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10 Best Cycling Gloves

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

” The proper  cycling gloves can make all the difference as they are key instruments in a cyclist’s success. “

Like any other sports enthusiast, cyclists take their sport just as seriously as every other athlete especially when it comes to the different types of competitive cycling.

Cycling can be categorized in distance riding and all-terrain riding. Distance riding is for those athletes that want to compete in racing competitions where their sports equipment has to aid them in speed and comfort design. All-terrain cycling consists of BMX, Mountain biking, or conditions where falling or crashing are a possibility; here the cycling athlete needs equipment that’s going to provide protection as well as comfort and security.

Best Cycling Gloves Reviewed

We’ve compiled a list of the best cycling gloves reviewed for a guaranteed  comfort & protection:

1.Castelli Cw.3.1

The handsomely designed Castelli Cw3.1 biking gloves comes in three striking and leather creations. The fashionable and breathable fabric is 10Kmm waterproof in addition to being windproof. This hand shield is fully lined with Bemberg insulation for warmth, comfort, and flexibility along the handlebars. Along the palm, an all-over silicone print and a light padding have been added for extra grip and comfort of the cyclist. Finally, the reflective Castelli screen-print can be seen emblazoned in silver across the back of each hand for clear visibility of riders.

All consumers were pleased in function and warmth even in temperatures down into the ’30s and 40’s F; however, it took a couple of people two times to get fit just perfect. Sometimes the product seems too small, at other times bulky, but once it fits perfectly, it’s the ideal sports accessory for cyclists.

Cycle enthusiasts rave that Castelli products are of high quality, superior products, and this Cw 3.1 is another example of the company’s excellence. These are the warmest and comfortable, slip-proof riding gear your hands will thank you for wearing. During winter or cold weather you can add a high quality cycling arm warmers to your gear for a guaranteed warmth.

Three variations of Red, Black and White make up the design scheme of the Castelli Cw 3.1 cyclists gloves cold-weather, five-fingered, hand guard. Whose palm is padded and fully silicone-lined for extra grip support and slip preventability, the leather exterior Cw.3.1 is also windproof and waterproof and able to provide warmth for temperatures down into the 30 degrees F. A sparkling silver reflective Castelli logo on the backside of each hand adds an extra element of security with extra visibility. Superior quality, comfort, warmth, and style can be found in every pair of Castelli’s.

Silicone and padded patterned palm
Warm for temperatures down into 30 F
Reflective logo
Reasonable price

Sizing with a couple, issues easily resolved

Check It Out On Amazon

2.Giro Bravo LF

The Giro Bravo LF is a five-fingered cyclist mitt that has been engineered with a three-panel, super fit design created by using the company’s New AX Suede synthetic leather for the subtleness, warmth, and strength you will find in this gloves. Cyclists will be pleased with the 4-way stretch flexibility and the breathable mesh design. Furthermore, the moisture wicking and highly absorbent surface of microfibers ensure slip free, dry hands throughout the ride. Hands will stay comfortable and energized with the optimized gel padding that is strategically placed within the mitt and helps the hand from overuse and exhaustion. A low-key Velcro enclosure finishes of the perfect look of this reasonably priced sports gear brought to you by Giro.

Consumers across the board were very pleased with the size and fit of this cyclist gloves; however, some had issues with the stitching coming undone after a few months use and were dissatisfied with the quick wear and tear of the item compared to other similar products.

Most cyclists were overjoyed with the value they received for the product that provided terrific padding and comfort during long rides in colder weather. They were pleased with their purchase and would purchase again. Giro is well known for producing high quality cycling gear so there is no chance to complaint about the quality.

Considered by many to be one of the top full-fingered cycling hand mitts for the value of the money. The Bravo LF is gel-padded, provides the Giro’s Super Fit ergonomic pattern, supplies supple comfort with its lightweight 4-way stretch, mesh and AX Suede synthetic leather materials and superior-quality structure at an affordable price. It’s the ideal selection for cyclists who desire a versatile, weightless, full finger riding mitt for the cooler weather and desire the experience of the customary padded protection for the hand.

