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10 Best Kickboxing Gloves for Pro and Beginners

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: “best kickboxing gloves for pro boxer and beginners are a big investment! Not only in budget, but also in the time it takes to find ones that meet your needs.”

It’s important to know that there are different gloves for different tasks. Each glove has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are wonderful for bag work but horrible for sparring sessions; some are great for heavy punchers but horrifically uncomfortable for lighter punchers.

Best Kickboxing Gloves on the Market

Here are our recommendations for the best kickboxing gloves reviewed by experts to pick the right brand for a guaranteed comfort & dexterity:

1.Everlast Best Kickboxing Gloves for Pro Fight or Sparring Training

Everlast Best Kickboxing Gloves for Pro Fight or Sparring Training
Everlast Best Kickboxing Gloves for Pro Fight or Sparring Training
Many individuals consider that these gloves are excellent for beginners who want to taste the sport to determine if they like it well enough to invest more time and funds in kickboxing. Their protection relies on the foam covering. A gel is a preferred layer for protection in many other more professional brands of gloves. These gel protected gloves do tend to be more expensive, though. The wrist support of the Everlast Pros could be more substantial to ease the tension in that area. The first glove slips on easily, but with all of the padding, it is hard to put on the second glove yourself. These gloves need a tab of material to allow you to pull on the second glove so that you can be self-sufficient in your training.

In the sport of kickboxing, gloves are an essential piece of equipment for your protection. The Everlast Pro Kickboxing gloves have many features that will provide that excellent level of protection for beginners while giving you comfort as well. In kickboxing, you will be using both your feet and fists to land strikes as well as blocking any blows from your opponents. The quality of your equipment can minimize many injuries that you might receive or sustain during intense training.

The Everlast Pros are lined with C4 Foam technology, which gives you a better grip as well as giving you protection from the hard blows. Their ergonomic design keeps you fight-ready. The covering of Everhide is durable and wear-resistant.

The Everlast Pros come in 3 colors, including pink, red, and black. Women especially appreciate the pink as it sends a positive statement. These gloves do have a wide range of price points. It is advisable to research to find the best cost.

If you want to acquire some satisfactory kickboxing gloves at a reasonable cost, select the Everlast Pros. They will perform well in introductory situations. The 1-year warranty may help you make your decision. But anyone who is training heavily will want a more substantial pair of gloves.

C4 Foam Technology gives you better grip as well as giving you protection from the hard blows
Ergonomic design keeps you fight ready
Covering of Everhide is durable and wear resistant
1-year warranty

Great variation in price, look for the best deal
Made for beginners, not for serious participants in the sport, only have foam for protection not gel
Could have better wrist supports for serious workouts
Needs a small strap so you can pull on the glove with one hand already in the glove

2.Cleto Reyes Lace Kickboxing Gloves

Cleto Reyes Lace Kickboxing Gloves
Cleto Reyes Lace Kickboxing Gloves

The brand of choice for professional boxer Manny Pacquiao, Cleto Reyes are well-established in the boxing world for supplying high quality and innovative designs. The company prides itself on its incredible craftsmanship, utilizing a traditional Mexican design and super sleek look. The lace training gloves offer multi-purpose functionality and are a great option for professionals and amateurs alike.

Despite the company’s claims of strict quality control, a recurring issue with the brand is errors in manufacturing. The stitching is sometimes known to come apart, particularly the stitching that attaches the thumb to the glove. Moreover, the logo printed on the top of each glove is famous for coming off pretty quickly, which is quite disappointing at this price point, and is why many will criticize the cost of Cleto Reyes as being more about the brand than the quality.

But it’s important to note that though some people have had a bad experience with this brand, there are many others who swear by them. For a brand so famous within the kickboxing, boxing and MMA communities, there’s certainly good reason. With premium price comes premium quality material, and these gloves deliver that in spades. Made with 100% real leather, these gloves are built to last. They are manufactured with a durable foam padding that will give you the protection you expect from high quality gloves. The satin nylon lining repels moisture from getting into the padding and prevents odor caused by sweat. One feature that may be a drawback for some is the lace up design, because you won’t be able to lace them up on your own and will need someone to do this for you.

Cleto Reyes Lace gloves are known for their cool aesthetic, and these come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. But aside from just being innovative in appearance, the design of the glove is meant to provide protection that you can count on. After all, safety is a huge consideration in this sport. The extra-long wrist cuffs will keep your wrists secure during your training. And the attached thumbs are designed to protect your thumbs from injury as well as your sparring partner’s eyes. These boxing gloves are meant to last, but they make you work for it. They’ll require some breaking in, but after going several rounds of sparring or on pads the gloves will loosen up enough for comfort without sacrificing on security.

