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7 Best Longboard Slide Gloves

If you’re ready to start taking your longboarding skills to the next level and execute tricks and slides, then finding a pair of quality longboard slide gloves is critical. It’s an essential accessory for any rider looking to improve his or her game on the longboard. Great for downhill rides, slides, and other tricks, these gloves are designed with a thermoplastic puck on the palms and fingertips to allow you to glide your hand along the pavement without injury.

Not only do they provide protection so you can execute tricks without tearing up your hands, a good pair will also improve the quality of your slide by giving you the stability and balance you need to see it through.

Best Longboard Slide Gloves

We’ve gathered a list of the best longboard slide gloves reviewed to pick the right brand to protect your hands and fingers for a guaranteed comfort & safety:


Triple 8, an action sports gear brand based in New York City, has produced quality protective gear for skaters for over 15 years, and they have a reputation as a trusted brand in the skate community. Made with heavy duty, high-quality materials, Triple 8’s Sliders longboard slide gloves are gear you can have absolute confidence in while you’re riding, so you can push yourself and your gear to the limit. You can’t go wrong with this brand or this specific product. It doesn’t matter what your level is: beginner, intermediate, or expert. They hit all the marks for a solid pair of slide gloves.

This brand has a mostly solid reputation for delivering long lasting and durable products, however some customers have complained that the fabric and stitching is poorly constructed. While the puck and finger bar can withstand the pavement, the fabric cannot. Another occasional issue is that the Velcro in the wrist strap wears down quickly, so that’s something to bear in mind. Although we think it’s worth noting that most customers are extremely pleased with them. Additionally, Triple 8 offers a manufacturer’s 180-day limited warranty should your pair show early signs of damage.

Poor quality control seems to be a rare exception for the Triple 8 Sliders. These longboard slide gloves are made of premium materials, including real leather and tear-resistant Kevlar fingertips designed to stand up to the pavement. The elastic Velcro wrist strap with pull-on loop makes them both user friendly and sturdy, and the pucks on the palms, thumbs and fingers are replaceable so you can easily exchange them for new ones when they’ve reached the end of the road. You don’t need to worry that the Velcro the pucks adhere to will wear down, however, because these gloves have a solid reputation on this front.

The Kevlar fingertips will give you the mobility you need for slides and grabs, and the finger puck bar keeps your fingertips connected to give you a boost in strength and support. For added protection on the back of your hand, the knuckles have a neoprene rubber pad, and the thumb is equipped with a pad for wiping away sweat. The extra padding across the knuckles can be a critical feature for newbies more prone to falls. And neoprene is a nice breathable material, so your hands will stay cool underneath.

Despite the rare complaint, the Triple 8 Sliders are an excellent pair of gloves for anyone at beginner and intermediate levels. They provide comprehensive protective against the pavement. The durable leather makes them suited for frequent use. And they’ll built to last you as long as a great pair of longboard gloves should.

Replaceable palm puck, thumb puck, and finger bar
Reinforced Kevlar fingertips
Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
Great for beginners and youth
True to size
Manufacturer’s 180-day limited warranty

Replacement puck kits sold separately
Velcro wears down


Loaded is an established longboard company and another trusted brand in the skate community. Loaded Freeride 7.0 longboard sliding gloves are a redesigned glove made to answer the feedback of their customers about a previous model, and they definitely deliver on all fronts. The Freeride 7.0s are a popular option and a serious contender on this list.

There is really no downside to this brand except that the sizing runs a bit small. They are snug, designed to keep your hands and wrists secure and stable, but the recommended sizing guide isn’t always true to size. We’d recommend sizing up on these just to be on the safe side. And it’s important that you’re taking your measurements before deciding on a size. But otherwise you really can’t go wrong here. The Freeride 7.0s are a superior choice.

Loaded Freeride7.0 are made with a synthetic suede and lined with a vented, cooling mesh material, so your hands will stay cooler in these than they would in a leather model like the Triple 8s, providing superior comfort along with consistent defense against abrasions. They’ve also got a slimmer profile and are padded with a Poron XRD foam in the palms and across the knuckles for reliable protection if you take a spill. Moreover, they’re even equipped with reflective accents to keep you visible and safe during nighttime rides. It’s the extra details like this that make the Loaded slide gloves one of the best in class.

Finished with Kevlar and Lycra, they’ll withstand the constant friction of the pavement and are built to last. The pucks are removeable, and finger puck bar is perfect for beginners who need a little extra support when learning to master slides. The Velcro wrist strap is snug and secure, giving you added stability and keeping you safe if you take a fall. That wrist support really helps prevent injuries, and not all slide gloves can boast this. It isn’t just your palms that can take a beating in this sport.