Lightweight five-finger design,
Mesh, and synthetic leather material padded for traditional comfort
Velcro closure, perfect for colder weather

A few customers complained stitching started pulling out after a few months use

Check It Out On Amazon


Zackees brings the cyclist the power of the road to his/her hands with these fingerless, cycling mitts that have LED turn signals that are completely rechargeable. The majority of the exterior is made from a breathable, airy Lycra, Mesh Spandex with the palm being covered with reinforced leather, and on the thumbs a separate strip of terry cloth for a wiping point. The rider will find extra shock absorbing foam inside the palm for extra strength and comfort and an adjustable Velcro strap easily adjusts the mitt around the wearer’s wrist. Even though electronics are included, everything is completely washable and 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. These are ideal for the summer months. The company does make a closed finger pair for the winter months as well.

Apparently, the largest complaint amidst consumers is that Zackees is not as waterproof as they claim to be. When out in the rain or after a wah, customers have complained of the lights short-circuiting or corroding and causing skin irritations.

Bicyclists are thrilled by the concept of this design and being able to brightly. Light visually display turning decisions in communication to oncoming traffic. Best safety precaution sports gear for cyclists.

The safest cycling accessory s now available in three terrific colors. Brought to you by Zackees, you will now be able to signal to oncoming traffic your direction intentions with signaling lights on the back of your gloves. Made of a stretchable Lycra Spandex mesh and Leather Palm that has foam padding for extra comfort. Easy to use while riding, these mitts will quickly become the favorite part of your daily bike ride.

Ambient light instrument
Pull Tab to remove mitt easily, terry cloth strip on thumbs
Velcro closing
Foam padding
Breathable material
100% warranty

Not 100%waterproof

Check It Out On Amazon

4.Pearl Izumi Select

The Pearl iZumi’s are the perfect training cyclists affordable dream of a mitt. The use of multiple fabrics went into the design and creation of these comfortable and supportive cyclists gear. They are padded with 1:1 ratio gel foam that has been identically die-cut to coordinate and harmonize with the rider’s hand’s physiology for perfect and superior support. They feature a synthetic leather along the palm which is both durable and soft allowing for optimum comfort. Included is an inconspicuous, subtle and soft surface located on the thumb. Finally, the hook and loop closing feature of these fingerless riding accessories allows for the perfect fit.

A couple of consumers complained that the product did not stand up after several months of use. They complained specifically that the seams around the fingerholes gave way too quickly.

However, other consumers raved they couldn’t be happier with their purchase; the comfort, padding, and fit were exactly what they were searching for in a cycling gloves.

The Pearl Izumi company’s goal is to provide a solution for riders who frequently complain of hands aching or hurting after a ride. They have presented Select cyclists gloves and support which features : gel foam padding which has been die-cut perfectly to line-up identical to the hand’s formation for the most support a mitt can provide. This fingerless gloves comes in 4 fantastic choices of colors; each with a hidden strip of soft material for wiping sweat or moisture off the rider, located on the thumb. And unlike other brands who offer Velcro closings, The Pearl Izumi offers a hook and loop closure allowing for scratch-free adjustability and the ideal fit.

Use of mixed materials for premium support
Foam gel padding located in the key anatomical placement of the hand
Fingerless design
Wiping cloth on the thumb
Hook and loop closure

Wears out quickly, would like some reflectors.
Not enough padding

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5.Fox Digit

This product was designed with the safety of BMX and mountain bike cyclists in mind. The back of your hand is padded with Airprene along the knuckles to provide extra safety in that zone, while the palm is designed with a two-ply Clarino synthetic suede material that supplies added protection. Your hands are thoroughly protected and safe no matter what happens. They are also designed to be comfortable and are lightweight and flexible with no loss in dexterity. Drying incredibly fast as a bonus, they will never be uncomfortable even on hot days. The hidden tab fixture closure at the wrists adjusts to perfect fit and prevents any snags with branches or gets in the cyclist way. These gloves were designed for rough terrains where falls are common to keep your hands secure, comfortable, and protected at all times.

No serious consumer complaints with this product. It delivers as advertised and you will be pleased with your purchase and the security and comfort it provides.

Customers are very pleased with the excellent value you receive from a quality all-terrain cycling gloves. They comment about the comfort, fit, and durability they have found from this product.

For almost half a century, Fox has been the front-runner in sports gear and sports accessories for high-energy outdoor sports of all types, especially in the all-terrain cycling. They started designing for Motocross and then continued with BMX, mountain biking, and have even broadened to surfing. This product is perfect to add to any cyclists gear kit. Perfect for both beginners and pros, the Digit Series is crafted to be stronger, lighter, and easy to maintain. Both the back of the hand and palms are thoroughly protected from any falls, scrapes, and possible crashes; with this product, your hand will be safe at all times.