100% real leather
Water-repellent lining
Durable and long-lasting
Extra-long cuffs for wrist safety
Well balanced
Stylish design
Good for all skill levels
Take care of sizing chart

Check It Out On Amazon

3.Twins Special BGVL3

If Muay Thai is your sport then you’ve probably seen or heard of Twins Special. The brand, based in Thailand, is the popular choice for Muay Thai boxers. But the standard Twins Special BGVL3 are good for kickboxing, boxing, and MMA as well as Muay Thai.

Twins Special BGVL3 are a popular choice and are known for providing a good fit for most hand sizes. But for people with extra-large hands or long fingers, the gloves can be a little on the small side. However, for most people these gloves fit great. One other feature of the gloves which can be both a downside and a plus is that they are less snug than other brands. So if an especially snug fit is your preference then you may want to consider another brand.

Aside from the particulars about size and fit, these gloves will hit all the other marks on a quality pair of boxing gloves. One feature of Muay Thai gloves that sets them apart from other types of boxing gloves is the extra cushioning. And Twins Specials are even puffier than other Muay Thai brands. So you can count on your fingers and hands being well-protected. This extra padding is part of what makes these gloves so popular. We should note that while the padding in these gloves will keep your knuckles completely secure when you’re sparring or on the bag, the shorter design offers less wrist support than other styles.

If you’re investing in a new pair of kickboxing gloves, you want to know you won’t need to replace them any time soon. When it comes to durability, Twins Special BGVL3 will exceed expectations. Even with consistent, daily use, they’re known to last for many years. Though not famous for aesthetics, they’re made with premium leather and are available in many different colors. They’re simple but reliable.

Twins Special are a staple in Muay Thai, but they are a great choice for any boxing sport. They provide first-rate protection and will last you for many years. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of these.

100% real leather
Thick padding provides extra protection
Durable and long-lasting
Wrist support
Excellent knuckle protection

Less snug fit
Not great for very large hands
Tight and stiff

Check It Out On Amazon

4.Hayabusa T3 Kickboxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3 Kickboxing Gloves
kickboxing gloves

When talking about Hayabusa gear, words like “premium” and “elite” often come up. That’s because this brand has established itself as a leader in the boxing world, in the MMA community in particular. With partnerships like Marvel and Disney, Hayabusa is certainly a heavyweight competitor in boxing gear production. And the company prides itself on being research-driven to deliver state-of-the-art equipment. Like all the gear they make, the brand’s T3 are quality contenders.

Unlike normal gloves, Hayabusa T3 are thin and less padded. They don’t cover your fingers, and there’s absolutely no protection for the thumb. But the padding they do provide is dense and less likely to shift, meaning they still offer reliable and consistent security for knuckles and hands. Some argue that they provide better protection than regular kickboxing gloves, but it really just comes down to personal preference. One other drawback to consider when it comes to the dense padding (as opposed to puffier and more distributed padding of boxing gloves) is strike impact. These gloves will deliver much harder punches and so they aren’t always a popular choice for sparring.

What they gloves lack in padding, they make up for in speed. Weighing significantly less than boxing gloves, kickboxing gloves don’t demand nearly as much energy to use. Because of this, they’ll give your endurance quite a boost. You’ll be able to train longer and harder – though you will have to be sure to break them in. And the exposed fingers are designed for grappling, so if you’re doing more mixed martial arts than exclusively boxing, these are a good option to go with. Hayabusa is one of the best boxing gloves and gear manufacturing that has a decent reputation in the industry.

Designed with 100% real leather and lined with antimicrobial material to ward off odor, the Hayabusa T3 are very high-quality and built to last. And the Dual-X Velcro wrist closure straps are designed to stabilize the wrists to prevent injury and ensure solid form. They’re on the pricier end, but they’re made for MMA training specifically. So keep in mind that these aren’t all-purpose gloves.

100% real leather
Antimicrobial lining
Dual-X wrist closure
Wrist support is impeccable

No thumb protection
Less padding
Not multi-purpose

5.Fairtex BGVA

Fairtex is company deeply rooted in Muay Thai. This Thailand based company was founded in Bangkok. They’ve won an award for being the best MMA gloves at World MMA Awards. Fairtex training gloves are all-purpose and certainly more affordable than others, but they aren’t perfect choice for everyone.

