10 Best Rave LED Light Gloves

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    Are you a competitive glover trying to choose between the best professional gear to level up your next performance? Are you a parent trying to find a fun gift for your young kid or teenager? Or are you a lover of EDM on the hunt for the perfect accessory to wear to raves? LED gloves are super versatile gear that can be used for any number of purposes. Whether you are two or eighty-two, whether you are a professional entertainer or a child out for his/her first Halloween or a 26-year old dancing at a Rave, if there is music around, and you get the fever to move… Everything is better with lights with these fun gloves.

    Everyone loves some kind of music, and when you move, your hands move with you. LED Lights gloves are the most creative way to express yourself. Everyone who has tried a pair of these novelty hand accessories on has found the trendiest way in expressing their own styles of creativity and loved it! It didn’t matter if they were rocking out the cradle, the dance floor, the streets, or the rocking chair. An LED glove exists for even you.

    Best LED Light Gloves reviewed

    Let’s take a look at the best rave LED gloves reviewed to help you pick the perfect brand for professional light gloving shows and dancing:

    1.ELEAUTO Rave Led Light Gloves for Glow in the Dark Show

    ELEAUTO Rave Led Light Gloves for Glow in the Dark Show
    ELEAUTO Rave Led Light Gloves for Glow in the Dark Show

    Kids and teens tend to be fascinated with any product that has a technological design. The ELEAUTO Rave Led Light Gloves for Glow in the Dark Show have been constructed with different glow modes and possess the latest LED technology. Powered by small batteries, the incorporated LED lights provide an excellent brightness. During those summer nights, this product lights up enough for an ease of visibility as well as acting as cold proof mitts in winter periods.

    Looking on the drawback of this accessory, you will be disappointed by the lessened durability aspect of the mitts. Consecutively, it becomes a daunting task to take off the product. The LED lights and wiring are prone to coming off when too much pressure is exerted. The interior seams are not anchored properly which makes the accessory vulnerable to ripping. Additionally, the fitment of this item runs a size smaller. Apart from these flaws, the rest of the properties are far impeccable.

    The loveable upside about this product is the light coloring and effective modes. You can press the button on the cuff to turn the asset on or off. The secure liner design of this accessory ensures that lights stay in position. The anti-collision technology adapted during the make of this item helps in preventing accidental turnoffs. The stretchy cotton and polyester materials utilized in the construction of this commodity attributes to its lightweight and breathable aspects.

    On another merit of this product, you will be delighted by the glowing which is bright enough to keep those summer nights lightened up. The cotton construction of these mitts facilitates the warmish factor of the product making it ideal during winter times. Conversely, this equipment comes with two extra pre-installed replaceable batteries for ease of charging up.

    Our final thoughts regarding this equipment are that it is a convenient, updated and proficient accessory for every kid. The advanced technological construction attributes to the product’s excellence which boost the toddler’s experience. Far overlooking the few setbacks associated with the product, all the other features portray a stunning ordeal. You should consider getting a pair of The Noodley LED mitts for your kid.

    Lights stay put
    Enhanced anti-collision technology
    Limber and comfy

    Fitment runs a bit smaller
    Daunting to take off the mitts
    Prone to ripping
    Not durable

    2.Super Z Black Knit Rave Led Light Gloves

    Super Z Black Knit Rave Led Light Gloves
    Super Z Black Knit Rave Led Light Gloves

    To look at # 5 and 6 and read the primary functions, you would think someone in Thailand had sold the same light gloves to two different companies. However, six has its subtle difference to 5 also.

    The Super Z Black Knit Rave Led Light Gloves has Multicolored digits instead of solid colored digits. The Tritechnox product offers similar six modes. It also offers the strobing of three colors, the morphing of three colors, and three-color trailing, in the colors of Red, Green, and Blue. One other difference in this model is that it includes LIGHT-Up Modes of Slowly Flash, Quickly FLASH, and Continuous on and off, etc. The material is also notably different as these are made from knitting yarn and have a polyester stretchable wrist. Additionally, there is a control on the wrist that allows you to accomplish the cool bright effect.

