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10 Best Finger Splints

Finger splints are maneuver made from metal and foam, which is meant to immobilize the second and third joints of the thumbs and fingers. It includes a mechanism, such as a strap, to hold it in place.

This is commonly used when you have sustained a fracture or ligament damage, or if you have inflamed joints caused by a condition, such as arthritis. Often, the best way to give a joint time to heal is to immobilize it. This means straightening the joint and holding it in place.

Best Finger Splints Reviewed

We’ve gathered a list of the best finger splints reviewed for a guaranteed support & comfort to immobilize your limbs or thumbs:


XHIVAR finger splints offer a set of three limbs splint supports. The set comes in different sizes so that you have the right option depending on which limb you wish to immobilize. A finger splint should immobilize the second and third joints of the limb without affecting the knuckles. The splints have an aluminum exterior and a blue sponge pad outside. Each bandage has a white, adjustable Velcro strap to hold it in place, making it suitable for any size. The two larger splints each have two straps, while the smallest has one.

The product is limited by the fact that the Velcro strap doesn’t hold it in place, making it prone to slipping off. Customers have complained that the Velcro doesn’t hold as well when it is wet or after prolonged use. Despite this, the product is worth buying, especially if you have recurring problems with dislocations, subluxations, and inflammation.

Aluminum is the perfect material as it is durable. The material is hard enough to make sure that the limb does not bend while the splint is being worn. Aluminum is also light, so wearing the splint offers minimal discomfort. The foam interior gives the finger a soft cushion on which to rest while it is immobilized. The product is small and light, making the device easy to carry with you if you find that you need to use it frequently.

The adjustable straps make the splint easy to put on and remove. You slide it over, set the position, then tighten and fasten the straps. The smallest splint (2-inch, 50mm) is ideal for the thumb and pinkie limb. The medium (2.75-inch, 75mm) and large (3.54-inch, 90mm) splints will offer the index, middle, and ring limb the necessary support.

For ease of use and a high degree of comfort, this particular product is worth buying. It takes a while to get used to wearing a piece, but the results it produces make it a good investment.


Doesn’t always stay in place
Velcro wears out easily

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The Teroys finger splints is a set of aluminum splint and support braces is the answer for people with swollen, painful joints, and for those who have sustained a fracture or break of the bone. Buying the splints in a set gives you a range of sizes to choose from to suit your needs. The smaller sizes are also ideal for children’s fingers, making the set perfect for a family first aid kit. Each splint features a white Velcro strap, allowing the user to secure it in place according to the width.

By taking a look at the demerits of this set of finger splints, the sponge isn’t as comfortable as it could be, owing to its rough texture. Comfort should be there when it comes to wearing something for a long time. But, the sponge is scratchy and abrasive. However, overall, the product is a good buy as it is functional and effective.

Determining which splint, you’ll need is easy. You need only slip the splint onto your limb, and make sure that it covers the second and third joints. It should not cover the knuckle. The small splint (2.16-inch, 55mm) is the right size for an adult thumb or a child-sized. The medium splint (3.15-inch, 80mm) works on smaller hands with shorter limbs. The large splint (3.66-inch, 93mm) will be necessary for long limbs, such as the middle limb.

The aluminum frame and blue sponge interior are lightweight and comfortable, and the wearer won’t even notice that they’re wearing the splint. The adjustable straps mean that the user can make the splint fit around perfectly, without it being too tight or too loose. The small splint has only one Velcro strap, while the medium and large splints each have two. Aluminum is as durable as it is light, meaning that these splints offer the limb some adequate support while immobilizing it.

Anyone looking for a set of aluminum Teroys finger splints, you will find this product to be a good investment, whether they intend to use it in the short or long-term. Keeping a set on hand for injuries or conditions such as arthritis is advised to their functionality.

Not very comfortable

Loop system inefficient
Somewhat uncomfortable

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A two-sided splint offers the wearer a great deal of support and comfort. The Flents finger splits is a set of two, double-sided splints that come in different sizes. The set includes one medium (2.1-inch, 54mm) and one large splint (3-inch, 76mm). The stainless-steel exterior is robust and offers a secure support during its use. The product has a special section where the tip of the finger rests, with a slight narrowing where the tip ends, and the third joint begins. Inside, the splint is lined by a comfortable blue sponge that molds to the shape where it is worn. The loop system keeps it in place.

Tasking a close look at the downsides, the loop system is inefficient as it does not hold the splint in place. When the loop is not working properly, the splint fails to deliver the compression and immobilization they need. As much as some customers have complained, many others are perfectly satisfied with their purchase and willing to recommend it to others.

The product is designed for reusability, meaning that it is durable and will withstand bumps while in use. When it is no longer needed, the product can be stored in preparation for the next occasion on which its use is necessitated. Its durability means that it can be used over a long time for chronic conditions, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is characterized by frequent subluxations. These are also the perfect product for people who have arthritis in their joints.

