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10 Best Latex Gloves

The latex gloves can also be used easily if you want to keep your hands clean while cleaning, cooking or tattooing. Even the garage work and repairs of any kind can also require the use of them. However, the quality , their thickness and durability can be different for each of these usages. The different brands provide the variations in these features and you have the option to choose the one that suits your needs properly.

First let me ask you: ” Are you suffering from skin allergy? Or is it your everyday requirement that has compelled you to search for the latex gloves? “

In any case, you can get a detail description of some of the best rubber gloves that you can buy in this article. You can be sure that our research covers all dimensions necessary to help you in making the right investment.

Best Latex Gloves Reviewed

So, relax and get set to know about the best latex gloves available in the market for various different functionalities reviewed by experts:

1.Medpride Vinyl Latex Gloves

Medpride Vinyl Latex Gloves
Medpride Vinyl Latex Gloves

Med Pride started working in 1993. Med Pride is a national supplier of medical equipment and services. The brand delivers the best investment experience to its clients. Med Pride’s Identity leads the industry through the portrayal of excellence. The business has over 25 years in the supply of the necessary supplies to physicians, sales officers, and consumers at home. The company works with its clients with dedication and zeal. Through upstaging itself, the organization has effectively built up its image. We present you our take here at the latex gloves by Med Pride.

When it comes to the downside of the latex gloves by Med Pride, there are multiple problems associated with this product. First of all, these gloves are not appropriate for use to those people who are allergic to latex. If such people use it, they will have to face the consequences, as they can cause severe allergic reactions. Moreover, the thin nature of these gloves may not appeal to you, so for a robust feel, you would have to look elsewhere. On top of that, the main problem that this product holds is poor delivery quality. You are most likely to receive a broker or teary package.

Like all other products, this one has an upside as well. In this section, there are numerous benefits that we need to mention. Considering this beneficial aspect of the product, you may feel as if they are worth having. As these gloves are available in different sizes, you are allowed to freely choose the one that fits you perfectly. Moreover, as the company has used natural latex rubber for the manufacturing of these gloves, you will be able to get higher mobility and a higher level of flexibility while wearing these. The exceptional tactile sensitivity that they offer will make you more efficient while working with precision.

The military grade puncture resilience nature of this pair of gloves will offer you high durability. In this way, you won’t fear the fact that your glove will fall apart easily. The five mils of thickness allow it to be perfectly suitable. It won’t let you have that bulky feeling at all. As it is free from powder, so you do not need to fear to have allergic reactions even if you are okay with the latex material. You can wear these gloves in both hands as they are ambidextrous. Other than this, you can have these gloves in two different packages. Depending on your personal usage, you can take the one that comes with 100 gloves or the one that offers you 1000 gloves in a case.

All in all, the Med Pride gloves made from latex as the main material have some basic flaws whereas, some superior qualities as well. The heavy-duty construction of these gloves makes them able to last longer than many other options. Moreover, the high tactile sensitivity that they provide will let you feel things easily, which will ultimately benefit your work. As they offer a comfortable fit, you do not need to be worried about the sizing at all. However, if you are allergic to latex, then you should choose some other option than these gloves.

Available in different sizes
Heavy-duty natural latex rubber
Exceptional tactile sensitivity
Medical grade puncture resilience
5-mil thickness
Comfortable fit
Two different packages are available

Not for people who have allergic problems
Poor packaging

2.Aurelia Best Latex Gloves

Aurelia Best Latex Gloves
Aurelia Best Latex Gloves

Aurelia Gloves is one of the world’s top glove companies. This organization is a member of the healthcare group named Supermax. Medical professionals in more than 150 countries around the world are pleased with the health, comfort, price, and consistency of their goods. Their large range of advanced latex gloves is recognized and valued by health professionals worldwide. With its knowledge and skills, Aurelia is proud to contribute to the industry. Let us present to you our two cents on the latex gloves by Aurelia known as Vibrant.

On the downside of the Vibrant latex gloves by Aurelia, we do not have much to mention. The gloves have been receiving high appreciation from the user-end because of their functional nature. However, there is that typical flaw that is mainly associated with all the latex gloves. If you are allergic to latex, remember to be careful when buying a latex-containing product. In the case of Vibrant by Aurelia, the situation is no different. These gloves can cause severe allergic reactions to your skin if the material does not suit you.

Whereas, when it comes to the upside of the Aurelia Vibrant latex gloves, there are multiple advantageous qualities that it holds. The use of latex as the main material makes these gloves able to offer you high flexibility. Due to this reason, you will be able you experience better elasticity as compared to gloves made from other materials. As these gloves are resistant to punctures, do not fear the fact that they might last only a couple of minutes on your hands. The optimal fit that they provide will keep you hooked to them as for such products; fitting is one of the main concerns.

