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10 Best Heating Pads


Do you have chronic pain in your muscles or joints? If you haven’t already discovered the healing benefits of thermotherapy, it’s about time you did. Heating pads are a very popular form of pain relief that can be incredibly beneficial to people with all kinds of ailments. From back pain to muscle soreness to abdominal cramps, they can greatly reduce your pain and sooth injuries.

But choosing a good heating pad isn’t as easy at it might seem. There are a lot of important features that will determine the quality of relief. And since they can often be a bit buggy, it’s essential that you do your research first.

Best Heating Pads Reviewed

Let’s take a closer at the best recommended heating pads reviewed to pick the perfect brand for a guaranteed heat & pain relief:

1.HealthyLine TAO

FDA registered and GIA certified, HealthyLine designs premium, therapeutic heating pads. Their TAO Far Infrared model uses a special, patented technology to provide comprehensive relief. Combining the impact of three therapeutic techniques, this product does far more than a run-of-the-mill heating pad. For muscle, joint, and deep tissue relief, it more than does the job.

One drawback of this product is that isn’t designed with portability in mind. The cumbersome controller and overall heft of the mat makes it difficult to haul around, especially if you intend to bring it along with you whenever you leave the house. The primary reason for the weight is the stones inside of it, used for hot stone therapy. If your budget allows, you might consider purchasing one for work and one for home to avoid lugging it back and forth.

The hot stone massage therapy, which uses crushed gemstones throughout, is just one of the three types of therapy you’ll get from this. That technique incorporates methods of natural healing by utilizing amethyst, tourmaline, and obsidian, each known for their unique healing qualities, such as relieving stress and improving circulation. The Healthyline TAO also employs far infrared technology that will temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain, and negative ion therapy which aids in oxygen flow and stress relief.

The design, while not ideal for portability, is intended for use on any part of your body. Great for chairs, laying in bed, or even draping over your legs or stomach, the brand claims it will deliver relief from aches and pain in 30 minutes or less. The controller is equipped with an LED display and an automatic shutoff timer. Moreover, it is eligible for a one-year warranty. However, you need to be sure to register for your warranty within 30 days.

The HealthyLine TAO heating pad is a worthwhile investment. But an investment it most certainly is. If you can find the room in your budget, you will be thankful you did. Be sure to sign up for the warranty just in case anything goes wrong. Overall, we would recommend this for anyone who needs more relief than standard thermotherapy can offer.

EMF protection
Far Infrared technology
Hot Stone Massage
Negative ion therapy
Automatic shutoff timer with 3 time settings
LED display
One-year warranty available

Heavy, not ideal for transporting frequently
Large, cumbersome controller

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2.Pure Relief

Pure Enchrichment has been designing affordable, quality products since 2010, and their Pure Relief extra-large electric heating pad is made for full body relief of all your aches and pains. Lightweight and ideal for portability, you can reap its many benefits from home or work. With its moist heat therapy capabilities and solid reputation for being safe to use, it’s especially good for cramps and muscle pains. But it can be used to treat just about any ailment effectively.

One drawback, however, is an issue with temperature consistency. It does offer 6 different temperature ranges, but they don’t always hit the mark. If offering precise temps is a priority for you, this particular brand isn’t the way to go. However, many customers do report that the range of temps available generally does vary enough that you can experience the intensity of your choosing so you can get the relief you need for any muscle area.

One major benefit of this heating pad is its extra-large size. You can target large areas for muscle and joint pain relief. It also comes with a super soft and comfortable microplush fabric cover that is machine washable. Many customers report that it does wonders to treat their deep muscle pains throughout their bodies, especially when using the moist option which is meant to give even deeper relief. Just sprinkle water across the surface and reap the deep tissue relief.

The extra-long 9-foot cord is another cool feature. It can be incredibly frustrating to be unable to reach an outlet without the use of an extension cord. So having the flexibility to utilize this product from just about anywhere in a room is definitely a key benefit. Also, there are far fewer complaints of overheating issues with this particular brand than some others, which is one of the most important qualities in any heating pad.

