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10 Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking

When you are considering bushcraft worthy items, you are looking for gloves that make your life more comfortable in adverse conditions. Which are the best for the coldest weather? How can I stop my hands from getting wet? How do I hold onto my tools in bad conditions? You need a pair that will perform when others will not.

List of Best Camping Gloves for Hiking or Bushcraft Review

Take a look at the best bushcraft gloves & mittens reviewed for a guaranteed warmth & dexterity to survive and work in the wildernesses:

1. Wells Lamont Mountaineer Gloves

But they are somewhat pricey for work items. The leather palm requires special washing care as they need to be hand-washed in cold water with soap and then laid flat to dry. Unfortunately, the yellow dye can stain your hands if the gloves get wet. If you have large hands, they are tight and can be a little difficult to remove. Also, these Wells Lamont Mountaineer Gloves are not touch screen capable.

The Wells Lamont Mountaineer Gloves are for their dexterity, ability to protect your hands, and breathability, but not specifically for keeping your hands warm. They are very suitable in many work situations such as carpentry, construction, and roofing, or for working around your home for gardening, stacking wood, and carrying large items.

The Wells Lamont Mountaineer Glovess are a hybrid garment with deerskin leather palms combined with spandex back. You have the combined qualities of durability, flexibility, and breathability all in one garment. The knuckles, forefinger, and thumb on the palm have been reinforced. The Velcro closure makes sure that the glove is easier to put on but also fits snugly.

Wells Lamont Mountaineer Gloves gives your hand protection but are not for use in highly abrasive situations. They do provide a measure of warmth, but their prime purpose is for cases in which protection is more of a concern than dropping temperatures. The deerskin palm and spandex work well when controlling power tools or for driving machinery. You will enjoy the extra grip and maneuverability.

Make the most of the Wells Lamont Mountaineer Gloves in situations where there is no fear of heavy abrasion or constant use of technology for recording data. They will protect your hands from the elements and blisters while giving the appearance of a professional. Some sports enthusiasts may find these items very appealing. They are suitable for hiking, biking, climbing, and fair-weather motorcycle riding. Use your bushcraft attitude to match these items to just the right circumstances.

Pricey for work items
Deerskin palm, soft and comfortable
Spandex back for flexibility and breathability
Reinforcement on knuckles, thumb and first finger
Velcro closure

Leather needs care for cleaning
Yellow stain on hands
Tight fitting, hard to remove
No touch screen capabilities
Not durable for abrasive situations

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2. Mechanix Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking

Mechanix Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking
Mechanix Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking

You know that you have a bushcraft set of garments when you acquire genuine Mechanix Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking. One glance will tell you that they are designed for extreme cold weather. If the Air Force has approved them, they will be suitable for whatever you can throw at them.

As with all pairs of mitts, your dexterity is limited, so the bulkiness of the mitts does make it difficult even to pick up a bottle of water. For some activities, this feature can be very limiting. Some individuals use the harness effectively, while others do not use this feature at all. The natural materials of leather and wool require special hand care for cleaning. The inner liners need to be washed by hand in cold water and laid flat to dry. The leather palms require hand scrubbing with soap and then covered with a conditioner.

The design of the hand is generous, so you can keep the blood flowing in your hand by moving your fingers around. You will enjoy the comfort and warmth of the inner liner knit of 100% Alpaca pile. This natural material wicks away moisture from your hands. When you wash it, it dries quickly. To keep your hands warm, there is also a thick inner liner made of 100% grey wool. In addition, there is a wool/nylon pile covering the backs of the mittens for warming your face. While the material is a little scratchy, it does do the job. Several cinches along the very long cuffs keep the wind and snow from whistling in to give you a chill.

You can wear Mechanix Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking over your bare hand or pair them with a set of liners. Since the mitts are easy to remove, you can keep these liners on when you have some more dextrous tasks to perform, or to use your technology to record any data, to answer the phone or to search for a location. If you love to snowmobile, ATV, or ski in all types of weather, these are the bushcraft mitts to wear. And if you work outside all day, you need to consider the U.S. Military Arctic Mitts as one of the best winter gloves for comfort.

