7 Best Gaming Gloves for Gamers or Sweaty Hands

7 Best Gaming Gloves for Gamers or Sweaty Hands

Looking for the right gaming gloves with compression for sweaty hands. Also, if you’re an avid gamer, whether on PC, console, or mobile devices, you may benefit from a pair of quality gamer glove. I remember the first time I went on a gaming binge. I had to take little breaks because my thumbs were throbbing and my hands did not stop sweating.

“If you’ve ever gone on a binge and struggled to perform as well later on because the controller got a little moist which made it more difficult to use, then you should pay attention.”

Gamers Glove for Sweaty Hands

Gaming gloves are designed to solve a couple of issues that gamers face, especially after long hours of gameplay and sweaty hands. For one, they help to wick sweat and keep your hands dry. In conjunction with this, they are often designed with special grips inside to help prevent your controller or mouse from slipping out of your hands. There are also gaming gloves engineered to prevent injury and strain on your wrists and the muscles in your hands, because persistent conditions like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are often caused by long-term fine motor activities.

Gaming gloves, like cleats with soccer, aren’t entirely necessary but they do give you a better experience. Your hands are given better grip, kept at a constant temperature, and are kept as dry as possible to create the optimum environment for you to perform in.

Best Gaming Gloves Reviewed

We looked into some of the best gaming gloves reviewed for extra support & dexterity to help you improve your skills by preventing sweaty hands and injuries:

1.Foamy Lizard

Foamy Lizard gaming gloves are designed to help you grip your controller for hours on end without the annoyance of slipping caused by sweaty hands. If you play for hours, you’re probably no stranger to sweaty palms. The point of these gaming gloves is to keep your hands dry and cool and to provide a traction grip for a stable hold on that controller. They’re designed with console controllers in mind, but they would also work for PC gamers who struggle with the same problem.

Experiences with this gloves were certainly mixed, and the complaints varied. Some users proclaimed that these gaming gloves actually made the sweating worse, leading to a more uncomfortable experience than playing without them. Largely though, the complaints centered on the fit. They are on the snug side, and the fingers can be too short for some people. This likely contributes to the issues with sweat, because if they’re too tight they just won’t be breathable. Other user complaints had to do with manufacturing errors and overall durability, so that’s also something to keep in mind.

They are made with a soft, stretchy material and are made to fit comfortably when you get the correct size for your hands. The breathable elastic is sweat wicking to keep your hands dry and your grip strong. Unlike other gaming gloves, the fingers are exposed to allow for a full tactile experience as well as flexibility to quickly move your fingers during the heat of gameplay. Just be sure to measure your hand width first to ensure they’ll fit as intended.

The palms are lined with a hexagonal rubber traction you can play for hours without the controller slipping. They are universally compatible with all controllers and gamepads. Some users have noted that the placement of the grip pattern is meant to conform to where your palm meets the controller, so if your grip tends to be more focused in the center portion of your hand, closer to your fingers, the traction may not have much impact. But regardless, the barrier of fabric may still help with the issue of sweaty hands.

Despite the mixed opinions, we would recommend these gaming gloves to anyone on a budget looking for a product to help enhance their video game experience. If you’re able to get the right size, these are likely to provide comfort and support for hours of gameplay. Customer service has solid reviews as well, so on the off chance your pair isn’t up to the standard, it can be resolved. Whatever kind of console you play on, if you want to do it longer and better then you should give these gaming gloves a try.

Hexagonal traction coating on palms
Anti-sweat material
Universally compatible
Exposed fingers and thumb
Flexible with proper fit
Great customer service

Only two sizes
Some manufacturing issues
Not super durable

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2.Sparco Hypergrip

Sparco’s Hypergrip gaming gloves are specifically designed for sim racing. For improved hold on your steering wheel, a pair of solid sim racing gloves is probably a worthwhile accessory. The Hypergrips are a cool red and black design with a sleek profile. They’re built to keep your grip firm and prevent potential injury to your hands. However, it’s unclear whether they really deliver on either of those.Sparco Hypergrip is one of the best SIM racing gloves available on budget for newbies.

The feedbacks of these gaming gloves were pretty controversial. The negative experiences seemed to far outweigh the positive ones, and complaints ranged from minor to pretty scathing. Many people report problems with manufacturing and quality control. Problems with seams ripping and the fabric just not holding up to use were common. Overall, our take is that they seem pretty poorly made and likely to have issues with durability.

They’re made for sim racing steering wheels but could also be utilized for console controllers as well. Convertible fingertips on the index fingers and thumbs are intended for controller mode to allow precise pressure on buttons. But the convertible tips are the component that seems to have the most common issue with ripping and detaching, so they may not be “convertible” for very long. They also boast “touch sensitive” tips, but it’s not clear if they truly are.

