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Diving, lobstering and water sporting are among the trendy water-oriented activities that many people become enthusiastic with. Inasmuch as you yearn for an improved performance and impeccable outdoor experience, you will be prone to brutal elements. Cold, abrasion, punctures, lobsters’ claws, slippery equipment, spikey fish scales, scratches and cuts are the elements you will be vulnerable to. Nevertheless, in order to curb these limitations and boost your adventure, you should consider the best diving gloves for fishing and sporting.

A diving glove is a hand covering which has been designed to meet your purported needs and reinforce your hands safety when taking part in water activities. The features possessed by the mitt attribute to the excellence of your outdoor activity.

Best Diving Gloves Reviewed

Our team of experts compiled a list of the best diving gloves reviewed to keep your hands warm and protected against minor cuts & piercings:

1.Waterproof G1

Nowadays water sporting such as scuba diving is quite a trend. Certainly, we all want to be professional divers, but our yearning may be hampered by some conditions. You will be prone to brutalities such as slippery equipment, cold and abrasion. To avoid these issues, arming yourself with a pair of Waterproof GI is the ideal solution.

On the downside of this product, the zipper is quite weak, hence may tear if subjected to extreme pressures while putting the mitts on. Consecutively, on the durability aspect, this product does not ascertain longevity, therefore may not last as long as you would like. The price of this commodity is another demerit that will definitely exhaust your wallet. Apart from these setbacks, the rest of the features are far outstanding.

Slippery equipment? Well, you do not have to worry about such since Waterproof GI has been designed with the best gripping ability. The polyurethane material utilized during the construction of this product ensures its non-slip grip ability. Conversely, this material attributes to the abrasion resistance posed by the mitts. Also, the glide skin design and lengthy zipper ensures easy donning and doffing.

Cold is a disappointing aspect that you are likely to face while taking part in water activities. To curb this shortcoming, you should ensure that you invariably possess a pair of Waterproof GI. These hand coverings have been reinforced with a cold proof factor so that your hands are not seriously affected by the brutal coldness. On another upside of this item, you will definitely fall in love with the proper fitment and enhanced maneuverability. Lessened restriction and the super quality stretch are other merits associated to the accessory.

In a nutshell, this product is essential to every individual who is taking part or interested in diving. Despite the few negativities associated with this item, the rest of the features have proved appealing aspects. You should consider trying this product soonest in order to enjoy best results.

Abrasion resistance
Great feedback
Lessened restriction
Cold proof
Enhanced maneuverability
Improved grip

Weak zipper
Not very durable

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2.XS Scuba

XS Scuba diving gloves are the ideal solution to every individual who takes part in diving activities when the weather is cold. The ultimate construction of this product attributes to its greatness and the best abilities. You will never go wrong with a pair of XS Scuba cold water gloves.

The one flaw associated with this item is the difficulty in taking the pair off when it is soaking wet. In addition, when these mitts are soaking, it is quite a daunting task to firmly grip slippery equipment. The pricey tag is another downside of this product. Despite these few limitations, the rest of the product’s properties are far appealing.

Looking on the upside of this accessory, you will be amazed by the superior abilities it poses. On top of that, the construction of this product attributes to its best aspects. You will be delighted by the neoprene material which enhances stretchy abilities. The construction of the palms and fingers has been reinforced to provide maximum comfort and keep your hands warm. When it comes to cold, this commodity is a sure proof to ensure that your palms and fingers stay warmed up for longer periods.

The gripping of slippery equipment is guaranteed with this item. It has been oriented with a non-slip grip in order to reinforce your performance. The mesh design at the palms and fingers guarantees an excellent grip and dexterity. Consecutively, the Twin Cuff design of this accessory tends to facilitate minimal water transfer. Another overwhelming upside of this item is the mesh bag packaging that comes alongside the product. The PyroStrech neoprene enhances the longevity aspect of the product.

Our final thoughts on the product are that it is an epitome tool for every person who is taking part in a any water activity. The features and quality details it possesses highly ascertain for the vitality of the item. Far overlooking the few drawbacks associated with this accessory, you will be delighted by the rest of the properties which are quite worthwhile. You should consider purchasing this product soon to enjoy the specialized merits.

Long lasting
Maximum dexterity
Excellent grip
Cold proof
Improved comfort
Enhanced stretch

Difficulty in taking the pair off when its soaking wet
Not waterproof

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3.XCEL Drylock

For a reinforced and improved diving performance while out on an outdoor water adventure, you need ensure that you are armed with the right tools. You will be vulnerable to elements such as cold, slippery equipment, scratches and abrasion. To curb these brutal conditions, a pair of XCEL Drylock would definitely be of utmost assistance.

