10 Best Luxury Leather Gloves, High End Italian Material

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    I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: ” Real men & women wear leather! ” What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy luxury leather gloves with expensive high end italian material.

    This is not just true for the aesthetics aspect but also in terms of practicality – leather gloves have been the choice for valid reasons. It is durable; it offers comfort, allows good feel and fit and is versatile enough for most occasions.

    Best Luxury Leather Gloves Reviews

    We have compiled a list of the best luxury leather dress gloves reviewed for a guaranteed elegance, warmth & dexterity:


    If you’ve ever wondered what James Bond would wear for driving – you can stop. He wore these! The Dents  ” Fleming ” is as seen as the man himself in the movie Spectre.

    If you are looking for something to protect you from extreme cold, then these may not be the pair for you. It is unfortunately unlined and detracts a bit from providing ultimate comfort. It also only comes in black.

    This is indeed a superior product – from the material used right up to every stitch placed on it. Dent, the British manufacturer has chosen to make these using entirely hairsheep leather, which is sheep that gives no wool, but grows hair. This results in leather that is impeccable with any markings.

    The lack of lining means that these fit closer and gives an excellent grip on the steering wheel. The finger area is perforated, thus ensuring breathability. The palm area is elasticated and gives the wearer ample dexterity.

    On the wrist area, a small Dent logo is stylishly added. The fastening of these are also secure, with the addition of a strap to make sure that it wont slip off unaware. These come with a gift box, which is a nice addition should you be thinking of gifting it.  Comfortable and stylish leather gloves  – what more can you ask! Additionally, if its good for Mr Bond, then it is definitely perfect enough for you.

    As seen in Spectre Bond movie
    Luxuriously made from hairsheep leather
    Close fit
    Perforated fingers for breathability
    Provides good grip
    Secure strap fastening at wrist
    Gift box included

    Not lined
    Only comes in black

    Check It Out On Amazon

    2.WARMEN Luxury Leather Gloves

    WARMEN Luxury Leather Gloves
    WARMEN Luxury Leather Gloves

    Italians have been known for their artisans in leather making and for good reason! The Fratelli Orsini is the epitome of Italian craftsmanship with its superior fit and incomparable comfort.

    These are made entirely in peccary leather, a CITES protected mammal resembling the wild boar belonging to the pig family and lives in the wild. With this material, special care is needed – and therefore your pair requires extra care.

    Each pair has been handmade, with every stitch laid in place. It is table-cut, a skill which ensures that it stretches gently and only in width to accommodate your hands perfectly, but will not be elongated with each time you pull it off. The suppleness of the peccary hide is unbeatable, and added with the 100% cashmere lining, comfort and snugness is definitely enhanced. With the lining, these are therefore also suitable for winter wear as it protects your digits from the elements of the season.

    You have the option of two colours with these leather gloves – either black or brown. Driving would no longer feel like a chore, but more a luxury as these are extremely flexible and do not in anyway erodes the dexterity of your hands.

    The epitome of style and luxury – peccary leather is unique and no two pairs of gloves will be the same due to the characteristic of the visible hair pores of this material. Definitely driving gloves that will last a lifetime, with extra care of course!

    Made from rare peccary leather
    Entirely handmade
    Table cut to ensure true fit
    Cashmere lined for warmth
    Supple, snug and soft
    Two colours available

    Special care required for the leather
    Made from CITES protected mammal

    3.Alepo Luxury Leather Gloves, High End Italian Material

    Alepo Luxury Leather Gloves, High End Italian Material
    Alepo Luxury Leather Gloves, High End Italian Material

    Nothing beats putting your hands into soft fur when the mercury drops – and this is what you get with the Hestra. Its lambskin-lined interior is meant to keep you snug and warm, while the chic exterior is made in four colours – black, cork, chocolate and dark brown.

    These are rather bulky compared to similar types. This may be due to the lining – which is intended to keep the wearer’s hands warm but ended up making these less of a dress pair.

    The exterior of the Hestra is constructed from deerskin, known for its durable but soft and supple characteristic. It also has a grainy texture, which lends to its look and makes it aesthetically pleasing. The seams on the back are made to overlap for added strength whereas the palm area uses inseams for closer fit. Lined with lambskin, which is Hestra’s warmest type of lining, makes these suitable for sub-Zero temperatures.