Made with a perforated microfiber on the palms, they’re supposed to provide lots of ventilation but with a secure hold. Additionally, there is padding in the palms to help reduce impact and allow you to play for long hours. The stretchy material throughout the rest of the design is lightweight to keep your hands cool and prevent sweating. But again, the highly negative reviews put these claims in question.

The point of gaming gloves is to improve your grip and make your gameplay stronger. However, it’s unclear whether this brand is able to provide that. While they may look cool and promise to prevent your hands from slipping, there’s little evidence of their value. And for the cost, we think you’re probably better off taking a pass on these.

Sleek appearance
Perforated microfiber for ventilation
Stretch fabric for comfort
Convertible thumb and index fingertips

Low quality

Check It Out On Amazon

3.Exco VIP

Unlike the gaming gloves that are designed to improve grip, the EXCO VIP gaming gloves are specifically engineered to deliver support and prevent injury. Extensive use of computers can lead to many conditions in the wrist and hand, such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s what this brace is made to help prevent. With features made for support and comfort, PC gamers can play longer without strain or long-term damage.

The primary issue with this gaming glove is the material being incompatible with mousepads. The fabric of the brace rubs against the fabric of the mousepad which creates friction and slows movements. Also, the constant friction can cause both the mousepad and the glove to wear down. A smooth surface or coating on the underside would eliminate this problem, but otherwise you may need to consider looking into a different mousepad that’ll be a more compatible fabric.

A gel insert on the underside of the wrist gives comfort and support to your mouse hand and lets you play even longer. Relieving that pressure will help prevent injury as well. The ergonomic design provides maximum wrist support, while the stretchy neoprene will help brace the rest of your wrist and the base of your palm. Bolstering protection to the muscles and tendons in your wrist and hand, this product will ensure you can play longer and with far more comfort.

The neoprene is also intended to be breathable and lightweight, so your hand won’t overheat. And the stitching along the seams, particularly in the hole for your thumb, is soft and non-irritating. You won’t lose any flexibility with the open fingers, so clicking and typing won’t be inhibited. The brace doesn’t cover your palm, so this gaming glove isn’t going to help with sweating and slipping on the mouse. But it will provide security and comfort for your wrist.

All in all this gaming wrist brace does what it’s meant to do; protect your wrists and hands from injuries or strain. Aside from issues with fabric creating friction on mousepad, it’s a solid purchase. We would definitely recommend EXCO VIP gaming gloves to anyone who plays PC games for significant durations of time. The gel padding and stretchy brace will keep you comfortable and safe from injury.

Soft gel padding for support
Open fingers for flexibility
Neoprene material
True to size
Prevents injury

Fabric rubs against mouse pad
Not so breathable

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Mobile gamers will want to give these Glider touch screen gaming gloves a look. Copper-infused and insulated, you can use your touch screen devices anywhere and in any season without your fingers freezing off. And for non-gamers as well, these are a functional winter accessory that will allow you to use your phone while keeping your hands toasty and warm. Many touch screen capable gloves only have the touch technology in the fingertips, but these are infused throughout so all parts of the hand will work on the screen.

The biggest complaint about these are that they don’t last. The conductivity from the copper that makes them work with touch screens seems to wear off after some time. Some users report that the conductivity only lasts for a few months. The durability of the fabric is also questionable, since many customers say that they start coming unthreaded or that the fingertips get holes worn into them very easily.

Durability aside, the technology does what it promises. They are compatible with all touch screen devices and the entire glove is infused with the copper, so you can use your knuckles or any other part of your hand should you need to. While they last (though we do want to note that not everyone has issues with longevity in this product) they will provide a very responsive touch. Some other products in this category require you to press hard and aren’t very precise or accurate, but these don’t have that problem. Glider is the best touchscreen gloves for an amazing mobile gaming experience in cold weather.

They’re also made with a honeycomb pattern rubber lining along the palms to help keep hold of your device. So you don’t have to worry about dropping it. The soft brushed interior and waffled lining add comfort and warmth. We should mention that these are meant to work in temperatures between 15- and 45-degrees Fahrenheit, and the manufacturers recommend only relying on the warmth for about 45 minutes at a time. They’re nimble and lightweight to ensure they provide precise responsive touch, so they aren’t able to be thick enough for long-term exposure to severe cold weather.

Though not specifically designed as gaming gloves, these are a good product for anyone who wants to be able to use their handheld mobile devices while outside in colder seasons. They are responsive and provide unique all-around touch technology while also keeping your fingers from getting cold and stiff. But keep in mind that they won’t keep your hands warm for a duration longer than 45 minutes at a time, and they aren’t made for especially cold climates. Compared to other products in this category, though, the copper technology is definitely a cut above.

