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10 Best Electrician Gloves to Prevent Electrical Shock


Safety first dictates that you equip yourself with Electrician Gloves and your employees with proper gear equipment. “Between 2012 and 2016, 9,760 workers in the U.S. were injured through exposure to electricity – an average of 1,952 annually. Between 2007 and 2016, 21,550 workers in the U.S. experienced some type of non-fatal electrical injury,” according to ISHN (Industrial Safety and Hygiene News). Many of these incidents could have been prevented with the proper equipment.

Use electrician gloves to prevent shock

These sets of electrician gloves are used by both professionals and knowledgeable people at home who work on various electrical tasks, from car batteries, to home inspections of electrical panels to installing electrical components. It is paramount with electrical safety equipment that you use the correctly rated gloves along with checking the date stamps to make sure you are compliant with the legal time limits. Proper storage is also key to keeping you safe.

Best Electrician Gloves for Electrical Work Reviews

Here are our recommendations for the best electrician gloves reviewed for electrical works to ensure your safety and prevent high voltage electric shocks:

1.Magid Best Electrician Gloves to Prevent Electrical Shock

Magid Best Electrician Gloves to Prevent Electrical Shock
Magid Best Electrician Gloves to Prevent Electrical Shock

You can tell that Magid is committed to worker safety by these well-designed electrician gloves. Besides, they offer detailed CAD and MSDS informational information on their website for further investigation.

Some aspects of these electrician gloves require special handling to improve their comfort. Since they are made of rubber, your hands get sweaty. The advice is to use a talc powder so you can easily slip them on and off when working. It is also critical to realize that electrician gloves made of rubber require a leather glove over the top to protect you from a wire tearing the rubber glove and making them unsafe. It is vital to check the date stamp and understand the system of acceptable usage. Some workers prefer a glove that has a cuff longer than 14 inches for ultimate protection.

One of the most critical aspects of a set of electrician gloves is the certifications. The Magids are ASTM D120-09 standard specification for rubber insulating gloves, OSHA 29C FR 1910.269 standards for electric power generation, transmission and distribution, and NFPA 70E standard for electrical safety in the workplace. Another critical area is the date stamp. Many clients report that these items are well within the optimum usage range.

The Magids are made of natural rubber latex to protect you against 1,000 volts AC or 500 volts DC. They are 14″ long and have a straight cuff with a rolled edge. Their smooth finish helps when you overlay them with a leather glove for further protection. They have superior dielectric properties.

If you are looking for protection while you work as a lineman work, electrical contractor, machine operations, and other commercial applications or at home swapping car batteries, installing electrical panels, or mending electrical fences, you will be pleased with the quality of the Magids. They are not only certified and up to date but they have a good price point.

ASTM D120-09 standard, OSHA 29C FR 1910.269, and NFPA 70E standard.
Natural rubber latex
Superior dielectric properties
Smooth finish
Non-conductive and provides elasticity
4″ long and has a straight cuff with a rolled edge
Available in bright colors available for high visibility
Good price

Date stamp may be stale
May need to order a size up
Makes hands sweaty
Can be penetrated by an electrical wire

2.National Safety Apparel

The National Safety Apparel supplies not just a set of rubber gloves but sends you an entire kit that includes the proper set of 2 electrician gloves and a storage bag. So, by ordering from them, you have a complete set, ready to start work on your projects.

Unfortunately, this set is relatively expensive. Some people found that these gloves fit tight. This situation could be improved by specifying the sizing for both of the gloves. The length of the leather gloves are much shorter than the rubber gloves. While this provides flexibility, it does not give full coverage to your entire arm. Since the rubber gloves are sweaty, it is important to use powder, so it is easy to slip the glove on and off easily. Some people found that the sizing was on the small side. You may want to order 1 size up from what you usually wear.

The National Safety Apparel is NFPA 70E-2015 compliant, CSA Z462-15,(Canada); ANSI/ASTM D120, Class 00, Type 1 with a Max use voltage 1,000V AC/1,500V DC approved. The kit comes complete with both sets of electrician gloves and a bag to store all your gear.

