10 Best Cut Resistant Gloves

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    If you have been through pair after pair of cut-resistant gloves, only to find that they are not up to par,I feel your pain- literally!

    The right type of glove for food prep is essential to professional chefs,  home cooks, and everyone in between.

    Best Cut Resistant Gloves Reviewed

    We have compiled the 10 best cut resistant gloves reviewed by a chef expert to help you stop cutting your fingers with knifes:

    1.No Cry

    This glove is a great choice for professionals. They are durable, lightweight, and very effective at protecting your hand. Additionally, they come in sizes ranging from small to extra large for a great fit. Made of glass fiber, Spandex, and polyethylene, they have a level 5 cut-protection rating and help the user grip slippery and awkward items. While many cut-resistant gloves can slow down your paring and dicing, the NoCry will not.

    Customers are very pleased with the NoCry gloves. They got top ratings for comfort, durability, and price. Buyers also loved the fact that the NoCry are ambidextrous, so each glove can be used on either the left or the right hand. That way, if one glove gets soaked with tomato or meat juice, you can throw it in the wash and use the other one. They are not adversely affected by the washing machine or dryer and stand up to numerous washings.

    Some reviewers reported that the gloves ran small, and there are no measurements listed for the sizes. However, NoCry has excellent customer service and will reportedly replace gloves that are the incorrect size free of charge, and users say orders are shipped promptly. Also, it is important to note that they are cut-resistant, not cut-proof.

    If enough force is used, the gloves can be cut through. They do not have materials such as kevlar or steel mesh like some on the market, so while they are sturdy they are not as strong as those products. Additionally, they can get a bit sticky or gooey after handling certain foods. The main culprits are cheese and meat products. Users recommended washing them in hot water after handling these types of food.If you are looking for cut proof pair for your job we advice you to check our guide about the best work gloves.

    Very lightweight & comfortable material
    Washing machine and dryer safe
    A suitable price

    Sizing may run small
    Can get sticky and absorb some food products

    Check It Out On Amazon

    2.BlueFire Pro Heat

    In addition to being cut-resistant, the Bluefire gloves are heat-resistant as well. They are great for grilling, managing the campfire or woodstove, or even as oven mitts or hot pads. Made out of Kevlar, aramid, Nomex, and silicone, they are designed to take heavy use around sharp blades and high temperatures up to 932 degrees F. They have long cuffs that extend past the wrist, which makes them perfect as a  welding gloves that require heat protection.

    The main complaints about the Bluefires was their bulkiness. Because they contain Kevlar and other heavy-duty materials, they are somewhat thick and heavy.Users were able to accomplish all their normal tasks in these anti puncture gloves, but some said they were slowed down a bit. Another complaint was that they are not as heat resistant as they claim.

    Some customers reported that they began to feel heat 10-15 seconds after picking up hot items, or faster if the gloves got wet. Overall though, most people were very satisfied with both the cut and heat resistance. While reasonably priced relative to the materials that are used, some users felt that they were too expensive compared to their performance.

    The Bluefire glove is recommended by firemen, amateur and professional chefs, and welders. 85% of the ratings on Amazon are 5 stars, which is pretty amazing. Multiple users reported picking up burning logs with the Bluefire. There are even a few videos on the Amazon review page if you want to see for yourself. Customers loved the extended cuff, which came in handy when roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over the fire and handling hot cast iron cookware. Their cut resistance is top notch as well and works great as an all-around kitchen glove. As far as versatility, I have never seen gloves of this type that were used successfully for so many different activities.

    Additionally, the Bluefire gloves are one size fits all, and some found them to be far too large or too small. If you are looking for a perfect fit, it may not be the glove for you. But, if you need a high-quality pair of gloves that can stand up to high temperatures and sharp objects, the Bluefire may be just right.
    Both heat & cut resistant
    Very heavy duty and durable
    Can be used for a variety of applications

    Not completely heat resistant
    Bulky, one size fits all

    Check It Out On Amazon

    3.Yinenn Best Cut Resistant Gloves

    Yinenn Best Cut Resistant Gloves
    Yinenn Best Cut Resistant Gloves

    With 4 times the strength of leather, these gloves are used in many professional kitchens. Like the NoCrys, they are ambidextrous, which can come in handy when you are switching between chopping meat and vegetables, because if you use one glove for each food product you will prevent cross-contamination.