One of the most common complaints about Fairtex BGV1 is quality. Despite claims of being 100% real leather, many people have complained that the gloves feel and look cheap. Additionally, getting the right size seems to be a consistent problem. They run small, so ordering up in size would probably be a safe choice.

Despite the criticisms about quality, there is still general support for the brand among the Muay Thai community. The Muay Thai style of padding offers plenty of support and protection, evenly distributed across your hands. They’re good for sparring, heavy bags, and mitts, and would certainly make a good training glove for anyone just starting out. But don’t count on these gloves lasting as long as some of the high quality gloves out there.

Fairtex BGV1 is an all-purpose type of boxing gloves. The leather keeps it durable and the Velcro straps make it easy to slip on. From sparring to bag training to pad work, this glove does it all. They are quite comfortable and give you enough space for your handwraps. They are designed with extra wrist protection, so these will be sure to stabilize and protect against injury. They are available in many colors and sizes.

Finding the right pair for you won’t be completely straightforward, but some brands and styles come with greater risk for not working out than others, and Fairtex certainly seems to be among that variety. Ultimately, it’s up to you if you want to take the chance on these gloves.

Thick padding
Wrist support

Inconsistent quality
Sizing runs small

Check It Out On Amazon


One of the forefathers of Thailand made Mauy Thai sports equipment. The glory days of this once proud company are long behind it but its influence still lingers. Companies like Twins are said to have used Windy as a blueprint in Windy’s heyday. They are the purists of the equipment industry as they do not focus on building their brand or accessibility but rather focus purely on their craft; an honorable feat.

Windy are more affordable than others, including the Twins Special they so resemble. But this comes at the cost of durability. You can’t expect to get more than a year out of these gloves, at best, especially with regular training. So while they may not come with a hefty price tag, it won’t be too long before you’ll need to shell out for a new pair all over again. The padding of Windy are rather dense so it makes it rather difficult to use for parring. They aren’t very well balanced with most of the weight being concentrated in the wrist area.

When it comes to protection, these won’t disappoint. Boasting four layers of foam padding, Windy will be sure to cushion every blow to a mitt or a bag. And safety is certainly a primary consideration. However, the Twins Special pack just as much punch in this category, and the Windy gloves lag in comfort and quality.

Windy’s are made of leather which provides durability. They offer great wrist support and over the knuckle padding. The quality of this glove is of the highest order and it provides a tight fit. These gloves are suited for people in the Mauy Thai community but they can be used for other forms of martial arts.

Overall though, this seems to be a pretty decent pair of kickboxing gloves. For all its faults, the general consensus is that they are wonderful for bag work. The quality in the craftsmanship is usually well above par and they should last longer than your average pairs.

Thick padding
Great for bag work
Attached thumb

Not long-lasting
Dence padding

Check It Out On Amazon


kickboxing gloves
kickboxing gloves

RDX Sports is a British combat sports brand that aims to provide high-quality gear without the high price tags of other brands. And the company’s cowhide leather sparring gloves certainly deliver quality and affordability.

These gloves run tight, which can be off-putting to many. Wearing wraps with these gloves is sometimes impossible because of how tight they are, so it’s important to bear that in mind. One other slight criticism is that they tend to weigh a few ounces over the advertised size, but it isn’t a significant disparity.

For gloves at this price point, the quality of RDX is unmatched. They’re made with 100% real leather, so you don’t need to worry about going easy with these gloves. The company’s boast of “indestructibility” seems to ring true with fans of the gloves, allowing you to train hard and often.

The company’s trademark gel lining is designed to absorb shock and protect your hands without sacrificing on comfort. The lining is sweat-wicking and the hook-and-loop closure makes them easy to get on and off. And when it comes to fit, RDX are rated pretty high on consistency.

Despite the extra snug fit, these gloves are generally well-liked and exceed expectations for gloves at this price point. We would recommend this brand for anyone concerned about cost.

100% real leather
True to size
Attached thumb

Very snug

8.Venum Challenger 3.0

After entering the combat gear scene in the early 2000s, Venum has established itself as a serious brand in the MMA world. Producing quality products at affordable price points, the Venum brand is certainly a good choice for athletes from any martial arts discipline. The Challenger 3.0 gloves would be a solid option for amateurs and beginners but might not meet the needs of more seasoned boxers.

These gloves run large, so sizing down is recommended unless you have particularly large hands or want plenty of room for wraps. Moreover, because of the low price point, you will be sacrificing on quality and durability. But that’s why they make great starter gloves or backups.