    The closure at the wrist area comes with a strap and added with a press stud, allowing you to adjust it to your wrist width and secure the gloves in place – rest assured that your gloves will not fall off until you take them off yourself!

    These are long lasting, long wearing, lambskin lined gloves suitable for the coldest of temperatures. It is stylish yet functional, making it a good value for money. Additionally, the four colors to choose is a luxury as most products in the same category come only in boring black!

    Available in four colours
    Warm, as it is lined with lambskin
    Made with deerskin exterior
    Excellent durability
    Secure and adjustable wrist strap stud fastening
    Snug and close fit

    Slightly bulky


    The Sage Brown leather gloves is what you would opt for on occasions requiring a dressy ensemble due to its elegant craftsmanship and streamlined design. A plus point to these is that it also cosy and warmly lined – a must during cold winter months and sub-Zero temperatures!

    Take care in selecting your size as the fingers can be slightly longer and constructed skinnier than expected. As always when buying gloves – measure carefully before selecting your size!

    Having been made entirely in Nappa leather, you can expect that these feel as soft as butter on your hands. It also accommodates hand movement well, with dexterity allowed and offers an especially strong grip on the steering wheel. It comes with an elasticated wrist area, which helps ensure that these remain well fastened and snug, while keeping cold air out.

    The entire inside of these gloves are lined in black soft, short rabbit fur making it suitable for days out when it is bitingly cold. These come in two colours, and the exterior finish is of a subtle shiny sheen of the Nappa leather. Being made by hand, the stitches can be observed to be very well placed to give you maximum comfort.

    Well-made with an exterior shiny sheen, these are a good choice for dressier occasions. A plus point is that the rabbit fur interior lining makes it super comfortable as well, much so when you want protection from the cold for your hands.

    Stylish and suitable for dressy occasions
    Handmade in nappa leather
    Comfortable and snug
    Elasticated wrist design
    Comes in two colours, shiny exterior sheen
    Warm, with rabbit fur lining
    Good grip and dexterity on steering wheel

    Care to be taken in selecting size

    5.Solo Classe

    Proudly Italian, the Solo Cمasse leather gloves are made with the renowned skilful Italian tanning process originating from that country. This process is what makes such products sought after, and with the Solo Classe you get this in abundance.

    The interior lining of the Solo Classe is slightly thinner if compared to that of similar brands – it is doubtful that it can provide a lot of warmth in sub-Zero temperatures. Therefore these might not be for you if you want to wear it in very cold conditions. Also note that it is designed with a shorter than usual wrist length. Your wrist area might be exposed to the cold if your sleeves are short. The lack colour selection other than tobacco brown also is a minus point.

    These gloves have visible outside stitching that adds to its stylish exterior. It is made in 100% kidskin – well known to be soft and supple on your hands. Hand and finger movement is great with these and will not detract from giving you a good feel on things.

    The lining is from cashmere or silk, which provides some warmth for colder temperatures. Breathability is good, as this is a marked trait of kidskin. It is also true to fit and gets more comfortable as the years go by!

    Probably the most comfortable gloves you will ever wear – with soft pliable and breathable kidskin. If you are a fan of Italian leather – these gives you the ultimate class and style.

    Well made with Italian craftsmanship
    Good quality kidskin
    Soft and supple feel
    Allows good movement
    Lined with cashmere and silk
    True to fit

    Lining is rather on the thin side
    Wrist designed to be shorter
    Only one colour available – brown

    Check It Out On Amazon

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    6.Candor and Class

    Moving with the times, the Candor and Class leather gloves offers optimum compatibility with touch screen devices – and not with unsightly spots on the fingers but the entire palm side and the entire finger are, on all fingers!

    These appear to be a little on the bulky side – and if you are looking for slim, streamlined and tapered look these might not be the best choice. Pay attention to the sizing chart and as with choosing any type of gloves, measure accordingly to obtain the right size. This is as the sizing can be rather tricky.

    These are full leather, made in sheepskin exterior. The interior is lined with pure cashmere. Constructed with these materials, you will get a great pair – soft, pliable and supple on the outside, with insulation from the lining on the inside. Perfect for use in cold conditions. You get to choose from three available colours as well.

    The design is rather unique with zigzagging seams across the back of the hand area, lending to its stylish look. There is also an elasticated strip on the wrist area for a closer and snug fit to it.