As an employer, you will have provided your workers with a complete safety electrical kit along with a way to keep the equipment together. There will be no confusion on the employees part that the gloves must be worn together for full protection. You can order the rubber gloves in the traditional black, but also these gloves come in orange and yellow for high visibility. The sizes range from 8 to 12.

This kit is designed for utility workers, linemen, construction workers, power generation staff, electricians, electrical cooperatives, and contractors as well as homeowners. While the manufacturer strives to provide electrician gloves with appropriate date stamps, workers need to check inside the rubber gloves for this safety information.

NFPA 70E-2015 compliant, CSA Z462-15,(Canada); ANSI/ASTM D120, Class 00, Type 1 with a Max use voltage 1,000V AC/1,500V DC
Kit includes both electrician gloves and bag for storage
Sizes 8 to 12
Useful for Utility Workers; Linemen; Construction Workers; Power Generation; Electricians; Electrical Cooperatives; Contractors
Smooth finish on rubber glove
Rubber glove is non-conductive and provides elasticity

Leather glove is made small and may be difficult to put over rubber pair
Leather glove cuff is shorter than the rubber glove

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3.OTC 3991

You can count on the OTC (Owatonna Tool Company) for your personal safety as it has been in business since 1925 with an excellent reputation. When you are working around electrical equipment, protecting your hands from voltage is of prime importance. These electrician gloves could very well save your life.

The OTC 3991s are moderately priced, but that is a reasonable amount when you are in a life-threatening situation when working with voltages that could kill workers. The leather gloves do not fully cover the rubber gloves leaving them vulnerable for rip or tears in some cases. Rubber does make your hand sweat, so you are advised to use talc powder to make sure you can quickly put on and take off the gloves. It is essential to check the safety date stamp, as some people received stock that was out of date. Note that no bag comes with these electrician gloves, so it will be important to put them in a safe place where they will not get damaged and ruin their ability to handle the electrical flow.

The rubber gloves are Class 0 gloves and are rated for 1000 volts. But it is essential to pair them with leather gloves for full protection. Every electrician knows that abrasion or rips and tears will make the rubber gloves useless. The leather glove is worn to protect the more delicate rubber gloves. Many hybrid auto mechanics find these gloves very useful for managing battery systems in cars.

The electrician gloves fit true to size, so take your measurements carefully to get the right size. The leather is very durable and will protect the rubber gloves when working with sharp wires.

If you are working in a modern auto shop, out on the line fixing or building the grid, installing industrial or commercial wiring, or inspecting home electrical panels, you will appreciate the quality of the OTC 3991s.

Both types of glove sets
Leather is durable
Fit is described well in the chart
Very suitable for hybrid auto mechanics
Small price to pay in a life threatening situation
OTC (Owatonna Tool Company) in business from 1925

Moderately expensive
Date stamp must be checked to verify compliance
Leather glove cuff shorter than rubber glove
No storage bag for equipment
Need to visit manufacturer’s website for more details

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4.SAS Safety 6478

Since SAS has been making safety equipment for more than 30 years, you can expect that the SAS Safety 6478s are made to exacting standards with your protection in mind. In this case, the product is complete with rubber electrician gloves, leather gloves, and a bag for storage. With one order, you have the whole kit.

While the rubber gloves have an adequate long cuff, the leather ones do not cover the full length of the rubber cuff. As with most rubber gloves, these make your hands sweaty. It will be important to use talc powder to help to put and taking off the gloves. Since the storage bag is quite large, you may need to make room for it in your shop.

The rubber gloves from SAS are Class 0 Type 1 rated and meet the ASTM D120 standards with protection up to 1000 volts AC/ 1500 volts DC. Since they are lightweight, they are very flexible. The leather glove meets ASTM F696 standards. When worn over the insulating glove, the leather will protect it from abrasion or punctures, thereby extending the life of the glove while guarding your safety. The electrician gloves fit as described on the measuring chart.

The accompanying bag is made from heavy-duty canvas with a hook and loop closure. There are 2 pockets inside the bag for storage of the electrician gloves and any other equipment associated with the task, such as talc powder. By providing an organizing bag, this will support workers in keeping equipment together, thus reducing the risk of improper usage or damage to the insulating gloves when in storage.

