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10 Best Hiking Gloves that are Waterproof

I’m sure you will agree with me that: “When you are walking a trail whether an amateur or avid hiker, the first lesson you learn is to protect your hands.” A good pair of best hiking gloves should be waterproof when you are hiking. It is our job to bring you the list of the top Amazon products.

You want to get a gloves that doesn’t give you blisters, draws moisture away from the body, dries quickly, doesn’t give off odors, and can insulate your hands even if they have gotten wet. A good pair of best hiking gloves is all dependent on where you are hiking. If your trail is in Antarctica then you’d want a warmer glove than someone hiking on the planes of sub-Saharan Africa. The snowy caps of the Himalayas will require a little more water resistant materials than the deserts of Nevada.

Waterproof Best Hiking Gloves and Mittens Reviews

We’re going to take a look at the best waterproof hiking gloves and mittens for a guaranteed warmth & dexterity reviewed by an expert:

1.Mountain Made

For the price it comes in at, people expected better quality craftsmanship. The fingers are a little bulky so the touchscreen capability isn’t as nimble as some people would’ve liked.

This stylish pair of multipurpose gloves was designed and made by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. They are absorbent and quick drying, with multi directional stretch for active use and deodorizing features.  They are quite light, preserve heat, and are super breathable. The customer support that they provide is insane. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This is a company that prides itself on how happy its customers are so you can be sure you’ll be well taken care of. They are also very functional with touchscreen compatibility.

There have been a few problems with this glove that should be noted. The build quality has been a major problem for some people. They claimed that the glove came apart after a few uses. These are also advertised to work at 32° F and above but some people have mentioned that they didn’t feel it was effective at 50 ° F.

This does seem to be a great glove though. With a high customer satisfaction rate and even an acknowledgement of its strong points by those that didn’t like it; this pair had to make it on our list. They look great, feel even better, and work wonderfully for most of the people that bought them. If you feel like you aren’t completely satisfied then you can email the company and they will take good care of you. This is a pair of gloves that is ideal for most trekking trails.



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2.Black Diamond Mercury

A blend of fabrics and materials make up the inner and outer layer of this glove. The outer shell is completely waterproof, abrasion resistant, with 4-way stretch. This is a glove designed to be used throughout the year because it is both durable and combats moisture. The inner lining is removable and that allows it to be used on almost every occasion that includes some sort of physical activity.

The separated trigger finger and thumb in the lining means that the mitten design of the shell is not as effective as it could be. There have been complaints about the effectiveness of these mittens with a lot of people claiming that they felt their hands getting cold in some of the more extreme temperatures that they expected them to handle.

Sizing has also been a major issue with some people. The mitten has an odd issue where some parts of the glove fit snug and others do not fit at all. Chafing has also been a slight issue for some people.

Overall these seem to be a great pair of gloves. The build quality is lauded by all; even those that didn’t like the glove couldn’t say a bad thing about its quality. It is a very durable pair of mittens. If you can find a pair your size then I’m sure the next pair you buy will be for a loved one. The design of the inner lining has come under scrutiny but the reason for the separated index finger is to improve dexterity and functionality for temperatures that aren’t as harsh.It’s the favorite ski glove for many skiers.



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3.FRDM Waterproof Hiking Gloves

Are you looking for a pair of superb hiking gloves? They need to be warm enough yet breathable. They also need to be durable as you need to use your hands to navigate the more challenging trails. And with these features, you also want to be able to use your electronic devices without removing the gloves, especially in the cooler weather. The FRDM hiking gloves can satisfy all of these wishes.

While the finger-tips of these gloves do fold back so you can check your phone or use your photography gear, they do not stay closed since the magnets are somewhat weak. Also, the inner liners of the gloves are not attached to the exterior of the glove, so they tend to pull out when you take the glove off. Since these gloves are rated for midrange temperatures, they will not keep you warm if the temperature dips below the freezing point.

Despite these limitations, the FRDMs is a very serviceable pair of hiking gloves. They have a 3-layer breathable, water-repellent & windproof outer shell to protect you from the weather. The insulated fleece lining keeps your hands warm in conditions that are above freezing.

You will achieve an excellent grip on your equipment due to the silicone screen-printed topographic pattern on the palm. This is very important to the hiker, who also brings along very expensive photography or recording gear. The flip-back thumb and index finger caps allow access to your fingers without removing your gloves. However, you can also use the gloves with all your digits covered, as they have touchscreen capabilities.

Since these hiking gloves come with a 1-year warranty, there is no reason to be reluctant to order a pair. Delay no longer as the cold weather is upon us, and you need adequate protection to enjoy your sport to the fullest.

