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How To Stop Biting Finger Nails Habit Disorder – Onychophagia


It is estimated that around 20% of the population suffers from onychophagia or the habit of biting finger nails. For some people, this habit may be mild and not cause any problems. But for others, it can be a serious disorder that causes a great deal of distress. If you are one of the many people who find themselves biting their nails compulsively. We suggest some ways you can do to break the habit and regain control over your life.

Onychophagia is a disorder that is characterized by the habitual biting of finger nails. This disorder can be very frustrating and embarrassing for the person who suffers from it. There are several ways that you can go about stopping this habit. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that you can stop biting your nails.

Is Biting Nails Bad?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question since it is a personal preference. Yet, biting nails can be bad for your teeth and gums. Biting your nails can also lead to infection if your hands are not clean. But from a medical perspective, yes it is bad. Because it could be a cause of a psychological challenge.

Nail biting can be a habit that can affect anyone. It is not necessarily bad. But if you find yourself biting your nails without regard for the damage it may cause. Then you should seek professional help to help you stop the habit. You can consult a psychiatrist or a therapist to help you find the root of the problem.

Biting Nails Before And After Pictures
Pictures of Biting Nails Before And After Breaking the Habit Treatment

Biting Nails Before And After Pictures

Biting nails before and after pictures are taken to show the difference and effects. These are photos that are taken before and after the person has stopped the habit. 

Psychology Causes – Why Do People Bite Their Nails?

There are many reasons why people might bite their nails. Some people do it out of boredom or habit, while others may do it as a way to relieve stress or anxiety. Some people may even bite their nails out of frustration or anger. Whatever the reason, nail-biting can be harmful to both the nails and the teeth. So it’s important to try to break the habit if possible.

Biting Nails from Addiction

It can be an addiction for some people. It can be a way to deal with stress or boredom. If you are addicted to biting your nails, there are some things you can do to break the habit. First, try to identify why you are biting your nails. Are you bored? Stressed? Then find other ways to deal with those feelings. You can also wear gloves to make it harder to bite your nails.

Biting Nails from Nervous Anxiety

If suffering from nervous anxiety. This can cause people to bite their nails as a way to deal with the stress. This is a bad habit because it can lead to infection and other health problems. If you are struggling with nervous anxiety, there are other ways to cope that are healthier for you. Try deep breathing exercises or talk to a therapist.

How To Stop Biting Finger Nails Habit Disorder - Onychophagia

Remedy And Solution – Biting Nails Treatment

There are a few different ways to treat nail-biting. One way for women is to cover their nails with a bitter-tasting polish. This will make it less appealing to bite your nails. If you find that you are biting your nails out of habit for men. You can try breaking the habit by using a rubber band to snap your wrist each time you catch yourself biting your nails. The pain will send neuroelectric signals to teach unconscious memory.

Biting Nails Hypnosis

Though there is no scientific evidence that hypnosis can help people stop biting their nails. However, some people may find it helpful to use self-hypnosis to stop this bad habit. When a person is in a state of hypnosis, they are more open to suggestions and can be taught to stop biting their nails.

During hypnosis, the therapist will help the client focus on their breathing and relax their body. The therapist will also suggest that the client stop biting their nails. By providing them with a visualization to fit and help them stay on track.

Best Ways To Stop Biting Nails With Products

There are a variety of products that can be used to stop biting nails. One popular product is bitter nail polish. It tastes unpleasant and makes it difficult to continue biting nails. Another option is a deterrent band. It will be like a handcuff that goes around the finger and delivers a small shock when the nails are bitten. Some sprays and gels can be applied to the nails to make them taste bad or bitter.

1. Deterrent Band

Deterrent Band

2. Use Fidget Spinner

Use Fidget Spinner

3. Insert Mouth Guard

Insert Mouth Guard

4. Bitter Taste FingerNails

Bitter Taste FingerNails

5. Wear Breathable Gloves

Wear Breathable Gloves

Prevention Tips How To Quit Biting Nails

Many prevention tips can help you quit biting nails. One of the most important things you can do is to keep your nails trimmed and in good condition. This will make it less tempting to bite them. If you find yourself biting your nails. Try to stop and replace the behavior with a different activity.

Another thing is to keep your teeth busy, as this will distract you from wanting to bite your nails. For some, chewing a piece of bubble gum can remove their focus on their fingernails. You can also put a bitter-tasting flavor on your nails, which will make them less appealing to bite.

Manage stress levels

Coping with stress can lead to frequent nail biting. The best way to manage stress levels is by using different coping mechanisms. One of the most popular methods is relaxation therapy. It can be done through different means such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. It is also important to exercise regularly. Also, eat a balanced diet to maintain your mental and physical health. You should also avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can aggravate stress levels.

Replace the habit with a new one

The habit of biting fingernails can be replaced with a new one through various means. One approach is to provide physical activity to replace the biting. Such as squeezing a stress ball or chewing on a straw. Finally, some people find that covering their finger nails with a bitter-tasting substance discourages them from biting them.

Keep your nails trimmed and tidy

Nail biting is a bad habit that can be harmful to your health. It can cause infection and lead to other dental problems. Nail biting is often an unconscious response to anxiety or boredom. Keeping nails trimmed and tidy can help avoid the temptation to bite. Because it would hurt to bite shorter nails. Trimming nails regularly also keeps them healthy and strong. It prevents breaking the long nails when bitten that could tear through the cuticle.

How To Stop Biting Nails Habit Permanently

How To Stop Biting Nails Habit Permanently?

There are a few things you can do to help you stop biting your nails habit permanently. One is to keep your nails trimmed short and neat. This will make it more difficult for you to bite them. Girls can also wear nail polish or nail stickers, which will make it less appealing to bite your nails.

You can also try chewing on something else instead of your nails, like gum or a piece of candy. Also, you can try positive reinforcement. Try to reward yourself each time you don’t bite your nails. Lastly, use products that are dedicated to providing solutions. But the best way is to seek medical attention as this may impose to psychiatric disorder.

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