10 Best Hand Warmers

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    I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

    ” A big challenge in the winter time in the cold temperatures is trying to keep your hands warm especially if you’re doing some outdoors activities like skiing, hunting, fishing or snow shoveling ”

    Do you feel annoyed because of the frozen hands in winter? Yes, well in such case hand warmers are the best choice for you.  Small (mostly disposable) packages are hand-heaters that generate heat to hot, chilly palms upon request. We often use them outdoor. Additional kinds of warmers for muscle or joint aches supply relaxing heat. Hand warmers can last 10-13 hours depending on the sort and the origin of the heat.

    Best Hand Warmers Reviewed

    We’ve compiled a list of the best hand warmers reviewed to beat cold hands and keep your fingers warm & toasty in the winter extreme cold weather:


    Zippo is a reusable hand warmer produced by the American Zippo Manufacturing Company, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA. As an excellent choice for warming your hands, Zippo is a rechargeable dual-sided device. The company promises top-notch products with good quality assurance. This device enables you to get your hands warm in severe chilly weather conditions.

    Having cold hands, everyone would prefer the quickest way possible to get them warmed up. In the case of recharging, Zippo lacks to provide this facility to you. It takes a lot of time to recharge. This drawback makes it less likable. The short battery life of this product forces you to charge it again and again. The fact that you cannot use it while it is on a charge also puts this product back. The device is also non-durable. Due to the bigger size of this warmer, many people find it uncomfortable to use.

    Zippo electric rechargeable hand warmers are much bigger than expected. You can use the Zippo more than once, as it is not disposable. It is dual-sided and will provide heat up to 40-degree centigrade. The 1900mAh battery is enough to support such a device, but its battery time in actual is quite short. The features like battery and heat indicator make this device convenient for using. Each article is approximately 4”tall x 2 3/4” wide. It comes with a safety fabric bag for storing it while using it.

    The idea behind the Zippo  hand warmer is that it becomes a catalyst, based on a catalyst chemical response to split molecules and generate warmth through burning (ignition) of zippo fluid. The fact that it is a gas-consuming tool also implies oxygen consumption and carbon monoxide production.

    Zippo will overall impress you as a genuine quality product. With its elegant look and classy glance, the warmer is successful in creating a great impression. It is rechargeable and features a powerful battery so that you can use it conveniently.

    Re-chargeable 1900mAh battery
    Provides heat up to 45°C
    Battery and heat indicator lights

    Long charge time
    Cannot be used while charging
    Short battery life

    Check It Out On Amazon

    2.Hot SnapZ

    Hot Snapz, an excellent product by the company enables you to use these convenient and comfortable reusable hand warmers more than once. The brand aims to provide you the best of their skills and increase their portfolio with the launch of extraordinary items. It always occurs when you first use Hot SnapZ; you would want to share its heat, convenience, and joy with your entire household, colleagues, and colleagues.

    However, this warmer possesses some severe drawbacks. You may notice that the activation of this item starts without your own will. Doesn’t that sound bad? There is also a risk of chemical leakage that can harm you if it gets in contact with your skin. However, it states that it will last longer, the Hot SpanZ doesn’t last long and get cold in a shorter period. This factor creates a non-promising sample.

    Hot SnapZ, however, provides you with the facility of instant heat up to 130 degrees F. This hand warmer also doesn’t require electricity for reuse. You have to boil them, and then you can use them again. The company also offers a lifetime warranty for this product. The fact that you can use them again by just boiling them appeals to the people. As these pads are not rigid solid, they are comparatively more comfortable to use.

    The chemical in Hot SnapZ is a reliable and autonomous response. When used as specified, considerably the temperature at which Hot SnapZ operates is non-burning. Hot SnapZ reusable palm warmers and filling covers comprise a tiny steel disc and sodium acetate.

    Hot SnapZ pocket warmer, being a comparatively comfortable choice without the stress of battery time, can work efficiently for you. The product does not need any electricity and offers a lifetime warranty. You just have to boil or microwave it for reusing.

    Instant heat up to 130 degrees F
    No electricity needed
    Lifetime warranty

    Can be activated without your will
    The risk for leakage of chemical
    Doesn’t last long

    Check It Out On Amazon

    3.Hot Hands

    Hot hands, a name worthy of the trust. The creators of this product have truly set a benchmark by their exceptional quality and incredibly hard work. With the motto, “Don’t hibernate, love winter, the company promises to deliver its best to the consumers. Many styles are available that the company has designed especially for your hands, feet, and body.