Moderate price range
Midweight gloves
Flip back thumb & index finger caps allows access to your fingers without removing your gloves or use the gloves as they have touchscreen capabilities
Three-layer breathable water-repellent & windproof outer shell
Excellent grip on equipment due to silicone screen-printed topographic pattern on the palm
Insulated fleece lining keeps your hands warm
1-year warranty from the time of initial purchase

Not for freezing conditions
Inner liner and glove not attached so the liner tends to pull out
Finger-tip magnets are weak and do not stay closed

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4.Marmot Power

This versatile stretch glove can be used as in shell liner for added warmth. It can also act as a cool-weather glove on its own. It has been designed to keep your hands warmer and drier for longer. Dexterity is not hindered by the free-flow stretch fit. There are grip zones that improve its functionality. This makes it very easy to use in a variety of different situations. They are also quite light so as not to add too much weight if used as a liner.

There have been some issues with this pair. Marmot power aren’t as durable as some people would’ve liked them to be. Some of them claiming that the gloves began to come apart after a few uses.

They aren’t very wind resistant either as people have claimed that they feel the wind blowing through the webbing of the gloves. They aren’t very useful with touchscreen devices with many people claiming that they had little to no luck getting the gripped fingertips to work on their devices.

Overall these seem like a great pair of cool-weather gloves. They fit better than most gloves. Marmot power are relatively warm and water resistant. They are do not restrict your dexterity levels so they’d make a perfect addition to your gear if you are on the hunt for a liner. They work quite well on their own in certain conditions so if you don’t have a shell then you can still make use of them.


Implied Touchscreen Functionality

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5.Kinco 901

The hiking gloves by Kinco are made up of pigskin leather which is not only durable but comes with an Extra HeatKeep thermal lining which makes them perfect for exceptionally cold weather. The use of reinforcing leather gives them extra abrasion protection and the Draylon thread stitching makes them sturdy and helps them outwear normal fabric ski gloves. The Nikwax makes them waterproof thus keeping your hands dry in wet weather.

Additionally, the comfortable 100% polyester knit wrist retains warmth and repels cold. The angled winged thumb makes them flexible and the seamless interior provides a soft and comfy feel. Then it comes with an Omni-cuff design which gives you the ability to regulate your body temperature.

One of the problems with these gloves is that they do not fit perfectly. The sizes vary from the chart, which leads to either too small or too large gloves which leave spaces for cold to sink in. Secondly, the small size doesn’t come with small finger reinforcement which reduces protection. Lastly, they are a bit stiff when you use them right out of the box and require time to flex.

Kinco 901 gloves are warm and the stitching and leather are durable and can survive heavy usage. They are bit stiff at the beginning and might end up being too big or small but you get more comfortable as you start using it often. If you want gloves that last then these will not disappoint you as they are rough and tough and provide great value. Moreover, the best thing is that they keep your hands both warm and dry. Overall, they are a good choice for hiking, and will accompany you on many snowy adventures!

Extremely durable
Very warm and comfortable
Extra abrasion protection
Sturdy stitching
Soft and flexible

Small size has no reinforcement on the small finger
Stiff at the beginning
Sizes don’t match to the chart

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6.Outdoor Research Alti

Design for Artic expeditions and high peaks, these gloves keep your hands warm and protected in harsh conditions. Their durability gives you a little more piece of mind in places where the last thing you want to be worried about is how comfortable your hands are. The material used to construct this glove is both breathable and waterproof. The removable liners means you can modify your pair to suit the environment you’ll be tackling.

Kevlar stitching, leather palms and Tough-Tek LT Tabs make this a glove to be reckoned with. The Kevlar increases durability. The leather palms increases grip. The Tough-Tek Tabs prevent slipping. This is a pair of mittens that is designed and built to withstand what Mother Nature has in-store for you in the harshest of climates.

Some issues have come up with these gloves. The dimensions are said to be much larger than average which reduces dexterity. Although these claim to be made for extreme weather, some people have found that their fingers were not adequately protected in similar weather conditions. There was quite a bit of scrutiny on the thumbs. The price tag also increased expectations.
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Overall this seems to be a very good pair of hiking gloves. The durability goes unquestioned and most people where completely satisfied with its level of warmth. Some people even believed that if they wore them in temperatures around freezing, they would sweat; of course the breathability of the glove would make that improbable but this sentiment is important to note before the purchase.