Reliable, a sports company
Designed for all-terrains and where crashes might happen type of cycling
Backshell with extra padding
Palm covered with 2 layers of suede padding material
Flexible & durable

None serious

Check It Out On Amazon

6.Mavic Ksyrium

Mavic is a company designed to create the optimum in cycling performance sportswear. The Ksyrium is a full five-fingered insulated winter cycling gloves . They are lightweight, and water-resistant, yet are filled with Primaloft sports insulation to provide the highest degree of protection against wet and cold winters. The Ksyrium features an AX suede palm covered in a microdot lamination for secure gripping capabilities while offering protection from skin abrasions. Breathable material covers the 2mm Ergo Pad Ortholite foam padding located on the palms to aid with the absorption of handlebar vibrations and hand fatigue. Long-lasting and durable for many winters, they also include a touchscreen capability for cyclists with cell phones. Length goes beyond the wrist in a demi-gauntlet style offering maximum support, comfort, and protection for the rider’s hands and wrists during the wet and cold winter trails. Hook and Loop closure for premium security. Each pair comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The feedbacks are in, and consumers have nothing but praise for the Mavric Ksyrium gloves. Top quality without any complaints.Consumers rave that the Ksyrium’s are the best winter cycling five-fingered cycling mitts that they have ever purchased and tried. They are simply thrilled with the fit, protection, comfort, and design.

When it comes to Mavic’s clothing, sportswear that has the Ksyrium tag is specifically designed with warmth as it’s number one priority. This Ksyrium product is created for cycling on intensely cold days and while Mavric Pro Thermo+ may be a tad warmer, this pair will protect your hands and fingers toasty on chilly winter rides.

This product features a synthetic shell that has been conditioned with a waterproof DWR coating. Furthermore, these riding mitts are fully loaded with lightweight insulation by PrimaLoft Sport, which even stays cozy and warm when wet. You will also find a soft, gentle, microfiber material cross the thumb for wiping and extra breathability. These are an investment in your cycling future and as such, come with a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Five-fingers fulling insulated against winter conditions & water-resistant
Wiping cloth located at the thumb, microdot technology across palm for superior grip
Touchscreen capability
Reflective fingers & longer cuffs closed with hook and loop tab
Two-year warranty

Expensive but investment in sports gear

Check It Out On Amazon

7.Craft Siberian

Wear the gloves that cyclers, runners, and other sports enthusiasts have designed and tested. The Craft company began in 1973 with a need for superior athletic wear. Today they carry on this tradition of innovation by developing high-quality performance sportswear. Not only does the company consider the design of each article, but it seeks out the most up to date materials.

Unfortunately, the price point varies greatly. Take some time to look for the best deal. These cycling gloves are warm, but they are not insulated for the coldest winter weather. For that, you will need to pair them with a second set of insulated garments. The sizing tends to run small, so you might consider ordering a size up from what you usually wear. There are 6 sizes to choose from XX-small to XX-large. The gloves come in 2 colors only, black and black with silver. Many cyclists would prefer a wider choice of colors to coordinate with the rest of their gear.

These wind and water-proof gloves are designed to keep our hands warm. The exterior fabric is 94% Polyester and 6% Elastane with an interior fleece lining. There is a silicone imprint in the palm area to give you a good grip as well as durability.

You can block out the wind with the long cuff and pull tight wrist closure. On top of all these weatherproofing features, these cycling gloves are touch screen sensitive. You do not need to chill your hands when you answer the phone or take a look at a map for further directions during your cycling trip or running adventure.

Buy the Craft Siberian for their weatherproofing capabilities but enjoy their comfort and superior styling. Remember to look for the lowest price as they are offered at a wide range of price points.

Wind/waterproof fabric: 94% Polyester/6% Elastane
Fleece lining
Silicone print in palm
Form fitting with Velcro adjuster
6 sizes to choose from XX small to XX large
Touch screen sensitive

Price varies greatly, look for the best deal
Tends to be a small fit
Warm but not for the coldest winter weather

Check It Out On Amazon


Firelion company brings cyclists these unisex multifunctional gloves suitable for all BMX, mountain biking and road cycling conditions. The entire surface of the mitt is designed with breathable material and are form fitting allowing for perfect comfort and flexibility. The palm’s exterior is a synthetic leather that securely covers gel padding which reduces the effects of the vibration of the terrain, relieves and minimizes hand soreness and fatigue and helps avoid stiff joints after a long ride. The Firelion technology has been designed to relieve the pressure of the ulnar nerve which is the cause of hand numbness and soreness.