    Also, unlike number 5, this one seemed to have more difficulties. Customers complained of size and unprotected wires. One customer actually bought and preferred number 5. Didn’t last very long was the biggest complaint.

    They are a huge hit while they last. Everyone raves that they are so much fun, their kids go crazy with excitement, so since they are unbelievably inexpensive, why not take the risk and try it for the kid in all of your family. Big Raves about lots of family fun.

    For the difference’s sake alone, I might choose a pair of each #5 and #6; they certainly are affordable enough, and the differences are vast enough to want to try both pairs. This pair has segmented color sections on the digits of the fingers instead of long solid colors, it offers different light up modes, and it offers a cool bright effect. These accessories make it worth the curiosity even if they don’t outlast the wear of #5. The amazing brilliant shine of the LED lights is still sure to make any gathering a party of epic proportions in no time at all.

    Multicolored digits
    Six modes & 3 color trailing options
    Light up modes
    Cool bright effect
    Made of yarn and polyester

    Do not last very long

    3.Aubllo Rave Led Light Gloves for Cosplay Prop Costume Party Lightshow

    Aubllo Rave Led Light Gloves for Cosplay Prop Costume Party Lightshow
    Aubllo Rave Led Light Gloves for Cosplay Prop Costume Party Lightshow

    Unsure of what to gift your child during a birthday party, halloween or christmas? Well, you do not have to worry since you can gift the toddler with a pair of Aubllo Rave Led Light Gloves for Cosplay Prop Costume Party Lightshow. These mitts have been reinforced with an ample lighting on the fingers which ensure an exceptional performance of the outdoor activity.

    Looking on the demerits of this accessory, you will be dismayed with the shortened durability period. Consecutively another drawback associated with this item is the tightened inner layer which makes the pair run a bit smaller. These mitts have also not been incorporated with an exclusive breathability feature which makes the hands prone to sweating. Apart from these limitations, you will find all the other features impeccable.

    Enhanced maneuverability is one upside you will love regarding this product. The mitts are easy to wear and guarantee an ample movement of the fingers. The flashing lights have been bestowed in diverse ways and colors reinforcing an excellent outdoor adventure. This accessory is the perfect dazzling gear for light parties and shows. Conversely, these wonderful LED light gloves have been oriented with adjustable flashing modes which you can set to your preferred lighting setting.

    On another upside of this item, you will be delighted with the softness and elasticity aspects. These merits have been facilitated with the knit material which was utilized during the construction of this accessory. The stretchy nature guarantees a stunning snug fit tightening for the kid’s hands. The cotton knit yarns portray warmish, limber and comfortable aspects. In addition, this accessory is windproof and quite ideal during those dampening cold weather conditions.

    In a nutshell, Aubllo LED light mitts have proved an epitome and proficient factor to the kid’s rave world. The design of these mitts attest to the excellent features which attribute to the worthiness of the product. Without contemplating on the few downsides posed by the accessory, the rest of the properties are far outstanding. You should consider purchasing a pair of these mittens for the kid. The best gift ever!

    Enhanced fingers maneuverability
    Easy to put on
    Cold proof
    Adjustable flashing lights modes

    Quite small
    Lacks an ample ventilation
    Not very durable


    Most kids yearn for a rave world experience. In that case, you should ensure that your kid possesses a pair of iGeeKid LED gloves. These mitts have been designed in order to keep your child engaged in the rave world. These mittens have been oriented with flexibility, comfy, warmish and hypnotizing aspects in order to reinforce the experience of the toddler.

    The one flaw associated with this accessory is the daunting task of wearing this pair back once you have removed them. This drawback has been enhanced by the tightened inner layer which makes it hard for the fingers and palms to slide back in. Consecutively, this item is not so ideal in extreme cold weather conditions. Proneness to ripping is another limiting factor about this accessory which tends to limit its longevity aspect. Apart from these downsides, all the other features portray an outstanding performance.

