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5 Best Deadlift Gloves for Deadlifting in 2020


With the best deadlift gloves it serves as the proper form and equipment when doing rigid workouts. Otherwise, it can strain your muscles and do more harm than good. One recommendation is to get the best glove for protection and enhanced performance for lifting.

Which Gloves Are Best for Deadlift?

In choosing gloves for deadlift, some of the things you should consider are your specific needs and the material, durability, fit, and protective features of the gloves. Some uses these gloves for heavy punch speed training. Here are some basic guidelines in choosing the best gloves for deadlift:

  • Fingerless gloves provide tactility and breathability to prevent sweating.
  • Leather or neoprene gloves give you a better grip and are more durable.
  • Gloves with wrist wrap provide more protection and support to your wrists and hands.
  • Cotton gloves or natural fiber gloves absorb sweat better.
  • Tight-fit gloves give the best grip without cutting off blood circulation.

If it is your first time buying gloves for deadlift, I recommend you get a snug fit first because your gloves may stretch from the sweat.

The Best Gloves for Deadlift

In the meantime, we will help you explore your options by reviewing five of the best gloves for deadlift or your gym workout training.

Before deciding which gloves to purchase or whether you should get one or not, do your research first. Observe your grip, hands, and wrist while working out. Better yet, consult your personal trainer.

1. Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves

deadlift gloves
deadlift gloves
deadlift gloves

The first thing I noticed about Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves is its sleek design. The fingerless and open back of the hand look makes it look protective but light. The material is silicon-printed neoprene, which gives the gloves its better grip.

Moreover, the fingerless design gives the gloves more breathability and prevents the buildup of sweat in your hands. The Velcro design also makes it easier to adjust while working out.

When it comes to the protective capacity of the gloves, it has built-in wrist wraps for support and pressure buffer. The extra tight grip feature works best for people with sweaty hands. It can certainly provide support for exercises like kettlebells and pull-up bars.

However, I don’t recommend wearing them for exercises with a lot of finger movement like pull-ups because they do not provide much support for that. Its durability is also questionable because it is not double-stitched, but the neoprene material provides better protection against dangerous chemicals. It is also a bit expensive. If you do more grip exercises and prefer an aesthetic look, this option could be the best gloves for deadlift for you.

Comfortable and allows increased ventilation
The full-palm protection and wrist wrap prevents strain in lifting.
Thick material for the palm to improve lift
It is not double-stitched
Not suited for push-ups and other finger-heavy workouts
A bit on the expensive options

2. Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gloves

deadlift gloves
deadlift gloves

Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves are one of the most tried and tested gloves for deadlift. It is an all-around glove best suited for deadlift.

The rubber microfiber mesh material gives you a fuller and stronger protection and a tighter grip on different metal surfaces. Compared to Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves, Trideer pads have a full hand covering that covers both the palm and the back of the hands. It still allows for tactility and breathability with its half-finger design.

The grip of the gloves also makes it suitable for other exercises like rope climbing. However, the protection for the thumb is lacking, straining the thumb a bit.

Despite its good grip, the rubbery texture of the gloves is not quite good at preventing sweat buildup. I also find it hard to trust its durability because it only has a single strap, which could easily wear out.

Nonetheless, it works well with common gym exercises for an affordable price.

Microfiber for breathability
Good for grip
Full protection on the palm and the back of hands
Doesn’t provide much thumb protection
Poor performance on sweat reduction
Poor durability

3. Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves

deadlift gloves
deadlift gloves

Before the price turns you off, hear me out first. You might be convinced that the price is worth paying for.

The appearance of the Skott Evo 2 looks very pro, compact, and strong enough to give you the protection you need. The 3D Unisex Fit System is a plus because it fits well for both men and women. The Skott Evo also ensures durability with its double-stitched feature — something the previously mentioned products missed out.

The fit and feel of the gloves are also very comfortable. But it still gives you the ultimate protection you need for deadlift with the latest features in weight lifting technology, such as industrial-strength Velcro and fully integrated wrist wraps. Its high-density foam also gives the gloves a full protection capacity. On top of it, the grip performance of the gloves is superb because of its anti-slip gel-printed palms.

One downside to Skott Evo 2 is that the padding may be too much for deadlift, which can weaken lifters’ grip. Some also find it difficult to find the perfect size for them.

Overall, this is one of the best gloves for deadlift for me because it checks all the boxes. So, the high price is reasonable for me.