Air Force standards
Leather outers and Merino knot wool inners
Windproof, waterproof and breathable
Long cuff with cinches for extreme weather conditions
Face warmers on the back of the mitt
64 inch shoulder cord to keep mitts with you

Require care for cleaning
Moderately priced
No touchscreen
Could be warmer
Long sleeves can get in your way

3. Youngstown Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking

Youngstown Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking
Youngstown Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking

The Youngstown Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking often seen on ski hills as both staff and the skiers like their appeal. They are bushcraft enough to provide all of the comforts, yet stylish enough to be trendy. Yet the KINCOs are versatile so they can be used in many different circumstances.

Though the pigskin is sure to be durable, it does need to be treated to be waterproof. Fortunately, you also receive Nikwax Waterproofing Wax with them. It does take some work to waterproof the KINCOs, and ongoing care is required to maintain their effectiveness. Some people are disappointed that the size small do not come with the finger reinforcements. Sizing has been confusing when ordering, so take care with measuring your hand carefully. The gloves would be improved by having a clasp on both, so they can be clipped to your jacket when you stop to adjust your equipment.

One very positive aspect of the Youngstown Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking is their reasonable price. They are constructed of pigskin for durability and have reinforcements placed strategically on the gloves. The finger patches are not included in the small gloves due to dexterity issues. The cuff is a tight-knit to keep out the snow and blowing wind. There is a reinforced pull tab for easy access and to reduce the pull on the knit cuff. The thumb is constructed as a flexible wing thumb with no seam to interfere with your comfort. The Heatkeep thermal lining traps the warm air next to your skin, provides an extra layer of insulation and wicks away any moisture, thereby keeping your hands dry.

While the Youngstown Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking are great for most weather conditions, some people find their hands get cold in icy conditions. If you pair these gloves with an outer mitt as an extra layer, you will be more comfortable. So, if in your search for cheap buscraft gloves, you are looking for one that will keep your hands warm for most of the winter, look good on the ski hill and are both durable and flexible to handle your poles, these KINCOs are the ones for you.

Good price
Tough pigskin
Patches over the wear areas
Comfortable knit wrist
Leather pull tab
Pairing hook
High-performance signature Heatkeep thermal lining
Nikwax Waterproofing Wax included

Care for cleaning
The size small do not come with the finger reinforcements
Fits small, so take care when ordering
The leather requires a coating of waterproofing, such as mink oil, snow seal
Needs a clasp on both

4. Ironclad Best Bushcraft Gloves for Mountain Climbing

Ironclad Best Bushcraft Gloves for Mountain Climbing
Ironclad Best Bushcraft Gloves for Mountain Climbing

Have you planned to go out for camping? Then you must have the necessary items along with you. Well, first you need to take care of your hands as the hands are called your tools, so you need to keep them splinter, blister and thorn free. So, you need Ironclad Best Bushcraft Gloves for Mountain Climbing that will take good care of your hands while you are doing rugged tasks outdoor there.

The main flaw related to Ironclad Best Bushcraft Gloves for Mountain Climbing is that the stitching begins to wear out soon and the thread begins to shred in loops. Another demerit is that the size doesn’t fit easily, and the inner part of the gloves is not as much thick and durable. The gloves may give you the warmth and if you do the lighter work but if you do the heavy-duty these won’t work perfectly. Despite these drawbacks, the rest of the features of this product are far stunning.

Looking on the merits of this Ironclad Best Bushcraft Gloves for Mountain Climbing have the quality to save your hands properly when you are doing rough work. The material used in the glove is leather which enhances its durability. Additionally, the wrist area is designed in a way that it sealed out quite well that you wouldn’t feel the cold weather.

On positivity, this Ironclad Best Bushcraft Gloves for Mountain Climbing product gives you the proper grip and there is no problem in putting them on and off at the same time. The gloves work well in any weather conditions and as they are light-weighted, so you won’t feel heaviness on your hands. The product has the breathability feature which would not give you an itching feeling. If you use them for long hours, it will surely give your perfect comfort.

Our final thought about Ironclad Best Bushcraft Gloves for Mountain Climbing is that it is quite an essential part if you want to go out for camping or do some outdoor work. These gloves can give you the proper protection that you would not feel the thorns or splinters. Apart from slight drawbacks the rest of the properties are awesome. So, next time when you plan for any outdoor activity try this product and have more fun.

