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10 Best Kayak Paddling Gloves

If you have a plan of heading to go to the river daily, you surely need to deliberate regarding buying of paddling gloves. Particularly, if you are the one who kayak all around the year. Its not only for keeping your hands cozy, they also shield them from sores andpossible cuts from river edges and sharp rocks.

Kayaking gloves are a kind of covering that is helpful when you go to river for kayaking. It will protect your hands from cuts and blisters. They are multi-purpose and can take care of you in several ways.

Best Kayak Paddling Gloves Reviewed

Our team gathered the best kayak paddling gloves reviewed for a better grip to keep your hands warm & protected against blisters on long-distance excursions:

1.Nrs Hydroskin

This Nrs Hydroskin is cozy enough for slightly cold weather for the purpose of ice climbing, and you can wear them up Rainier in the summer climbing as well. It is not very much warmif you see it temperature-wise. It has enough dexterity for doing delicate or complicated work such as to bond mountainous butterflies etc.

You can use them for at least two seasons before getting any hole in it. It is very comfy and light in weight. By taking a look at Nrs Hydroskin kayak gloves cons, you should know that this glove is not already shaped. Kayaking gloves are totally flat. And to curl your fingers, you have to exert some force on it. They will take the shape of your hand and will be adjusted according to the activity you perform.

This force exertion will make you feel tired before paddling. This is the only drawback though. You can use it while doing bike racing as well because they offer you good grip and protection against rough textures. Its fingers exactly fit your hands shape, hence make ideal for doing different tasks by wearing it.

Nrs Hydroskin paddling gloves offer special and impressive dexterity. These are excellent choice for temperature 30 or even above 30 degrees. These are the best safeguard against sores on hand. You will not feel any discomfort while kayaking. They are manufactured with great expertise. Everyone who goes for it, will surely have a shield against wounds whatever the temperature is, its extraordinary!

So final thoughts are, exceptional features of NRS make it the best option for a joyful kayaking. You shouldn’t think about a minor drawback it has. Just go ahead and take a trial with one pair!

Improved grip
Warmth in mild cold weather
Cotton made and durable
Outstanding protection of your hands

Not smartphone sensitive
Sometimes, notideal for all hands

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2.Warmers Barnacle

Warmers Barnacle are customized gloves fit for all purposes especially paddling and biking. They are lightweight and give no burden some feeling. The half fingers give you control and easy grip in handling. These gloves are available in six different sizes. The material used for gloves is neoprene, lycra and terry cloth which makes it soft and useable for people of all ages. The silicon barnacle provides control and also skin like feeling.

Although, the gloves are fit for all purpose but they have hard seams around the wrist. If it tightly clamped, it will leaves marks on your skin and causes irritation after some time. If fastened light, it does not stay fixed and keeps moving up and down. They have size issue accoriding to the given chart. Sometimes this will makes it difficult for you to control the handles of cycles or bikes. They will not give you proper warm feeling in extreme cold weather.

Despite this, Warmers Barnacle kayak gloves have some fine qualities. They are very comfy, and can be used in all seasons, to avoid numbness in winters and sweat in summers. Price is also very affordable. The very good thing about this is that they are easily available, unisex and available in all sizes. Color range is not very large though.

The material used is very soft, especially in the finger area and for thumb. It has no hard seams and its thinnest layer makes you feel like you have nothing on your hands, while maintaining the warmth. The Silicone”Barnacles” enhance paddle grip and paddle control. The half finger design protects the hot spots from paddling while keeping your finger-tips free for fine movement, electronics, fishing and control.It is washable and you can easily handwash with mild soaps.

Summing up, Warmers Barnacle gloves are fit for use for people of all ages. As you can see they are very comfy for use. They offer hand protection, with good grip. The terry CTP cloth thumb panel is grand for clearance perspiration. One can recommend these paddling gloves to friends and colleagues.

Soft and lightweight
Available in six sizes

Wrist grip issue
Available in only two colors

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WindRider are gloves deigned for Sailing, Kayaking and Paddling. The material used in the palm is ultra-premium which provides best grip. They are made from breathable material which makes them fully soft and protects from over-heating. They have low profile wrist and soft rubber velcro closure. The fingers are ¾ in length. They ensure easy and efficient movements, due to their light weight. These gloves are available in five sizes and one color.

