10 Best Lacrosse Gloves

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    Are you a fan of Lacrosse? If so, the chances are that you are aware of the fact that this game comes with a considerable risk of cuts and slashes on the hands. Would you like some gloves to give your hands enough grip and protection? Then the fourth lacrosse glove generation is undoubtedly the best thing for you to have.

    Lacrosse gloves are beneficial in offering you the utmost protection and reliability. Smart, fashionable, and durable; these gloves of modern design give you the best options to meet all your lacrosse needs. No matter if you’re an attacker, midfielder, or a defense-man, these gloves will serve you evenly. Here is our take on some best Lacrosse gloves.

    Best Lacrosse Gloves Reviewed

    Our team of experts have gathered the best lacrosse gloves reviewed for a guaranteed protection & flexibility:


    STX is a brand you can trust. The company promises to deliver the best product through arduous work. You will get mesmerized by this firm’s extraordinary looking designs of gloves. The work of the team reflects their passion and determination. Years of experience back this brand’s high-performance gear. The premium quality that the company provides makes its products one of a kind. STX is tremendously famous for the addition of amazing innovational features in the products.

    Most of the players prefer floating cuffs instead of the attached ones. If that is your requirement as well, then you have to find something else. This product offers attached cuffs, which most of the people will find restrictive. Other than this, the gloves are expensive, and it’s not easy for everyone to afford such high price tags. The gloves also lack consistency in durability. We have observed many complaints about the durability issue regarding this product.

    The Lacrosse Cell 3 gloves by STX are their mid-tier glove. These will catch your attention at an instance. Why so? Well, their stylish look and sporty design contribute to add the appealing factor in them. The gloves are available in many different colors to suit everyone’s taste and preference. With their elite performance and extended size range, these gloves seem like a pretty good choice.

    The break-in period of the gloves is very brief, and they mold to a user’s hands quite quickly. The grip quality of the gloves is excellent and will exceed your expectations.

    You don’t have to deal with the bulk as they are incredibly light in weight. The Geo-Flex technology of this product divides the energy uniformly upon impact. In addition to this, they offer mobility across all four fingers and new thumb stretch technology for greater flexibility and turning of the thumb.

    All in all, these are incredibly protective and ensure that slashes do not occur. The durability of Cell 3’s is something the manufacturers have taken great pride in advertising. However, there is a divide between consumers as to how true that statement is. Depending on how durable you feel they are, these may or may not prove as a worthy option.

    Decent look
    Many colors available
    Geo-Flex Technology
    Maximum mobility
    High protection
    Brief break-in time
    High grip quality

    Quite pricey
    Attached cuff
    Inconsistent durability

    Check It Out On Amazon

    2.Mylec MK3

    Maverik Lacrosse is an expert brand in producing heads, shafts, complete sticks, complete protective gear row, and accessories. The company designs, tests, and produces market-leading products with the best-in-class design team & feedback from top players. The aim of the company lies in providing you quality-oriented gear so that you can play at your level best. The brand holds the pride of being powered by the players.

    The gloves, however, do possess some drawbacks, and you have the full right to know about them. While the mesh on the palm area is delivering you in a significant way, it also has a problem. The mesh is not as durable as you would want it to be. You will notice it tearing apart after a small period of use. An additional flaw is the weak Velcro strap of these gloves. If the Velcro strap runs out, the glove will no longer be able to serve you.

    The M4 lacrosse gloves by Maverik is the latest entry in their M Line collection. The design of the M4s is quite appealing. Sharp designing lines, coupled with the fantastic texture, provides users the best combination to have. The prominence mesh on the palm provides an additional and useful grip to the customers. As the palm gives you a fantastic grip, it is a prominent feature of this glove.

    In terms of protection, the M4s stand out. They provide a lot of stability to users, particularly in the thumbs and index finger area. Also, in terms of fitting, the gloves do not fail to impress us. They also provide a lot of flexibility and a solid floating cuff with a lot of ventilation. You won’t face any difficulty regarding the dexterity and mobility as well.

    The M4s are one of the most successful gloves made by Maverik to date. They are quite highly rated as gloves in comparison to its competitors. Although they are high in price, the extraordinary features make it worthy of investing in purchasing these.

