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My Top Knee Compression Sleeve of 2020

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    Our knees are essential for everyday movements like sitting, standing up, walking, and running. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or preventing one, the right knee compression sleeve will provide support while also allowing your joint to move naturally. Not only that, but a good sleeve will also aid in recovery after a workout. Let’s take a look at what you should consider when choosing a knee compression sleeve.

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    What Is a Knee Compression Sleeve?

    Knee compression sleeves provide relief and light support if you’re experiencing mild to moderate pain in your knee. Unlike knee braces, which are stiff and limit movement, knee compression sleeves are cloth tubes that you can easily slip over your joint. You can wear them comfortably and discreetly under your clothes throughout the day.

    When you apply compression to a particular area, you increase blood flow to the muscles at work. An increase in blood flow means more oxygen circulating in that part of your body. What’s more, knee compression sleeves soften the impact of specific movements, like running, for example. Because of these factors, knee compression sleeves enhance both performance and recovery.

    When Should You Use a Knee Compression Sleeve?

    Knee compression sleeves can also cushion any impact on the joints from movements like jumping or squatting. Though knee compression sleeves help prevent injury, you should also utilize proper technique during your workouts.

    Now, remember, although knee compression sleeves provide relief, they’re not the be-all, end-all solution to the source of your pain. Talk to your doctor if the pain in your knee persists. If you’re nursing a fresh injury, your doctor might recommend a knee brace instead.

    How Tight Should a Knee Compression Sleeve Be?

    Your knee compression sleeves should be tight enough to give you the compression you need, but not too tight that it makes you uncomfortable. A knee compression sleeve should make movement more tolerable, especially if you’re in pain. It should not increase your pain and discomfort.

    You should retain all of your mobility while wearing sleeves. With that in mind, don’t forget to pay attention to the sizing when you’re looking for knee compression sleeves.

    How Long Should You Wear a Knee Compression Sleeve

    How Long Should You Wear a Knee Compression Sleeve?

    When selecting the right knee compression sleeve for you, you should also consider comfort while wearing them for extended periods. The neoprene material of most knee compression sleeves makes wearing them comfortable enough on the skin.

    Generally, you can wear a knee compression sleeve for an entire day. You can put them on in the morning and take them off before bed. However, we recommend you talk to your doctor when deciding how best to use one.

    Which Brands Offer the Best Knee Compression Sleeve?

    Knee compression sleeves provide light support and compression. You can use them for daily activities, or even during exercise. If you’re an athlete, knee compression sleeves can reduce muscle fatigue and increase recovery. 

    1. NEENCA 

    The NEENCA knee compression sleeve has features that provide support around your patella. It provides stability and effectively disperses pressure on your joint. This knee compression sleeve is perfect for athletes in high-impact sports that involve running or jumping.

    NEENCA compression sleeves provide elastic-tight compression and are also comfortable to wear. Because this sleeve design perfectly fits around your knee cap, you can expect to move naturally. No matter what exercise I was doing, NEENCA sleeves didn’t feel limiting in any way.

    On top of that, you won’t have to worry too much about discomfort from heat or sweating. The material wicks away sweat and moisture, which means you can wear a NEENCA sleeve the whole day.

    The side-spring stabilizers and patella gel pads significantly reduce knee-load and impact on your joints.
    Although the material is thick and provides ample support, it is still breathable and comfortable to wear for long periods.
    The silicone anti-slip technology means the sleeves will stay in place throughout use.
    Its knee sleeves are universal, so both men and women can use them.
    The design is suitable for both right and left legs.
    Some users have reported slight bunching around the back of the knee.
    The sizing might be too small or too tight for some users.

    2. Cambivo

    If you’re looking for pain or swelling reduction, Cambivo knee compression sleeves are an excellent and affordable choice. On top of providing support and injury prevention, it also has a heating effect that soothes fatigued muscles, aiding recovery.

    You won’t have to worry too much about slipping as these knee sleeves have anti-slip silicone waves. The breathable material allows you to wear these with minimal sweating, which is just what I want when my workouts are heating up, and I’m in the zone. I find that Cambivo sleeves are so comfortable, I would forget that I was wearing them.