    Hot hands is a disposable, single-use item. Unlike the rechargeable ones, you cannot use them more than once. The product takes a lot of time to heat up, which produces a little inconvenience for the costumers. You have to shake it many times to get started. It is not a good idea to put them in your boots or windproof gloves as they do not get heated without oxygen. As they are air-activated, they won’t provide you the perfect amount of warmth in an enclosed place like inside boots or gloves.

    Hot hands, an eco-friendly warmer serves you up to 10 hours of long-lasting heat. That’s pretty long. The long-lasting nature adds a plus point to the overall reputation of this product. Hot hands are one of the most famous sets of hand warmers. They are both air-activated and odorless. The product is entirely safe to use. You can dispose of it by throwing it away with the regular garbage.

    The max level of heat it provides is 158 degrees F. That is a hot temperature for giving warmth to your hands in the winter season. Hot Hands are the sector standard of hand and body warmers and the support they get by the overwhelming consensus of favorable feedback. From every bag, you can predict approximately 8 hours of heat.

    As one of the most popular choices in warmers, Hot Hands rule many hearts. You may not find it worthy as they are a single-use item, but they are inexpensive as well. Convenient to use and activate, these air-activated warmers are also environmentally friendly.

    Air-activated heat packs
    Long-lasting up to 10 hours of heat
    Max. temp: 158 degrees F

    Single-use item
    Take a lot of time to heat up
    Do not produce much heat without oxygen

    Check It Out On Amazon


    Grabber is a massive name in the business. The company operates as one of the best suppliers of hand warmers. The brand urges in providing a quality-oriented and comfortable product to the consumers. Grabber is a Heatmax Inc. subsidiary with a registered office located in Osaka, Japan, in Kobayashi. These companies together represent the world’s biggest air-activated warmers and delivery business in the world.

    Grabber is a single-use, disposable item. You cannot use it more than once. The product also lacks a long-lasting characteristic. The company mentions that the hand warmer lasts for more than 20 hours. But, it fails to deliver the promised period. Even though it is disposable, the product should have been made to last longer.

    The standard air-activated hand warmers are Grabbers, which are omnipresent in ski fields throughout the region. Open the plastic bag, shake the warmer, and wait for them to heat up in less than five minutes. They squeeze into the hand of your ski gloves at 2 to 3.5 inches.
    Grabber is an air-activated, TSA approved product. IT is both environmentally friendly and safe to use. Grabber is odorless and provides the right amount of heat for your hands. Gabber, being air-activated, oxygen is essential for their activation. The process of Grabber Warmers has been perfected to produce heat from 100 degrees F to 180 degrees F.

    The Grabber warmers have natural ingredients which respond to produce heat when subjected to air. A process of rapid oxidation makes it possible. The ingredients are iron powder, water, salt, charcoal enabled, and vermiculite. As these warmers include natural ingredients, they are incredibly safe for the environment.

    TSA approved and safe to use, Grabber holds the potential to serve you the best. The eco-friendly nature and amount of maximum heat it delivers make it amazing and appealing to use. However, you should always keep its lesser lasting life in mind.

    Air activated
    TSA approved
    Max. heat: 180 degrees C

    Single-use item
    Won’t last long

    Check It Out On Amazon

    5.The Outdoors Way

    The Outdoors Way is undoubtedly a name with an excellent reputation. You can trust this company as they are incredibly famous in the field of making sports gear. The company produces high-quality products and has successfully increased its line-up with the addition of their fantastic hand warmers. You’re always looking for the best products to enjoy life outside. You can always count on this company for this purpose as they work to deliver the best to give you the best outdoor experience.

    The only flaw this brand holds is its non-durable nature. The Outdoors Way warmer is less durable and fails to create a perfect impression on the consumers. This drawback pushes the product slightly backward. Other than the durability issue, this hand warmer possesses ideal advantages.

    The product is rechargeable with a powerful lithium-ion 7800mAh battery. As the warmer holds a powerful battery, it can provide you with heat for a longer span. It also possesses a power bank; you can charge your phone with is as well. The package also includes a carry pouch. The odorless nature of this model makes it more appealing.

