

The textured surface of the mitts has enabled an excellent grip of automotive tools. Flexibility and comfort are also benefitting you will find stunning about this product. In addition, the brightened orange color design of the product has been enhanced for easy visibility and increased safety while working in dark environs.

Looking on another upside of the product is the breathability nature that helps your hands to stay cool as you perform your tasks. Additionally, the pairs have been constructed to be thick enough for an invaluable grip and a longevity attribute. The latex powder free factor has guaranteed an impeccable and improved performance while working.

You will not be prone to an annoying residue left on your hands after being through with your purported task. The breathable and thickness of these mitts also help in reducing hands fatigue. In spite of being thick, this item is also lightweight such that you can fold them in your pockets. Maneuverability is also a guaranteed factor of the product.

In a nutshell, the Tiger Grip technician mitts are an essential equipment for every automotive expert. Despite the few drawbacks, the entire list of features is outstanding which makes it an impeccable tool for a boosted mechanic ordeal. You should consider adding these mitts to your cart to benefit from the amazing features it portrays.

Long lasting
Improved breathability
Superior grip
Enhanced comfort
Reduced hand fatigue

Ripping vulnerability
Exaggerated snug fit
Not washable

Check It Out On Amazon

Buyer’s Guide for Mechanics gloves

Professional mechanics need the right equipment to provide a stunning ordeal whenever working on a particular automotive. Whether you are too careful or not from brutal aspects in the garage such as grime, grease, oil, fuel, puncture, dirt, irritations, roughness and chemicals, chances are you are still vulnerable to these conditions. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that you are equipped with the right tools to lessen, fix and maintain vulnerabilities of these demerits.

So, a skilled automotive expert will ensure has all it takes to provide high quality services to the brim. Contempt to this, the proper mechanic gloves are the right equipment to offer resistance to the mentioned brutal limitations. However, the trick comes in the not knowing which gloves are the right match for your purported task. Here are important features which you should put into consideration before deciding on which product to order.

1.Essential Aspects

Foremost, before adding a particular box of mechanic gloves to your cart, you should make your needs a priority. Be aware of what features you are in for, be it durability, dexterity, sturdiness or touchscreen compatibility.

When it comes to the gloves color, choose a box that best suits your taste, apart from a few gloves which have a discrete color.
Resistance factor is also an important aspect to consider. Do you need puncture, chemical or grease resistance? Well, you need to select a product that has been designed to meet this factor.

2.Size of your hands

Are your hands small, medium or large sized? Well, in that case you need to go through the sizes chart and see which one is compatible with your hands. If you are not sure about the size of your hands, there is an in site description provided on how to measure your hands. Do not opt for too big or too small gloves; go for the right fitment.


Obviously, you would not want to exhaust your wallet soon while you have a lot which needs to be done still. Therefore, it is wise to go for a product that is within your budgeted amount range. However, beware of very cheap brands that are made in China because theirs cons are expensive.

4.The company issuing

As you opt for a particular company’s product, it is ethical to do a background research on it before. Ensure you have read through the company’s terms and conditions, and all necessary information provided on the website. Visit the ratings and reviews provided by customers who experienced the item. You can find it in their product page. Consecutively, you can also ask for referrals from friends, colleagues or even relatives.

5.Client Feedback

Typically, it is customary to hear what most of the clients had to say about the product of your choice and the experiences they had. You should visit the reviews written by former clients in order to grasp more knowledge of the product’s worthiness. Also check on how many star ratings the product has.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Do Mechanics Wear Black Gloves?

Mechanic tasks may tend to be quite messy. A professional mechanic should possess a pair of black gloves which guarantee an improved performance. The main reason why a mechanic needs to possess black gloves is to prevent grease, dirt and irritations from hampering their duties. Black mitts do an incredible job of ensuring that grease, stains and dirt are less visible since mechanical work is such a mess. Conversely, black gloves also facilitate abrasion resistance, impact proof and ensure that toxins do not invade the gloves and penetrate through your skin.

What Is The Best Material Fabric For Mechanic Gloves?

Mitts which have been designed with a nitrile fabric tend to be the best for mechanic work. When performing your mechanical duties you will be prone to brutalities such as chemicals and corrosive materials. To hamper such from affecting your hands, you should opt for a pair of nitrile or vinyl mechanic gloves. Nitrile fabric has been oriented with a high-quality chemical and abrasion resistance. Conversely, mitts which have been facilitated with this fabric are very strong hence less prone to ripping. Nitrile or Vinyl fabrics do not pose any severe skin allergies.

What Are Nitrile Gloves Made Of?

Nitrile gloves are constructed with natural rubber which makes them synthetic. This product has been oriented to be latex free and individuals who suffer from latex allergies may find a pair of these mittens more conversant. Additionally, the rubber material adapted during the make of these mitts attests to the incredible strength and puncture resistant ability. The synthetic rubber material also facilitates for the mitts to be chemical resistant, therefore making your hands less vulnerable to corrosions. Rubber fabric in nitrile gloves also ensure that gasoline, grease, diesel and dirt do not penetrate through the skin.

Are Nitrile Gloves Reusable?

Not really. Nitrile mittens are meant to be disposable. Most nitrile gloves are thin and hard to wash, hence lessening any possibility of reusing them. Consecutively when these mitts have been in touch with corrosives, grease, dirt and diesel, you will certainly find it a daunting ordeal to reuse them for any other purpose. However, if you observe an ample care while taking the mitts off, then it is possible to reuse them. You can reuse the gloves by turning them inside out to save on costs, but you will be prone to risk factors such as cross contamination.


Now that you have the knowledge on what factors to consider before making the purchase of mechanic gloves, you are guaranteed the best for. Choose a product with a reasonable price and the one compatible to your needs.

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He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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