IMAK Arthritis Gloves Review: Do They Really Work?

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The Imak compression gloves are amongst the most sought after and highly rated arthritis gloves on the market. The Imak brand is brought to us by Brownmed and they have a long history of producing products that are “aimed at improving the quality of life for patients” according to their website. Let’s put that to the test, shall we?

Before we get to the full review, however, we need to do a little reminding first.

What are Compression gloves?

Well, to put it briefly, a compression glove is a type of hand gear that provides compression, support, and warmth for the hands of its users. These pairs are commonly used in the treatment of a variety of different hand and wrist related injuries and illnesses. Arthritis is a very common disability but there is a growing market for noninvasive and non-pharmacological treatments. Gloves reduce swelling, pain and create an environment that promotes healing without limiting your dexterity too much. This has made them the most popular choice for arthritis treatment.

How do they work?

Compression gloves try to increase the flow of the fluids that are known to cause inflammation. The idea is to get your hand and wrist in an environment that will expedite healing and alleviate the symptoms of select illnesses. Arthritis is an illness that can be found in both young and old alike. It has been known to cause problems for many people and especially those that make a living with the use of their hands. The gloves keep your hands warm and basically cushion your inflamed joints.

Who can benefit from the use of them?

If warmth, support, and compression will help you then compression gloves should be considered. These illnesses can include Raynaud’s Syndrome, Arthritis, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Chronic injuries and joint instability are also conditions that can benefit from the use of arthritis gloves. Gloves have been clinically proven to aid in the alleviation of symptoms such as pain, swelling, stiffness, and the like.

 Imak Arthritis gloves Review: Features Explained

The Imak arthritis gloves can be worn while you do some of your daily activities because the fingertips are left free which allows for a whole range of different activities while the gloves work their magic on your symptoms. The material that is used paired with the fingerless design is aimed at people that want the reduction of their symptoms without the reduction of their dexterity.

The IMAK gloves are made of cotton and spandex with the cotton taking up about 92% of the combination. It’s targeted at people who suffer from arthritis of the hands. It aims to alleviate the swelling of the joints without restricting your movement. The breathable material allows you to wear them comfortably for relatively long periods of time. They have also received recognition from the Arthritis Foundation, in the form of their Ease of Use Commendation, for its design.

It would seem that these gloves were a godsend but no product comes without any faults. When it comes up against its competition, the Imak Compression  only falls short in one category: adjustability. We all have different shaped features so a product that is aimed at one of our features should cater for all types of said features. Adjustability is one of the best ways that these companies can appeal to, and satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers. Some people have also brought up the tag as an issue with the glove’s design but that is a very benign point on the list of complaints.

With high customer satisfaction ratings, recommendation percentages, and the number of sales, it seems that IMAKs compression gloves are widely appreciated. The general populous seems very pleased with the product and it’s really easy to see why they are often recommended by healthcare professionals. We suggest to watch this video review by a customer

If you measure across your knuckles, you’ll figure out which size category you should fall under. Small is 3 1/8 inches, the medium is 3 1/2 inches, and large is 4 inches. Getting your measurements right is very important because you want to get the best treatment without agitating your injury or illness. Gloves that are too small for you can cut off circulation and cause more harm than good. The ones that are too large are just simply ineffective.

The non-slip design on the Imak compression brand makes it easier to handle everyday objects and also makes it easier to use in your everyday life. From holding a kitchen knife to holding the steering wheel, these gloves allow you to do almost everything you would normally do on a regular day.

Taking care of your pair is imperative because they take care of you. This means that you need to use cold water to hand wash them and then allow them to air dry. This ensures that you have the right pair for longer.
Highly recommended by medical professionals ergonomic
Ease Of commendation from arthritis foundation
Designed by an orthopedic surgeon
High Customer satisfaction rate

No returns policy
Some products have been known to be subpar in the quality department
Not adjustable
Tag could be annoying for some

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This is a really solid product. It has the backing of the arthritis foundation, medical practitioners, and the customers. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, and pretty reliable. If you need to alleviate some of the symptoms that come with arthritis of the hand then the Imak arthritis gloves are a safe bet.

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