    Another plus point is that these come with a gift box – making it versatile enough as a gift, although you might be tempted to keep them once you try them on! For those wanting flexible gloves that is suitable for temperate conditions but at the same time compatible with touch screen devices, the Candor and Class fits the bill. These don’t skimp on comfort either so you get bang for your buck!

    Stylish design and well made
    Allows dexterity of hand and finger
    Touch screen on entire palm and fingers
    Soft and supple sheepskin
    Wrist secured with elastic band
    Cashmere lining provides warmth
    Three colours to choose from

    Attention needed on sizing
    Less dressy as it is slightly bulky

    Check It Out On Amazon


    There is no doubt that leather gloves have some advantages over many other types of hand warmers. They block the wind, are rain resistant, and hold the heat of your hand. In addition, they provide grip on your steering wheel or equipment should you decide to wear them for outdoor activities. The leather is also durable, so you can expect to have these gloves for a long time.

    Unfortunately, leather gloves are not water-proof, but they are rain resistant. By applying a leather conditioner, you can look forward to continued use in wet weather. They are not made for the coldest of weather, but they make a great inner glove under a water-proof and windproof covering. Over time you will need to use a leather conditioner to keep these gloves supple and water-resistant. Since the gloves fit tight, it is vital to measure your hand carefully before ordering. The Downholmes are not touchscreen compatible.

    If you are looking for a sophisticated way of keeping your hands warm or a way of impressing a loved one with a present, you will not go wrong with the Downholmes leather gloves. They are made from super-soft, genuine sheepskin leather with a soft cashmere lining. Each set comes packaged in a delightful gift box.

    And if there are any issues, you can depend on customer service to provide you with another pair of gloves or a refund, depending on what you prefer.

    Select the sophisticated Downholme leather gloves for a quality product that is crafted with care. These leather gloves will keep your hands warm for many seasons, but they will never go out of style. Wear them for driving, to a business meeting or in the evening to join friends at your favorite restaurant. They are suitable for many different occasions.

    Classic look
    Made from super-soft, genuine sheepskin leather
    Interior: cashmere lined
    Packed in a lovely branded gift box
    Sophisticated design
    Customer service will offer a refund or another pair of gloves if there is any issue

    Moderate price
    Longer cuff would provide better warmth
    Leather does require care
    Leather is water resistant not water-proof
    Not touchscreen compatible

    Check It Out On Amazon

    8.Rob Riverdale 

    The Rob Riverdale leather gloves will provide you with an air of distinction, from the moment you first put them on. They are made of the finest leather and will keep your hands warm as you navigate through traffic in your automobile and then dash into the building to meet your clients. On rainy days you can count on them to resist the water. And if you need to use your phone or tablet, you can keep your hands warm while you do so as these gloves are touchscreen sensitive. They work effectively in the business world as well as for more formal social occasions too.

    Unfortunately, the Rob Riverdale leather gloves are not completely water-proof. For torrential weather, you may need to keep another waterproof set of gloves to keep your hands completely dry. As with all leather gloves, they will need some tender loving care by applying a leather conditioner to keep the gloves clean, flexible, and water-resistant. They tend to fit a little small. Take care when ordering. While these gloves are lined with rabbit fur, they are not warm enough for the coldest winter weather. Despite their expense, the quality of these leather gloves makes this purchase worth the cost.

    The Rob Riverdale leather gloves are of a classic design with fine stitching details. They have a soft leather exterior with a rabbit fur-lined interior. On the palm side of the glove is a section of pleating that pulls the glove close to your wrist to resist the biting wind. They come in 5 sizes so you can be assured of an exact fit.

    The entire glove is touch screen sensitive, so you do not need to bare your hand to the cold when you need to check your emails from the office or to communicate with friends about the plans you have made.

    If you want to project a professional image, select the Rob Riverdale leather gloves. The quality of leather, along with the rabbit fur lining, will provide you with a set of gloves that are warm, water-resistant, and touch screen sensitive. What more can you ask for?

    Classic styling, fine stitching
    Full hand touch screen capabilities
    Soft leather exterior
    Rabbit skin interior
    Non-slip palms

    Expensive- you get what you pay for
    Not for the coldest weather
    Tend to be small
    Will require leather conditioning
    Water resistant, not water-proof

    Check It Out On Amazon

    9.Hickey Freeman

    If you are a man of style, wanting to go that extra mile for the look you are after look no further than the Hickey Freeman leather gloves. It is especially styled with you in mind, well made with the nice addition of contrasting fourchettes.

