10 Best Hockey Gloves

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When you play a game, whether it is hockey, lacrosse, or bike polo, having snug-fitting, flexible gloves will make a difference in your performance. Indeed, superior protection is also vital. Of course, you want the gloves to come in colors that coordinate with your other gear.

How do you select the best items? You want gloves that pertain to your particular sport, have the best features and meet your specific needs. Other Field Sports to check are for soccer gloves and football gloves.

Best Hockey Gloves Reviewed

In this equipment guide, we we’ve compiled the best hockey gloves reviewed to help you protect your hands and fingers from cold & prevent hand injuries:

1.Warrior Alpha Qx

The Warrior Alphas not only look good but they have many features you will like as an avid player of the game. They look traditional but don’t be fooled. They have all of the modern aspects for safety and butter-soft comfort. With new types of materials in most of the glove, you can expect to improve your play.

Some athletes prefer a more loose-fitting glove than this snug fit. You can achieve this goal by removing some of the inside padding. Note that by adjusting the item in this manner, you will void the warranty.

Many superior features of the Warrior Alpha Qx will improve your gameplay. The Hybrid Flex cuff will increase your ability to move in multi directions with the result of better puck handling, yet your wrists remain well protected. The Lycra gussets, flex thumb and the stretch backhand provide maximum flexibility where it counts most, in game action. The protective aspect is a blend of phantom foam in combination with inserts in key areas to protect your hands during the quick action. The smart palm adds extra grip on the stick so you can have instant response for tight situations. And the liner has been designed to wick away sweat, keeping your hand feeling dry and reducing odor.

The Warrior Alpha Qx hockey gloves comes in a variety of attractive colors from all black to a mix of red, white, navy blue and black. They come in 3 sizes for your proper fit: 14, 14.5, and 15 inches. Good looks and advanced materials make this item desirable for the serious hockey player. If you want to improve your skills and ability to react quickly, select a glove that has all of the advantages.

New advanced materials for improved performance
Flexible cuff
Flex thumb
Protection of dense foam and inserts
Palm has a better grip
Good choice of color combinations

Tight fit may feel awkward

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2.STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500

Since you can play lacrosse through every season of the year, it is essential to have equipment that can handle the varying temperatures. The STX Surgeons boast of a climate control. In the summer the ventilation on the back of the glove releases heat. For games, during the colder months, the gloves have an area for hand warmers.

Some individuals have found issues with the stitching, while many others are very pleased with the equipment.

The various features of the STX Surgeon add to your comfort as well as flexibility. They are designed for the elite player but will astound at every level. Since the palm has no seams, it is possible to feel the stick well. The suede covering provides extra grip and durability. The thumb technology is unique. It feels natural while giving you a 360 rotational ability. Also, there are carbon fiber reinforced thumb blocks, protecting it from damage.

The STX Surgeons hockey gloves comes in 6 different colors to coordinate with the rest of your gear. These fit adults and do not have youth sizes.

The STX Sturgeons lacrosse gloves are built for the serious adult lacrosse player. If you are looking for excellent protection, new technological advances, powerful grip, warm hands in cool weather, and odor-reducing ventilation, these are the pair for you.

360 rotational for thumb
Climate control
Carbon fiber reinforced, light yet protective
Room for hand warmers
Durability and grip with suede palms

Stitching may come apart

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3.Bauer Vapor X800

The Bauer Vapor has many aspects that provide comfort and protection while looking stylish, yet they are so affordable. As a long term player, you recognize value but also appreciate the reasonable price.

While they are not constructed with the latest technology, they do perform well under game conditions.

For protection, you can depend on the dual-density foam as well as a poly insert for the backhand and fingers with the flexibility of the 2-piece FLEX-LOCK thumb. You will also appreciate the breathability of the cable mesh with a lightweight PU overlay. Good grip comes from the light grey covering with embossed overlay. Inside you will find brushed nylon with microfiber. This will wick away any moisture keeping your hands dry. In addition, they come with Sanitized technology that combats any odor. This odor-resistant technology does not disappear with repeated washings.