    Looking on the upside of this equipment, you will be delighted with the elasticity nature which ensures that the fingers and palms are held in place. The cotton and stretchy spandex fabrics utilized during the construction of this item attribute to the warmish and comfortable aspects featured by the accessory. The white fabric design on the fingers enhances an even distribution of LED light to the mitts. Conversely, the lighting of the mitts makes it easy for the parent to locate the kid during those Halloween nights.

    Proper fitment is another merit portrayed by this accessory. The stretchy property of the mitts guarantees a stunning snug fit for the toddler’s hands. The elasticity nature of the item ensures that it stays put during the entire adventure. Additionally, this accessory comes with two long-lasting replaceable batteries in order to ensure that your night activity is not halted.

    Our final views regarding this item are that it is an essential and ideal tool which keeps your kid entirely engaged in the flashing world. Despite the few setbacks associated with the iGeeKid LED light gloves, all the other properties far convey the best performance. You should consider gifting your kid with a pair of these mitts.

    Ample fitment
    Include two replaceable batteries

    Prone to ripping
    Hard to put on
    Not very cold resistant

    Check It Out On Amazon


    Perfect for kids and adults alike, the Bollepo LED gloves are a fun accessory for raves, festivals, or parties. The flashing skeleton design is super cool and eye-catching, and fun for everyone watching. These would be a great gift for kids or teens as well the festival-goer in your life. Instead of just fingertips, these will light up your entire hand, and the skeletal outline gives them a really one-of-a-kind fun, spooky vibe.

    Because these are not professional LED gloves by any means, you do get what you pay for. Some customers have reported that they don’t last very long, but they aren’t really intended for lifetime use. They do come with replacement batteries, but if the lights in the gloves stop working rather quickly, your best bet would be to contact customer service. They promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    With 5 colors and 6 different modes, you can find the pattern that suits the mood of any moment. Changing patterns and colors is super simple with the button located on the wrist, so you can match the strobe to the music seamlessly. The light diffusion along the fingers is what makes these “skeleton” gloves even cooler. Instead of glow sticks, show up to your next rave with armed with these unique LED gloves and you’ll definitely be glad you did so.

    The last thing you want to worry about with any rave accessory is overheating. Chances are you’ll be dancing around and moving your hands quite a bit, so staying cool is essential. These are made with a lightweight and breathable material. You can perform for hours in comfort without sweating through the material. But they’ll still keep your hands well-insulted should you wear them to outdoor events.

    We think these skeleton LED gloves are great option for the cost range for kids. They aren’t meant to compare to professional grade accessories. But they would add a really fun element to any outfit for festivals, clubs, or parties. And kids will be sure to love entertaining the family with them. While they aren’t the most durable LED gloves on the market, they do provide fun and entertainment on budget.

    Light diffusion along entire hand
    Replacement batteries
    Lightweight and breathable
    Easy to use

    Not durable and long lasting

    6.EmazingLights Spectra Evo

    EmazingLights is a leader in the world of dance music and light show artists. Their Spectra Evo LED gloves are professional grade rave accessories that have earned their place at the head of the pack. The Bluetooth function and user-friendly smartphone app really set these apart from others in their class. Whether you’re a professional entertainer or an avid raver, you’ll definitely get the most out of them and their impressive features, including millions of color combinations to choose from and the customization that comes with the official app.

    Some glovers have reported faulty lights right out of the box, but the company does offer a lifetime warranty. LED bulbs are not incredibly sturdy by design; they are tiny light bulbs after all. So bear that in mind. But if any components aren’t working when they arrive, contact customer service and they should get you squared away. Customer service reviews are all glowing, no pun intended. So working with a representative to replace any broken lights or other issues shouldn’t be a headache. Should you need to replace the lights at any point in the future, however, we do want to warn you that replacement bulbs are a little expensive. So be careful with your gloves.