If you are looking for a complete solution for electrical work, you will not be disappointed with the SAS Safety 6478s. And to top it off, the pricing is very reasonable.

Good price
Includes both sets of electrician gloves and storage bag
Certification: Class 0, rated for 1000 volts
Fits true to size
Rubber gloves from SAS are Class 0 Type 1 rated and meet the ASTM D120
Leather glove meets ASTM F696 standards

Leather glove has a short cuff
Storage bag is large
Sweaty hands in rubber glove

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5.Echodo 12KV

When you are working in a high voltage situation, it is essential to have the right equipment for your protection. Many government regulations guard workers’ safety. Manufacturers make the standards of their equipment known by guaranteeing the standards of their products through inspections. Look for the date stamps on the electrician gloves for your protection.

It is unclear whether these rubber gloves have any particular government rating. There is a statement that the technical condition of the product is for under 1000v and can be used as primary security for appliances so you can touch electrical equipment. But there are no government standards mentioned. Note that the package includes rubber gloves only. There are no leather gloves to protect the insulating gloves from damage. The gloves seem a little short on your arm and seem to be cumbersome due to their thickness. They fit large hands. They also may have a smell. There is a manufacturer’s warning that if the gloves get damaged, they are not to be used. Some professional comments caution people not to use these gloves.

These electrician gloves work in practical situations. Many people have used them successfully to exchange car batteries and complete simple electrical work in their homes. They are made of natural rubber and are durable. Since one-size-fits-all, you will have no issues ordering them. They are labeled 12-volt insulating gloves and have a working voltage of 4.5KV AC. It is essential to monitor the gloves for any pinholes for your safety.

These gloves are very economical, and for that reason, they are used by people in low voltage situations. Many individuals test out the gloves first before they begin their work.

If you are working with low voltages and need a pair of inexpensive electrician gloves, you will be pleased with the Echodo 12KVs.

Suggested rating- under 1000v: As a basic security appliances-can touch electrical equipment

Rubber hand covering only
May have smell at first
A little short in length
May have bulky finger areas
No consistency in thickness of the rubber
No specific safety rating

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6.Maxiflex 34-874

If you are an electrician and looking for gloves for all of the other work you do besides connecting live wires, these gloves fit the bill well. They are nor rated for live electrical work, but they are suitable for stringing wire, and other preparation work in new installations. When you are finished using your insulating gloves with leather gloves as a covering, reach for these to complete all of the other tasks associated with your job.

If you work with dangerous voltages, note that these electrician gloves are not for live situations. They tend to fit small so order a size larger than you usually wear. The cloth back of the hand is not waterproof or oil-proof. Their palm is not durable in rough work situations. And they are not made for extremely cold conditions.

But these gloves are very suitable for electricians who have many tasks other than handling live wires. They will protect your hands when stringing wire or hauling equipment to the site. If you are working with small parts, they are nimble and flexible enough to use a screwdriver and screws easily. In cooler temperatures, they also will keep your hands warm, and in warmer weather, the cloth back of the hand is breathable. These gloves have a tight wrist, so no unwanted material slips into the glove to irritate or contaminate your hands. Their tight fit supports your hand, reducing fatigue.

People in other professions find these gloves very useful too. Since the Nitrile coating is water and light oil-resistant, mechanics and drivers find them very useful. Stockers and anyone who handles merchandise appreciate their grip. They are even suitable for managing to move windshield without having them slip out of your hand.

If you are looking for a general use glove with many redeeming qualities, you will find that the Iflex 34-874s are suitable for many different tasks. And the price is so reasonable that you can afford to keep several pairs on hand in convenient locations.

Good price
Great grip
Thin and dexterous
Works with electronics
Nitrile coating – good for light oils
Abrasion resistant
Tight wrist for protection
Supports hand, reduces fatigue

Not rated as electrician gloves for working in live electrical situations, but good for other tasks
Not waterproof
Not built for heavy work tasks
Tend to fit small
Not for extreme cold

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7.Journeyman Klein Tools

If you are looking for electrician gloves, rated for live electrical work, the Klein Tools are not suitable. But they are handy for the many other tasks that electricians perform. When you have finished with your specialized equipment, put on a pair of these gloves to complete the rest of your work from loading equipment, preparing for pulling wire, and doing inspections.