    If you choose to buy the pink one, it donates 5 percent of the profit for breast cancer. That is a lovely gesture from the company. What is more satisfying than charity? The product is capable of assisting people who have circulation difficulties or Raynaud’s. The product has proved as one of the best electric hand warmers.

    Allowing you an anonymous way to participate in charity for a great cause, the outdoors way has genuinely taken the standard of this version high. With its powerful battery, you can use this product quite comfortably.

    7800mAh battery
    115 degrees F


    Check It Out On Amazon

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    Did you know that there are some effective ways to use hand warmers? The Comlife is a portable and convenient way to warm your hands through the use of modern-day battery technology. You will be surprised at how long the charge will last for your comfort. Use if for traveling, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, cycling, and climbing. It is so convenient and useful you will want to keep it handy all winter long.

    There are some words of caution about this device. It is not possible to use the heat while the Comlife is charging. It would be useful if only this device has a car charger as well. The device can heat up to 130 f, so care must be taken in delicate areas such as behind the knees or against your face. This device is not waterproof, so you must take shelter in the rain or snow.

    The Comlife has a charging time of 2 to 3 hours with a working time of 4 to 8 hours depending on the temperature and the setting you use. There are 4 settings from 94 F to 130F. Its round, smooth shape makes it comfortable in your hand. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. Put it in your pocket to maintain heat inside your fleece sweater jacket. The Comlife can also be used as a phone charger using the USB port. It is more environmentally friendly than the chemical hand warmers that can be used one time only.

    Another important use of this hand warmer is for Health conditions that cause chronic pain. The hand warmer on a low setting can work all day long, relieving pain in the hands or joints through its heating ability.

    With such a great cost for the Comlife warmers, there is no reason to have cold hands ever again. You may want to order 2 devices to keep in both of your pockets while you are fishing or watching that fall football game.

    Good price
    Charging time 2 – 3 hours
    Heating time 4 – 8 hours.
    Can be used as a phone charger too
    4 settings of warmth 94F to 130F

    No heating option, while it is charging
    Can get hot so care must be taken in delicate areas such as behind your knees
    Not waterproof
    Some people find it large to carry around

    Check It Out On Amazon

    7.Energy Flux

    The brand, Human Creations have launched Energy Flux, a genuine and fantastic hand warmer. With this release, the company has expanded their domain even wider. The company never compromises on the quality to deliver you the best. Huma Creations™, a professional brand always looks to improve the wellbeing of others and provide modern solutions to your needs. The company never compromises on its commitment to a high standard of customer care before and after your purchase.

    The Energy Flux by Human Creations does possess two main flaws. The first one is about the power button. It has a sensitive power button that can activate the warmer accidentally. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Other than this, the warmer also doesn’t last as long as the expectations. The less lasting nature disappoints the consumers.

    The warmer is double-sided, providing you a maximum of 115 degrees F heat. It has a 2 in 1 USB power band and is a rechargeable device. It enables you to charge other devices through it as well. Having one year of warranty, the product frees you from any risky concerns while buying. The battery of this device is mighty as well as it is of 5200mAh.

    Energy flux by Human Creations is a compact and decent looking device that operates to provide you comfort and convenience. The people with Raynaud’s syndrome can take help from this device as it provides warmth to your hands if the climate is cold. Other than its two drawbacks, the device still manages to compete in the market with its amazing features.

    You may find Energy as a great choice considering all of the benefits it offers. Featuring a powerful battery, this rechargeable hand warmer can provide you the best results. However, the duration of its warmth is not too long.

    115 degrees F
    2 in 1 USB power bank
    1-year warranty
    5200mAh battery

    Sensitive power button
    Doesn’t last long

    Check It Out On Amazon


    Do you have a condition that results in pain in your hands? Are you always complaining about cold hands? Are you tired of using the chemical hand warmers? The Jomst can assist you with all of these issues. It can effectively warm your hands with its 3 levels of heat for hours. And it can be used over and over.

    Unfortunately, there is only 1 hand warmer in the package. Some individuals expected a pair of hand warmers. The Jomst is not waterproof, so you cannot use it in the rain or snowy conditions unless you are careful to keep it dry. Also, it does not produce heat while charging. It comes with an AC charger, but a DC charger option for the car would be appreciated. Some people found the written directions confusing.