Dexterity levels
Finger warmth

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7.OR Fairbanks

Whether you need some extra warmth when traveling, comfort walking your dog or even light yard work, these OR Fairbanks fingerless gloves are a possible option. Compared to similar products the price is above average but we will take a look at the pros and cons and see if it’s worth the investment. OR Fairbanks are one of the best  wool gloves to keep your hands warm .

I will start with the cons and say that; they cannot be used for handling heavy equipment that can cause pilling and tugging. There is one color option, charcoal, which does not give the buyer many options but it is a very neutral option. They are true to size and fit well, however, you cannot wash and dry them using machines as they will shrink and not hold the integrity of their shape.

I did appreciate the comfort of these gloves. They are made with 100% Merino Wool, so they will feel awesome on your hands. They are light weight and very attractive and compliment a nice outfit easily and look great on both men and women. When it comes to warmth, they do the job by keeping your palms and lower portions of your fingers nice and insulated. You will not have to worry about numb hands and still have the advantage to use your fingers for more tactile tasks like using cell phones and gripping your steering wheel while driving.

The versatility that this product gives you earns my recommendation as a valuable product worth investing. Like most gloves, that you cannot wait to take off and toss after a task or travel, you will not feel the need to take them off as they feel like a part of your outfit. You will find yourself wearing them more than you expected and find the cost was worth the while.

Quality materials
Lightweight construction
Tactile ability for touchscreens
Quick drying

Not suitable for extreme climates
Limited color options
Not waterproof

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During the fall, early winter, and spring, do you like to hike, drive, cycle, camp, climb, mountaineer, backpack, travel, or engage in photography? If you do, then you will appreciate the EXski hiking gloves to keep your hands warm. Yet they allow you to engage fully in the activites of your choice.

Unfortunately, the EXski gloves are only water-resistant; they are not waterproof. You can carry a pair of waterproof exterior gloves on days where you suspect it may rain. Since these gloves come in black and grey only, some people would prefer a wider range of colors to coordinate with the rest of their hiking gear.

The exterior of EXski hiking gloves is made from 95% Polyester + 5% Spandex for a superior fit with genuine goatskin leather patches for grip and durability. You know that you will not drop your phone or expensive camera equipment with these gloves on. The interior is made from with Micro-Polar fleece for warmth and breathability. While they are not recommended for weather that is below freezing, they do keep you warm in their temperature range. Take an extra liner or outer layer, if you suspect the temperatures to dip in the early morning or later afternoon. The reinforced cuff with elastic band holds the glove in place while buffeting the wind. The anti-pulling tab prevents tearing and loosening in the cuff area. The hanging loop on the wrist is for carrying as well as for quickly putting on and taking off the gloves.

The touchscreen capabilities exist in the wear-resistant conductive leather on the thumbs and first finger. They are useful for texting on your phone but not for full typing capabilities. Along with all of these great features, you can hand or machine wash these hiking gloves.

EXski cost is so affordable you may want to order several pairs. Keep a set with your hiking gear, in the glove box of your vehicle and in your home for quick access for everyday chores such as walking your dog.

Very affordable
Exterior made from 95% Polyester + 5% Spandex for superior fit with genuine Goatskin Leather patches for grip and durability
Interior made from with Micro-Polar fleece for warmth and breathability
Touchscreen capabilities in wear-resistant conductive leather
Reinforced cuff with elastic band, anti-pulling tab prevents tearing and loosing, the hanging loop on wrist for carrying and easily putting on and taking off
Has a clip to keep them together when you remove the gloves
Care: Hand and machine washable and durable genuine goatskin leather palm

Not waterproof
Only 2 colors

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9.Carhartt Quilts

The Carhartt Quilts are a mitt designed for cool weather but not for any temperatures below freezing. The mitt design has the advantage that your fingers are together to warm each other. They would be an excellent choice for hiking gloves on trails that are not demanding. Their 4 beautiful colors make them easy to coordinate with the many of your winter outfits. These mitts are so reasonably priced that you will want to save a pair for hiking, have another pair to wear in the car while you are driving, and also a third pair at home in case you decide to go bird watching in your neighborhood.

But there are some concerns with the Carhartt Quilts. These hiking gloves are water-resistant but not waterproof. Some people found that their hands got very warm in the mitts to the point of being sweaty. There are no durable leather palms to give you grip and durability when handling equipment. Also, since there is no touch-sensitive capability, to check your phone to locate you on the trail, you will have to remove the mitts. For care, the advice is to hand wash this product, but most people would prefer to use a machine. There were some issues with the durability of the stitching.