Other than all these remarkable points, there are many more as well. As these gloves are textured in fingertips, fingers, and palm, you will be able to get an exceptional grip with these. So, if you are a health worker, these points will be of great help to you. As far as the thickness is concerned, these gloves have five mils of thickness on the palm and six mils of thickness on the fingers. You will not feel bulky at all while earing these. If you are not allergic to latex, these can serve you perfectly as there is no fear of allergy due to their powder-free nature. Moreover, you can wear these gloves in both hands without any worries as they are ambidextrous.

In a nutshell, the Aurelia Vibrant can serve you as a great pair of exam gloves, especially if you are a health care worker. The ease of mobility that these gloves provide is matchless. Other than this, the texture on fingers and palm will allow you to grip things more firmly. Additionally, as they are powder-free, they won’t harm your skin at all. Still, it is much needed for you to be careful if you are allergic to latex.

Better elasticity
Resistant to punctures
Textured on the fingertips, fingers, and palms
Five mils of palm thickness
Six mils of finger thickness
Powder-free gloves
Natural rubber latex
Optimal fit

May cause allergic reactions

3.squish Disposable Clear Vinyl Latex Gloves Powder-Free

squish Disposable Clear Vinyl Latex Gloves Powder-Free
squish Disposable Clear Vinyl Latex Gloves Powder-Free

Curad gloves are powder free gloves that can be used for multipurpose. From surgical needs to the cleaning product, these latex gloves can be of great use. The beige color of these gloves makes them look nice as well. They provide excellent fitting on the hands while ensuring high stretch-ability.

Although Curad hand protectors can be used, these gloves are not sterile, so that can be problematic if you are going to use them for analyzing samples etc. Additionally, the latex gloves contain a pungent smell, which can be awful. The worst part is that you can also feel them in your hands.

These glove are available in different size so you can expect them to fit properly in your hands. The multi-purpose usage of this product makes them one of the best choices available for most of the customers. The full texture is also available on this brand, which make these gloves better gripping and you can hold things while wearing them. If you are suffering from latex allergy then we advice to use a high quality Nitrile gloves in your work.

Curad can be a wonderful product for you, if you are looking for the gloves that can fit you properly, provides high stretch ability along with the performance of the multipurpose functions. Additionally, you can find these gloves in different sizes, making it very easy for you to find your size and ensure the best and proper fitting.

Multipurpose usage
Beige color
High stretch-ability
Best fit

A bit stinky


The brand, GREAT GLOVE, has been producing gloves since the 1980s. The brand is well-known for producing quality-oriented gloves so that people can use them in various sectors. The brand’s line-up includes gloves made from latex, nitrile, and vinyl as well. The main aim for which this organization is determined is to provide user-friendly and allergy-free experience. The devotion that they hold can be seen visibly through their vast line-up of amazing gloves. Many health care professional relies on this brand for its services. Here is what we have to say about the GREAT GLOVE latex gloves.

On the downside of the GREAT GLOVE latex gloves, we need to mention a couple of flaws that they possess. In this way, you will get a better picture of the product, and with no ambiguity left, you will be able to choose more wisely. As these gloves are made from natural rubber latex, you will have to be extremely careful when deciding to purchase them. On one side, latex offers you many benefits, but at the same time, it can also cause allergies. Moreover, these gloves are not too durable, so they can tear easily. Other than this, a primary flaw that this product holds is about fitting. You may not be able to get an optimal fit with these gloves.

While on the opposite side, when it comes to the positive points about the product, we have a whole list up on our sleeves to talk about. As mentioned before, these gloves are made from latex, so they are capable of providing you a higher level of flexibility and mobility. In addition to this one huge plus point regarding the dexterity, another one is that these gloves do not contain powder. As there is not powder, people who are fine with latex have nothing to worry about, as this product will not harm their skin at all.

Moreover, as these gloves are inexpensive, you will not have to think again and again before purchasing them. The improved elasticity will help you perform your tasks more conveniently while wearing GREAT GLOVES. Other than this, as this product is very light in weight, you will not feel the heaviness or bulkiness while wearing them. Hence, it will become easier for you to perform your job. The textured surface of these gloves will also help you in gripping things more firmly and with a higher level of confidence.

The GREAT GLOVES are amazing when it comes to easiness and grip. However, they also share some negative points alongside the positive ones. It is up to you to analyze your needs and priorities for deciding whether you should buy these or not. But, as these are not expensive at all, you can always give them a try if you wish.