Few drawbacks of this paddling gloves are that the fingers are long which affects efficiency. The mesh used on the upper side makes them less durable. It will not good fit for you to use in the cold weather. When you grip the gloves you find them very bulky. One of the major drawback is you can only find this in one color.

The gloves are designed for multipurpose use. They are best suitable for summers, as the breathable material used in the gloves makes it comfortable for use in hot conditions. The thinly layered surface and accurately placed pads give good fit for paddling and kayaking. Even if the gloves get wet, they do not get heavy and hinder performing activities. So, they can be easily used for seaside sports.

The long fingers of the WindRider gloves completely protect your hands from the ultra-violet rays of sun and also from un-wanted tanning. The low-profile wrist brace made of soft rubber helps you in smooth movement of wrist without causing any irritation. The gloves have reasonable price, so they are affordable for everyone. The very good thing about this is that they are easily available, unisex and available in all sizes.Color range is not very large though.

In a nutshell, WindRider kayak gloves are very comfortable for use during sailing, paddling, kayaking and multiple outdoor activities. They can be used for seaside sports and an essential part of the tool kit. whenever you move to the beach for outing with friends and family you can hold them easily.

Soft and lightweight
Available in five sizes
Soft and low-profile wrist brace

Long fingers
Available only in one color
Not durable

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4.Bassdash Astro

Bassdash Astro paddling gloves are heavy duty gloves fit for Fishing, Cycling, Kayaking, Paddling, and Sailing. They are made from stretch fabric, microfiber leather, neoprene and spandex which makes them fully soft and gives you hug like grip. The 1/2 thumb/ring/little finger length & 3/4 forefinger/middle finger helps in perfect movement of hand especially in fishing, when you are very alert of every movement. They are light weight and available in five sizes and two colors.

As the gloves are heavy duty, their design and making mostly supports outdoor activities. They are not much comfortable for indoor and long usage. The different lengths of fingers, especially index and middle finger covering knuckles causes irritation after continuous use of few hours. You cannot use these gloves for longtime.

Although, these kayak gloves can be used for all purposes but they are best fit for fishing. when you have to use the tools and manage wetness and sharp gills and spines of fish. They protect you from the ultra violet rays of sun as well as from wetness in rainy days, giving full grip and control over the tools. You can find them very comfortable.

Bassdash Astro have some fine qualities. They are very comfy, and can be used in all seasons, to avoid numbness in winters and sweat in summers. Price is also very affordable. The very good thing about this is that they are easily available, unisex and available in all sizes. The best feature about size is that size guide is provided, sharing information about the palm circumference, making easy for you to choose the perfect size. Color range is not very large though.

In the conclusion, Bassdash Astro Gloves are fit for use for hiking, paddling, kayaking and multiple outdoor activities especially having rough surfaces. They give complete protection to your hands from sun, weather and bruises. You can use them and gift them to family and friends and the ones you care about. What are you waiting for? Go and get them.

Soft and lightweight
Available in five sizes
Size guide available for perfect fit

Not fit for indoor activities
Irritating for long hours
Available only in 2 colors

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5.Navis Marine

Are you looking for unisex gloves? Then Navis marine is the best fit for you. These are made for men and women with perfection. They have excellent grip and you can easily wore them. They are quite flexible and comfortable. They have 3 style fingers. they are available in five colors. You can easily get them with your matching dress.

If we talk about the negative points of these Navis marine then they are very uncomfortable. You can find them very slippery. You cannot carry them easily. If you wear them then after sometime the velcro would not stay closed. One more major negative fact is about size chart. You will get different size according to the given chart. Your palm size will also loose after sometime.

Lets talk about the advantages of Navis Marine kayak gloves. These gloves have great fabric, very flexible as well as comfortable. They have nice look to wear. They will give you perfect grip. Their pre shaped stiching will fit on your natiral hand shape and will give you extra dexterity. They have very nice fabric and strech from back. It will give you comfort with UV50 plus as well as water resistant protection.

These gloves will provide you great protection against rope burn. These gloves are really very easy to take off so you will have no hassle to remove them. You can easily move your thumb and not bound by the glove’s fabric. They are available in five very beautiful colors. They are also available in different sizes so you can get with your own size without any problem. They will give you nice look.

In a nutshell, these paddling gloves are really best fit for you. They are available in very reasonable price. According to the beauty and characterstics of these gloves the price is just nothing. If you have even small budget to get perfect quality gloves then you can easily buy them. In these gloves your forefinger and thumb will be open so you can do anything without any problem.