    The downside to these is its care. These are specially crafted gloves and it needs to be dry cleaned only! You definitely have to be prepared to allocate extra care to maintain its life. It also only comes in two almost similar dark colours – black and an indiscernible dark brown, therefore your choice is rather limited.

    Made in nappa leather, you can expect that these will envelope your hands snugly, well fit over the palm area while at the same time allowing dexterity of your fingers. The seams are well placed, and it is entirely sewn by hand. The fourchette contrast is subtle – ensuring that you still remain dressy and classy with these on.

    It is true to fit and snug. Breathability is also good with these, and with its 100% cashmere lining, you can take these out with you in frigid temperatures. This makes the Hickey Freeman versatile, either indoors or outdoors.

    Consider these your much-needed investment for your winter wardrobe – it is long lasting and durable, and offers so much versatility to your outfit. You can take it to the extremes, but also wear it for dressier occasions.

    Handmade with well placed stitches
    Made in 100% nappa leather
    True to fit and snug
    Good for cold weather with cashmere lining
    Stylish with contrasting fourchettes

    Needs to be dry cleaned only
    Only dark colours available

    Check It Out On Amazon


    Classic opera gloves never grow old. Seeped in tradition, it is just what is needed to enhance any outfit, and you will definitely stand out. What more with these Ambessi gloves – perfectly constructed for the most discerning eye, it will definitely not disappoint.

    These only come in one colour, that is black. It therefore lacks the variety, and you have to look elsewhere if this is what you are after. Also to note, these need professional leather cleaning only. It needs special care and when in use, must be kept away from moist, wet conditions – which means no rain or snow thus limiting its use to almost strictly indoors or only in good, dry weather.

    Made of lambskin – these are very pliable and will fit true to your hand size. It allows dexterity and hand movement, and allows you good feel on objects you touch or handle. It is suitable for use in cold, frigid temperatures as comes with an interior fleece lining, which provides warmth like no other.

    As these are long – reaching up to slightly above the elbow, the addition of a zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. You can tell that is very well crafted as the seams are almost invisible to make out.

    A dressy pair of good gloves with an exterior shiny leather finish that adds a bit of pizazz to your outfit. It is versatile enough for the coldest of temperatures and therefore a worthy addition to your winter gloves options!

    High craftsmanship used
    True to fit
    Fleece lined, therefore very warm
    Gives good feel and touch
    Well made with lambskin
    Reaches up to elbow
    Zipper included for easy take off/put on

    Special care needed – no rain or snow, or moisture
    Requires professional leather cleaning
    No variety – only in black

    Check It Out On Amazon

    Leather Gloves Buyer’s Guide

    Gloves can make such a big difference, for practical and sartorial reasons alike.

    When the mercury drops, you definitely do not want to be out and about with freezing hands, but at the same time you want protection for your digits that enhances, but not erode your style.

    What then?

    The obvious answer is – gloves, and more specifically, leather ones!

    There is good reason as to why these have been around for centuries – they are pliable and soft, adding to comfort, and it is also protective and adds warmth just when you need it.

    But with so many different types and make out there, how do you choose?

    Fret not, we have you covered. Read on! Our guide focuses on how best to choose leather ones and by the end of it, you will have formed a rough idea of what you need.


    Embarking on the search for the perfect pair MUST start with understanding what to look for in terms of sizing. Bear in mind that manufacturer’s sizing are based on two areas. Firstly, the length of your hand i.e. the topmost of your middle finger and until the beginning of your wrist. Secondly, the circumference of your hand, where you measure around the widest part of your palm – exclude your thumb on this one.


    Once you have a measurement of your hands, remember this – the length of it should cover slightly below the wrist so that you can tuck it under your arm sleeve of your clothing. A loose fit means that it slides around and warmth escapes – not something you want. A good fit means that it does strain the material.

    Seam type

    Aside from adding to the aesthetics, how it is sewn also makes a difference in comfort and fit. For example if the seams are made on the inside – also known as the negative cut, the end result is a more tapered slim look. Another type of sewing is the Gunn type – also with the purpose of making the gloves snug and close fitting.

    A pair of flat cut gloves provides extra room, suitable if you prefer a somewhat looser feel.


    What your gloves are made of is also of utmost importance, and should one of the main things to be considered in making your decision.