    What makes these Spectra Evo LED gloves so popular is the insane ability to customize them. Using the official EmazingLights app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, users can design their light shows down to the millisecond, crafting each color, pattern, and rhythm to their exact needs. They really allow you to turn it into an artform. And the app will even let you save and share your light patterns with others or use the patterns that other users have saved. The options are seemingly limitless, allowing you to create countless unique patterns for shows and raves. And, the lights sync up with each other so if you accidentally change the color of one light you can match it to the other lights in the set.

    Another reason that these are favored in the rave community is the ultra-small design of the light casings. The eLite Evolution casing is significantly smaller than previous models making the product more lightweight and more comfortable. But just because they’re small doesn’t mean they don’t deliver in strength. Compatible with both 1225 and 2020 batteries, they’ll guarantee hours of fun. Plus, replacement batteries are easier than ever to change by simply sliding them into the casings.

    We recommend this  version to anyone looking to get into gloving or professionals/competitors looking to upgrade their current set. These are the most customizable LED gloves on the markets. From motion sensor functions to every color imaginable, designing impressive patterns is easy for anyone. And the ability to share patterns on the app with other users is very appealing. If you want high-quality, customizable gear to improve your gloving performances, look no further than the EmazingLights Spectro Evos.

    Highly customizable
    Free app
    Lightweight, slim casings
    Lights synchronize with each other
    Lifetime warranty
    Batteries included

    Some issues with faulty lights

    Check It Out On Amazon

    7.GloFX Gel

    GloFX is a global rave gear brand who has pioneered a new LED glove technology to address the problem of light casings sliding out of place. Their gel casings are designed to stay put throughout your performance no matter how much you move or sweat. They are professional grade LED gloves that have over 1 million color combinations and 9 display modes, and their LEDs are known for being extremely bright.

    The only negative reviews from customers are related to the cost of bulb replacement, though they are comparable in budget to other professional grade lights. LED bulbs can be fragile, so users need to be a bit cautious with them. However, we think that the cost of replacement bulbs is reasonable for the quality and very standard for this kind of professional gear. If you aren’t comfortable with the cost of replacement bulbs, you probably should reconsider purchasing professional equipment.

    The non-slip gel casings and ultra-bright Lux bulbs are really what make these shine. Your fingers will grip the gel comfortably and you won’t need to worry about dislocating the lights because of sweat and movement. And because they’re clear, the light diffuses throughout your fingertips for an intense glow. Fans of GloFX swear by these bulbs and casings.

    Another great feature of this product is the incredibly long battery life. You can get up to 20 hours of continued use out the batteries before needing to replace them. And the X-clip battery harness makes swapping them out super easy. The chips are engineered with an onboard memory and a Pro-Click function, making programming your patterns super convenient.

    Ignore the handful of haters leaving reviews about bulb cost. If you’re serious about gloving or if it’s just a passion hobby, these are a quality product. And if you want quality, most of the time you have to pay for it. We recommend these LED gloves for anyone who isn’t happy with their current pair or is just hoping to take their performances to the next level. You really can’t go wrong here, from the non-slip gel casings to the ultra-bright bulbs.

    Non-slip gel casings
    20-hour battery life
    Bright Lux bulbs
    Clear casings for light diffusion
    Onboard memory
    Over 1 million color combinations
    9 display modes

    Pricey replacement bulbs

    Check It Out On Amazon

    I feel it is important to interject here and say the rest of the LED gloves we are reviewing are less expensive, more designed and geared for children and teens amusement, or even as an extra garment to wear to be seen in the dark. They are not super high-end, high-quality computerized products but more novelty ideas.


    The SIPU LED gloves are a perfect toy for children of any age. Ravers and festival-goers may want to look at other options, because these are more suitable for fun, casual play for kids and their families. They are available in two sizes, the larger intended for teens and adults and the smaller for kids aged 8-12. The black gloves have lights along each finger, and the button for changing modes and turning them off is located inside the wrist. They’re easy to use and entertaining.