Great fabric
Good grip

Size chart issue

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Are you looking for the perfect kayaking gloves? Then PBS gloves are here for you. You can find them very comfortable. They are normaly made with 3mm or 5mm double-lined neoprene, glued and stitched seams, with a rubber palm grip pattern. They have an adjustable wrist strap that will give you perfect comfort. It will also give you great warmth and great protection.

If we talk about the negatiove points of these PBS paddling gloves then we can find the major problem of wet hands. You cannot wear them in icywater or snowfall because they will not protect your hands from water. Your hands will be wet. When you wash them your size will be changed. You will find different size after washing them.

You can easily find them in different sizes. They have large variety of sizes and color contrast as well. If you want to buy them with you matching dress then you can easily find the. You will feel warm when you wear them in cold. They will give you nice and perfect look. You can use them for special activities like snorkeling, swimming, diving, surfing, sailing, kayaking, diving and other water activities.

PBS kayak gloves are made with best quality. When you want to go out and there are even 10 degrees or less you can wear them and feel warm. You will not feel bulky when you wear them. They are lightweight and easy to carry. You can adjust them with your wrist.

In the conclusion, we can say these are the best fit for you. If you want to go out with your friends and family you can want to enjoy water they will keep you warm. They are flexible and easy to wear. They are easily adjustable with your wrist size. Go and get your pair of gloves with your size and favorite color. They will give you good feeling of freedom.

Easy grip in the palm
Best quality
Varieties of sizes
Easy grip in the palm
Available in many designs

Wet hands
Size change after washing

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The Glacier Glove are wool lined, waterproof neoprene gloves highlighting pre-bended finger areas. Developed from 2mm wool lined neoprene, these gloves are both warm and waterproof – the two characteristics fundamental with regards to outside exercises in chilly, wet climate. The one of a kind pre-bended finger segments are designed to lighten hand and arm weakness from the obstruction of texture experienced through tedious movements, for example, getting crab pots, cycling or physical work.

On the off chance that we talk about the negative purposes of these paddling gloves, at that point we should need to discuss the sizes. You can’t discover ideal size according to given in size diagrams. Here and there you will discover long palm with short fingers. One increasingly negative purpose of the glacier gloves is they irritatethe hand after use. On the off chance that you wear them in blanketed or haze season your hands will be wet. Everyone needs warmth and dryness all the while so doesn’t fulfill these standard. They don’t have fleece inner.

As a methods for guaranteeing total waterproof security, Glacier Glove lines and pastes the creases, making a basically impervious shield against water. You could entirely submerge your submit water in these gloves without them spilling water into the inside. Besides, to help decline the opportunity of water entering through the glove opening, the glove is cut high and incorporates a Velcro lash that secures the glove against the hand. While this is certainly not a totally immaculate seal, it stops most water from getting to the hands – you’d need to go right in and leave your arm in the water for it to try and stream down.

The Glacier gloves have a one-piece palm area that stretches out to the lower half of the fingers. Another piece reaches out to the index finger with an enunciated knuckle area for simpler developments. You can easily hand wash them. They are typically made with blind stitches and glue. So, it will give them nice and fine look. Glacier is one of the best waterproof work gloves available in the markets for a low cost with high durability.

More or less, the Glacier kayak gloves are best decision for you. The have high stretch just as fantastic recuperation. They are against slip configuration on palm and warmed through your hands. They are solid and stretchable. They are ideal fit for scuba, cruising, swimming, jumping surfing and impeccable blessing thought for parent’s family, companions, and darling.

Premium neoprene with downy coating
Flawless bend fingers to battle exhaustion
Cut finger plan for get to
Flexible and durable

Size issue
Irritates after use
Less material affectability

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Freezing hands can be a major obstacle to fishing in the cold, and that’s where these fishing gloves come in. In addition to keeping your hands warm, they are built to give you a good grip. These paddling gloves provide a comfortable fishing experience. One of many anglers issues is the opportunity to use the hands with gloves on but they made easy and comfortable for us.

When it comes to drawbacks for palmyth, Getting the right size was a challenge for some users. One may feel cold hands due to the opening for fingers in these gloves. You cannot use them for long run. After 2-3 uses you can see the stiches are going to open and they damaged. They are actually not windproof and you will not get proper warmness.