All in all, we think this is a quality heating pad. It hits all the mark you expect of a premium thermotherapy aid, like the plush cover, auto-shut off function, and consistent pain relief. It also gets higher marks for safety than some of its competitors and offers a great 5-year warranty. Despite not offering a very consistent range of temperature intensity, you can count on it to offer quality pain relief while being convenient to use.

Good for large muscle groups
Microplush cover, machine washable
Auto shutoff timer
Moist heat therapy
9-foot cord
5-year warranty
6 temp settings
Storage bag included

Temp inconsistency

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3.Sunbeam XpressHeat

Sunbeam’s king-sized heating pad boasts super-fast working technology and claims to provide relief for deep muscle and arthritic pains. With the flexible material and soft, microplush cover, it’s a popular choice. And many people do swear by its healing abilities. However, safety is one of the most important features in any heating pad, and we aren’t sure this one is reliable in that department

One significant concern with this model is safety. Of course, all heating pads pose a bit of risk, and users should be cautious when using them. However, this product has quite a few reports of the controller overheating, melting and causing burns. This is a considerable issue as it is a huge fire hazard and has a lot of potential for causing injury. If you do buy the Sunbeam XPressHeat, be aware of the controller and stop using the second it feels too hot to touch and contact the manufacturer. Also be sure to keep the controller from sitting on top of anything that it could damage.

Setting aside the very real potential of overheating, the LED controller offers 6 different temperature ranges to provide the intensity you need. It also includes an automatic shutoff timer, which is a must-have feature. The quick warming function is an appealing benefit, because when you are in pain the last thing you want to do is wait any longer for relief. It will heat up in 30 seconds and deliver immediate results.

Other key features include a machine washable microplush cover, 9-foot power cord, and a 5-year warranty. It’s king-sized which makes it great for big areas, like your back or abdomen. Whatever your ailment, this will provide effective thermotherapy. It’s great for laying on to aid with back pain or wrapping around your neck and shoulders. It’s definitely a high- to mid-range option.

This product is very similar to the Pure Relief one, so you may be trying to decide between the two. And in a side by side comparison of all of their features, the Sunbeam is a good contender. However, we think that the risks of the controller overheating are too great to recommend this product. If you do choose to go with the Sunbeam heating pad, please use caution. This product is a potential fire hazard and could cause significant injuries, or worse.

Heats up in 30 seconds
9-foot cord
5-year warranty
Microplush fabric, machine washable
6 temperature ranges
LED controller
XL size good for wide coverage

Controller overheats, fire and burn hazard

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The Utaxo heating pad is everything you could want in a thermotherapy device and more. Flexible, super plush, and fast to heat up, it’s definitely a premium product. Even bigger than other extra-large models, this can cover your entire back, lay it across your lap, or even wrap around your shoulders. It’s also lightweight and great for portability. And it delivers on pain relief to boot.

One drawback of the Utaxo is that it’s not known for being long-lasting. Some users complain that the edging comes unraveled after a few months, while others have reported that it simply stops working after a while. However, many customers found that it more than stood up to the test of time, and a bit of wear and tear is to be expected from a product like this. One way to mitigate the risk of it wearing down is to reduce the frequency of washing it. And just try not to leave it plugged in for extended lengths of time, as that can sometimes damage its efficacy.

Made with double-sided microfiber material, the Utaxo thermotherapy technology is great for relieving deep muscle pain and joint stiffness. You can also use it for moist heat therapy by just wetting the surface of the pad and letting it heat up. Moist therapy can be very effective at targeting intense muscle pain, so finding a heating pad that has this capability is definitely recommended. You’ll be very glad that you did once you experience the pain relief that it can provide.

We did mention that this was an XXL product, even bigger than other XL thermotherapy pads. It’s also easy to store and travel with. Just roll it up and take it where you want to go. It’s machine washable, as well. The electric component comes unplugged so you can throw it in the washing machine. Just do not put it in the dryer. It does heat up within minutes, and of course includes an automatic shutoff timer.

This heating pad comes highly rated by almost every user, and we think it’s a high-quality product. The size allows you to use it in a multitude of ways and provide pain relief and comfort to large areas of your body. It’s easy to wash and super portable. And the ability to use moist heat therapy just makes it a cut above. You really can’t go wrong here.