Proper protection
Durable material
Sealed wrist area
Breathable feature

Improper stitching
Thin inner lining
Inappropriate sizing
Thick material

5. Hestra Helikon-Tex Leather Bushcraft Camping Gloves

Hestra Helikon-Tex Leather Bushcraft Camping Gloves
Hestra Helikon-Tex Leather Bushcraft Camping Gloves

You might not know the name Lars Fält, but he is one of Sweden’s leading survival experts. It is hard to get more bushcraft like than having a survival expert design a set of gloves. You can depend on the fact that they will exceed your every need, to keep your hands warm in the coldest weather.

The all-natural material items will require care for cleaning. A machine wash and dry is not recommended for the leather outer, nor the wool inner liners. The leather can be hand-washed with saddle soap and then rubbed with a leather protector. The wool liners need to be hand-washed with gentle soap in cold water and laid flat to dry. There is no touchscreen capability built into the set. Also, there is a limited color choice for these items. They are more expensive than many other garments, but the quality is worth it.

The Hestra Fält gloves are well designed, warm garments that are waterproof and windproof by the thick cowhide and Army leather covering. The removable inner liner is made of wool terrycloth on the palm and wool pile on the top of the hand. Since the liner is removable, it is possible to clean them thoroughly or to insert a liner you may prefer more. The cinched wrist area and the long cuff guards against any wind making your arm feel cold. A nice addition is the carabiner clasp system to keep the pair together So, whenever you put them down or to attach to an article of clothing when adjusting equipment, they are safe.

The fact that the Hestra Fälts are made in the USA means that you can count on quality products and be able to contact the manufacturer for any questions quickly. Hestra Fält Guide is the best leather bushcraft gloves in the market since being lunched.

If you are looking for an extreme way to keep your hands warm, even in the iciest winter, you can count on the Hestra Fält garments. The design by a survival expert makes them bushcraft rated and recommended work gloves.

Survival expert design
Water and wind proof
Wool liner for warmth
Clip for fastening together
Cinched wrist
Cowhide and Army leather for durability
Made in USA

Special care for washing
Limited color choice

6. Smartwool Ridgeway

What better way to design bushcraft garments than to use a combination of Smartwool and leather to achieve a product that defies the elements. In this case, the liner is knit from the famous Merino wool. Both leather and wool have been used for centuries to keep people warm for many good reasons. A historical perspective for warmth provides validity for bushcraft considerations.

There are some downsides to natural fabrics, though. Both of these natural products require specific care for cleaning. No use of a washer or drier will be the best for them. With the leather outers, it will be necessary to wash them with a special soap such as saddle soap and then follow up with a conditioner. For the inner Merino wool, the care is to hand wash in cold water and then lay flat for drying. Also, they do not have touchscreen capabilities. Unlike mitts, these do leave you more susceptible to the weather as you do not have the advantage that each finger can warm the others. Nor do they have a particularly long cuff to protect your arm from wintery blasts.

The leather is durable, and all-purpose with extra reinforcement for the thumb and forefinger. The interior liner is knit from Merino wool. The properties of this natural product are amazing. Wool is very warm, breathable, and water wicking. It has an anti-microbial aspect that fights odor. The cinched wrist does prevent the wind from blowing into the hand portion of the glove. Another positive feature is the clip to keep them together when you stop to consult your phone for any messages.

The Smartwool Ridgeway looks great too. You can select from a single color or two-tone pair in two color choices.

If you are looking for a high quality bushcraft gloves that works well on the slopes or paired with a dressier coat, you will enjoy wearing the Smartwool Ridgeway garments.

Leather glove
Double layer thumb and forefinger
Terry loop, knit Merino wool, interior for liner
Various colors
Cinched cuff
Clip to keep them together

Leather requires special cleaning
Wash wool liner by hand
Shorter cuff
No touchscreen capabilities

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7. StoneBreaker

It is just as important what you put on your hands as it is what you put inside them. For safer hold and superior performance, StoneBreaker Gloves’ patent-pending design is efficiently manufactured. They are flexible, field-tested, and professional so that they can protect with a robust lifespan. Feel StoneBreaker’s sturdy gloves. They guarantee that they manage every tool and every task, like a professional.

When we talk about the downside of these gloves, there are multiple problems you may face. The public has dealt with different fitting issues regarding these gloves. Other than this, they also lack lasting nature. That means you won’t be able to get served by them for a longer span. The quality is also inconsistent. Many customers have reported the material to be cheap and stitching to be poor as well.