The Challenger 3.0 isn’t Venum’s most popular model, but they aren’t bad for the price. They have three layers of padding and a neoprene lining to keep them cool and dry. So despite the shorter lifespan of these gloves, they’re built to protect you while they last. Though they are a bit stiffer than higher-quality pairs.

When it comes to appearance, these hit all the marks. Available in eight colors, the design is hands down one of the coolest in the list.

With the right fit, Venum Challenger 3.0 make great starter gloves. And for the price, you can’t go wrong if you’re still just trying to find the right glove for you. If you’re a more experienced boxer with a particular preference, we don’t recommend this brand at all.

Perfect for beginners
Low budget

Not long-lasting
Size runs big

Check It Out On Amazon

9.Top King Super Star

Top King is another company based out of Thailand and a major contender in the Muay Thai world, but also popular among athletes in other disciplines. The company is dedicated to designing top-of-the-line gear. Whichever model you choose, you can’t go wrong.

These brand is definitely a fan favorite, so the only major downside we can highlight here is the cost. They are on the pricier end, but this is one instance where you get what you pay for – high quality, long-lasting boxing gloves. Another drawback that has been raised by some of the boxers is the effect that Super Star by Top King has had on their knuckles. Repeated use of these gloves has caused them to feel pain in their knuckles and this is most prominent when a fist is being made (being fighters, you can see where the problem lies).

If you don’t mind shelling out for quality, then you’ll be happy with the Top King brand. Top King Super Star made with 100% real leather so they won’t crack under heavy use. The padding is thick and firm without making the gloves too bulky and heavy. They’re great for all-purpose training, and after breaking them in will offer protection and comfort throughout the duration of their lifetime. They’re snug without being too tight, and they protect your wrists and knuckles thoroughly.

This is a multipurpose glove so it can be used by a variety of different martial arts fields. It also comes with shock absorbent foam for some high intensity workouts. Extra padding is provided on the wrist for support. With multiple colors and designs to choose from, these gloves not only stand out in fit and feel but in appearance as well.

Overall though, these seem like a pretty decent pair of gloves. They are quite large and protective. They have been lauded as one of the top ranking Mauy Thai gloves on the market today.

True to size
100% real leather
Durable and long-lasting
Well padded for hand protection
Stylish design an dries in a short time

Wrist support is not perfect compared to other brands

Check It Out On Amazon

10.Steel Sweat

Compared to the gloves in this price range, the Steal Sweat training gloves are a cut above the rest. Intermediately priced but exceptionally designed. Regardless of your discipline or skill level, these training gloves are a knockout.

There isn’t much to criticize here; Steal Sweat training gloves are really solid, high-quality boxing gloves. However, one slight mark against them might be that they tend to be stiff and take some time to break in. But there aren’t any quality boxing gloves that don’t, so it’s par for the course.

Designed to mimic the natural curve of your hand, these gloves are incredibly comfortable. The hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to get them on and off, and the breathable holes in the palm increase airflow and help prevent odor, along with the sweat-wicking lining inside.

Steel Sweat are designed to align the hand and wrist to prevent injury while ensuring you still throw powerful punches. The multiple layers of foam padding keep your knuckles safe from pain or bruising, and the attached thumb will keep you and your sparring partner safe. Aesthetically, these gloves will definitely make you stand out. They’re super sleek and cool with an all-black leather finish. Not to mention that these gloves are durable and will withstand heavy, consistent training.

The Steel Sweat training gloves are a no-brainer. You really can’t go wrong with these, from the cost to the design to the sleek appearance.

Anatomic design
True to size
Attached thumb

Stiff at first

Check It Out On Amazon

10 Factors Kickboxing Gloves Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying a pair of kickboxing gloves, there are quite a number of different things you need to understand. The first of which is yourself. You need to know where you are in your journey and also what you’re buying the gloves for. There are gloves of different kinds of weights, of different densities, and also of different shapes and sizes. It is important to get an idea of what all of these different characteristics have to do with your choice in glove and how they can determine whether you’ve made a good or bad purchase.

There’s a lot that goes into finding the right pair of kickboxing gloves. That’s why we put together this helpful guide to make finding the right pair as convenient for you as possible. Use these helpful tips to find the perfect pair of kickboxing gloves for you.

1. Know Yourself

How you fight is an important factor in the type of kick boxing glove you should purchase. Your style of punching and even your taste in designs should be taken into consideration. A pair of gloves that you are proud of wielding can mean the difference in a fight. That little boost of pride can almost act like your own personal cheerleader.

2. Know Your Brand

Knowing how to tell the difference between your favourite brand and a knock-off can save you quite a bit of money. With so many people now selling these products, it is quite easy to purchase a cheaper pair of gloves, entirely accidentally. If you are intentionally purchasing cheaper gloves then you’ve almost insured the need to replace them.