    The Cambivo knee compression sleeves come in various sizes from Small to XXL. Cambivo also provides a sizing chart and measuring instructions to ensure that you get the most out of your knee compression sleeves.

    These sleeves are FDA-approved.
    The price is affordable, and you even get 2 in one package.
    These knee sleeves provide excellent support throughout the day.
    Users have reported significant pain reduction.
    The material makes it comfortable to wear.
    Excellent and accommodating customer service. If you’re not happy with the size you got, feel free to contact Cambivo!
    Some users have reported that the elastic is not as effective in keeping the sleeves from slipping.
    The material isn’t as sturdy and prone to tears after repeated use.

    3. Vital Salveo

    Vital Salveo knee compression sleeves give you both support and comfort. Using Germanium and Bamboo Charcoal fiber boosts recovery and provides relief for joint and muscle fatigue. The high-tension knitting offers support on both sides and prevents slipping. The material is also specially knitted around the patella for stability.

    You can wear these sleeves for sports like basketball, tennis, running, CrossFit, or everyday use. Vital Salveo knee compression sleeves come in pairs and have two color options—light grey and dark grey.

    The material is of the highest quality and is incredibly lightweight and comfortable.
    These sleeves help track the kneecap correctly, allowing more natural movement.
    The sleeves are easy to wash.
    Because the material is so light, users have reported significantly less sweating.
    Some users have reported that these are difficult to wear under snug clothing.
    The sleeves are prone to slipping and bunching.

    4. CopperJoint

    Whether you’re an athlete or not, the CopperJoint knee compression sleeve provides excellent support and compression. The material is not only well-made and durable but also of high quality. The fabric has integrated copper ions, which help stimulate more oxygen delivery to muscles. You can expect better recovery and pain relief with these knee compression sleeves.

    The CopperJoint sleeves’ material is moisture-wicking — you can wear them comfortably for prolonged periods. Because the material is fast-drying, the sleeves stay odor-free. You won’t be tugging at them too much either, as they are designed to prevent slipping. 

    CopperJoint knee compression sleeves come with a lifetime warranty. If you’re not happy with the product, CopperJoint offers a money-back guarantee

    These sleeves provide excellent pain relief while supporting your joint.
    The sleeves keep your knees warm.
    The material is sturdy but stretchy enough to give a snug fit.
    Because the material absorbs moisture quickly, you can wear these an entire day without discomfort.
    CopperJoint offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product!
    Some users have reported slipping.
    The sizing might be smaller or too tight for some.

    5. UFlex

    The UFlex knee compression sleeve is designed to reduce inflammation, swelling, and stiffness. If you’re looking for a knee sleeve specifically for pain relief, this knee sleeve might be the right one for you. The material has a heating effect that can aid in muscle recovery.

    The UFlex knee compression sleeve features 3D knitting technology that provides moderate support for physical and everyday activities. The sleeves have double silicone anti-slip waves to ensure that they stay in place throughout the day.

    The sleeves provide significant pain relief.
    The silicone grips are great at preventing slipping.
    The price is affordable.
    The material is breathable, making it easy to wear.
    Some users report bunching up during specific movements.
    The silicone grips tend to wear out after a few handwashes.

    5 Knee Compression Sleeve and 1 Stands On Top

    5 Knee Compression Sleeve and 1 Stands On Top

    As with any compression product, finding the right knee compression sleeve depends on your individual needs. All of the products we’ve reviewed each have their strong points. However, I would pick the Cambivo Knee Compression Sleeve. While it has some areas needing improvement, it was my favorite as it strikes a balance between comfort, pain relief, and affordability.

    Even for its price, the sleeves provide more than enough support for high-impact sports and everyday activities. One pack comes in a pair, so you can rotate between the two sleeves. On top of that, Cambivo has excellent customer service that won’t disappoint you! Put together, Cambivo Knee Compression Sleeves’ overall features and price are unmatched.

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