An absorbent and soft microfiber is placed along the thumb to keep the sweat from entering the eyes during a ride. Adjustable straps will be found at the wrist, so cyclists can tighten and stabilize the degree of security and comfort at the wrist. Each pair also comes with touch screen recognition for use with one’s cellular phones. They also come with a 30-day return policy and a 12-month replacement warranty.

There were a few consumer complaints that the gel insides did not protect their hands from the numbness as advertised but the fit and design were optimum. The touchscreen fingertips can be sensitive.

It seems the gel padding also depends on the rider as other consumers were very pleased by the awesome padding. Several were pleased to report that after a year of use, the product was still in terrific condition.

If you are looking for an all-around breathable cycling unisex mitt for a reasonably low investment, these are perfect to try. They offer everything a cyclist on a mountain bike or BMX could ever want, style, comfort, protection, flexibility, and durability. Because of the guarantees and warranty, there is no reason not to try a pair out for yourself. They are breathable, washable, perfectly padded, and designed to be the best multifunctional cyclist gloves to keep your hands healthy and not sore after hours of enjoyment on your bike.

Anti-slip & washable
Sweat wipe on thumb & adjustable wrist,
Touch-screen capability
Breathable mesh exterior
Very inexpensive and reasonable

Padding didn’t work for some, but worth a shot based on price and warranties.

Check It Out On Amazon


Do you need comfortable gloves for riding, cycling, running, skiing, hiking, training, camping, cross country skiing, climbing, or driving? The SIMARIs are both form-fitting and warm. Buy them for yourself to combat the chilly weather or acquire them for a gift for a special friend who enjoys outdoor activities. You will really appreciate the great price of these cycling gloves.

Unfortunately, the SIMARI has no self-heating capability, although several people thought they might have that ability. They come in 2 colors only. One set of gloves are waterproof, and the other set is not. Take care when ordering to get the ones you want. The grippy material on the palm does get worn off with continued use. Although they work well in cool weather, they are not warm enough below freezing. You can wear them as a liner under a warmer outer garment, such as a ski glove. Some people found that the fingertips were thinner than the rest of the glove to allow for touch screen capabilities. The thinner finger-tips resulted in cold fingers.

The SIMARI is made for fall and winter weather. Since they are made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, they fit well, are windproof and waterproof. They come in 2 colors – black and silver. Their extended cuff fits snugly against your wrist to block the wind and rain.

Since they have a touch screen capable thumb and index finger, you will be able to check your email from work or search for a restaurant that is close to you without getting your hands cold. There is a layer of silica gel to provide grip on the palm side of these cycling gloves. On the back of the hand are reflective patterns for riding in safety at night.

When you feel the chill of wintery weather, it is time to protect your hands from the weather as you enjoy outdoor sports. Consider the SIMARI for fall and spring conditions. Pair them with an outer covering to make use of them all year long. You may want to purchase several pairs as the SIMARI are available at a great price. Keep a pair with your cycling gear, another in your glovebox for driving, and some on the table near your front door for those morning walks.

Great price
Made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex for a comfort fit
Touch screen sensitive thumb and index finger
Layer of silica gel to increase grip and durability
Reflective pattern on the back for safety considerations at night

Works well in cool weather but not below freezing, can be worn as a liner
Fingertips are thin for touch screen capability and can become cold
The grippy coating can come off with repeated use
No self-heating capabilities

Check It Out On Amazon


Are you looking for medium-weight cycling gloves for hand protection in the fall and spring? The Nertpow will suit your purposes at an inexpensive price point. Wear them while riding down the trail, for a hike or on a warm ski day. Then pair them with a warmer outer covering to use them all winter to keep your hands warm.

The Nertpow is a medium-weight cycling glove suitable for cooler weather. They will not keep your hands warm in freezing temperatures. They have touchscreen capabilities, but some people found this capability was reduced after washing the gloves. When you order, take careful measurements as the gloves tend to fit small. People would prefer more choices in color as these gloves come in black only.

The Nertpow are medium-weight gloves made with premium windproof fabric and silicone, with fleece lining for warmth. On the palm are silicone patches that are anti-slip and abrasion-resistant. You can easily carry your phone, grip your ski poles, drive your car, or hang onto your packages as you make your deliveries.

The first finger and thumb have touchscreen patches, but some people found that the capability lessened after washing the gloves. There is adequate wrist protection as the area is made tight to prevent wind and rain from making you uncomfortable.