    There are different types leathers used, and most often the types you will come across would be cow leather, goat or lambskin, kangaroo, as well as deerskin.

    Pairs made with cowhide can be stiff and somewhat on the heavy side, but will be the most durable. Presently kangaroo is used quite often as an alternative to cowhide as it has the same benefit but is much lighter. Also to be considered is deerskin – light and soft but withstands quite a lot of use.

    For those with comfort in mind, you wont go wrong with goat or lambskin – these are top notch and offers incomparable suppleness. Some makers combine these materials together with the harder leather forming the outer parts and the palm area constructed with softer materials to allow flexibility.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Leather Gloves

    What is the best leather for gloves?

    The answer to this straightforward question can be complicated. The answer depends on the type of gloves and the purpose for which you will use them. For example, the leather for driving gloves will be vastly different from the leather you will need for work gloves. For driving, you will need leather that is thinner, flexible, and finely stitched so that you have the flexibility you need for driving. For a working glove you want durability.

    Sources: There are many sources of leather, each with their unique qualities. Some familiar sources are cowhide, pigskin, deerskin, sheepskin, buffalo leather, goatskin, and horsehide. The most durable tend to be horsehide, buffalo skin, goatskin, and some cuts of cowhide. The softer leathers are deerskin, sheepskin, and pigskin. Pigskin is a soft leather that is breathable and won’t get stiff after getting wet. Sheepskin is the softest and, therefore, the most comfortable, but it is not as durable as other types. Goatskin is very durable, although quite thin. Certainly, cowhide is the most accessible.

    Cuts: The cut of the leather also makes a difference. The top layer of leather is the most visibly appealing. The split leather layer tends to be coarse, but it is highly resistant to abrasion and is waterproof. You will see this cut in work gloves.

    Source Location: There are three areas on the animal from which leather is obtained: side split, shoulder split, and belly split. The side split is best for durability and quality. The shoulder split also has excellent durability. And the belly split is the least durable.

    Are leather gloves warm?

    Leather gloves are warm for many circumstances. Since they are usually windproof and water-proof, they protect your hands in these conditions. While many leather gloves are not lined, the warmest ones are. One very exquisite lining is often rabbit’s fur, which is soft and warm. When selecting a glove for warmth, it is essential to be careful with the sizing. Gloves that are snug do not have an air barrier for warmth, and so you may want to select a larger size if you are seeking protection from the cold. However, you can look for leather gloves that are engineered specifically for holding items such as tools in cool weather. They will have some sort of extra layers of insulation on the palm side to provide an insulating barrier between your hands and the very cold wrench or steering wheel or handlebars. Other leather gloves are designed for cold weather and include overall insulation for every area of your hand. Some designs include a very long cuff that is cinched or pulled in by elastic to prevent the wind from chilling your hand.

    How do you treat leather gloves?

    Leather gloves should be stored in the cool, dark place, such as a drawer in the heated part of your home.

    Can I wash my leather gloves?

    You can wash leather gloves, but never put them in the dryer. Use cold water and a special soap called saddle soap. Gently rub the outside of the very dirty areas. It is not necessary to immerse them in water. Do not wring them out as that might damage the shape of the glove. Dry the glove in a towel as much as possible and spread them out to dry. Leave them drying for a substantial amount of time. If the inside of the glove also requires cleaning, flip them inside out, and then repeat the procedure.

    Do leather gloves shrink when wet?

    The leather does contract a little once it has dried out, but it does not shrink smaller than the original size.

    Can you put leather gloves in the dryer?

    It is not advisable to put leather gloves in the dryer or place them on a rad. They should be dried slowly at room temperature; otherwise, they may stiffen up or crack.

    Luxury Leather Gloves with Expensive High End Italian Material

    In a nutshell, measurements are important and attention should be given to obtain an accurate as possible figures. The next step is to refer to a manufacturer’s chart for size selection and you are then a step closer to finding a perfect pair of gloves.

    As for materials – you can go with your comfort level, as well as the use you want out of your pair, be it for dressier settings with less movements or harder leather for more activity.

    If we have not swayed you into how good your hands would feel in a pair of leather gloves – write to us and we will try again to convince you!

    The array of luxury leather gloves with expensive high end italian material reviews is meant to assist in your decision-making. So, we hope to have succeeded. If we haven’t – leave us a comment. If we have, also tell us! We would love to hear your experience, and stories in the section below:

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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