    Attractive design
    Lots of protection
    The high amount of ventilation
    37.5 Technology liner
    Great fit
    Solid grip
    Soft Ax suede

    Mediocre durability
    Poor Velcro strap

    3.Warrior Regulator

    Warrior is known for the premium legacy of producing sports gear that it has been carrying for so long. The team of this company is experts in the field. The business thrives on delivering you premium, innovative, high-performance, and cutting-edge lacrosse equipment. You will find Warrior as a leading competitor in the manufacturing of lacrosse gear. The brand stands out as a successful one in the industry due to its determination and devotion towards the work.

    Warrior gloves have very few drawbacks to them, which are somewhat ignorable. The gloves are available in limited colors. In this way, you do not get to see more versatility, and your choice gets restricted. We can also see that the design of this product is the same as the previous ones. Hence, the design creates a boring impact as it does not offer any innovation. However, these minor flaws do not get in the way of success for these gloves.

    The Regulator lite is one of the best lacrosse gloves of the Warrior. The glove serves you with double-density foam to ensure durability and flexibility. The ventilation system provides you the necessary protection in high-pressure matches. These gloves are suitable for everyone, be it high-school students, college players, or even the professional young layers. They can deliver everyone according to their own needs and requirements.

    The Regulator Lite lacrosse gloves by Warrior provide an unmatched dexterity and mobility with multiple breaks in all fingers. The textured Nash filling on the inside of the glove provides enhanced durability along coupled with superior stick feel. The palms of the gloves also incorporate Warrior’s unique “true vent” technology for the most brilliant and adequate ventilation. The floating cuff attached at the sides ensures that the wrist cuff offers security to the user.

    Warrior has provided customers with another secure option to consider. We are sure you will be happy to have these. These, with their premium-quality manufacturing, are a reliable option for all positions on the pitch. In a nutshell, the Warrior Regulator Lites is one of the best prospects in the market for you to have. Don’t forget also that Warrior is leading the hockey gloves and gear manufacturing since years.

    Good grip
    Dual-density foam
    Good ventilation
    High full protection
    Textured Nash Palm
    Fantastic mobility
    Value for money

    Limited Choice of colors
    Old design

    Check It Out On Amazon

    4.Epoch iD

    The iD Gloves have many of the same features as in the leading Integra gloves line-up by Epoch. The brand has set its determination to deliver the customers according to their preferred requirements. The high-quality and durability of products is their essential essence for the outcome of successful articles. The innovational features that the brand has introduced in its products will keep you hooked to them.

    Coming to the downside of this brand, we noticed that there is a bit of a problem in the sizing. You might face difficulty in getting the perfect fit. So, to prevent yourself from being in such a situation, do your research and check the size chart properly. Since these gloves were mainly for the emerging players, they cannot handle the professional sort of use. If used in such a way, they lack durability. So, if you are a professional player and want to buy the ones which will serve you for a longer span, you have to look elsewhere.

    The Epoch provides customers with an outstanding range of choices. The primary goal behind the manufacturing of the Epoch iD series was to facilitate the emerging lacrosse players. Both the design and color schemes available in the Epoch iD lacrosse gloves are fantastic. The product also features a tri-layer dual-density foam. This particular feature aids you against hit or impact by providing higher protection. So, you don’t have to worry about anything as these specially designed gloves will prevent you from having any injuries.

    The multiple breaks in the fingers and flared cuff provide a high amount of dexterity. You don’t have to worry about the bulk either as the gloves are light in weight. The ventilated fabric and PU leather across the glove offers a high amount of ventilation. These provide you better comfort and protection in an affordable price range as compared to the other options in the market.

    For their affordable price point, Epoch has developed a reliable option for newcomers and intermediate level players. The gloves offer a lot of protection and comfort to the users while not necessarily focusing on performance or grip. Hence, the glove, however, does hold some drawbacks, but keeping the price tag in mind, they are a must to have product.

    Very comfortable
    Extremely protective
    Solid ventilation
    High dexterity
    Tri-layer dual-density foam
    Extended cuffs
    Reinforced palm
    Decently priced

    Sizing may not be accurate
    Not a high-performance product

    Check It Out On Amazon

    5.Brine King

    The Brine is an extremely professional brand that aims to work for innovation in the equipment. The brand will serve you its level best through the fabulous products. The company holds the potential to deliver you amazingly in an affordable range. The products of Brine reflect its perspective and passion for this sport and its gear. Now let us take a look at the Brine King superlight 2 lacrosse.

    When it comes to the protection these glove offer, there is a bit of a conflict. They are exceptionally padded to provide you the utmost safety, right? But there are some parts of your hands where there is not enough padding. Your knuckles will get exposed as soon as you grip the stick as there is minimal padding there. It will be excruciating for the players if he gets a hit at that part. While they provide so much more than any other gloves, they lack in providing you the fullest protection of safety against the hits and slashes.