    Some customers report manufacturing issues, but the most common complaint is sizing and durability. Manufacturing problems don’t seem to be a huge problem for the brand though, so we don’t think you need to worry about that. Should anything arrive faulty, just reach out to customer service. They provide a one-year warranty. Sizing tends to only be an issue for kids who are below the age recommended in the sizing chart or above average in size. And durability is just about what you would expect for the cost. They won’t last you for years, but you’ll get multiple uses out of them for sure.

    They are made from a knit material similar to what you would wear for winter gear, so they may not be the most lightweight and breathable option. However, that does make them a perfect choice for outdoor occasions during cooler seasons. These would be great for a Christmas parade or other holiday event. Many customers purchased them as stocking stuffers or party favors and were happy with them for that purpose.

    Six modes and three color options are available to choose from, with trailing, strobe, and morphing patterns. The simple button to change modes makes them very easy to use. Parents love to use these to keep track of kids when out Trick-or-Treating for Halloween or other nighttime activities. Lithium batteries are included as well and easy to change.

    Overall we would recommend these fun LED gloves for kiddos and families. Great for entertaining guests during birthday parties or even just keeping track of the kids during evening outings, they’re both fun and functional. Keep in mind that sizing is limited to small or large, so if you or your kids have above or below average sized hands these may not be a perfect fit. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with these fun stocking stuffers or party favors to brighten up a holiday.

    Easy to use
    Great for kids
    6 modes and 3 colors
    One-year warranty

    Limited sizes available
    Not long lasting

    Check It Out On Amazon


    HOOMEDA Led light gloves are the perfect birthday gift you will never regret purchasing. The good thing about these mitts is that they are cost-effective yet worthwhile. They act as the best dazzling light gear for those night shows and parties. Additionally, the flashing lights ascertains the kid’s security since you can easily locate the child during those night adventures.

    Looking on the downsides of this commodity, you will be disappointed with the sizing which runs a bit large for a toddler’s hands. The shortened longevity aspect is another drawback associated with this asset. You will find it quite daunting when it comes to replacing the batteries which will require you to utilize a screwdriver. Other than these demerits, the rest of the features are far appealing and deploy an incredible performance.

    On the upsides of these mitts, you will be delighted with the soft, stretchy and comfy aspects posed by the product. This has been enhanced with the elastic knit material utilized during the make of the accessory. Additionally, this product has been oriented with different bright flashing colored lights which you can adjust to your preferred setting. The LED lights on the fingers tend to activate the party atmosphere enhancing a stunning experience.

    Looking on other merits of this item, you will definitely love the flexible cotton construction which guarantee the product’s ample fitment. The stretchable woven fabric design ensures that the pair provide maximum dexterity and maneuverability as well as facilitating ease of operations. Conversely, the cotton material used in building this accessory attributes to the warmish factor so that the hands will not suffer from the brutal coldness. In addition, this product comes with two replaceable batteries which ensure that the partying is not halted.

    In conclusion, this accessory has portrayed an outstanding performance to the outdoor adventure. The features it possesses attribute to the stunning upsides which yield the best results. In contempt of the few setbacks associated with the item, all the other properties pose immense features. You should consider purchasing a pair or more of HOOMEDA light gloves as a valuable gift for the kid.

    Easy operations
    Proper fitment
    Enhanced dexterity

    Slightly large
    Time consuming when it comes to batteries replacement
    Not long lasting

    Check It Out On Amazon


    The WDCS products are almost identical to the Amazer’s #5 in look, design, and function. Yet, once again, there are small differences. The largest one you will notice first is the 1/3 cost decrease of the WDCS, and someone adjusted the wiring so the colors strobe red, blue-green on the Amazer, while on the WDCS they strobe and pause in the order red, green, blue. WDCS might have purchased all the extra small One Size fits Most from the Manufacturer because that seems to be the largest universal statement; the product runs small. Other than those differences, the two fun-filled items pack the exact same fun-filled, exciting power-filled, LED, light-show punch. WDCS is clear to acknowledge that any complaints about the product should be handled directly by their company “Wantedcases, Inc,” and that “other sellers’ product” was not being manufactured by their company, so they are aware that exact product lines are being sold on the market.

