10 Best Luxury Driving Gloves

driving gloves for luxury cars and bmw

For anyone who loves spending time in the car, taking it to the extremes or enjoying a relaxing cruise will seek accessories to maximise their pleasure.

This would include procuring the best quality gloves. A good pair will not only provide close grip but allows you to obtain and maximise your feel and feedback from the steering wheel. A necessary feature is protection from the cold.

There is an abundance of products claiming to provide these. But, how do you choose?

We have made it easy for you! Read on and you will find a pair that works for you. Based on real user experiences, our compilation is intended to sort out the best among the best out there!

Best Driving Gloves Reviewed

Here are our recommendations for the best luxury driving gloves reviewed for warmth,eye catching elegance and add much class to your fashion style:

1.Fratelli Orsini

Nothing beats a good grip on steering wheels – and nothing beats that provided by these Fratelli Orsinis. Of high quality material this is the embodiment of classic Italian design meets-technology and boy does it hit the mark.

While these work as claimed by the manufacturer on smart phones, i.e. tapping and swiping, functions such as pinching and zooming on your screen prove to be a challenge. It is of a slightly short length on the palm area – but this may depend on your hand size. As with similar products, measurement of your hand is important in order to get the right sizing. These are also unlined and therefore not for cooler temperatures.

Made from lambskin, as you guessed it, these are supple soft and provide excellent fit and comfort to your hands. The finger area, as with the sides of the palm are perforated and the holes ensures breathability. The look of these as driving gloves is enhanced with a cut out on the back of the hand. The wrist strap is fastened with studded closures and additionally; the stitches placed are also fine and almost unnoticeable, adding to the sleek look of these gloves.

You are spoilt for choice in terms of colours as there are four to choose from – solid black or brown of a combination of stylish hunter/brown or camel/brown.

Classic yet functionally moving to adapt with technology – you get both Italian craftsmanship and touch screen compatibility with a pair of these. And best of all, it works as claimed! Your driving pleasure will be enhanced!

Good quality lambskin
Classic Italian leather and design
Four colour choices
Breathability is good, with perforation
Supple and fits well
Excellent grip on steering wheel
Stud fastening at wrist
Works well with touchscreen devices

Not lined
Certain touch screen functions not possible
Attention to be paid on sizing
Slightly shorter in palm area

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2.Dents Spectre

Anyone who has ever watched Bond in action will often marvel at the style the man has, especially his sartorial elegance and excellent fit of his ensemble. These include what he has on his hands – in particular in the movie Spectre. Bond was wearing a pair of these Dents!

The downside to these is the lack of color choice, as it only comes in black leather. It is not made to be worn when the mercury drops, as there is no lining on the interior of these gloves.

Made with hair sheep hide, each pair is impeccably designed without any out of place markings. The gloves itself is constructed by highly skilled craftsmen, as the seams are well made and placed thoughtfully. Dents is known to be the luxury choice of high quality leather gloves.

Because it is unlined, these fit very close to the hand, and gives very good feel and feedback when driving. With perforation placed expertly in the finger area, you will not get sweaty hands in these. Movement is also enhanced as an elastic strap has been included in the palm area.

You get the unmistakable Dent logo of the British manufacturer in an area on the wrist – very subtle and fashionable. Securely fastened with a strap and button, these remain on your hands unless you take them off.

It will be easy to gift these, as an elegant gift box is included with each purchase. As seen in the movie Spectre, you will be satisfied with the simple elegance and comfort of these. You get a good feel and feedback from the steering wheel and great pleasure in your drive!

Featured in a James Bond movie
Made from impeccable leather
Good grip and feel of steering wheel
Airy and reduces sweaty hands
Fits well
Fastened at wrist with strap and button
Comes with nice box

May not suit cold temperatures
Lack of variety as only colour is black

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3.Ben Sherman

For those cold weather journeys, nothing beats a pair to protect your hands from the elements. These Ben Sherman driving gloves offers you this, with a combination of leather and wool. You do not have to worry about feel and feedback from the steering wheels with these on!

The area around the wrist is somewhat loose and this makes this slide around a bit. The wool blend also makes these gloves appear and feel bulkier – not your classic snug and close-fit pair. These also only can be hand washed so take note.