The Journeyman by Klein Tools are made for general work and are not specifically electrician gloves. They do tend to fit small, so you may have to order a size larger than you normally wear. They are not waterproof due to the cloth backs and perforations. Some people found issues with the stitching. While the gloves are warm, they are not meant for freezing cold situations.

The Klein Tools are a durable leather work gloves with a flexible cloth backing. Electricians will appreciate their qualities for tasks other than live situations. They are durable and comfortable. There is extra padding to protect your hands. The holes in the palm and the cloth backs make the gloves breathable. In addition, the backs add to the flexible, tight fit which reduces fatigue. The wrists are gathered to protect your hand from any debris.

While these gloves are made with a leather palm, their back is an open weave material, not suitable for immersing your hands in liquids. They would resist the rain, but they are not rainproof. Nor are they ideal for handling dangerous liquids or use in the oil field.

The pricing on the Klein Tools is very affordable. These gloves are so useful that many trades wear them from electricians to construction workers, to shippers, to people handling frozen produce. Their durability, flexibility, and protective features are a solid mixture of attributes for almost any work situation. Homeowners find them great for gardening, renovation work, and landscaping.

Good price
Leather palm journeyman’s gloves
Durable, comfortable
Holes for breathability
Padding for protection
Stretch back for flexibility
Gathered at the cuff for protection

Not rated as electrician gloves for working in live electrical situations
Some issues with the stitching
Fits small, may have to order a size larger than normal
Not waterproof, rain resistant

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The XSHIELD 17-PMGs are not rated for electrical work, but they are useful electrician gloves for all of the other tasks that electricians perform. As soon as you take off your rubber and leatherwear, put these gloves on to protect your hands while you are pulling wire, rebuilding the electrical box, or even loading your truck. Many workers in construction prefer them for their positive characteristics.

Unfortunately, the XSHIELD 17-PMGs are rated for general purpose and are therefore not suitable for any work situation for live electrical uses. They are very suitable for general tasks, though. These gloves tend to fit small, so think about ordering a larger size than you usually wear. Some people find that they have a smell, especially when you first put them on. Another drawback is that the XSHIELD 17-PMGs are water repellent, not water-proof.

The XSHIELD 17-PMGs are a micro-foam nitrile coated set of gloves that can be used with light oils and other liquids. They have excellent grip and are abrasion-resistant. The supportive fit of the seamless liner and spandex material reduces hand fatigue. The knit wrist makes sure that no grit reaches your hands. The ultrathin design allows you to work with small parts efficiently. The material is water repellent.

Wear these gloves when you are performing tasks where you might damage your hands from sharp objects, where you want to keep oils or other liquids from contaminating your skin or if you need a light covering to keep your hands warm. The good grip palm surface will provide you with a secure knowledge that you can handle slippery material effectively. Their tight fit will reduce the fatigue you may feel from repetitive actions.

One of the most attractive features of the XSHIELD 17-PMGs is their very low cost. You can afford to have several pairs of these gloves, stored conveniently in your vehicle, at your workbench or in your toolbox. When you work with your hands daily, it is crucial to protect them. Also, many workers use these gloves to prevent contamination from poisonous chemicals or undesirable liquids.

Great price for 3 pairs
Micro-foam Nitrile coatings to handle light oils
Good grip
Abrasion resistant
Seamless liner for comfort
Fit reduces hand fatigue
Knit wrist keeps out dirt
Water repellent
Flexible enough to pick up small objects

Not rated as electrician gloves for live electrical work
Sizing is small
Has a smell
Can be punctured
Not waterproof but water repellent

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9.Stauffer electrician gloves

The Stauffers are a set of leather gloves that are 1 part of what is required for electrician gloves. You need to partner these with the properly rated rubber gloves to have useable personal safety gear. The Stauffers are helpful if you have lost your leather gloves or have destroyed your gloves so that you can no longer use them safely. The Stauffers make a great replacement.