Covers a large area of your body
Automatic shutoff timer
Double sided microfiber
Machine washable
Moist heat therapy
Heats up quickly

Less durable than some models

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The MIGHT BLISS extra-large heating pad is a versatile, flexible and very efficient product. It hits all the marks, with a super long cord for convenient use, a wide range of temperature settings, and machine washable plush microfiber, just to name a few key features. Fans of this model swear by its benefits. The large area that it covers and flexibility that enables you to use it anywhere on the body, along with the rapid warming, make it a superior choice.

Heating pads can be a finicky technology, and even the best products on the market have problems with malfunctioning, especially early on in the product’s lifetime. However, this one has far fewer reports of malfunction than some of its competitors. Moreover, the company offers a lifetime warranty. So in the event that you’re unlucky enough to end up with a lemon, they will replace the broken product or refund you your money if you just aren’t happy.

To earn a spot as one of the best heating pads on the list, this product of course comes with the moist heat function for that deep tissue relief. And the customizable settings let you make it as warm or intensely hot as you need. It’s known for being great at relieving back pain and cramps. And this one heats up in seconds, so that’s an exceptional feature as well. It penetrates deep into your muscles to really soothe away stiffness and aches.

Because this pad is all one piece, not a plastic mat with a cover or sleeve, it really keeps its form. If you’ve ever had a heating pad that would become deformed and lose its shape after lots of use, then you will appreciate this product’s design. It’s soft and flexible so it doesn’t have that stiff, plastic interior. Wire heat technology is threaded throughout, and the plush, double sided microfiber provides ultimate comfort.

This is one of the most popular heating pads on the market. It definitely lives up to the brand name, because you’ll be sure to experience bliss when using this product. The versatility that it offers, as well as the soft, comfortable design, really put it ahead of its contenders. And with the added bonus of a lifetime warranty, you never have to worry about replacing it when it wears out or if it malfunctions. We feel confident that you’ll be very happy with your purchase.

Double sided microfiber
Heats up quickly
Flexible and soft
Long-lasting, for the most part
Lifetime warranty
Moist heat therapy
Long cord
Customizable heat settings
Automatic shutoff timer

Some issues with malfunctioning, but lifetime warranty negates risk of this

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Here’s another super XXL heating pad that you can drape over your entire back or wrap around your shoulders. These ultra-big models truly provide next level comfort, allowing you to target entire muscle groups and large areas on your body. And the iTeknic boasts super responsive temperature setting capabilities. So it heats up rapidly and will respond to your changes in the settings right away. It’s another superior option in the list.

There really aren’t any downsides to this product, aside from one or two reports from customers who experienced malfunctions shortly after purchasing it. Again, we want to note that heating pads are notorious for glitching out, often early in their lifetime. That’s why finding the brands that have the fewest reports of malfunctions, like this brand, is very important. Also, getting a pad that comes with a lifetime warranty is really a must. And the good news is, the iTeknic comes with one.

Other key features of this product are the dual sided, breathable microfiber material (which is machine washable, of course), the automatic shutoff timer, and the moist heat therapy capabilities. And like we mentioned before, it is enormous, so it can be used in a variety of ways and deliver widespread relief to any part of your body. You’re truly going to love having an XXL pad to wrap around your shoulders or lay across your lap, and experience nearly full body comfort.

The iTecknic comes with 6 temperature ranges. Some heating pads include a variety of settings but really only get warm or scalding hot. This one, however, actually does deliver a customizable experience so you can get warm, scalding hot, and all the settings in between as well. It heats up fast, stays consistently hot throughout use, and automatically turns off after two hours to help conserve energy and avoid any injuries.

Even when they come with a lifetime warranty, you don’t want a heating pad that might just cease to work after only a handful of uses. You won’t need to worry about that with this one. It’s gained a solid reputation for being reliable and durable, while also being super affordable and delivering premium comfort. The size and responsive temperature capabilities are just a few of the features that make this a superior brand.

Double sided microfiber
Machine washable
Gets hot rapidly
Responsive, smart temperature technology
Moist heat therapy
Lightweight, portable
Lifetime warranty


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The thing that makes the MaxKare heating pad stand apart from others is that is wearable. The super unique design wraps around and over the shoulder, with an ergonomic collar and straps to secure it in place around your waist. Unlike a traditional thermotherapy device, you can use this in a variety of positions, and it’s handsfree. So you can be productive even while you soothe your aches.