This is rather cleverly designed, with an outer layer on the back of the hand made in knitted wool in order to protect from the cold. The other parts are made of leather and cover the whole palm and downside of the fingers – with the purpose of ensuring grip on the steering wheels. For further insulation from cooler temperatures, it is also warmly lined.

Two colour combinations are available for you to choose from and both are attractive in design, the champagne/brown or the classic black leather combination. With it being of mixed material, added with perforation on specific parts, your hands will be dry and sweat-free no matter how long you have these on.

A cleverly designed pair, plus added interior insulation, these are what you need for wintertime in your vehicle. It is additionally attractive in design and ticks all the right boxes in terms of comfort and fit.

Well made and good leather
Gives feel and feedback when driving
Warm with mix wool lining
Grips on steering wheel
Very breathable material and design
Great design and colour combination

A bit on the loose side
Needs hand washing only
Bulkier than classic driving gloves

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Classic in design but with a huge colour selection, the RIparo will satisfy even the most discerning driver. Choose from a variety of 12 amazing colours, some with red thread detailing for added fanciness. The choice is yours whether to draw attention or to be understatedly elegant!

While it is normal for leather to stretch with time, bear this in mind when selecting your size with the Riparo as these will expand over prolonged use. The design also leaves some space on the top of your fingers as perhaps it is made to suit those with longer digits.

The quality of leather is excellent, and the stitches placed on these are well thought of. It is indeed made with skill and high craftsmanship. The material on the palm area allows for an almost tacky grip, which satisfies even professional drivers and novices alike. The gloves are also unlined which will mean you have tactile feel and feedback from the steering wheels.

Perforation all over as well as the handmade knuckle holes means these will be good for and all-weather drives – your palms will not be left sweaty. These close with a button on the wrist for added snugness.

As classic as driving gloves can be, you can play around with the colours while not sacrificing functionality. Leather gives good grip on the steering wheels and with these you will definitely have great enjoyment on your trip.

Good for all weather driving
High quality material and craftsmanship
Tactile feel and unlined for more enjoyment
Securely fastened with button closure
Tacky grip on steering wheels
Classic design and breathable
Huge variety of colours to choose from

Extra room on top of fingers
Careful selection of size needed
Stretches quite a lot after time

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No one should rightfully leave home without a pair of the Downholme, especially in cooler climates. These are comfortable, warm and cosy and are to be the winter wardrobe staple for anyone!

Unfortunately it is not very durable as some pairs have had its seams unravel just within a few uses. As with the soft genuine leather material used, care needs to be taken while use as it can be prone to tear. Therefore these are not for rough use. These do not look like your classic driving gloves but more rather of a dressy look and may not fit the bill if you are in search of the back of the hand hole and perforations associated with driving ones.

The moment you have your hands in these you will be enveloped with the plushness of cashmere – just what anyone would want on when there is a chilly start to the day. The 100% cashmere interior provides the warmth you need. The buttery soft exterior is also amazing, as it is constructed with sheepskin. The material will mould to the shape of your hand over time as well, which makes it feel even better when worn for driving.

Very classically designed with almost invisible seams, these come in 5 colours. Furthermore, the elegant box makes gifting this a breeze, as it is presentable and expensive-looking.

Good construction is it interior or exterior, coupled with excellent craftsmanship and well thought of design makes these an alluring product to get. You should as you will not regret your decision on these gloves!

Moulds to hand after time
Amazing selection of 5 colours
Soft and buttery sheepskin leather used
100% cashmere lined
Warm and good for chilly days
Comes with elegant gift box
Well crafted

Not classic driving glove look, more dressy
Seams not durable
Not for rough use as can tear

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6.Pratt and Hart

As most cars now comes equipped with some sort of touch screen device and almost everyone now owns a smartphone, these Pratt and Hart driving gloves accommodates this! These are not only great for driving, but functions well for touch screens with your thumb and index finger.

It is a let down that the Pratt and Hart gloves come apart rather easily, as after some months it was observed that certain parts of the seams were unravelled. Users have experienced black dye of the leather seeping onto their hands especially when in sweaty conditions.