The loop system makes using them easier, as no tape is needed to secure them in place. This means that the wearer can use them, secure in the knowledge that they will fulfill the function they should. The item fits snugly, and they are comfortable because they mold to the shape of the finger.

Keeping a set of Flents finger splints available for an emergency is always a good idea, especially around the home. These are built to last and reusable, making them a good buy.


Loop might fail
Not fine edges

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4.Genet Go

The Genet Go finger splits is designed for the index, middle, and ring fingers. It immobilizes the limb joints, allowing them to heal from injury or a condition, such as arthritis, which causes painful joints. This splint is different from those commonly used, which have a double-sided aluminum or stainless-steel frame with a spongy interior. Instead, this product is made from neoprene, cotton, and stretch nylon. It has a built-in aluminum bar situated inside the brace, which keeps the joints immobilized. Two adjustable straps allow the user to tighten or loosen the splint according to the circumference.

Some customers have complained about the product, saying that it isn’t as comfortable as they had hoped. The edges of the product have cut into their skin, adding to the problem they’re already experiencing with the affected area. The product is also not suitable for the thumb or pinkie limb, as it is too long. Nevertheless, customers are, on the whole, satisfied with it and would recommend buying it.

What makes neoprene a desirable material for a brace and splint is that it is breathable. This means that it does not inhibit the movement of fresh air. The soft cotton interior provides a cushion for the finger ensconced in the brace, adding to the comfort for the user. The adjustable strap makes it convenient to put on and take off. It is also easy for the user to carry the brace with them, which will come in handy for people who suffer from dislocations or subluxations.

The brace provides robust support for a limb in need of immobilization, speeding up the healing process. The tip is also free when using this brace, unlike when using conventional splints. The brace is designed for limbs longer than 2.3 inches (58mm), and no wider than 2.8 inches (71mm). The length is what prevents the user from wearing it on the thumb or pinkie limb.

For someone who struggles with many joint or bone issues, this brace will offer a lot of welcome relief as it stabilizes the joint while providing a great deal of comfort.

Breathable neoprene

Discomfort from edges
Universal size issue

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5.Body Moves

The Body Moves finger splits four-piece set has an ergonomic design and provide protection and stabilization for the entire finger, alleviating pain and discomfort associated with a fracture, break, ligament damage or joint pain. The product sleeve is made from neoprene, a breathable fabric, known for allowing fresh air to circulate through it. Each brace features an aluminum splint to immobilize the joint. Once placed on the affected area, the brace is tightened using adjustable straps. The product will accommodate limbs up to 3.5 inches (89mm) wide, meaning that most customers will be able to use it.

There have been customer complaints that the universal size hasn’t worked. For those with big hands, the length was insufficient to cover the second and third joints. These users are the exception rather than the norm, and the product has sound reviews from a lot of satisfied customers.

The universal size of the item makes it perfect for use on all the fingers and the thumbs. It works very well as a preventative measure, which avoids the flareup of old injuries during activities, such as sport. It is also effective for users undergoing finger rehabilitation after injury or surgery. The brace is manufactured for durability and longevity, and therefore appropriate for long-term use.

The brace is also aesthetically pleasing as it comes in a variety of colors. Buyers can choose between red, yellow, green, blue, black, and a neutral tone. A lot of people who have to wear braces and splints for a long time say that it gives them a chance to make it a more colorful experience. The adjustable strap makes it convenient for the user to tighten it while maintaining a level of the desired comfort.

This brace comes in a pack of four, which doesn’t mean that it will wear out any time soon. It is washable and reusable and will last a long time before it needs to be replaced. Anyone who experiences frequent pain in their fingers or is in a long-term recovery program because of an injury or operation will find this product useful.

Breathable neoprene
Different colors

Discomfort from size aspect
Universal size

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Are you suffering from mallet injury? Then you must have known how much it may affect your daily life. As you have to do a lot of stuff on a daily basis. Whether you are doing some work on the computer or you are a player, you have to use your hands a lot. It is also known as baseball injury where a ball may strike the tip of a finger. As in such injury, you may feel stiffness and pain in the affected area and it is not easy to bend and straighten it as well. You must not ignore such problems and you need to take certain steps to fix it in time. Neo-G finger splints will be a perfect choice for you.

Looking at the demerits of the item you will notice that it doesn’t work properly in healing the injury. The material used in it is not flexible which makes the user quite uncomfortable. Another problem is that it doesn’t fit easily to everyone. The rubber is getting apart from the plastic after using for few times. The splint may fall off when you use your hands. Else then these all the features are awesome.

If you look at the demerits of the item, then you will see that it is quite light in weight which helps in wearing it for a longer period of time. You can do the works in a comfortable way while wearing it. This splint is designed perfectly so as to help you in relieving from strain, sprains and even broken fingers. It is medically registered, so it is manufactured with the highest quality. You can even put on gloves while wearing it.