Numerous customers have reported that the product ceases to work within about 2 months’ time. This is not an overwhelmingly common complaint, however there are enough examples to warrant noting this issue. And without a warranty option, we want you to be cautious when purchasing this product. While it’s an affordable one, you won’t want to waste your money on a heating pad that stops working within a couple of months.

Concerns about durability aside, this is a unique product that might be worth the risk for some people. Instead of microfiber, it’s made with a super soft flannel. So you’ll be very warm and cozy while wearing it. The design is intended for handsfree use, so the collar will close around your neck with magnetic clasps. But it’s loose enough that you won’t feel suffocated by it. And the draping effect of wearing it over your back and shoulders, enhanced by the weighted edges, makes it great for deep penetration of those sore muscles.

Though the shape is primarily designed to wear over your back, it’s actually quite versatile. You can wear it over your lap, drape it across your abdomen, even wrap it around your legs. The controller is handheld and pretty discreet, so it’s easy to adjust your heat settings no matter how you wear the heating pad. And it’s machine washable; just unplug the electric controller from the pad and toss it into a gentle wash cycle. It uses the wire heat technology that allows for flexibility and keeps its shape.

This heating pad has more red flags regarding malfunctioning issues than we would advise you take a risk on. And since it doesn’t come with a comprehensive warranty, we wouldn’t suggest spending your money on this product. However, it does have a unique design and shape that provides benefits you might not get from a traditional model. So if that wearable feature is really important to you, then the risk might be worth it.

Wearable shape
Soft flannel material
Quick to heat up
Machine washable

Known to malfunction
No warranty

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FDA registered as a class 2 medical device, this is another quality heating pad that you can rely on for long-lasting relief. This is also one of the XXL variety, so it’s big enough to wrap around your torso, shoulders, and even lay over your back like a blanket. That feature alone makes it one of the better options on the list, but what makes it even more superior than the others is the patented ultra-thin wire technology. Overall, it’s a high-quality product.

This heating pad has garnered some negative feedback about malfunctioning early on after purchase. But with the 18-month standard warranty, you can get a replacement or refund if you have issues. You can extend the warranty after 18 months as well. The company does get solid ratings on customer service, so if you do have problems you’ll be able to rest assured that the customer support will be helpful.

We mentioned the ultra-thin wiring above, and that’s really one of the premium features on this heating pad. It’s incredibly flexible and functions more like a blanket than a stiff, traditional version might. The wires are evenly distributed throughout, so you won’t have to deal with hot spots or shifting throughout use. You can easily roll it up to take it with you when you travel, and it’s machine washable like most.

There are 6 different temperature ranges available, and it will restart automatically to retain a consistent temperature. After two hours, it does shutoff automatically for safety and energy conservation. Additionally, it can be used for moist heat therapy. The extra long cord is another beneficial feature that ranks this model toward the front of the pack.

The usual complaints about heating pads apply to the Sable model. We do recommend getting the extended warranty after the 18-month standard warranty finishes, however the issues with malfunctions typically occur within a few months of purchase. We would recommend this device to anyone looking for an extra-large surface and responsive temperature controls. The thin wire technology makes it a cut above the rest.

Ultra-thin wiring
Moist heat therapy
Consistent temperature
Long cord
Lightweight and portable
Machine washable
FDA registered
18-month warranty, with option to extend

Occasionally faulty shortly after purchase

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9.Cure Choice

The Cure Choice electric heating pad is great for soothing sore muscles and feels great against your skin. It heats within seconds and offers 3 ranges of temperature settings. One thing about the Cure Choice compared to others is that it is available in a variety of colors and patterns, so it has an edge when it comes to aesthetics. With the included travel bag, it’s a good value as well.

The Cure Choice heating pad may be affordable, but it also might be a poor-quality product. There are many reports of it just not getting very warm at all, and certainly not warm enough to provide healing qualities to sore muscles. When shopping for a heating pad, finding a product that can actually function the one way it’s intended to is a pretty important consideration. With so many premium products to choose from, we aren’t sure why someone would want to take a chance on this potentially pointless model.