Looking on the downside of this product, the expensive tag it has can be quite a load on your wallet. Consecutively, this product has not been reinforced with an outstanding grip. You will not be able to firmly grip extremely slippery tools. Also, during extreme cold weather conditions, this item may not be very effective. Apart from these drawbacks, all the other features far portray the best results.

On the merits of this accessory, the construction adapted attributes to the product’s upsides. You will be happily overwhelmed with the features and details which guarantee maximum comfort and improve your particular performance. The seamless engineered construction of this accessory helps in keeping more water out and minimizes flushing. The waterproof ability ensures that your palms and fingers stay dry for an excellent gripping ability. Conversely, on forty degrees water, you are guaranteed dry hands for a smoothened operation.

Maximum comfort is another upside associated with the product. This has been reinforced by Drylock comfortable wrist seal which has been adapted during the make of this product. The exclusive Taitex outer seam guarantees the product’s durability and enhances the formation of a snug. Additionally, this product is quite impeccable such that it ensures superior maneuverability and performance predictability. The pair of XCEL Drylock is waterproof gloves that are easy to wear and take off hence you will not be subjected to difficulty when handling the product.

In conclusion, XCEL Drylock has proved essential to every professional diver. The features it upholds have attributed to the item’s excellence. Despite the few shortcomings associated with the product, all the other features are far appealing. You should consider purchasing a pair of this product before heading back to the waters.

Enhanced maneuverability
Great longevity
Maximum comfort
Minimized flushing
Excellent dexterity

Not warm enough
Lessened grip

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4.SEAC Dryseal

Are you in love with snorkeling and scuba diving? Well, the love for these water activities may tend to make you prone to elements such as cuts, abrasion, cold and slips. When you are questing to take part in outdoor water operations, ensure that you possess the right tools for a reinforced performance. You should consider grabbing a pair of SEAC Dryseal for an improved performance.

Looking on the flaws of this item, you will be disappointed by the fitment ability. Consecutively, when this product gets wet you may find it a difficult task to don and doff. Additionally, these mitts do not guarantee maximum warmth on the deepest cold dive. However, in spite of these setbacks, the rest of the product’s features are outstanding.

On the upsides of these mitts, they are completely waterproof which ensures that the gripping ability of these hand coverings does not lessen. In addition to that, the superior stretchy neoprene material used in the construction of the accessory, attributes to its abrasion and cuts resistance. The rubber-coated palms and fingers also facilitate the product’s elasticity which ascertains easy maneuverability. Neoprene construction also attests to the maximum comfort.

Consecutively, warmth is another merit possessed by this tool. This has been enhanced by the Thermal Fiber Plush Inner Liner which ensures that your palms and fingers are not vulnerable to the brutal coldness. Also, this item has been categorized to 3.5mm and 5mm diving gloves such that you can excel in both warm and cool waters respectively. This high-quality driving gear tends to last longer without its effectiveness fading away.

In a nutshell, SEAC Dryseal has proved great credibility when it comes to water activities. If you intend to take part in snorkeling or scuba diving in both warm and cool waters, then you need to ensure that you take this product alongside. The construction of this equipment has far guaranteed a boosted and high-quality outdoor experience. Despite the few negativities of this item, the rest of the properties far portray appealing results. You should give this accessory a try to enjoy the benefits.

Superior feedback
Enhanced grip
Boosted maneuverability
Improved dexterity
Stretchy and comfortable

Large size runs a bit smaller
Extreme wetness may hamper donning and doffing
Not ideal in extremely low temperatures

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Lobster are quite ideal when it comes to water activities such as Kevlar spearfishing and diving. The construction of this product ensures that your hands do not suffer a vulnerability to punctures, blisters, scratches, cuts and abrasion. As a diver, lobster fishing can cause quite a toll on your hands- you will be prone to the brutal attacks of the scales and claws. If you are yearning for an improved performance, ensure that you at least grab a pair of Lobster alongside.

Durability is one upside we all tend to look out for when purchasing any type of mitts. However, looking on the downside of this product, you will be dismayed by the short-lasting ability it has. Consecutively, the bulky aspect of these gloves may tend to make your performance a little daunting. Conversely, this item has not been reinforced with an anti-scent aspect. Other than these demerits, the other properties far portray appealing results.