To use the Stauffers, you will need to acquire or purchase the correctly rated insulating gloves to wear underneath these gloves. The Stauffers have a short cuff that may not be adequate, depending on the circumstances in which you use them. Since some people have encountered sizing issue – take care when ordering the gloves.

You will appreciate that these leather electrician gloves are at a reasonable price. They conform to the ASTM F696, for use with Class 1 and 2 voltage gloves. It is only when you pair the two gloves that you will be safe in live electrical situations. These gloves are made of durable cowhide with strong Kevlar stitching. The reinforced thumb provides durability and support. You can cinch in the gloves at the wrist for a secure fit.

It is helpful that the certification is clearly stamped on the back of the hand, so your employer or employees will recognize that they have a safe, regulated product. When working with high voltage, everyone needs to feel secure that every precaution has taken place to keep staff safe.

The Stauffers are a perfect replacement for any electrician gloves that have been damaged or worn out. Their reasonable price means that you can keep a set on hand for back up so that you do not need to lose time at the workplace by waiting for the purchase of another set. If you are in a situation in which these items wear out quickly, this option will be a wise decision to guard against any time lost for completing the task.

Reasonable price
Certification – ASTM F696: For use with Class 1 and 2 rubber voltage gloves
Durable cowhide with Kevlar stitching
Reinforced thumb
Rating stamped on the back of the hand
Cinched wrist for secure fit

Just leather gloves, not a complete set of electrician gloves
Some sizing issues, take care when ordering
Short cuff

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10.Ansell HyFlex 11-600

The Ansell HyFlex 11-600s are multipurpose gloves and not rated for electrical work. However, they would be very suitable as electrician gloves when the work does not involve any live circuits. The dexterity allows you a great feel for small parts. So, when you remove your rubber and leather gloves, the Ansell HyFlex 11-600s are a fantastic solution for all of the other tasks that need to be completed on-site. They will protect your hands in a light work situation.

As these gloves are rated for lightweight work, they are not durable for heavy construction. They are not rated for use in high voltage situations. Also, they are made for dry conditions as they are not waterproof. Although they are very thin, they are not very sensitive to touchscreens.

If you are in a dry work environment and handle small parts or require a firm grip on items, these gloves will be very suitable for your purposes. Their thin PU palms allow you great dexterity yet provide you with a firm hold on things. Use them for the assembly of small parts, sorting mail, laying bricks, or driving a forklift truck — the Ansell HyFlex 11-600s work well in these diverse circumstances.

The Ansell HyFlex 11-600s have a very tight cuff that keeps your hand free from any debris. In the wintertime, they are thin enough to be worn under a more substantial glove, ready for the work situation. They are easy to store in your pocket, tool kit, or the glove compartment of your vehicle. Their great price means that you can afford to have several gloves on hand wherever they are needed.

If you are looking for a light-weight multipurpose glove with grip, the Ansell HyFlex 11-600s will perform well. Buy several pairs for an amazing price to have a set on hand for your convenience.

Great Flexibility
Very tight cuff
PU coating for durability, anti-abrasion
Good Grip
Can be used as a glove liner in cold weather

Not very sensitive for touchscreens
Not waterproof
Not rated as electrician gloves for electrical work

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Electrician Gloves Amazon Buyer Guide

Whether you work as an electrician professionally or complete electrical jobs at home, you need quality, properly rated gloves to keep you safe from electrical shocks. You may also require a second set of gloves for when you are engaged in tasks that do not require this protection. But let’s concentrate on the gloves that keep you safe.

All electricians know that you need two levels of protection. The rubber gloves shield you against shock, while the leather gloves keep the insulating gloves free from abrasion or puncture. It is essential to use this combination so that should you come into contact with high voltage, you will be adequately insulated from the current.

So, with each set of gloves, there will be specific criteria required.

Electrical Rubber Gloves

If you hit a hydro pole and knock the wire down, the advice is to remain in your vehicle. Your rubber tires will insulate you from the electricity. The same principle applies to rubber gloves.