By taking a look at the benefits, they inevitably look attractive until you come across the drawbacks — the American deerskin, coupled with cowhide, results in creating an excellent combination of materials to serve you. Thick and genuine leather creates a lasting impression. However, the gloves still lack durability. With the double sewn swans, the company claims that this pair can withstand tears and rips more efficiently.

The reinforcing patches make them entirely appropriate for your nature of work. They also feature shock-absorbing padding in them. This feature is the most prominent in these gloves as it provides you the utmost protection. The extended curves make them even more protective and secure for you.

In a nutshell, these gloves offer significant characteristics. But, when it comes to quality and durability, they fail to impress us. These two things cannot be compromised. Hence, this fact pushes us away from buying these.

American deerskin and cowhide
Thick genuine leather
Reinforcing patches
Extended cuffs
Double Sewn Seams
Shock-absorbing padding

Fitting issues
Inconsistent quality

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8. Carhartt System

The Carhartt System gloves are constructed for work applications instead of superior warmth. Their bushcraft appeal comes as a result of the safety features for typical work applications. Another great aspect is that these items are affordable, yet durable enough to handle everyday wear.

While an overall good work glove, there are some drawbacks. Some people, such as landscape workers, prefer a wrist that can be snug tight. The Carhartt Systems have a pull on the closure that does not cinch. But the cuff is a safety cuff. The pinky finger may be a little large for your hand. When they get wet, they may get slippery. There is no touchscreen capability. They are moderately priced in comparison with other work gloves.

The Carhartt Systems are constructed of durable cotton duck material with 100% suede leather palm, with patches on the knuckles for your protection. Another safety feature is the cuff, which will protect your sensitive wrist area from any scraping or banging. The gloves are designed tight enough to reduce the chance of getting blisters.

The cotton duck material provides breathability in warm weather to wick moisture away from your skin. One very welcome feature is that these gloves are offered in sizes small right through to 2 times extra-large. With this range, you should be able to find your perfect fit.

So, if you drive heavy machinery, handle power tools, are in the delivery services, or like to complete tough jobs around the house, you should consider the Carhartt Systems for their price point, durability, and safety features. They are the bushcraft approved.

Moderate price
Base of 100% durable, cotton duck fabric
100% polyester lining
Pull on with wrist cinch
Synthetic leather palm with suede cowhide palm and knuckle patches
Safety cuf
Moderate price
Sizes from small to 2X large

No touchscreen capability
May get slippery when wet
Large pinky finger
Cuff is loose, needs tightening

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9. Midwest

The Midwests – tough yet dexterous. There are not that many types of gloves that can fit the description! These qualities are at the heart of their bushcraft capabilities. The items are thin enough to pick up smaller items yet durable enough to work in the garden or stack firewood.

But the Midwests are not made for warmth as they are unlined. If you order a size larger than you normally wear, you can put a liner under the glove. However you will lose some of the dexterity. If you get the gloves wet, you may have some dye on your hands. As with most leather gloves, cleaning requires some care. You will need to wash them in cold water with a bar of mild soap and then lie them flat to dry. Conditioning the gloves will keep them water-resistant and supple. Some people prefer a longer cuff for work applications. There is no touchscreen capability.

The Midwests are constructed of bison skin for dexterity as it is much softer than most cowhide. Your hand movement will not be restricted. The thumb is designed for maximum fit and comfort with the flat, double-stitched, seam to reduce any rubbing when you are holding a steering wheel or tool. They are unlined so that you can pick up smaller items with ease as you complete your work tasks. The wrist is gathered to prevent anything from entering the glove and disturbing the comfort of your hand.

You can use the Midwests for so many purposes. Wear them at home for chopping wood, gardening, or cleaning up the yard. Take them with you as you work on the farm or range. Or slip them on to steer large machinery or work in the delivery services. The bison skin is tough yet flexible.

Some sports enthusiasts will appreciate their qualities too. They are perfect for cycling, and when the weather cools, slip on a liner for extra warmth. They are great for spring skiing, as they have a good grip for your poles and are not too heavy. Once you own a pair, you will find them suitable for many tasks. They deserve a bushcraft stamp.