Beginners and seasoned skaters alike cannot go wrong with the Loaded Freeride 7.0. We would just recommend you order a pair one size up to ensure a proper fit. Otherwise, these are everything you could hope for in a pair of longboard gloves. They’re durable and built to last. They provide comprehensive protection to both your hands and wrists. Ultimately, these gloves are designed by longboarders for longboarders, and it’s clear in their premium design.

Poron XRD foam padding
Reflective accents
Synthetic suede, Kevlar, Lycra exterior
Elastic wrist strap
UHMW palm and thumb pucks
Removeable pads with sturdy Velcro

Run small


Sector 9 has been manufacturing superior longboards for a few decades now and they rank high on pretty much every list of best longboard gear brands. It is clear that they don’t just make great boards; their Sector 9 BHNC slide gloves are another really solid option on this list and a popular choice for seasoned riders. And they are also one of the most affordable pairs you’ll find. You won’t regret purchasing a pair of Sector 9s.

For the cost, you might expect these longboard slide gloves to be lacking in quality and durability. However, that is not remotely the case. The one potential downside to these particular longboard sliding gloves is that they don’t come equipped with thumb or finger pucks, which makes them less ideal for beginners. But beyond that, they are a reputable choice for more experienced riders. If you don’t drag your fingers, you can count on these gloves to keep you safe.

One thing that sets Sector 9 BHNC gloves apart from others is their super colorful aesthetic. This pair in particular comes in a brilliant blue and an eye-catching lime green, but the brand offers other colors as well. They’ve also got reflective panels along the backs to ensure riders are visible to drivers on the roads at night or in low-light settings. Another cool feature are the terry cloth fingertips for wiping away sweat from your brow.

The gloves are made with lightweight neoprene for breathability and flexibility, and they are lined with a high-density, anti-vibration foam to keep you steady throughout the slide. Kevlar fingertips give that extra defense against the pavement should your fingers drag. But it’s the Delrin material of the palm pucks, though, that really make these a standout product. Performance is where this brand really shines, and the pucks are known for giving riders a smooth slide and speed control.

If you are an intermediate or seasoned rider, these Sector 9 longboard slide gloves are a solid option. For beginners, you may want to graduate to this pair in time, as the lack of finger pucks will leave you vulnerable should you put pressure anywhere other than your palms. But if you’ve been riding for a while, chances are you don’t need those extra pucks. And these Sector 9 slide gloves are a popular choice among more experienced riders.

Delrin pucks
Breathable neoprene material
Terry cloth fingertips for perspiration
Reflective panels

Not for beginners
Less protection


We rank the LOSENKA’s near the middle of the pack. What sets them apart is that the pucks are specially designed to create sparks when they slide against the pavement, so they really make a unique, electrifying statement when you’re riding around with these. They may not be the most premium pair of slide gloves on the list, but they’ll do what you need them to. And they’ll do it with flare.

Though certainly not as expensive as some of the other brands on this list, these are a “get what you pay for” sort of product. They almost certainly won’t last as long as some of their pricier competitors, and some of the Velcro components are known to wear down pretty quickly, both in the wrist straps and where the pucks attach. But for a beginner still trying to determine preference, they aren’t too bad. And because slide gloves aren’t intended to last for years and years, these are a reasonable choice for anyone trying to save a little cash. Besides, they come with a one-year limited replacement warranty so you can rest assured that you won’t be out of your money should they fall apart too quickly.

Designed to provide comprehensive protection of your palms, fingers, and knuckles, as well as the backs of your hands, the Losenka version is manufactured out of a microfiber leather with a silicone material on the back made for protecting your knuckles and helping to absorb shocks should you fall or run into anything. Longboarding can be considered an extreme sport, especially when you’re executing high-level tricks. The risker the ride, the more important the padding. And silicone padding across the knuckles can be especially helpful when practicing new tricks.

The wrist strap is sturdy to provide extra support to the wrist, and the material on the palm of the gloves is a breathable, ventilated fabric designed with flexibility and sweat-control in mind. Pucks on the palms, thumbs and fingers are detachable so that you can replace them once they’ve worn down. This Velcro may wear down quicker than expected, though, so keep that in mind. But there’s a one-year warranty should you have any issue with your pucks staying on.

All in all, LOSENKA is a good choice for beginners or anyone who doesn’t want to shell out for more expensive versions. They are not as long lasting but for the price they’re a good purchase. The sparking pucks alone make them a standout on the list. And the one-year warranty reduces the buyer’s risk.

