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How To Clean & Take Care Of Boxing Gloves

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    The reason we clean our boxing gloves is to keep them in good condition so they can last as long as possible with the added bonus of keeping them from stinking up the place.For the first let’s ask this question.

    read this :

    Why My Boxing Gloves Smell Bad?

    What causes all these problems is the population of bacteria in your gloves. Everything from your sweat to dead skin can help increase the population of bacteria and cause some unpleasant odors as well as increase the rate at which your gloves deteriorate. These problems can all be sorted by developing good habits for maintaining your gloves. The first thing we should address is the gym bag. This dark, humid, and stench-filled place is often home to some of our most prized pieces of equipment. It is also the perfect environment for bacteria populations to increase.

    How To Clean Boxing Gloves?

    We spent hours searching to find the best ways to clean and take care of your boxing gloves and we suggest the following tips:

    1.Choose The Right Boxing Bag

    The simple use of a plastic bag could greatly reduce the effects of this and the accumulated stench behind the zipper teeth of your gym bag. This technique only works to protect your bag, so if you want to free your gloves of the stench then you need to air them out as soon as possible.

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    2.Wear Hand Wraps

    The use of hand wraps greatly reduces the bacteria build up in your gloves and it is a highly recommended move for people that use their gloves often. Washing beforehand (excuse the pun) is also a great way to ensure that the population of bacteria stays at an acceptable level.


    As soon as you get home you should wipe your gloves out. By wrapping your hand in a cloth or towel then moving it about inside your glove, you can remove excess moisture. With a half-and-half water and apple cider vinegar solution in a spray bottle, you can sanitize and disinfect the inside of your gloves. Some tea-tree oil can give it a better antibacterial and anti fungal edge to it. You can also clean the outside of your glove with the same solution. You can also use some lemon essential oil to condition the leather of your gloves as this prevents the leather from drying out quick.


    After cleaning your gloves you should allow them to dry out completely before moving on to the next step. Open them up as wide as possible and let them air out in a well ventilated area. A room with a fan works wonderfully and you could even hang them outside to dry just as long as you keep the away from direct sunlight.

    You could use glove dogs to air them out and because they are specifically designed for that purpose, you get the added benefit of giving your gloves a longer shelf life. A cheaper alternative is to stuff a pair of cotton socks with cedar chips, tying them off at the end, and placing them inside your gloves. The same effect can be achieved by using crumpled up balls of newspaper or even a bar or two of soap. You could use a boots and gloves dryer as long as it’s set on cold.

    Even if you don’t clean your gloves out before every use, you should still let them dry out completely before using them again as this helps keep control of the population of bacteria.


    Baking soda is a good deodorising agent so sprinkling some inside your gloves and letting it sit for a few hours will do just fine. Using dryer sheets can also do the business; you could even leave half a sheet inside until you need to use them again. If you haven’t used cedar chips yet then this is the time to use them. Not only do they absorb excess moisture but they also keep your gloves smelling good without negatively affecting any of the material. A mixture of essential oils and water in a spray bottle can also do the trick.

    6.Freezing Your Boxing Gloves

    We’ve done some added research and found that putting your gloves in a freezer overnight is a good way to control the population of bacteria. It is recommended that you place the gloves in a plastic before putting them into your freezer. Leaving them in for about 2 days instead of just overnight can produce better results. This method is rather strange because the idea of putting gym equipment next to your edibles isn’t one that most people like to entertain so they tend to shy away from this technique.


    Try to avoid boiling or soaking your gloves as these methods tend to alter the shape of the glove and damage the materials in them. As smart boxers, we want our gloves to last as long as possible because we understand that taking care of our equipment is just another exercise that will benefit us in the long run.

    Now If you still have a questions or need help, just  comment using the field below and we will answer you!

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    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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