Looking on the upside of this accessory, the toughness proficiency of these mitts guarantees an improved experience. This ability ensures that the pair is able to withstand vigorous elements. Additionally, the waterproof coating and stretchy cuffs guarantee your palms and fingers protection in the salty water which basically dries the skin. Enthusiastic with water sports? Well, Lobster are a perfect match for an incredible adventure due to their versatile nature. On top of that, the enhanced non-slip grip design ensures that your catch of the day does not potentially slip away.

On another merit, the Kevlar material utilized during the make of this asset, facilitate cuts and flames resistance abilities. Conversely, this material attributes to the product’s flexibility. This item is also washable and easy to use during the outdoor task. The resilience and firmness of this accessory makes it ideal for both water-oriented hunting and sports.

Concluding, Lobster pairs has proved incredible usefulness such that your lobstering is not detrimental. The materials used in building the product far attribute to the outstanding benefits. Despite the few limitations associated with this item, the rest of the features are quite stunning and promise excellent results. Order your pair now for a boosted experience.

Abrasion, cuts and flames resistance
Stretchy cuffs for maximum comfort
Enhanced dexterity
Improved gripping

Lessened durability
Not anti-scented for lobsters and fish

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You may find it hard to dive if you lack the essential tools to improve your performance. This is because as a diver you will be prone to elements such as cold, scratches, abrasion and slippery equipment. You see, these drawbacks mainly affect the hand. In that case, before you decide on your next diving session, ensure that you have a pair of Henderson diving gloves.

Quick drying is one aspect we look out for on the description before purchasing any mitts. However, looking on the downside of this product, you will be disappointed by its bulky nature which hampers drying. This item may take up a couple of hours to dry. In addition, this accessory is pricey which may be exhaustive to your wallet. Apart from these flaws, the rest of the features are quite appealing.

Looking on the upside of Henderson mitts, you will certainly love the heavy-duty palm grip construction. This design enhances a firm grip of both slippery and non-slippery equipment when performing the water activity. This has been harnessed by a unique gauntlet expansion which make available a safe grip while removing gloves over the wrist cuff. The neoprene construction facilitates the safety of your hands and fingers against fish spikes and abrasion.

Consecutively, the neoprene material used to make this item attests to its longevity aspect. The outer seam of this accessory accommodates for a waterproof ability. The Aqua Lock Liquid Tape barrier seals the outer seam from water entry and ensures that the stitching is not damaged or unraveled. Additionally, this product has been oriented with maximum warmth ability to ensure that your hands do not suffer from the brutal coldness.

Our final thoughts on this product are that it is an essential tool to every professional diver. If you are questing to have an improved adventure, then you certainly need Henderson diving gloves. Far overlooking the demerits of this accessory, the rest of the features are far appealing and provide great excellence. You should consider purchasing this item to enjoy the merited results.

Abrasion resistance
Long lasting
Boosted dexterity
Enhanced gripping

Takes longer to dry

Check It Out On Amazon


Yearning to be a professional Scuba diver? Are you armed with the right tools to ensure that your ordeal is at the maximum? The hands are usually the most vulnerable to brutal conditions when diving. For this reason, you should ensure that you possess the appropriate equipment to smoothen your overall adventure. The SCUBAPRO EverFlex diving gloves are the tools that you should not lack.

Easier donning and doffing are the important aspects we all yearn for in every pair of diving glove. However, looking on the demerits of this accessory, the new design hampers donning and doffing abilities with a lot of ease. The double layer wrist cuffs attribute to this dismay. Consecutively, when it comes to durability, this item is quite a disappointment. Other than these limitations, the rest of the features are far outstanding.

On the upsides of SCUBAPRO EverFlex, the soft neoprene material used during the construction of this item facilitate maximum flexibility. Also, neoprene material provides ultimate warmth and comfort when conducting your outdoor activity. Enhanced dexterity is another loveable upside associated with this item. The amply textured fingers and palms provide a good gripping ability. This facilitates both the palms and fingers dexterity.

On another merit of this accessory, the Diamond Span lining seals extremely well. This feature ensures that your hands stay warm and comfortable for an extended period of time. The Blind-stitching design hampers water from entering through the seams. The single wrist seal minimizes water entry while maintaining warmth at the brim. This item is created by a petroleum-free limestone neoprene which enhances resistance against abrasion, puncture and flames.

In a nutshell, this asset has proved great benefits as far as you are diver. Despite the few flaws associated with this commodity, the rest of the features are far appealing and guarantee the best upsides. To experience an ordeal like no other, you should consider getting yourself a pair of this product. Order your pair now!