Microfiber leather
Sparking pucks
Knuckle protection
Removeable pucks
One-year replacement warranty
Shock absorption

Less durable
Not super long lasting


IMPORX gloves are similar in design to the LOSENKA model and for sure is just replica for it. Like them, the manufacturer is not a premium skateboard gear brand. The IMPORX pair isn’t going to compete with the more premium products included on this list, but they are a very good value. In most cases, these longboard gloves seem to do what’s expected of them and last about as long as any pair at this price. But there are mixed reports on durability that can be cause for concern.

Quality materials are what this product really lacks. Numerous customers have reported that the glove material rips after only a few uses, and some have even experienced injury because of this. Tearing material can put your hands at risk, and that’s the last thing a rider wants to worry about when riding downhill, especially because preventing injury is the primary purpose of wearing longboard slide gloves. If you aren’t a seasoned rider capable of keeping the pressure solely on the puck and not other parts of your hand, these probably aren’t the best option for you.

The fabric of the actual glove is low quality, but the pucks are much sturdier. The super hard plastic of the pucks will definitely stand up to the friction of the pavement, and they adhere with a strong Velcro that ensures they stay on. Replacement pucks are even included. For more experienced riders, these are a super good value. Beginners might look into this brand as well, but we would caution new riders about the risk of tearing.

The wrist straps secure with Velcro and are designed with a metal loop for added wrist support. The fabric is breathable and four air holes help keep them well ventilated. But with only one size available, you’ll want to be sure measure your hands before making the purchase, as these are not a one size fits all product.

We recommend only getting this pair if you are confident in your sliding skills, as the fabric will not hold up to the pavement if you don’t stay on the pucks. Beginners beware. Also, the lack of sizing options make these a risky purchase. Check your size and make sure these won’t be too snug or too loose. If the sizing suits, then these might be a worthwhile option for the penny saver.

Replacement pucks included
Sturdy plastic pucks
Silicone knuckle padding

One size
Poor quality fabric

Check It Out On Amazon

6.Andux Land HBST-05

Among the brands in this cost point, Andux Land HBST-05 longboard slide gloves aren’t the best, but they aren’t the worst either. Perfect for beginners, they’ll provide quality about on par with their value. These have both palm and finger pucks to help anyone just learning to slide, and hopefully once you’ve worn them out you’ll be ready to graduate to a pair more fit for intermediate and seasoned riders. More mixed reports on quality rank this pair among the bottom of the pack.

Available in just one size, these are not guaranteed to work for everyone, especially as they’re on the smaller side. Though, that won’t be a huge problem for younger riders who tend to have smaller hands. Another drawback is the low quality of the fabric, like the IMPORX and the LOSENKA models. They are not designed for high durability.

Despite the drawbacks, this brand does have some winning qualities. The rubber knuckle padding is a key feature for newbies seeking that extra protection against falls and scrapes. That silicone cushion will be your best friend when you’re still falling more often than staying upright. Most users also report that the pucks are solid and durable. Since they’re the part of the gloves that hit the pavement, that’s pretty essential.

They don’t have a thumb puck, and they’re on the bulkier side, which isn’t necessarily a drawback. It’s just something to keep in mind if you know you tend to drag your thumb at all. The nylon material isn’t going to withstand as much sliding as the leather versions on this list, but the wrist straps are more rugged than the rest of the glove. Also, the pucks are replaceable.

Best for teenagers and beginners, this pair of longboard slide gloves is worth what you pay for it. Don’t expect them to last. And steer clear if you don’t have relatively small hands, as the one available size is best for youth. We’d recommend these longboard gloves to beginners. Experienced, older riders should save their money and get a pair that’s better suited for them.

Sturdy, removable pucks
Thick knuckle padding
Great for beginners

One size – Small
Flimsy material
Not built to last
No thumb puck

Check It Out On Amazon

7.Landyachtz Pattern

Landyachtz slide gloves definitely take the cake for stylish and unique aesthetic. If you’re bored with plain black gloves or a solid color, these will definitely jazz up your longboard gear collection. And they’re a good quality to boot, so you don’t have to choose fashion over function here. Somehow Landyachtz is able to deliver premium quality for well below premium price. We don’t know how they do it, but whatever their secret, they’ve managed to create something special.

These sliding gloves don’t have many downsides. They don’t have any plastic sliders on the fingers or thumbs, just the palms. Which makes them liable for tearing in the fingertips. However, this is only a downside if you aren’t an experienced skater and tend to drag your fingers too much. Stay on the plastic pucks on the palms and you won’t need to worry. Beginners should probably graduate to these gloves after some time.

Even if you do drag your fingers, however, the material is sturdy and durable, made with a combination of Kevlar, nylon, and suede for long lasting protection. The fabric is meant to stand up to the pavement. And the super cool patterns – like the cat pattern – make these gloves a fan favorite, though the thick material does cost them a bit in breathability. Your hands might get pretty warm on hot days.