Classic in design with all the right features needed to be a good pair – it is tacky on the palms and grips well. These have a hole on the back of the hand, as well as well placed knuckle ones. The entire back and palm section are also perforated so you do not have to worry that your hands will pool in sweat as you drive as air dries moisture out.

The leather used is fine grained, and without lining you will feel the steering wheel more and feedback and sensation from the road is much more enhanced.

The wrist also has a strap and button closure for added security and adds to give it the snugness needed for it to stay in place. Your hands maintain its dexterity as well as there is an elasticated bit placed for this purpose on the palm side near the wrist.

Well priced and fits the requirements of a good pair, these are worth the purchase. The leather is of high quality, the grip provided is excellent, and the design has your comfort in mind.

Comfortable leather used
Well priced
Classic driving glove design
Unlined therefore more feel and tactile feedback
Grips well onto steering wheel
Secure fastening at wrist
Enhanced dexterity with elastics

Dye on leather can seep onto hands when moist
Issue with durability of seams

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Many people like to wear driving gloves in their vehicles for several reasons. They want to keep their hands warm when the steering wheel is cold. Also, they need driving gloves for grip on the wheel, so slippery palms are not tolerated. Besides, they like the sophisticated look of driving gloves. The luxurious, leather Livativ driving gloves excel in all three areas.

Take care to measure your hand carefully as these gloves are a snug fit. Your leather gloves will require some work from time to time as you will need to use a leather conditioner to keep them water repellent, flexible, and soft to the touch. Since they are not waterproof, you will need to keep an additional pair of gloves to keep your hands dry in very wet conditions. Even though these gloves are lined, they are not warm enough for the coldest of winter weather. You could pair them with an outer covering, once you leave the comfort of your car. They slip on easily but do not have a clasp for tightening.

You will enjoy wearing the Livativ driving gloves as they do give you an adequate grip on the wheel as you put your car through its paces. They are lined with cashmere to keep your hands warm against the cold steering wheel. The exterior of the gloves is imported, soft, genuine nappa leather.

Their appearance is a classic style enriched by exquisite stitching. They work well in your vehicle but also coordinate with your go-to town outfits for business meetings and a night out with friends.

Despite the moderate price, you will appreciate these driving gloves for their luxurious feel, classic look, and the way they help you grip the wheel of your vehicle. Wear them for driving, but they are also suitable for dress-up occasions.

Imported soft genuine nappa leather
Lined with 100% pure cashmere, adding quality warmth
Thin enough for flexibility
Classic design with high quality stitching

Moderate price
Not waterproof
Will need conditioner from time to time
Insulated but not for the coldest days of winter
Measure carefully as the gloves are a snug fit
No way to tighten the wrist through a clasp or gathering

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Well priced and designed in accordance to what you would expect driving gloves to look, these are an obvious choice for those after function and practicality.

Designed with elastics in addition to the button closure at the wrist, beware if you have larger than average width in this area. You may feel that it is somewhat constricting. Another issue is that the seams are stitched rather unsightly and stands out, making these rather inelegant looking. The colour selection is limited, with just black or brown to choose from. You have to find another makers for more variety.

The leather used is just right – it is comfortable and soft and conforms to the shape of your hand over time, making them more appealing to use. The lining is made of micro terry cloth, intended to wick away sweat from your hands.

The leather makes your drive enjoyable as it allows the right amount of grip onto the steering wheel. The construction of these allows you to feel sensations and feedback in your drive.

There are perforations made all over for the purpose of allowing in and outflow of air and it works as intended. It is kept in place with elastics on the wrist as well as buttoned on straps to make sure no unintentional slip offs.

Well priced and functional, these are probably the best you can get in terms of such a product. The leather is comfortable and soft, and the grip makes any drive a dream!

Conforms to shape of hand after time
Good price point
Micro terry lining wicks sweat and breathable
Good leather – soft and supple
Grip is just right amount
Tactile feel and feedback
Elastics and button to secure at wrist

Wrist elastic uncomfortable for large hands
Very limited colour selection
Unsightly sewn seams, inelegant

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The Harrms are leather driving gloves that appeal to many people. Their design is sporty, suggesting that you like to feel the road as you navigate the curves or dash up the mountainous terrain. Yet they are built from the ground up for touchscreen capabilities, through nanotechnology which is integrated into the leather of the gloves on every surface.