Flames resistance
Guaranteed warmth
Improved dexterity
Excellent gripping
Abrasion resistant

Not very durable
Lessened donning
Difficulty in doffing

Check It Out On Amazon

8.O’Neill Psych

O’Neill Psycho diving mitts are quite an epitome tool to every professional diver. The construction adapted during the creation of this item guarantee a boosted experience. If you want to excel in the coldest climates, then you need to be appropriately armed. This product ensures that your palms, fingers and wrists are not prone to elements such as cold, scratches and wetness which will hamper your performance.

The bulky aspect of O’Neill Psycho is one shortcoming of this product. The thick construction adapted in the design of this commodity far limit the fingers stretchy factor. Moreso, this item is quite tightened which may seem quite small while wearing them on. The expensive tag associated with this item is another drawback that will subject your wallet to wanting. Despite these few setbacks, the rest of the features far attribute to an outstanding performance.

Designed to shield you from the harshest of conditions while diving, O’Neill Psycho O’Ring Seal construction ensures that your palms and fingers are secured from brutalities. This product has also been enhanced with a tacky grip such that you can afford to firmly grip your equipment. Consecutively, the waterproof coating seal ensures that water intrusion does not invade the mitts. The hydrophobic techno butter 3 design prevents the product from water entry.

Looking on another upside of this accessory, you will be delighted by the anatomic palm and wrist fit. This feature facilitates hampering of water entry and also ensure that the mitts do not come off while performing your outdoor activity. Additionally, the windproof smooth skin material utilized during the construction of this asset, ensures that the mitts securely stay on your hands for quite a lengthy period.

On the end note, this item is quite essential to any individual taking part in diving sessions. The features of this accessory attribute to the excellence of your activity. In contempt of the few drawbacks associated with this product, all the other aspects are far outstanding and enhance great feedback. Order your pair now for a high quality experience.

Cold proof
Flexible and comfortable
Anatomic fit
Enhanced gripping
Improved dexterity


Check It Out On Amazon

9.AKONA All ArmorTex

Do you love cold lobster dives? Well, in that case you should ensure that you possess a pair of AKONA All ArmorTex diving mitts. The tear, abrasion and puncture resistance properties possessed by this item far guarantee an outstanding performance. This product has been highly constructed to provide great excellence to the diving activity.

Looking on the flaw of this accessory, the lessened proper fitment is something you will be delighted about. Consecutively, on the longevity factor of this item, you will be dismayed that it does not last longer as expected. The bulkiness of this item is also another negativity associated with it. Conversely, the asset is prone to ripping when worn roughly. Also, the neoprene material does not quite guarantee maximum hampering of water entry. Despite these negativities, the other properties far convey a smooth experience.

An enhanced gripping ability is one upside you will definitely find overwhelming with AKONA All ArmorTex. This has been facilitated with the textured palms and fingers which provide a secure firm grip. The Velcro wrist closures attribute to an unparalleled protection for your hands and ensure that the pair is hold firmly in place. Conversely, the Amara and Kevlar palms construction anticipate for the product’s flexibility and dexterity.

Looking on another positivity of this accessory, the nylon material used in the construction of ArmorTex provides a non-slip grip and a soft touch. This facilitates a comfortable feel of the palm and back. Also, this product has been oriented with an outstanding strength in order to withstand brutal conditions. This asset has been made to be tear and abrasion resistance so that your outdoor activity is smoothened.

In conclusion, this item is quite essential to every diving expert. It ensures maximum protection to your hands against lobster claws, fish spikes and the extreme cold. Without considering the few shortcomings associated with the product, all the other features are far impeccable. Ensure that you have a pair of this item when you decide on the next cold lobster dive. Purchase your pair now.

Excellent gripping ability
Limber and comfortable
Cold proof
Boosted lobstering
Improved dexterity
Tear resistant

Lessened fitment and longevity
Prone to wetness
Prone to ripping and tearing

Check It Out On Amazon


To have an improved water performance, then you must accredit your excellence to the great pair of Promate diving gloves. The construction of this equipment provides protection and limberness which guarantees a secure grip for any water activity. Without lessening the mobility aspect, this product offers maximum warmth and safety to your hands. You should consider possessing this tool for the best outcomes.

Looking on the negativities of Promate diving gloves, you will be disappointed by the lessened snug fit which hampers the product’s proper fitment. However, when wet they can fit amply. Another dismaying demerit of this item is the shortened durability aspect that will force you to go for a replacement. Conversely, the wrist straps are quite tight, and you may incur some difficulty when wearing the pair. Other than these setbacks, all the other features far portray stunning results.