Another quality is that it provides an excellent stabilization of the distal joints and it is padded properly from inside. You can easily put it on and off and there is no messy tape is needed as well. In addition, you can have multiple sizes in it. The shell is quite flexible, and you can also mold the shell the way you desired. Its innovative design provides proper ventilation and you may not feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

To sum up, the Neo-G works perfectly to give you protection and support to your affected area. The patented design is quite comfortable in easing you from trigger finger, baseball or the mallet finger. You can wear it for 24 hours for 2 weeks to get an instant result. You will feel the relief with this beautifully designed splint. So, grab one for you if you are having such injuries.

Stabilize the joints
Relieve the pain
High quality

Doesn’t heal
Fall off quite often

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Stenosing disorder is characterized as the locking of your finger and you may feel pain in the palm of your hands. Mostly in such condition, your limb may get stuck in a bent position and you cannot straight it easily. People who tend to do the work which requires repetitive gripping have got a higher risk of having such a problem. Trigger finger is quite common in diabetic patients as well. So, it is needed to take certain steps to treat such a problem. Vive finger splints work perfectly in treating the trigger finger.

Looking at the deformities, you will notice that the splint is not much helpful in treating trigger finger. The user may find stiffness in the joint while using it for a certain period of time. Another problem is that it doesn’t fit easily to everyone and you may find it difficult in doing your works while wearing it. The Velcro is quite thick which gives you an uncomfortable feeling as well. Apart from these all the features are awesome.

If you look at the characteristics of the item, then you will notice that it provides effective relief from stenosing. This splint helps in reducing the stiffness in the joint and gives you premium comfort. It is designed in a beautiful way which is light in weight and you may not feel uncomfortable wearing it for a longer time. The aluminum brace is integrated with neoprene wrap which is quite breathable as well.

Another quality of the splint is that the aluminum brace is quite firm. It will not only prevent the tendons from catching but also prevent the joint from bending as well. The material used in it is quite beatable and you can wear it comfortably all-day long. It has got the ability to stay in place and it will not slide from its position. You can comfortably wear it for 24 hours as it will wick away the moisture as well.

To conclude, the Vive finger splints is the finest option if you want to ease your joints. It helps in keeping your finger in a perfect position and you may feel comfortable while wearing it. It allows you to do uninterrupted daily activities as well. You may feel relief from your pain within a few weeks. The inner material is beautifully padded to give you premium comfort. So, grab a piece for you if you have such a problem.

Reduce stiffness
Light weight
Breathable material
Instant relief from pain

Doesn’t treat well
Thick Velcro
Doesn’t fit easily

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8.Soul Genie


Are you a sports person? Then you must have known that it is not easy to mark yourself in this field. New records are being set and lots of competitors are arriving on your list. So, you need to keep yourself in the best position whether you are a basketball player or a baseball player. You must give your best so as to be the best player. But what if you find some injuries to your hands? The mallet finger is one of the injuries which often happens when a hardball may hit your tip. The Soul Genie finger splints work perfectly in treating such injuries.

Looking at the demerits of the item you will see that it is not designed properly, and it won’t stay in place and the user may find it difficult to use it in a comfortable way. There are sizing issues as well. The Velcro keeps on slipping even though you may fasten it. Another problem is that you cannot wear it comfortably with wet hands. Apart from these all the other features are far stunning.

If you look at the merits of the commodity you will notice that it is perfect in helping your mallet limb deformity. You will not feel uncomfortable even though you may wear it for a longer time. The quality is quite high, and it is skin-friendly as well. It is designed in a perfect way which will not create any hurdle in your sports as well. You can wear it all day long and it will not give you an itchy feeling.

Another quality is that it is coated with malleable aluminum. It can also be shaped accordingly for customized alignment and immobilization as well. In addition, the adjustable Velcro fastener will help you to wear it in an easy way. The inner part of it is coated with high-quality Ethafoam lining which ensures to give you the premium comfort. It is suitable for post-surgical care as well.

To sum up, the Soul Genie works perfectly for treating mallet limb. It helps in keeping the limb in shape and you can wear it for 24 hours. If you have recently undergone a surgical operation, then it will be the perfect choice to give you extra care to your limbs. You can adjust it accordingly to get the gentle grip as well. So, instead of making this injury to effect in your daily life, why not get this one and give it a comfort.

Premium comfort
Adjustable Velcro
Soft inner lining
Shape it accordingly
Soft inner lining

Won’t stay in place
Slipping Velcro
Sizing issue

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It is often not an easy task to deal with the injuries especially when your hands are affected with them. You may want an instant way to heal them as they are creating lots of hurdles in your daily activities. But do you think that it is a good thing to go for instant relief? For example, if you have mallet injury then you know how difficult it has become when you can’t move your limb properly. But instead of going for surgery and worsen the situation why not get something which has less side-effect. The Lunquiz works perfectly to give you relief from a mallet injury.

