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5 Best Cold Weather Gloves In 2020

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    Winter is coming, but are you prepared? In the comfort of your home, you’re free to snuggle with your coziest blanket. But you also need to move around, do chores, and go outside for essential trips like getting your groceries. To keep your hands safe from frostbite, you need to find the best cold weather gloves you can use.

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    Wearing cold weather gloves to Avoid Frostbite

    The best cold weather gloves will keep your fingers and palms warm enough to avoid frostbite. But when should you start wearing gloves to prevent this condition?

    Some say you should start wearing gloves at 10°C (50°F) to avoid frostbite. However, others also claim some other lower temperature.

    But really, it all depends on your preferences. If you’re used to the cold, 10°C may not bother you. But you should know there are also safety limits to these preferences.

    According to medical experts, the risk of frostbite increases as air temperature goes below −15°C (5°F). If you spend a lot of time outside, you should wear gloves. Even half an hour of exposure to wind chill at −27°C (16.6°F) can result in frostbite.

    You can also experience this condition if your bare skin touches ice or frozen metal. Wearing cold weather gloves will help you prevent this.

    The best cold weather gloves also have temperature ratings with their maximum and minimum degrees to serve as guidelines. Some materials become brittle and hard at ultra-low temperatures, causing the faster wear and tear for your gloves.

    The Warmest Materials for cold weather gloves

    The best cold weather gloves are made from natural or synthetic materials. Leather gloves and wool mittens are examples of gloves that use natural material.

    Wool is excellent for gloves because of its insulation capabilities. It is soft and comfortable to wear, much like a hug to your hands. In addition to this, wool can easily absorb and desorb moisture and still be breathable. It also has natural anti-bacterial properties, preventing your gloves from giving off a foul odor. However, wool tends to be very thick and can thus restrict your hand’s movement.

    Leather is better in terms of flexibility. This material ensures breathability even in temperatures as low as −180°C (−292°F). Leather is also more resistant to punctures and abrasion, so you can be sure it’ll protect your hands. However, leather isn’t waterproof and resistant to cutting. Buying leather gloves can also be risky because it can cause skin reactions.

    Wool and leather are two good options in your search for the best cold weather gloves. However, these choices are still limited, so glove manufacturers tried synthetic using materials. Examples include PVC, neoprene, rubber, and fleece. These materials find a balance between warmth and function.

    Warmth vs. Dexterity: The Functional Trade-Off

    When looking for gloves to wear, think about what you want to prioritize. Do you want maximum warmth? Or do you want to move your fingers as much as you can? You should also ask yourself whether or not you need water-resistant gloves.

    Favoring warmth over flexibility may be applicable when you’re spending more time outside without using your hands much. On the other hand, you can use gloves designed with less insulation but more dexterity when attending indoor events.

    Finding the Best Cold Weather Gloves

    Sometimes, you simply can’t choose between warmth and dexterity. You may need both, especially when you’re working, hiking outside, or shoveling snow out of your driveway. Besides, there are other factors you need to consider before you can choose the best cold weather gloves.

    You need to make sure the materials are resistant to wind and water. Your gloves should also give you warmth while expelling moisture. You won’t sweat through gloves made with breathable material, and you can keep your hands dry and warm.

    The best cold weather gloves should also have linings or reinforcements to add warmth to your fingertips. Remember: your fingertips don’t have enough muscles to generate heat for themselves! Added and multiple layers are also useful to help prevent frostbite.

    To help you decide, we’ve rounded up our top choices for the best cold weather gloves! We evaluated them according to their material, function, durability, and price.

    1. Carhartt WP Glove A511

    carhartt cold weather gloves

    Carhartt’s WP Glove A511 is 100% polyester. The palm side is made from polyurethane to withstand both high and low temperatures without melting or setting.

    It also has a waterproof shell to prevent and remove moisture. With a waterproof insert and FastDry technology, the WP Glove A511 can wick away your sweat. So if you’re prone to sweating and want your hands to stay warm and dry, this glove can be great for you.

    It has a polytex shell that makes it flexible and durable. The WP Glove A511 also has a hook and loop closure to keep your hands safe and secure. These features make it one of our top choices for the best cold weather gloves during rainy and snowy days.

    When taking care of this glove, you have to wash it with mild detergent and lukewarm water. Don’t use too-hot water, and don’t put it in the dryer. Following these steps will help you preserve your gloves’ durability.

    Made from 100% polyester resistant to temperature and environmental changes
    High resistance to water, wind, and fire
    Waterproof insert to avoid moisture
    FastDry technology to wick away sweat
    Flexible and durable shell for dexterity and longevity
    Hook and loop closure for hand security
    Stick-grip fingers and thumb and digital-grip for the palm
    Insulated glove
    Comes in three neutral-colored designs
    Low compatibility with touchscreen phones
    Not good for driving
    Too small sizes

    2. Ozero −30°F Winter Gloves

    ozero cold weather gloves

    Among our picks of the best cold weather gloves, the Ozero −30°F Winter Gloves is a great choice for all-around use. These unisex-sized gloves from Ozero are suitable for low temperatures reaching −34°C (−30°F). 

    Ozero’s outer shell is made from artificial leather to help you maximize function. The membrane is made from cotton and polyester to maximize comfort and warmth. Aside from its comfort, the membrane is waterproof and breathable to keep your hands away from moisture.