While these gloves do have a plush lining, they are not warm enough for the coldest days of winter. The Harrms are water resistant but not waterproof. Over time they will require care to keep the leather supple. Some people found that the surface of the glove does wear away with heavy use and loses its touch screen capability.

If you use technology for communication, business, navigation, or just for fun, you will appreciate the accurateness of the touchscreen capabilities of these driving gloves. You can type, pinch, scroll, and zoom easily. No more do you have to remove your gloves to use your devices.

The Harrms are made from premium lambskin leather that is 100% Italian nappa top genuine leather with plush lining for insulation. They are a durable yet breathable set of driving gloves. They are hand made by professional artisans, so you know that their quality is exceptional. They come in a variety of colors and with a knitted cuff as well. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with these gloves, you will receive a refund or a free replacement – whichever you prefer.

Buy these gloves to keep your hands warm this year or purchase a set as a gift. You can have the package gift wrapped and sent to that special friend, relative, or business associate. And the price is so affordable.

Very affordable
All 10 fingers & FULL Palm have TOUCHSCREEN function
Can be gift packaged
Made from premium lambskin leather, 100% Italian nappa top genuine leather, insulated with plush lining
Breathable and durable
Hand made by professional artisans
If you aren’t 100% satisfied we will provide you with a refund or a free replacement – which ever you prefer

Warm but not for the coldest days of winter
Leather will require some care
Water resistant but not waterproof
Take care when ordering as the leather glove fits snugly
Some people found that the touchscreen capability wore away

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Leather driving gloves are a luxury that many people enjoy during the fall and winter-time. The leather provides the grip on your steering wheel while the interior insulation keeps your hand warm even when the steering wheel is icy cold. The REEDs driving gloves delivers on all of these promises at such a great price.

Like all leather gloves, the REEDs will require care to keep the leather supple. They are rain resistant but are not entirely waterproof. You can use them in cold weather, but you will have to pair them with an outer covering to keep warm in the coldest part of the winter or as you walk from your car into your destination. Some people found that the lining tends to move around in the glove and requires straightening before putting the glove on. Since the gloves fit snugly, make sure you know your size before ordering.

The REEDS leather driving gloves are made from real sheepskin leather with Thinsulate linings. You can depend on their durability and warmth. The wrists are gathered for a snug fit and to keep the wind away from your hands. Besides, they have a snap closure to ease taking off and putting on the gloves. They are touch screen capable as well.

You can depend on REED as the company has been in existence since 1950 and is known for its quality leather products. If there are any issues with these gloves, do not hesitate to contact the company for assistance.

You will find that these driving gloves are offered at such a reasonable price, you may decide to order several pair. Keep a set in your glovebox for driving but also have a pair near your front door to take with you as you go out for the morning jaunt around the neighborhood with your best friend, Rover.

Great price
Exterior: real sheep skin leather
Thinsulate insulation
Touch screen compatible
Gathered wrist and snap closure
Company founded in 1950

Rain resistant not waterproof
Leather requires care over time
Snug fit so measure carefully

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Driving Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Various movies feature elegant gentlemen driving around with luxury leather gloves on their hands.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

We have! And we found the reason why – good driving gloves make such a difference to your driving style, making it more enjoyable, less tiring due to the grip it provides and also the added protection against the cold you get.

What else are you waiting for? Get a pair. We have prepared this guide to assist in your selection process, with a number of aspects to look into.

Bear in mind these points – material, lining and breathability as well as design and sizing.

Read on for our elaboration.


Leather is always the best choice and in this is also the case for driving ones. This is as it provides good feel and grip and furthermore, with time, it gets even better as it moulds to the shape of your hands.

There are differences with leather types. For example, nappa and lambskin would be the most commonly used material for it. This is due to its soft and suppleness, leaving you with a buttery, pleasant feel.