Velcro wrist closures, UHMW, replaceable slide pucks, and double stitching in areas more vulnerable to wear and tear all pack a punch for the cost of these gloves. One quality you always want in any pair of longboard slide gloves is durability. That double stitching is part of what these gloves are known for. Where other brands might be prone to tears, the Landyachtz will withstand even heavy use. These might be the most durable longboard gloves on the list on budget.

For anyone wanting quality slide gloves for a midrange price, the Landyachtz are for you. Just be aware that the design is better suited for more experienced riders than newbies. If you still need fingerpucks, hold off on getting a pair of these. But if you’re a seasoned rider and you tend to be especially hard on your sliders, give these a try. They’re built for riders like you. So chances are they won’t disappoint.

Kevlar, suede and nylon
Cool patterns
Sturdy Velcro
Double stitching to reinforce vulnerable areas

No finger and thumb sliders

Check It Out On Amazon

Longboard Slide Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are just getting started longboarding, looking to take your skills to the next level, or an experienced rider shopping for a new and improved pair of slide gloves, there are many factors to bear in mind when choosing a pair. Longboard sliding gloves comes in a range of budgets, made from many different materials, and designed for various skill levels and purposes.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference but knowing the pros and cons of each style can help you make the right purchase. And because there are so many different kinds out there, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help you determine which qualities you should look for and to make the experience much more convenient. Use this helpful buyer’s guide so you can be sure to choose a pair of longboard slide gloves that are just right for you.

Parts of the Gloves:

There are three main components in longboard slide gloves that make them work. The first is the glove itself. The material is critical to the performance and durability of a glove, and choosing the right material depends largely on your skill level, as this will determine how much contact the actual glove will have with the pavement.

The second component that contributes to the quality and security of the slide glove is the wrist strap. The sturdiness and snugness of the wrist strap will improve balance and stability, keeping your wrist safe during slides and tricks.

The third and most important part of a longboard sliding glove is the puck. This is made of a durable plastic that is meant to provide low-friction slides. It’s this part of the glove that allows you to execute slides at all. The entire purpose of the gear is to give you a surface to rest on so you can execute slides, which require a low center of gravity and the use of your hand for balance.


They are made of several different kinds of materials, usually a combination of different fabrics and materials to provide padding, protection and flexibility. Kevlar in the fingertips is a common design, as this material is tear-resistant and will keep your fingers safe should they make contact with the ground. Leather, nylon and suede are popular choices for the main glove material, and additions like neoprene and silicone across the knuckles add a layer of protection. The type of foam padding inside makes a difference to the performance as well, with options like Poron XRD or other high-quality and dense materials making the difference between good and poor-quality brands.


Of course cost is an important factor in any purchase, but since longboard slide gloves tend to fall on a wide range it’s important to know how price affects quality. Some brands are able to deliver quality on a budget, but oftentimes a good value doesn’t translate into a great product. Except in rare cases, you get what you pay for. That is to say, generally the cheaper the glove, the shorter its lifespan and the less protection is provides.


The puck is the primary component in longboard slide gloves. They all come with a puck for the palms, but some will also include thumb pucks and fingerbar pucks. If you are an expert rider, a pair with just the palm pucks will probably be just fine. The fingerbar and thumb puck are added protection for riders who drag their fingers, which tends to be a habit of more novice riders. Pucks are replaceable on most gloves since they are going to eventually wear down with use. Keep in mind the quality of the Velcro that the pucks adhere to, since you won’t want a puck that constantly falls off.


The expression “fits like a glove” isn’t just metaphor here. Choosing a size that fits your hand properly will go a long way in making sure the glove is going to work for you. Too tight and you’ll lack flexibility which could make grabs and other tricks notably more difficult. Moreover, a really snug fit just won’t be comfortable for you. Too loose, on the other hand, and safety might be an issue. If the slide glove will shift, the pucks will too, and that could cause problems when you put pressure on the pavement. If you want to be sure to get a good fit, see the manufacturer’s sizing guide and use your measurements: hand circumference at the knuckles is the measurement that counts.

The Conclusion

Longboard slide gloves are a key accessory for anyone executing slides and tricks. The most important factor to keep in mind is that they will keep your hands protected from injury, as that is their primary purpose. Size matters, and the quality of materials is very important. Consider how much use they’ll get; if you will be riding often and they’re going to take a beating, investing in a more premium pair will save you money on replacements in the long run. But if you are just starting out and you aren’t sure what style you’ll prefer, start with a more affordable option and go from there.

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