You can count on the tapered fit with a 4-segment backhand construction for flexibility and superior stick handling. The covering is also abrasion resistant for durability and longevity. The gussets provide breathability as they are made from a poly knit material with a liner that resists odor. The dual-density foam with inserts keeps your fingers well protected from shots or a collision with sticks. The segmented cuff allows more flexibility without any binding. The overall fit is tapered for a snug, confident feel.

If you are looking for an affordable hockey gloves choice that has many features for comfort, flexibility, and protection, this will be your “go-to” pair. As an experienced player, you appreciate good quality at a reasonable price.

Great protection
Lightweight & flexible
Odor-resistant, will not decrease with repeated washing
Stylish, prominent logo
Cuff segmented
Tapered fit

Not constructed with the latest technology

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4.CCM Tacks 4Roll

These junior hockey gloves give youth the confidence to play without injury due to the construction of the item. Parents will appreciate the features that will protect their sons or daughters from harm. Yet the design of the glove will appeal to all types of tastes.

The CCM Tacks are available in black only. More choice of color combinations would increase their appeal to the discerning youth hockey player. Some may find the price expensive, but many parents appreciate the great protection of both foam and plastic inserts.

The equipment is lightweight yet secure. The PE foam and the inserts in the fingers and backhand can take the rough and tumble of the game.

Since for young players, it is often difficult for them to manipulate the equipment, the open cuff gives them freedom in movement. On the palm is nash that is not only soft but provides that necessary grip to hold onto the stick.

They are built for the performance level of play. Their lightweight and flexibility give an edge to the junior player.

Visually appealing
Good protection, foam, and inserts

Needs more color choices?

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5.Mylec Inc Mk5

The Mylec MK5 is a 3 roll pro hockey players glove that fit snug while providing proper protection. Their visual appeal is enhanced by the noticeable logo on the back of the hand as well as on the thumb and inner wrist.

However, the 3 roll construction of the glove is not as flexible as the more modern 4 roll glove.

The classically styled gloves are a snug fit and lightweight., yet the padding does not interfere with quick movements. The articulated 3-piece thumb encourages excellent grip and flexibility for stick handling as does the 2-piece leather palm with a gel overlay.

For added comfort, the equipment is breathable, thereby reducing moisture build-up and odor. The exterior covering is durable enough to last for seasons.

If you are looking for that classic hockey gloves look with excellent options, these gloves are the ones for you. Wear the gear on the ice as well as for games off -ice.

Flexible for competitive play
Good grip in palm
Articulate 3 piece thumb

3 rolls not as flexible as 4 roll

Check It Out On Amazon

6.Mylec MK3

The Mylec MK3 hockey gloves have many features for your protection, as well as for assisting you to perform to your top-level at street hockey or sports where your hands require light protection. Not only are they well made, but they look the part too. Select this set of hockey gloves if you want flexibility, durability, and some protection.

These may not be suitable for the serious play of ice hockey as the protection is not a full as gloves rated for ice hockey play. Unfortunately, there is a gap in padding across the knuckles. Be careful when ordering as the gloves tend to fit small. The sizes come in are small, medium, or large. There is no extra-large size available. More breathability would improve the comfort of the glove. Some people found that the stitching started to come apart, but they were able to repair the damage with thread and a needle. Black is the only color choice. Some people would prefer different colors.

However, the Mylec MK3s do work well for Medieval re-enactments, games of close contact, Dek hockey, street hockey, ball hockey, Hema sparring, and more types of contact games. They are light-weight but have excellent protection for the back of your fingers.

The nash palm gives you a secure grip on your stick, sword, or medieval weapon, as well as providing durability for your enjoyment over time. Their flexibility allows you to perform your actions with precision, unlike the standard hockey gloves, which tend to be too stiff. You know that your grip will be secure as you can pull the wrist area tight.