    The King Superlight 2 lacrosse gloves by Brine are one of the lightest gloves on the market. If you do not want your gear to be bulky, these can prove as an excellent choice for you. The TruVent technology keeps the back of the users’ hands exceptionally ventilated. This feature ensures fresh and dry hands while playing. In addition to this, the textured Nash palm provides an increased grip and stick feel as well.

    The gloves are available in many different colors, out of which you can choose according to your own will. The floating cuffs provide a little extra comfort as it becomes more convenient to use them. The floating cuffs help in delivering your dexterity and flexibility. Their inexpensive nature makes them even appealing.

    King Superlight 2’s have been a firm fan favorite for several years. These versatile and comfortable gloves are a solid mid-tier choice for anyone looking for a lightweight and breathable glove in an affordable price range. They are worth their price; however, if the company enhances the padding of these gloves, they will undoubtedly serve as the best.

    Extremely lightweight
    Very breathable
    Highly Comfortable
    Textured Nash palm
    Floating cuffs
    Wide variety of colors

    Certain areas unprotected
    Inconsistent sizing

    Check It Out On Amazon

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    6.Adidas Freak

    Adidas needs no introduction. It is one of the most exceptional companies producing sports gear. Adidas is famous for its supreme legacy and quality-oriented approach to manufacturing equipment. The Freak lacrosse gloves by sports giant Adidas are a high-tier product that will not fail to impress you. Being a global company, Adidas cares about its customers and their needs.

    When we take a look at the downside of these glows, we would first like to highlight the fact that they are expensive. They do not fall in the domain affordability for everyone. With such a high price range, the expectations for durability also rise. But, unfortunately, the gloves disappoint us here. The suede seam on the palm is suspectable to breakage. However, the glove is nicely covered, but on the outside of the side, there is slightly less coverage, which makes it less protective.

    The tortoise design of these Freak gloves by Adidas is quite impressive and innovational. It gives a modern touch and feels. There is a long list of amazing features this product offers. The palm of the glove provides full coverage with micro-fiber material. It serves to provide you solid grip with comfort. The product, comprising of all the ideal characteristics, truly speaks for itself.

    The gloves are anatomically designed to be a snug fit and are quite comfortable. They also feature the patented Climacool technology utilized by Adidas on many of its products to regulate temperature and provide ventilation. The glove is quite well protected with adequate PU leather and padding on the outside and inside of the fingers and thumbs.

    The fit and feel of the Freak lacrosse gloves are quite well balanced. With a removable floating wrist cuff that players can customize to their preference, these also provide comfort and ventilation. This is a high-tier performance-focused. It is quite good value for money even though it is one of the most expensive products on the market.

    Good protection
    Very comfortable
    Good design
    Wide variety of colors
    Adequate ventilation
    Strong grip

    Non-durable seam
    Slight lack of cover on the outside of hand
    High price-point

    Check It Out On Amazon

    7.Under Armour Command Pro 2

    The company views sustainability challenges as chances for thinking beyond norms. It aims at breaching conventional limits of materials use and engineering. The premium quality and the passion that the owners of this company possess lead it to where it is today. The products of this brand and the services both make you a fan of it.

    Under Armour generally makes quite durable products. However, the thin fabric on the palm makes these gloves less lasting Even though the design is quite lovely, the limited amount of colors available does restrict the customers. Everyone possesses a different taste; hence, more colors should be available for the people to choose from. The protection that these gloves provide is not as high as it should be to compete in the market.

    The Command Pro 2 manufactured by Under Armour is their most lightweight and flexible lacrosse glove to date. This defenseman and midfielder focused gloves provide the most excellent feel in the palm. The thin palm fabric makes them more breathable in comparison to most of the lacrosse gloves available in the market.

    The Under Armour Command Pro 2 contains a very sleek design. It has the look and feel of a lightweight close-touch focused glove. Since the material and design of the glove is quite slim, the gloves soon adapt according to your hand. The product also offers excellent flexibility and mobility to the customer. The featured suspension pad enables the gloves to stand out in the market.

    The benefits of the lightweight and flexible gloves coupled with the excellent ventilation system beginning with two large slits at the back of the cuffs make the Command Pro 2s a standout performance option for mid and defense players who take fewer hits than attackers. It would be nice if they were more durable and came in a wider variety, but this Under Armour product still holds its own even up against some fierce competition in a crowded market.