Like its competitors, it is made with an ultra-soft microfiber material, and it can provide moist heat therapy (assuming it warms up enough to do so). The flexible design and included storage pouch earn it points on portability, but you won’t want to bring it anywhere if it isn’t functioning properly. It’s machine washable, and it has an automatic shutoff timer.

If you manage to get one that does heat up like it’s supposed to, then it’s great for lower back pain and abdominal cramps. The cord is 10 feet long, so it’s convenient to use. Unlike some of the more premium varieties out there, this one only has 3 temperature ranges to choose from, and they don’t provide the most precise temperature controls. If you do get one that actually heats up, your range won’t be very wide between the intensity of low, medium and high.

We think you’re better off steering clear of this heating pad. With so many options that are only slightly more expensive than this brand, it seems like an unnecessary risk to hope you’ll end up with a product that works. Just save your money and buy a from a brand that has a solid reputation and also a reliable and lengthy warranty for peace of mind just in case. This one just isn’t worth the risk.

Travel pouch included
10-foot power cord
Microfiber material
Machine washable

Frequent malfunctions
Often does not even heat up

Check It Out On Amazon


The Geniani model is a standard, no frills heating pad. And the company stands behind their product by offering a 5-year, no questions asked warranty. If you’re not happy, they’ll refund your payment in full or deliver you a brand-new one. The 100% guarantee and superior customer service give this heating pad a big boost. Moreover, it really does seem to be a reliable, durable and effective thermotherapy device.

One big drawback to this product is that it doesn’t always get hot enough. Some users complain that lukewarm is about the best they got from it, which is certainly not hot enough to do any good. However, the company will send you a replacement if you have any issues. And it isn’t difficult to request your replacement; just email the company and they’ll get the process started. That guarantee really takes the risk out of it.

Aside from the small percentage of folks who didn’t get a fully functioning product, nearly everyone who has used this heating pad swears by it. The technology inside the pad provides a form fitting function, so you can mold it to any body part and really target the heat where you need it. Plus, the microfiber material is ultra-soft and comfortable. And of course, it can be used for moist heat therapy as well.

Among the many standard features, the Geniani includes an automatic shutoff after two hours of use. It’ll heat up within seconds and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the duration of its use. It does only have 3 temperature ranges, but it seems to deliver a true range in intensity. Low means low, medium is medium, and hot is hot. You can count on it with this heating pad, unlike other brands where the temperature differential is slight or nonexistent.

Geniani stands behind their product with a 5-year warranty because they believe in it. And that’s clearly because they’ve developed a reliable heating pad. You can trust that it’ll last; if it doesn’t, you’ll get your money back. Good for targeting and pinpointing areas of chronic pain, it’s form fitting and quick to heat up. You’d be making a safe investment buying one of these.

Microfiber material
Machine washable
5-year warranty
Affordable – great value
Quick to heat up
Moist heat therapy

Temperature issues, but warranty covers this problem

Check It Out On Amazon

Buyer’s Guide:How To Choose The Best Heating Pad

Thermotherapy is great for easing sore muscles after a long workout or soothing chronic pain in your tissues and joints. Abdominal cramps can also be greatly eased with the aid of a nice heating pad. Heat therapy is proven to relax muscles, improve blood flow, and reduce inflammation. But finding a quality heating pad that won’t just stop working after a handful of uses can be tough. You also want to make sure you choose a model that will work for your specific needs, and one that is safe and not hazardous. There are many different brands and models on the market, so we put together this helpful guide to make it easier for you to pick a quality heating pad. You don’t want to waste your money, so there are several key things to consider when shopping for the right one. Before you make a purchase, make sure you’ve considered these tips first.

Type of Heating Pad

Before you start shopping around, you should determine what type of heating pad is best for you. There are several technologies that provide a variety of therapeutic benefits.

  • Electric

These are the most standard variety. Typically using a type of wiring threaded into the pad, electric heating pads will plug into the wall and heat up in response to the setting on the controller. Obviously they require a power source, but this allows you to use them continuously without hassle. However, one drawback of this kind of heating pad is that they can dehydrate your skin, so prolonged use isn’t recommended.