    The Stark Safe gloves come in a range of sizes from small to extra large, so you should be able to find a pair that fits you. Additionally, they made of breathable materials including a proprietary silica-based fiber and polyethylene so your hands will stay comfortable while you are working. When it’s time to clean up, you can throw them in the washing machine, unlike many cut-resistant gloves.

    Although they are great at preventing cuts from the blade of the knife, the Stark Safes are not resistant to direct punctures. Some customers reported that the gloves were punctured easily by the tip of a knife.

    In a few instances, buyers received gloves that had holes in the seams, but the company offers a money-back guarantee and promptly replaces defective products. Stark Safe has excellent customer service, so if you have a problem with your gloves you can be confident it will be remedied.

    The sizing reportedly runs small and customers recommend ordering a size up. Some users found the fingers to be too long, which made them a bit awkward to wear. If your fingers are a bit shorter than average, these may not provide the proper fit for you. Some buyers also report that they can also be stained from handling vegetables or fruits.

    Snug fit and breathable
    Money-back guarantee

    Sizing runs small
    Not resistant to direct punctures


    Constructed with a proprietary 4-component yarn, the Epica gloves are extremely well-made and popular among kitchen aficionados.With nearly thousands of feedbacks, they are the most popular gloves on this list. And unlike that obnoxious guy you went to high school with (you know the one), the Epica CE are popular for a reason. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to work in. Several restaurant owners reported buying them for their employees. Many users are converts from heavier Kevlar gloves and love the dexterity of the Epica.

    Like the Stark Safes, they are not resistant to direct punctures, so don’t try stabbing your hand to test them out. Additionally, they are only available in 2 sizes: small/medium and medium/large.

    However, they are designed to stretch more than the typical cut-resistant glove. They will also return to their original shape after you take them off so they won’t get stretched out and loose. That being said some customers who usually wear a large glove reported that the medium/large size was too small. Some buyers also complained that the Epicas had a very strong chemical smell, that did not go away even after washing. The other major complaint was that they are not ideal for mandolines or graters, as the fingertips can be shredded fairly easily.

    The Epicas can be used for projects outside the kitchen as well. While many professional chefs and other kitchen workers recommend them, they are also popular among wood carvers and do-it-yourselfers. Folks who cook big holiday dinners were also fond of them, as they remain comfortable even when left on for a long time and dry quickly if they get wet. They are also machine washable but must be air dried. Additionally, the Epica glove comes with a 3-year warranty should they be defective.

    With all those great features, it’s no wonder the Epica gloves are so popular. If you are looking for a comfortable glove for all-day wear, look no further and purchase Epica
    3 Year Warranty
    Very comfortable, fast drying
    Highly rated among kitchen workers

    Only available in 2 sizes
    Some users reported a strong odor


    Users, both men, and women rated these gloves highly for fit. In fact, they are the number one of the best seller in anti-vibration safety gloves on markets. Made of a mix of the proprietary material Dyneema, nylon, and Spandex, they are very thin and lightweight while maintaining a high level of cut protection. They are very popular for kitchen work that requires accuracy, like dicing and paring. Because of their close fit, they stay tight to the fingertips and do not get in the way of the knife. They are also ambidextrous and have an excellent grip for grabbing knives and other tools.

    Most customers were very happy with the Wislife gloves, but there were some negative comments. Although they are machine washable, they must be air dried, which takes a long time. Some buyers reported that the glove was not effective against very sharp knife sets, and there were several reports of them getting sliced open the first time they were used.

    Additionally, due to the material, they get a bit fuzzy after a few uses and washes. Some users reported that the sizing runs small, and they are only available in 2 sizes. However, they are knit so they do have some stretch. Customers who used them for shucking oysters reported that odors stayed in the gloves, even after several washings. So, you may want to choose a different pair if you are going to use them around objects with strong odors.