    Even though the LED gloves is so crazy inexpensive, order 3 to make the shipping worth it, the batteries do not last long enough for some consumers. Both of them use the CR-2016. This product comes with 2, but if we remember correctly, the Amazer was throwing in an extra battery pack; that could explain the costincrease, and make them worth it, depending on the cost of the battery and the true shelf life of that style battery.

    The rave reviews even from some that say the product has lasted months, through holiday seasons, and company picnics, weddings, and as party favors, they were so reasonably priced. These were affordable enough to create and bring the party instead of hiring the entertainment.
    At least the company is aware that they are in competition with other LED hand performance companies so that if something they sell goes awry, they can fix it and take responsibility and no be blamed for someone else’s product. It is wonderful to have all of the functions available for such a reasonable price; ones including 6 different modes altogether- 3 color strobing, 3 color morphing, and also it has 3 color trailing capability of the red, green and blue strobe.

    Once all those fingers light up, you and your whole guest list will be ready to party, rave, dance, whatever it is that you have got planned. The company has two well thought out recommendations for a reason:

    • 1) Do not wash product.
    • 2) Take batteries out of the gloves when not in use to prevent battery drainage.

    Number 2 seems highly important for people who do not like the cost of the batteries. If keeping the battery plugged into the glove is draining the battery, then it makes sense to unplug the battery to save on its power supply.

    Cheap affordable
    Hidden Battery & On/off
    6 flashing modes & 3 trailing modes

    Copy design

    Check It Out On Amazon

    Led Lights Gloves Buyers Guide

    Since the addition of technology as a regular part of our everyday routine, marketing companies representing technology products, try to find new and exciting ways to have those bells and whistles further encompassed in our life’s bright reminders of how much we love and rely on products with technology built in.

    LED lights gloves on hand accessories have become the latest trend in the dance clubs, which has led the craze back into our homes and streets where everybody wants to be part of the fun. People want to be able to express their own creativity with their own pair.

    Before jumping into the liberating, laser show, learn a little about the novelty item prior to purchasing, so you make the right purchase choice in LED Light garment wear.


    Professional: As with everything electronical or technological, if it can be built, it can be built to the extreme. This knowledge did not stop with the LED gloves. Knowing someone would find a market for it, the engineers went ahead and created these illuminated creations with every Computer-programmable (yes), color combination, and functions imaginable. They are also programmable, and some even come with Bluetooth capabilities. As the experts called it, these gloves are expensive and are generally reserved for professional dancers, choreographers, DJs, etc.

    Novelty Grade: The consumer can find several different companies all sharing similar LED gloves qualities and options. The novelty grade LED hand accessory have surprisingly good light quality and run fairly inexpensively, the further choice depends on consumer’s further decisions about function, and life of the battery.


    The LED Light gloves & hand accessories make one of the best gifts of the season. They are terrific from Halloween straight on through Christmas, but what do you want your hand to do specifically? The answer to that question is the primary difference in all the products on the market. Do you want your hand to be a skeleton? Do you want your whole hand to light up? Or your whole fingers? Or just your fingertips? How many colors and functions do you want? and which ones do you want? When you have answered those questions, you will know which product to purchase.

    Life of Batteries

    My first warning about the novelty RAVE gloves is that even though they may inexpensive, they still protect their batteries, so remove the protective plastic over the battery prior to using. Secondly, the biggest complaint is the life of the batteries when the batteries cost half the cost of the product. In a case such as this:

    • a) considers the gloves
    • b) consider buying multiple if you like it
    • c) protect the life of the battery by removing the battery after each use for longer shelf life.

    This holiday season should be a LED bright one. LED gloves are made to find the creative side in every person. When the music starts, wave your hands around and let the colors explode the air. You control the color entertainment for you and the house, nightclub or neighborhood. These are great gifts too, so from Halloween through the holidays, boys and girls of all ages can be having fun and be lit up, protected and safe day and night.

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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