    The double-sided hand warmer has 3 levels of heat ranging from 95 F to 131 F. It can also charge your phone and other small devices. It is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, where you can turn it on to keep your core warm as well. Some individuals extend the length of heating time by warming their hands and then turning the device off until they need to warm their hands again.

    Take the Jomst along in situations in which you have had discomfort before. Perhaps your hands get cold while waiting to catch fish in the ice hut. Or maybe you need to warm your hands while shoveling your driveway to complete the task in one try. Or you may get cold hands while driving your car. It is a convenient way to make yourself comfortable during the long cold winter.

    The Jomst is available at a very reasonable price. It is convenient and reusable as long as you remember to charge the device after each use. It is small enough to stash in your pocket or glove compartment of your vehicle ready for use.

    Good price
    3 levels of heat from 95 F to 131 F
    Can charge phones
    Charges in 2 hours
    Double sided heating
    Comes in 3 colors – black, blue and pink

    Is not waterproof
    Only 1 warmer, need to buy 2 for both pockets
    A DC charger for the car would be appreciated
    Directions are confusing

    Check It Out On Amazon


    Letouch, with its exceptional services, offers you one of the best products. Being extremely reliable, the company is known for its high-quality and precision in work. The brand puts up great hard work behind every product and promises to deliver its best.

    Coming to the durability of this warmer, it has genuinely disappointed us. Letouch is non-durable and has received many charging complaints. However, the device is rechargeable; there are several problems with its charging. At first, it is perfect, but with time passing, many issues will start to rise, and you’ll face difficulty is charging your device. Many complaints about Letouch state that it was defective.

    The device is available in many colors. You can buy the one which suits best to your taste. It is rechargeable and comes with a powerful battery of 5200mAh. The maximum amount of heat this product will provide you is 131 degrees F. Letouch is a fully designed model that is rich in features for a longer-lasting experience.

    The device also comes with an automatic ability to turn off after one hour to save energy. You can also use this device as a power bank to charge many other devices, such as your phone. The look of this product is also pretty decent. Its glance adds to the overall reputation of the product.

    Letouch offers you great warmth in winter, coupled with a powerful battery. The many colors and stylish design of this hand rechargeable hand warmer present an attractive look. The non-durability is the only disturbing factor in this product,

    Available in several colors
    5200mAh battery
    Max heat: 131 degrees F

    Charging problems

    Check It Out On Amazon

    10.Hot to Go

    The Hot to Go warmers are reusable and non-electronic warming packs. Drop the packs into boiling water and use them. If you buy 4, you will receive 4 for free. They are very convenient for anyone who uses warmth to relieve an ongoing condition. There is no need to worry about recharging any batteries. The packs are very soft and pliable to bring the heat to different contours you may need, such as across your neck or under your knee.

    But some individuals found a problem with the quality control as some packs were leaking on their arrival or after only a short time of use. The warming period is quite restricted when compared to other methods for warm packs. They will last for about 1 hour. However, at that point, you just need to drop them into boiling water again, and they are ready to use. This is a method you can use when at home, but it is unlikely this method will be successful in many other places.

    Ease your muscle pain, joint pain, and any other pain with these ecofriendly warmers. For extended heat, just use a pot of boiling water for another hour of relief. They fit so comfortably into various areas of your body. Wrap them around your neck, place them on the inside of your elbow, or place them on your lower back. There are no hard edges to cause you any discomfort. Slide them in your pocket or mitts to keep your hands warm when you venture outside. Divers like them as these packs can be immersed in water without any problem.

    To keep these Hot to Go warmers for a long time, keep them in the liquid state. Put them in an insulated container or bag and use them as you need them throughout the day. If you encounter a problem with the product contact customer service for a replacement. The Hot to Go hand warmers are non-toxic, and FDA certified. They have a 1-year warranty.

    These very convenient hand warmers are ecofriendly as they are reusable. You need access to boiling water but there is no need for electricity. They are very suitable for outdoor activities where you have access to a BBQ or gas stove so you can boil water. Live off the grid, but keep yourself comfortable. The Hot to Go are very economical, especially when you consider that you pay for 4 packs and receive 4 for free.