    Although the Wislife gloves are not for everyone, they are great for basic kitchen work and many other uses. Some even recommended them highly for giving a cat a bath! Their cut resistance works just as well against kitty claws as kitchen knives. Another used them successfully for taxidermy. Other great uses for this brand are cleaning fish, whittling, working with scrap metal, and gardening. If you suffer from thorns, we recommend you read our comprehensive guide on best rated gardening gloves .

    Most users found the fit to be excellent and were happy with their durability. For everyday tasks in the kitchen or working with sharp tools, this one is a great choice.
    Best selling anti-vibration glove
    Lightweight and breathable

    Take a long time to air dry
    Some reports of them being sliced open

    Check It Out On Amazon


    Although it may look the same as a lot of other gloves, the Dowellife has some unique user-friendly features. They are designed so that while they are machine washable, they can be sanitized like a kitchen rag as well. All you have to do is throw them in a bleach and water solution, let them soak, and then hang them up by the attached hang ring on the wrist. These details make them great for commercial kitchens. This is a very comfortable glove as well. Constructed of high-elastic nylon, they are very flexible and stretchy for a custom fit.

    Overall the Dowellife is a well-liked glove, but the sizing tends to run small. A few buyers found that they were hard to put on, but in general, the fit was ok.

    The Dowellifes are available in sizes small through large, and the company provides a size chart, so if you have average sized hands, you should be able to find a pair that fits. Orders are shipped promptly and the gloves are priced affordably. They also have an excellent grip and are especially good for holding onto slippery objects like whole fish or freshly-rinsed vegetables. It’s also great for oyster roasts, cutting drywall, and handling frozen food.

    The Dowellife cut resistant gloves performs as well as many others on this list, but their finer details and top-notch construction set them apart. A customer favorite, they are durable and versatile. Many kitchen professionals say that Dowellife level 5 protection is their favorite glove.

    It is a great choice for restaurants and cafeterias or anyone who needs a comfortable, solid grip and a glove that is easy to clean.
    Can be machine washed or put in sanitizing bucket
    Hang ring on wrist for faster drying
    Quality construction

    Can be hard to get on
    Sizing runs small

    7.G & F

    This glove is unique in that in addition to being ambidextrous and cut-resistant, it is also non-slip and heat-resistant. Due to the silicone coating on the palm, they are able to block heat from reaching the hand and improve grip as well. If you work with heated knives or do a lot of baking as well as chopping and dicing, this is a good option. They are made of a thick but flexible fibrous material that is very durable.

    If you work with a lot of raw meat or fish, the G&F’s may not be the best choice for you. A few users said that after cutting raw meat with these gloves, small pieces of meat got worked into the fibers of the material.

    This makes them hard to clean and a bit stinky, even after going through the washing machine. The sizing is a little bit off, as some buyers said they were too big and others said they were too small. They are available in sizes small through extra large, but you may have to exchange them to figure out what size is best for you. The G&Fs are thicker than average, and some customers also found the gloves made their hands hot and sweaty after wearing them for awhile. But, for quick kitchen chores, they work fine.

    The G&Fs are also great for grabbing a hot pan, but remember, they are heat-resistant, not heat-proof. If you are going to be handling hot items for more than a few seconds, you’ll still need a potholder. They also work well for yard work and picking up broken glass or other sharp objects.

    The G&F glove is excellent if you need a versatile glove with a little extra grip along with cut resistance.
    Heat and slip-resistant
    Machine washable

    Hard to clean after handling raw meat
    Inconsistent sizing

    Check It Out On Amazon


    This glove is very thin but durable and comfortable. Made from a blend of Dyneema and nylon, it is very flexible and fits snugly. The small size is great for kids, and they are also available in medium, large, and extra large. A size chart is provided to help you order the right size. The UncleHu gloves are machine washable, and it is recommended to wash them before you use them.

    Lots of customers loved these gloves because the small size is perfect for children, allowing their kids and grandkids to learn skills like cooking, whittling, and gardening without their parents worrying about them getting hurt.