Moderately priced
Made of tough American bison (buffalo) skin
Gathered wrists
Thumb design provides comfort
Unlined for dexterity
Made in the USA

Could use more length in the wrist
Dye comes out on hand when wet
Leather requires special care for cleaning
No touchscreen capability

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10. Showa 282

The Showa is a high tech glove built for industrial and work-related situations, such as Transport, Public Utilities, Agriculture, Logistics, and Construction. Their many attributes will keep you warm and dry as well as protecting your hand. If you are outdoors in a work situation, you need a pair of the Showa for inclement winter weather. But anyone who is outside in cold weather will love them too. Definitely, bushcraft!

Some individuals found the fit a bit tight as they could not include a liner with the Showa. When they are new, they may have an unpleasant odor. While the Showa are thin, you will lose some dexterity when wearing them. Also, they do not have touch screen capability, so you will need to remove them to use any technology.

Since the Showa are completely waterproof and windproof, they will keep your hands warm in many inclement conditions where other gloves will fail. They have an insulated acrylic liner to keep your hands warm and dry. If you order a large enough size, you can wear another thin liner for warmth, as well. They are very durable as the outer cover will stand up to some abrasive activities such as rock climbing or the use of a tool, such as a hammer. Yet the Showa are also dexterous. All of these qualities are available at a great price.

While the Showa have many wonderful functions, they are made for specific environments only- work, sports, walking the dog, or hunting. But they will not easily cross over into a dressier occasion.

The Showa are the perfect item to have in your truck or backpack when others do not stand up to the extreme conditions. Slip them on, and you will feel instant relief as they create an impenetrable barrier to any water. Despite that barrier, your hands will not get sweaty as they are also breathable. Don’t be afraid to use these gloves in harsh conditions. You will be impressed — definitely bushcraft worthy.

Great Price
Waterproof, wind proof
Great grip
Ergonomic design for flexibility
Oil resistant

Tight fitting for size
Some dexterity issues
Some odor when new
Not touchscreen capable

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10 Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking
10 Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping Hiking

Buyers Guide For Bushcraft Camping Gloves

Bushcraft is a term that varies with the circumstances. Are you looking for a bushcraft garment for ultimate warmth? Do you prize the quality of waterproofness above all else? Or are you more interested in whether you can grasp small objects such as nails or screws to complete your job? Some people are most interested in protecting their hands from injuries, such as blisters or scrapes. There are bushcraft gloves constructed for all of your needs. Here are some hints and tips to help you decide which ones to try out for a guaranteed warmth & dexterity to survive working outdoors.

Bushcraft Gloves for Warmth

It goes without saying insulation, windproof, waterproof, and breathable items will rate high on your wish list. Often natural materials such a sheep or Alpaca wool have many positive qualities to their warmth. Also, consider cuff length as in some applications, you want to keep the snow away from your skin. If you are in a situation where you are adjusting your equipment often, or you need to take them off for another reason, you will need a way to keep the pair close to you. Look for a clip and loop system so you can temporarily store your gloves at the end of the zipper on your jacket. To keep your pair fresh, you may also prefer a liner that can be inserted and laundered easily.

Bushcraft Gloves for Rough Work

The type of covering you will need is one that is rated for durability. On many pairs, the manufacturer has designed add patches for extra durability. Most likely, the type of covering will also be a tough grade of leather, such as cowhide or suede. Often you will be working in a situation in which you will be sweating as well. You will want a liner to wick away any moisture as well as being easily washed. Or you will want room in the glove to put your own choice of liner.

Bushcraft Gloves for Dexterity

If you need to protect your hands but also to pick up smaller items, you will be pleased with ones that are very flexible and not bulky. There are some pairs with soft leather palms that allow you much more dexterity than thick leather ones. Carpenters, electricians, and mechanics have these restrictions. Sports enthusiasts such as mountain climbers, skiers, and cross country bikers often want to stop to pick up their water bottle or adjust equipment.

Bushcraft Gloves for Sports Applications

Many sport-specific gloves can be quite expensive. As a result, people are always on the lookout for less expensive ones that can be used for both typical applications and also applied to their particular sport. When you complete an internet search for your specific sport, broaden your search words to pick up items that could be suitable for you.

For example. Don’t just look for rock climbing gloves. Go beyond that narrow search and look for durable, flexible, leather ones as an example. Then read through the reviews to see if other people have found a cheaper alternative that works well. You will be surprised by how creative people can be. And the time you take, will be well worth it when you find that bargain.


Once you browse through these ten examples of Bushcraft gloves for ones that are most suitable for your purposes, you will find the perfect combination of characteristics to solve the issues you face.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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