    It also has a waterproof insert to keep your hands dry even when you dip them in ice-cold water. Ozero also knitted their winter gloves’ cuffs, so you can expect them to be flexible when you put the gloves on.

    Additionally, Ozero designed their gloves to have sensitive goatskin finger linings. This level of sensitivity helps you touch your phone without the need to take your gloves off. This feature also enables you to keep your hands warm.

    The palms are reinforced with silica gel to improve your grip, especially when playing extreme winter sports. If you’re fond of skiing, cycling, or running when it’s snowing and you’re looking for the best cold weather gloves to use, consider checking out the Ozero −30°F Winter Gloves.

    Knitted cuffs for easy wear and removal
    Great for temperatures as low as −34°C (−30°F)
    Anti-skid silica gel improves your grip and avoids slips
    Flexible outer shell for easy movement
    Multilayer insulated material to keep warmth and enhance breathability
    Waterproof insert
    Unisex sizes
    Touchscreen applicable
    Not applicable for extremely cold weathers
    Low durability

    3. Outdoor Research Stormtracker

    outdoor research cold weather gloves

    Outdoor Research made the Stormtracker, their best cold weather gloves, with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ material. With this material and its WINDSTOPPER technology, you can use Stormtracker even with strong outdoor winds.

    It’s 94% nylon and 6% spandex material promotes movement and functionality. The Stormtracker gloves’ lining is 100% polyester, making it resistant to water and fire. These gloves are also lined with a 100% tricot to provide warmth and comfort for your fingers.

    The Stormtracker has a pull-on loop and zippered gauntlet to secure them to your hands. With its elastic cuff, the gloves will fit over your wrists easily. The materials may be lightweight, but they’re surprisingly warm.

    These features and Outdoor Research’s devotion to outdoor activities make the Stormtracker an excellent choice for the best cold weather gloves. They’re versatile, too—you can use them for mountaineering, hiking, ice climbing, and even for casual events.

    Touchscreen compatibility
    Zippered and pull-on loop for easy removal and insertion
    Elasticized cuff for a snug fit for your wrists
    Tricot lining for comfortability and durability of glove fingertips
    Goatskin palms for water resistance
    WINDSTOPPER Technology to endure strong and cold winds
    Tough and durable materials
    Extremely costly gloves
    Limited colors and design

    4. The NorthFace ETIP™ cold weather gloves

    northface cold weather gloves

    Made from polyester and elastane, the NorthFace ETIP™ Gloves are the best cold weather gloves for casual wear.  ETIP™ Gloves also have linings to help you touch the screen of your phones or music players.

    It has a Radiametric Articulation™ technology to improve blood circulation in your hands and fingers. This feature maintains warmth even at your fingertips. 

    With its polyester material, it has a level of resistance to wind, water, and fire. The palms are also made of silicon to improve your grip, so you can use them while cycling or driving!

    The NorthFace ETIP™ Gloves also have a guaranteed lifetime warranty. These are also some of the best cold weather gloves because of their low-maintenance care. You can simply clean them in the washing machine and dry them out like any other garments.

    However, it is less compatible with freezing temperatures (below 0). So, ensure you get the right size to maximize warmth. NorthFace has size charts on their site to help you find the right fit.

    Great design for casual wear
    Keeps hands and fingers in a natural, relaxed position
    Five-finger touchscreen compatibility
    Environmental resistance
    Lightweight materials enabling good dexterity
    Four-way stretch fleece for better range of hand and finger movement
    Good value for a low price
    Poor stitching and low durability of glove fingertips
    Better function for mobility than for warmth
    Limited designs and colors

    5. Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP

    ergodyne cold weather gloves

    The Ergodyne ProFlex 817 WP is a great choice as the best cold weather gloves for moving around. These lightweight gloves have a water-resistant outer shell to avoid unnecessary moisture.

    Despite being lightweight, the 3M™ Thinsulate™ material in its low backhand and palms gives you enough warmth. This material allows moisture to escape while keeping heat trapped. This material also makes Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP a flexible choice.

    The palm part and fingertips are made with Rugged AX Suede™ to ensure breathability, flexibility, and touchscreen compatibility. This reinforcement also assures secure grip and resistance to abrasion.

    If you are working in mining, fishing, and construction, we think the Ergodyne Proflex 817WP would be a fantastic choice and the best cold weather gloves for you!

    Touchscreen compatibility so you don’t have to remove your gloves when using your phone
    Reinforced palm and fingertips for secure grip
    Neoprene cuff and thumb to lock in warmth and easily slip into jackets
    Lightweight and dual insulation (70 grams on the back and 40 grams on the palms)
    Reflective accents for wearer visibility and signaling
    You can only use them in environments as low as −30°C (−22°F) before stiffening.
    Not as waterproof as we desired
    Poor stitching leading to low durability of linings

    Our Top Pick for the Best Cold Weather Gloves

    From our top five picks, we choose the Ozero −30°F Winter Gloves as the best cold weather gloves! Made with excellent thermal materials, it does a great job of keeping our hands and fingers warm and dry. These gloves are also easy to put on, and you don’t even have to remove them when using your phone. Their sizes are also unisex.

    Aside from these benefits, we feel it’s useful for everyday activities because of its lightweight and comfortable feel. The silica gel also helps improve your grip. With all its benefits, the Ozero −30°F cold weather gloves has the best balance of warmth and dexterity.

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