More unique leather types include hairsheep and peccary, which makes the gloves more expensive.

Peccary especially are rather rare as it is a mammal from the pig family in the wild that is CITES protected. However, because of its rarity, the leather is sought after and no two pairs are alike.

Hairsheep are sheep that does not produce wool and therefore its hide has no unsightly markings.

Selecting any type of these leather will give you the comfort and pliability you will need for driving, so you won’t go wrong.


This is mostly up to individual preferences – some prefer lined ones for warmth and comfort and some do away with lining to not sacrifice the feedback and closeness to the steering wheel.

Available material for lining includes the luxurious cashmere, rabbit fur and more common, wool blends.


It is important to measure according to the manufacturer instructions when buying ANY type of glove. Bear in mind that different makers from different countries do this differently so do not take things for granted.

Usual width measurement is taken for the circumference of your knuckles at the widest part of your hands. Exclude the thumbs when doing this.

Length would usually mean the tip of your middle finger up to the wrist area.

Upon getting these measurements, consult the makers chart for the closest size you can get with it.

With driving gloves, it is best for the gloves to fit snugly to your hands. A loose pair means you will not get a good tactile feel to the steering wheel, with a tendency for it to slip and move about.

Remember too that leather has the tendency to increase in size as you use it more – it gets roomier and accommodates your hand shape with time.

Breathability and Design

Classic driving gloves are made with a hole on the back of the hand near the wrist area, often with button straps for closure. It is also designed to be short, falling just at the wrist. This is why it is important to get the right length measurement so as not to end up with a too long or too short pair.

Perforation holes all over are also a marked trait, with some further holes at the knuckle area.

All these promote airflow, ensuring that your hands not pool in sweat and are breathable. Therefore it is useful to look for these features when making your selection.

With Italian design and craftsmanship, the leather has already gone through a specific process to ensure that it does not elongate when pulled to be taken off over time, but will stretch in width to accommodate your hand.

Also to note is the placement of the seams – most are designed with external seams. Touch screen finger patches are a common feature of driving gloves as most cars and drivers have smart devices requiring this feature.

Driving Gloves FAQs

Do driving gloves make a difference?

The short answer is, “Yes.” But here are the reasons why — the most apparent centers on control. Leather gloves provide a better grip on the wheel. Professional drivers use them. That, in itself, is a declaration of competency.

In cold weather, they will allow you to handle the wheel and shifter much more comfortably, so you are not likely to use any shortcuts to keep your hands warm. For hot days they also are better than sweaty hands that tend to be slippery.
Many cars have delicate covers made of leather or other material on their steering wheels. Your natural oils can cause discoloring or degradation of this material. Gloves provide a protective layer.

For some vehicles you may feel vibration in the steering wheel, especially during acceleration or braking. Leather gloves do help absorb these vibrations.

How tight should driving gloves be?

For an ideal fit, the gloves should be snug in the palm but a little looser in the finger and thumb area to promote good circulation.

Is wearing gloves while driving illegal?

No, it is not illegal to drive with gloves. After all, racing car drivers wear them for a reason. However, it may be unlawful to adjust them while driving.

How to clean leather driving gloves?

Since most leather driving gloves are costly, it is crucial to take care of cleaning and storing the gloves. To clean your beautiful gloves, remember that gentle treatment is best for the longevity of the glove. You can wash them, but it is best not to immerse the glove in water. Take a clean cloth and rub saddle soap into an area. Gently wipe down the gloves, taking extra care with the dirty areas. You can remove the excess saddle soap with a cloth dampened in clear water. Pat the gloves to dry and then spread them out in an area at room temperature but out of the sunlight. When they are dry, you can use a leather conditioner to replace the oils, and hence the gloves will be waterproof and pliable.


We hope this guide has assisted in your selection of the perfect pair for your drive, be it a long adventure or for your daily commute. Anything to make this a more enjoyable activity!

The features listed above namely, material, lining, sizing and design are to get you the most out of a pair, and is worth paying attention to as we do not want you to part with your money for nothing less than the best for your needs.

Leave us a comment in the section below, as we would like to hear about how you have made your choice! For us, your thoughts count!

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He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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