    They have a great fit, and the palm is ergonomically designed to be comfortable. Lots of buyers were surprised how lightweight and flexible the UncleHus are. However, some buyers thought that the sizing ran small even with the size chart. There were also a few instances of the gloves getting a hole shortly after using them, and some customers thought they were too thin, but overall the reviews were very positive.

    This glove is a great choice if you have extra small hands or kids that you would like to teach some cooking skills. They are also great all-purpose gloves for many different types of chores. They can be used for quilting, scaling and deboning fish, or working with rough materials like lumber.

    Since they are so flexible and thin, they can protect your hands where thicker gloves would just get in the way. For an affordable, comfortable glove, give the UncleHu a try.
    Small size suitable for children, size chart provided
    Ergonomically designed and lightweight
    Money-back guarantee

    Sizing may run small
    Some reports of gloves getting holes

    Check It Out On Amazon


    These are made with a new, proprietary fiber called Doyentrentex. It’s a mouthful, but this material is 8 times stronger than leather, flexible and breathable. This glove is ambidextrous, machine washable, and the cuff is a bit longer than average for added wrist protection. They are popular for many other activities besides cooking, including raising rabbits, working on cars, and yard work.

    It is important to note that the cut-resistant part of this glove only covers the palm and underside of the fingers. The gray material, while somewhat protective, is not 100% cut resistant.

    Some reviewers felt that they were somewhat bulky compared to other cut-resistant gloves. Additionally, some buyers thought that the Hilinkers did not have enough grip. Other customers said that the sizing runs large, although the company provides a size chart. Unfortunately, they are only available in medium and large, so if your hands are smaller, you may need to look elsewhere.

    The Hilinkers are a good choice if you have found other cut-resistant gloves to be too small or tight. These are still form-fitting and flexible, but may be more suitable for people with larger hands. Using cutting-edge materials, they are sure to become extremely popular for many different uses. Still not sure? The company will refund your money if you are unhappy.

    The Hilinker is comfortable, breathable, and great for many different chores, so if your hands are on the big side, they may be perfect.
    Palm is 8 times stronger than leather
    Machine washable and ambidextrous

    Sizing runs large
    Only available in large and medium

    Check It Out On Amazon


    When performing kitchen duties which require using knives and graters you will be prone to cuts. Conversely, when performing garden tasks, you will also be vulnerable to blisters and cuts of sharp blades and equipment. To ensure that your hands are protected from the mentioned brutalities, you should consider purchasing FORTEM cut proof gloves.

    Proper snug fitment is one upside we tend to consider when purchasing cut resistant mitts. However, contemplating on the downside of this product, you will be disappointed with the reduced fitting ability which tends to loosen with time. Consecutively, this product has a lessened durability period. The knitting of these mitts is quite prone to ripping after a few utilities. Also, if you do not maintain a firm grip of your kitchenette accessories, they may tend to slip off due to the slippery aspect of these mittens. Other than these drawbacks, the rest of the properties are far appealing.

    Looking on the positivity of this accessory, you will be delighted with the impeccable feature of cut resistance. This has been enhanced with the nylon design which also facilitates laceration protection for your hands. This product is also easy to clean since it has been oriented with a machine washable ability. Additionally, this accessory has been constructed with a breathability factor so that your hands stay dry and are well ventilated.

    Lightweight and comfortable aspects are other relative upsides depicted by this equipment. This commodity has been enhanced with a superior gripping ability for ease of operations. The flexible nature of this item makes it easy to put on and easily maneuver the fingers. The 13 Gauge Knitted Seamless HHPE fabric attests to the product’s ample strength.

    Our final thoughts regarding this item are that it is an essential and ideal tool for the everyday use. Be it in kitchen, garden, at work or any other practice that requires you to use blades, this product is the ideal tool that you should possess. Despite the few setbacks associated with FORTEM cut resistant gloves, all the other features far attribute to an outstanding ordeal. Order your mitts now to experience the best outcomes.
    Excellent cut resistance ability
    Laceration protection
    Machine washable
    Comfortable and limber
    Superior gripping ability

    Lessened snug fitting
    Quite slippery
    Prone to ripping
    Not durable

    Check It Out On Amazon

    There are lots of great options on this list. Hopefully, you found a pair or two that you like. If you are still unsure, take a look at my buyer’s guide for cut-resistant gloves.