    Very lightweight
    Excellent ventilation
    Good flexibility
    Brief break-in time
    Suspension pad

    Easier to tear
    Not available in many colors
    Lacks protection

    Check It Out On Amazon

    8.Nike Vapor

    Nike is an American multinational corporation engaged in shoes, clothes, equipment, accessories, and services design, production, manufacture, and marketing globally. The organization’s mission is what inspires them to do all they can to increase human potential. They achieve that through the development of new sports and the sustainability of the goods.

    Choices vary with people. Due to this, brands should provide a wide range of available colors. Unfortunately, the Nike Vapor LTs come I a single colorway. You cannot have your desired color for purchase. Another flaw that they hold is the lack of protection at the sides of the gloves. The gloves won’t be able to provide you maximum protection from slashes at the sides of your hands. It is difficult for everyone to afford these gloves as they are costly.

    The Vapor LT is the newest addition to Nike’s lacrosse line. The creation of these takes inspiration from the success of the Vapor Elite and Vaper gloves. They feature a bold new design that catches your attention adequately. The palms of this product contain a mix of both Nash and mesh material to increase airflow and dissipate moisture from the wearer’s hands.

    The dual-density foam opted by Nike for the Vapor LTs allows them to be flexible. They also offer you a robust grip so that you can play like a pro in the field. The product is extremely comfortable. The flexibility and mobility they offer are the key features. The breathable material won’t allow your hands to get sweaty.

    The Vapor LTs improve upon the foundation laid down by its predecessors. They give tough competition to other lacrosse gloves on the market. The product is well designed, breathable, and provides a secure grip. Having all the astonishing factors, the gloves also possess an expensive price tag. However, considering all the specs, we think they are worth the money.

    Strong grip
    Cool design
    Nash and mesh palm
    Dual-density foam
    Good ventilation

    Lack of protection on the sides
    Singular colorway

    Check It Out On Amazon

    9.Tron Pro

    Tron produces highly efficient sports gear. The main aim of the company is to enhance your sporty skills by providing you fantastic equipment. In this way, you will be able to perform much more effectively. Let us have a look on the Tron Pros Lacrosse Gloves.

    The problem with the ultra-absorbent material used by Tron on the Pro gloves is that they absorb a lot of sweat. While this may seem like a nice feature, you may be forgetting the fact that after consuming that much sweat, they exhibit a lot of smell. Another issue associated with this product is that the shape of the gloves is quite flat on the top. The flat shape prevents them from breaking in quickly. Due to the rigidity, the gloves make it difficult for the users to move their fingers comfortably and freely.

    The Pro lacrosse gloves manufactured by Tron are one of the most comfortable lacrosse gloves ever built. The high-quality foam cover provides a lot of protection and durability. It also ensures safety and security throughout the player’s time on the field. Air holes on the inside of the fingers and the outside of the glove enable the gloves to breathe very well and keep your hands fresh.

    The suede palms made from a mix of materials provide excellent traction. The gloves also offer a unique feel and control over the stick to the player throughout the entirety of the game. The premium quality of the materials makes the product long-lasting. The excellent grip they provide, lets you play with more confidence and convenience.

    No doubt, the list of perfect features is long for the Tron Pro gloves; however, they also possess some significant drawbacks. So, in a nutshell, they are a combination of some goods and some flaws. Because they are inexpensive, you can give them a try.

    Good ventilation
    High protection value
    High quality materials
    Good grip

    Too much sweat absorption
    Bad design
    Minimal color options
    Long break-in period

    Check It Out On Amazon


    Debeer, a brand that focuses on delivering its customers by knowing what they want. The company is an expert in manufacturing high-performance gear. You will be mesmerized to see the astonishing equipment by the brand.

    With these positives, there also are some of the drawbacks in the Tempest. The padding on the outside of the gloves is not enough. There is little to no protection or security as a result. The other major flaw is about the sizing of the gloves. Many complaints regarding this product were about the sizing issues.

    The Tempest women’s gloves by deBeer provide improved flexibility by removing foam from the finger and knuckle break areas in the glove. The gloves are machine-washable. The ultra-thin Amara palm is present to enhance grip and durability. The dual-closure system on the cuff allows you to adjust the gloves easily. You will find them excellent as they come with the thinner fabric allowing for a tighter fit and better feel of the stick.