The thumb, index and middle fingers have a flip-back feature that allows you to use your fingers to do a lot of things, including touch screen devices and knots. Warmth, as it is a requirement, is a feature of this palmyth glove for any functional ice fishing glove. You can find them in four different colors. Men and women both of them can easily use these kayaking gloves.

The combination can also be used in motorcycling and shooting, in addition to fishing. These kayak gloves are designed to make it more efficient. They are very comfortable to wear. This includes an adjustable wrist strap for a proper fit for an elastic neoprene cuff. You will get good grip on paddle when kayaking. It will not create any blister.

To conclude palmyth is a Perfect convertible gloves for almost sports including fishing, photography, Motorcycling. It includes a lightweight fishing glove that would not obstruct any fishing equipment operations. One can enjoy fishing without compromising performance, protection, and dexterity. They are perfect fit for you so go and grab your pair of gloves.

Ergonomic flexibility model
Touch screen phones
Waterproof and breathable
Comfortable fit with wrist brace
Waterproof fabrics
Available in different sizes

Water tends to penetrate through gaps.
Not completely windproof
They do not keep your hands warm

Check It Out On Amazon


Are you looking for comfortable paddling gloves? Skyone gloves-perhaps the handiest bit of plunge gear and very comfortable to wear. From keeping your fingers warm in cool water situations to shielding you from scratches on a disaster area jump, gloves can give that additional degree of solace. Much the same as different bits of jump gear, a few plans are more qualified for you than others. From keeping your fingers warm in cool water situations to shielding you from scratches on a disaster area jump, gloves can give that additional degree of solace. You can find them very flexible.

If we talk about the negative points of these Skyone gloves then we must need to talk about the sizes. You cannot find perfect size as per given in size charts. Sometimes you will find long palm with short fingers. One more negative point of these gloves is they are not waterproof. If you wear them in snowy or fog season your hands will be wet. Everybody needs warmth and dryness simultaneously so doesn’t satisfy these criteria.

The Skyone gloves ensure the palm with a self cowhide overlay full palm and finger patches which likewise help to expand the future of the glove. The elasticated wrist guarantees a tight fitting conclusion over the highest point of a tunic and the cut obstruction originates from a profoundly progressed consistent weaved fixing produced using Kevlar with glass-fiber. This fixing is likewise plated with a Viloft yarn offering dynamic sweat innovation which wicks away dampness from the hand.

Skyone kayak gloves give a decent measure of synthetic security to different laborers in the mechanical field. These gloves oppose wear better settling on it a decent decision for various uses albeit standard checks are as yet important to guarantee that the respectability of the gloves are not traded off. In the case of taking care of fragile materials, ordinary sanitizing and disinfection techniques ought to likewise be actualized to guarantee the tidiness of the gloves.

In a nutshell, these gloves are best choice for you. They have 150 degrees high stretch as well as excellent recovery. They are anti slip design on palm and heated through your hands. They are durable and stretchable. They are perfect fit for scuba, sailing, swimming, diving surfing and perfect gift idea for parent’s family, friends, and lover. They are quite affordable and available in different sizes.

Resistant to chemicals
Multi reason
Puncture resistance

Holds dampness inside
Size issue
Not waterproof
Less tactile sensitivity

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Gloves are generally protective garments that cover part or the whole hand. They are made of different materials to suit its purpose. A Hyperflex glove is a ¾ fingerless glove because it has openings for all the 5 fingers. They will give you nice look. They look nice when you wear them. It helps to protect the hands against external forces or injuries. It is suitable for surfers, waterman, kiteboarders, artists etc.

One of the major issue is Hyperflex might not be suitable for all when it comes to size. The sizes are different than the available chart. The synthetic leather made for the palm provides little or no insulation. The openings expose the fingers partially; this might reduce the warm temperature the glove need to provide and might cause blisters. You can just find them in one color. They are not available in different colors.

Hyperflex is made up of padded synthetic leather which cushions your hands when rolling and makes you push harder and longer. The openings give room for the fingers to perform satisfactorily while preventing the palms against injuries to have a consistent grip. The openings also give the fingers a natural touch. The craftsmanship employed for the glove is top notch, not only does it makes it beautiful but comforting and prevention. It was made of synthetic leather that makes it durable. You enjoy your money to the maximum.

The paddling gloves are a must-have for surfers, kite boarding, kayaking etc. It is a great deal to use it to protect your palms of the hand against injury. It is affordable, beautiful and durable. It will provide you a run for your funds.