When you need full hand protection but are unlikely to take severe slashing, select these street hockey gloves for their flexibility and durability. Their moderate price makes them an attractive choice as well.

Moderate price
Lightweight, streamlined design
Adjustable wrist for secure fit
Nash palm for durability and grip

Gap in padding across the knuckles
Some people found the stitching came undone
No extra large size
Need to be more breathable
Only 1 color – black, more choice is preferred

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Many girls wear this Harrow brand to play indoor field hockey as the weight and flexibility of these hockey gloves provide them with superior conditions for their gameplay. They look great, too, with the solid black back of the hand accented by the white palm.

Some parents found that the cost point was a little too steep. A few had issues with the stitching and Velcro closures. These Harrows fit small, so consider ordering a size larger than you or your daughter wears typically. Unfortunately, they come in only 1 color choice. To co-ordinate with different team jerseys, more choice would be preferable.

The Harrows have enough padding to prevent injury but not so much as to be bulky. Their pleated back of the hand construction gives great flexibility for female hand sizes. The glove extends high enough up the arm to protect the wrist area.

The vents holes provide breathability giving reasonable grip control over the stick. The solid leather palm ensures the durability to be effective for several seasons. Their overall suitability makes them the glove of choice for many girls.

So, when you want to give your daughter the advantage of superior equipment for indoor hockey games, provide her with a set of the Harrows. And if you have issues with quality control, contact the company for their assistance. Some parents may consider them a little pricey, but your daughter’s confidence is worth this expense.

Moderate Price
High density foam for back of the hand protection
Flexible due to pleated back of the hand design
Breathable due to holes in the leather
Made for indoor field hockey

Moderate price
Only 1 color choice
Problems with stitching and Velcro

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8.STX Lacrosse Stallion 50

The STX Stallion is well padded for fast-paced play at the youth level. The appearance looks professional, inspiring confidence, yet they are very comfortable. The wide range of sizes ensures an accurate fit.

The STX Stallions are built for the beginning player. For more competitive situations, you may need more protective padding.

The entire garment is lightweight and flexible, but the exterior has a durable polyester covering for years of wear. The two-piece cuff provides flexibility for wrist motion.

The STX Stallions are well ventilated with a prominent central patch on the palm and holes throughout the entire center area. With more ventilation there is less opportunity for odor to develop.

For the beginning player, this is an excellent hockey gloves choice due to the protective padding and flexibility. It will be attractive to all youth as the design looks professional. The STX Stallions will promote play that encourages skill development while protecting your hands adequately.

Plenty of size ranges
Looks professional

Not a competitive glove, for the beginners

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Do you have an elite lacrosse player in your family? The Warrior Rabils are the protective gear that is needed for the demands of that level. These gloves not only look good, but they have many aspects suited for the more sophisticated athlete.

The Warriors Rabils hockey gloves are sized a little small. Also, with extended competitive play, they tend to be prone to tearing.

The glove is covered with dual-density foam blocking for the blows that occur during gameplay. While breathability is a result of the true vent construction in the backhand. The cuff has several distinct sections allowing for more flexibility in those tricky situations. And the AX suede cinco form-fitting palm will give you more grip on the shaft of your stick.

The electric blue color is a favorite color of the youth set.

Your elite lacrosse player will not only gain confidence with these professional-looking glove, but the Warriors Rabils also provide the necessary protection for competitive play.

Elite player level
Great color
Good Protection
Sticky palm for grip

Small sizing
Prone to ripping

Check It Out On Amazon

10.Franklin Sports

The Franklin Sports will appeal to street hockey fanatics who like lightweight but protective equipment. While they are not built for more serious play, they do take hits and cross-checks without any damage to your hands.