Copper infused for touch screens
Compatible with Android and iOS screens
Variety of available sizes
Soft interior
Honeycomb grip

Conductivity wears off after time
Not super durable
Not true to size

Check It Out On Amazon

5.Gamer Gloves EPG

The Gamer Gloves EPG are part of the brand’s “Elite Performance Generation.” They aim to provide comfort, support, and an overall enhanced playing experience by preventing slippage and boosting comfort. From the technology to the customer support, these have given a good showing and made some gamers very happy. Anti-sweat, maximum grip, and muscle supporting fabric all combine to hit the marks of a solid pair of gaming gloves.

Several customers have shared their struggles with the fit, specifically the thumbs. For some reason, apparently a design flaw, the thumbs are too long. They aren’t proportionate to the rest of the glove or apparently many people’s hands. The extra fabric at the tip can seriously inhibit gameplay according to the folks who experienced this issue. Not everyone seemed to have this problem, but it is an oddly specific flaw to be shared among numerous customers. So it must be a valid issue.

The grip is an isometric rubber array that will really elevate your experience by providing consistent, quality grip. Your controller won’t be slipping around in your hands while wearing these. And the grip extends throughout your fingers instead of just the palm, so the traction is comprehensive. The lining inside them is moisture-wicking for sweat control so you’ll stay comfortable. They also boast a friction barrier to help prevent blisters from extended play.

The exo-compression fabric is meant to prevent injury and keep your muscles from straining too quickly. You’ll be able to play for longer without risk of hurting yourself. But the compression material won’t inhibit range of motion or flexibility thanks to the 4-direction stretch design. You can also count on the touch sensitive fingertips to provide responsive feedback from the buttons, so they won’t inhibit precision. The wrist has an adjustable Velcro strap for a comfortable fit.

Aside from the problems with thumb length, these are a really solid set of gaming gloves. No matter what kind of video games you play, they’ll keep your hands cool, dry and supported for hours of game time. The rubber grips will ensure the controller doesn’t slip. And the sleek black with colorful details gives them a cool aesthetic.

Moisture wicking
Isometric rubber array grips
Grips cover whole hand
Compression fabric for muscle support
Thin and lightweight
Adjustable wrist strap
Responsive touch fingertips

Long thumbs, extra fabric can be nuisance

Check It Out On Amazon

6.Copper Compression 

Arthritic pain or carpal tunnel is certainly not something pleasant to be behold; a feeling you need some help to relieve especially if you are a person who loves to stay active. That help you can surely get by wearing a compression glove like this one from the stable of Copper Compression. The glove is made with a fabric that has been infused with copper-ions – by the way, copper is known to promote healing and also aid in reducing inflammation.Check out our guide about the best carpal tunnel braces for more infos.

Though this glove functions well as a compression glove but its durability leaves much to be desired. There have been a lot of complaints about it being of inferior quality; in such instances, it is either about some parts falling apart or the case of threadbareness. Besides this, another drawback is that the glove is not always true to size.

The fingerless glove has a palm that promotes good grip. Plus, the fabric is really breathable, and it (the glove) is very effective for keeping the joints, tendons and muscles warm. Furthermore, it provides a good support for stiff and sore muscles. These gloves are machine washable.

Without mincing words; this Copper Compression glove is just an average glove. There is a whole lot of work to be done to make it good. It does work well to alleviate pain and soreness to some degree but it does come short in terms of durability; and as such, it may not be a good value for money on the long run.

Provides compression
Machine washable

Seams do not hold well
Not so durable

Check It Out On Amazon

7.Comfy Brace

Here is a high-quality wrist support brace made to provide some good comfort and free you from the pain that might arise from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It is made from a lightweight and breathable fabric that helps to effectively cradle the wrist and fast-track the healing process.

The bulkiness of this brace has often been a major cause for concern among users. Apart from this, a few customers have also griped over how the glove failed to serve its primary function [as a support wrist brace]. Again, some users have had to express their displeasure over how the metal bar [in the glove] kept sliding out of position.

The glove is equipped with a hook-and-loop fastener that enables you to adjust the compression and make it suitable for your use. It also features metal splint encased in soft cushioned beads for maximum stability and comfort.

It can be said that Comfy Brace stayed true to its name in making this wonderful piece; the glove does give a good account of itself in a number of ways. Notwithstanding, it would be really great if Comfy Brace make attempt to address certain issues that have been raised by a couple of dissatisfied customers. We shall however score this 7 out of 10.