No Powder
Better elasticity
Natural rubber latex
Textured for better grip

Tear easily
Fitting issue

Check It Out On Amazon


The rubber gloves provided by Vivid are available for different purposes. You can use them while washing dishing or cleaning toilets. Additionally, they can also be used for injury treatment or repairing of different products. This brand are made from rubber latex and provide high flexibility. They are even coated with Aloe Vera to provide healing properties to the hands too.

There are no negative features of the Vivid design so you can buy them with great ease. However, you must consider your usage requirements before you buy these gloves.

The green color of this product makes them easily identifiable as latex gloves. Vivid are comfortable to wear and optimal for longer usage. They are available in bulk that can help you in saving your money and get maximum benefit from it. There is no left or right in these gloves so you can use them easily.

With a wide variety of features that the Vivid hand prtectors provide to the users. They are amongest the best possible choices for the users. Without any considerable cons of these gloves, you can use them for comfortable and easy fit usage. Moreover, the healing properties provided by Vivid products are the additional features that these gloves provide.

Ambidextrous gloves
Highly flexible
Comfortable to use
Have healable properties
Multipurpose usage

Only available in one color

6.Adenna Phantom

The Adenna Phantom provide 6 mm finger thickness for your hands. They are easily stretchable, maintains flexibility and have ambidextrous properties. Additionally, they are textured which provides them stronger group. Moreover, they are capable of handling dry and wet products.

Although these gloves provide the best fit because of the various sizes available, they can only be used for light work. Going for something heavy might result in damaging these gloves, so you should be aware of it before you make the purchase.

The Adenna Phantom are powder free and are black in color. Because of the black color, they can easily handle the stains, so can be appropriate for all such purposes where they are chances of getting your hands stained. Although, they are made up of rubber, still contain minimum latex protein, which is the cause of latex related allergies. Availability in 5 different sizes makes them fit for everyone. They are durable too so you can use them for as many times as you want.

Adenna Phantom provide the users with the textured grip, powered free  to perform various functions. However, this brand is not appropriate for heavy work as there are chances of getting them ruptured. They can be used by people who are allergic to rubber, so if you are one, then these brand provide the best mix of features for you.

Availability of 6 mm finger thickness
Black color that can hide stains
Powder free
Available in different sizes
Minimum chances of allergies caused by rubber
Textured gloves to enhance grip

Not suitable for heavier work that can damage the gloves

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Dealmed rubber gloves are designed to provide you with maximum comfort while working both indoors and outdoors. They are not for the medical examination, cleaning and preparation of food. They don’t have powder, which makes them safe to use. Additionally, they are disposable and available in different sizes, so you can actually expect them to fit for everyone.

Dealmed are exceptionally well for the purposes that they have been designed for. There are no problems or negative characteristics related to the Dealmed hand protectors.

High comfort level, superior flexibility, and increased stretch-ability make the gloves of Dealmed high in quality. Additionally, they can provide a high level of sensitivity to your hands too. You don’t have to miss any feelings of touch when you are using them.

Although the Dealmed do not have any considerable limitation but the features provided by these Latexgloves are also limited, so if the specific features provide you the necessary benefits, then you should definitely go for these gloves.

Highly stretchable
High-Quality gloves
Available in different sizes
Can be used for multiple purposes

Take care of sizing chart

Check It Out On Amazon


These are especially known as the medical examination gloves. They don’t have any sort of powder in them. You can expect better elasticity from this brand as compared to the other simple gloves available in the market. Ammex gloves come with the textured figures and palms in order to provide you with the best grip in every possible case. Ammex are powder-free and do not contain any sort of residue while handling different things with your hands.

One of the problematic areas that you should expect to counter with this brand is that these gloves are smelly because of the latex rubber being used. So, if you are sensitive to smells that these gloves will create problems for you in even managing the work for which you were going to use it. Additionally. The 4 mils thickness might not provide you high durability when using in extensive work. They might not prove helpful for every task.

You can expect 4 mils thick gloves around the palm and fingers. Additionally, the availability of this brand in different sizes can equip you with the necessary fit that you might require for handling your tasks while wearing them. The availability of these gloves is also possible in different quantities. Packs of 100 and 1000 gloves are available for you so you can get the best price from Ammex. They are available in beige color. The best part is that these gloves are acetone resistant.