    The Tempest has a very competitive price-point. They won’t put pressure upon your pocket. In addition to this, they also provide an all-weather grip. Thin materials allow for the closest touch to the stick and greater mobility and dexterity.

    The Tempest gloves provide a cost-effective option for women looking to play lacrosse at a low-contact level. The grip and mobility are excellent; however, the protection is minimal, and the design is quite simplistic, with only three color options to choose from. Overall, these are decent value for money and should be a consideration, especially if you are a casual player.

    Excellent grip
    Enhanced mobility
    Low price
    Adjustable wrist

    Little protection
    Inconsistent sizing
    Limited design and color options

    Check It Out On Amazon

    Lacrosse Gloves Buyer’s Guide

    Go through our five significant factors before buying lacrosse gloves, which every laxative must know. All these factors cover the warmth, protection, grip, and ventilation of the lacrosse glove.


    Your glove’s thumb is much more important than you might think. You must not risk your ability to move with your lacrosse gloves. It is important. This is why you want a lightweight and comfortable pair that offers sufficient protection when shopping for gloves. You are going to get a lot of discomfort after your first test in the hand without enough padding on your thumb.


    A good liner lets the gloves remain new ber the course of time. Hence, as an essential component to increase the life of your gloves, liners need some serious attention while buying. Some liners today come as nylon or other sweat-wicking fabrics, so your hands don’t slip.


    When selecting soft gloves, support is significant. You won’t play right if they don’t fit correctly if the gloves are too small or too big. You need to make sure that the fitting is perfect, and the gloves are not too thin or short at the palm side of your hand.


    You will get the best palm lining either in suede in the mesh by the best-made gloves. As with most types of products, you get what you’re paying for while buying the gloves as well: the more you are prepared to spend, the thicker your liner is.


    Although you may not feel your hands are going to overheat, after your first game, you will learn quickly that ventilating your handle is necessary for your overall comfort. Gloves are usually equipped with rear-hand vents, although many today do provide cooling ventilation in the palms. However, you should know that gloves having more vents need more stitching, and a result the fit becomes less-natural. If you’re not a player who seems to overheat, try looking for a new spring match pair with limited ventilation.


    Several lacrosse manufacturers offer improved palm grip gloves today. Although it is not standard, it’s a great touch to strengthen your skills.

    Lacrosse Gloves FAQs

    Lacrosse is new trending sport so there is a lack of resources, but our team have gathered the most asked questions and tried to answer in-depth.

    Can you use hockey gloves for lacrosse?

    Lacrosse gloves usually stretch 2 to 3 inches beyond the wrist, providing critical stick controlling versatility while preserving safety. A hockey glove comes with the added padding and wrist coverage that makes curling and rotating your wrist more difficult. However, you can still use hockey gloves for lacrosse, especially when you are a beginner. Moreover, you can use almost all your hockey equipment for lacrosse sport as well.

    How do you break in lacrosse gloves?

    Once broken in, the glove’s leather palm allows you to have a better grip on your play. Here, in no order of importance, there are some handy suggestions to take note:

    • Rough your gloves up.
    • Sprinkle water on your gloves.
    • Put in a nice lather to damp and smooth the palm. You can also use a lotion to soften or moisten up your gloves.
    • Practice a regimen before and after each session to maintain adequate moisture content.

    Can you cut the palms out of lacrosse gloves?

    Professional players do not want to do as much to break in the gloves because it’s a time-taking task. Instead. Instead they slice out the inner palm. Inner palm cutting is illegal in the youth and college phase as it offers an unjust competitive benefit. You will get high flexibility if you choose to play without the inside palm of your glove. If you like to cutting your lacrosse gloves palms watch the tutorial below

    How to clean lacrosse gloves?

    To wash the lacrosse gloves securely, throw them at the lowest possible cycle level into the washing machine. You can use any regular detergent form, but it is suggested that you stay away from any bleach-containing detergents. After washing, hang them up to dry. Remember not to place them in the dryer.

    Can you put lacrosse gloves in the dryer?

    Never place your gloves in the dryer because it can ruin some bits of leather or plastic. This will ultimately reduce the lifespan of your gloves. Alternatively, insert a clean towel or newspaper into the gloves and let them dry overnight. You can also just hand them for drying. In this way, they will not get damaged and will last longer than you expect.

    The Bottom Line

    For such hardcore sports, it is crucial to select the right equipment for buying. You need to consider all the facts mentioned above seriously  before investing in your next Lacrosse gear. All these facts are vital for you and your safety. So, think wisely and get going.

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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