There are some aspects that may concern the avid player. Because the cuffs are quite lose, they feel as if they may come off. Since the palm is constructed with only 1 layer of fabric, there isn’t as much protection as some players may require. They seem to be made for street hockey situations, not for the rigors of competitive play. Because they only come in 2 sizes, they may not fit as well as equipment that comes in more size choices.

The Franklin Sports hockey gloves are shaped anatomically to be comfortable on your hands as well as being flexible for gameplay. The high-density Shok-Sorb® padding along with the cuff with roll provides protective coverage. The soft palm made of synthetic leather makes sure you have a firm grip on your stick. The breathable knit finger gussets sully ventilation which reduces any odor.

Since the thumbs are not as stiff as other makes, they make a good glove for bike polo.
With this good price point, they provide some protection for the casual street play games. Their flexibility allows you to perform the moves you want without any constrictions.

Odor resistant

Street hockey quality

Check It Out On Amazon

Hockey Gloves Buyer’s Guide

There is no question that when you play some sports, protective gear is essential for reducing injuries. Since hockey and lacrosse are sports where contact is expected, you must have the best protection for your hands as is possible. With any elite situations, the likelihood of injury increases where the stakes are the highest. There are some aspects you need to consider when you set out to look for hand protectors.

The Best Equipment for your Sport

Make sure that the gloves you investigate are rated for your sport. Certainly, for ice hockey, protection ranks high on the list as injuries do happen frequently. “Hand injuries, such as finger fractures, are common in field hockey,” according to Active and Safe. For recreational hockey, the most common injuries to the hands are wrist sprains, finger fractures and wrist tendinitis.

When looking for hand protection be aware that the pairs for street hockey have protection that is vastly different from the equipment made for elite players. More protection is achieved through plastic inserts to augment the foam protection.

Proper Fit

Equipment that comes in limited size ranges will not protect you as well as equipment that fits properly. While some players like a snug fit, others like a loose fit.

But there are some definite guidelines for fitting equipment properly. When measuring for the perfect fit, start by measuring from your fingertips to the end of the elbow pad. Then select the right size for you. For example, if the measurement is 14.7, then a 15-inch glove is just right. When you try on a set, if your fingers touch the end of the glove, then the fit is too small. And on the other end, the wrist protection must extend to the elbow pads. None of your lower arm should be exposed. If a long cuff is a problem for you, then use wrist guards to cover the area between the cuff and the elbow pad.

Examine Every Aspect of the Gloves for the Quality

Quality equipment can be differentiated from inferior brands through careful examination of every aspect of the item. the following steps can guide you to choose the perfect brand that suit your requirement as a player or goalie.

Padding: Lower quality items have one layer of foam; better ones have a second layer of denser foam, and the highest quality has plastic inserts to make 3 layers of protection. In the better equipment, the padding is not limited to the back of the hand but also exists in the sides of the hand and in the palm.

Outer Layer: Look for thicker, more sturdy shells that cover the insulation.

Palm: Some have one layer of material, but the better equipment has several layers of good quality leather that are reinforced in areas of wear.

Thumb: Superior equipment has an armored thumb that is made not to bend backward so your thumb won’t be dislocated. The latest up to date equipment has a thumb that can be rotated 360 for comfort. If the thumb is entirely flexible, then the glove is suitable for lacrosse or street hockey but not for regular and elite play.

Width: The equipment needs to be wide enough to allow for mobility.

In general, highly flexible hockey equipment will give less protection than less mobile items.

Your Best Interests

If you are an experienced player, you understand the importance of quality equipment to prevent injuries. If you are a parent, you want to protect your son or daughter with a high quality hockey pair  while they enjoy their chosen physical activity. If you are a casual player who gets together with some friends to have fun, you may have different criteria for purchasing your equipment. The latest technology may not add to your enjoyment. With this guide, you can evaluate the different types of hockey gloves to suit your needs.

Sagi Shiffer

Sagi Shiffer

He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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