Can be worn on either of the two hands
Adjustable fit
Ergonomic design

Not made for severe (wrist pain) cases
The price is a bit on the high side

Check It Out On Amazon

Why Virtual Reality Gloves are the Future of the Gaming Industry?

The gaming industry has been growing exponentially in the past few decades. In its youth, we see a ravenous thirst for the new. This has brought about developments that would’ve seemed like Sci-Fi a few years ago. In fact, the science fiction industry has been a driving force in the advancement of some technologies and that makes things a little more exciting. Not to mention the great design and appearance of each detail.

The idea that artists, movie makers, and writers alike have played a role in the shaping of our future is mind-blowing. In many futuristic Sci-Fi books and movies, we see virtual reality in its most optimum form. We see users being completely immersed in their experiences. Some books and movies have depicted the use of gloves to interact with these environments and this has really set the stage for the next frontier in Virtual Reality.

What we have at the moment is an environment that is very symbolic. We see the objects in the world, we can even interact with them, but it still doesn’t feel right. It feels like we’re ghosts in those virtual worlds. This is where Virtual Reality Gloves come in. These gloves have the ability to give us a more immersed interactive experience. With them, we can feel our environment in a game like we would in real life.

For the gaming industry, this could mean the end of controllers. Controllers create a layer of separation between gamers and their environments whereas these gloves let you interact with them in the same way you would in real life. Our hands feed our minds with a whole heap of information about our environments. It has been said that if VR gloves can be perfected then there is nothing stopping the industry from creating full body suits. Some suits already exist but there is much work to be done in that department.

aren’t only great for gaming but they can be used in a variety of different situations. They could be used by medical practitioners, vehicle mechanics, and military personnel for training purposes. The gaming world is just the incubator for this almost miraculous technology. There will come a time when we may not be able to tell the difference between our Virtual worlds and the real one.

Check Out Our 10 Best VR Gloves List

The potential for VR gloves is almost boundless. Imagine being able to fully immerse yourself in your favourite series. Think about how you could feel the cold breeze before the battle while watching Vikings. Interacting with the environment and creating a different experience from the person sitting next to you. What a world we would live in.

So not only are these glove the future of gaming, but they seem to be on track to becoming the future of our species. Remote medical operations could benefit highly from this technology which would make access to highly trained specialists that much better. From the comfort of your home, you could slay dragons, live as a god in Sim(ulation), and then participate in your favourite movie. Who wouldn’t want that?

Gaming Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Ever since the gaming industry increased in its profitability, we have been seeing quite the rise in the variety of related products that claim to enhance our experiences. It seems like everybody’s trying to stamp their foot on the movement before its reached maturity. When I first heard of gloves for gaming I was honestly not surprised but my attitude was along the tone of “Not another one”.

The idea made sense though. Your hands play a crucial role in your gaming experience so you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of them. It’s like playing soccer with no cleats on; it’s possible but not ideal. The reason for this is because our hands weren’t designed to handle joysticks and similar control devices. Of course controllers and the like were designed for our hands but that’s like saying the ball was designed to be kicked by our feet, its axiomatic and alludes to the idea that we do not need the cleats. While that may be true, the experience is a whole lot better with the cleats than without them.

How To choose The Right Pair

When you are searching for the perfect gloves for yourself, there are a couple of very important things that you need to keep in mind as you look. These few points might stop you from buying a highly rated glove that is not conducive for you as a gamer. Good brands usually generate a cult like following and wearing these brands almost guarantees the proverbial ‘gamer look’. While these gloves may be universally respected, they may not be right for you.

Playing Form

The kind of gaming you do is very important in making a decision like this. If you prefer PC gaming then you shouldn’t be surprised that the gloves made with console controllers in mind do not help you as well was expected.

Playing Type

The way you play can also give you a good indication of what pair to buy; if your movements aren’t as rigid then you should look to the fingerless section. This can help save you quite a bit of money and boost your gaming experience.

Hand Size

It is also important to understand what size your hands are and the shipper’s size categories. If the shipper is in a different country. Then you should pay extra close attention to their sizes as they could differ.

Conclusion for the Best Gaming Gloves for Gamers

Love them or hate them, gaming gloves are here to stay. A lot of gamers feel that these gloves are unnecessary and that they can do without them. This is a fair point, however, these gloves do more than just let you play for longer. The long term effects of using your hands so rigorously can be carpal tunnel syndrome and the like. These gloves play a preventative role so not only do they allow you to play for longer. Especially, during your binge but they also allow you to play for longer during your lifetime. If you do not plan on exiting the gaming realm anytime soon then you should seriously consider purchasing a pair. You don’t want to be losing to the next generation of gamers because you lost a bit of dexterity. Keep your edge, keep your gaming gloves on.

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