In a nutshell, these are the best kayak gloves. You can find them very comfortable. They will protect your hands and give you natural and perfect look. Quality of the gloves is very fine. The back of the gloves is very stretchy and comfortable. They are fit to wear.

Protect the hand from blisters
Good grip
Well crafted

Open areas might reduce the warmness
Available in one color
Size issues with available chart

Check It Out On Amazon

Kayak Paddling Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Kayaking is an ideal adventure every person gets involve in to or wish to do sometimes in their life. Not only the bike racing is, kayaking is also the favorite sports many people incline to take participation in. Whatever or whenever you decide to go for it, you maybe be vulnerable to cruel conditions such as hand wounds, poor gripping, sweaty hands, lack of dexterity and bad experience of kayakingfor several other reasons.

These negative effects tend to deprive you from doing regular field performance in good way. This is the main reason why you need to be armed with the right kit for your safeguard, flexibility, dexterity, enhanced grip, and anti-slip feature such that your field activity will be a stunning. You should have a pair for boosted performance.

When it comes to buying a suitable pair of kayaking mitts, you will find this task scary. Therefore, you should always consider the following things carefully before hurriedly making a decision of buying kayaking gloves for you.

1.Always see important Features

The first rule is your need. Need should be your priority instead of looks. You should always go for kayaking gloves that can meet your supposed needs better way so there is no regret in the future. To avoid all kinds of inconveniences, your decision should be wise enough. See all important features before purchase. For instance, if your palms are prone to wounds when you are kayaking, you need to go for that item which has been designed with full protection and shielding aspects.

If you have been injured in the past and had bad experiences with other gloves, just go for the essential features you missed in the previous pair. Your choice should be made upon the features you are finding and the aspects you didn’t find in your last purchase.
Consider those designs which are really easy to carry and comfy at the same time, so you are able to have great fun.

Slipperiness is not affordable for any purpose when you wear gloves. Consequently, you need to consider a pair that has been boosted with anti-slip feature and a better-quality grip so you can have incredible grasp while kayaking.

Repeatedly, compare the different products you have at hand before selecting one. See different colors that are readily available in your chosen product. Go for a color that you feel very appealing and favorable for your activity. This will surely enhance your user experience with the mitts.

2.Buy according to the size of your hands

The size of your hands is equally important to know which mitts are appropriate for you. Every piece is complemented with a size chart such that you can look at and see which one provides a proper fitting for your hands. Some may appear small sized on the website, yet they are either small or large when delivered so be careful about it.

3.Keep an eye on budget

Order what product for which you have enough money. Do not push yourself to empty your wallet when you have so many other things to do.Though, it is not good to buy very cheap mitts as they will be of no use. Go for a medium quality and normal range.

4.The seller profile is important

Seller profile is very essential to look at before your place an order. Some companies are there, which show picture of one product and deliver the one that is quite different from picture. Always buy from the company that has good customer rating to keep yourself not frustrated after.

5.Clientele testimonials

Don’t ignore the other reviews left by the customers using the same brand. They can guide you better than the company itself. If you consider their feedback, it will make your buying choice brilliant with no regret.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you prevent blisters when kayaking?

Reducing stress and friction is the best way to prevent blisters. First of all, when paddling, use the right technique. Hold the paddle in both hands loosely — increasing the width of the shaft with a fingerboard will facilitate a softer grip.

Do you need gloves for kayaking?

If you’re frequently going to the lake, you might consider buying a kayaking gloves pair, preferably if you’re kayaking throughout the year. These gloves keep your hands warm. Additionally, they also defend you against blisters and cuts from sharp edges of the rocks and river.

What is the best material for kayaking gloves?

Neoprene is the ideal option as the main content for cold weather. Neoprene is a reinforced rubber, and it is mainly vital for the creation of wetsuits. It is waterproof, featuring insulation and elastic nature, an ideal match for a kayaking glove when the water is shivering-cold.

Are neoprene gloves warm?

Neoprene offers insulation by keeping a thin layer of water near the skin where your body heats it, providing a liquid shield between surrounding water and you. Denser neoprene garments and gloves lower the level at which the body and insulating film dissipate heat.


Now that you are aware enough of what to ponder before making the purchase of kayak paddling  gloves, it is sure that you will certainly get the correct fit for your planned purpose. Always doing a reasonable research is the key to buy appropriate product for you.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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