If you look at the deformities of the item, then you will see that it does not stay in place when you are doing some work. It may become frizzy and stretched out when you do some work underwater. The material used in it is quite slippery and it slides off even though you may wrap it tightly. Another problem is that it begins to tear apart. Else then these all the other features are far stunning.

Looking at the merits of the item you will notice that it is perfect for your pinky limb. As it is quite small, so it becomes difficult to stay in place. So, it is designed in a way which adjusts to your or your kid’s finger quite perfectly. The aluminum bar is stiff which helps you in stabilizing the joints and keep your jammed joints in a straightway.

Another quality is that it is skin-friendly, and you may not feel uncomfortable while wearing it. The edges are flat stitched and rounded beautifully to protect your skin from getting pinched. You can adjust the Velcro accordingly to get the perfect shape as well. The CR fabric and spandex material used in it is quite breathable and it has got the ability to give you proper ventilation as well.

In conclusion, the Lunquiz finger splints would be the best choice to help you in relieving mallet injury. You need not go for surgery or any painful treatments. This product may keep your limb in place and stabilize the joints. All you need to do is to wear it for 24 hours for 3 weeks and you will get the due results. So, grab one for you if you have mallet injury.

Nicely stitched
Stay in place
Breathable material

Slippery material
Frizzy stuff
Doesn’t stay in place
Tear apart soon

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Have you met with hand injury or you are suffering from arthritis pain? Then you might have known how acute the pain is and how it is causing damage to your daily life. As your hands are your tools you need them all the time whether you are a player or doing some computer work. Even a slight pain will cost you much problem and you will get frustrated with the pain. Well, it is natural but instead of getting obsessed by the frustration and taking wrong decision why not takes some steps in time to rescue you from further damage. The Arrow will work perfectly for a trigger finger injury.

Looking at the demerits of the commodity you will see that the size is not appropriate for everyone as it is either too long or too small. It doesn’t help you in relieving pain and keeping the limb in place. The stitching on the Velcro is too tight and sharp which gives you an uncomfortable feeling. Another problem is that the material is too hard as well. Apart from these all the features are awesome.

If you look at the traits of the item, then you will notice that the material used in it is of a high quality which wicks away the moisture. You can comfortably wear it all day long without giving you an itchy feeling. The small and large size of the item allows you to get the precise fitting for all your limbs. It is designed in a way which will give you full protection.

Another merit is that high-quality breathable neoprene allows ample comfort for your skin. There is a compression sleeve as well which consist of elastic nylon that will stretch out and fits easily to your limb. You can wear it in 3 different ways either wear the splint or the sleeve only, you can combine both to get extra warmth. You can adjust the Velcro in different ways as well.

To sum up, the Arrow is a perfect choice if you have any sports injury, a broken finger, arthritis pain or sprained knuckles. It would help you in relieving pain and keeping the affected area. You can comfortably wear it for 24 hours for 4 weeks. If you are living in a cold area, then the compression sleeve will keep your limbs warm and you may feel less pain. So, get one if you are having such a problem.

Ample comfort
Compression sleeve
Wicks away moisture

Inappropriate size
Hard material
Tight stitching

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Finger Splints Buyer’s Guide

Finger splints are special medical devices that are usually made out of metal and foam. They are used to immobilize a hand limb or limbs after injury or surgery and can also help support the fingers due to both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.

Choosing your Item

When choosing a specific product, it is very important that you are careful to choose one that provides function and the best support for your fingers. Avoid choosing the item just by looking at it apparently. It is so because this important medical device is used for a special purpose and therefore if you choose just by how the splint looks you may miss out on relevant and important features.

Look for important features

Be sure that when you are choosing your product that you get the one that is best for your needs. Choose one that has the features that you need and that is both suitable for your needs. It should be comfortable as you don’t want to be wearing a piece that is not comfortable.

Remember the item that is used for a sporting injury will most likely be different to one that is used to support an arthritic finger. Always ask a professional if you are not sure which type you need.

Be sure that you choose the correct size

Before buying a piece for you, be sure you know which size it is that you need. Measure your size and carefully check any size guides that may be available before you make your purchase. Also, it is important that you follow any advice that is given to you regarding the various sizes that are available for you to buy.

Take your budget into account

While it just might be very tempting to rush out and choose the cheapest option that is available for purchase, doing so might not be the best thing to do.

The saying you get what you pay for is very often true. While it is not advisable that you put yourself out of pocket buying the most expensive that is available on the market, it is a good idea to buy one that has a medium range budget and one that also has a number of good reviews.


Taking the above points into consideration will make your purchase a smooth and problem free experience.

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He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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