On the upside of this commodity, you will definitely fall in love with the impeccable and flexible construction. This facilitates a secure non-slip grip. The mobile design of this product also approves for the maximum warmth and protection. Neoprene material adapted during the make of this item attribute to the outstanding excellence in an improved sturdiness, safety and comfort. The wide wrap around Velcro wrist closures makes it easy to put the product on and off.

Cut and abrasion resistance are other positivities associated with this item. This has been anticipated by the Kevlar material coating on the plans and fingers. In that case, you will not be prone to serious shark bites and rough objects cuts. The glued and Blind-stitching design of Promate improve the pair’s dexterity and strength in order to withstand vigorous elements.

Concluding, this product has proved vitality when it comes to any water activity. The construction utilized in the make of this item far approve for a stunning experience, making the pair ideal for warm waters. In spite of the few flaws of this accessory, all the other features result to an impeccable performance. Purchase your own pair now for the best results.

Cuts and abrasion resistant
Excellent non-slip grip
Enhanced mobility
Improved dexterity

Lessened snug fit
Tightened wrist straps
Shortened durability

Check It Out On Amazon

Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Consider While Buying Diving Gloves

In case you love to dive in warm waters, you may not need to wear diving gloves. However, it is a must have if you like to dive into cold water. The gloves will offer you protection against the cold to your extremities which is important since the hands can be too sensitive.
If you decide that it is time to buy gloves, and then choose a pair that is enough to keep your hands warm, comfortable, flexible and long lasting.

What material to choose:

While looking the material used to make the gloves, you should consider the material that offers the ease of maneuverability, secure and thermal protection. The thickness of the material can vary from 1mm up to 7mm. The right material should snug fit.
There are two types of diving gloves


They are recommended when it comes to protect the hands while spear fishing; however, they may be used with someone who wants to go for scuba diving. The mitts thickness is 1mm up to 2mm. There are some that have been coated using latex over the palm so that they can offer protection against cuts, wears and other elements. Textile diving gloves use Amara over the fingers and palms to offer the right touch feeling. They will not offer the best protection when it comes to winter diving, however, they compensate for this by offering the flexibility. The material is suitable if you dive in the water that it is less than 15 degree Celsius.


Neoprene gloves offer enough insulation. The gloves are available with the thickness of 0.5 up to 7mm. You can find the gloves that have been reinforced by Amara or Supratex. They possess an excellent grip while providing sturdiness over the fingers and palm. The dexterity depends on the thickness and they are practical for diving and snorkeling. The thickest gloves have been pre-shaped to offer better grip and they make it easier to use. This can become difficult.


While purchasing diving gloves, you should remember that most of gloves will not help you to keep the hands dry. They do trap the water which enters into the gloves and they do trap them using the body head. This can then warm the water found within the gloves. You should not be surprised if you see too much water out of your gloves after performing your outdoor activity.

Most of the current diving gloves are made from neoprene. They are measured into millimeters and these that are thicker, hence offer better warmth. If you dive in warm water and you do not need too much protection, then you may go for thin ones.

Other factors that contribute to how warm the gloves are, is if the gloves have Velcro Strap over the wrist which will reduce the water entry in and out of the gloves. When the gloves have extra and supplemental material like titanium, and more seams, then it will not be easy for them to leak. Some of the gloves do offer strapless fit that will ensure that you are warm, but it will be hard to put them on.

The difference between diving mitts and gloves

While buying the diving gloves, keep in mind that five fingered are not good as mitts which have only a place for a thumb and another place for all the fingers. If you can keep skin to skin contact, then you will experience better warmth. Since the five finger gloves keep each finger on its own, they will not be that effective. However, most divers prefer the five fingered diving gloves.

Diving location

If you want to go diving into waters from 10-18 degree Celsius, then you should utilize gloves that are made in neoprene and which are 5mm up to 7mm.

Temperate water: if the water will be from 16-24 degree Celsius, you should use the ones that are constructed with neoprene and which are between 2mm to 5mm thickness.

Warm water: if the water is over 25 degree Celsius, the gloves can be neoprene with the thickness of 0.5 up to 2mm.


Now that you have the knowledge on which essential factors to consider while purchasing diving gloves, you will certainly get the perfect pair. Conversely, purchase a product with a reasonable price and also meets your needs to the brim.

Sagi Shiffer

Sagi Shiffer

He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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