Ammex gloves can be used for multipurpose too. You can use them in industrial works, paintings, child care and all other tasks, which require you to keep your hands protected from the germs or stains. Remember also that these hand protectors are a bit thin which might not serve every purpose of yours. Ammex hand protectors are resistant to acetone so working in an environment is possible by using them rather these gloves are appropriate to be used if this specific condition is faced by you. However, one of the major drawbacks of this product is the pungent smell that it creates while using them. Overall, you’ll have to compromise a bit if you are really looking for acetone resistant latex gloves.

Highly stretchable
Acetone resistant gloves
Fit & textured
Available in different quantities

Thin & tearing
Has a pungent smell

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9.Microflex Diamond

Microflex Diamond can be elastic that the simple gloves present in the market. This brand definitely compete with the vinyl gloves and are better resistant to the pressure and any sort of sharp object. The fingertips, fingers and the palm of these gloves provide excessive grip that can actually feel like you are using your hands directly without any glove cover.

The Microflex Diamond can be the cause of allergy for the users who are not okay with using rubber products, this can be a problem if you are amongst one of the sufferers of the rubber energy.

Additionally, the palm thickness provided by Microflex Diamond are 6.3 mils and finger thickness is 7.9 mils, thus with such a high thickness you can expect better quality work and higher durability as compared to the various brands available in the market. Moreover, these gloves are chlorinated. The chlorination is important for helping in easy donning of these gloves. The best result from chlorination can actually be seen in the wet condition. However, these gloves are equally suitable for the dry conditions as well. Furthermore, they are powder-free so you can expect a clean working environment even if you wear it. The chances of spreading bacteria will also be lower because of these powder free latex gloves of Microflex Diamond.

Microflex Diamond are the only chlorinated gloves in the list. Additionally, they are powered free and thick as compared to the other options that are available to you. However, one of the cons of this brand out stands all its features. They cannot be used by people with allergies from rubber.

Powder free
Textured fingers, fingertips, and palm
Better puncture resistant
Highly thick as compared to competitive brands
Chlorinated gloves
Can be used in dry and wet conditions

Can create allergy in people who are already prone to rubber allergies

Check It Out On Amazon


Tradex are made from the natural rubber and appropriate to be used by medical practitioners to keep themselves safe from the contamination of any kind. However, they must not be used in diagnosis as they are not approved by FDA to be used for the specific medical purpose apart from medical examination, you can use the Tradex  for various other purposes. These purposes include cleaning, repairing and working in garages. Additionally, if you need them for dyeing or tattooing they are effective to be used.

Up till now, none of the problems has been found these gloves. So, you can expect them to be problem free up till now and enjoy your activities too without any problem. However, if you want them to be used for medical diagnosis, then there is a limitation in using them as they are not approved by FDA.

Additionally, these gloves are single use only, so if you are looking for a durable product that can be used for more than once, then these Tradex latex gloves are not for you.

Moreover, these gloves are powder free, so you should not expect any sort of contamination on the places in the form of rubber reside after you use them. The color of these gloves is white, so if you are a medical practitioner these latex gloves will serve your requirements partly.

Tradex are for single use only, which can be used easily for medical examination. Apart from it, Tradex can be used for various other purposes too. However, they are not approved by FDA to be used specifically for the medical purpose.

Made from natural rubber
Multipurpose usage

Not approved by FDA for diagnosis etc.
These gloves are single use gloves only

Check It Out On Amazon

Latex gloves Buyer’s Guide

If you still need help in your research continue reading our buyer’s guide:

Why are Latex Gloves Needed?

As evident from the multiple usages of the products highlighted above, you can be well aware of some of the usages and the need for these products. They can be used for medical examination as of their main purpose. Apart from it, you can use these rubber gloves for cleaning, repairing, tattooing, or any other work where you want your hands to remain clean from the particles that you are dealing at the particular moment.

Wearing them for any such activity can help you in keeping your hands clean from the particles, visible dirt or even sharp objects in some cases. Additionally, you can also keep your hands safe from damage in case of chemical spillage. Industrial usage and food preparation are amongst some of the other tasks where you can easily use your latex gloves.

Why are they important?

They are important because without these gloves performing each of the above-mentioned activity would be fairly difficult, you’ll have to face the constant threat of spoiling your hands and in some cases even damaging them. So, in order to provide protection against all such problems, the latex rubber gloves are essential.

Are these gloves dangerous?

Not for everyone and even not all the gloves are dangerous. If you are suffering from the rubber allergy, then you should be avoiding latex gloves as they can create irritation in your hands or may lead to even severe symptoms. However, even the people with rubber allergies can use some of them too. You need to be careful regarding which product you choose and what are the side effects of each of the brands that you are considering. The gloves, which are specifically known for creating rubber allergy, and the ones that are specifically made for people suffering from rubber allergies have been highlighted above in the description of each product.For more details read our guide about Latex vs Nitrile  guide .