    Reasonable price
    Waterproof and can be used for diving
    Conforms to your body for maximum benefit
    Reuse by placing in boiling water
    Non-toxic and FDA certified
    Ecofriendly alternative to other methods
    Buy 4, get 4 for free
    1-year warranty

    Heat lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour
    Reuse requires boiling water
    Some packs leak when they arrive or after a short time of usage

    Check It Out On Amazon

    Hand Warmer Buyer’s Guide: What to look for when buying?

    When you are about to make a purchase regarding a hand warmer, there are certain things you need to consider. Here, we are providing you the ultimate buyer’s guide so that it is convenient for you to choose which one to buy. Consider how soon you need warmth outside and pick the warmer brand accordingly.

    Length of heat

    Of course, the reason you are purchasing a hand warmer is to keep your hands warm. So, one of the most significant variables is its length of heat. Depending on the thermal source used, there are substantial differences.
    *Battery Warmers: 2.5 – 7 hours
    *Chemical: 6-12 hours
    *Catalytic: 6-10 hours


    However, the reusable ones are much expensive; they still do better and last longer. If you can afford the one that you can reuse, we consider it is the best. Otherwise, you can have a disposable one as it holds the benefit of low pricing.


    The range of temperature is essential to consider while choosing to buy a hand warmer. Battery warmer usually doesn’t get as warm as a warmer with petrol or chemical response. You should expect a little over 100 ° F and up to 130F in the bottom range.
    Rechargeable heaters are generally versatile and offer two heat adjustments whereas, one catalytic and disposable, both have only one temperature.

    Assess your needs

    How you choose a hand warmer will depend heavily on your lifestyle. You can select a rechargeable hand warmer when you are in the cold every day, throughout the day. You might choose a simple set of disposable chemical hand warmers if you are on a one-time skiing trip. Look at a couple of circumstances:

    Skiing Every Weekend

    If your palms are always cold, you’ll want to have chemical palm warmer inside with you. They’re the only tiny and versatile option that fits in a glove. This will cost around one buck per hand warmer, but only a warm glove is the alternative option.
    If you only have your hands cold sometimes, you can choose to use a rechargeable hand warmer that you can want to switch off until situations get really cold.The tutorial below can help you use  them perfectly.

    Commuting to Work

    When you’re off to work, you would want to warm up your hands instantly when you are in the way of either going or coming back. In such a case, rechargeable palm temperatures are the most excellent option, as electricity is available and the long-term expense of hand heating is fast.

    Classy Meeting or Persona

    You may consider the classic Zippo hand warmer if you really want to attend a winter wedding in a classy way or a cold-weather meeting. It’s smart, stylish and has a slight “lumberjack” glance. In combination with the right dress, this can give the impression that you know how to give a classy look.

    Hand Warmers FAQs

    Are you annoyed with the frozen hands in winter? Sure, the best choice for you is investing in a high quality hand warmers in such a situation. Small packets are hand warmers that produce warmth upon request. They are typically reusable. They are extremely helpful to be used outside. Additional types of muscle or hand warmers provide heat that is relaxing.

    How long do hand warmers last?

    Several hand warmers are available out there in the market. Depending on the source of heat, hand warmers vary in their lasting time. Typically, hand warmers that use chemicals last the longest. On average, the best hand warmers last up to 10 or 12 hours.

    Are hand warmers flammable?

    Many air-activated hands heater pads may be brought in luggage or in checked baggage without being controlled as dangerous materials for transport. They are not flammable at all and safe to use. However, for carry-on and managed luggage, hand warming equipment utilizing fuel is banned as they are highly flammable.

    Are hand warmers toxic?

    No records are known of the ingestion of elementary iron and iron oxides, triggering iron toxicity, and no evidence is available on penetration, extraction, harmful effects, and exposure in humans following the unintentional ingestion of hand warmers.

    Are hand warmers dangerous?

    You should never actually contact the body with warmers. The chemical process in the pad is designed to keep your fingers and toes warm in extremely cold conditions, so direct skin contact can lead to the burning of your skin.

    The Bottom Line

    Choosing between a wide range is not an easy job at all. Know your priorities, asses your requirements, and consider some essential points before buying a particular hand warmer. We are hopeful that by now, you can choose the best.

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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