The critical aspects of these gloves is that they are rated appropriately for your application. Understand the rating system that exists from Class 00 to Class 4. Before the gloves leave the factory, they will be inspected, and date stamped. When you receive your insulating gloves, check the stamp and your regulations so that you know they are safe to use. Follow the regulations for inspections on a yearly basis. Your life depends on the integrity of these items.


You want to be comfortable, especially when working in a situation that has this high level of risk. Check the sizing chart carefully to order the correct size to give you flexibility and comfort to boost your performance.


Since the integrity of these rubber gloves is so important, devise a system for proper storage. Some gloves come with their own storage bag for convenience. Do not place any equipment on top of your gloves or storage bag. Store them in a cool, dark place.


Each time before using the gloves, inspect them for any pinholes or abrasion. Use the air test to help you determine that they do not have any leakage. Fill the gloves with air, and then roll the cuff toward the fingers. If no air escapes, they are safe.
Have the gloves tested twice a year by a professional testing site.


Remove any oils or chemicals from your gloves as soon as possible. Use detergent and water to wipe the gloves gently. Then air test them.

Electrical Leather Gloves

Durability: The leather gloves serve one purpose – to protect the insulating gloves that are worn underneath the leather gloves. They, too, should be rated for this purpose. Make sure that the leather is sturdy and has enough strength to prevent any abrasions or punctures.


Many people like the secure feeling when the gloves are gently cinched at the wrist.

Internal Abrasion:

Check the inside of the leather glove for any abrasion spots.


It is best to keep the leather gloves with your rubber gloves and use them for this single purpose. You want to keep them as clean as possible, stored in proper conditions, and with your rubber gloves for convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of gloves will protect you from electrical currents?

Electrical currents tend to be a hazardous risk when performing electrical work. However, to ensure that you do not suffer from such a brutality, you will need to possess a pair of electrician gloves. These mitts have been enhanced to protect you against elements that will hamper your tasks. You should go for a pair of rubber gloves since they have been oriented with an insulation system in order to protect the electrician. Conversely, you should unremittingly wear leather protecting mitts over the rubber gloves for added safety against abrasion and puncture.

Do rubber gloves protect from electricity?

Yes. Rubber gloves have been incorporated with a high-quality insulation system. These mitts do not facilitate electrical currents and absorption of electrical shock. However, for rubber mitts to be more effective and offer invaluable service, you should wear leather gloves over them. Leather fabric provides abrasion, impact and puncture resistance so that electrical currents will not pass through them. Consecutively, rubber mitts provide a non-slip grip of electrical cables and slippery wires. Synthetic rubber mitts do not facilitate water entry, therefore you will not be prone to shocks.

Will leather gloves prevent electric shock?

Leather gloves do not really hamper electric shock to the maximum. These mitts have been constructed to provide abrasion and cuts resistance as well as reducing hands fatigue. Leather design is quite fond in offering an incredible limberness, comfort and strength to the mitts. The only time leather gloves can provide excellent resistance against electric shock is if you wear the mitts over rubber gloves. Rubber mitts are more significant in providing valuable insulation against electrical currents and shock.

How often are high voltage gloves required to be replaced?

High voltage gloves are constructed to offer incredible service against electric shock for quite a lengthy period of time. These mitts can last for a period of up to six years depending on your purported utilities. However, electrician gloves should be tested every six to eight months for visual inspection, electrical and air tests. The testing is to regard if the pair is worthy and can guarantee safety against electric shock and provide puncture resistance. If the mitts fail these tests, then they should be replaced with immediate effect.

Are nitrile gloves conductive?

Yes. Nitrile gloves are not ideally appropriate to use as an electrician. This is because such mitts have not been oriented with an invaluable electrical insulation. These mitts are not convenient for defibrillation. Nitrile gloves are designed to offer chemical resistance and prevent relative toxins from attacking the skin. Consecutively, nitrile fabric is strong enough provide resistance against cuts and sharp objects.

Buy the best electrician gloves to prevent shock for electrical work

If you are searching for the best electrician gloves to prevent shock which are nonconductive. With synthetic rubber materials for electrical work would surely be of great use. By following these guidelines, you will be confident with your equipment so that you can concentrate on the job at hand.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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