Which size is right for me?

Most of the brands provide around 5 different sizes for you. These sizes have mentioned the size of the palm. Using a measuring tape, you can measure the size of your palm and order the one that is closer to your palm size. With such a procedure to choose the right size, there are minimal chances that you’ll actually get the wrong size. Make sure you measure accurately and place the order by choosing the right kind of product.

Single purpose Vs Multiple purpose?

Not at all, many reasons for using these hand protectors have been highlighted above. You can use them for any of those activities or even if you think, you can use them for some other activity in which you have the fear that your hands will get spoiled, that is totally fine. However, when it comes to medical diagnosis, and preparation of food you need to have FDA Approved ones. Otherwise, you may get harmed. But for the other activities, it is totally up to you and you can choose the brand that is best for you.

Disposable or Durable?

Most of the brands provided in the market are disposable. This means you can throw them only after one use. However, if you think you can use them more than once, then you may use them. As an example, a car mechanic can actually use them everyday until they get damaged. Why? Because there is no element of hygiene or other problems, thus this activity gives the leverage to the users to decide what is best for them.

Specialized Features:

Some of the specialized features that you can expect from the latex gloves include:

Non-powder gloves: these gloves refer to the ones made with the better quality of rubber, which does not erode away with usage. There are lesser chances of leaving the residue behind when you choose to use non-powdered latex gloves.

Flexibility: As they are made of rubber, there are highly flexible and provides you with a high level of stretchability that can make donning of the gloves easy. Additionally, the comfort level of the users is also enhanced because of this feature.

Textured gloves: they are not plain from the outer side. The lack of plain texture makes it easy for you to get a strong grip on the things you carry or do while using these gloves. In the case of non-textured gloves, you can expect things to drop by themselves.


Most of the latex brands are available in bulk quantities because of their disposable nature, so in most of the cases, you are not paying for the individual pair of gloves rather you are buying in bulk. This is why the seemingly expensive choices might not be much expensive in reality. Moreover, the purpose of using them is more important than the price. However, the ultimate decision is yours’ and you have a variety of brands at your disposal with varied prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is latex gloves used for?

Proneness to chemicals and blisters are downsides we tend to experience when performing handy jobs. To ensure that you are not a vulnerability to these setbacks, you need to possess a pair of latex gloves. These mitts have been engineered to offer durable resistance against corrosive chemicals, abrasion and dirt. Possessing a pair of latex gloves tends to not only protect your hands from dampening conditions but also to improve your performance.

What is the difference between latex and Non latex gloves?

Latex gloves are constructed using latex whereas non-latex gloves have been designed with either nitrile or vinyl fabrics. Most people have reported latex allergies when using latex gloves. To hamper skin allergies, you can opt for a pair of non-latex mitts. Latex mitts have a lessened resistance to tears and punctures unlike non-latex gloves. This is because the latex protein content incorporated while making gloves is not strong enough and may be prone to ripping.

Which is better latex or Nitrile gloves?

If you are searching for a pair of mitts which will offer a durable resistance to chemicals, then latex gloves should be your ideal accessories. However, if you are allergic to latex mitts, Nitrile gloves will essentially work for you. Additionally, Nitrile fabric in mitts offer incredible benefits such as windproof and a high-quality puncture resistance. Conversely, Nitrile gloves are stronger, more durable and provide maximum dexterity than latex gloves.

What is the powder in latex gloves?

Latex gloves are powdered with cornstarch for lubrication. This aspect makes it easier to wear or take off the mitts. Conversely, cornstarch powder in latex mitts reduces the hassle of detaching the gloves from molds. However, medical tests have proved that the powder in latex mitts can cause exponential harm to the user’s health. In that case, ensure that you do not utilize powdered latex gloves when handling foods and drinks. Only use powdered mitts when handling chemical substances.

Are latex gloves bad for your hands?

Latex gloves are not really bad to the hands. On that note latex mitts have been engineered to provide chemical and abrasion resistance to your skin as well as keeping them clean. However, the cornstarch powder utilized in the construction may be harmful to your hands such that your skin tends to develop a severe allergy. Latex mitts can pose a chronic irritation to the palms and fingers. Conversely, the natural latex fabric does not provide optimum ventilation to the hands.


If you are still confused about any of the feature of the latex glove or the ways in which you can use them, you can surely contact us. We will make sure that we provide all the answers to your queries.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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