The Carhartt Quilts are made of 100% polyester in a quilted pattern. Their warmth depends on this quilting, as well as the fleece cuff and adjustable snap closure and elastic wrist to block the wind. They have an antimicrobial and moisture-wicking lining. For your convenience, there is a nose wipe.

These hiking gloves come in 4 colors – black, grey, crab apple red and nightshade, so that you can order a pair that coordinates with your winter clothing. The clasp can be used when you stop along the trail for a snack. Clip them together and then to your knapsack so you will not forget them.

You can depend on the mitt design of the Carhartt Quilts to keep your hands warm as you enjoy the cooler weather. Their good price point is a distinct advantage of this product.

Good price point
100% polyester
Quilted for warmth, fleece cuff and adjustable snap closure and elastic wrist to block the wind
Nose wipe for convenience
4 colors to coordinate with rest of your winter outfits

No durable leather palm patches
No touch sensitive capabilities
Hand wash
Some people had problems with the stitching
Water-resistant but not waterproof

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10.First Lite

Many families are making an effort to keep active even as the weather gets colder. Hiking is a favorite activity as it is something that every member can participate in, is inexpensive, and allows you to explore parts of the country near your home. But with this activity, it is essential to have warm hiking gloves; otherwise, a beautiful day can be ruined by cold hands. Look for gloves that have many features to keep your hands warm like the First Lite hiking gloves.

To clean these hiking gloves, you will need to wash them and then hang them to dry. They are available in 2 colors only. Some people would prefer a larger selection to pair up with their hiking gear. Unfortunately, when the temperature dips, these gloves do not have a flap to cover your finger-tips. You may need to carry an outer covering with you on those days that threaten to turn colder.

These hiking gloves are unique in that they are fingerless, yet oh so warm. The Merino wool provides significant insulation, is soft to the touch, and is both breathable, yet water-resistant. The wool is also anti-bacterial, and therefore this set of gloves requires only occasional washing to stay fresh. The tight cuff blocks out any biting wind. Wool will keep you warm even when your hands are wet.

The fingerless design means that you can use every digit to type on your phone or tablet. Besides, taking photos is made much easier when you have the dexterity of every finger to make the necessary adjustments on your camera to capture winter birds or other creatures you encounter on your hike through the forest.

If you are looking for the ultimate in dexterity and touch sensitivity, you cannot go wrong with the First Lite. The merino wool will keep you cozy while allowing you to use your equipment as if you are barehanded. These are perfect for taking photos target practice or hunting during colder weather. They are thin enough to be used under a heavier pair of gloves so that your hands are ready for action.

Constructed of Merino wool
Wool is a good insulator, breathable, yet wind resistant, water resistant and anti-microbial
Fingerless design gives maximum dexterity for the use of devices
Beautiful colors – dry earth, hunters orange
Seamless knit construction
Keeps you warm even if your hands are wet

Moderate Price  
Requires hand washing, and hang for drying
Only 2 colors
No flap to cover fingers

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Waterproof Best Hiking Gloves Buyers Guide

There are quite a number of factors that need to be considered when purchasing a hiking glove and we’re here to give you the tips and tricks to make sure that you make the best purchase possible.


The types of trails you tackle should give you an indication of what kind of glove you’d need to find. If you are doing some heavy work like Bushcraft, woodworking during your hiking trips, we suggest to use a particular  bushcraft gloves


Your wallet is a very important factor when purchasing your gear. While it is true that we should all pay close attention to the price tags, some of us need to pay a little more attention than others and that’s fine. All it means is that there might be more gloves that are out of our price range or that we’d need to spend more time saving. There are some great prices out there on some good products so reading up on the gloves you want to buy is important.

Your Hands

This should go without saying but your hands should tell you which gloves are for you or not. If you read that a glove runs a couple sizes smaller and you wear a notoriously large size then you should pay attention to that. You know what they say about people with big hands? They wear big gloves.

If your hands get a little sweatier than most people then you should be focused on the hiking pairs that emphasize dryness.

Conclusion for best hiking gloves that are waterproof

When you’re in search of a good pair of best hiking gloves, then you should really take note of the types of trails that you usually enjoy hiking. There are a number of different hikinh gloves out there that claim different things and it is our job to bring you the list of the best Amazon product. We want you to understand that the art of choosing your gear is exactly that; an art.

This means that it should be treated as such and not a science. While a warmer glove might work for one person on a certain trail, a more durable one would work for another person on that same trail. The trick is to know which best hiking gloves that are waterproof! If you have any questions or comments please use the field below and I’l be sure to respond ASAP.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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