  • Infrared

This style of heating pad uses infrared radiation to mimic the heat of the sun. Unlike an electric heating pad, infrared models aren’t going to dehydrate you, and there’s much less risk of burns or other hazards. However, they do use radiation, so be sure you get a model that provides EMF protection to keep you safe from the risks of radiation.

  • Moist heat

Usually moist heat pads are microwavable, and they contain a conductor that uses moist air to penetrate sore muscles and ease stiffness. But one thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to keep reheating them for continuous use so they’re not as convenient as electric or infrared heating pads. You can find electric models that will provide moist heat therapy functions; just sprinkle water along the surface and you’ll achieve the same benefits as a simple moist heat pad, with the added benefit of convenience.

Heat settings

Getting a heating pad that provides a wide, consistent range of temperatures is recommended. The best models will have precision temperature settings that offer a wide range in intensities. You don’t want a heating pad that only gets lukewarm and scalding hot. Additionally, there are heating pads that just don’t get hot enough to actually provide any relief at all. So investing in a quality brand with a range of intensities is important.

Another thing to consider is how fast it heats up and whether the temp remains consistent. Many products boast fast warming capabilities, but they often fall short of these claims. And there are also many brands that can’t stay consistently hot throughout the duration of their use.

Material and Size

Consider where on your body you’ll be using the it. Many are multipurpose and work great soothing injuries on any body part, while others are best used to pinpoint precise areas, like the neck or back.

Size plays a role in this regard. If you need to sooth large muscle groups across your back or legs, for example, you’d do well to invest in an extra-large heating pad that can provide evenly distributed relief along a large surface. If you really need to address lower back pain, a small electric heating pad that can form fit to the contours of your body would be best.

Materials range from flannel to polyester to plush microfibers. Be sure to pick a product with the material that’ll give you the most comfort. If you’ll just be sitting on the heating pad, the plushness of the material might matter a bit less.

Length of power cord

Think about where you’ll be using the heating pad. If you’ll be sitting on the couch, is there an outlet nearby? Or will you need to rearrange your living room just to get your heating pad plugged into the wall? Many brands come with power cords that are extra long in order to address this precise concern. If you live in a small space or you don’t foresee this being an issue, you don’t need to bother finding a heating pad with a long power cord. But it is an added bonus just in case.

Safety Concerns

Heating pads can be very hazardous to your health. They are also potential fire hazards. For this reason, be sure to choose a heating pad that comes with an automatic shutoff timer. Often people will fall asleep while using their heating pads and this can lead to third-degree burns. Any prolonged use is a health risk. So be sure that your heating pad will turn off automatically should you fall asleep or forget to turn it off.

Also, there are risks with the heating pad malfunctioning and causing damage to your home or furniture. The plastic controllers can overheat and melt into your carpet or couch, and the power cord can short out and cause a small fire. You should steer clear of products that have a higher record of these events. But just keep in mind that even the most premium models can pose a risk to your health and safety, so use them with caution.


The technology behind heating pads is far from foolproof. There are often issues, even with the top of line models, where they stop working after a handful of uses or just a few months. Sometimes they just don’t heat up like they are supposed to or they get way too hot no matter the chosen temperature setting. Whatever the reason, it’s common enough that many manufacturers will include limited or even lifetime warranties. You should only get a brand that has a warranty; you could end up with a lemon and you don’t want to waste your money. Warranties take the risk out of the purchase and give you peace of mind.

The Conclusion

When it comes to sore muscles, cramps, and joint pain, heating pads can be phenomenal pain relievers. If you’re looking for a high-quality heating pad that will ease aches and pains, it’s important to be educated about the benefits and drawbacks of each product. So be sure to keep all of these tips in mind when you make a purchase to ensure you get one that’ll work for you. The type of therapy, the size and shape, and the heat settings that will work best for you will depend on the type of ailment you aim to treat, and it never hurts to talk to your doctor first. Safety features are a vital consideration; but always use caution no matter what. And protecting yourself from losing money on faulty products is easy enough by choosing only products that offer a good warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Using this guide, you can’t go wrong finding a high-quality, safe heating pad.

Sagi Shiffer
Sagi Shiffer
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