One of the most appealing aspects of these cycling gloves is their inexpensive price. The Nertpow has many elements of more expensive pairs of gloves as they are water-resistant and windproof as well as touchscreen capable. Order several pairs of these cycling gloves to keep on hand for your many outdoor activities.

Very inexpensive
Made with premium windproof fabric and silicone, with fleece lining for warmth
Silicone in the palm is anti-slip, abrasion resistant
Finger and thumb have touchscreen patches
Water-resistant and windproof
Not bulky, can be worn as a liner
4 sizes from small to X large

Not able to keep your hands warm in the coldest of wintery weather
Good for driving your vehicle, but must be paired with a warm winter covering to be used all winter
Fits small, so take care when ordering
Washing reduced the touch screen capability
Needs more color choice

Check It Out On Amazon

Cycling Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a beginning cyclist or a professional racer, most cycling experts will tell you that hand covering are an essential part of your cycling gear. From racetracks to mountain back trails and BMX bumpy trick courses, key elements exist that every mitt should provide which will make your cycling experience all the more enjoyable & safe.


Wearing cycling hand coverings of any sort do offer some protection from loose dirt and debris flying up onto one’s hands. In all-terrain sports, there is a greater chance for spilling and crashing, so optimum protection is a must. Cyclists will look for a pair that offers a supportive shell and padding both on the back of the hand and on the interior palm. Remember also that wearing a good arm warmers with cycling gloves can boost your performance as a cyclist.


Being able to maneuver your gear is also critical to one’s success in this sport. A cyclist has to be ensured of a firm, slip-proof grip, that won’t falter under rainy or sweaty conditions. Cycling mitts properly designed for your type of riding will prevent blisters, calluses, and aid with shock absorption.

Shock Absorbency

The biggest complaint of cyclists is hand fatigue caused from erratic vibrations and poor shock absorbency of one’s riding mitt. The proper padding made for your type of riding will minimize hand and wrist fatigue caused by unnecessary amounts of pressure along the hand’s nerves during riding.


Two styles of cycling gloves are used; the no-finger summer mitts and the full five-fingered winter mitts. For summer mitts, you want to have equipment that allows for air circulation while also staying dry is ideal, and winter mitts that provide waterproof, windproof, and extra thermal linings are what to search for during freezing winter months.

Durability and Warranty

The value and investment range vary, so whether you are shopping a summer or winter gloves for your cycling sport, you will want to ensure the flexibility and durability of your mitts on budget. Any cycling  product should last well over a year, and products that come with warranties are of greater value and quality.


Two popular closure designs are ones made by Velcro and the hook and loop closure. Both offer a wide range of movement and security. This decision will boil down to personal preference in the long run.


Finally, in all cycling sports, a cyclist wants optimum flexibility. A rider’s mitt should never inhibit movement, changing gears, or reaching breaks.

Cycling Gloves FAQs Answered

Do cycling gloves make a difference?

Yes, you will benefit in several ways by wearing proper cycling gloves.

First, you will reduce the chance of getting any blisters from the handlebars or grips of your bike.  The gloves are sweat-wicking and breathable so your hands will be dry when riding in the humidity. Since the gloves are supported by padding in all of the right places, your hand will not be as fatigued. Also, if you do take a tumble, your hand will be protected against any damage. Of course, these gloves do keep your hand warm in cold weather. And if they are waterproof, they will also keep your hands warm and dry.

Do pro cyclists wear gloves?

It is a matter of personal preference, but most pros do wear gloves for different conditions.

what is the best fabric for cycling gloves?

There are many different types of fabrics for cycling gloves. What you are looking for is a breathable fabric, sweat-wicking, windproof, durable, rain resistant, or rainproof and flexible. Polyester, acrylic, and fleece (for warmth) are fabrics to look for when selecting cycling gloves.

How tight should cycling gloves be?

You need to avoid any scrunching up of material as that can cause chaffing that could lead to blisters. So, the glove should be snug enough that no material lays over top of another part. On the other hand, the fit should be comfortable. If the glove is too tight, you may cut off some circulation. You should also be able to bend your fingers easily.

Now It’s Your Turn

We hope that you find the perfect comfort fit riding mitt for your cycling needs and that our list and buyer’s guide will be an assist to you before you hit the trail with whatever your style bike. If you have a questions or a suggests please comment using the field below and I will answer you ASAP!

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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