Double-stitched for durability
Excellent grip with anti-slip design
Multiple ultra-protection features
More expensive than other gloves
Too much padding may not be suitable for some
Some buyers experience confusion with choosing the right size

4. SIMARI Workout Gloves

deadlift gloves
deadlift gloves

If you are on a tighter budget but you also need quality protection, you can try SIMARI Workout Gloves. One of the things that make it better than the other gloves is its microfiber and spandex fiber material.

While the other microfiber gloves out there are less durable, SIMARI gloves are not. Its microfiber material can reduce friction from various surfaces. Meanwhile, the spandex fiber gives the gloves breathability and flexibility. It can stretch four to seven times its original length, and it also has a comfortable feel.

Despite the cheap price, it has a good quality you can get from the other expensive ones we just mentioned. The gloves have a foam pad to protect the palm from impact and calluses. It also has an anti-slip feature, thanks to its honeycomb structure and printed silica gel surface.

The SIMARI workout gloves are one of our top picks for the best gloves for deadlift with an affordable price. It looks neat and light, and it works well for almost every gym exercise.

Excellent quality at a cheap price
Soft padding
Some buyers experience difficulty in finding the right size for them.

5. Harbinger Pro Wrist Wrap Weightlifting Gloves

deadlift gloves
deadlift gloves

Another popular gloves for deadlift in the market is the Harbinger Pro Wrist Wrap Weightlifting Gloves. This pair of gloves is different from the rest because the palm is made with genuine leather. The leather palm allows breathability to avoid sweat buildup. However, it also has extra padding that can still make the hands sweaty.

When it comes to protection against injuries and calluses, the Harbinger Pro passed my standards. The integrated and adjustable wrist wraps add more security and stability to the wrist joints. It also has wrap-around thumb protection which can be good against abrasion when doing rope climbing exercises, for example. The padding also adds excellent palm protection. However, again, too much padding can weaken the grip.

The Harbinger Pro is quite expensive for its features. I think there are no special features on this one that you cannot get from other cheaper gloves.

Wrist wrap adds more security.
The padding adds more palm protection.
Good fit
Can be a bit loose
Additional padding can weaken the grip.

Why Should You Wear Gloves When You Deadlift?

Some deadlifters prefer wearing gloves, while some do not. But whatever the case, wearing them does have numerous benefits.

First off, gloves can protect you from deadlift calluses and blisters. Holding heavy equipment with a tight grip can be rough on your hands. These mild wounds can hinder your lifting even more.

Choosing the best gloves for deadlift can also prevent wrist and hand injuries. Wrist injuries from deadlift are quite common because the exercise forces the wrist to bend backward, which can stress or injure the wrist joints. The padding in the gloves helps prevent this by serving as a shock and pressure absorber. This feature not only prevents your hands from straining, but it also extends your range of movement.

Wearing gloves for deadlift also adds another layer of protection for hygiene and sanitation purposes. Gloves help you stay clean if you work out at a communal gym where a lot of people are using the equipment one after another.

Are Gloves Necessary When You Deadlift? 

Wearing gloves when you deadlift has its benefits, but it is not essential. Choosing to wear them ultimately depends on your specific needs and what works for you. Besides wearing them for comfort, some cases make gloves necessary when you deadlift.

You might want to consider wearing them if you tend to sweat excessively. Working out with sweaty hands can weaken your lift and make the equipment easily slip from your hold, which can be very dangerous. Wearing gloves can help solve this problem and ensure your safety.

It might also be necessary to find the best gloves for deadlift if you had a wrist or hand injury or have weak wrists. And as I mentioned, gloves are a great shock and pressure absorber when you deadlift. The way the gloves wrap around your wrist also adds extra protection and support for your wrist, imitating your ligaments and tendons.

When Shouldn’t You Wear Gloves for Deadlift? 

Some lifters prefer to do away with it for a couple of reasons.

They find that their grip worsens or weakens when they wear gloves because of the added thickness to the bar. And the thicker the bar, the harder it is to lift. If you’re doing pulling exercises, such as deadlift or rows, wearing gloves may limit your ability to lift.

For other exercises, such as bench press and shoulder press, use your palm in holding the bar, close to your wrist. The bulk of the gloves may force the bar toward your fingers, which might cause injuries.

The Best Gloves for Deadlift

And Our Top Pick for the Best Deadlift Gloves Is . . .

Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves.

Out of all the gloves for deadlift I tested, the Skott Evo 2 has the most impressive features. It has excellent protective features that cover the palms and the wrist, it is durable, and, most satisfyingly, it looks nice. The price is not the cheapest. The SIMARI gloves also have promising qualities, but Skott Evo is more complete and pro. It is also not that expensive as other popular brands that are not in this review.

All in all, I think the Skott Evo 2 can be the best deadlift gloves for you as you work on those gains.

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He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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