3. Type of gloves

There are several types of boxing gloves that are used in different disciplines, so it’s important that you are using the right type of glove for your purposes. There are gloves designed specifically for western style boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and kickboxing, though interdisciplinary use is common. But knowing how each glove functions will help you make the right choice. Western boxing gloves are going to provide additional wrist support, which makes them a good choice for use with heavy punching. Muay Thai gloves have thicker padding across the knuckles to provide cushion against kicks.

Muay Thai gloves are a good choice for kickboxing as well due to this extra padding. MMA gloves, on the other hand, are quite different from traditional or Muay Thai boxing gloves, because they are designed to provide much more movement. The fingers are exposed for grappling and the padding is significantly lighter, with MMA gloves weighing just 4 ounces as opposed to the 10-14 ounces in regular boxing gloves. When it comes to multipurpose training, traditional or Muay Thai gloves are the way to go.

The video below can give your an idea about the difference between boxing vs kickboxing gloves and how to choose the right pair for your needs

4. Size/Weight

The most important quality in any pair of gloves is the size. Boxing gloves are measured in weight, ranging typically from 8-16 ounces. When choosing a pair of gloves, you’ll first want to measure the circumference of your hand, specifically the fleshy part across your palm below your knuckles. A glove is meant to fit snugly to provide the best protection and form.

After determining that the glove will fit your hand, you’ll choose a weight based on your height and weight and the purpose of the glove. The lighter gloves are best for competition boxing, while 12oz is recommended as the standard general-purpose training size. For sparring, 14oz and up is recommended and determined based on your weight class.

5. Protection

The whole purpose of Kickboxing gloves is to prevent injury. The best gloves are able to deliver reliable protection you can trust without sacrificing comfort or mobility. First, you want to make sure you get wrist stability and support. For beginners, finding a pair of gloves that have that added length to keep your wrists aligned is the way to go. Second, keep in mind your thumbs. Some gloves have attached thumbs, which is a safer option for both you and your sparring partner. Finally, consider the padding. Thicker padding across the knuckles will prevent bruising, pain, or injury.

6. Material

Gloves are made with different materials, but not all are created equal when it comes to boxing gloves. Vinyl, synthetic leather, and 100% real leather are the most common materials. Vinyl is the cheapest and might be fine for beginners. But don’t expect them to last. Synthetic leather is a little bit more intermediate. It won’t cost as much as leather but will last longer than the vinyl. For serious athletes, 100% leather is the way to go. These gloves won’t be cheap, but they will last, so they’re more of an investment than the others.

7. Durability

Durability will depend largely on the material; however, the quality of the design plays a big role. How long a pair of gloves lasts you is going to depend on the frequency and intensity of use and proper care and storage of the gloves. But some brands are going to hold up better than others. If you don’t want to replace your gloves every few months, make sure you invest in a pair that will withstand heavy use.

8. Closure

Gloves can have either a Velcro closure or lace-up closure. This is a matter of personal preference and doesn’t have much bearing on the gloves’ performance. Laces have a cool, classic look, and they can arguably improve the fit. But you’ll need someone to help you and they’re a lot less convenient for training. Velcro is a much more popular option for this reason. You’ll want to be able to easily remove the gloves between rounds, especially for training.

9. Maintenance

A cardinal rule of boxing glove maintenance, no matter what type of glove or material you use, is to dry them after every use. Most gloves have a moisture-wicking lining intended to keep your hands dry and your gloves odor-free. But you’re still going to sweat a lot, and moisture will destroy your gloves quicker than anything. When it comes to storage, bear in mind the climate where you live. If you live somewhere with lots of humidity, you may need to get creative about keeping them totally dry in order to ensure the gloves’ longevity. Another good practice to extend the life of a pair of gloves is to rotate them out, so you aren’t just using the same pair day after day.

Buying the Best Kickboxing Gloves for Pro and Beginners

If you have friends or trainers in the arts then you should seek their council before making your decision. Make sure the gloves you get are best suited for your intended use, and keep in mind that going with a more affordable option might end up costing you more in the long run. But above all, be sure to prioritize protection to avoid unnecessary injuries and keep your training progressing smoothly.

Buying a decent pair of best kickboxing gloves for pro and beginners is easy. But buying a pair that was meant for you is a little more difficult. If you have any suggests, questions or comments please use the field below and I’l be sure to respond and help you ASAP! Stay smelling fresh after an intense workout.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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