    How To Choose The Right One?

    So, you need a good pair of gloves for chopping, dicing, or juggling knives. There are a lot of options out there, so if you’re confused, don’t fret, I’m here to help. Just ask yourself these questions before you buy, and you’re sure to find a pair that will fit your needs, well, like a glove!

    1. Do You Know Your Glove Size?

    Even the strongest cut-resistant glove will not do you any good if it is too small to wear or so large that it slips off. Check and see if the company has a size chart. This can make it much quicker and easier to find the right size. You also need to measure your hand properly so you can correctly match it to the chart. To do this, take a soft tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your hand. This may be easier if you have someone to help you. The number in inches is your glove size. Some companies use letter sizes, but they should tell you what each letter size is in inches or centimeters. If there is no size chart or they don’t tell you how your number size corresponds to their letter sizes, find a glove that fits you and sees what size it is. Still unsure? One option is to order two sizes and send back the pair that doesn’t fit. Just make sure the company has free returns if you do that.

    2. What Are Your Needs?

    Take a minute to think about how you will be using your gloves. If you are going to be doing a lot of yard work or construction, you may want to look into a heavy-duty work glove that will hold up under those conditions. If you want them for cleaning fish or slicing raw meat, make sure you choose a glove that is easy to clean and sterilize. Do you like to grill outside as well as chop and dice in the kitchen? You may want to get a pair that is heat-resistant as well as cut-resistant. If you are allergic to certain materials, take extra care to find out is used to make the glove. Additionally, if you plan to wear your them for long periods of time, make sure they are made of a breathable material that is not scratchy or irritating. If there is not a lot of information available, don’t be afraid to call or email the company and ask. The last thing you want to do is buy a pair of gloves you can’t use because you break out in hives every time you put them on.

    3. What is Your Budget?

    Cut proof gloves run the gamut in price from bargain basement to extremely expensive. Before you start shopping, decide how much you are willing to spend. If you shop on Amazon, you can filter out all products that cost more than the maximum price you set. This can make it much easier to compare gloves in your price range that you are actually interested in buying. If you fall in love with a pair that is outside your budget, you can set an alert that will tell you when they go on sale. No matter how much you want to spend, you will most certainly find a glove that meets your needs while staying in budget. Just make sure to do your research so you know you are getting a glove that is well-made in addition to being affordable.

    4. Is the Company Reputable?

    With so many new businesses popping up online all the time, it can be hard to keep track of which ones are just honest people trying to make a living and which are scams. Look at the reviews and see what customers say about the product, how any problems are dealt with, and whether they would buy from that company again. If multiple reviewers have the same complaint about customer service or the quality of the glove, you may want to steer clear. Even if they offer a money-back guarantee, that will do you no good if they ignore your calls or have 15 pages of requirements you must meet before they give you a refund. You may also want to watch out for companies with no reviews that offer the exact same glove as other companies at much lower prices. It is likely that they are selling counterfeit or factory seconds until someone catches on and reports it.

    5. Do You Know How to Take Care of Your Gloves?

    While they may look similar, cut-resistant gloves vary widely when it comes to caring for them. Some are machine-washable, but others need to be hand washed, and almost all of them must be air-dried. Putting your new gloves in the dryer can shrink them or cause other damage that will make them unusable. Not taking care of your gloves properly will greatly reduce their lifespan, costing you money. If you hate washing things by hand, make sure the pair you buy can just be thrown in the washing machine. Generally, you should never use bleach, fabric softener, or harsh chemicals when washing them. If possible, take a look at the care instructions before you buy any glove to make sure that it will work for you.


    Now that you know what to look for, start looking at some of the different cut-resistant gloves available. Make sure to bookmark your favorites so they are easy to find again. If you get confused, just come back to these tips to get back on track. Before long, you’ll find a great pair of gloves that fit well, meets your needs and is in your budget.

    Now it’s Your Turn

    Which cut resistant gloves are you using?

    Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

    Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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